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tv   Afghan United  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2020 11:00pm-12:04am +03

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he's a hero. hello i'm barbara siring london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the coronavirus can then make could lead to famines in dozens of countries pushing tens of millions more people around the world to the brink of starvation a un report has highlighted the vast number of people who are now acutely food in secure the world food program has requested 350000000 dollars to set up a network to keep humanitarian supply chains moving around the world there are no famines yet but i must warn you that if we don't prepare and act now to secure access avoid fundies shortfalls disruptions to tree we could be facing multiple famines of biblical proportions within
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a short few months the actions that we take will determine our success or failure and build a sustainable food systems as the basis of stable and peaceful societies the truth is we do not have time on our side so let's act wisely and elicits a i do believe that our expertise and our partnerships we could begin we can break the together the teams of the programs necessary to make certain that night pandemic does not become a human food crisis catastrophe for the 5000000 people in south sudan rely on food aid when the coronavirus pandemic is making their lives even harder the outbreak is slowing down humanitarian operations that the liver essential food supplies hit morgan reports from geneva. even prior to the 1st coronavirus case in south sudan many face starvation that's the result of 5 years of fighting between
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forces loyal to rival political leaders the conflict ended in february with the new transitional government's warn him somewhere in the room if my children survive i want them to go to school and learn to take care of themselves before the coronavirus emergency aid organizations estimated more than half of the 12000000 population would need food aid this year. the workforce a 3rd of the population from their homes 200000 of them are now in u.n. camps around the country hundreds of thousands of others are in hard to reach areas for them food drops are sometimes the only way they'll get food last year we had to feed $5000000.00 people due to fighting and flooding already in 2020 we've had locust invasions and now there is the covert 19 plan demick which we predict could almost double the people in the queue hunger by the end of 2020 across the world the only way we can hope this trend is if generous funding for humanitarian crises like the one here in south sudan continues floods last year affected nearly
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a 1000000 people forcing the declaration of a state of emergency in some parts of the country then a plague of locusts in the eastern part worsened an already dire situation the u.n. describes the insect threat as extremely alarming and president farmers who have relied on their crops fear another invasion as eggs hatch from the 1st wave to human. i've tried to chase them away but they wouldn't leave they're everywhere in my backyard in my banco plantation the mangos the papayas the glovers that i plant is what provides me with food and income well i do if they're being eaten by locusts preventive measures by the government and aid organizations have been imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus they include restrictions on movement making many in need even harder to reach people more going on just they are. u.s. president com says he will suspend all immigration to the u.s. to protect american lives are the jobs from the coronavirus trunks announcement is
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the latest in a string of moves cracking down on immigration as the virus spreads in the united states last month all travel to the u.s. from china parts of europe and the u.k. was blocked. and volatility over the price of oil saw u.s. stocks open and close in the red for a 2nd straight day the trumpets pledge to bail out the u.s. oil industry after the u.s. futures market plunged into negative territory for the 1st time ever on monday the dow jones index closed more than 2.5 percent down on tuesday's. al-jazeera world that is coming up next the way. 'd
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put you like was what's happening on the bottom of the film comes. down with the last time i don't know costs telling us that. a good joke could be tuning in to. this machine that it. was good. for was going. to. show you that i was like you. will be going check it out on. the world show and i was
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able to kind of show on the. jedi. or ma question spinnaker what emotion was going to jab at that i said to miss out on oh yes oh yeah if only off 34 on the i want to stretch our side of my life out of the bottom will. be easy. but i'm lucky i was going to. go to. i mean i'm just. going to. show. you don we still find so lonely. that i'm
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a doing it she's got to commit another get on. the set i mean i mean it was nice. be surprised. if i seemed. like they cast. you behind. yet that in the what that off when you were not in. i know. so i don't know i. mean no i said i'm not sort of funny you know. hostile you know it's time that i was on the show then. i'll go i'll go i'll go i'll go up. there and then be able to go on and on as mission was going to miss out of so mrs thought i got on this on
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a lot of women i'm kind of committed oh no no no i don't want to watch. an outing earlier than you think about it without on what i found the thought of i began with the thought go thought oh. don't know. any man with us of course. well the heart of it don't you know what talent one how many mind you but don't you know where i'm . good i'm good with a. 1000000000 with a cellphone a. 100 nay a comedy did him no joke genesis omitted him the beach in a. fully u.t.v. scream you know i can control. the dreams your dad's the one about the. junkie believe you had. well i'm with a little start a. home with your parents or. we didn't your mother.
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by the shell my limbs are worlds but. still there will be. with us home. to be do none as a. cooling off the record by some nam trick of vocalisation lady or the ice does go in this with you before that i wouldn't. want to miss the more than i can see how it is going forward. on the one hand join us you know one of us a lot of us and i wish all of us when i asked him very afghan yes. afghanistan war bad them from selling a machine when i wasn't shot at but i want to think had better not so i care more tony with down bad though in a pull down i will thank you while one with a missionary went off and when they were having their knowledge and found their element was there was no modern i'm on there i can feel a bit share model. and i get very much i had an impassioned team that their.
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opposition to me. has been easy. to get on the 1st iteration. of the watch of a little sort of. slant. not after you afghanistan not after the hired man in iran yet news. of united. we watch i love the show but i don't laugh and one day. when i was thinking i guess. i forgot how or when i know i would hand. early and. then maybe i don't have any i would love. to.
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call off the bulb in one user. name and only one which going to. show me you have to choose which order to refuse to 1st know it's your wishes and you really. are. never a. bit of. afghanistan . you don't. leave there is that stylish would. have gone bad as chance on me and i had the con is that i could cheat as. you know. they can been on your own by them i mean john after my decision that some . people or bomb identity down in get of them. but i'm going to show man this is.
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no hostile missile that afghanistan you know you don't go to get a bush. you're there i've done been on a chicago money than. i'm going to. show them that i'm sorry caught. when i. think it to miss them to be there. i am with that angel. who is a beast on barge other young wanna. be more thought you know them nice. i thought. i scored a soft and one better. house to move on i'm sad i'm a let me. down more on why are they gone to the nearby ones in the in. this mess. with us them in.
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the. morning i'm. done him call. me game course. that saudi asked me go to the. cuban house or show you. should i was sure sure those.
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it's what. all this talk about was just. yards from our budget without him on his in the game i mean if the whole media. by the think i give obama who's in the game now bootsie mission bomb jaimie show me that i thought about 30 shadowy only did it out so that even the whole in 1. 1000 about the at afghanistan. and iraq was a schmuck who should want to focus of course that was very bizarre i'm usually join as an economist and. not serve as a human. and if you get it you.
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show me the void to chart a to gain at that. time is known as ditching idea behind by admitting yes i had to get a look at the economy tonight i'm able to. enjoy those any down time that the rest is saturday as you not understand i'm going town hall your commute into john is on him son team bus the push. along with the school who was here which i said i didn't sell or was it was already been a. large area that had latino votes for the senate it's not exactly what they are and i've heard from our that's the years you have wondered why on the extreme right. it was you know the one i have and this is any question he has yet to be sure. mombassa moloch's out of court i mean i was
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maybe not the one in real maybe i'm each denise. that needs more than is better than other because another way because as an officious article of the south isn't there because i'm not a mom but a mom was good at that a call was half the act of a bit of us a woman on the ship the other a login of course can easily as the other a little ways. than they can muster been reduced out of call them myself invisible for the moment out of the still wish of cheesy with an abyss lucia leslie is almost a moment in pushing without cost another stumble way but i haven't always time enough one is on the course much work and 1000 my other actor my not the one i wish i'm your joy mission connected i'm guessing that on colony you know you've got much to get home if we know what i've read again other than what everyone can enjoy the what dr shall come on i'm a temple of can i mention about him joining in a much enjoyed or as old wish him william to what it was going to push me ought not to sound oh if you had the schimmel i'm afraid what a little sad it got me
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a whole. little football be no more that mustn't they give you the same keep your heart in my new mission to. you know as i want to follow mother angel path before they're called all mother or the tallow ship the gun as. well as this will is to hold out to the gun cannot assassin i got thomas quoting ariel but betty an artist . who is adamant that she is or that of those left. the best audiences that he that said i love because it was my mother soon edition of him go to her i can count. on the fisherman the i'm going to have i'm sure you've seen the only one who will be in that area because you look. first on those and the other has been that it. well i'm not just because
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a good company don't want to fit one of them one of the not from one of the actually if you get several children negative after they're going for but it's going to another jeanne what's it going to do. i don't advocate in the monday but most but a recess might have got for their numbers shot at each other on the road to get a city because you know where did the chicago to buy told us yesterday that if she wanted to buy told us that they're going to go to the debate you have to. go on with sedition what i've done even national and i will be talking about the 2nd mission i school i forgot about to me that's number one and try to love me but as i'm sure mother took it it was it was good and i should want you to be able to get on with my son let me try to keep it on another note that's you know it and i think that you know i'm sorry i don't want your hook and your gene i said just you know my d.n.a. as you really did i will be at it on the cross and that's when yeah but when i don't that i don't have the audio i must either mission was done i want to hope it can't be all good i'm sure with a car not a cheap jam in a coma but you want almost responses and spawns that i had that was many are
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questioning today a question or a question i see her for not meeting the guy and told his fans that it was act jack as the apostles farthest off you know me to be on which are among buses in audio as in any hour he put a stop sign up we've been out up we all might any opportunity by sitting on the money idea i get doesn't get on the mission natio my degree argue with you going to try it out and you know you have money i did but i got it i was happy 'd and. i stand. by it. strong. strong will be loved and of course the. it's like last night of the world to realize i was there who called us off when you call us and some of our team and on the hook for me 8 or more work or one or 2 words on one on one of my books
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a rock national you heard was right on with was long before that it was chanting the bad man. of many i'm often on the team and i was pushing one of the stores which of us was there not be our mission was going out. marketing the concert aila . would add to my wallet so i think about woody we shall be. in a bad hour that you see i'm about to go out. and that i'm more than a man a chance only 1000 without. that i'm bad as mine i'm his own big. neon by chicken yard. as i mean i got on is in the v.o.a. and the. navy that i use as.
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well if one of us if we put in a show of 100000 abandoned mabel top one tire the compass and then on them carry on nash i thought there was time to push. the random bomb bush in case i don't she was laughing out for the mood one jack short while ago and i took the 4 that i got that we just had to go cause i'm told joe you know why haven't you done a survey going to last a month to stay we're told she's i was on some of the normal but i want to do a lot on them you know but i'm pretty sure i was alone this is what i thought a job no high skill and a troll with that i don't know what up on
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a bum or 2 on each oh he did she how i'm not sure they should let you know this she . was going this machine was going to get his shit i see i love it she got it only the day she shot for that i was wishing. i could to visit us at all england so mother the good with all i know is that i'm kind of national marching to the fish i think i should have done which of you. as in not this some of them and will stand now in our. eyes not that one time to put it you think everybody. in camp out i am sad how the family is sure that the gas. in the taliban are going to be in fact never going to come out that. is that. who would. use of this. room tell you what i want about often what we are used to it's fun. for. them in
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their homes but if they were mad who. anybody who would behold on all media and your cause and there's a look in albany yes well i'm going to have a smoke with one of the key njt upon the i phone going to behold i can nominate you . that they've been a family down for well over the beat any of us will go when i've known him ya medical i think i hold that thought upside on the man who have a nominee often awful so bad that she thought i don't have to but here most of office goes hand out oh that's good that's good but only i've got them on the whole i got to joining us it wasn't always going to. anybody can do a daughter hand job so there would be. better a german amazon
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a sense of peace with endless family has said it's awesome going to get ready for them when you more you had the time you sat not only. cannot fathom on this you more john the one i sat in with about a thing that is what was going to be like i was still on this one down and i was back in the midst. of them and somewhat to the meat of the whole idea. is a version of another much as i don't want to harm i phone but i knew i thought it useful. now so i jot so i'm. sorry yes without anybody at all that was the. bearer. of the mother in law that has clue what it's going to look at what i know now that i will back that up with that which i did they are sure yeah. sheesh don't cha i did you 1st and how about that.
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sound i said. there's. nothing in this now i'm just want. to share and i'm stuck with him and if i'm going to get numbers that i'm watching jack you're the one that your kids will enjoy or someone with more. than. in short can have a good national level family worked in there and there has been we don't want a more informal. the if you push even though she wasn't good enough to me with what has name was going on and you don't have to push him but i know that if there was i don't want to deal. i'm sure you missed the earth but it was different their monthly budget was about the bengals try occurring monday for the viewing go.
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should have to do over you know the guys i'm writing on mr i mean i've really got to get the new young irishman on know my sponsors understand that i don't miss president enough when he was over. there are of iran or north of here is the key for a. wish it was. so it will get your. i see mr bastable socialist or jonas a moment when you could couldn't get in without either the real and i did not enter the. door of our eyes we must be brutally honest with you not the i'm going after i've asked you said i was you don't you got my. letter of the i. that this was the no we can't was going at it how do we know. all of this asked if
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i didn't really know who did. what to move it down i just thought it would be or. others here the other question is she of them were. more published more than before the mission. and with whom i know only one thing but a pattern here and now for the house i wanted a house that has left him with a kid in part in washington but i know he doesn't want to give this a lot of what i have just done with him it is about obama should not go nor that i stress. i get the 4 of us know if it didn't you for is not you for his record english or whole bit of clothing joys i would have ordered a moment of. your own people to say to be a good listener should be. manically maternity missionary john but i'm here as you know what a little bit. there was intimate down. under law we live in tamil down
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there are again made it to him where does imagine that i'm going to happen when i stare down their joys at home which is a man's home i surely already joined up and as she did in my uniform you court of. joy that i don't want to ask. but only has the. minute you see on for me to wish me. well you know i would ask your friends who are entirely with us in the immediate way that no others were there was the mouth of a governor. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely
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positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and in vironment leigh sales energy solutions for future generation the breastpin pioneering future energy a history of guerrilla warfare a place on the global stage. the peace gaining strength there revolutionary zeal knowing no bounds did a series of violent acts by their splinter groups damage the palestinian cause for ensure its survival chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. the 30 news the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to meet through remarkable people risking their lives to help to decide to an afghanistan on al jazeera.
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hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the coronavirus pandemic could push tens of millions more people around the world world to the brink of starvation the world food program warns that in the worst case scenario there could be famines in 3 dozen countries they say the outbreak could push the number of people on the brink of starvation taller than a quarter of a 1000000000 unless they get timely help. there are no famines yet but i must warn you that if we don't prepare and act now to secure access avoid funding shortfalls disruption citrate we could be facing multiple famines of biblical proportions within a short few months the actions that we take will determine our success or failure
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and build a sustainable food systems as the basis of stable and peaceful societies u.s. president donald trump says he will suspend all immigration to the u.s. to protect american lives and jobs from the coronavirus last month all travel to the u.s. from china parts of europe and the u.k. was blocked. and president trump has also pledged to bail out the u.s. oil industry after the u.s. futures market plunged into negative territory for the 1st time ever on monday that volatility saw u.s. stocks closed in the red for a 2nd straight day the u.k. office of national statistics says the number of coronavirus sets could be more than 40 percent higher than the government's official data suggests more than 700000 people have now died from covert 19 in u.k. hospitals also a top diplomat says he was mistaken when he said the u.k.
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had made a quote political decision not to participate in a european union ventilator scheme. at least $150.00 migrants in a shelter in southern greece have tested positive for the corona virus the whole stole in the town of crow needy was placed in isolation on monday it's the 3rd migrant facility in greece to confirm cases of the virus and australia's 2nd largest air carrier has entered voluntary administration becoming the country's 1st major corporate casualty of the pandemic it's also the largest airline to fall victim to the current virus outbreak that has wreaked havoc within the industry al-jazeera world continues next news hour in half an hour by.
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1 thank.
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you. all. just.
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what is in the game and i'll be there going into one of it tonight but almost all the 20 perhaps are young and if you all. cannot humble as he. was. oh i thought i. should have been to get your commendation to do it i think it was both actually that allegation that i thought might happen office might become a problem over to the question that what i think the who or how they got an extra 105 stuff not the 1st i mean. you know my. mom.
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my thought. was. i. i.
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oh i think you've already said all i want off. the cuff you can tell like a good. mom this is the silent city bombing after the charge as i love you. might do in time gate you know john you. know i let you go i mean to do it on a few of my stupidity if you want me to write maybe you will but you don't know what you mean i have you know. the star state. john they would have been satisfied with here. yeah he was. lost he was you know yes and yes the food. may bore anyone i said and they're going to. i lasted 2 only just yes you can us all you want you may not.
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live. my. life i was. was. was. like. oh just tell me that's. just.
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what i be this how my community suppose that i'm off and i mean no question i think it's a d.c. court am i just get beat on. somebody get on the i'm so law by the way will you ask . him what i actually. did and i'm not to be missed a lot when i miss ana i was muslim he would. make it very. often it can not be good fun often enough to tell if you're going to meet an idiot going to do is going to be committed to was you can ever own all of the net. and share it with spider-man's temple screening or i've been on i missed it i've sought to hang on to you as been on the site because us norah o'donnell. good.
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cheer on one. never. mind you know. was it that it has a thing that's a question that i'm just really. mutinous out in years and you know. and want to mine and i don't joe when i'm pissed off if. i'm to look as you do with them without getting to know it's not good i'm awesome designed younger than i did you take a job that only you noticed people. say i was going to buy a house about us without. us . that. was.
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us was. when was. the it. was such that it's just. us that was. sad. but it's not good at all the talk is all i know the cause of it was you know how to write came about it is our got to have what i thought when i was going to have my stuff that's going to have to try to have that clash of. you know. put up.
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i def asked the amount in with and in me that i saw you do you really care if you were to medication as i. don't want to spit on them when asked what i would argue about about them both on all mush i did just about all was going to be soft you warm water if you got out i was just so awful looking like an afternoon enjoy it just so we understood saute would was in the care of them what i've been to many what is yours who goes by what i've been to. us and what has been. chilled i was gone when. i sent a copy. it question mom as i was telling the system going to guess i don't know a lot about mean after which a better way to millie so as you say the year you know of them to share them with
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decision i've done they don't put it on his cell by all going on chairs either so. i say to her show them off on here. if that's what i'm just. i'm with my nan. it was about a 100. i'm a humble chorus what i'm with you on the other one i'm just a funny has got on his a. commitment to let him he's just always yani. i say how much he's all just. i'm just you know i don't. know. well above the let anybody.
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i. think it's time to make. it to. the basis of our oh. thank you ma'am so i am going to take.
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this off oh i said it was huge and i thought about it i thought. i would put up. with the course. i make now because of this i would never. so much. much. more since it was. you know you know you know. you.
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are. honest. it's only just you know now after the 1st. it's only. you know now after that.
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it's only. you know now after that after. afghanistan given to soldiers of peace of its own in peace just so you know i'm not after them as be so rough tennis are that if nerves hope put to give sure who are them to kill joy. now we don't want to do it often one with an iran yes a hard tough on a very generous and we'd like to hear i mean huge on the rise in the us well john i was then wasn't going to have a home can be a monarchy as more i should take us on a horse and it was a queer on a home you know cause you know it's reversed and a confessional hung up afghan ya didn't go off on you. and walk on. to our. shore swordfish marzo was booed by a joint task in each as an interest and i was naked and carry a hole in the bureau we did talk to a key. to a q.
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and a mere and when we left the. dad they began to talk i'm going to run in situ i'm going into the gap with no room for thought so all my own joy also to counter the heart of how to get aid when dragon after a failure was a. rush. and i am with a task that's unwinding. on your perceive your wish. to go home work ragged and show it is removed after i moved out on the. hill i wish to listen to music then i said need to. do more as you wish hands down but you young muslim is there in the yet don't let me not on you you on the master dick you don't need. to ensure it is in the game you seem to be at all hours of the most solemn on decision you don't he was really an empty nice. as he
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better not your body language. i was coming up. the. food. you eat. to eat like. i ask. how old. i.
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was. i was. up up up up. up up up. like. cool. coop i was i.
11:53 pm
i. i was either. i thank. the
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100 for i. tell you on a saturday mabel. moya afghanistan. a bad idea was if you knowledge on an amazon. cannot harm has steam but on them by the way mine madness and just how the most. the whole the harm him all you can do what about him all of those that you know it is and they give on. the i'm to join me at all but i just
11:55 pm
try to hold him one but i said i'm going to. fix. her own. the the. ringback was. the. the.
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the. the 0. 0. 0. 0000. 00. 000000. 00. 00 0 1.
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it was a. lot about it was. that it was only i mean just. to afghanistan hawkish no i'm on a mission. more data a hard chaddy to go hard monitor me going to. enjoy the model name even you know media. has said by the other studios we don't. mind. that i can when i'm with us. then one. morning more i like him i'm going to be more than bad yet i mean. just as in the.
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now afghanistan when one job at the home and i was a stone doing the monies. as how when she could buy them you sat down with. the rest to god and. i mean you lose it off with. when i tell you needn't have them all to be to. be i mean you cannot at this time hop on a bad i mean to do you. mean when jacob i don't now enjoy what it was that.
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i survived. with and. this. why did you go away. like that. i don't know. i don't know. as i do and. i don't know i'm either of us. a young as. i. 'd say yet of.
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right. however the weather is looking awfully fond of dry for australia now we had some lively showers just around the eastern side of the country and there is a queensland eastern parts of new south wales but it's looking settled over the next day i'll say we do have blustery showers still driving their way through the
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fos our face to southern parts of victoria 3 tasmania and the showers will eventually push their way towards new zealand ahead of that multipath 20 celsius in oakland and little in the gray sky we are going to see a little more in the way of cloud rolling through here not much clout there across much of australia we will see one or 2 showers into the far south the southeast right as we go on through thursday out west the weather just pushing towards adelaide easing over towards that western side of victoria and back down into tasmania may well further north in japan here we've seen some wet weather recently that's in the process of pulling away as well lossy dry weather tucking in behind we are going to see a few showers into northern parts of honshu into hokkaido but for many it's fine dry and settle for that line of cloud and rain down into southern areas a chart of the say snow rains here really popping up at the moment we could see some flooding northern parts of vietnam most icing some of that wet weather to the
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north of that is fine and dry with plenty of sunshine. in the far reaches of the new siberian islands gold rush fever is in the air. hunters searching for priceless woolly mammoth tasks of on earth the holy grail. an incredible journey into the realms of science fiction where cloning and synthetic biology have scientists playing god. witness genesis 2.0 the hunt for the woolly mammoths on al-jazeera. as corona virus continues to devastate the united states the race to the white house goes on joe biden has all but secured his place is the democratic nominee but can he beat trump joining us for continuing coverage of the u.s. election 2020 on al-jazeera.
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think this is al-jazeera. this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes the coronavirus pandemic and its threat to aid and food supplies a stark warning that the number of people in acute hunger could double by the end of 2020. the u.s. president says he will temporarily suspend the illegal.
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