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tv   Afghan United  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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it's like nothing you've ever seen and. what we want to know is how do these things affect people we revisit make take even when there are no international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist the. hello again i missed. the headlines on al-jazeera now the daily death toll from the coronavirus in europe's hardest hit countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month there's been some relief for children and spain who have been allowed to leave the house for the 1st time in 6 weeks it's hoped that other restrictions will gradually be relaxed that in baba reports. it's been 6. 6 year old mark perry. let's be the. kid of his 800 some physical activity and the lack of that those activities outside is sas
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acting him somehow his more never said. this is to manage. sometimes. since the lockdown came in adults have been allowed to go out for essential reasons but children haven't so sunday was a big day for market people. the new rules apply to children up to the age of 13 only each adult is allowed to go out with up to 3 children for one hour and no further than one kilometer from their home. they still have to observe distancing as this drove reminds people mean they can't beat up with their friends and parks remain closed in most places but specialist suborned of the effect of the lockdown on children's health and mental well being and this 9 year old is certainly missed just getting out while you were at. the street so i missed the
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streets and the park and feeling the air on my face and i never thought i would miss school but i really do spain has the world's 3rd highest official coronavirus death toll but with the number of daily deaths fawley the government's hoping to ease restrictions further from next weekend's new study. i would like to announce that if the evolution of the pandemic continues in a positive direction as it is doing so far actually starting from may 2nd and people will be allowed to go out to individual physical activity and walks with the people with whom they live however always in the conditions laid down by the health authorities. that. it was somebody. i knew there isn't happening but that doesn't stop them celebrating with people dancing traditionally sybian assuming balconies and generally enjoying the chance to let their hair down the city council may hold the event in september as part of the plan to recover the tourism industry. for. the right now there's
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a cautious optimism in spain as people take stock of how many leaves the course is has already taken. the. well is lee will also begin easing restrictions. on my job at the. from me for the wholesale sector will restart but it is obvious that we'll need a market and therefore from 18 we expect to reopen the retail sector from then we're also planning to reopen museums exhibitions and libraries and sport teams can resume training we also hope that june 1st will be the date for the reopening of bars restaurants beauty salons and hairdressers basically all personal care activities and more u.s. states are loosening lockdown measures as the nationwide death toll there passes 54000 montana is reopening places of worship while colorado's stay at home order has expired on friday georgia became the 1st to reopen most businesses despite warnings from health experts while the world health organization has clarified its
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position on coronavirus immunity it says while most of those who recover will develop some level of protection it's not clear to what extent north or how long and china says there are no remaining coronavirus patients and hospitals in the city of where the disease is believed to have originated late last year as reported no new deaths fell for the 11th straight day but questions remain over the accuracy of the data on saturday the u.k. removed china from its official coronavirus death toll comparison shots. and south africa has sorry south korea has confirmed 10 new coronavirus cases over the past 24 alice that's the 9th consecutive day it's reported fewer than 28 new infections saul has begun lifting social restrictions on next stop it's al-jazeera wild afghan united.
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which islam was not somebody on the bottom was it still going. on was a long time i know the tribes know i'm still in a. lot of other boys who are trying to be getting a. lot. but you know this. was going to. be slow going to give. you a list like you.
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will be going out on. the world show and i was i was going to you know the show i think we. should be. able to enjoy. what he was the. binnacle what the russian bomb was going to be just meant that i said to mrs albright well yes well you know if only all stood there for on the i want to shore sort of my life i would still buy them all. but i'm walking along going to 5 we're going to go back.
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i mean i'm just. gonna. chill give. them a doing it she's got to commit another get on. the set i mean i mean it was a nice. piece of. you behind. the cut that out when you. come. i know. all. of that was on the show then.
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i'll go walk all go up. there and then be able to go on and on the show was a mess out of saudi this is sort of i've got on this i'm not a woman i'm kind of committed. 6 and i don't really know that anything about it without on what i found the thought of i began with the thought go thought. we were. well the heart of it don't you know what talent one how many mind you are doing your own with. 1000000000 with a cell phone a. 100 nay a comedy did him no joke genesis omitted him the beach in a. fully even t.v. screen. to control. the t.v.
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your dad's the one about the. junk you believe you had. with him with a little starter. home with your parents or. we didn't your mother. by the show might enjoy worlds. so there will be. a home. to be non as. cooling off the record by some nam ticket vocalisation lady or yes does go in this with you before that i'm with. my 500 mr more than i can see how it is going for 1. 100 of around enjoying a one off one of the off side of the house and i wish all the washing when i asked him very afghanistan. afghanistan or bar them from selling a machine when i wasn't shot at but i want to have had but enough so i'd get in more tony with down bad though i don't put down i will thank you while one with
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a missionary went off and when they were having their knowledge and found their element was there was no modern i'm on there i can feel a bit share model. and i get very much i had an impassioned team there on their. opposition to me. has been easy. for us to get on the 1st iteration. of love to watch of others. learn. not after you afghanistan not after the hired man in iran yet news. for me which i love a lot but she far left and one day before i'd hear more right now i will thank you i guess. i forgot how we're going annoyed with her now and.
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then maybe i don't have any i would love to. call off the bulb in one user. name and only one which. course you have to show me you have to choose which order to refuse to 1st know it's your wishes and you really. are. never a. bit of. afghanistan . you don't. leave there is that stylish with. your head on bad ass chance on the economy is adequate as. you know. they can been on your own by them i mean john after my decision that some
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. people or bomb identity down in get of them. but i'm going to show mine this is. no hostile missile that afghanistan you know you don't go to your admission. you are there i've done been on a chicago money than. i'm going to. show them but i'm sort of caught. when i. think it's a missed them too in court. i am with that angel. who is a beast on barge other young wanna. be more nice. i thought. i scored a soft and one bit that. courthouse door said i'm a let me. down more on why are they gone to the nearby ones in
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the in. this mess. with us them in. the. morning i'm. done him call. me game course.
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that saudi ice cream go to the. cuban officer show you. should worship should those. it's what. all this talk about was just. yards from our budget without him on his in the game i mean as if the whole media. by the battle because i give obama who's in the game now bootsie mission bomb jaimie show me that i thought about 30 shadowy only did it out so that even the whole them would. not have as yet afghanistan. and iraq was a short walk to shoot when it will cost of course that was very bizarre i'm usually join as an economist. not serve as a human. and if you get it you.
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show me the void to chart a gain at the. idea behind by admitting yes i had to give an account of the economy to me but i'm able to. enjoy those any down time that the rest assaf that it as you not understand i'm going town hall you commit the name to john and i'm his on him son team bush the bush. sell us a school who was here which i said i didn't sell or was it was already been a. large area that had little. more than a salad it's not exactly what they're worth an hour that's the year you have wondered why on the additional race bill hader was the one i have and this is any
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question he has yet to be sure. my basma log said of course i mean i was one but maybe not the one in real maybe i'm each going east. that needs more than is better than other because another way because as an officious article of the south isn't there because i'm not a mom but a mom was good that sort of call was have the effect of a bit of us a woman on the ship the other a lot in other cultures can easily as the other a little ways. than they can muster been reduced of course for them that's invisible for them the lot of us the wish of cheesy but the number who show recently is almost a moment in pushing without cost another stumbling but i haven't always time enough what is on the court much we're going to let out of and by the actor money. you'll join. us in iran calling you know they've got much to get home if we know them without reading another and what everyone can enjoy the food what dr shall come on
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i'm an import can i mention about him joining in a much enjoyed oswald wish him william do what it was going to push me out not misha to sound always your i'm afraid what about a messiah got me a hobo on the go football be no more that mustn't begin if you're the same could be heard in my new mission to. you know as i want to follow mother angel path before the record oh mother or the the gonna last. this will if to hold out to the gun cannot assassin i got thomas quoting ariel but betty an artist. who is adamant that she isn't over those left. that's the best audiences that he that said i love because it was my assuming edition of him go to her i can count.
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on the fishman the i'm going to have i'm sure you've seen the only one who will be in that area because. person doesn't and the other has been that. well i'm not just because a good company don't want to fit one of them one of the not from one of the actually do get several children negative after the government but was going for another general so it won't be different if i don't make out accounting the monday but most of what it was about them got for their numbers shot at each other on the road to get a city bureau or did the chicago buy told us yesterday that if you want to you buy told us that they're going to go to but you have to. go on with education what i've done even national and i will be talking about the 2nd mission a school i forgot about to me that's number one and try to love me but as i'm sure mother took it it was it was good and i should want you to be able to get on with my son let me try to keep it on another note that's you know you do not doesn't mean that you know i'm sorry i don't want your hook and your gene i said that's the amount of the d.n.a. as you really did i will be at it on the cross and that's when yeah but when i don't that i don't have the audio i must either wish i was gonna say one of the
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horrible can it be all good i'm sure with a car not a cheap jam in a coma but you want almost responses and spawns that i had that was many are questioning today a question or a question i see her for not meeting the guy and more this person it was act jack as the apostles farthest off. me which are among buses in audio as in any hour he put a stop sign up we've been out up we all might any opportunity by sitting on the money idea i guess there's no going on gumption natio might agree on the way you going to trying out how do you know you have money i did but i got it all it was happens and . i stand. up i ain't. strong. the start of it. is like a last night of the world to realize
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a war so kudos for nuclear loss and sort of putting them on the hook for me 8 or more work or one or 2 words on one on one of my books is a rock national you heard was right on was long before that it was chanting the bad man. many i'm often on the team and he was pushy one of us yes i'm sure this was a robbery or mission which will not answer. from the concert. i would add to my wallet so i think about what a bit of a call out we shall be. in just as. bad as that you see i'm about to go. in that i'm more than a man a chance only 1000 with. that i'm bad as mine i'm his own big. neon by chicken yard was the. only thought i'm humming to any mission. as i mean i
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got on is in the v.o.a. and the. name of the ideato is as i. am. well ahead of us if we put in a short 100 team the band i'm able top one tire the compass and then on them catholicon nash i thought there was time to push. the random bomb beacham to show that i don't all of us that we have already made what jack short what i doubt the 4 that i got that we just had to go cause i'm told joe you know why haven't you done a survey going to last
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a month to stay we're told she's i was on some of the normal that i want to do or that's not going to cut down for the turnout was all and if you want a job no high skill and a troll with that i don't know what up on a bum or do any show he did she how i'm not sure they should let you know this she . was going to this machine worked out what good is i see aleksey got it only the donations for that i was wishing. i could to visit it was that all i'm going to have some other the good with all i know is that i'm kind of national much into the fish i think i should have done much of you. as in not this up gone up then and will stand now in our. eyes not i thought it was time to put it you think everybody. in camp out i am sad how that film is shot at the gas. engine and i thought in anyone else i've been thinking about it either. is that out yet.
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you would. use of these. oh yeah but what about often what we are used to it's fun. for. them and then from the many if they will march through. anybody who will behold on all media and your cause and there's look you know a bit when he has yes but i'm going to have a smoke with him in one of the key njt upon the i phone going to behold i can nominate you. that they've been a family down for well over the beat any of us will go when i've known him ya meant that i think i hold that thought upside on the money well i nominate me off i don't know what it's. about she's thought i don't have to but here most of office goes hand out oh that's good that's good but i bought them on the whole i got to joining us it wasn't always i mean i was going up with.
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are hiding body gains we do a hand job so it would seem. barry jarman amazon assess all peace with endless failure has said it's also going to get better for them when you more you had the time you sat not only. cannot fathom on this you more john the one i sat in with about. this what was it exactly like i was still i was in the midst. of them and somewhat to the whole of the injured is a version of another much as i don't want to harm i phone but i knew i thought it useful. now so i jot side. by side of this without anybody at all that is the. bearer. of the lot of them even one that has clue what it's going to look at what i don't know now that i will
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back that up with that which i did they are sure yeah. sheesh don't cha i did your best and how about that. time i said. there's. nothing in this now i'm just want. to shoot and i'm stuck with him and if i'm going to get numbers that i'm watching jack you're the one that you'll kiss with angel or someone with him or if you mean you can't even ask him back into account i would naturally give him a book in the end there. then he didn't want a more useful moment. it could push even though she was into it and to me it would do what has name was going on and you don't have to push him but i know. it's
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a little slow but i don't want to deal. i'm sure you missed the earth but it was divided monthly budget which was about the bengals try a covering monday for the village oh. sure to do over you know it's not as if i'm writing honestly i mean i've really got to get near the now young irishman know my stuff and understand how and he's president enough when he was over. the us or of iran or for to kill him is the key for a. wish it was. so it will get your. i see mr bastable socialist or john as a moment when you could couldn't get in without either the real and i did not know the. iraq war or was. it brutally honest with you not the going after i've asked you said i was you don't
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you got my. letter to the i. that this was the no we can't was going over how the war you know. all of this asked if i didn't really believe. what team over there i did proud of woody or. others here the other question is she of them were. more published more than before the mission you know and with whom i know only one thing bad about him here and now for the house i wanted a house that has left him with a cuban pot in washington but i know he doesn't want to give this a lot of thought i'll just be done with it i don't wish it neither old nor that half assed that. i get to for us know if it did in your forties metropolis record english or whole bit of clothing joys i would have ordered a moment of. your own people busybody relationship.
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manically a maternity missionary john but i'm here as you know rhythm of the level of intimate around corruption shiloh who live in tamil down the road became i did it to him a little financial madame's in europe and what a nice year down there joy is on which again mountains got our homosexuality already joined the army often times when we get our sheet imaginable from you cork of. joy that i don't want you know all of us. has. admitted you see on all redemption. but the audacity of others who already thought of the earlier others in the immediate or that there was what there was to my use of a garden. made on al-jazeera will president roderigo to tatay succeed in shutting down t.v.
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giant a.b.s. c b n by may the full will have special coverage al-jazeera world selection of the best network documentaries includes the story of on sunday gyptian composer and musician at least my despite the coronavirus pandemic holy crisis ahead with the presidential elections by postal ballots the emmy award winning faultlines is investigating the united states and its role in the world and in the u.s. election primaries presumptive democratic nominee joe biden strives to reach the official delicate threshold made on al jazeera. 67. pound promise. but disaster and. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that
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changed the middle east. seeds of discord on al-jazeera. the the old. her again i'm a star and are with the headlines on al-jazeera the daily death toll from the coronavirus in europe's hardest hit countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month and spain children have been allowed outside for the 1st time in weeks italy with arabic and easing restrictions to my job at the local minstrel ingle so for me for the wholesale sector will restart but it is obvious that we'll need a market and therefore from 18 we expect to reopen the retail sector from then we're also planning to reopen museums exhibitions and libraries and sport teams can
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resume training we also hope that june 1st will be the date for the reopening of bars restaurants beauty salons and hairdressers basically all personal care activities and more u.s. states are loosening lockdown measures as the nationwide death toll there passes $54000.00 montana is reopening places of worship while colorado state time order has expired on friday georgia became the 1st to reopen most businesses despite warnings from health experts while the world health organization has clarified its position on coronavirus immunity and says while most of those who recover will develop some level of protection it's not clear to what extent nor for how long. china says there are no remaining coronavirus patients and hospitals in the city of lu have where the disease is believed to have originated late last year it's reported no new deaths also for the 11th straight day but questions remain over the accuracy of the data on saturday the u.k.
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removed china from its official coronavirus death toll comparison shop south korea has confirmed tend new coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours that's the 9th consecutive day it's reported fewer than 20 new infections so has begun lifting social restrictions yemen's government is warning of a catastrophe off to southern separatists declared a self rule and says they were in control of the port city of aden the said the southern transitional council is accusing the government of mismanagement and has announced a staged imagine see hundreds of venezuelans trying to get home from colombia stranded on the border it's closed because of the virus threats many say they're having to sleep there and haven't eaten for days well those are the headlines now it's back to al-jazeera wild afghan united. throughout history humankind has prevailed in our darkest moments coming together to face the very
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thing that would extinguish our light. this is not one of those moments. at all. this is a moment for pretty much the opposite for hiding for laying low. not being is also. saving humankind by really really not getting near it. we're playing games staring at screens staring at any. all of the stuff of yours. every generation has its moments where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who will come after a higher purpose this one is ours.
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that. i am. all.
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just. what is in the game and i'll be there going into what i did tonight but i will saw that one. young and if you all. think you meant to name the body cannot humble as it. was. oh my i thought i. should have been to get your competition to do it i think it was both actually that allegation that i thought might happen office might become a problem over to the question that what i think the who or how they got an extra $105.00 shall not be the 1st yes i mean.
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you know my. mom. my thought. was. i. i.
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oh yeah you're going to sit down all of. the intel like a. member of. congress and the silent city bombing after the charge as i love you. might do in time gate you know john you. know i let you go i mean to do it on a few of my stupidity if you want me to write maybe you will but you don't know what you mean i've you know. he still has to meet. john they would have been satisfied with here. he was. last year was you know 21 yes and yes to food. may bought and it was that they're
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going to. i lasted only just yes you can us all you want you may not. live. my. life i was. was. was.
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like. oh tell me i know. what i be this how my community post and i'm off and i know and i think it's a d.d. could am i just get beat on. somebody good i'm always solid by the way we. caught him when i actually. did and i'm not to be missed a lot when i miss ana i was miles knew he would. make it very. often again when i'd be good in music fun. fun enough to tell if you're going to meet an idiot going to do is going to be committed to was you can ever own a listen now. and sure you could spot when i stumble straight in what i've been on i missed it i've sought to hang on to you as been on the site because us
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norah o'donnell. good. cheer on one. never. mind you know. was it that it has a thing that's a question that i'm just really. mutinous on yours and you know. and want to mine and i don't go with. danish but i'm to look as you know with and without going to it's not going to move on and on with i did you take a job that only you noticed. was. 'd a i was going to buy a house about us without. that
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that. was. that i. guess was. one week. us. to say that it's just. us was. that. was not the good guy that was the cause of it because you know how to write came about it is our got to have what i
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have not that much and i don't have much time as they don't have the strength to have that lavish that i. put up. in within me that a stoic you know. it was you know it's a medication i was. i don't want to spit on them when asked what would i mean about it so ben goes down on my show i did just about oh was going to be soft you warm water if you got out i was just so you can like an afternoon enjoy it just it was understood something good was in the care of them what a pity maybe what it was who goes by what i. was and what i was bent for but i'm chilled i was gone when. i sent
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a copy. if you mom you know as i was telling the system going to guess i don't know a lot about meet up which a better way to millie so as you say the enough time to share them with decision i've done it on hope. and on his own by all going on she has either some. it's a devotional with us on here. it's the one on the. i'm what's mine none. it was about if i'm just. i'm a humble chorus what i'm with you on the other one i'm just a funny has got on his. chin i timidly when i let him he's just always jani i say how much he's all just. was you know i don't. know anybody he.
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was. was.
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thank. you it's may i was going to. race was not in the region i would want to follow. yes. i mean i was sure i would have the much more sense was that it was i would you know nothing i was more than i was going on back with you so i was.
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honest and so on just this one in you know now after the last be sort of after. that if not hope to give them a ticket joy. now we don't want going to an afternoon with a need on yes a hot afternoon i joined with my thinking which i need young iranians and like well john i was i'm going wasn't going to i hope i'm commuting why not. i should take us out of. you know was you know could you know. as a confessional going up afghan ya. know. and why don't
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you go on to our. chore swordfish marzo was wooed by a joint task in each as in the west and. the euro we did talk to a key. to a cure and order me and we went off the. top i'm going to run in situ i'm going into a gap where i was no wrong as i thought it's all my own also to counter the hierarchy i would aid when dragging it after a failure was a. rush. and i am with a task that's unwinding. and. was going to do your homework and share it with me after i moved out on the. condition which was a then i said need to. do more as you wish i was down but you're young muslim is that in now the jet on long enough and you know there are hostility again only. to
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ensure it is in the game you seem to be. the most solemn on decision you don't he was really aren't a nice time i am. better now i'm your body language. i was coming up. the. food. you eat. to eat. i like.
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the old. i. was . up up up up. up up up. cool. cool
4:50 am
cool i was i. i. i was
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either i thank you. 300 for i. was. joined on saturday mabel. moir afghanistan. a bad idea was if you knowledge on amazon.
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cannot harm has steam but on them by a mine matter just need to hold the most. the whole the harm him all you can do what about him all well though that you know it as it is and they give on. the i'm to enjoy me at all but i just try to hold him one but i said i'm going to. fix . her 'd own. the the.
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ringback was. the. the. the. the 0. 0. 0. 0. 00. 000000. 00. 00 0 1 1.
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it was a. lot about it was. that it was only i mean just. to afghanistan hawkish no i'm on a mission. more data your heart chad the heart monitor me going to. enjoy the model for this neighborhood. in baghdad has said by the others that. we don't. mind.
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and i can when i'm with us. then one. more i love him i'm going to be more than bad yet. as in they are now afghanistan her name was 9. own doing be. nice. as how when she could buy them you sat down with. the rest of god and. i mean you lose it off with. you needn't have them all to be to. be i mean to get out of this i'm home on a bad i mean to do you. mean when jacob i don't you now enjoy the stuff.
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i survive. with and. this. right you go away. like that. i don't know. i 'd don't know. as i do
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and. i don't know i'm either. a young as. i. 'd 'd say yet of. right. ramadan a time of spirituality reflection and gratitude raise the flags all the flags every color. the real world well how do you know how he reveals the stories behind some of the arab world songs and chants for the holy month this song touched the hearts of all arabs for ramadan songs on al-jazeera.
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hello there we've managed to have a break from those severe thunderstorms across the south and the southeast united states we have had some weather and some pretty brisk winds in the northeast but some good sunshine at the same time that people have been enjoying the fresh coney island in new york we'll notice how people dress with their coats on it's been fading pretty fresh meanwhile a very different scenario out across the southwest this is where the heat wave is really beginning and really setting in the temperatures are going to rise over the next few days so as a consequence of that thousands of people have been fucking here and so this
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particular beach hundreds of beach in california which is to the south but as i say these touches all set to rise you've got to some excessive heat warnings in place into california nevada across into and look at these temperatures 32 in l.a. by cheese day we've seen if you work in the way into the pacific northwest they'll continue to work their way across the central plains that nothing particularly heavy but the winds will be brisk but it's going to be pretty well with the line of rain showers across the upper midwest trading a lot of it down into northern sections of texas that is to say it really is about the heat so you can see here by this red where the very warm weather is going to be in place and this is what it does that's how much is look at this the 3 days in phoenix the average highs the wednesday up to 40 celsius. on counting the cost billions now say trillions. out the back. of
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all produce a coven. $1.00 plus u.s. oil on the line crude sinks into negative territory. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the arab. european countries west affected by the grain a virus record the lowest daily death tolls in over a month. hello again i'm the stars here today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up farm workers in the u.s. say they're very vulnerable to the virus we report from california western planting is underway. back to school classes in more parts of china resume after being shut down for months.


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