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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2020 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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conflict gaza we'd love some peace in this world especially ingersoll children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. order. the sleeping giant is new york's desolate streets as the u.s. puts nearly 3 trillion dollars into fighting the effects of current of our lives. but on the clock this is al jazeera live from doha without dates on the coronavirus crisis including. a lot of. muslims around the world to stick to social distancing guidelines of the start of the fasting month of ramadan. because shipment in years of saudi oil is heading to the u.s.
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we'll tell you why it may not get there. and tinkering with toys iran's mr fix it and how he's bringing more than just told to life. so then the figures are getting more mind boggling by the day on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the world's biggest economy and with yet another stimulus bill set to be approved by the u.s. president the government will have spent nearly 3 trillion dollars as it deals with the economic fallout the latest relief package was agreed to in congress during 2 sessions with members standing apart and wearing masks it's a 4th aid package so far and will support small businesses pandemic has made more than 26000000 americans unemployed in just 5 weeks trump though says the economy will bounce back quickly despite the number of cases and deaths continuing to rise and some states like georgia they're preparing to reopen their economies later on
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friday. economy will start to pick up very substantially as soon as the states get open and that's happening as we speak and it's actually very exciting and. people are just just thrilled to see it because our country has to get back to work they want to get back to work you see that whether it's a demonstration or just in talking to people they going to get back to work and they're going to get back to work very fast all right let's hear from roselyn jordan who has more on the millions of jobs lost. 4.4000000 u.s. workers filed for unemployment last week pushing the country's unofficial jobless rate to nearly 13 percent it's more evidence the cold that 1000 pandemic has damaged the u.s. economy if i do long and job the long hours and with my hat in hand is very well you know. the gentleman from asking congress is voting this week to spend another half a trillion dollars to help small businesses and hospitals but when it comes to
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helping state government reeling from the loss of business and personal tax revenues the republican leader of the u.s. senate says that's not going to happen yeah i'm a i would certainly be in favor of allowing that. route it saves some so there's no good reason for vailable my guess is their 1st choice would be for the federal government to borrow money for generations to send it down to them now so they don't have to do that that they are going to be in much more money if the governor of new york state who is a democrat called mitch mcconnell's comments outrageous yes airlines are important yes small business is important so of police and fire and health care workers who are the front line workers and when you don't fund the state then the state can't fund those services fictional sense to me what's more new york's economy is the 3rd
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largest in the u.s. and in the top 15 worldwide which means its survival as a financial and cultural center is key and u.s. president donald trump's decision to suspend immigration for 60 days on economic grounds could hurt the u.s. has ties with other countries indian officials are closely studying the order since hundreds of thousands of their citizens many who work for u.s. firms could be affected all that matters though to connie boyd in north carolina is her own economic future who say we're going to go back really not enough is going to be the issue next you know name is specified in that job you just don't know. the only certainty right now the economic pain is worsening rosalyn jordan al-jazeera. to indonesia now where the government has announced it will temporarily ban all and see trouble until june to tackle the covert 19 outbreak.
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the new measures come into effect on friday that's the start of the muslim fasting month of ramadan despite government warnings of social distancing many are still attending press indonesia is the world's most populous muslim nation. because you know this is our ramadan worship the holy reward is different if you pray and i'm off the cameras and running out of like the key is not touching other people so during the prayer i keep distance with other people not touching that we take care of ourselves so hopefully this way we can keep worshipping and avoid in fiction. but many other countries are facing a lockdown restrictions jews are the pandemic and that's forcing some muslims to change the way they observe ramadan. as more. for hundreds of years muslims used to go out into empty fields looking at the sky to figure out when they're done begins these days though clerics here in pakistan and elsewhere use telescopes to get 1st sight of the new moon once spotted
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ramadan starts. it's the holiest month in the calendar when muslims stop eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. the fasting allows worshippers to devote themselves to their fate and remember the sufferings of the poor. but during the unprecedented coronavirus emergency muslims are abandoning many of providence traditions and rituals. they won't be able to invite their loved ones the neighbors or the 4 to join the. evening fast breaking meal known as if. as 1900 spreads restrictions are being forced governments have closed borders imposed curfew years lockdowns and encouraged social distancing to contain the contagion islams holiest site in mecca is usually teeming with
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worshippers from all over the world during ramadan it's closed this year as part of the subject government's campaign to curb the virus spread getting people everywhere to observe social distancing in ramadan won't be easy the highlight of ramadan is the night of destiny where muslims believe their holy book the koran was 1st revealed to the prophet mohammad and where the gates of heaven are open muslims spend the night in contempt lation and prayers in mosques a ritual they are being asked to perform at home this time islam's most sacred month meant to encourage giulietti praying together and breaking their fast together may end up being a month of relative solitude. where there are fears infractions in
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pakistan could rise rapidly jerry ramadan the government there has decided to keep mosques open and people gathering to pray must follow social distancing measures but doctors have urged the government to muslim leaders to reverse that decision let's take this on we can speak to our course when it comes to who's in islam about 4 miles or religious leaders have forces through but to what degree the question is will millions of worshippers follow the social distance rules that that are being asked of. very difficult indeed because people don't understand the true meaning of social distances distancing story devon being told by the government nor a day that people have seen the likes of which before. showed that despite the fact that the government had poured their strictures on congregational prayers in the mosque the clerics then came out and threatened that they were
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defied those bans in fact some clerics defied it anyway that there was a race that there would be a confrontation between these clerics and the government and then declared experience today met with the pakistani president can range him that day should be some day should be some conditions under which congregational prayed will be allowed during the month of ramadan however dr that cross the country issuing their own warnings they asking their government and the clerics to act more responsibly because of the fact that they spend make is indeed very dangerous and the world health organization had already warned that if it gets done does not take the necessary action. over 200005 made so indeed a very big challenge for the government which as you know keep a close watch because the doctor they have been warning that it is going to put
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them at great. burden an already insufficient equipped medicare system that doctors are scared for their own lives so they have cause would be one thing that they're going to gauge and praise should indeed that they don't mean should indeed more of a harsher ban in order to prevent its pandemic or at that's a picture in islamabad commo height of things a lot. one of the oil producers cope with volatility because of an abundance of supply and low demand the biggest saudi oil shipments in years is heading to the united states but u.s. politicians according to time has to be turned around with domestic oil storage expected to be filled up soon and there are reports that the kingdom is exploring whether those tankers kind now be sent if washington does ban the $100.00 s. this ripple. a flotilla of saudi oil tankers is slowly steaming toward the united states and into a chilly welcome for a u.s. ally it's indicative of how desperate these petro states are to sell their oil to
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find a place physically to find a place to place their oil with the coronavirus driving all prices to historic lows all u.s. oil storage is expected to be filled in the next month the saudi move to occupy much of that precious storage space on the u.s. gulf coast has been called by some industry insiders an economic pearl harbor a hostile attack on u.s. soil a coalition of 13 u.s. senators from energy state goes even further calling it economic warfare texas senator ted cruz writes on twitter 20 tankers filled with 40000000 barrels of saudi oil are headed to the u.s. this is 7 times the typical monthly flow my message to the saudis turn the tankers the hell around cruz says the longtime u.s. ally is exploiting a pandemic to kill the rival american shale oil industry some analysts say he's right what the saudi arabia rightfully doing as any other oil producer is to get
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rid of the competition and competition in this case is expensive oil shale oil expensive to produce. u.s. leaders have long nurtured strong bonds with saudi leaders even since the rise of shale oil helped the u.s. overtake saudi arabia is the world's largest oil producer $3000000000.00 the fact that saudi leaders are now willing to risk the anger of their american allies suggests they believe the world's oil glut won't end anytime soon with much of the world on lockdown few drivers on the road and fewer planes and ships are using fuel oil prices are so low they briefly hit negative territory this week at the chicago board of trade that left some sellers actually paying buyers to take it off their hands now many producers are simply storing it and waiting for prices to rise.
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the u.s. can hardly turn the ships away the saudi government owns them ot the oil refinery in port arthur texas america's biggest issues with crude. refinery you know. market oil you must just buy your own oil even as american politicians lament the saudi incursion the ships sail ever closer john hendren al-jazeera chicago. there's more coronavirus coverage ahead on al-jazeera including we look at what's being done to keep hong kong students safe while they sit important exams. taking. a stroll ians under quarantine or adopting pets to help them cope.
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hello welcome to have a look at the international forecast for the usual widespread showers across southeast asia some of them started to push away to the east side of the philippines but last the sunshine more sunshine than showers across a west or whether they're just pushing into this basin fringes of vietnam some heavy burst of rain in the process and some west of weather too just started to fade its way into we're thailand again more the west sunshine than showers but certainly the heat of the day we are going to see more of the showers just brewing up and that's the case to prosecute parts of malaysia indonesia is generate friday shall we say will be few and far between as is the case of us across australia was settled and sunny here lots of fine weather got this band of cloud which is going to just slide through the bites and we will see temperatures cooling off over the next couple of days a 25 there in adelaide 22 in melbourne puts a sweater weather will just start to sneak its way across southern parts of the way through the nullable just pushing down towards adelaide and as we go on sunday
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there's that cooler 20 celsius in adelaide a fair bit of rain there some welcome rain forest suggest and pushed way down into southern parts of new south wales with cooler fresher weather coming in behind and into new zealand. for 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to meet the remarkable people risking their lives to help the decided in war torn afghanistan on al-jazeera. save humanity i really really not getting anywhere. you're.
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right again you're watching out your mind about top stories and i mean the u.s. government will be spending nearly 3 trillion dollars to respond to the train a virus pandemic that's off the politicians in the house of representatives passed another $484000000000.00 in relief. muslims around the world to beginning to mark the 1st day of the fasting month of ramadan with countries facing look down restrictions because of the outbreak many communal practices are being done in seclusion. saudi arabia may be forced to reroute tankers sailing to the united states filled with 14000000 barrels of crude oil u.s. politicians are calling for them to be turned around and with domestic coal stores expected to be filled up to. what tens of thousands of students in hong kong
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a city important to academic test during the global pandemic straight health measures are in place to ensure that 52000 people are safe students wore masks and had their temperatures checked schools have been close for most of the able students learning online instead despite the precautions some say they're still concerned about the health risks sarah clarke has more from a testing center in hong kong. this is one of the $350.00 examination centers set up across hong kong with the final year sick of the students taking their final end of year exams these tests had been put on hold but the government gave the education bureau the go ahead just last week after decided that the number of coronavirus cases had been falling and it was safe to allow small groups together now a number of tough social distancing measures have been put in place to avoid human to human contact the students and the teachers have also been trying to deal with emergencies we will like. i'll be back to do whatever we can to make sure that. the proper exam that they have been spanned. to be
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one of their memorable moments no regrets despite the 2nd precautions that have been put in place some students have told others here that they're concerned about large groups gathering in one place the risk of an outbreak of the crime but if the government records a spike in the number of cases in hong kong these exams will once again be put on hold it's. a small group of protesters has returned to hong kong financial district a show of support for the arrested pro-democracy activists they will matson kept apart from each other because of distancing restrictions last week hong kong police arrested 15 prominent opposition figures in connection with last year's mass demonstrations. philippine president roderigo deter has threatened to impose martial law now if the 2 soldiers a scorching aid to villages were killed his comments come as strict a lockdown measures have been extended until the middle of next month to contain the spread of the virus and quarantine moves will continue in the capital manila
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until may the 15th but restrictions will be eased in low risk areas. but. if the lawlessness continues killings here and killings there and it's happening all over the philippines maybe i will declare martial law because n.p.a. fighters are primarily crapping help intended for the people plus supplies and food meant for them i'm mourning everybody and putting the armed forces and the police on notice that i might declare martial law there will be no turning back. brazil is reporting its highest single day death toll with $407.00 people dying from the virus and that takes the total to more than $3300.00 at least half of those are in the state of south power which brazil's epicenter for the pandemic a president has dismissed scientific advice and has led a number of anti lock down protests. cases in ecuador have nearly doubled to $22000.00 after a backlog of tests were analyzed now the 2nd worst hit nation in the region after
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brazil the government has begun storing bodies in refrigerated containers as morgues fill up ecuador has nearly 600 confirmed deaths and hospitals in peru very increasingly strained after cases surged past 20000 as double the number of last week a bodies have been kept in hospital hallways and health workers say they're being forced to read use mask. but in your acquired decline in the number of infections you've seen some schools reopening in rural areas they've been closed for months tendence will not be mandatory. for there has been criticism of u.s. president donald trump suggesting that people inject u.v. or disinfectants into themselves to treat coronavirus made the comments at a briefing after u.s. officials said the virus appears to weaken more quickly when exposed to it. supposing we hit the verde with a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful late. and i think you
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said that has i'm a check but you're going to test it and then i said supposing you brought the light inside the body you can which you can do either through the skin or. in some other way and i think you said you're going to test that sounds interesting right and then i see the disinfectant but knocks it out in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like that. injection. or almost a cleaning as you say gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number of so be interesting to check so that you can have to use medical doctors with. a doctor also a layman's achieve program officer of the u.s. national association of county and city health officials and he says it's too warm too soon to say if a woman temperatures will slow the spread of the virus. the world health organization another some come on board didn't really mention the need to really be
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very cautious as to the use of u.v. radiation or u.v. exposure as a disinfectant we know that it works on things such as mask and other things of the nature but when you speak about exposure of the human being in the body it's not something that is fine recommend we do know that the half life of the corner virus can be $1000.00 star scope into is roughly about 2.7 hours in an area slice fashion that much is now in typical temperatures and at one for 65 percent relative humidity we know that the virus for system different surfaces whether it's plastic metal cardboard and on the skin and other surfaces in different different time frames what we don't know is truly the impact seasonality is there really going to be a difference that we see sort of the summer climates or time frames of temperatures versus the more spring like conditions on the winter conditions that some of us when we're not and now you think about that and even look at where viruses spread
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across all across our country our world not only in our country where you think about florida as well as new orleans which tends to have higher humidity but also the the caribbean in other parts of afghan latin america and even southeast asia which are more were more you know relatively humid and we're still seeing the spread of the virus there. the world health organization is warning the number of malaria deaths in africa could double this year and to malaria campaigns in the distribution of insecticide nets and medicines have been disrupted by corona virus not damages shows aging governments to keep up the fight against malaria or risk seen the worst death toll in 20 years. south africa's president says he will gradually ease a nationwide lockdown starting early next month so around opposers says some parts of the economy will be allowed to reopen and has called on people to start wearing masks outdoors he says its strict quarantine restrictions will be lifted slowly to
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reduce the risk of a spike in infections. imagination's says israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank violates international law and deals a devastating blow to a 2 state solution comments at a security council meeting follow the us secretary of state saying it was up to israel's new government to decide whether to do it or not our diplomatic efforts and james bass has this report of israel's new coalition government a deal between benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz means the possibility it will an expanse of the west bank is now much more lightly i know your forte but mr nikolai could well get in a virtual session of the u.n. security council the man in charge of middle east peace efforts for united nations said that would be a disastrous step for peace in the region but suppressed. the dangerous prospect of an excess israel parts of the uk right most bank is a growing threat it's such
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a home were implemented it would constitute a serious irish national law. damage devastating blow to the 2 state solution cost of not over your will of negotiations and threaten efforts for advanced regional peace the palestinian ambassador riyad mansour made it clear it was time for an international conference on the middle east the international community must it beauty it and demand a halt to all annexation measures do not fall prey to the pretext crafted by israeli officials now the excuse of the pandemic to divert attention from these crimes is israeli counterpart danny down on said while his country had been helping palestinians during the covert $1000.00 out break the response of been what he described as hate and anti semitic incitement. one security council member the ambassador of indonesia told our jazeera in an interview that israel shouldn't be
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contemplating illegal action at any time but especially not during a pandemic and it becomes a double your party a meaning the issue of occupation and also an issue of an emmy so i think the international community makings as to ensure that there are. are the necessary assistance the necessary humanitarian assistance and also to ensure also that the occupying power on place with the many u.n. resolution it's pretty clear among the security council the u.s. is the only country that would not object to israel an exciting part of the west bank however can the other members of the security council take any action to stop it while the u.s. is a permanent member and almost certainly it would block any resolution using its veto power james pays out 0 at the united nations you know a new toy can be a source of joy for a child but in iran economic sanctions to make it harder to get consumer goods so
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one man is doing his best to put a smile on children's faces same as ravi has more from terror. there is a small shop where the pieces of broken toys are put back together again. we're giving new life to old things has been a family tradition for nearly 50 years if you are someone you love have a favorite toy that needs fixing there are people here who are able to help and i've said on. this doll belongs to my daughter thankfully they repaired it because it was very expensive we're under sanctions and it's a canadian product if we could send it back they would exchange it with a new one but here we have to bring it to be repaired. many of the toys that come through the door have sentimental value for the owner but sanctions have made good quality toys hard to come by what is available is expensive so iranians also find it cheaper to repair than replace we enjoy living
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a life back to something that is broken and it gives you a good feeling the brothers are often the 1st to see the broken toy they say there is no manual for this kind of work. is mostly mechanical easier to fix newer ones require a working knowledge of electronics circuitry online research spare parts they can't buy they make in house whatever it takes it disappointing a customer does not seem to be an option. started to the original choice of using the 7 stone because of the coronavirus he doesn't come into the main shop and the sun's the front end of the business while he continues to repair children's toys from his workshop at home. began his career at his father's workshop in iraq he opened his own business after his family moved to iran in the 1970 s.
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the money. my father used to repairing phones as a kid i always spent my time with him i. i used to see the mechanical movements in the gears and i love them so i used to buy broken toys and repaired them and my father helped me fix them seeing a girl or boy happy when their toys are repaired brings me joy. this room in a small house and old to ron is a sanctuary for lost and forgotten toys once perhaps a child's favorite thing now a little worse for wear but on sub us table they all get a 2nd chance. his work he says requires patience and creativity and from gramophone aerial drones 3 generations of the family business is a reminder what is broken can be fixed zain busser aviel jazeera iran. but his restrictions keep people away when australia more people are adopting
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pets from animal shelters have residents can believe that homes for exercise using the opportunity to walk the dog at pet owners also say that dogs and cats help them to put feelings of isolation. it gives me company say during the day off and if i have kind of painting meetings for a while any nice i've stuck to come over to where i'm working and kind of put these poor happens they add lack of path now. to this is out there these are the top stories in the u.s. government will be spending nearly 3 trillion dollars to respond to the current of our us pandemic and it's off to politicians in the house of representatives also not the $484000000000.00 in relief. muslims around the world are beginning to mark the 1st day of the fasting month of ramadan the country's facing lockdown restrictions because of the operating many communal practices of being done in
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seclusion. but in pakistan there are fears that infections could rise rapidly during ramadan the government's decided to keep mosques open and people gathering to pray must follow and social distancing measures that has more now from islamic. that world health organization had already warned that if i get started on our date the next 30 action. go over 200005 made going to have a big jalen for the government which after now keep a close watch because the doctor they have been warning that it is going to board them address get it green go overboard in an ordered infiltration and the equip medical doctor i think cared for their own. god would be one thing that they're going to gauge and pray. that they go on. board a more harsher ban in order to prevent that pandemic saudi arabia may. be forced to reroute tankers sailing to the united states filled with $40000000.00 barrels of
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crude oil u.s. politicians are calling for them to be turned around with domestic oil stores expected to be filled up soon there's an oversupply of oil in mid to low demand to to the corona virus outbreak streets health measures are in place is 52000 students in hong kong so it's important i couldn't make tests students wearing masks and had temperature checks schools have been closed for most of the year hong kong has more than $1000.00 cases and has reported at least 4 deaths. philippine president roderigo deter its threaten to impose martial law after 2 soldiers a scolding aid to villages were killed strict measures in the philippines have been extended until the middle of next month to contain the spread of the fires. that's a jump start with headlines here got more news here on our right after one of one africa throughout history behind has come together in our darkest moments
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this is a moment for pretty much the opposite where retreat from the world could actually save every generation has its moment this one is ours ringback. it's a sad treat at the station house a day 6 days a week to work here is fast and furious but it's not because on machines that they build in its bodies one percent it can leave at a time. this says he sees the red cross is all defeated center in afghanistan has been a lifeline for people with disabilities victims of a strong.


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