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in a secret israeli operation assassination in tunis on al-jazeera we understand the differences comes in to some cultures across the world so no matter what you see we've been using the calendar for that matter to you. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes new york records its lowest number of coronavirus deaths in 2 weeks but the governor says hospital admissions remain overwhelming. also the desperate need for more protective gear inside britain's hospitals the government admits there's a shortage it has to fix and the army is ordered onto the streets by listen to his
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prime minister a day after the courts ruled against his suspension of parliament. and decision time in mali elections will go ahead despite the kidnapping of an opposition leader . and some of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy figures arrested months old from those mass protests. but into the news new york has recorded its lowest number of corona virus deaths in 2 weeks but the governor is warning cases may not yet have reached their peak 540 people have died in the past day in new york state which is the hardest hit part of the us the number peaked at close to 800 while america has more confirmed cases and deaths in covert 19 than any other country in the world new york state governor andrew cuomo is demanding more testing and says the federal government must do more
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to help. if it wasn't for the relative context that we've been in this would be devastating news 2000 people coming into the hospital system or testing positive and if you notice 2000 we're not at the peak but this is where we were just about in late march when it started to go up so we're not at the plateau anymore but we're still not in a good position governor combers been in a war of words with the u.s. president over how to respond to the crisis meanwhile the governor of washington state is accusing president trump of we quoting for mental domestic rebellion jay inslee says trump is spreading lies in signaling his support for people to protest against lockdown rules over the past few days hundreds of people have joined protest rallies demanding an end to shutdowns in several states targeting governors
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and government buildings all this is how trump has used twitter to urge supporters to liberate 3 states a day after he said that it's up to governors to decide when and how to ease those restrictions. james warren is an executive editor of news guard that's an internet tool which rates news sources on trustworthiness joins me now on skype from chicago good to have you with us now the president has politicized the lock down by targeting democratically held states or those with democratic governors i mean what's the end game here. well the end game is still in real action particularly in a state like nearby michigan which has a rather popular democratic governor who has duels with the president over some of these issues and it's a state with president won in 2016 against hillary clinton and seeding we would
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need to win again the political play is quite clear especially after as you mentioned this 108 degree turn where in fact was even more than that because prior to his telling the governors that they had jurisdiction on how to deal with iris and how to deal with reopening states he had said that the president of states had total absolute power and could tell them what to do while now he's sort of gone back to his initial on this show you as he is essential given is a suit various state protests which began yesterday were to be going on today a big one for her ass off and texas was a generally democratic state. database use of you might say gone to some people who have been watching his behavior over the last 3 or 4 years and always this particular incident the strategy developed by his advisors full of this moment in time. well i think many of his critics would say that when it comes to go and grow
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he is and the other consistent since the beginning of his presidential campaign in 2015 and now what's very a bit about some of these tests is that he is trying to exploit some deeply conspiratorially totally on claims held by some of his supporters about the origin of the virus in some cases claim against chinese conspiracy to undermine the trump reelection and then maybe bill gates the microsoft founder was behind it or maybe they were chinese spies and stole a virus from the canadian laboratory that is seemingly one of the motives behind some of the protests taking place today in austin texas but the bottom line is basically that in a very brief period of time in the whole matter rio in states like illinois and really more in some fashion from a public health discussion to a decidedly political debate but let's talk about some of those protests that you
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just touched upon because if he is appealing to his base they have reacted in small numbers perhaps in the pictures that way seeing but does it reflect the wide to base that he's appealing to before an election in november. well one suspects that it might and for sure he is. egged on by some of the berry conservative commentators cable television here who are beloved in some ways by many members of his plays but i don't think the answer to that question is clear yet until we have a lot more polling which is kind of difficult to do given some of the social. distancing strictures on everybody there is some some group of his base that clearly supports this notion and the longer i'm staggered staggering us on the point that years continue to grow you can see the easier it will be to try to
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nc some of these folks into protesting and state governments pictures but there are things. james warren from news got thanks so much for joining us on al-jazeera from chicago thanks a. medical workers in the united kingdom are criticizing a government suggestion to reuse personal protective equipment as it's known doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients are suffering critical shortages the new guidance suggests that alternatives to fluid repellent full length gowns such as reusable ones may be needed the british medical association says the shortage is down to government failings paul brennan has more from ashford contriver see about the amounts of stock of this personal protective equipment this p.p.a. has been growing in recent weeks and essentially building to a crescendo in the past couple of days we had the health secretary talkies the government minister responsible for health. reporting for parliamentary committee
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on friday saying he wished he had a magic wand that he could wave to generate more people even he just couldn't because the global marketplace was so scarce at the moment but the pressure that's coming is because of anecdotal evidence from the frontline that staff who are treating 1000 patients are having to do so compromising their own safety their old college of nursing the union for the nurses said that 51 percent of the staff that they had surveyed had been asked to reuse supposedly single use protective equipment now the response of public health england which is the body which represents the governments the government's stance in this has been to say well we're going to reassess our guidelines and perhaps water down the guidelines maybe they don't need to be so stringent so you can reuse stuff they said that some compromise was needed to optimize the supply of p.p.a. in times of extreme shortages but the saturday daily news conference from downing street the communities minister robert generac admitted that the simply wasn't
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enough at the moment to go around we are trying to do everything we can to get the equipment that we need we're trying to source more internationally. that is difficult at times there is a great deal of demand for it in the security that supply can prove very challenging but we are making progress there what we're talking about here is the long sleeved disposable fluid repellant gowns that are used in the intensive care units and you can imagine just how much demand there is for those not just here in the u.k. but around and around the world there is a general said a new delivery arriving on sunday but these $84.00 tons that are arriving from turkey which involve some 400000 gallons he said it was pointed out to him by a reporter that the rate the n.h.s. is using goes down at the moment that amounts to about 3 days of supply so it's really not that much at all so this is not just a health care issue anymore it's a real political hot potato for the government and they're getting
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a lot of criticism as a result of what is perceived to be a lack of forward planning. a lot done in sudan's capital khartoum has taken effect yet to be in place for the next 3 weeks the decision was made as the health ministry announced a sharp increase in people who have contracted covert 19 cases doubled in the last 24 hours 10 people have died have a morgue and has been following developments from the capital khartoum. saturday is the 1st day of the total lockdown that has been announced by sudan's government on the capital's state's how to tomb and right now most of the streets are empty but that has been the scene since 1 o'clock local time prior to that from 6 am to 1 pm local time the government has allowed people to be able to move freely to be able to buy the essential goods but what it has done is made sure that the 3 parts of the capital. khartoum center people cannot interact between those 3 sections of the capital without specific special foreign permits granted by the government so they
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are trying to minimize the movement of the people to make sure that those who are infected and are asymptomatic do not come in contact with other people and that would minimize in their hopes the number of infections which has been rising over the past few days despite warnings by the government that it does not have the infrastructure to cope with the surge the numbers of gone from 32 on friday to 66 saturday morning and the government has been saying that they do not think that they would be able to handle the number of cases should they rise even further which is why the prime minister made a plea to the u.n. to be able to assist with the number of cases despite that we see a lot of people still out on the streets there are people who are still defying orders on friday people have gone to the mosque despite an order from the minister of religious affairs telling people not to go to try to minimize the spread of the virus so the spy government efforts there are some some people who still deny the fact that the government is in country and that is taking
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a toll on the number infections highrises 15 percent fatality so far from the number of people who have tested positive and that is raising concerns between some civilians who know about the virus and between the government who has admitted repeatedly that it doesn't have the infrastructure or the capability to deal with it well thought he's in iran have allowed some businesses to reopen with the government saying it's time to shift the focus back to the economy but some health experts are warning it may be too soon from to be hopeful. after nearly 2 months of being closed because of the corona virus businesses in the iranian capital are waking up from their hibernation for main street shops like this in open areas the city's prime real estate it is business as usual but for covered markets where there are bottlenecks where dense crowds can gather the government says it's still too dangerous to open up any of the shops in those spaces. but the traders we've spoken to in teheran is back alley bazaars they've told us that not only have they
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not made any money for months but it will take many more months to get back on their feet they say they too need to pay their rent and meet their expenses let alone try to turn a profit and that they hope that the government lifts the remaining control measures entirely in the coming weeks now president hassan rouhani has championed the idea of what he calls smart distancing things start going back to normal but people simultaneously maintain strict rules of hygiene but iran's deputy health minister who contracted coby 1000 himself in recent days he said that iran is the country's achilles heel a weak point when it comes to fighting this fire its and government figures do suggest that the infection and death rates are going down and everyone here also hopes that it stays that way but the government has now effectively shifted the onus put the onus on its people and after weeks of being indoors there is this isolation fatigue there is word and so people here are ready to go back to work it's more crowded in downtown to run than it has been in weeks but there are also
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skeptical voices in the government that say the rush to reopen could backfire and that people in the country should be prepared for the possibility of a 2nd wave of the virus. to soldiers who have returned to their barracks after the prime minister told of them on to the streets to in his words restore peace and order that comes a day out. so the country's constitutional court ruled against thomas the man his decision to suspend parliament the 80 year old leader is under increasing pressure of allegations of links to the murder of his a strange wife south africa is on a delegation to the country on sunday well on another day is a journalist in a suit so he says sending soldiers into the streets is the latest in a string of controversial decisions by the prime minister the prime going to star announced a provocation to parliament now to regain sion means end of term for whatever bills
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were already in parliament and one of them was that bill that would suggest that he does not get the powers to go to his majesty to call for a snap elections or to 10 minute the parliament that was one of the bills and but then he used the cook 90 s and reason to terminate the palin meant of course his junior us went to the courts of law to challenge it and it was only yesterday that he lost that means he is now ordered to reinstate the palin meant to its original state before it closed dock there's been a series of this thing he tried to fire the policeman the police boss. we had actually started the investigations off which saw him go into court also to defend that that case is still coming on now the movements of the police of the soldiers
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in town indeed the citizens will come up to unusual movements he made the statement in television this morning that there will be that movement that and people should not be worried but what he meant what he said in that statement is that there has been a few people who are abusing the freedom of speech who are now using it in the course of law to try and undermine their stuff and commit an investor of the can. now voters in mali are being called to the polls on sunday for the 2nd round of legislative elections the government decided to go ahead with the vote despite the kidnapping of an opposition leader and an upsurge in violence in the north and center of the country as nicholas hack reports wanting to bring change to mali is what brought 1st time parliamentary candidate how much to politics fear is what is preventing him from campaigning in his constituency in the central region where al qaeda affiliates are telling people not to vote because brother is in the moment
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was abducted days before the 1st round awarding to those taking part in these elections. i am scared i had to hide to visit my own constituents and i am scared because there is nobody to keep us safe i am scared because if they have abducted our opposition leader for more than 21 days now they could even abducted president they can take anyone they want. the government's mediator was kidnapped while negotiating for the release of opposition leaders from my list who was abducted while campaigning in the country's north it's unclear which group is behind the kidnapping but they're demanding around some of 80 $1000000.00 for several weeks. to the slum one was lean mean. in the greater sorrow have been fighting each other for control of land and resources in mali's north and central region. is a full on the herder who's escape the violence joining hundreds of thousands of others displaced in the capital bamako they have turned this cattle market in
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slaughterhouse into makeshift camps. i am not afraid this time of day for my country and i am asking the newly elected m.p.'s to find a solution and in this conflict so we can go. diego fears the vote will be rigged in the 1st round he says no one dared to vote in his constituency but local officials say there was an 80 percent turnout with the ruling party winning the majority of the votes in the 2nd round of this election millions will have to brave the threat of armed groups and the corona virus outbreak while the stakes for the country are high taking part in the vote has not just become risky and dangerous it can also be fatal nicholas hawk al-jazeera. forces from libya's un recognized government have killed at least 8 fighters loyal to warlord clean for hafter they've also captured at least $100.00 have to support us while advancing on his largest stronghold in the west of the country the city is
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the target of government troops out today regain control of 7 coastal cities earlier in the week it's been here since have to launch this offensive to capture the capital tripoli. has the latest from libya's capital. the decision made by the government to move on the city of horner. has been taken after they took control of the west of libya last week and they say that if the take control of. it means that half the forces lose the whole west of libya eyewitnesses in the vicinity of the city of that when i say that the area as there have been shaken by heavy explosions we know that the government forces have been exchanging heavy fire with have those forces in the vicinity of that hole now since early morning and now as a kind of the act any action or retaliation have to this forces have started
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shelling get it is the initial it is in tripoli and also were slim in the city center random rockets have been dozens of random rockets have been launched by have those forces landing in populated areas and also in the vicinity of airport. neighborhood government forces say that they have captured a number of have to his forces and they have destroyed a number of military vehicles in terms of this fresh offensive to take control of the city of lahore now a lot more because the founder and director of institute a public policy think tank in libya but he explains just how significant the advance on total is. this is the most significant military development in libya in the last year how there is in danger of losing his last ground supply line that feeds his conflict in tripoli that i don't know which is around 60 kilometers to
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tripoli is the last possible node in a long supply lines that if he was to lose that are going to have the lines between them and tripoli cut he could no longer continue his ground offensive and that's one of the major reasons why his forces are not only in retreat but also using indiscriminate violence i mean there has been reports now of up to 130 missile strikes in the last 24 hours in some tripoli that have really just targeted civilian homes residential homes at times where those people have been told to self isolate this their home but also hospitals that treats include 19 patients so there is no other objective other than in juicing the stress and pain on tripoli's residents and it's you know it's almost a spoilers move in retaliation for his losses the last in western libya for the last week so there really isn't retreat and this is a real danger and police arrested 15 of the best known pro-democracy politicians and activists in hong kong they're accused of illegally organizing the largest anti-government protests ever seen there former colonial power britain says it's
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concerned about china's continuing erosion of hong kong's freedoms as devika pollen reports. the list of arrested reads like the who's who of hong kong's democratic movement among them are present and former legislative councillors prominent activist a man known as the father of democracy in hong kong we are here to 81 year old martin lee is one of the architects of the basic law the city's many constitution which essentially safeguard the territories autonomy he had stepped away from the political spotlight in recent years but was vocal about his support for the protests last year. before i have no regrets for what i have done i feel proud to walk the path of democracy these outstanding young protesters. it's the 2nd time this year businessman and media tycoon jimmy lai has been arrested. they have been arrested on suspicion of organizing and taking part in illegal
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assembly the government has released a statement saying the arrests were made based on evidence and were in accordance to the law since that government is coming out remind them that you have since you have to see the end of. a mass and continue and you've been in a crisis during all of these i have to make. on the list of the movement the arrests come up to a week of turmoil in the legislative council members tussled with the opposition democrats for control of the weekly meeting agenda in an unusual move china's representative office in hong kong waded in to denounce the pro-democracy group the beijing liaison office monitors developments in hong kong and reports back to the chinese government but for the 1st time it's stated it has the right to supervise local affairs and is exempt from a cost and the constitution which restricts interference from any department
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directly under beijing's control. that's provoking we need fierce amongst democracy supporters already alarmed at china's tightening grip on hong kong since last june more than $7000.00 people have been arrested for their involvement in the protests many are charged with biting which carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. this year there has been a law in the protests mostly due to the current virus pandemic the government has banned all gatherings of more than 4 people to enforce social distancing but protesters and the marchese activists say government leaders are making the most of a distracted public along with trying to wipe out the virus wiping out any dissent is the aim too they say if you go palin our desire. is the pro-democracy politician in hong kong she says trying as government doesn't consider itself bound by hong kong laws anymore all these years since
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1907 they say live a solemn office as set up by beijing and home call is considered to be under the basic law a well meaning constitution now somehow it transcends this basic law it's. the basic law that a genius in effect telling hong kong people that it's authority it's above them know in hong kong and this is very worrying because we're supposed to have one country 2 systems now it's one country at most one plainly one systems the people are angry that's we sure that then they also understand that they james currently anderson patients with hong kong people that we're just rather like and just obedient at the teenagers with too much testosterone and something that
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they change just concrete hong-kong properly as a book a simple right to read us and understand i would just ration for democracy but they refused to take any notice of that. well still ahead here on al-jazeera flattening the curve how tough measures in the indian state of camelot are showing the way in the fight against the pandemic. and scientists in california trying to repurpose drugs to fight the pandemic to stay with us. hello by no means is the middle east in the arabian place across the moment there's a lot of cloud around 10 suggests there are thunderstorms around that is true there has forecast the sea rain north of the country north of qatar to herself breaks
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during sunday generally speaking in dry couple days after that but not blue skies and that's true of a good part of saudi particularly iran running back to turkey now live on the nice day it is cloudy occasional showers but it's in the low twenty's it's only in the high twenty's for example in riyadh and are hot but big shot on the western side the mountains in sudden saudi and in yemen could produce more flash flooding and present conditions as they have done in santa recently rain in the rest of north africa is rather confined to this streak which is in mauritania and now dearie and that's significant right running up towards the north coast ahead of it that's very strong wind so i suggest just to watch sandstorms in western libya and up in tunis here as well the seas no showers are working their way. from the baselines often to nigeria and sierra leone for example that's a typical picture and you can see that as a typical forecast in cameroon with thunderstorms occasionally for next 3 days.
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to. be the hero world needs. washing. subzero temperatures stream altitudes deadly floods. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to that judges don't drive to quite ordinary joy to avoid what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in kurdistan on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. you're watching al-jazeera as news with me so hold run a reminder of our top stories the u.s. state of new york has recorded its lowest number of deaths from corona virus in 2 weeks but governor andrew cuomo says the number of people being admitted to hospitals remains overwhelming. also the u.k. government says it's doing its best to source more personal protective equipment for doctors and nurses and that's after coming under growing pressure for telling
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medical workers to reuse disposable p.-p. . and soldiers in the suit to return to their barracks after the prime minister ordered them onto the streets to in his words restore peace and order promised them by name is under pressure to step down over allegations that he was involved in his estranged wife's murder. more than half of humanity that's 4500000000 under some sort of restriction as the world fights the slow coronavirus pandemic it's affecting people from all walks of life and in different ways so let's speak to the pen family from north west london there's mum elaine dad richard and their children naomi and noah welcome to al-jazeera thank you very much for your time can i start with you elaine because basically corona virus has taken a toll on your family you have lost a member of your family but that individual won't be counted in the official british figures and you're not happy about that. you know my step brother. friday
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which you go and see is very very distressing time for everybody but because he died in a community at home and if one can see one be one of the deaths this these scenes that is 6 i don't believe that he was just enough he was removed from the family home and so here we are recorded and it's just really unfair because if it is they're released just on this the true reflection of how many people died and of course it was more problematic i presume because what were you able to attend the funeral we did it by soon which was a very very strange thing to do his brother and his wife and 2 sons were able to attend obviously keep in center distance and a couple of other family members that we we watched rising now about 108 cheney and it does take something away we can't quite do the grieving process in
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a way least we were able to pay our respects and maybe be able to do that in the future all being well richard click on to your lawyer and a very busy one about how far has your company been able to continue working without being able to present your legal cases in court because i presume they are closed as well. the courts are there are probably some sort of earrings that they're still accepting. advocate civil attending person but generally speaking. there isn't much court work going on i'm quite fortunate most of my work is desk office based and so you're now looking at my office so i've been out to keep working most of ringback my colleagues have managed to keep working. but we've had to salute and adapt to the technology and the challenges are getting i.t.
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set up it was home so that it's a seamless as possible but generally speaking in a professional way it's quite fortunate that. we were able to work remotely so hasn't had too much of him act you know working in a new reality and know you're a student in performing arts i believe your academic year must be up in the air right now what's going on yes so we have been set from teaches to keep working at. our creative minds going 'd in terms of fine great final results for the year as with most schools in the country we're one sure how that's going to pan out and i think it in our particular situation at the school i'm not we've done a major unit which is a. big part in receiving our final grades it still airs as you say there's
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still a lot of confusion surrounding you know we are how does that work because in your case the performing arts student needs a lot of bounce and work off of the actors don't you it must be quite difficult to be able to communicate with your friends from college. yeah well we so was able to communicate through different forms of social media face timing lots. as you say alternately especially with my area it's very physical work with each other so there are things think that you place to. try and just do the best we have and we've we've what we've got so we've got. a project that we were working on just the fall of the lockdown was where we were in groups and we had to work on basically just devising a performance from scratch whereas now we have to do that as an individual. so we can work out the. ca's just things like that trying to make do with what we've got
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got well good luck with that anyway naomi i hadn't forgotten your promise so you know you're there and of course you are working in p.r. you've just graduated after a couple of years let's just talk about what it's like in your case you're helping with the shopping you're helping with your grandparents what's the what's the reality for you when you walk outside the front door of your house what are you experiencing when it comes to going to the supermarket and looking after the elderly. it's quite scary actually and it's it's the reason is there is going to supermarkets and everyone treating each other so differently to no one in our events in such a small island supermarket everyone is very aware of how close you want other people and say you know the shopping really shot that would usually take an hour and here is now take most of the saturday because you have to keep half an ounce cans the shelf and then everything is done so much and then we do reach across to.
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grandparents or. my grandma who is when i can see it's aligned and say she's quite a cohen has it actually start on her doorstep and then back away original is quite difficult because you just want to go over and hungry her originally led in and calm and then mother said grandparents they live in retirement flat sorry desolate and rich and a lot of people are just presents is somewhat good at least they're not completely aligned it is still difficult job stuff will not be able to great then as you might say you know elaine a you know a the matriarch of the family you are allowed obviously all of you allowed to go for a walk and to get out of the house and i think speaking before we came on air you did say you're a bit nervous about sort of the way people are behaving in parks and in public spaces has that changed since the last few days we spoke to each other. no no i was out at night and there's a park close by it's a pm 6 quite nice to go out for and lately stroll and the amount of people most in
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couples e.c. or consortium is still causing terror and spread out along the pathway to don't get your way and jump into the shoes and then if you're just walking along straight is it people walking towards you and you cross the road but it seems to be an automatic thing it's like everybody thinks that person could be dangerous to let's let's keep away and a lot more lot a lot of people are wearing masks then they stay and it's but it's still i think going out the other night and there was a group that's maybe 5 or 6 people just congregating on the pavement and so we just crossed the road which is just i don't know what it was 70 people altogether and so while they were in it and it's the new reality perhaps richard maybe the final word with you in that obviously as a family and like millions of families across the united kingdom and across the globe we do intently watch what the british government has to say in their daily briefings do you think as a family and perhaps as part of a community you're being given all the information that you need to know you
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confident or not that the government is doing the right thing is going in the right direction. i think the government is genuinely following the scientific advice but i think or sort of that not just politicians but the scientists were somewhat taken by surprise. i mean this is this is something or i think has been. known about since around christmas the beginning of this year. i don't think the government perhaps will get as seriously as they should of the study. i don't think they fully appreciate it just what was heading their work. so i think they've been slow to act but having eventually grasped just how serious this. this disease is viruses aids they have put in place the appropriate measures and i think generally speaking the public are
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following those measures and there were always be a minority of people that just don't think these things will affect the. perceived i think the earlier messaging seems to suggest that you know people wouldn't be affected in the same way it was perhaps not the right message because i think it gave younger people sense of security and we're now seeing unfortunately have see you know deaths amongst people of all ages you know that the very home and was very low so i think perhaps that messaging wasn't perhaps as early as approaches it should be but that said in the last couple of weeks services they've got on top of it i'm thinking and i think that doing the best they can but i think michael governments you know this is something that's new it's not. a situation scenario that any government is ready and can't for pandemic of this you know and he just
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can't be contained so overall i think the answer the question is they're doing the best job they can it could be better while it's been out to persia to speak to elaine richard iommi and noah pen in north of the thanks for joining us on al-jazeera really appreciate your time thanks very. oh. spain's prime minister pedro sanchez says he'll ask parliament to extend the state of emergency for another 15 days the decision comes as health care workers celebrated the closure of a makeshift hospital ward in madrid more than a 1000 patients were treated in the so-called pavilion number 7 although most lights have been turned off parts of the center remain open 565 spaniards died on saturday raising the total to more than 20000. the indian state of carola is being held success story in the pandemic it's confirmed just 3 deaths and about
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400 cases out of a population of more than 30000000 people alexia brown reports on what it's done to stop reading. carolina has its picturesque back waters and pristine beaches but now there are no tourists in these houseboats instead they are being converted into isolation wards for corona virus patients who have had extensive discussions with alls associations all. if need be. just some of india's 1st confirmed cases of the virus were here in kerala as some of the millions who work overseas returned home at one point carol i had the most cases in india now that's changed which the sites laid it's put down to intense efforts to break the chain of transmission distracted pupils test testing and also to.
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trace all the order for the last fortnight test ordered by. tracing. but. that tracing is happening and call centers like this using technology such as geotagging to monitor classed as of cases we had to call 410000 people and nearly 10000 people every day to know whether they're developing any symptoms or not. the communist run state says it's also been stopping the spread of the disease by ensuring workers who've lost their jobs still have a roof over their heads nobody can be also there for the workers there. and if you find any. suckers. i would also in through those roads. or everywhere. restrictive measures have
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seen 1300000000 indians and lockdown causing a humanitarian crisis for the poor and daily wage earners many have left their home villages and states to find work in the cities some such as these in the capital new delhi say they haven't eaten for a week before police help them. like. i used to work in weddings and parties but now everything stopped. back in kerala the annual monsoon rains a jew in a few weeks and the fevers that often come with them could make fighting the coronavirus more complicated alexia brian al jazeera. has suspended all flights carrying byron's been deported from the u.s. after a group of them tested positive for the virus now u.s. health workers tested 12 in a group of 40 at random and all of them were infected guatemala's president says flights would be halted until the u.s.
9:44 pm
could prove deportees were virus free there's growing concern people could bring the coronavirus to remote and vulnerable communities. or staying in latin america brazil's president has defended his decision to fire the health minister who disagreed with his policies to tackle the virus. is defying his critics by doubling down on plans to lift restrictions to restart south america's largest economy as a tour of the reports. a swearing in ceremony for brazil's new health minister nelson time the president jaya bo's'n already used the occasion to defend his controversial handling of the coronavirus pandemic not least his decision to fire his previous health minister louis debtor he refused to play down the risks of covert 19. history will judge us and i ask god that we are right the struggle to start opening up for business is a risk that i will take if it gets worse it's on me what i believe and what lots of
9:45 pm
people are coming to realize is that the country has to open up. mandela wanted to implement world health organization guidelines but both n.r.o. opposes social distancing measures planned at a sacking has worried brazilians. it's a bad idea because the guy was doing a good job he's the guy who reassured the people asking them to stay at home but he went against also north opinions and so bolton are all 5 a guy but others agree with the president that the economy and jobs must come 1st. my company closed a month ago but i'll reopen it next monday i have no option i have 80 employees to go forward with respect to. more than 2000 brazilians have died so far from the corona virus making brazil the worst hit country in latin america in its worst affected state san paolo the governor extended the lockdown for another 3 weeks and warned the health care system is struggling to cope as. the intensive care units of
9:46 pm
public and private hospitals are receiving a larger number of patients each day and we already have some public hospitals at the edge of their capacity the president and his new health minister want an end to the lockdown but brazil's supreme court says that's a decision of the state governors and city may as victoria gates be al-jazeera. still heard on al-jazeera. news was the mom was. a terrorist cooped up indoors but still exercising we report on the methods to keep fit during the lockdown. rewind returns to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the program was filmed rewind continues with
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the heart of darkness we were following orders we sing young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have them make life and death decisions rewind on al-jazeera. the oppression of an ethnic minority and me in my bag many. the intention was to make sure that rangers we're no longer entitled to either basic rights or citizenship rights in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution of the ranger and me and my. exile on al-jazeera.
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talk about scientists worldwide searching for a vaccine but developing well within a year would be regarded as a precedented so what if existing drugs could be repurposed to cope at 19 treatment and be ready within weeks rob rolls explains. scientists at the quantitative bio sciences institute at the university of california san francisco have been working nonstop since january their goal identifying existing medications that make human cells resistant to attack by the corona virus we're trying to do is to repurpose those drugs and compounds to help fight this corner viral infection it's called host directed therapy the host in this case is us 1st scientists had to extensively map the viruses genetic code in the parts of human cells that it
9:49 pm
latches onto we identified 332 different human proteins that were talking to the approximately 30 different. proteins so these are proteins that we think the buyers needs in order to hijack ourselves from this analysis we identified 69 different drugs and compounds 27 of which are f.d.a. approved. and we need to test those to see what effects they have on infection unfortunately labs in san francisco didn't have any virus cultures to run tests on that's when the global cooperation kicked in we broke down silos across different parts of the world you know working with paris and new york and then all of that also people in england and seattle and san diego and in china and we've been shipping them. are drugs and compounds and they've been testing these dr kroger and
9:50 pm
is hopeful an effective drug will be identified within weeks and since the drugs are already approved they wouldn't have to undergo a lengthy testing process instead they could be available for patients right away the example of urgent cross border multidisciplinary scientific collaboration is a model for fighting future outbreaks dr grossman says when the dust settles on company 18 i would love to see us put in an infrastructure where region moved quickly across the board you know breaking down the silos so that we're be in a better position to tackle call the $22.00 or call the 24 hour another buyers' there are millions of trillions of viruses on earth and far fewer scientists given those odds all experts must work together for the sake of humanity robert oulds al jazeera los angeles university researchers in california say the results
9:51 pm
of an antibody study suggest the corona virus in the u.s. state could be up to 85 times higher than thought more than 3000 californians in santa clara county were tested in a study by stanford university and if accurate the results indicate the fate talent he writes from cave at 19 is an estimated. even under a strict blockade but israel the occupied territory of gaza seems to have kept the under control they're just confirmed cases but as economy which was already struggling under more pressure or a force that has the story. farming in gaza was already an uncertain way to make a living is ready blockade restrict access to modern technologies and materials and to widen markets but coronavirus has made a bad situation much worse. people in gaza have lost their jobs and the coronavirus has completely crippled economic activity restaurants and kitchens are shut down wedding parties used to order lots
9:52 pm
of chicken and are now canceled almost all orders have been cancelled. administration has begun some measures to keep the agriculture sector operating having banned agricultural exports entirely to ensure supply for garza it's giving livestock farmers a $1000000.00 worth of vouchers for animal feed for the. whole world is suffering because of coronavirus shutdowns we are trying to enhance resilience of this sector and keep it working at maximum capacity to guarantee the food security of people in gaza. but farmers say it doesn't make up for their losses garza's isolation thanks to the 14 year long israeli and egyptian siege made helped keep coronavirus largely out but it's also damaged the economy. and employment last year was at 45 percent more than half the population lives in poverty the additional damage done by the closure of shops and restaurants prices
9:53 pm
have tumbled. since the breakout of coronavirus the commercial traffic is so weak because people are afraid it's added to the economic difficulties of gaza citizens people now prefer to save the a money in their pockets. from next week the agriculture ministry is promising to extend support for vegetable farmers hit by a sudden drop in demand just weeks ago a one kilo bag of onions would cost $0.55 now it's half that. high november there. of the situation remains as it is i will stop and stay at home because i can't continue being from my pocket and i will not have enough to feed my children. even if the virus itself is being kept at bay in gaza the fear of its long term economic effects is spreading very force it out 0. orthodox christians call their
9:54 pm
holy fire ceremony has been held in the near empty streets of jerusalem. i only a handful of clergymen were there instead of the usual thousands of worshippers from jerusalem the holy 5 will be distributed to orthodox christian countries in time for berries to celebrations on sunday. now with sports canceled around the world bookmakers are relying more and more on online gaming for people to place bets on even nevada famous for gambling as how to turn to an unusual competition the state's gaming control board is now allowing bets on the call of duty league it's the 9th the sports exemption in the last 3 weeks. well with james closed during the global lockdown people are getting creative to keep fit and the hayward going to find out more. lobstering ballet and gymnastics at 3. but with parks closed in classes council because of
9:55 pm
coronavirus she's finding new ways to keep active. the coronavirus pandemic has led to a big upsurge in online fitness classes for all ages from here and dance to a high intensity cardio workout and football it's all out there some people are even managing to run marathons inside here in the u.k. all gyms and leisure centers of close the door was in some parks are off limits because of the risk of transmitting the virus restrictions mean that people are being urged by britain's government to exercise just once a day and only with members of your own household but many people fitness is part of their daily life and under normal circumstances this place is full of different ages and abilities but they can play at the moment. steve mcginty is a retired teacher who plays golf and swims regularly refer to.
9:56 pm
a few people here give up and say oh. my exercise program today. the day if you. are a little are coming spurs you want to do more the next. many of us are changing our lives significantly during this crisis to stay safe and trying to stay fit is a challenge but doctors say it could also help protect us now and in the future but i think it's really important to take advantage of any options you have to exercise when you know you're not go outside for war critics taking advantage of that and also utilizing some of and videos that might be available online or things you might be able to do in home with yourself your family members your kids may be teaming up with some friends over the internet and in reading. to each other to count trying to get and some of that physical exercise every day 93 of fiscal house
9:57 pm
it's going to be good for your mental health some people are using this time to try out new ways of keeping things none of us know how long this crisis will last or how long it will be left to alter our lives and he would al-jazeera lincolnshire. well with fewer people on the streets we're seeing videos from all over the world of wildlife in unusual places such as these penguins near cape town in south africa a rescue center shared the pictures saying it's penguin rangers are keeping a watchful eye on them and in berlin please share this image of a beef taking what they called an early stroll through the city they said it was very well behaved and was a score to the harbor for a swim which the police said is allowed until lock to have rules it's good to see the place you got a sense of humor in germany and of course you couldn't find out more on all of our stories by logging on to our website al-jazeera dot com lauren tell us is up with
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news straight after the break thanks watching the news for me about. the latest news as it breaks with no treatment or vaccine for her and a virus volunteers to say they'll continue to provide the services to go to fight the disease with detailed coverage a little down without any planning for india's millions of lives and glucose. and fearless journalism from around the world for many coming to this place and the only chance they have to leave at least once
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a day. you know isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise leave the looking at another side of this story not so much the information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact look it's reality and you have to reject the long exposing the old tricks try to manipulate their rhetoric and play but they cannot manipulate the fires of the listening post your insight guides of the media like you see or a. man mine is on trial from rape to genocide the government stands accused of committing atrocities against the range of people. one on one east investigates on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. new york's governor says he won't bow to pressure to reopen the economy despite his state recording its lowest number of coronavirus deaths in 2 weeks. there are live from london also coming up spain's death toll passes 20000 but its daily increase continues to slow. the u.k. government under fire for suggesting health workers reuse protective gowns a supply.


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