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tv   Afghan United  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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late that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone. fully back to bill in doha with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera the u.s. house of representatives has passed a new 484000000000 dollar relief bill to help keep small businesses afloat during the corn advised pandemic the legislation also provides funds for hospitals it follows a 2 trillion dollars stimulus package passed last month meanwhile out of wreckage $26400000.00 americans have lost their jobs since the end of last month in just 5 weeks all the jobs created since the end of the 2009 recession have been wiped out
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. economy will start to pick up very substantially as soon as the states get open and that's happening as we speak and it's actually very exciting and. people are just it's just thrilled to see it because our country has to get back to work they want to get back to work you see that whether it's a demonstration or just in talking to people they're going to get back to work and they're going to get back to work very fast al-jazeera as was in jordan has more on the millions of jobs lost. $4400000.00 u.s. workers filed for unemployment last week pushing the country's unofficial jobless rate to nearly 13 percent it's more evidence the co that $1000.00 pandemic has damaged the u.s. economy i do long and shot. me and with my. hat in hand is being. a gentleman from ask congress is voting this week to spend another half a trillion dollars to help small businesses and hospitals but when it comes to
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helping state government reeling from the loss of business and personal tax revenues the republican leader of the u.s. senate says that's not going to happen yeah i'm a i would certainly be an allowance is the. route it has some so there's no good reason for vailable my guess is their 1st choice would be for the federal government to borrow money if you're generation to send it down to them now so they don't have to do that that's not something i'm going to be in much more money in the governor of new york state who is a democrat called mitch mcconnell's comments outrageous yes airlines are important yes small business is important so of police and fire and health care workers who are the front line workers and when you don't fund the state then the state can't fund those services fictional sense to me what's more new york's economy is the 3rd largest in the u.s.
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and in the top 15 worldwide which means its survival as a financial and cultural center is key and u.s. president donald trump's decision to suspend immigration for 60 days on economic grounds could hurt the u.s. has ties with other countries indian officials are closely studying the order since hundreds of thousands of their citizens many who work for u.s. firms could be affected. all that matters though to connie boyd in north carolina is her own economic future we don't know. if you know the name is mr job they just don't know the only certainty right now the economic pain is worsening. jordan al-jazeera muslims around the world astounding the holy month of ramadan and many are living under restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic in indonesia the world's most populous muslim nation domestic air and sea travel
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have been temporarily banned strict measures in the philippines have been extended to try and contain the spread of covert 19 they'll continue in the capital manila until may 15th but restrictions will be easy in other low risk areas in hong kong social distancing measures are being enforced as around $52000.00 students take to take the year's most important academic test the university entrance exam was postponed last month because of the coronavirus brazil is reporting its highest single day death toll $407.00 more people have died from the virus putting its nationwide total about $3300.00 european union leaders have failed their 4th video summit on ways to protect the single market from the effects of the outbreak they're seeking a joint financial fund of up to 2 trillion dollars you're upset with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's al-jazeera works.
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put you like was what's happening on the bottom of the film going back to the sound was a long time i don't know i still got to put up a public good joke to be attending a church i'm not sure what you know this. was going to resort to excuse. me i had to. show you that i was just like you.
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will be going check it out on. the. show on out as i wasn't going to go to the show and they would put a jedi. through the door of the. choir if you listed among. them bomb was one of japhet that i said to miss out on all day yesterday i had to phone me off the default on the i want to set your side of my life the hottest item all of them were. morbid but i'm lucky i'm on going to 5 over.
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i mean i'm just. going to. show. you don we still find so the money. to me doing it she's got to commit another get on. them even with us i mean i mean it was a nice. surprise. suffice it to. like the cast when. you behind. yet did in the hut that out when you were not in. i know. so i don't know i. mean all set on the set of. them was on the show then. i'll go i'll go i'll
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go up. there and then be able to go on and on his mission which i got quite a mess out of so mrs thought i got on to some a lot of women i'm kind of committed oh no no no i don't want to want to. run out i don't really know that you think about it without on what i found the thought of i began with the thought go thought those that. don't know. any man with us of course. well the heart of it don't you know what talent one how many mind you but don't you know with. a 1000000000 with a cellphone a. 100 nay a comedy did him no joke genesis omitted in a beach in a. usefully even t.v. screen you know you can control. the dream of your dad's funeral but the.
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junk you believe you had. with him with a little starter. home would in your pants or. we didn't your mother. buy the show limbs all worlds. so there will be. a home. to be do none as our own has a cooling off the record by some nam trick of vocalisation lady or the ice does go in this with a before that i'm with. my 500 mr more than i can see how it is going through a. 100 grand join us you know what a lot of it has and i'm sure all the washing when i asked him very afghan yes. afghanistan war bad them from selling a machine when i wasn't shot at but i want to think had better not so i care more tony with down bad though in the town i will thank you while one with
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a missionary went off and when they were having their knowledge and found their element was there was no modern i'm on there i can feel a bit share model. and i get very much i had an impassioned team there on their. opposition to me. and you see. i'm the 1st iteration. of love to watch of a little story. not after you afghanistan not after the hired man in iran yet news. of united it. will be watched a lot but she's far left and one day. i will thank her i guess. i forgot how or when i know i would have.
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the worry then maybe i don't have any i would not. call off the bulb in one user. name and only one which going to. show me you have to choose which order to refuse to 1st know is your mission and you really. are. never a. bit of. afghanistan . you don't. leave there is desolate with. your head on bad ass chance the economy is adequate she has. to give you you don't. they can been on your own by them i mean john after my decision
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that some. people or bomb identity down in get of them. but i'm going to show man this is. no hostile missile that afghanistan you know you don't go to yad vashem. you're there i've done been on the money that. i'm going to. show them that i'm sorry caught. when i. think it's honest them 2 in court. and i am with that angel. who is a beast on barge other young wanna. be more nice. i thought. i scored a softer one bit at. a house to move on mom said i'm a let me. down more on why are they gone to the nearby ones in
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the in. this mess. with us them in. the. morning i'm. done him call. me game course.
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that saudi ice cream go to the. cuban house or show you. should worship should those. it's what. all this talk about was just. yards from our budget without him on his in the game would. have to harm him. by the battle because i gave obama who's in the game now bootsie mission bomb jaimie show me that i thought about 30 shadowy only did it out so that even the whole in 1. 1000 on about the at afghanistan. and iraq was a schmuck who should want to focus of course that was very bizarre i'm usually join as an economist. not so maybe as a human. and if you get it you.
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show me the void to chart a gain at the. idea behind by admitting yes i had to get a look at the economy tonight i'm able to. enjoy those any down time that the rest a saturday as you not understand i'm going town hall your commute into john is on him saltiness the push. along with the school who was here which i said i didn't sell or was it was already been a. large area that i had little. more than a salad etc if they were there and the hearse an hour that's the year you have wondered why on the additional race. it was you know the one i have and this is any
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question he has yet to be sure. mombassa moloch's said of course i mean i was maybe not the only real mean i'm each going east but that me is more than is better than other because another day because as an officious article of the south isn't there because i'm not a mom but a mom was good at sort of call bush a bit of us a woman on the ship the other a lot in other cultures can easily as the other a lot of ways. than the you must do to do sort of call them yourself invisible for the moment out of this the wish of cheesy with the numbers to show silly is almost a moment in pushing without cost another stumble way but i haven't always time enough what is on the court much work on it but as of and by the actor. i wish i. could not but i'm cousin i don't know the guy much to get home if we know what i've read again other than what everyone can and should have had one doc who shall come
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on i'm an import can i mention about him joining in a much enjoyed oswald wish him $1000000000.00 it was going to push me a lot not misha to santa as you know the schimmel i'm afraid what about a messiah got me a whole legal football be no more that mustn't they give ya the same keep your whore to my new mission to. you know as i want to follow martin joe pa before the record oh mother or the the gonna last blow this will is to hold on to the gun cannot assassin i got thomas quoting ariel but betty an artist. who is adamant that she is or that over those left. give us the best audiences that he that said i love because it was my assuming edition of the gift of m. go to her i can count. on the fishman the i'm going to have i'm sure you've seen
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the only one who will be in that area. for us on those and the other has been us. well i'm not just because a good company don't want to fit one of them wanted to know someone and they have oh i feel like you do get so that you're the negative stuff the after the going for good is going to know the genius is going to do it i don't look at accounting the monday but most but it was about them got for their numbers shot at each other on the road to get a city because you know where did the chicago to buy told us yesterday that if you want to you buy told us that they're going to go to but you have to. go on with education what i've done even national and i will be talking about the 2nd mission a school i forgot about to me that's number one and try to love me because i'm sure mother took it in one that was good and i should want you to be able to get on with my son let me try to keep it on another note that's you know it and i think that you know i'm sorry i don't what's your thought and your chin i said does the humanity as you really did i will be at it on the cross and that's when yeah but when i don't that i don't have the audio i must either mission was done i want to
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do what we can to be all good i'm sure with a car not a cheap jam in a moment but you want almost responses and spawns that i had that was many are questioning today a question or a question i see her for not meeting the guy and told his fans that it was the act jackass the apostle smartest often you know i mean you could be on any which are among buses in audio as in any hour he put a stop sign up we've been out up we all might any opportunity by sitting on the money i do i get doesn't get on gumption natio might agree on the way you're going to try and you know you have money i did better get out what happens and. i stand. up i mean. trouble. structure of it. is like you lost another while to realize i was there who called
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us off went to kill us and some of our team and on the hook for we 8 or more work or one or 2 words on our one on one side of. rock national you heard was right on was long before that it was chanting the bad man. of many i'm often on the team and i was pushing one of the stores and sure this was a robbery omission which will not answer. marketing the concert. and would add to my wallet so i think about what a bit of a call that we shall be. in just as. bad as i do see i'm about to go. in that i'm more than a man a chance only 1000 without. that i'm bad as mine i'm his own big. neon back to keep yard. as i mean i
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got on is in the v.o.a. and the. navy that i use as. well as one of us if we put in a short 100 team band i'm able top one tire the compass and then on them carry on ash i thought there was time to push. the random bomb beacham to show that i don't all of us that we have already made what jack short while ago and i go before then i guess we just had to go cause i'm told joe you know why haven't you done a survey going to last
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a month to stay we're told she's i was on some of the normal that i want to do or that's not going to go but i'm pretty sure i was alone this is what i thought the job not killing a troll with that i don't know what up on a bum or 2 on each i'll have to choose how i'm not sure they should let you know this she. was going this machine was going to get his ship as the aleksey got it only the generation of shuttle for that i was wishing. i could to visit it was that all of it so matter that just with all i know is that i'm head of the national marching to the fish i think i should have done which of you. as in not this some of them and will stand now in our. eyes not that we're going to put it you think everybody. in camp i am somehow the film is shot at the gas. engine and i thought in anyone else i've been thinking about it either. is that out yet.
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you would. use of these. oh. yeah but i want to but often in what we are used to it's fun. for. them in their homes but if they were mad who made of anybody who behold on all media and your cause and there's a look in albany yes well i'm going to have a smoke with one of the key njt upon the i phone going to before the can all media . that they've been a fan will go on for a while those are the beat any of us will go when i've known him ya meant that i think that she's upside down the man who i nominate me off i don't know what it's. about she's thought i don't have to but he almost office goes i don't know that's that's good but i've got them on the whole i got to join us it wasn't always i mean i was going up it was like.
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are hiding body again judy doing a hand job so there would be. the. battery german amazon a sense of peace with endless family has said it's also going to get better for them when you more you had the time you sanity. cannot fathom on this you more john noble a sentiment about a thing that is what is it exactly like when i was still out of this would i was back in the midst. of them and somewhere to have the whole of the injured is a version of another much as i don't know how much i found but i knew i thought it useful. now so i jot side. by side of this without anybody at all that was the. bearer. of the lot of them even well that's absolutely right it's going to come off. i don't know now that i
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went back that. i did they are sure yeah. sheesh don't cha i did you faster than by that. time i said. there's. nothing in this no i'm just want. to shoot and i'm going to walk in and if i'm going to get numbers and i'm watching jack you're the one that you'll get your internet someone with more. than. interest can i have a good national league of family worked in there and they're lying to us then we don't want more little moment. if you push even though she wasn't good enough to me would do what has name was going on and you don't have to push him but i know. it's
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a little slow but i don't want to deal. i'm sure you missed the earth but it was divided monthly budget which was about the ramble strike occurring monday if one of your legal. battle to do over you know the guys i'm writing on mr i mean i will go to get married now young irishman i'm no my sponsors understand that i don't miss president enough when he was over. the us or of iraq or to kill him is the key with. me wish it was. so it will get your. so mr bastable a socialist or jonas a moment when you could couldn't get it without either the real and i did not enter the. iraq war or was the last. group of the phone with you not the but i did after i'd ask you said i was you
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don't you got my. start of the. fact that this was the no we can't was going over how the war you know. all of this asked if i didn't really believe. what team over there i did proud of would be. orders sure the other wasn't just she of them were. more copies make them better for the mission. and with whom i know only one thing but i'm here enough for the house i wanted a house that has left and what you can find in washington but i know she doesn't want to give this a lot of what i have just had i wouldn't if i don't know me she would neither know nor that's that half assed that. i get to for us now if it did in your forties not you for his record of wishing whole bit of clothing joys i would have ordered a moment of. your own people to say to be a good listener should be. manically a maternity mission. as you know what
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a little bit. there was intimate around. a little over 2000000 barrels a game where does financial madonna in europe and we're going to share girls their joys and i'm with you on madden's home or should he already join us in the she'd a magical from you corpus of. joy that i don't want you know all of us. has. admitted you see on all writable. by the audacity of others who are already fairly well those on the reader that there are those what there was about you said regarding. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel band whether
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it's east or west africa people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on a more uplifting and inspiring story people trust algeria to tell them what's happening in their communities in kiev. and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of it all. for 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to meet through remarkable people risking their lives to help the disabled in bor to afghanistan on al-jazeera. the oppression of an ethnic minority and man my mac mini. thing intention was to make sure that ruhi injures would no longer entitled to basic rights or citizenship rights in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic
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plasticky soon after him in myanmar. exiled on al-jazeera. the. 11 o'clock in doha the top stories here on al-jazeera and the u.s. house of representatives has passed a new 484000000000 dollar relief bill to help keep small businesses afloat during the coronavirus pandemic the bill also provides funds for hospitals follows a 2 trillion dollars stimulus package passed last month a record $26400000.00 americans have lost their job since the end of last month and just 5 weeks all the jobs created since the end of the 2009 recession have been wiped out. economy will start to pick up very substantially as soon as the states
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get open and that's happening as we speak and it's actually very exciting and. people are just it's just thrilled to see it because our country has to get back to work they want to get back to work you see that whether it's a demonstration or just in talking to people they going to get back to work and they're going to get back to work very fast and muslims around the world are starting the holy month of ramadan the many are living under restrictions because of the pandemic in indonesia the world's most populous muslim nation domestic air and sea travel have been temporarily banned. to hong kong where social distancing measures are being enforced is around $52000.00 students taking is most important academic test the university entrance exam was postponed last month because of coronavirus. brazil is reporting its highest single day death toll 407 more people have died from the virus putting its nationwide total above 3300 brazil is latin america's west country. european union leaders have held their 4th
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a video summit on ways to protect the single market from the effects of the corona virus outbreak is seeking a joint financial fund of up to 2 trillion dollars to recover the economy. in the gulf region another 623 cases have been confirmed here in qatar pushing the total number of infections 277-6410 people have died most of the newly confirmed cases are among ex-pat workers the emir of qatar has called for more global cooperation to combat the pandemic and its effects south africa's president says he will gradually ease a nationwide lockdown starting early next month cyril ramaphosa will allow some parts of the economy to reopen and has called on all south africans to stop wearing masks outdoors he says restrictions will be lifted slowly to reduce the risk of a spike in factions you have stated headlines got more news right off the al-jazeera wild life now.
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the. the.
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what is in the game and i'll be there going into one of it tonight but i will saw that one. young and if you. think you meant to name cannot humble as it. was. possible i thought i. should have been to get your commendation to do it i think it was both actually that allegation that i thought might happen office might become a problem for. national that what i think the who or how they got an extra 105 percent i bet i'm not the 1st i think you.
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know my. mom. my mom. was. i. i.
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oh yeah you're going to sit down all of. the intel like a. member of. congress or the silent city bomb and after the charge as i love you. might do in time gate you know john you had to. know i let you go i mean to do it on a few of my stupidity if you want me to write maybe you will but you don't know what you mean i have you know. just a hunch that the. john they would have been satisfied with here. he was. last year was you know 21 yes and you. may
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bow out and you want us out there tony. my last thought on these guys yes you can us all you want you may not. live. my. life i was. was. was.
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like. oh tell me i know. what i'll be this time like a minister said i'm off i mean listen i think it's a d.v.d. put him on a disk get it on. somebody good and i was alive by the way we. caught him when i actually. did and i'm not to be missed a lot when i miss ana i was muslim he would. make it very. often again when i'd be good in music one afternoon on the telly is he going to meet an idiot going to do is going to be committed to was he couldn't have only listen now. and she would spot me i stumble straight in what i've done i missed it i've sought to hang on to yeah he's been on beside us
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norah o'donnell. good. cheer on one. never. mind you know. was it that it has a thing that's a question that i'm just really. mutinous on the news and you know. and want to mine and i don't go with. them to look as you know with them without going to news not getting more signed on with them i did you take a job that only you noticed. was. 'd a i was going to buy a house about us without. us
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that. was. us was. in was. such that it's just. that was. that. was not the political guy that was looking at the cause of it was you know how to write came about it is our got to have what i
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thought not that we're going to have much time that's going to have that trying to have that clash of the. day you know. 3 months in with a new me that a stoic you know. it was you know it's a medication i was. i don't want to spit on them when asked what i would argue about about them both on all my show i did just about all was going to be soft you warm water if you got out i was just so looking like an afternoon enjoy it just it was understood something good was in the care of them what a pity maybe what it was who goes by what i've been to. us and what has been. chilled i was gone when. i sent
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a copy. if you see mom you know as i was telling the system going to shut up like i was mean after which a better way to millie so as you say the enough time to share them with decision i've done it and put it on his own by all going on she has either some. a state official with a funny. if the one on the. i'm what's mine none. it was about if i'm just. i'm a humble chorus what i'm with you on the other one i'm just a funny ass got on his. chin i came in when i let him he's just always yani i say how much he's all just. wasn't you know i don't. know anybody he.
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thank. you too may i was going to. race was not in the region i would want to follow. yes. i mean i was sure i would have the much more sense was that it was i would you know nothing i was more than i was going on back with you so i was.
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honest and so on just it's only. you know now after the last be sought after. that if not hope to give them a ticket joy. now we don't want going after me one with an iran yes a hard tough one and i joined with my thinking which i need young iranians and when john i was numb and wasn't going to i hope i'm committing one i'd keep as more i should take us out of. you know wasn't. joan rivers and isaac a confessional hung up on the news on end user. and welcome.
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to our. shore swordfish marzo was wooed by a joint task of one in each as in the list. of the euro we did it to talk. to a q. and order me and we went off the. top i'm going to run in situ i'm going into the gap with no room for thought so all my enjoy also to counter the heart of how to get aid when dragging it after a failure was a. rush. and i am with a task that someone having. was going to do your homework and share it with me after i moved out on the. hill i wish to listen to music then i said need to. do more as you wish down but you young muslim is busy they're in now the yet i'm only not on you you
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know there are hostility to. ensure it is in the game you seem to be. the most solemn on decision you don't he was really aren't a nice time i'm. better now i'm used to body language. i was coming up. the. food. you eat. 7 to eat. i like.
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the old. i. was . up up up up. up up up. cool.
9:49 am
cool i was i. i am. i am. was i
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was i was. was. thank god i was. was. joe you know on saturday mabel. to marjorie afghanistan team about on there was if you knowledge on amazon.
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cannot harm his team but on they. just need to harden was just not the haha ma'am all you could do what about him all although that you know is who is in the game on in a year to the i'm tinge amido about i just try to hold him on but i said i'm better at. it's. good. for you who was a load busy busy. of the. was.
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was. the 000000000000000000000000000000000000. 0. 0. 00000 you will. oh. oh. oh. oh oh. 1
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i'm a money i'm sad and i thought it. was i mean just auction. to afghanistan hawkish no i'm on a mission. more data a hard caddy to go hog monotone. for about identity reason. on hold enjoy the model hold his name in you know media. has said by the others that most. don't. mind. and i can when i'm with us.
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then one. morning more i love him i'm going to be i'm all began by yet i mean what i mean. that as in the. now afghanistan when i am all as. doing beyond mother monies. as how when she could buy them you sat down with. the rest to god and. i mean to lose it all thought not with how when i. called when i valued in need and care of them all to be to each other. for them. to get out of this i'm a home or a bad i mean to. about on the one now enjoy the hold it was that.
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survived. and. yes. it's. like like.
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'd 'd a year. like like. ramadan a time of spirituality reflection and gratitude raise the floats all the flags every color not. just the real world well how do you know how he reveals the stories behind some of the arab world songs and chance for the holy month this song touched the hearts of all arabs for ramadan songs on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences in similarities have cultures across the wound so no matter how you take it out just to. bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. down to 0. hollow because some quasi weather now pushing into southern parts of the arabian peninsula particularly into yemen further north we've got some more the way of cloud there between the black sea and the caspian sea this bad a cloud spilling out of iraq pushing into iran for a time and garage just nothing it's way of the race was here in doha temperatures getting up to 34 celsius on friday will most of us we don't want it to sas day $37.00 celsius is $99.00 in found high still a chance of one of the nicest just around the southern end of the red sea into
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those western parts of yemen joining up with the showers that we have around the therapy and highlands for threat and sioux ethiopia still a shock to some showers into somalia as we go on through the next couple of days and those showers they slide their way down into kenya rwanda burundi saying showers that's a suicide of the democratic republic of congo heavy showers there into central parts of kenya at this stage the showers the signal rains of course they continue over towards the gulf of guinea some of them alive beside cameron seen some big showers some parts of nigeria see some heavy showers as we go on through the weekend just want to see showers to into south africa with many it is fine and dry . it $21.00. but. when the news breaks over the night of the dumping of garbage into the river by the government is wrecked our lives when people need to be high and the story
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needs to be told to many coming to this place and the only time they have to eat at least once a day will be exclusive interviews and in down 2 points for obvious reasons as the world battles in from pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from around the globe al-jazeera has a team of them are grounds to remove brutal documentaries and life means. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in get a break sit down that was a slogan that won it for the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe but. sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home. people and power goes to the north german city where
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a humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective assimilation made. on al-jazeera. form. a sleeping giant the desolate streets of new york because the u.s. puts nearly 3 trillion dollars into fighting the effects of current of ours. is al jazeera live from doha with extensive coverage of the coronavirus crisis including. muslims around the world are urged to stick to social distancing guidelines at the start of the holy month of ramadan.


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