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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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imagine. al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. how does the. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news out live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes donald trump orders the navy to destroy all iranian gunboats that harass us ships. launched its 1st military satellite. we were slowing to look down slow on testing. the u.k. government comes under fire from the opposition for its response to the pandemic
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during a virtual session of parliament. waving the red flag of the poor in colombia are demanding help to get them through the coronavirus crisis. the special precautions this already isolated out to communities taking protect itself from the pandemic. and install one of the premier league main broadcast partners wants to block the saudi takeover of newcastle united qatar's been sports says the saudi government and the legal channels are still game rights and that's threatening the league's financial future. it's $1500.00 g.m.t. and we start in iran where it's revolutionary guard says the country is now able to monitor the world from space after successfully launching its 1st military satellite into orbit. the u.s.
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has accused iran in the past of using its space program as a cover for missile development and president donald trump without addressing the launch directly is threatening to destroy all the rain and gun boats which he says have been harassing us ships at sea. ports. on wednesday morning the will to news of a secret operation carried out by the islamic revolutionary guards from a launch site in iran central doesn't it successfully used a 2 stage rocket to put its 1st military satellite in space. the nur or light is now 425 kilometers above us orbiting earth the head of the revolutionary guards says it gives iran's military new strategic advantages or that. it is a necessity for such powerful defense forces like the revolutionary guard to have access to advanced capabilities today the powerful armies of the world have no comprehensive defense plan if they don't have
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a place in space today we can monitor the world from space and it means boosting strategic data for the i.r.g.c. putting the satellite into orbit gives us the technological advantages and is also a powerful asset in the intelligence war in iran has put satellites in space before but the success of the noor comes after several failures in recent years it's expected to be used for intelligence gathering secure military communications navigation and reconnaissance whatever leaders need to support from the sky iran's military assets on earth and the satellite isn't the days only technological development. the difference between the satellite in previous ones is that it's propulsion the uses a combined solid and liquid fuel only a few superpowers have this capability only a few countries the rest are consumers of this technology. it's a proud moment for iran's revolutionary guards. the group suffered a major setback to its reputation after the accidental shoot down in january of
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ukraine international airlines flight 752 all 176 people on board were killed since the beginning of the 21st century iran despite diplomatic and economic isolation has managed to develop the technology necessary to elbow its way into an elite club along with rivals like the united states and israel as well as allies like russia china india iran is one of only a dozen countries in the world with the homegrown rocket technology to launch its own satellites into space. to iran. let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly how let's start 1st of all kimberly with the u.s. president's threat to start shooting at a rainy and boats what is the u.s. navy saying about that will they now escalate any difficult situations straight through the use of deadly force. well we're watching for that
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very carefully we know that there will be some podium briefings by both the state department and the department of defense in the next hour and we are monitoring that but here at the white house's things have been a little bit quiet in terms of information but that doesn't seem to be the case necessarily behind the scenes in fact we spotted the director of national intelligence richard grinnell he was walking in the driveway behind me went into the west wing we can only presume that there are some meetings going on where this is a topic of discussion but again none of this has been confirmed from the white house the only messaging we've had so far is from the u.s. president on twitter here is what he had to say i have instructed the united states navy to shoot down and destroy any and all iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea and this is something that has been escalating in terms of tensions in recent weeks the united states accusing iran of while they were while the u.s.
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was conducting drill off of kuwait in the persian gulf they allege that iran's fast boats came very close to the u.s. navy ship that in fact at one point they pointed out a machine gun the u.s. taking this very seriously and as a result now with the reports of this military satellite launch into orbit the u.s. president sending this very stern tweet kimberly as we're talking right now just that the monk pumpin has been saying the u.s. will hold iran accountable for the satellite launch the question is how. and that is a very big question because the u.s. president had believed that he had got sort of to a place of military deterrence you remember those ask elations months ago that ratcheting up following the drone killing of general saloon madi the u.s.
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had felt that at that point things had settled down but there has been increasing ask lation not only the reports of the sort of the activity in the persian gulf but also the reports of u.s. vulnerability something that was a major concern for the united states in terms of that aircraft carrier off of one that of course had been hit hard by coronavirus much of their crew experiencing an outbreak even a death as a result of the outbreak on that aircraft carrier so the question becomes whether iran has seen this is a potential ability to expose or rather and take advantage of a vulnerability of course the united states very hard hit by coronavirus and grappling with that and what's become clear is in the midst of all of this even in the midst of a pandemic these military rivalries are continuing. kimberly there's a question about immigration right now given the u.s.
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presence there is this tweet so has that stopped. well no in fact the u.s. president is set to sign this order he is very clear about it in fact he tweeted saying that he will be signing this order today but there's some confusion about the explanation as to why the u.s. president argues that this is because he wants to protect american jobs and there's no question tens of millions of americans have lost their jobs the lives for the food banks right now are historic but at the same time the president's only stopped or put a pos for 60 days on those who want to become permanent residents or citizens he says he doesn't want to overwhelm not just jobs but also the the medical resources as the united states fights this pandemic but what hasn't been stopped are some of the visas for farm workers or visas for some of the more highly skilled workers so
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it begs the question of the u.s. president's really trying to protect american jobs why did he do it across the board hauled it doesn't seem to be consistent and lends credibility is to the democratic criticism that in fact the u.s. president is trying to take advantage of delivering on a campaign promise in an election year there's no question as the u.s. president tweeted that he would be signing this immigration order today that in fact he also mentioned the fact that he has kept another campaign promise that is building along the southern border of the united states and mexico that wall that he promised to deliver so this is an election year where months away from an election the u.s. president sister this is about protecting american jobs american public health but many are questioning those motivations more of thanks so much complete how could that and the u.s. senate has approved nearly $500000000000.00 in extra aid to help businesses and hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic the house of representatives is set to
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vote on thursday what would be the 4th such package since the crisis began for a total of about 3 trillion dollars. the u.k. government has again come under fire for its response to the pandemic this time by the new leader of the opposition it happened during the 1st virtual session in parliament 700 year history labor leader care stammered thickly focused on shortages of personal protective equipment for frontline health workers and a number of testing being carried out let's hear some of what he had to say something's going wrong and this a pattern emerging here we were slow in to look slow on testing slow and protective equipment are now slow to take up these offers from british. the prime minister said this is a national effort and he's right about that so in that spirit can i ask the price of the 1st minister to commit to working with the opposition to identify and take
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up these offers from british manufacturers for protective equipment. let's go now live to london where rory chalons joins us so we could see there the government coming under some heat both virtually as well as in real life in parliament today right rory. is a former lawyer and he's a former chief of public prosecutions in the u.k. and he was bringing some of that kind of forensic style that forensic expertise to bear in prime minister's questions today pushing the government's pushing dominic robb the man who's standing in for boris johnson at the moment on various issues as you say the lack of public. personal protective equipment for health care workers being one of them the slow testing slow response to the testing being another he was saying that this is a matter of life and death asking rob to confirm how many health care workers have
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died in the current us epidemic so far dominic rob admitted that 69 health workers have died but he didn't have the figure to hand for the number of care workers people who work in retirement homes etc to hand one of the key things that the star was drilling into was this claim that the government has at the moment that it is ramping up testing for n.h.s. workers and other people around the country that. it's capacity is now 40000 and kissed and we're saying hold on a 2nd it doesn't matter what the capacity is if you're only doing 18000 tests a day which is what's being done at the moment you can talk about capacity till it till the cows come home but what really matters is how many people are actually getting the tests that they need and yes we heard him accuse the government of being slow we can listen now. dominic rob's response to that.
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i don't accept his premise that we could slow we're going to do it by the scientific advice the chief scientific advisor the chief medical officer at every step along the way if he thinks he knows better than they do with the benefit of hindsight then that's his decision but that is not the way we proceeded and it's not the way we will in the future. so the government did have a bit of good news following that. promise question times the health secretary said that the peak is is now 4 coronavirus in the u.k. and that things are start going to start getting easier you can argue this because actually some of the chief scientists say that for a couple of weeks now that we're at the peak and. an oxford scientists were saying that actually the peak was somewhere in the beginning of april april the 8 to be specific but regardless of when the peak was in the u.k. we still have least 2 and
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a half more weeks of lockdown to go and it might be extended even further and on that question of peak i mean how much confidence is left now in some of these declarations about whether it's the peak or other things it seems like there's a big issue of public trust. you know i mean nothing if you've got the government saying. about capacity for testing and all of these requirements for public sort of protective equipment are going to be met and yet weeks later we still see that there are n.h.s. workers who are saying they don't have the right gear but they haven't been tested yet it definitely roads trust in what the government is saying and i think that's something that is sinking in at the moment in the u.k. that the. the public has been told these things for quite some time yes there is
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still a spirit of i suppose togetherness. and the government is very keen to sort of wrap that up that we're all in this together but when you speak to doctors when you hear from front by medics and people work in care homes who tell you how bad things still are then that chips away at the edifice and the government is always saying that this is a science led response and it's listening to the scientists but of course there are political decisions that have been made and there were some of them were made some time ago and that's what your star was doing in provinces questions today he was pushing the governments on those political to the decisions that were made some time ago and clearly many of those decisions that were made were mistaken and that's what he wants the government to be held accountable for rory chance they're updating us from london spain's parliament is set to vote on a government proposal to extend its nationwide lockdown until may the 9th the dread
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has already started easing some restrictions children for example who go out for walks in the next week and some factory in construction workers have returned to their jobs nearly 200000 people have contracted the virus in spain at least 21000 have died. joins us now on skype from madrid so there's a lot of pilots going to approve this extension. yes astonished parliament is holding a pen or a session today where premise that better saturday has announced the 3rd extension of this state of emergency lockdown and in may 9th they used these camps with some measures that essentially will build a lockdown like allowing children under 14 years old to go out with an adult for at least one hour a day and around one mile from the house so these lockdown here in spain with we had 6 weeks already children were banned from going out from home so this would use
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it would easily be the measures before these voting takes place a better santa had to listen many critics the critics the critics from the other political parties from the opposition parties blaming the terrible man management of the corn harvest crisis by the rabbit by the spanish government we're not reporting at all what was taking place not consulting any measures and doing this a managing this this crisis in a new unilateral way so before this loading there takes place he will appeal would have to be all the political parties and they if they are their opinion they were also blaming them from for for for a what about and for of for are trying to to control our social media and by default the. because not protected if it meant in bad conditions or false tests and so last week and so prime minister said that now we are working on
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a 2nd phase of our the escalation from 9 may not may 9th and that it will be slow and gradual and they're working on that a scenario now and we'll see what happens next month. from madrid. health officials in france are warning the virus threat remains high level that's in response to government plans to begin easing restrictions next month president emanuel micron says the long ban measures will be lifted in small stages from the 11th but there are concerns about how this will work with ash about the reports. doctor about all day long is the head of the merchant services in a hospital in the small town of too long in northern france with limited resources staff adapted the hospital to treat coronavirus patients. we've used plastic sheeting separate spaces to reduce the risk of infections more than 20000 people
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have died in france since the start of the health crisis the death toll rises each day but the number of patients in intensive care is slowly diminishing the french government says from a 11th it will loosen the strict lockdown but dr de long says it will be a while until this hospital is back to normal here more. stress on the last months have been exhausting in my department to doctors and several nurses had coronavirus we've had no visibility on when the crisis will end or how long we'll have to work this because for us the confinement doesn't mean the end of the coronavirus emergency. the french government hasn't provided details of his de confinement plan those are expected at the end of april nevertheless some businesses are getting ready manages it this car factory have put in place protective measures for workers in case production is permitted to resume. staff will have the temperature taken
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and if it's too high they will not be allowed onto the site of diversity until the french government reveals its full day confinement strategy many people in france feel simply uncertain about their futures they don't know when they're going to be able to go back to work when schools like this one will reopen or when it will be possible to once again walk in the streets freely without a permit. well some people are looking forward to restrictions being eased others are cautious and says it might be a danger there are people burned because they made. various. it's possible to do but only the people wear masks and with strict conditions. the government says the life in france after the lockdown will not be the same as before and for months to come people will have to take precautions until a way is found to control stop the spread of corona virus do not hospital staff
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know that the crisis is far from over natasha butler al-jazeera moamar oh france or elsewhere in europe germany has announced it will start clinical trials of a crown a virus vaccine 200 healthy volunteers will be tested the number of new infections in germany has gone up for the 2nd day earlier this week lockdown restrictions were relaxed lightly. south africa's president has announced a $26000000000.00 covert 19 rescue package more than $70000.00 soldiers nearly the entire standing army being deployed to enforce the country's strict long down they'll join the nearly 2300 personnel already on the streets for me the miller has more from the town in the northwest province well according to what we've heard from the government so far is that there is increasing concern about just how the numbers regarding the number of infections in south africa is escalating and this
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is what the minister of defense said earlier on local radio the rate at which the infections has gone up you realize that at some point we might need the kind of human resource deployed like we've never seen before and so this deployment of more than 73000 soldiers in addition to that initial 2000 would be the largest deployment by the south african national defense force in south africa's history i mean that even goes back to the 1st i'm a practical actions in 1904 the government here is concerned about just how bad the infections will get in south africa and estimates show that they're working on a model that indicates that so they're free because coronavirus crisis will perhaps hear it in august or september the government is saying that they need these soldiers to enforce the lockdown it needs these soldiers to prepare quarantine sites ensure people are abiding by the lockdown and essentially try and flatten that curve hared of the coming months. brazil has the most infections in latin
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america and many of its states say their health care systems are struggling in aus a city of 2000000 people in the heart of the amazon rain forest has been hit particularly hard the number of burials in the region is more than doubled from around 30 before the pandemic to 100 every day in the city is having to dig mass graves to cope health officials issued multiple calls for help last week and all their intensive care beds and ventilators were in use the vast arctic territory of northern canada is one of the few places in the world pretty much untouched by code 19 it has isolation on its side of its lack of access to health care markets makes it vulnerable to any outbreak than your lack reports. nunavut his home to just under 40000 people scattered across an arctic landscape the size of western
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europe most are indigenous in a week and they live in preparing his conditions few jobs expensive housing and by the standards of a rich country like canada minimal health services in the remote hamlet of igloolik north of hudson's bay there's only a 4 bed health center to serve 2000 people we have in house and there is already at asset beyond capacity really you know and that it can really earn much more and so when something like this comes late you're really close. even in the territories largest town of cali weed there are just 7 ventilators in the most basic of hospitals proper intensive care can only be accessed after a 3 hour flight south to the canadian capital ottawa the people of new interviewed are also far more likely than other canadians to have preexisting medical conditions that are aggravated by code 19 so higher levels of diabetes chronic lung disease. p.d.
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chronic obstructive lung disease you know given crowd of r s tends to target people with underlying health conditions it's very concerning so none of it has effectively gone into its own version of social isolation no casual outside visits are allowed returning residents can only come home after they've koren 200 for 2 weeks travel between communities is only permitted for medical or other emergencies even a low number of covert 1000 cases would be catastrophic up here that's why there's a lot of local support for isolating the entire territory it's not an easy position to be in so i'm very happy with what the leadership that we've seen on that the federal government that needs to step up assess wilner own unit and provide the basic human rights that everybody is there and the territory. even before this pandemic in the near shutdown of the global economy none of it had lower life
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expectancies and higher rates of poverty than most of canada remote and cut off at the best of times this is a land that's hoping that coated 19 leaves them alone with their existing problems even as it ravages the rest of the world daniel acknowledges era. so i had an al-jazeera concern in pakistan over the government's decision to open mosque steering ramadan. and as many of us stay home the environment's getting a bit of a break just in time for the 50th birthday we'll tell you more coming up. did sports football title celebrations looks set to be put on hold in the evidence this year indeed here with that story.
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hello once again we still have some disturbed weather across the middle east but it should quiet down as we go through the next say this long line of cloud that's been producing some wet weather into the eastern parts of saudi arabia some heavy rain into western areas of yemen we have seen flooding that will tend to weight as we go through the next few showers creeping across iran pushing towards afghanistan further north some rather wet weather there just spilling out of turkey into northern parts of iraq for a time move out of the way you can see the system just around the eastern side of the mediterranean some very strong winds blustery conditions and heavy showers that makes this way for the race which will pick up some very very windy weather across egypt as we go on through friday and these blustery showers will create their way a further east which in the process even all the parts of africa because the windy weather pushing into egypt further south it is generally drive course the usual showers there around the into the whole of africa possibility some flooding there
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into parts of east in ethiopia into somalia heavy showers they're going to linger just around the gulf of guinea into a west africa heavy showers lingering too in kenya and uganda because some very very heavy rain also affecting eastern pos of tanzania. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe but. sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home. people and power goes to the north german city where a humane approach to integration it's proving surprisingly effective assimilation nation on al-jazeera. 67 words that spelled promise for one people but ended up
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a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians 100 years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now iran's revolutionary guard says the country is now able to monitor the world from space the successfully launching its 1st flight into war but. the u.s.
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president. launched directly tweeted a warning about iran harassing american ships at sea the u.s. has accused iran in the past of using its space program as a cover for missile development allegations iran denies secretary of state. just been speaking he said iran must be held accountable a designated terrorist organization launched a missile today and leave to the protests to talk about the details about that but when you talk about the u.n. security council resolution 2231 i think every nation has an obligation to go to the united nations and evaluate whether this missile launch was consistent with the security council resolution i think it remotely is and they need i think iran needs to be held accountable for what they've done iran has spent a decade trying to improve its rocket technology it fired its 1st successful
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satellite into orbit back in 2009 but in recent months it had several failed launches the latest came in february when iran failed to put it out of one communication satellite into orbit and last year it had 3 failures including a rocket explosion in august the united states called those actions provocative but iran has maintained a program did not have a military component. hillary mann leverett is a c.e.o. is c.e.o. strategy of strategy a political risk consultancy she was a former u.s. white house official and state department official joins us now from washington d.c. i'm sure of following the u.s. president's tweets as well as what we just heard out of the secretary of state might pompei or how do you think the u.s. and the trumpet ministration plans to in my palm pairs words hold iran accountable for a satellite launch. well it's interesting there is
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a debate within the trumpet ministration and there has been from the course of time secretary of state might prompt a 0 is one of the most hawkish members of the trump cabinet he has long argued for military strikes and confrontation against iran he was a leading advocate within the trouble ministration to call for the killing of a ron's general so the money back in just in january they december it only january he is the one who made that argument the strongest or president trop he again today is making the argument very strongly to take military action against iran for this satellite launch but there are different voices within the administration for example the department of defense after the president himself tweeted that iran must be held accountable for work that he ordered the pentagon to should iranian ships out of the water if they came here american ships again after he the president tweeted that the department of defense responded that they had not
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received a formal policy directive from from president trump to take such military action against iran so within the constellation of voices in the u.s. administration within the trumping ministration itself the pentagon is as is essentially one of the most cautious ones cautioning against military action my company has one of the most most hawkish arguing constantly for military strikes so in other words though i'm what you're saying basically is not over thing we hear out of the secretary of state all of us present necessarily means the pentagon will follow and do it. there is a debate there is a constant back and forth but from what i know from my sources what we're going to buy you here i mean he made this argument for the armed forces right yes. yes and he has had a problem with prior secretaries of defense including his 1st one who he fired
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because he wasn't feeling perfect president translite he wasn't filling. his orders directly we'll see what happens the secretary of defense asked for i think as spirit goes along much more often with the president but that doesn't mean he's not going to argue caution and from what i understand the pentagon right now is arguing for caution trump has not responded directly to the satellite launch he seems to have responded to the confrontation among the ships last week in the persian gulf but not yet responded to the satellite launch itself what i think is important is to realize that it's a fluid situation within the white house itself within the trucking ministration there is not a coherent policy there's not a single voice trump here is a variety of opinions and some are much more hawkish than others how much of a game changer do you think it is for u.s. calculations in the gulf now but iran is able to put a satellite into all that according at least the u.s.
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you know will have military uses. well another interesting facet to this is that the u.s. intelligence community is now the leaking that they don't believe that their satellite launch succeeded they say that they don't see evidence of a satellite orbiting in orbit so they think that something was launched but it actually didn't make it into orbit if that's the case if it's a failed launch then that will also add perhaps some caution to the american response but if not it will add to an already tense atmosphere from the perspective of those particularly those most hawkish within the white house particularly from someone like a secretary of state mike mike on pales perspective this attempted satellite launch whether or not it's successful the confrontation in that among the ships last week in the persian gulf the attacks on u.s. and u.s. bases in iraq these all add up to in their view a provocative stance from iran that trump must take take action in response to
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otherwise trying is vulnerable politically here in the united states of course in an election year good to get your thoughts on the medicine so much heavier amount leverage thank you for coming. by the end of this week muslims around the world will begin fasting during the month of ramadan is usually a time for family gatherings and the faithful the pandemic is presenting new challenges in saudi arabia prayers will go ahead of the holy cities of mecca and medina but with no worshippers every year in indonesia millions of people travel to visit their families during this time this year they're not allowed to make that journey in turkey for example public meals abandoned the government says it will consider closing streets if people gather from istanbul so in course all has more on the preparations. turkish citizens are getting ready for a 4 day curve here that will begin at 00 local tonight and will be valid for 4 days
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across 31 cities including istanbul in turkey and people are preparing to buy their foods from the supermarkets that's why they are waiting in line and here as you can see people i wearing masks they are trying to preserve the source of distance which is at this 1.5 meters but they want to be ready for a 4 day lockdown actually the spine the lockdown the supermarkets will be open to morrow thursday and friday from 8 am to 2 pm local time. and the bakeries will be open on the weekends including the pharmacies and other medical centers this is the 3rd curfew that turkey is implementing what is different about this is that this is for 4 days combining a national holiday with the weekend when the 1st curfew was imposed right several for for 48 hours covering saturday and sunday it was
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a kind of chaos it especially in istanbul because it was announced just 2 and a health hours 2 before it was imposed that's why people were panicked they flocked to the supermarkets and they violated all social distance details and other protection due to. is against the koran a virus that's why the governments want to be sure that everything is in place this time people do not get in panic and they don't miley and the coroner measures corona virus measures that's why people are trying to. buy their needs just a few hours before the lockdown and to spend the 4 days at home with their families . there's concern in pakistan over the government's decision to keep the mosques open during ramadan doctors have urged the government to reverse the decision they say large gatherings will increase infections and overwhelm the health system and the prime minister says it's up to individuals to make their own choices. but
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do we forcefully tell people to not go to mosques and if they go will the police put wishes in jail this does not happen in an independent society in an independent society people use the independent minds and then decide what is basic for the country and forces not. been assad is a journalist artist and filmmaker from pakistan focusing on human rights agenda media and peace joins us on skype from boston good to have you with us so is this about respecting people's independence and ability to make their own decisions or is this about politics. i think it's about appeasing the right wing which we're seeing in many parts of the world i think it's about appeasing people who are just so anxious to get started with their daily lives forgetting that what we've seen about this what the science shows us about this pandemic is that there's a 14 day cycle and this current system of partial lockdown is like i just heard on
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your thing that turkey that having a 4 day lot of that's not going to work the cycle is around 14 days give or take so it's only going to end when the entire world goes into a complete lockdown at the same time for our time as there was an article in medium the other day that actually argued very forcefully about it's the math stupid i think everybody should read that article and it's pretty clear and logical it's not going to work like this and i think pakistan has really of course of course you don't want to have police going after people but we really need a very strong public service messaging people you don't just say to people ok this is what you do you tell them why i don't see that messaging happen. right there are videos those circulated on social media in which they appear to show people i don't know trying to meters or so apart from each other being required to bring their own prayer rugs to mosques what do you make of
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a guess would be some of the authorities arguments that well they've introduced measures to make sure people still are safe even if it's not you know strict lockdown. so anybody who knows our they see our our our local culture in south asia it's not just pakistan all over south asia and you can see this with the hindus going to the temples and you can see this actually even here in america where i am people going to church and saying i'm protected because i am a bit in the blood of jesus i mean you might be but somebody else might not be so it's not about you know it is really about you might be safe but somebody next to you might not be and so you might get it from that person it's really about that messaging which is really not as clear as it should be people are being told to hand what they've been told to keep that distance but they're not really being told how this how this is going to stop it's only going to stop when that context stops and that contact is not going to stop in a mosque where people are sitting 2 meters apart but somebody might sleeze or
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somebody might cough and it's a closed space and we've got the virus you know the particles somebody as i came across this vision. on twitter the other day one person infected going in and everybody infected coming out. so yes it's very commendable to not want to use force that hasn't stopped them from using force on doctors who are protesting doctors in baluchistan who are on the front lines doctors in other places that are protesting the lack of p.p.a. they view they've had no compunction using force on them so i really don't you know this has attention on this appeasing of the so-called religious right instead of getting them on board explaining to them you know this is and they're out to us in the qur'an there's. the nonsense that this is what you have to do when when there is a pandemic you have to protect people and you have to protect yourselves and saudi arabia which is the i o. so it's just that it's just a controlled by court saudi arabia which is. so hard to read the heart and soul of
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most islam is they have closed down mosques people are open and that's precisely the question actually if i may jump in the matter though i was going to ask in the overwhelming majority of muslim countries that actually closed the mosques why in pakistan actually the if you want to call it the right wing in many of those countries are pushing for measures like that why is it so different with the right wing in pakistan. i think that would require a lot longer answer than you have time for there's a history there's geopolitics there is we've had wars fought on pakistan ideological wars there's you know in the name of the war on terror there's you know there's a whole context to this appeasement of the so-called religious right and i always say say these so-called religious parties and the so-called jihad because it's not about religion it's about politics it's about power it's about showing who's the boss it's about imposing our way of life and i think i want to just really make
6:44 pm
this important point from the same article i mentioned before about it's the math stupid the thought the lockdown is about you know either you throw money at the problem or you throw bodies are the problems of what are our values going to be at the end of the day in this world yes lockdown has it horrific economic. implications but the down the other side of it is a horrific body counts so what is it going to be i think that people like trump and iran can and more the and everybody they need to really. look at the science and stop trying to play politics good to get your thoughts on the science so much thank you the u.s. secretary of state says annexation of the occupied west bank is a decision for israel to make sensually sounds like green light in settlements widely condemned of course as illegal under international law might compare with speaking in washington d.c.
6:45 pm
let's go straight now to harry for soup he's joining us from west jerusalem harry i imagine music to his radio is. well some israelis most certainly will music. certainly to benjamin netanyahu and his followers it will be i think we have to be a little bit cautious as to exactly what it means whether it's for green light carte blanche do what you like because there is still a process going on a mapping process. with israeli and the united states officials trying to delineate exactly which parts of the the occupied west bank under the cushion of peace plan are able to be annexed by israel but it is clear that that this is a very strong signal of support from the u.s. administration from the u.s. state department and might pompei o it's worth remembering exactly what happened earlier this year when the trump peace plan was announced initially the u.s.
6:46 pm
ambassador here david friedman using strictly process film and he told the media that as far as he is the u.s. is concerned benjamin netanyahu could go ahead and start an exciting straightaway almost well in advance of the march election jerad cushion or son in law and the man stewarded with coming up with a plan then immediately put the brakes on and said no there has to be the smacking process that continues 1st so there's been no announcement of an end to that and what we do have now though which is different is a unity government between benjamin netanyahu and his erstwhile rival benny gantz it seems the negotiations that gets dropped any insistence on having a veto over quick an exception and in the deal it says that netanyahu from july the 1st can put a plan to annex both to the cabinet and more important to the israeli knesset where
6:47 pm
he is very likely to get the votes he needs so from july the 1st that looks like the date that things could really start moving on. all right let's thank our a force of the western continue this though with new brahim she joins us from ramallah in the occupied west bank and i imagine a very different perspective no doubt from the palestinians on how they are interpret seeing and seeing this statement from the u.s. secretary of state they've been saying for a while sami that this american administration is not standing by the palestinians of the country they've been not even standing by at the international law when it comes to these issues there palestinian president has spoken about this a couple of days ago he talked about the fact that he's talking to the international countries that's trying to really find debris where palestinians can push for their agenda on the international community mostly everyone has
6:48 pm
been really busy with that issue of the coronavirus but they're trying to say that this issue is we illegal and that an exception is considered illegal under international law. thank you very much in brought him there. still ahead on al-jazeera choosing the best picture of a planet from space in earth day.
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6:50 pm
the global pandemic is driving nigeria's rich and powerful to local hospitals they've been avoiding for years doctors are reporting a sharp increase in the number of government officials and business leaders seeking treatment a military has more from the capital abuja. goes the end of war is a cancer survivor who regularly travels abroad for treatment next appointment is in india in may but because of the global pandemic she fears she will have to miss it and she says the local hospitals here in nigeria don't offer any hope if you find out that there's something going on right now you can go to the hospital. because. it's. so and you can if you start early. i mean. so whether you like. it. well it
6:51 pm
wasn't really. in the hands of. our concern is echoed by many in the country it is also confused. me so many any time so many. and you know so in this well there's not a lot of it. is i don't know if thousands of nigerians regularly seek medical attention in other countries every year because of the poor state of the public health care system here. the trouble restrictions imposed by countries around the world has now forced many including the rich and the powerful to stay home and rely on the same health system they neglected for decades. well as you explain. just. now you. know.
6:52 pm
the increase in the number of people using local hospitals is adding stress stress system that's already in a bad state many hope the pandemic will force public officials to focus on improving nigeria's health care system. an estimated $1000000000.00 is spent by nigerians on overseas medical treatment every year including government officials in 2017 nigeria's president spent about 20 weeks in hospitals in the united kingdom although government promised to address the problems in the health system here nothing much has improved. so i'm not going to say they will avoid local hospitals for now not because they have alternatives but because they fear doing soul will put them at a greater risk for covered 19. al-jazeera. half a century ago the 1st earth day mobilized millions of americans to fight for the protection of the planet and this year meet the global pandemic battle has
6:53 pm
particular importance the clock explains. earth day a question of survival with c.b.s. news correspondent walter cronkite. good evening to you think day in american history as i live today the grainy story of the day half a century ago as fashionable 5th avenue was off limits to automobiles and april 22nd 1970 across the united states more than 20000000 americans took part in the original earth day that was one in 10 of the population of 170 in the united states pollution have become a really serious problem simply breathing in the air and many of our major american cities it's like smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day rivers are catching on fire birds are going extinct and and there was a great upwelling of protest against that and it developed into a protest movement that continues to this day empowered by its early success and it led to an era in which we passed a clean water act in
6:54 pm
a neutral species active marine mammal protection act and toxic substances control act we banned leaded gasoline we banned lead in paint it was just a remarkable period of environmental accomplishment. 50 years on the threats posed by the climate crisis are even more pressing. for one thing it's evident modern day pollution has made thousands more vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic we know actually the climate change is one of the drivers of condom ics as well as being. destruction. it is he to produce enough food to protect our cities from fights and storms and rice and. now on earth day there are calls to seize the opportunity to recalibrate after the pandemic has passed. i think we're seeing a ramping up of focus within the financial and i would say some really interesting and positive signals it really in in the last few weeks from governments. they are
6:55 pm
going to actually come out of this crisis you know way that leads to a green much much stronger economy. given the variety of threats we face much depends on how we come back from covert 19 because it's become very apparent that way humanity treats the world as a way of reflecting how the world treats humanity they knew that back in 1970 and it clark al-jazeera greenhouse gas emissions from australia is devastating bushfire season this year have exceeded the country's average annual emissions government told estimates at least $830000000.00 tonnes of carbon dioxide were released between september and february but it goes on to say climate change could impact the forests ability to recover or the view from space is not one many on earth will see for themselves but now nasa is holding
6:56 pm
a competition that will help people experience out of this world sites they harding splines our planet hasn't looked at this healthy in decades with fewer people on the road our air and water has become cleaner and clearer and the effects are visible from space now says earth observatory has been documenting our world for decades 20 years the photos show the changes in the atmosphere land air and water from the himalayas to south america. nasa has launched a competition for the public to vote on the top photos to celebrate 20 years of learning about our rounds around the sun as a way to commemorate earth day many of these images were taken by astronauts or satellites scientists say they are important in understanding our world we are. going through a crisis also exacerbated by the fact that we have this from the me i'm now threatening human kind and making us feel really feel our friend. and then we feel
6:57 pm
now not on the opportunity but the fragility too far environment voters can choose from lunar eclipses volcanic eruptions or water wonderlands the effects of climate change are also among the top snapshots of sun astronomy i know the uniqueness so far environment i know of that there are billions and billions of planets held there but like the earth broady not many. which makes our presence here now a miracle so we have to preserve. the competition is now down to these 2 photos ocean stand behind from 2002 and reich ok are up from 2019 the winner will be announced later this month. these images from space show us how 7000000000 people impact our planet and how it continues to have an impact on us we're harding al-jazeera. that's it for me for this news out i'm back room although full of
6:58 pm
those so stay with us. award winning programming from international till may cause as we wouldn't have it yeah we are going to want to insert life if we carry on this one just to rest sets the stage there is no longer you naivety is no longer an excuse giving voice to the voiceless so are we ready to go to local ex-pats and discussion that culture still exists and you are still combating that today open your eyes to an alternative view
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of the wild today on al-jazeera. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternative known as favorites i enjoy the taste of it and not get the harmful effects of what smoking does between 20132014 alone we start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head comparison easter eggs versus conventional cigarette which one do you think is healthier my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no on al-jazeera. a history of guerrilla warfare and placed on the global stage. the peace gaining strength their revolutionary zeal knowing no bounds did a series of violent acts by their splinter groups damage the palestinian cause or ensured survival chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o.
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history of a revolution on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the bomb so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i think iran needs to be held accountable for what they've done. the u.s. says iran must be held accountable after the successful launch of its 1st military satellite. i'm sorry say that and this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. secretary of state says the annexation of the west bank is a decision for the new israeli government some like south africa deploys 98 percent
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