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tv   The Listening Post 2020 Ep 16  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2020 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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dangerous actions by american forces in the gulf it follows an incident on weapons date from the us military says 11 vessels from iran's elite revolutionary guard came close to its ships in the gulf the u.s. called the moves provocative in response iran has stepped up the guards patrols in the region. the arrest of 15 of hong kong's most prominent democracy activists has drawn international condemnation they've been released on bail and face charges in connection with last year's mass protests the u.s. says beijing is betraying commitments it made ahead of hong kong's transfer of sovereignty to china in 1997 by the u.k. says the right to peaceful protest must be respected china's hit by saying foreign countries have no right to interfere those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post good bye. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the land. said no
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matter what you see how does iraq bring you the needs and current affairs that matter t.f. . outta zinger. i know terrible . having our objective is to kill a black. if i'm in the right now. because they got caught and they've taken the right approach another day another politician standing at this neck tatt with. hello i'm richard gere's bird and you're watching the listening post here are some of the coronavirus stories the media angles that we're covering from home this week the casualty figures are climbing in the u.k. yet most of the british media are failing to hold the government to account locked in with covert 19 across the world prisoners are trying to get their stories out israel's prime minister decides mass surveillance is the best way to check the
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spread of the virus he has a ready made template to do it and say you cannot i mean a reminder in britain of a contribution that can no longer be taken for granted. as the coronavirus death toll in the u.k. continues to mount there is a growing market for explanations and it's not being met at 10 downing street government officials at the daily briefings are dodging difficult questions journalists are failing to get answers whether that's because of the challenges created when briefings are conducted via video link or an overly respectful press corps that sees itself as part of a collective war against a pandemic it's meant that politicians have been getting away with vague or incomplete answers on some serious failings such as the lack of testing personal protective equipment and ventilators in a relatively prosperous country then there are the questionable decisions the prime
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minister boris johnson took in the early stages johnson caught the virus but it's recovered his personal story has received plenty of attention but how we got here and who was responsible is a larger story yet to be properly told our starting point this week is the site of the u.k.'s daily covert 1000 briefing in downing street london. press briefings are only as useful as the quality of the questions asked by reporters and answers given by officials. before he tested positive prime minister boris johnson a former journalist turned politician who has casually lied his way through 2 careers was at the podium confronted with facts that not even he can fudge the rising number of infections the body. lots of people will be very worried about it
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something it will be much less worrying about it can you say to them have how many lives. then when johnson fell ill his ministers faced questions on the lack of testing and. personal protective for frontline workers as well. as the larger issue of responsibility those questions were slow to count and many have missed the mark i think the journalists who have been at the press briefings could have a much better job scrutinizing the advices and the politicians you're addressing often it would be handy if they had a scientific background but i don't have scientific background to questions on the decisions which have been made the 1st job. is to question the entire press conference. kind of all get nice to be as a propaganda or exercise they keep on telling us that they are following some oil. producing the chief medical officer and the chief scientific officer in these other
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public officials ministers to her behind and the press corps having to die only if we go to questions from. the 1st question is from the b.b.c. . thank you very much very hard for them to ask follow proper follow up questions the entire thing is sort of structured in a way that makes press scrutiny incredibly difficult the media all being the michael better behaved. they are being more tolerant and perhaps less questioning government because there is a feeling that this is a crisis that. no one was expecting that we all have to do our bit to try and become a cyclist titian's have been given more leeway than they would normally be given it's a fake news and they were tricksters no one in the u.k. is calling for the kind of briefing circus coming out of washington where we've asked them to accelerate whatever they're doing in terms of
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a vaccine tough never seen a video like that playing in this room the talking points shouting in a presidential media bashing you know your fake that you buy yourself time you didn't pass bills you didn't use it to rant about testing for a so what you saw disgraceful but the performance of british journalists settling for unclear incomplete answers from downing street falls well short of their reputation for aggressive reporting and the johnson government has much to answer for its initial half baked version of social isolation was built around the herd immunity concept and then abandoned it but that took time many more days of mass exposure and more infection in those early days i would say from the beginning of march. when policy was cracked and. approach one of the theories is that you know you could sort of. take it all in one
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it want to go and allow the disease as it were to move through the population there wasn't really a robust question in. the past and we i think the school and it's a piece about it but media did not really question those of us who did question we were. more dangerous than the virus itself. the health secretary said that john this you raised questions about the destruction that. they've lied but it's also very very valid and necessary to off these difficult questions how you're in austin or. before social distancing was inforced in the u.k. the media's focus lay elsewhere countries in which the numbers were rising fast fighting and that. the sheer number of people coming to the coronavirus it's overwhelming there was little. but as the u.k.'s daily
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death toll surpassed diddled us the tone of the reporting was less alarming more measured and broadcasters still led with news of boris johnson's recovery downing street says he's sitting up in bed gauging positively but the staff say thomas is hospital it's really stark that when the death toll started mansingh in. you know the role of the press to me to fight so in us understanding the scale of the calamity and yet has been extraordinary living through the same moment in person where the death toll you struggle to even see it on the front pages of the newspapers on the front page of news websites and the speed which is being put out on a daily basis is instead becoming the headlines in the talking points there's been a real step change in the last few days. where the press is
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becoming more aggressive and we are becoming more and. taken were we to get. there has been some aggressive uncompromising reporting on called good 19 in the british media most of it takes place a long way from the official britain on april 11th after 3 days of rising death tolls and record numbers the guardian's front page looked like. and on the broadcast side britons are finding some quality journalism in some unexpected places. not to. elderly people died in hospital and we can't do enough piers morgan lives 84 minutes haploid newspaper insert in the u.k. who has prison time now been posting. this program on i.t.v. and good morning britain and all the line has not been physically well known quite
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this high getting journalism joining this crisis he has consistently been at voice holding governments who account when you figure that we had a plan and i'm not prepared to admit any mistakes in that plan i find that clearly felt evidently ridiculous. the hospitalisation of the prime minister was yet another coronavirus angle to cover 70 percent of the newspaper sold in the u.k. tilt boris johnson's way to the political right there editorial dilemma his life was in the hands of the state funded national health service the n.h.s. whose funding has been cut by conservative government cuts that those papers have strongly supported. n.h.s. frontline workers are now the toast of the conservative papers have had no choice but to jump on that bandwagon another public institution that's had its funding cut
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the b.b.c. is watching the n.h.s. story closely the lockdown has seen the b.b.c.'s ratings search news programs are up 25 percent children's programs are close to 50 percent and the beads is playing substitute teacher online educating children who cannot go to school through daily lessons the n.h.s. and the b.b.c. as the saying goes are having a good coronavirus but can they survive the peace if and when it ever comes those arguments that around the n.h.s. and around the b.b.c. will come. quietens and now we see a national response and everybody pulling together but i think when we emerge on the other side then might be more support simply because there has been some very good records in the. biggest challenge of the post. but i think there
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is also very good at other channels and that the underlying issue that there shouldn't be state broadcasting which is what some people have been trying to undermine b.b.c. thing i think that when research things but all we're seeing at the moment is a great mini patient of the power and the importance of the traditional mainstream media and so the past is like the b.b.c. but when we see an end of that then we are also going to see a significant because downturn and the b.b.c. will continue to be under threat it's going to be difficult to continue to protect it despite the absolutely i took it as plain as an institution and did we really. were discussing other covert 19 media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers nick me your head nick this pandemic is keeping most of us reporters at home not nearly enough of us are out there in the
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field which means people out there with stories to tell are having to find some novel ways to get those stories out what kind of ways. by taking matters into their own hands for truth for example there was a group of female migrants cone can cost rated in louisiana by the u.s. immigration authorities they being held 70 to door member afraid that one of them had contracted the coronavirus and want to get the word out that facility has a video visitation service so they used to call a reporter at the intercept news sites but they knew if they told the reporter their problems the call could be cut off so they used handwritten signs instead one of the guards eventually clued in and the video ends but by that stage the story got some coverage so jot down. the united states has more than 2000000 people locked up in its prisons there must be other stories like this out there there are just last weekend and annoy a reporter from an a.b.c.
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station in chicago went to the cook county jail to cover a reported operate in that prison which has as many as $4000.00 prisoners. while they were producing that report some of the inmates stocked images up in the windows trying to draw all the t.v. crews attention to the plight which worked because those images then made it into a.b.c. news is report but it's not just this person there are multiple cases like it not just in the u.s. but across the globe. and some of those prisons have journalists in them behind bars they do and some cases are better known than others for example who is in prison in london's belmarsh prison his support to the say that they fear for his health and just last week april 6th the committee to protect journalists wrote an open letter to african heads of state urging them to release 73 journalists and media workers who are currently in prison and one of those cases hits close to home
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al-jazeera mahmoud hussein and is one of $26.00 journalists in egypt who are currently in prison it's been 3 years now and the sisi government hasn't even charged him and then convicted him of a crime. ok thanks nick. here at the listening post we've been tracking how some governments are using technology primarily phone data to monitor the movements of their citizens and to curb the spread of the corona virus we've examined some of the long term implications of that the concern that even if this pandemic is brought under control those governments might prove reluctant to give up their new surveillance powers israel would be a case in point prime minister benjamin netanyahu now has the legal right to surveil israeli citizens in new ways and he acquired that right without even consulting parliament israel already has expertise in this field it has spent
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decades holding its ability and the technology required to monitor the movements of palestinians there listening post often now reporting from hall on the surveillance the palestinians have been subjected to and whether israelis can see what's coming . you must stay at home. quite simply stay at home the state has rarely been more present in people's lives more and poet right now there's a war on war on these vital leaders everywhere are using extraordinary measures to combat coronavirus in israel the government is leaning on the security services to provide a security solution to the pandemic so the time i do not know victor. cha along its path sending spies to procure medical equipment tasking secrets biological research
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center to find a vaccine and all through i think israel's domestic security service the shin bet to spy on citizens using a vast previously undisclosed database extraordinary times require extraordinary measures but these should not be of course at the expense of our privacy and our dignity as citizens in the case of israel the shin bet which is an internal intelligence agency operates in top secrecy of course has very little public oversight or accountability and therefore you know this is not the right authority to meddle in such crises israel has been always. militarized society due to its geostrategic historical background so there is nothing new in this is that the military and the security services are playing a central role in the israeli society says they have the capabilities
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and their badges and the other a sharing of this civic society it's no wonder they know they are the most effective tool in combating the virus. and with israel is that it had. a template possibly the most sophisticated in the world the israeli military have been surveying palestinians movement for decades and what netanyahu did was very early on he authorized the secret service to use their surveillance technologies not only on me in the occupied territories but also on israeli citizens and there's a sense wait a minute you know what just happened here this is what happens when security services gets unrestricted access to phone data about where israelis go who they
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speak to and what they do online contact tracing using that data to track those who are all could be infected could help governments around the world but the question is how the data is used and by whom and esso is an israeli technology firm in the business of savannah best known for its stalking software pegasus among its clients saudi arabia pegasus was one of the tools the found in the murder of john left. a corner met the n e a level as the mother of the hit of. now israel's minister of defense wants to put data collected by the state into a so-called corona meter built by. the great citizens on the likelihood of spreading the virus there as a group has tarnished record of human rights in their new response stories of journalists and human rights defenders and civil society activists being killed
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harassed surveilled using. spyware and malware and so companies like lisa are in no business to do you. sense that in health data they're not just interested in profiting. at this moment their profit comes this nationally and so it comes because it white washes their reputation the reputational damage it allows them to claim expertise when they are next are going to sell their products to other governments and literally allows a news release. as a laboratory a mentality of constant. ways existed and it is a miniature i society for the vast majority of israelis military service is mandatory the military months of. emergency powers were 1st used by the british to monitor people to demolish homes to restrict free speech movement and most
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probably have been a fixture of palestinian life since 1948 so israelis do not have to look very far to see what's happens when populations are used as a testing the palestinians have been exposed to invasive surveillance for decades by these radio forty's are i.c.t. infrastructure is controlled by israel and therefore it has direct access to palestinian state is a very relaxing information on people's health situation someone is having an affair and sexual orientation on their financial needs and in some cases this information has been used to blackmail listing ins surveillance is so invasive that it has become in our d.n.a. as palestinians. we know that israel you know is this on new patient that it knows
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everything about the state of emergency has been in place since 940 nobody had to declare it always exists the only thing that prevents the use of emergency against israeli citizens is it's a taboo it's an issue of legitimacy and once there's legitimacy. just survey different types of israeli citizens because they're defined as vicious or as dangerous by the government then there really is. no way to curb that power israeli civil society groups have raised the alarm that the country is venturing into dangerous territory. in the name of national security israel's besieged prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ramped up surveillance with virtually no opus on it and at the same time shielded himself from scrutiny by shutting down the courts just as he was about to go on trial for corruption the pandemic has provided
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netanyahu with an opportunity like no other to entrenches rule and silence his critics and he's taking it. every night is raiding the. the television studios with with these messages and who do up you muslims with. you know who is removing it wants to give the impression that the country cannot do without is this a viewer of the nation only he can save israel and its people from this terrible terrible calamity if occasionally we are given the lead to begin to shoot it got a. movie that had been. given a fairly big e.a.'s been in power for 11 years even though when the last 3 elections and still ease of manipulating the situation to concentrate even
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more power in new york in these events depend on me will pass sooner or later it will pass but these deployed tools surveillance to infrastructure is the fear is that these will will continue for a long. time to end if history taught us one thing post 911 is that these technologies can really shift our world can shift our digital ecosystem finding the pandemic is one thing but we should not sacrifice their privacy as a price for it and we should not be put in a corner where we have to choose between our privacy or our health. and finally every thursday night in the u.k. at 8 pm people open up their windows or step outside their doors to applaud their front line workers in this pandemic including health care workers and there's an
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irony in that because this pandemic intersects with another major news story in great britain one that was charged with xenophobia and anti immigrant sentiment the blacks at story migrant workers make up a large part of the national health service they're saving british lives so a london based creative producer named situ me involved the nia recruited some of those workers all 1st 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants to recite a poem called you clap for me now it's a simple yet powerful reminder of the contribution that we can all make to a society wherever we are and wherever we come from we'll see you next time here at the listening post so it's finally happened i think you are afraid of some things come from overseas and taken your jobs made it safe to walk the streets. he tracked in your home
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a. proud nation on. but not me. or me or me knowing you clap for me now you cheer as i toiled. bringing food see your family bringing food from your soil propping up your hospitals not some foreign invader it is a feature of life saved don't speak so. don't say not here you know have you heard the a prison you know how it feels to live in fear so you kept from me now all this love you are bringing but don't forget when it's no longer quiet don't forget that when you can no longer hear the birds singing or see clear waters that i may cause
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for you to make lives filled with peace. group peace to come on quest unilateralists new immigrants see what we have learned it only takes the smallest things to change their well. played an important role in checking in with. each face. the oppression of an ethnic minority and me and mine goes back many. the intention was to make sure that we're no longer entitled to either basic rights or
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citizenship rights in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution of the ranger in myanmar. exiled on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes accused of wasting valuable time a scathing criticism of the u.k. prime minister's handling of the corona virus outbreak also turkey overtakes iran to become the country with the highest number of cases in the middle east. and to the voting stations in mali.


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