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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. and. germany and other parts of europe take more steps towards resuming normal life coronavirus death and affection numbers slowed. from doha everyone santamaria and this is the world news from al-jazeera the number of people have died from coronaviruses past 40000 in the united states where divisions are deepening over the stay at home mortars. the pandemics play more havoc in energy markets to extract u.s.
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crude oil prices below $15.00 a barrel. and in other news canada's worst mass shooting a gunman disguised as a policeman killed 16 people before being shot dead himself. starting in germany which is reopening some shops and allowing limited school classes of europe ease the lockdowns that have brought their economies to a halt the number of new infections and delhi coronavirus deaths in germany continues to fall. what the central government is doing though is leaving it up to the leaders in each of the 16 states as to how much they want to reopen and when dominic came covering events for us from berlin this monday morning dominick what can we expect the 16 states to different levels i guess that they could go to. the lots of different levels they could go to come all but all of them in different
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ways trying to get their economies back running again if at all possible so as of today federally then all states can choose to allow certain shops certain stalls which have a certain surface area 800 square meters to be precise they can reopen that was a federal decision but each state is different so for example in the city state from which i'm reporting right now well is no wednesday will be the day that those sorts of stalls can reopen. to shop briefly and see here where i am right now alexanderplatz an iconic central area of galilee a large building there with a tram going in front of it right now that should reopen the company concerned is in financial difficulty but they can't open here elsewhere in germany that stores can open and the other thing to make to make clear here is another area of competence for the states is education and so in this states you have some schools
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reopening for the final year of the 2nd preschool for the people for the children who are taking important exams in other states they aren't opening and then the other really pressing issue is what about mosques being worn in public certainly the government federal level has said well we strongly recommend people when asked and what they've said is that in the shops which will reopen the hygiene standards must be very high people should be wearing masks that it isn't a federal level something mandatory and yet many. states are now choosing to impose something mandatory so for example the prime minister of the feria an ally of angela merkel from the christian social union this morning said as of next week when everyone is going to shops and that sort of thing it must be mandatory to wear masks and what this shows you the difference between states is also in some ways emblematic of the disagreement about when to reopen how to reopen and angela merkel
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this morning said it doesn't help people for this this this dissension to be there about what sort of measures should be imposed on us because that might lead to a flare up a 2nd wave of corona in this country. with an update from berlin this one thank you dominic let's stay in europe the 2 worst affected countries that is spain and italy have recorded their lowest daily death tolls in about a month spain's top health official says its latest tally of $133.00 is obviously tragic but it does show spain on the right path spain's been subjected to some of europe's toughest lockdown measures which will largely be extended until the month of may but the prime minister says children will be allowed outside in a week from now turkey to reporting more coronavirus cases than any country outside the european union and the united states more than $86000.00 infections are confirmed with just over 2000 deaths and so restrictions are being stepped up
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including travel. china meanwhile has hit back after a stray or raised questions about its honesty in handling the pandemic china's foreign ministry says it has grave concerns over remarks made by australia's top diplomat mary spain who called for an international investigation into the origins of the virus and how it spread chinese authorities have been under pressure over the way they dealt with the outbreak but beijing exists it's been open about more with katrina you in beijing hi katrina australia one of a number of countries i would actually say who are really questioning china at the moment but this would be quite a step to go to an international investigation. that's right and it's the last thing that china wants they don't want these attacks and certainly they don't want an international investigation china's foreign ministry spokesperson gunk shuang responded to those criticisms from strelley are saying that they are groundless that they disrespectful that china has been open and
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transparent this entire time and that it's also been cooperating with international agencies and trying to help other countries do with its outbreak of course it's respond to comments from the australian foreign minister marie spain on sunday she said that questions about china's transparency had reached a high point and then needs to be some sort of independent inquiry and that australia needs to be very focused on this but it's not the 1st country to raise these kinds of questions and to call for an international investigation the u.s. with some time now has been pointing fingers at beijing accusing beijing of a cover up in the outbreak of trying to silence people who are trying to blow the whistle in terms of when this outbreak 1st came out in early january even as early as late december and they were also repeatedly accused china of lying when it comes to its krone virus case numbers beijing hit back at the u.s. saying that they're gauging that washington is engaging into a child and he china's smear campaign that washington is being
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a bully but other countries are increasingly charming in so strangely or recently also french president emanuel not quarrel or 3 days ago also said that it was naive to think that china had handled this well and that there are some questions about the information china has provided to the international community and leaders also in the united kingdom are also raising questions about this and indeed chinese tech giant hallway may be frozen out of the u.k. as the u.k.'s 5 g. a development of the u.k.'s 5 g. networks because of these questions now china has been on the back foot about these accusations for some weeks now they have been desperately trying to boost that in. national image around covert 19 sending plane loads of aid and medical supplies even medical teams to other countries saying that they're trying to lead the world in this in fighting this global pandemic but of course so far all these efforts indeed seem to be in vain. catrina you with an update from beijing thank you
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russia is reporting a drop in new infections just over 4200 confirmed in the last 24 hours which is still a lot but that's compared to 6000 the previous day 405 people have died and president vladimir putin has told citizens the outbreak is quote under complete control in the us though the death toll is now well beyond the 40000 and the pressure is mounting about the reopening of the economy protesters in a number of states have heeded a call from president donald trump to demand a return to work others they just say it's too soon of america because the u.s. accounts for a 3rd of the world's confirmed coronavirus cases and president don't trump held up swabs claiming no nation has tested more people he says more than 4000000 people have already been screened and that's now expanding to millions more is it. does it
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remind you of something remind you of this. once a swab once a q-tip it's actually different. it's very sophisticated actually but it's a little bit like so this is the storm. and. the water a lot of them they have a lot of them some of them some of the states they were shipped to states and the states don't know where they are. at sunday's briefing the white house showed favorable comments from democratic new york governor andrew cuomo in what could be seen as an attempt to heal a growing political rift over trump's determination to get people back to work in new york where cases are falling but remain dangerously high governor cuomo says this is no time to slow precautions or reopen too quickly it's no time to get cocky and it's no time to get our it right we still have a lot long way to go and a lot of work to do and this virus has been ahead of us every step of the way we
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have been playing catch up from day one in this situation. in other parts of the nation though small groups of protesters egged on by the president continue to call for an easing of restrictions the desire to kick start the economy is growing but problems persist republican governors who really have critical words for their president said this still facing major hurdles and i could probably double maybe even triple testing in a while burchill overnight if the f.d.a. would prioritize. companies that are putting a slightly different formula together for the extraction region kit and that's if the f.d.a. would do that we have a shortage worldwide shortage of some of the materials that go into that so we really need help money from the payment protection program designed to keep businesses afloat has now run out even as more than 20000000 people around have
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work is now for u.s. lawmakers could meet as soon as wednesday to consider expanding the program but that's already running into political arguments despite the president's optimism that the u.s. will be back in greater than ever the just tickle issues political infighting and a shortage of essential equipment persist at this point the daily briefings given by president don't trumpet become somewhat repetitive and increasingly political he's blame states governors for a shortage in testing talked about the thousands of ventilators being made and weighed in urging certain states to be liberated that death toll here is now by far the highest in the world and for many this crisis is far from over and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. u.s. oil prices have dropped to their lowest level meanwhile in 2 decades as concerns over coronavirus eclipsed a deal to cut output the benchmark fell below $15.00 a barrel before pouring its way back up to modest plummet as lockdowns and travel
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restrictions of course reduce the need for oil this was all compounded back in march tomorrow remember there was a price war between saudi arabia and non opec member russia which ended this month because they and other countries agreed to an unprecedented cut in output to get rid of $10000000.00 barrels a day to boost the virus hit markets but despite that the world is still oversupplied and there are still fears that prices could even go lower let's hear from. he is from the national university of singapore is middle east institute and says the oil sector in his opinion will never be the same again. age of oil is. kind of changing we have seen. over the years the. tenet of energy more sustainable energy is coming into the market in a much lower cost than it was before and it's not challenging the mission of the oil. business and oil is looking more and more towards
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the transport sector and of course the transport sector is not badly affected by over the natives are up there got it know that you're going to need it i think you know the oil will come back but it would never be the same as it used to be in the past because of condition from other energy sources deplete your planet of energy and i think leaders are not only good it's becoming much cheaper to reduce and much more only efficient and also much more environmentally friendly and i think also look at another. oil and i think we're going to have a stranded on the end of. the oil age. coverage continues in just a moment we will see how high court judges in malawi have intervened to make life less restricting what the scramble to buy protective rubber gloves is putting factory workers at risk inhalation.
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hello there plenty of showers and scattered thunderstorms across much of indonesia although we have had a couple of days of dry conditions you can see here out across america not even much cloud in the last few hours there will be a few more showers and of course some thunderstorms but you can see we have got these areas of lucia where the rain is but really apart from borneo. fairly lightly scottish as it's sunny and it's dry across into band called 36 degrees celsius on tuesday the same of course on wednesday and to say things looking quite a lot drier java particularly enjoying a dry spell of weather. across southern areas of australia plenty of cloud as well some strong winds as a system came through on its way to where the south new zealand should choose to again brings in gusty winds to the coast and then once again western portions of
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particular tasmania seeing some strong winds quite cloudy maybe some showers pushing into southern areas over victoria and again fairly cloudy across the tip of western australia that shook a little bit on wednesday but again we could see wanted to show i was coming in with the on shore flow be a good temperature in perth a high the of 25 degrees it does become a bit cooler in melbourne on wednesday just 19 degrees once the next system goes straight to should be mostly dry again some pretty strong winds through the past race and the next system on his way to the southern tip of the south island of new zealand. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy to. greeks requiring innovative solutions to make such demands as a global power developing to the basement companies no brash power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stick around we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy
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solutions for future generation the brush fire nearing future energy. take it to the headlines now on al-jazeera and germany is reopening some shops and allowing limited school classes a number of new infections and deaths continues to fall into china heading back after australia raising questions about its honesty and handling the pandemic china's foreign ministry says it has grave concerns over remarks made by australia's top diplomat or is paid to be called for an international investigation into the origin origins of the virus and how it spread. and he was all prices of
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drugs to the lowest level for 2 decades as concerns of a coronavirus eclipse the deal to cut output bubble demands plummeted as a result of lock downs and travel restrictions. india now with its population of 1300000000 people that is the world's biggest lock down and it's starting to ease workers in health and financial services also manufacturing agriculture and public utilities are now exempt but stay at home orders are to remain in the areas worst affected lose about per annum now from new delhi it's funny how people are trying to navigate their way out of lockdown. as of monday there's an easing of some restrictions only in places that are considered non hotspot all green zones places where they hasn't been a rise in the number of cases and state governments think that that would be around 10 to 25 percent of the country so what is allowed a really big easing of restrictions in the farming sector and all the businesses that support it so even things like transportation roadside restaurants will be
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allowed to open for truck drivers to focus on farming because more than half of india's workforce is employed in the agricultural sector and with the wind to crop just harvested it's important to get food from the villages to the cities to avoid shortages there's also going to be an easing of restrictions and and banking and public works in the social sector and construction and all with specific restrictions and self employed professionals like plumbers electricians cop and repair our allowed to work and again would. as well as the specific restrictions everyone has to wear a face mask when they step out of their homes and observe social distancing norms we have heard from the government in the last few hours and they have said that there's already been violations of lockdown measures that they have been more incidents of violence on health care workers complete violation of social distancing norms and too much movement of vehicles and urban areas new zealand's
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extending its knock down by a week maintaining measures the prime minister says a prevented an uncontrolled explosion of covert 19 the plan is to partly for next monday the curfew was imposed late last month from the closure of all schools bars and restaurants and reported just 9 new cases on monday. the french prime minister's warning the economic impact of the pandemic will be quite brutal almost $20000.00 people have died in france which has been in near total lockdown for nearly 5 weeks and while felipe says pressures on hospitals are easing but france's biggest challenges still lay ahead. chris said this health crisis is not over of course we are scoring some points against the epidemic and fortunately the situation is gradually improving slowly but surely this health crisis will lead to an economic crisis which is only just beginning it will be brutal. the workers in malawi they're relieved that a high court judge blocked the government's plan for
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a 21 day lockdown so they are aware of the risks of getting sick but just can't afford to stay hard the report from victoria. it's business as usual at this market in the malawi capital workers in the long way live hand to mouth and say look down here simply won't work the government should. be avoided. unless. it pays it and everybody is sitting amount of money which truck got isn't possible good are scattered all over the government wanted to impose a $21.00 day lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus but high court judge blocked the plan on friday because of the devastating impact it would have on workers who'd lose their incomes in south africa where people have been under lockdown for 3 weeks sheer desperation is fuelling social unrest. and in kenya as of saturday human rights groups say as many people have died in police
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crackdowns on citizens defying the curfew as from coping 19 africans are the moment copping more it's being done in europe and in china particularly in china and they've been a number of delegations but the chinese with a strong state and an autocratic or government can enforce compliance that is not the situation in africa the african union predicts the pandemic could lead to the loss of more than 20000000 children throughout the continent in a meeting last week the world health organization asked g 20 finance ministers to support african countries with debt relief so they can focus on fighting the pandemic ochs them says what was decided at that meeting doesn't go far enough away you suspend it you just sure problems still next year we also need to see the great injections of cash right now so governments need to follow the lead of countries like the u.k. who are meeting narrate. the spread of the corona virus has been relatively in
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africa safe the fear is that it's about to change and knock down measures many contests forward to more protests and violence. victoria. we've got some other world news to bring you round at least 16 people have been killed in a can of his worst of a mass shooting the series of attacks started in the small coastal town of quarterback in the north eastern province of nova scotia the suspect is dead following a standoff with police wolf and daniel like. police say this was the most horrifying crime they've seen in this quiet part of canada just before midnight saturday a gunman was reported in puerto pick a remote seaside village where the suspect 51 year old gabriel borkman owned property for the next 12 hours along nearly 100 kilometers of highway police fielded dozens of emergency calls about house fires gunshots and other incidents
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heavily armed officers pursued the suspect who at one point was dressed as a policeman and driving and apparently homemade police car just before noon sunday i witness is said they saw the suspect lying on the ground surrounded by police at a petrol station near nova scotia's international airport visibly shocked senior officers said one of their own a 23 year veteran of the royal canadian mounted police was among the victims countless families are in mourning today each person who lost their family and friends. and they too will need their support. the impact of this incident will extend to one end of the province to the other. the police expect more victims will be found as multiple crime scenes along the highway and elsewhere are investigated several other police forces are involved in this massive operation we're not fully aware of what the total may be because. as we're standing here the investigation continues into areas that we've not yet. explored across the problems. these sorts
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of mass shootings are rare in canada which has much stricter gun control than the neighboring us police say they have no idea yet about motive and that many of the victims appear to have been targeted at random it will take days possibly weeks for a full explanation to emerge about one of the worst mass shootings canada has ever seen daniel lack al-jazeera in afghanistan at least 19 pro government personnel have been killed in overnight attacks taliban fighters targeted local forces in the northern province the fighting continued until early in the morning leaving 5 others injured a patient who tested positive for a bola as run away from a clinic in democratic republic of congo the world health organization says that will further complicate efforts to contain the outbreak in and around the city of beni the country was expected to declare the end of its largest ever operate earlier this month but 6 new infections have been confirmed in beni in the past
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week or so. floods in western kenya have killed 4 people including policemen on a rescue mission there is a search underway for 28 others who are missing as well or from laura but mentally i. reverse that mode sweeping through villages in the west of kenya. in the past. marketplaces a police station and schools because of the ocean. i in the west pocket days of heavy rains look as possible from the debris left behind. many areas still waiting for official rescue teams to arrive at the 1st of the bridge i do i just go we ran to the other side of the ridge and that's when we saw the flood waters it came down in a big wave and destroyed this whole shopping center and carried away all the animals into cars be moved through tipping cotton all the bridges washed away
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look you say they've had to carry flood victims to nearby health centers on their backs and not on the eve of a duty but believe this used to be a big market but now it looks like a river there were many shops here before yesterday this was a vibrant shopping center but everything is gone now everything has been swept away and it's very distressing the government and all relevant agencies need to come here and as we speak several people are still missing kenya's red cross warns that once the floodwaters clear of the threats loom they fear waterborne diseases and a possible increase in corona virus infections. in november al jazeera filmed tom cow village in western pa caught after days of trench rain flooding and landslides entire families here were killed communities surrounded by floodwaters and isolated days later families went out in search of their relatives bodies.
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many say it was the worst disaster they've seen in a lifetime. researchers say warming oceans are causing unpredictable weather patterns in eastern africa and with more rain expected in the coming days help may be slow coming to these villages and the problems may not be here for sure about somali al-jazeera. ukraine continues to battle wildfires near the site of the chernobyl nuclear disaster officials say radiation levels in the capital kiev are normal in the fires don't pose a danger to storage facilities inside the exclusion zone but nearly a 1000 firefighters have been deployed australia is that to be on the 1st country to make it compulsory for both google and facebook to pay traditional media for news content the competition watchdog says it will release draft details of the payment plan in july they were government attempts to operate
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a violent trees scheme which failed. we return to corona virus now which is causing a massive demand for among other things rubber gloves 60 percent of the world's supply comes from malaysia but its factories are struggling to fill the orders and there are concerns as well about forced labor florence laurie reports from kuala lumpur. production lines run 24 hours and workers put in overtime this is to meet increased demand for rubber gloves as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread 2 thirds of the world's supply of rubber gloves are made in malaysia the malaysian rubber glove manufacturers association told our 0 that global demand could increase by 30 percent this year compared to the previous year factories are struggling to keep up even last year yeah really. from a mile a mile from the malaysian level of association yes i do think i would one day short
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of work and be assured of generally percent of what goes like malaysia's restrictions on movement also includes a ban on foreigners and that has contributed to the labor shortage in an industry that relies heavily on a migrant workforce glove benefactress say they're hiring more locals and looking to automate more off the production line but i suspect trees ramp up production and labor rights activists expressed concerns about exploitation of workers the company's very strong reputation for finding a lot of working hours with. workers. credibly i want to be. rationed that. labor lost a september the u.s. banned imports of gloves made by a malaysian company over the use of forced labor but it revoked the band in mid
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march just as demand for personal protective equipment saw it citing an improvement in labor conditions glove manufacturers here say they comply with malaysia made by law and that they've made efforts to improve living and working conditions but labor rights activists are still concerned and the government as well as global bae is to ensure work has adequate and protected. lawrence al-jazeera. it's half past the hour on al-jazeera and these are the headlines germany reopening some shops and allowing limited school classes the number of new infections and deaths in the country falls turkey however reporting more coronavirus cases than any country outside the european union and the united states a 2nd 48 hour weekend curfew has ended but shops schools and restaurants are still
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closed there are more than 86000 infections confirmed in just over 2000 deaths. china has hit back after a stray raised questions about its honesty and handling the pandemic china's foreign ministry says it has grave concerns over remarks made by australia's top diplomat maurice payne whose call for an international investigation into the origins of the virus and how it spread the number of corona virus links deaths in the united states is now exceeded 40000 new york state accounts for nearly half but the rate of fatalities is slowing here's more from gallagher who says donald trump's reassurances matching the real situation. at this point he's repeating the same points over and over again saying look we're testing more than any other country we're manufacturing more ventilators in a needed we've built more hospitals that are needed but when you look at the picture on the ground particularly in states like new york and louisiana and even here in florida where the corner virus is yet to peak those kind of posturings from
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the president don't really really grounded in reality the death toll in new york may be dropping but from 700 in a day to 500 a day is still around us india is easing restrictions on some commercial activities in areas least affected by the pandemic workers in sectors including farming in information technology will be allowed to return to their jobs but will be expected to wear masks and to maintain this social distancing oil prices in the u.s. have dropped to their lowest level in 2 decades as concerns of a coronavirus clips the deal to cut output global demand is full and as a result of lockdowns and at least 16 people been killed in canada's worst ever mass shooting the suspected gunman is dead after a series of attacks in eastern province of nova scotia. got the news hour in half an hour right now other witness. if you want to help save the world. reason to your own.
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