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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2020 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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it would rejoice. to know you know there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasure. risky you don't need to stop. the hidden death toll from coronavirus investigations underway into care homes in the u.s. canada and asleep where it's believed thousands have died from the disease. i don't and i'm a star and this is al jazeera live from doha with continuing extensive coverage of the pandemic including. the us president is accused of inciting rebellion supporters join his call to quote liberate states
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from lockdown. slim pickings a slump in prices is making life even tougher for farmers and gaza. and in other news hong kong police arrest several key pro-democracy figures. they've been the forgotten victims of the coronavirus but now the effect of the pandemic on people living in aged care homes around the world is becoming painfully apparent a survey in new york state has found 19 nursing homes reported 20 or more deaths in recent weeks but that report only included a fraction of the facilities in the stays with the figures also believed to be much higher nationally and canada a nursing home in montreal is under investigation after 31 deaths one cut that there were 30 is also found other residents unsaid in their beds after some stuff led. of the facility in the u.k.
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many deaths in care homes are being included in official figures it's estimated they could be as high as $7500.00 and in italy the military blocked off a nursing home near rome after 118 patients there tested positive 5 had already died while an investigation is also underway at a milan nursing home where at least 190 people have died since the beginning of march while the crisis has shed light on underlying issues in the us system with many homes being accused of pushing profit before people's well being should have written the reports. officially the 1st deaths from covert 19 in the u.s. were to residents of this washington state residential care facility in late february the age of their patients and the poor response of authorities in information and equipment reasons why managers that claim they didn't alert authorities about the respond to illness that had been sweeping through the site for weeks but regulators disagree and have imposed
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a fine of over $600000.00 for negligence both have a point but weeks later the coronavirus is still spreading to one residential care facility after another across the country 17 bodies found inside a makeshift morgue at this facility in new jersey this week after an anonymous tip off a quarter of the residents have died at this facility in virginia questions are being raised as to whether it's the system of for profit residential care that's the problem not that we know the full extent of deaths in nursing homes 6000 estimated but the federal government doesn't keep track and even anonymous statistics about deaths and testings a big held back due to what authorities and facilities say upriver see concerns i was wondering if i could speak to one of the nurses and that johnson had been trying to keep tabs on her mother despite we'll be able to visit her at her nursing home a collar a day and i kept getting the same thing she's fine she's doing great but when she was able to travel to the home it soon became clear that wasn't true i see her
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lying in bed with the oxygen around the facilities and it was it openly gay had to tell him that about her mother's positive kovac 900 test because she wasn't her person rigotti and bernie stafford turned his brother fred as a resident of the canterbury rehab center in virginia he's tested positive for the virus doesn't have a roommate and the roommate has also tested. and there's no barrier between the 2 of them which means that they are not truly clients i asked. twice at least. 1000 patients develop. escalated health conditions and he calls the emergency room what is the plan and he says it will help. so what does that tell us they only 70 percent of nursing homes in the u.s. are run for profit it's an industry that's projected to be worth $240000000000.00 by 2025 mainly in taxpayer spending a new study has found as a result the push for profits over care has intensified patient volume and revenue
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have increased but star thing and some reason have decreased as a federal ratings based on kaffir patients sit in. front of our reserves is that. if there's an emergency situation then very quickly your might. be less. because it is just a few. nurses the private residential care industry however says it's not to blame for the thousands dead at its facilities and is now using its money influence and the pandemic to lobby for a long held goal immunity from prosecution for negligence she had written see al-jazeera now results of an antibody study by a top us university suggests that corona virus is actually far more widespread than previously thought stanford university's research has yet to be a pair of huge budgets found the race of the virus may be 50 to 85 times higher
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than official figures in the fast launch scale study of its kind research as tested samples from more than 3000 healthy people to establish if they had already contracted and recovered from the virus. now the democratic governor of the u.s. state of washington has accused donald trump of fermenting domestic rebellion and spreading lies after he signaled support for conservatives protesting against lockdown rules hundreds have joined rallies across the country demanding an end to the shutdown let's take a look at his tweets the president urged his supporters on twitter to liberate 3 states a day after he said it's up to governors to decide just when and how to ease restrictions and he gallagher has more from miami. this is the president really playing politics because guess what all 3 of those states have democratic governors there are protests in other states like utah and also here in florida in orlando the
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president is clearly playing politics here when he was asked about it at his latest press conference he said look those people are being treated rough that's clearly not the case people in all of the states across the entire country are following the c.d.c. guidelines are supposed to social distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus what you've got here is an ideological split between conservatives who want to see businesses reopen who think that the cure may be worse than the disease itself and then you've got the democratic governors who are trying to very slowly reopen carefully doing this by watching the medical advice by looking at the numbers vitally so the president is very aware of who is talking to the people on the streets in those 3 states michigan minnesota and virginia i was all wearing my go hat some of them carrying guns they are trump's base so that so he's speaking to he was never going to walk those comments back despite the fact he's been criticized by members of his own party you know the conservatives say look you simply cannot
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do this jay inslee the governor of washington saying look this could incite violence we are at a very critical juncture in this country right now there is a plan to slowly reopen things it's going to be science based that's what the president himself said and here he is backing up far right people armed people on the streets of these 3 states saying that they're being treated roughly in a so it's clear what the president here is doing but it's also clearly pretty irresponsible at this moment in time there's a great deal of pressure for people to get back to work those 22000000 people have now filed for unemployment there is a desire to do that but to do that carefully so you've got president trump on one hand saying hey governors you get to call the shots and then on the other hand tweeting out the. these messages of support to people who are taking to the streets with guns and in one case yelling to the governor there lock her up lock her up so he's playing politics without question well let's take you to some other news now
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and police in hong kong have confirmed the arrest of 14 pro-democracy supporters politicians and activists in connection with mass protests last year china's government office in hong kong said on friday it's not bound by laws preventing beijing from interfering in hong kong's affairs devika pollen is in hong kong and she says the people who've been arrested are very well known. these are very high profile figures in hong kong's pro-democracy movement to make lewd martin lee's known as the founding father of hong kong's democratic movement he's 81 years old he was one of the architects of the basic law that's hong kong mini constitution which is written to safeguard hong kong's autonomy from beijing's governments he has been arrested he had been kept out of the political limelight in recent years but in the past year he has been vocal about the protests along with him is jimmy lie he said tycoon a media mogul and
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a very prominent businessman here he also had been arrested in february for unlawful gathering he now also has been arrested along with legislative councillors former legislative councillors and a very big names in hong kong's pro-democracy movement now still unclear why they have been arrested we have reached out to the police and they said that they will be releasing a statement but according to one of those legislative councillors who has been arrested he posted on social media saying that it is most likely due to their involvement in protests in the past year particularly the one on aug 18th which was against hong kong's extradition laws which was removed since but 1700000 people took to the streets in hong kong in that process so they believe that the reason these people are being arrested is because of their involvement in protests over the past year now the president of the philippines as a valet and to crush the government's enemies to fight his link to i still killed
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11 soldiers another 14 were wounded in the southern muslim majority province of sulu where the army has been combating of the science fight is well let's now think jamelle and again he joins us from the headquarters of the philippine army in manila jamila the un's been calling for a global ceasefire said combat this coronavirus pandemic that it seems that armed groups there aren't taking much notice. well yes pacifically because there is no negotiations no the diplomatic relationship or not even any possible negotiations of a truce with the authorities rebel group the abu sayyaf in the southern philippines and stosh it's important to remember that sulu is the most militarized area in the southern philippines it's home to several armed groups including this particular group whose leader has already pledged allegiance to isis a few years ago what this exposed though is the vulnerability of the philippine military at this point it is leading basically operations to help fight this
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pandemic here in metro manila in the whole entire region of luzon but it also shows that it still continues to face battle and wars and so many fronts we're just not talking about the abu sayyaf it's also currently fighting the commune this insurgency now the declaration of the government of rescue operations and that that the. pursuit of those who are believed to be behind this attack is definitely ongoing we have been talking to officials on the ground where they said basically pursuit operations are well underway but what is expected though is the situation to basically meet become even more difficult in the coming days or weeks what we've seen in the past though when a situation like this happens that more troops are deployed on the ground the stricter measures are imposed and basically more officers troops are needed to be deployed in basically in this area so what we're seeing basically according to the government we're hearing reports that maybe in the coming hours perhaps that some of the bodies of these troops of these soldiers may be flown to manila by tonight
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or early to morrow morning but what this means though basically is that this big this attack is the biggest attack that they've had in salute for over a year now and it really shows that the resources of the philippine military is stretched at the moment. under going there for us and i thank you jim. now libya's u.n. recognized government is advancing on a key stronghold of world khalifa haftar forces from the government of national accord are trying to take that have to largest base in western libya earlier this week his forces also faced a major blow off to the tripoli government took control of 3 coastal cities it's now been a year since have to launched an offensive to seize the capital tripoli. more coronavirus coverage to come on. how the indian state of carroll is showing the way in the fight against the pandemic. and after weeks of isolation and infighting over
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his country's. brazil's president appoints a new ally. as the thunderstorms become rather less widespread and less have in indonesia they're showing themselves around the more in the southern philippines which is right this time of the year the dark blue and even the orange tops represents significant thunderstorms and they're not gong from java all sumatra but they are set to show themselves more insular ways he and the southern philippines well be the case for the next few weeks to be honest is looking dry for a couple of days in thailand cambodia vietnam for example what that'll be phasing in the shallows davo representing the southern philippines shows this rain coming in could be sundry steady temperature regime a humid city 3034 degrees in australia the weather is far more active of course
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you've got fronts coming in from the bite there's one here with thunderstorms offshore from brisbane which had a pretty hot day yesterday i have to say we're down to $29.00 degrees in the thunderstorms and on the queensland coast on sunday further south obviously as a front running through ahead of it it could be briefly roman adelaide not so much in melbourne i have to say in fact 19 degrees has to be your best and the main rain is going to piece through tasmania come monday again you can show it by a forecast for melbourne it's a quiet start to sunday and then the rain comes in the breeze you know early on monday. counting the cost of the great lock down. for purchasing come to its 1st recession in 25 years from its health service take the strain of the pandemic story. but what does it mean for the economy class europe's going to. come to the cops and i'll
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just. wait and uninterrupted discussion. from our london broadcast center. hello again i'm just on the attack and a reminder of our top stories this hour the deaths of people in aged care homes in the u.s. canada and italy are being investigated in 3 of bows and of some of the fatalities linked to the coronavirus world wide aren't being reported and. the governor of washington state has accused u.s. president donald trump of cement in domestic rebellion that's after he took to
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twitter encouraging people to protest against a lockdown measures in several democratic states. and police in hong kong have confirmed the arrest of 14 pro-democracy politicians and activists in connection with last year's mass protest china's government office in hong kong said on friday it's not bound by laws preventing beijing from interfering. india's communist state of carolina is being hailed for its fight against the spread of the corona virus analysts say the southern state has managed to flatten the curve with aggressive testing contact tracing as well as long periods of coron teen now it was carola who confirmed the 1st 1000 case in india back in late january the coastal state has around 400 cases and 3 deaths but it's reported a 30 percent drop in the fast week of april so let's speak to t.m. thomas isaac he's the finance minister in kerala and joins us now from drum mr isaac carola saw as we said the india's 1st case and like so many in your state it
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was an expatriate worker returning from the gulf state but now experts are saying that your flattening the cap how if you dollars well we're t.v.'s back. into states in the incident so. kids know you're going to. get it. by the end of them or the number of active cases can be. called a little trinket. now you just said but you know. but i must tell you the most all good track to that. is that we have a really robust public health system. and. this problem since the system. that challenge borrell of the hope is that would be hard
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so it really was we're best to proceed. with the best 3 even aged grandparents so that if you. have snacks that we had on the dole so that i would see 1st period weight problems to our will help. and then distracted you was a scheme to send and test test again. into the most acute case we trace all the holiday for the last fortnight test the current day and that was the trace again till the team is broke and that has been admitted can't be made also. but records can sickle distancing. and we don't call it social distancing because physical distance. let me out a little more about that dialogue so i am sorry to interrupt you mr isaac because i
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do want to ask about local village councils it seems that they particularly have been very active and really critical in terms of stopping the spread so how much coordination has there been between different levels of government and calla. it doesn't have multi-layered. driving and action at the state level there is a you morning to even buy a cup with team commitments the track by to shift mistaken so as to progress. and you who immediately just suspend the state when we clearly don't we will be as the. city in full what should be done for the border grassroot the powerful law could go he says speed of a fetus to achieve in the last quarter but since you. know this for 23 then you are simply not empowering the local girl dr goleman so called flu in terms of. where
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we see employees and also. and also the functions so there are quite some local governments you want to have t.v. programs ok you are robbed on the bills job so you knew what he was hungry there to get free food program within 4 days every religion parallel came up a community kitchen or. just managed to abandon ship by. the local governments will take what we've been there for. and. we wanted the money to the migrant but instead comes there to salute the local government that this was not do you want to tell us your story in fact about the migrant lack is as well because they have really suffered under lockdown in india and the migrant workers and the poor and particular what is your plan for them and potentially easing restrictions at some point as you say you may. get now kelly has a large to make in
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a book which coach a booking for europe but seoul and therefore the city in make a shop the rest of india to do the government jobs within the state because beckett can buy our vacation i'll check now will have more to live person so 30 years of love and suddenly i'm down what happens the last golden point of the opera don't doctor the income so we knew she really wants to go home. oh but you know because the national law probably concerned the. therefore we were going say nobody can prove trends nobody can be all still for the porkers there which do you need good luck and if you find any. not sufficiently hell to be good and decent local governments are asked to sort of do care and also you can sure.
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every word of the show every local government that's a huge pool for what they have got. i have or they are called construction corporately the largest took. them a good deal with some white group bookers i'll tell you this corporate gives equal membership to the migrant workers so that's absolute no discrimination when my mom gave 100 there are births and they don't all that good to. me well their political rule is by the court mr i like yellow finance minister from caroline thank you so much for joining us on al-jazeera. now pakistan's prime minister is seeking expert information about how to stop the spread there as the reported infection total surpasses $7000.00 imran khan is asking the leading agency in the fight against
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coronavirus for accurate data on infections health care workers are concerned that the total could actually be much higher because of limited testing and some hardline clerics are defying the government's ban on groups of more than 5 people and mosques present are if alvey is leading a meeting with religious leaders about precautionary measures during the holy month of ramadan which begins next week come out high that has more from islamabad on just how the government and some religious leaders are assad's. this is proving to be a big challenge for the government because the government has imposed restrictions on congregational prayers and marks all over the country however a bunch of cleric ready and true entered one of their dogs came up and said that they would not take their particularly during the holy month of ramadan return less than a week away the government then warning the religious leaders that any increase in the number of infections or death toll mounting that day would be held responsible
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but today what is happening is that the president of pakistan has taken the initiative a revealing conference is underway right now between him and the religious clerics to try to arrive at some sort of a contented in order to ensure that precautionary steps are taken a difficult start for the government because some of the clerics are defined they have been holding friday prayers despite the ban and the government on the other hand trying to convince them to live the holy mosque in mecca and medina are closed that did no reason for 'd there to be congregational prayers for delicate sensitive issue let's see how it plays out brazil's president has defended his decision to fire the health minister who disagreed with his policies to tackle the virus shavelson artist defying his critics by doubling down on his plans to nest restrictions to restart south america's largest economy and choice for. a
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swearing in ceremony for brazil's new health minister nelson time the president jaya bo's'n already used the occasion to defend his controversial handling of the coronavirus pandemic not least his decision to fire his previous health minister louis debtor he refused to play down the risks of covert 19. history will judge us and i ask god that we are right the struggle to start opening up for business is a risk that i will try if it gets worse it's on me what i believe and what lots of people are coming to realize is that the country has to open up. mandela wanted to implement world health organization guidelines but both n.r.o. opposes social distancing measures planned at a sacking has worried brazilians. it's a bad idea because the guy was doing a good job he's the guy who reassured the people asking them to stay at home but he
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went against also north opinions and so bolton are all 5 a guy but others agree with the president that the economy and jobs must come 1st. my company closed a month ago but i'll reopen it next monday i have no option i have 80 employees to go forward with respect to. more than 2000 brazilians have died so far from the corona virus making brazil the worst hit country in latin america in its worst affected state san paolo the governor extended the lockdown for another 3 weeks and warned the health care system is struggling to cope i super easy for my idea of the intensive care units of public and private hospitals are receiving a larger number of patients each day and we already have some public hospitals at the edge of their capacity the president and his new health minister want an end to the lockdown but brazil's supreme court says that's a decision of the state governors and city may as victoria gates be al-jazeera. now
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even under a strict blockade by israel the occupied territory of gaza kept the coronavirus under control there just 12 confirmed cases there but its economy is on the mall presa and as harry for said reports of farmers desperate. farming in gaza was also. unemployment last year was at 45 percent more than half the population lives in poverty the additional damage done by the closure of shops and restaurants means prices have tumbled. because of that's since the breakout of coronavirus the commercial traffic is so weak because people are afraid it's added to the economic difficulties of gaza citizens people now prefer to save the money in their pockets. from next week the agriculture ministry is promising to extend support for vegetable farmers hit by a sudden drop in demand just weeks ago a one kilo bag of the daily nuts but valma say it doesn't make up for their losses
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causes isolation thanks to the 14 year long israeli and egyptian siege made helped keep coronavirus largely out but it's also damaged the economy. and employment last year was at 45 percent more than half the population lives in poverty the additional damage done by the closure of shops and restaurants means prices have tumbled a lot. of governments and that's since the breakout of coronavirus the commercial traffic is so weak because people are afraid it's added to the economic difficulties of gaza citizens people now prefer to save the money in their pockets . from next week the agriculture ministry is promising to extend support for vegetable farmers hit by a sudden drop in demand just weeks ago a one kilo bag of onions would cost $0.55 now it's half that it was that or how november there everybody. if the situation remains as it is i will stop and stay at
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home because i can continue being from my pocket and i will not have enough to feed my children rather than. even if the virus itself is being kept at bay in gaza the fear of its long term economic effects is spreading that al-jazeera. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the deaths of people in aged care homes in the us canada and italy are being investigated and see in the thousands of some of the fatalities linked to the krajina virus wild winds being reported. the governor of washington state has accused the us president of from entering domestic rebellion after donald trump took to twitter encouraging americans to protest against lockdown measures in several democratic states. pakistan's prime minister is seeking expert information about how to stop the
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spread as the reported infection total supposes $7000.00 and the president is missing religious leaders about precautionary measures during the holy month of ramadan which starts next week kamal hyder has more from islamabad. warning there congregational prayer or congregations of any. situation that would be very difficult to go a different dog for the government because some of the clerics are defying they've been hoarding friday prayers. and the government on the other hand trying to can read them their lives the holy. lord they did nor do going forward 'd to be. your delicate sensitive issue let's see how it plays out. and in other news hong kong police have confirmed the arrest of 14 pro-democracy supporters politicians and activists in connection with last year's mass protests china's government also
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said hong kong also said on friday it's not bound by laws preventing beijing from interfering in hong kong's affairs. the president of the philippines has value to crush the government's enemies off to find just going to 11 soldiers another 14 were wounded in the southern muslim majority province of sudan where the army has been combating abu sayyaf isis all those other headlines rob matheson will have more news here on al-jazeera after counting the cost stay with us. we want you will force was when you saw that document story we listen to after world war saying you'll be in to go build united states of you but we will not be with you we meet with global news makers the stories that matter don't go 0.
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hello i'm daryn jordan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera you look at the world of business and economics this week the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc across sub-saharan africa nations turn to the i.m.f. and world bank to see them through the crisis the biggest oil production cuts in history but all the molecules of the persian gulf about to blow their wealth just how low will oil prices go.


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