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tv   Afghanistan The Healers  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2020 8:33am-9:01am +03

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but. the blow to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. it's a fact treat that. as a day 6 days a week the work year is financed and furious but it's not because all machines that they've building it's bodies one to study them at a time. this is the red cross' all defeated center in afghanistan has been a lifeline for people with disabilities victims of. accidents and
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congenital illness but how many limbs they make the patients keep coming. one on one east meets the remarkable people risking their lives to help the disabled in war torn afghanistan. sunday morning in the afghan capital kabul. it's the start of the working week. and the busiest day at the red cross is both a puting and physical rehabilitation center. hundreds of patients have come for treatment some have traveled for days risking landmines and taliban checkpoints to
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get to. the other the inside physiotherapist karim. is doing her best to calm the newest patient to say they know guys are going to cut off that. 6 year old you surf hasn't walked for months ever since he was injured in the houston run car crash they all the by him i now go made most. other they all the behave the. way it ended up on the my neck and. my other using it. his grandmother says he's already been through several painful surgeries he's now terrified of doctors know all about her cargo whatever. it says i'm up a laugh a bit go to another one other my mother and others out the top become a lock on. because i never looked well higher cause i doubt he's a ducky. you know that. it's kareem is job to
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help you save from new york again but it won't be easy. i was going to him out there that are already there was i'm other than are we are these are mother these i want his legs are a mangled mess but she's more worried about the scars she can't see the child is very sad because. the other child is they walk and they it and i. but he's always that thing on the wheelchair. things maybe you know i walk. home. despite his injuries yousif is very lucky outside we meet his 16 year old isra who'd lost his leg in the same accident. he knew so for waiting for a bus home from the market when a speeding car plowed into them when he came in you know i was in
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a no. the driver tried to break but the car started flipping us over what you saw a voice hit it went flying into the ditch i'm awkward to all of them marches on doesn't look good. i was pulled below the car and my leg went under the wheel steering yonder with the car going down the clara pose. the question when i tried to pull it i saw blood pouring out it was everywhere all over my clothes i started screaming my leg humping my leg. is translate was completely severed but his worst fee is what feeds you so if i use a bill when i was a kid yusuf was in the children's hospital pharmacy and he went into a coma for 6 days the exam there was only a 5 percent chance that he'd survive it. are you i was crying a lot for you son or no i thought he was gonna. my family started to bring me
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pictures of you every day to prove that he was still alive yet none of them. ever since there is trouble hasn't taken his eyes off his nephew. use of small souls are so weak that he's going to need leg braces to help him stand that are the same people get. to see the but only got your cheek i got bill watch until the arm of vandalism on the ballot. recount band over and over and over to walk back to. the recovery is going to be even tougher he needs a whole new press that he call a. brother moment the older brother or her brother the family got. the ability.
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or. how about more more more on her show her that i don't want women or matter of them to buy the come out of. my father god to give him a walker what about a van we're going to be around us very fast right. now where you surf and this road ahead. but the work for these technicians is just beginning. over the next few days they will painstakingly mold the new leg braces and christie says for the boys devices that will change their lives. in the sushi years that this program has been operating in afghanistan they have made me leave to hunt. 3000 artificial limbs and treated almost 180000 disabled
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patients. will be on our muster the only place they can get help is here at this red cross center that i haven't seen in another place that provides this kind of free service. nobody knows how life changing this work is better than karimov. boy my daughter there made that claim i've had this leg for about 20 years i've never asked for a new one because i'm used to that. a patient surprised when you tell them that you have a prosthetic leg what you might buy when my legs are covered and nobody notices anything when i show them my leg that totally surprised by that they don't believe that was an artificial leg that they can walk normally my father mccormack them but then i show them why i tell them see my leg is artificial but i still come here and work out how they. first came to the red cross as
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a 13 year old patient at the time kabul was engulfed in a deadly civil war she was shot in the leg 4 times while walking home from her grandmother's house as a 1000000. when i regained consciousness my leg felt very light i tried to feel it but i realized it had been cut off the sugar will be here and that's when a woman becomes disabled she becomes invisible people think she can't do anything while at work it was hard for me to accept this situation. i couldn't accept that i could have killed myself on the whole she would. instead the red cross offered to train her as a physiotherapist when she finished high school that was almost 25 years ago since then she has helped thousands of patients just like. them because i'm disabled myself i understand their situation and i mean whatever they're going
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through i've already been through it. really how. do you. make them. the center has a policy of hiring people with some kind of disability just like their patients some of the staff have been crippled by in the says like polio many like a victims of the country's relentless war. for as long as i can remember that has been fighting in afghanistan and it will never end. the day by day the number of our patients is growing it's because of the war landmines suicide attacks. 'd
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are not. even by afghanistan's grim standard the situation here is becoming increasingly deadly a record number of civilians were killed and injured in 2018 in attacks by the taliban isis and pro-government forces some of the most brutal violence has accrued right here in kabul. we've seen incidents like rockets and bombs on. we've seen a lot of these horrible incidents it's been hard but we've gotten used to it. through good old the taliban has allowed great cross to stay open. a month after they took power the taliban came to our center they visit at the male and female. they were satisfied with our work and we carried on with our problems.
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but in afghanistan nothing is guaranteed. days into our visit we hear about a disturbing development the taliban have just announced their spring offensive against the afghan government and the military so what this means is that we're likely to see a lot more attacks but they're also saying here that the red cross will no longer be protected this is a really serious problem for the star and the patients at the center. it's not long before the news spreads are going to be more interesting for you to remember even when the senate isn't. in the women's department crema is also briefing they get you michelle almost and i was going to. give them freedom sometimes on anything but the. closer they don't think that my reason for them to bother to
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listen and have not done for a long. time left. you guys worried at all about your safety and i wish them on the journey all of us to live your life not a moment or. the humbling but in my call quickly that it was. one of the shots that. one of the staffie a seaman faced i'm struggling to understand why the taliban would ban the work of a humanitarian organization especially one that helps disabled afghans. it's too risky for us to ask the taliban in person so we called a spokesman you recently revoke the security guarantees for the red cross why did the taliban decide to do that. says the red cross has failed to deliver the medicine and services it had promised
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the red cross says they can't respond because they're still negotiating with the taliban. what we do know is that the organization supports clinics across afghanistan in areas where it's difficult to access any of the health care most of the people that work at the red cross and certainly all of the patients are afghans including members of the taliban and your families are you hurting your own people by taking this step i mean i don't. mean me but. talk when you. go. but just weeks after this fight the taliban did attack an american aid organization in kabul killing at least 5 people all of them afghans. back
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at the red cross there's been no sign of things flowing down the need is simply too great afghanistan has one of the highest rates of disability in the world in 2018 a record 12000 people sought help from the several rehabilitation centers across the country. people like isra and use if you can't afford private treatment. you know 5. 100 you went to. the office you know. it's a big day for the boys they're about to try on the new devices for the 1st time. they're pretty excited and they're not the only ones. this little boy has just been
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given his ulick and he could hardly wait to users. it's not long before the technician arrives with its rest prosthetic. to be. connected with the man and the another there. even now he can't help but to use his nephew's getting the family i want. but it's not all fun and games physiotherapists should be rock. that this is just the food stamp. term of your. i initiate kilmore hand in him nearly as much as a kid mel brought afghanistan we couldn't be sure to have been taught but on him brought us going to be getting on it's not only the rehabilitation of
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a missing limb we have to support him psychologically we have to change his mind. just accept it has to be really for the future. has treated thousands of patients like is struck he tells him the secret to his recovery is his mind why he should work beautifully could knock her off and i mean to me to me for making as much of a robot because the. mom must be quite accustomed. to her that point out of what sort of wonderful medical my you make out of the beginning i am a shackle point autists by humans would miss corke more pointed at the meetings in the yukon that this make. this one i'm with the 1st pallone make it the middle to pull only the middle of the pit the hottest one is in the hospital for lack of any 24 cutting that this is his mo tooth it's a choice that sugar love faced himself he's ago when he was just 17 he stepped on
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a land mine my group was born to my face was born i left my leg. there was nothing to say if there was no flash it would piss shoe on their blood i lost my my hope ali thought i was not very violent to be alive anymore because i was seeing very dark my future very dark he says the only thing that saved team was this job and the chance to help patients like is all that you make me quite the me one at. our fighting. bus. when i came to the prophecy for a job completed my life change but no i can be a man i can have my normal life i can be a normal person. and it give me a hope that i can live to forget different or does it all completely even the my
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family sometimes they forget him a disabled which i am happy of crap because they should not come see them as a visible people they should. see the table. this resilience is what he's trying to pass on to instruct it to florida to have a poison pill for your. past. but trying to motivate a traumatized 6 year old is another matter of fact i'm for them i'm a bit. better. after not using his legs for 6 months yusuf is struggling to stand little or. 'd karim is patient yourself as moment rather. than by that man. as the modern woman. but no matter what use of says she
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keeps pushing him. he has to use his legs to make them strong again. ok that you. know off. i suppose the force of the by size of them with. it's been a tough 1st day. getting used to this new reality isn't easy especially for. just a few months ago he was a confident teenager and a champion wrestler. but then his father died of cancer and a month later he lost his leg in the accident but. our life has changed a lot. we've become poor we've lost the head of our family. i
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used to go out with my friend in the moment i was the strongest amongst them. now i'm the weakest moments of life for them he makes me feel so bad he was one of the rugby. cricket i think about what i'll do in the future will i be a burden will i work as a laborer pushing a wheelbarrow. as i can't even push a wheelbarrow. instead of worrying about school or his next wrestling match it's run now worries about his family. i want to work to feed my family all of them and i don't want to baghdad anyone for help to have the son it's very difficult one i'm fed up with my life. is straw doesn't talk to his family about any of this instead he focuses on helping
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you so if. you don't want to feel often feel the other hand are going to be hard to call unity magic boston of the world being really going to have them on the most to get public you know what you're going to get. is strong has brought his nephews and nieces to the park is a trees it's a welcome distraction for everyone it's of good bound about you said has changed a lot once you know what he used to play with all the kids but he thought anymore he's become quiet and he cries a lot. he asked me why can't i walk why can't you take me out i'm. well you can learn that. they are do very much like me. that you would want to go one on one. with the little. yousif is still young
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so his chances of a full recovery a good but says his own future is going to be very different to wash he'd imagine a moment the other day visit guy came up and sort out the lung are you a cripple. the one as long clinician or i can get my old life back but you know all started you know like. i'll continue my education and get a job that's a. day off today i watch this rock come to the orthopedic center and practice house for war. it's a slow painful process she's gonna get her name that i have seen her do doesn't hold well and doesn't immediately he has to make very short steps but what went on in western now we've learned about now for a very little about you know just. a better cairo is the italian physiotherapist who has run the center for 30 years he and should work hand in hand to make sure
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the days on the right path. resemble the length of it were there. but no matter how difficult it is there are others here who are much worse off than is struck. he says seeing big progress and spies here to work harder. next door you surf is also struggling with never. let us out and. yes look i would like to follow. but after almost a week of practice both the boys are getting strong. and faster. for the giving wrigley. gimmickry. if you. find the day has come when they can take the new prosthetic and leg braces home
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possible use of them also make a name of. a hot army gather to get the one that could have to. buy the x. out. yourself it was maybe some of that machine. that we see. there's any whole boy your dog the one i gave us the one of. these how we did the money well that's what they said. that was with the most ringback. but. it. is also getting some parting advice from me that is when they get the. you know the . boy i did i wanted to look at more. wants to join the center's wheelchair basketball team and apply for the red cross' education program it's not only the mark of slowly working with i feel
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that i am helping the people is like me i help at least clear 4 or 5 people. at least one of them their life to be. like it in the future so that is why i stayed longer with atheists here and i live my life which are. across town istra and use of family is why i sing for them everyone is curious about the prosthesis. or speak. or. use or is also thrilled with his prices although not for the reason you'd imagine. a lot.
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more than seeing these cousins play and tease each other you'd never guess how much they've been true. poverty pain and the death of a family member. the future is still very much on sir but now at least there's hope. stories of abuse in aged care homes in the west to shock the world but there's no alternative when i want to speak to those sending elderly loved ones to thailand to live out there on how disease. the whole d.n.a. of al-jazeera is to deliver news of people who are subject to the decisions made by the powerful when you look call them feel about will again let alone the time of
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the fall for the old anything when you see big groups of people walking through your they're all individuals the children the law apes but with back story this place has become a complete crock full color written play no way to put all these people you have to hear all of them and to treat them with something within respect. with. the right. turn fully back to bill in doha with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera the daily death toll from coronavirus in the hottest european countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month italy which has seen the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world after the us well new senate slow down from early may people be allowed to visit relatives in some businesses will reopen but we'll go to my job at the local mr lingle so for me for the wholesale sector will restart but it is obvious that we'll need a market and therefore for me 18 we expect to reopen the retail.


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