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carolina obviously people travel back and forth between states how do you protect the people of south carolina for example from a potentially bad decision of my a governor in georgia so it's a very capable man he knows what he's doing he's done a very good job as governor of georgia and by the way and south carolina. governor mcmaster also so you have 2 very capable people we're going to find out and in fact i'm scheduled to speak to the governor of georgia in a little while but we'll we'll find it rams concern is what happens in georgia is going to vary but i have a concern about what happens everywhere i mean we've got those concerns and as far as coming back if they do come back in they could come back together with heavy on the flu and much later on because i really believe we'll be able to put out the fires you know it's like the fires and we've learned a lot you know we've become very good at this when you look at what's happening when you look at the numbers coming down a lot of states are in really great shape going to see a lot of openings but i'll be speaking to the governor of georgia in a little while there is reason for the. carrot for going back to social distancing
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even if things work you know blocks or summers for come fall this is the 1st time to back including them and i'll speak for the doctrine of if you like 'd either of you to say but i would say to you keep away until this thing is got it's going to be gone at some point it's going to be gun gun and i would say you keep away and you do the social distancing until such time as you know it's going we'll know when that time is your executive orders would last for 60 days how would you decide whether to extend this is what i look at the autonomy to see where we are with the economy basically and i think i'll have a very easy decision to make i hope i hope that the economy's going to be great by that time but we'll see but right now in light of the fact that americans are out of jobs i can't be have i can't be taken in. for another 60 days or quite like her could roll it for 30 days or i could roll it for much more than sick. days we have
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to take a look at the time but we'll be looking at 60 days and we'll see what it is you know just somebody reporting that modernization we're on or richard quest so you go what are you go and then you ok i like the direction or will continue with that there is reporting that you may actually sign a 2nd or 2 even when it more of those exceptions that you were just talking about how much can you confirm that you dial up and you don't have i want but i won't be doing it tomorrow i'll be signing the primary order and then we have a secondary order that if i want to do that will make that determination if you do that you know we can do that at a little bit different time if we want that is an under consideration how do you have that for 6 years. police thank you mr president 2 questions one for me and one from a reporter who couldn't be in the room because the floor is a single building or that's that this over into this one so my 1st question is about your immigration order you campaigned on reducing legal immigration remember your speech in phoenix and you got 16 on reducing legal immigration so again this is legal and illegal but you know i've always said you have to come into the
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country legally so not legal what i campaigned on was people just flooding our border and stopping and by the way speaking of that we have 170 miles almost 170 miles of a very powerful border wall up and it's moving rapidly very quickly and it's having a tremendous impact and it's making our job a lot easier plus mexico has $27000.00 soldiers right now on our southern border that we share with them and mexico has been terrific they have really helped you also campaigned on reducing illegal immigration and i'm wondering if. some critics are saying maybe for using the virus now in this crisis to follow through on that promise to reduce illegal and you know what i want people that are in this country i want our citizens to get i don't want them to have competition we have a very unusual situation where something came in that nobody has seen for many many decades probably 1000. 17 would be the closest analogy if you look at it when you
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look at the contagion the kind of contagion we're talking about so no i'm not i'm not doing that all i want i want the american worker and the american are american citizens to be able to get jobs i don't want them to compete great then it is a big difference when we have a full economy and frankly where some of the companies we have many companies moving in with a need actually they need workers that's a big difference between that and where all of a sudden a lot of people who actually know a lot of farmers rely on seasonal my one person that's around the expected the farmers will not be a it's an important point the farmers want to factor that's very important point i mean it's a great point actually i'm glad you brought it up no the farmers will not be affected your your you know their houses already for they stopped everybody from coming in and all the farmers went out of business they were literally out of business you remember the bread it was not so long ago but they it's easy going it's easier to stop everything cold than it is to plan it so that the farmers have
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the people that have been working on those farms for many years and that's what we're doing now the farmers will not be affected by this at all if anything we're going to make it easier and we're doing a process that will make it better for those workers to come in to go to the farm where they've been for a long time our 1st question for our poor is out over this for the washington times tom howell why hasn't the c.d.c. the federal government's main disease fighting agency had a more public facing role in the pandemic if it was holding regular media calls early on but has not helped one since early to morrow well i can tell you that the c.d.c. has been terrific we've worked with them very closely they were very much involved even in the border decision that i made last night and. the director is the director is doing and we have always whether it's a tonier debro or steve we have always a lot of people up and certainly a scene. the director's been here
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a lot right he's been here's been sitting years been speaking a lot no no c.d.c. is very much involved in everything we've done. or call the purpose he said the process to get a seat on mars or how long you've incurred some of these protests what are your thoughts of the c.d.c. director saying deep services well people look it's not a question of helpful in people want to get back to work and i've watched some of the protests not in great detail but i've seen that and they're separated there are a lot of space in between them and they they're watching believe it or not social they're doing social distancing if you can believe it and they are and they're protesting but that there are the groups i've seen have been very much spread out so i think that's good look people they want to get back to work they've got to make a living they have to take care of their family they don't want to do this it's you know one fortunate maybe one way or the other both are unfortunate both are unfortunate but you have a lot of people out there that are anxious to get back yet for services getting
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people are actually more these are more people are concerned about the fire spread they don't want to go out a little bit we'll go outside their 2 groups to both the big groups both of them says what what good is it for these businesses that would real if the customers are already saying you know. we have to build back our country and i'm going to make our country bigger and better and stronger and we have to get started there's a big difference because people have really been through a lot and they understand what to do now before nobody had ever heard of a thing like this when you say i'm in nobody ever heard of a thing like this distancing social distancing what does that mean washing your hands every 15 minutes what does that mean i mean people had never seen or heard about anything like this now they really are they've they've done only have they done it but they've done a good job of it but you have people you can't break the country at some point you have to go back now hopefully the. governors are going to do because i want the
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governors and i've always wondered that you could go and federalism you can call it whatever you want but the governors i want them to do it if they if we see them doing something we don't like will stop it very quickly but they're doing a good job being careful some of the governors frankly. they're in a position where they can do it sooner they can do in a little bit later and that's ok but people really don't want to they they need money they need help we're going to lose and we can't break our country over this we can't do it we have to get going with that being said some we're going to go soon and some are not yet in the back if i might just some support part of me hair salons nail salons. tattoo parlors dr brooks can you weigh in on this because the people of atlanta want to hear from you as well as much as they want to hear from their governor and you know i think over the years how do you successfully safely hair salons and nail salons and tattoo parlors people where really where is this is in short were people who would hardly be close together i think what i've been
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trying to communicate over the last several days it's really important that the governors and mayors communicate critical information to their communities and show very clearly the data we remember we wanted this data and evidence based the data that they utilize to make decisions and the data is that the mayor should use in each of the communities because it will have to be on a community by community opening because there are different communities in different places even in georgia and so i believe people in atlanta would understand that if their cases are not going down that they need to continue to continue to do everything that we said social distancing washing your hands wearing a mask in public so if there's a way that people can social distance and do those things then they can do those things i don't know how but people are very creative so i'm. i kind of prejudge but
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we have told people very clearly and the president guidelines made it very clear about the expectations of phase one and remember phase one also included social distancing in restaurants social distancing in every place that was entertainment and keeping your own individual social groups to less than 10 and we've been very clear in the guidelines and i think it's up to the governors and mayors to ensure that they're following the best they can each of those phases to make sure that both of the public is completely protected but the governors and mayors also need to communicate very clearly on the data that was used for decision making and make that transparent and available to their community similarly. as an example that you just gave are they doing testing before they go and we have to find that out that's why i'm speaking to the governor a little while a no b.s. kind of those questions place but if you mr president it's time to do what you have left misrule vox is
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a really simple way. to deal with those who are for purchases into this p.r. they want us to be able to get the 2 boxes to get our country up and that's by far the biggest thing there is if we can open. pretty well and i think we're going to over a period of time piece by piece of puzzle remember if we can open well i think that's your biggest part by far that's where the engine is more important than any other thing that we can work or at least think you have right up to new york early question in your meeting with governor cuomo what are their top the baloch providing states like new york with aid in the 4th stimulus package wondering if you have any thoughts on whether that age should be tied to infection rates whether states like new york new jersey that have been hardest hit should to see more money and also wondering if you have any thoughts i mean bill de blasio saying today that he'd like to hold. or take 3 of sorts of months this is all over to honor the
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health care workers and we're going to need frankly that sounds like a good idea to me when it's all over it sounds like a great idea they deserve it they're warriors they've done an incredible job we've mentioned briefly the state aid we talked about that governor cuomo myself and i agree with him on that and i think most republicans agree too and democrats and that's part of his 4 and i think infrastructure is going to be a big part we have to rebuild our country when you take a look where we spend and we go over this all the time but 8 trillion dollars in the middle east we want to rebuild our country and that means our bridges our tunnels even schools we're doing something with schools we have to do all roadways that what's happened we spend so much money on other countries that don't even that they don't appreciate it ok they don't appreciate it we're going to spend money now in our country and we're going to have it's going to be our jobs and it's going to be our equipment it's got to be made much of it is going to be made here hopefully at some point all of it's going to be made here john. mr president at that podium
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back on march 9th voice president and say that over a 1000000 times to been distributed and he said in this exact quote before the end of this week another 4000000 tests will be distributed. i'm as you know now odd 6 weeks later we still are 4000000 times you know i don't want to what a story with the testing ready to hear it again i'll say for the 5th time we have tested more than any country in the world and some of the countries are very big ok more than any country in the world we have one of the most successful if you call mortality rates because one person and i always say that for you in particular one person is too many but we've done very well our testing if you add them all up we've we've tested more now i don't know what mike pence said but i'm sure he could answer that question for 1000000 tussin we're probably reading again we've tested
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more than every country in the world even put together so that's all i can say as far as mike hill it's your question for the father. i just want to go out to the child of you know if he's one of the. flight data still in place how confident are you that the chinese are not going to invoke the natural disaster clause just. before getting into the or we're going to see a look there's nobody ever been tougher on china than me and that means for 20 years you go back 20 years i probably got elected at least partially on the fact that i've been very tough i said china's been ripping us off for years i'd go into michigan i'm going to pennsylvania make speeches unrelated to being a politician i'd be invited i'd be speaking to people which i like to do because i love the people i love the people of this country and i'd make speeches nobody has
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seen how did you let this happen with china i even asked the leaders of china how how did this ever happen. where our country loses tens of billions of dollars a year and i don't mean just tends to take a look $200300400499999997952.00 a year how do they ever let a thing like this happen now if you look at this last year the deficit went way down and i'm talking about even before now it's much different but a lot of things are happening great things were happening except all of a sudden at of nowhere came the invisible enemy and we think we know where it came from and we'll be talking about that probably a lot but came the invisible enemy there's been nobody tougher than me on china you know you're even bigger are going to go ahead with this but if that happens we'll do a terminations and we'll do what i can do better than anybody please contact. us and
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i was told that the virus escaped from a chinese research lab that it was and what i could have u.s. intelligence agents told me i mean what kind of a question is that do you feel like you know i can't i'm going to tell you or let me tell you what they told me look they told me plenty they told me plenty. i want to follow what you said about the small business program harvard's going to pay the money back how confident are you that you can claw back money put i said i want to look i don't like what harvard that has i think 40000000000 dollar and down into some incredible amount of money that harvard gets this money harvard you pay that money back i want to harvard to pay the money back ok and they won't do that then we will do something else they have to pay it back i don't like it i don't like it this is meant for workers this isn't meant for one of the riches institutions not only far beyond schools in the world. to get paid back one of the paid back.
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trust your 4 clubs had you were for a little. who didn't have you thought about your eager family members and even some . hateful to how they fit in and. copy your garage you not allowed to have the golf courses open you can't have the clubs open can't have anything it's a it's a big hotel and resort and i think there's probably 70750 people so you can't have anything open and you say what are we going to do have a full payroll and have the whole place with you know there's no income coming in 1st of all everyone's home and they're supposed to be 2nd to florida you can't use golf courses. that one i'm not sure i agree with you know you have parks and golf courses where you have open space but that's what it is so i have others also that have others and different states have a lot of different properties but again my children run them and. i love my
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children and i wish them well. i look forward to comparing my numbers to my children's numbers i think i'll do better you haven't thought after you were. told it closed property it's like you know you have to close them up and then hopefully when things get better we'll just open it up but you can't have you know many hundreds of employees standing around doing nothing there's no customer you're not allowed to have a customer so in some places it's very strict. new jersey's strict new york is strict. and you have to do what you have to do and it's too bad i feel so badly when i see that. i think that. it's a tough policy but i go by whatever the policy that's the state policy in the case of florida. indicated you can be greater kim jong or the north korean leader are you going to try to reach out to him to check on his condition look i just hope
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he's doing fine i mean i thought a very good relationship with kim jong il and that's to the benefit of the country that's not a bad thing that's a good thing and i'd like to see and we've been listening to donald trump taking questions there are in current a virus briefing at the daily one last week's cover and let's go straight to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett kimberly obviously you've been following it as well what stood out for you in many of the points that the president made. well i think there were a number of things that the president touched on that i think are going to continue to be flashpoints for him again it is that issue of this immigration order that he has put in place the accusations that he is doing this to in advance to advance a campaign agenda using the krona virus as an excuse to put in
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a posin immigration in the united states for 60 days when that he says he'll value it based on economic conditions now this is supposedly only applying to those that are seeking permanent residency a green card it won't apply to temporary workers for example farm workers and health care workers but still this is going to be something that's particularly controversial the other big thing and hear it again is the headline of this refilling of the paycheck protection program that is going to allow for companies to keep business ploys on the payroll essentially this was a program that was intended for small businesses for example 10 employees or less but what we heard last time around and how a lot of this money ran out is that some very big publicly traded companies benefited from this because they had relationships with banks and were able to tap into this compared to the so-called mom and pops that may not have been as familiar
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with getting capital so we know the president talking there that in some cases he says he'll personally ask for this money back citing. the ivy league university harvard as one example he said they have a huge and down and there's no way they should have qualified for this program and so he will be looking to see this money return making sure that the stipulations will be very clear moving forward this money from congress intended to help the small business owner the other important thing to notice in all of this is a comment coming from dr deborah burke's one of the top public health officials on the current virus taskforce talking about how. now the united states of course accounting for a very large chunk of infections when it comes to corona virus around the world globally seeing improvement across some major metro areas that of course new york being the big epicenter but we saw flashpoints in detroit new orleans atlanta baltimore saying all of those areas are improving notable the area that she says is not improving washington d.c.
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so they're continuing to combat this and also confronting the future the fact that there will in fact be potentially a 2nd major outbreak in the fall and so you heard questions on that as well and this is why they have not stopped pre-planning for that given the fact they know they're going to need ventilators they're going to need personal protective equipment this is necessary not necessarily the news the u.s. president wants to hear because of course the fall when we'll have a u.s. election he is really eager to open up this economy that is going to make this particularly challenging if there is a 2nd major outbreak of coronavirus in the united states and kimberly another point that he was asked about was about different states lifting restrictions different speeds the example that was made was georgia and south carolina some restrictions being lifted and george obviously south carolina on the border the the virus doesn't respect the border in that way didn't really seem to have an answer about i
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guess what you could call a coordinated approach among the states. and this has been one of the recurring themes when it comes to the coronavirus task force and it has a lot to do with the system of government in the united states which is unique it doesn't have a strong federal system so it's not kind of a top down government there are very strong states' rights and where you see one of the complications in all of that is when you're trying to coordinate a national response to coronavirus but the governors in many cases have all the power when it comes to reopening their economies and so atlanta being one of those states where there was supposed to be a 14 day guideline before there was some of this reopening it appears there's controversy involved with the perhaps excel aeration of this opening and you heard a lot of questions there about because there are a lot of mayors within that state that are going hey wait a 2nd we're not really ready for this we're a little nervous the seems premature so this sort of highlights one of the problems
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in the united states is that this reopening of the economy is kind of looking a bit like a patchwork quilt some states are doing it some aren't some are doing just partial counties within their state because corona virus has affected all of these different areas in different ways but the problem is people travel it's not like each border is locked off keeping a compartment ally's state so this is the challenge for not only public health officials but also the lawmakers that are in positions locally and also federally in trying to kind of deal with these really openings and they acknowledge it's not going to be perfect they're worried about potential flare ups all eyes on the state of atlanta as it is sort of one of the 1st moving forward into this area many people are not sure how it's going to go just a final point to him but he was also asked specifically about his businesses and crucially as hotel in florida about whether they would keep people in a full payroll or what did you make of his reply to vatican seemed
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a little vane. well it's very it's a very uncomfortable bit of territory u.s. president when he came into office he was asked to give up control of his businesses but many people argue he didn't do that he just sort of gave the power over to his children and the still very much from an observer standpoint involved so the president kind of dodging that answer and it's interesting you picked up on it i think a lot of americans did one thing i should note is in all of these bonuses or rather our bail outs that are happening from congress he is not allowed to benefit from them personally perhaps again a bit of a sore point with the u.s. president but certainly one that will be revisited in the future. the white house thank you for that analysis and that is it for me and the team in london to stay with us my colleague zendo how we'll have more on that part of our risk news briefing in the u.s. and of course part of our stories from across the globe stay with us.
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frank assessments why is italy struggling to cope with the number of coronavirus failure to take really aggressive action with them behind her and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera throughout history humankind has prevailed in our darkest coming together to face the very thing that would extinguish our light. this is not one of those moments. at all. this is a moment for pretty much the opposite for hiding for laying low. is also. saving humankind by really really not getting near it.
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we're playing games staring at screens and staring at. all of the stuff of your hours. every generation has its will or individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who will come after a higher purpose. this one is ours. for 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to meet the remarkable people risking their lives to help the decided in war torn afghanistan on al jazeera. 67 words that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians 100 years on al-jazeera
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world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. the u.s. senate passes another bailout package worth $500000000000.00 to help small businesses across the country stay afloat during the long term. i'm can but al this is al jazeera gone from doha also coming up president trump announces he'll sign an executive order blocking nearly all immigration into the u.s. that will be in effect for 60 days. we could be say she logged all semblance of biblical proportions with a.


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