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really not getting near every generation has its moment where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who come after. this is ours. al-jazeera. hello i'm not matheson and this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes fighting talk from britain's prime minister i see returns to work after his personal battle with coronavirus. this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor. tourist hot spots that have been lifeless for weeks now italy's days away from loosening restrictions.
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a song china is promoting as a dedication to the fight against covert 19 why the philippines says it's insulting . desperate but defiant bangladeshi workers breach lock down orders for a much needed wages and install formula one announces its plan to start the delayed 2020 season after losing it 10 races to covert $900.00 they hope to begin it with the austrian concrete in july with us spectators. britain's prime minister has returned to work vying to lead from the front in the fight against corona virus boris johnson was diagnosed with a virus some months ago and spent 3 days in intensive care in his 1st speech since
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leaving hospital he says the u.k. starting to turn the tide in tackling the outbreak johnson has pledged his government will outline plans for easing restrictions but he's warning of the risk of a 2nd wave. if this virus were a physical assailant an unexpected and invisible mugger which i can tell you propose to experience it is then this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor i know it is tough and i want to get this economy moving as fast as i can but i refuse to throw away all the effort and the sacrifice of the british people and to risk a 2nd major outbreak and huge loss of life and the overwhelming of the n.h.s. well john a house joining us from outside downing street in central london is certainly the one got the sense it was a rallying call from the prime minister john of what else was in saying.
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well they didn't have an awful lot in the way of good news to impart he made a sort of game effort at that this i think was an opportunity to show the public that the prime minister is back at the helm hand on the tiller right wrestling the virus like a mugger to the ground and other such metaphors boris johnson loves a metaphor but really you know there's no avoiding the fact that he steps into a storm of controversy of questions of criticisms in his absence aimed at him and his government's response to this crisis of perceived delayed response as britain sees its hospital death toll soar plus 20000 personal protection equipment still in short supply for health care workers on the front line testing nowhere near the government's target of 100000 tests a day by the end of this month but i think the most urgent questions now coming out of the lock down going into the 5th week of knockdown instructions here in the u.k.
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a devastating effect it's all having on the economy the public showing signs of restlessness restlessness of calls coming from all quarters for a sign of how and when this might all end what is the government's plan does the government even have a plan will boris johnson took the opportunity at the beginning of his 1st day back at work here downing street to try and put his best foot forward emphasizing what they was of the positive to emphasize real progress being made the curve being flattened the n.h.s. not being overwhelmed the beginning of turning the tide but answering those calls about when the lock down will be eased by saying he's not the time now the numbers are still too high that testing is still not high enough echoing the 5 general tests the government has set out for easing the lockdown and his message to businesses to people within his own party and to the public is contain your impatience here and join our lot of the criticism that you were talking about just a moment ago is actually directed at boris johnson personally as well listeners.
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yes there was a lot of that going on again in his absence as this crisis evolved over the past 3 or more weeks a lot of it i am directly at boris johnson who sort of jokey folksy style in the early weeks of the crisis back in february early march you'll remember he went off and visited coronavirus patients and proudly said to the media that these shook all of their hands he was talking about the effort to acquire more ventilators calling it off for operation last guy and it's emerged that he failed to chair a series of emergency cabinet meeting again in the early stages the so-called cobra meetings that are usually not always though chaired by the prime minister but it's all been seen as evidence that he didn't take things seriously enough that it was perhaps contributory to the slow response and therefore the crisis that britain is in now i think for the moment he carries the public's sympathy with him they know that they potentially could have lost the prime minister over this but it is not
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clear that that sympathy will last for long john holl bring us up to date on the situation in the u.k. live from london john a thanks very much indeed the prime minister's made no mention of the various criticisms all for him and his government the ones that jonah was talking about to recap medics across the country say supplies of personal protective equipment or p. p. e. has been insufficient the target of 100000 tests per day has not been met but in actually tested fewer than 29000 people in the past day there's concern the death toll is likely to be far higher government numbers refer only to hospital deaths but they don't include deaths in the community and in care homes corona virus has now claimed more than 20700 lives in the u.k. and hospitals with more than 152000 confirmed cases my good fellow as a journalist and a political commentator and london and she believes the prime minister's words and tone don't really match the reality of the situation. he talked about the people
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looking at the u.k. and apparent success in relation to corona virus actually we have at the moment have one of the death rates in the will and 20000 more than 20000 deaths in hospital and that they get seems to be much high if you take into account deaths in the community and deaths in cannes and you know these are not just figures on it and see these are human beings these are people across the country who have lost their family their loved ones and will be mourning a number of this very moment and i think it's quite insulting to boris johnson's take his turn to not mention p.t.e. shortages do not mention the crisis not ship social classes and do not even engage with leavening be any failure in these criticisms of government and i do also say is he used the analogy of the virus being something like and if there's a cool as a and he talked about being as invisible an unexpected mother and as well as we
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just liking this kind of natural language unplanned helpful it's also inaccurate useful not unexpected in so far as the u.k. had a bigger lead time than many other countries in the world more time to pass through this and it seems that government has not done that has not followed w.h.o. advice in terms of testing trades and not isolating and you know for a lot of public workers front line workers whether that we've been supermarket and it just that camera has people working in hospitals it is upsetting i think to hear the prime minister talk like this as if their experience in their day to day isn't happening at all and i would say that it's only a few weeks ago that adult choudhry and it just doctor was desperately pleading with p.p.p. and died from coronavirus there was a big disconnect between how the prime minister was talking and what's actually happening and i think government needs to engage with these criticisms not just the criticism sake that to learn from it into respond to those cases. well italy is
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preparing to emerge from the longest coronavirus lockdown in the west from next week people will be allowed to visit relatives and some businesses will reopen it's in the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world after the us but on sunday the daily toll fell to its lowest level in more than a month however prime minister conti's says people will still need to wear masks and observe social distancing we have got to imagine but they're committed to a legal so for me for the wholesale sector will restart but it is obvious that we'll need a market and therefore from 18 we expect to reopen the retail sector from then we are also planning to reopen museums exit visions and libraries and sport teams can resume training we also hope that june 1st will be the date for the reopening of bars restaurants beauty salons and hairdressers basically all personal care activities francesco jam pantone has more from milan and how reopening the plan will work. prime minister to the peckham to now last night how the country will and
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now and phase 2 of the pandemic italy will try to restart the economy without pushing the curse of the infections up again factories and building sites anything they were reopened from may 4th does this was the biggest announcement people will be allowed to leave their houses to go to work and also to visit their family social gatherings or anyway still bend and it's not possible to move from region to region sporting activities could be now practiced also far from home but people need to do to do it on their own and have to keep the distance from each other parks will reopen but it won't be possible to meet their shops museums and libraries can reopen from may 18th so if the new wave of cases will be allowed will be avoided other businesses will follow restaurants bars and
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headdresses will open from june 1st contests said that the reopening is allowed on condition that all companies involved strict the respect new security protocols in the workplace wearing protective masks become mandatory in no enclosed spaces anyway schools will remain shots until september and this will give families childcare problems for many months to come so when it comes to frank or is a journalist based in rome and she says people are eager for the lockdown to be lifted sooner than the government intends. many italians weren't exactly happy with what the prime minister had to say to them yesterday they felt many of them that more restrictions could be lifted and in fact they just see it as
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a very very long process and the. prime minister made it very clear that this was going to be a gradual reopening and this is extremely gradual because even the head dressers will not be open before june 1st and schools will not be opened or reopened until september many parents wondering what they're going to do with all their children at home while they have to start going back to work people here are suffering financially they are suffering and they really do need to get back to work and it seems that every time it becomes a lengthy approved says they were expecting that this lockdown that was meant to end completely by the main tools was going to be sell and in fact. it appears that now a lot of retailers will be opening until may 18th and certain other businesses
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can't open until as i said june 1st. germany has come about in the spread of coronavirus by making the wearing of mosques compulsory while on public transport they've been made available for free and cities nationwide for the past week germany has the 4th highest number of confirmed cases in europe fewer than 6000 people have died which is far lower than neighboring countries dominic cain is i'm ballin he says the wedding of mosques differs according to state. the mosque order is in place across germany in all the states the 16 states that make up the federal republic but the enforcement of it differs from state to state so in berlin from where i'm both posting right now the order relates purely to public transport so if you use buses like the bus station i'm standing outside now or trains or the metros
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then you have to wear the mask but the moment you step off public transport you can remove the mosque so if you want to go to one of the shops that have reopened in the course of the last few days you don't need to wear the mask elsewhere in germany you do need to wear the mosque the point here is that the decision making by the relevant state governments and by the federal government is informed by the science by the numbers being tabulated by grab a coffee institute which has authority in this area and right now it is thought that something around 2 and a half 1000 people are in intensive care perhaps 75 percent of them are on ventilators but equally fewer than $6000.00 people have died from corona virus in germany despite the fact that it has amongst the highest number of infections in europe and one other key statistic which is informing government decisions is getting up to around 3 quarters of all the confirmed cases of coronavirus have now resulted in the patients concerned recovering which explains why you see the mask
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order in place but loosening of restrictions and from from state to state but to more head on the news hour including authorizing that lethal force we'll tell you where gangs are being put on notice after almost 6 murders in just 2 days. spring planting has begun in the u.s. state of california but is it safe down there pulling no punches in one central american country as boxing continues despite the global pandemic. a song released by china to highlight its partnership with the philippines against the covered 19 outbreak is being criticized as propaganda it's been disliked more than 100000 times on you tube many filipinos say the lyrics are a thinly veiled attempt by beijing to reassert its claims over the disputed south china sea and all the reports from manila.
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the video is on you tube and the song is called east and that which in the filipino language means one scene the song was written by china's ambassador in manila. the video is supposedly dedicated to those to contributed to the 1000 fight in the philippines and china but it's causing outreach here mostly from filipinos who say the message is subliminal and insulting. calling this one c.b.c. is this graceful because china could use to encroach philippine territory in the south china sea but james they say. that you know it goes we'll. so what there is. because when.
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he was released just a day before the philippine government launched 2 diplomatic complaints against china chinese navy mounted a radar gun at the philippines biggest naval warship in the spratleys china also declared some of the philippine territory there as belonging to hina province on the chinese mainland the philippine government says international law and its sovereignty are being violated china's leaders are facing widespread criticism for its cover up of the coronavirus crisis it also denies supplying defective virus test kits and so it is building up its response even going as far as highlighting what it calls as failures of other governments * to respond to the virus emergency some chinese diplomats tweeted accusations that the u.s. is responsible for the pandemic in the philippines anger against china has been
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growing for years chinese who operate illegal online gambling activities have been implicated in murder and human trafficking in the philippines and the ramming of a philippine fishing boat by a chinese ship and then abandoning 22 filipino fisherman infuriated many others a few months ago contributing to low approval rating of china cheer critics say that it will take more than just what they call a propaganda video to improve china's image both here and abroad duggan al-jazeera manila. the white house official coordinating the u.s. response to coronavirus says social distancing may be necessary right through this summer deborah book says the country needs a huge technological breakthrough to expand testing before it can reopen the state governors remain divided with more beginning to ease restrictions or for morning this will go shortly to get
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a bill of his own to who's in philadelphia 1st white house correspondent kimberly hall could in washington d.c. kimberly so what states are slowly beginning to come back this week is their consent and whether or not this could lead to another outbreak. there's concern and there's confusion you've outlined some of the problems that many are experiencing at 1.90 percent of the united states has some sort of stay at home order right now as these states begin to lift there's public confusion over how that should take a fact what that looks like many people having to make individual decisions given the fact that some of these governors are partially reopening their states but the federal social distancing guidelines are still in place till the end of the month and as you pointed out dr deborah burke's one of the top public health officials on the part of virus task force saying that these social distancing guidelines will be with us in the united states until at least the end of the summer but over the
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weekend we did see some states lifting when it comes to bowling alleys tattoo parlors hair salons georgia south carolina oklahoma alaska those are some of the states that have those lifting zin then in colorado what we're seeing today is some of the curbside retail reopening but what we really see is a push here by this white house in fact we heard over the weekend president mike pence saying that he believes much of these stay at home orders would be behind us in the united states by about the end of may or morial day but again conflicting messages given that another public health official dr devore burks on that very same task force saying the social distancing guidelines will be in place much longer. kimberly we're so used to seeing president donald trump on our televisions i'm tweeting of course about the situation with regard to corona virus but you know seems to be sort of the front the media suggesting he may not be attending the briefings what's the story behind. yeah the president was
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visibly on social media twitter particularly very very angry at the u.s. media have spent much of the weekend venting at the negative coverage over what's been really a public public relations disaster for this president the issue in the coverage of his suggestion that disinfectant and also sunlight or u.v. rays injected or shine inside the body could potentially get rid of coronavirus or covert 19 so he lashed out as the media as his poll numbers have been sinking and that's led to some real soul searching here at the white house about messaging what we're hearing is that there will be fewer briefings the president may not be present after those briefings moving forward that's the big question mark what we know is that they are realizing the president's much better at the economic message than he is the public health message and so we may see him popping up now more at meetings with governors with c.e.o.'s essentially what they're saying is that this
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is the new crisis they should be focusing on and they want the president front and center and so what does correspondent kimberly hold her company thanks very much indeed on new york has being at the center of the outbreak in the u.s. but the other hot spot on the east coast is philadelphia america's 6th largest city has extended its stay at home order for about 12 days give it out as on those in philadelphia for us just give us an indication what the economic impact of this locks on has been there. it's been absolutely devastating not only on the city of philadelphia but the entire state of pennsylvania a very large state here in the northeast of the united states a population of about 12000000 people here in pennsylvania and the economic impact has been absolutely extreme as it has been on many states but particularly here
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just within the last 5 weeks or so about 1500000 people from pennsylvania have lost their jobs that means the unemployment rate here in the state is an astounding 23 percent this is the scene you're getting in many states around the country but particularly in states like pennsylvania just incredible amounts of unemployment because of factory jobs manufacturing jobs restaurants tourism here all of it is just been completely shut down now it's a little after 930 here in the morning in downtown philadelphia and you normally see lots of cars and traffic and people probably behind me you see of course none of that because this state still is on a stay at home shelter in place warning by the governor if you will now in terms of numbers here they are at the plateau but the governor says they are still very much in the thick of this and they're not anywhere close yet to start to
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release some of these and opening up some businesses here in the state of pennsylvania there are 41000 confirmed cases over a 1500 deaths just here in philadelphia it's been the hardest hit part of the state 12000 confirmed cases and about 466 deaths just here in the city of philadelphia so the governor is saying that they will have these stay at home orders in place at least through early may but it could be as long as till the end of may it's important to remember. that pennsylvania borders the state of new jersey new jersey has the 2nd highest cases anywhere in the united states it's really the epicenter along with new york so they're very concerned about being so close to new jersey so close to new york that they really have to maintain their vigilance as the governor here said but clearly this is a city that has been hit very hard given his own job bringing us up to date in
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a situation in philadelphia good thanks very much for the u.s. depends on millions of farm workers to maintain its food supply but cramped working and living conditions putting them at increasing risk of infection rob runnels reports from oxnard in california of the country's biggest agricultural producer. strawberries are right dinning in the fields waiting to be picked but for farm workers like maria harvest time is a season of fear but. i am afraid of getting sick because if i don't recover i will die so i would leave for children in the or finance i am obviously afraid but i have to whack maria who is undocumented and asked that her surname not be used is one of an estimated $3000000.00 farm workers in the us all are considered essential workers like doctors nurses and law enforcement but unlike them they are paid low wages have fewer legal protections and many lack protective gear on the scene to me
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the bottom line the last line think about them they know about. any form workers as a group are already among the least healthy in society poverty lack of access to basic medical care high rates of diabetes hypertension and lung problems from exposure to pesticides means that farm workers are at high risk of becoming extremely ill or dying if they get corona virus a corona virus flare up among farm workers could spread like wild fire extremely difficult to prevent the spread if there's a there's a major outbreak in the agriculture industry even a good one outbreak among say one careless finally the contractor can cause an outbreak among the whole industry many farm operators do allow workers to practice social distancing for example by working alternate rows of crops but the
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pay structure discourages stringent hygiene and many workers are being paid piece $3.00 per box a lot of strawberries they pick 20 seconds washing your hands can feel at this stage you're waiting in line during a break and want to get back out there in the fields to pick more california and a handful of other states have laws. laws providing unemployment insurance and compensation for injuries on the job to farm workers and all of the others the united states of america do not have just. not have a chance for workers like maria working from home obviously isn't an option and even staying home while sick is an impossible luxury some in a couple some of them about i'm the only person in my family that is ending in income so if i'm me it's either you work or you don't age or that i have from they are essential workers putting food on the country's tables every day yet somehow
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they remain invisible and vulnerable rob reynolds al-jazeera oxnard california in the next report in our series will be in the u.k. for the lockdowns encouraging more people to grow fruit and vegetables and they're back gardens that's on tuesday here on al-jazeera. now it's time for the weather here's jenny and there has not been great for gardeners in europe because it's been very drawing there is going to see right there ok we need the rain we're going to grow anything really but yes it's been particularly dry worryingly so let me stop rushing in because of course for the last month at least if not beyond that much of central europe is just seeing clear skies and very high temperatures well above the average that is being pretty good across so many people for the lot because it has meant places like they stand in the south coast in england you can get out and enjoy the weather this is the baltic coast in poland however you had down into central regions and if that is a different story the lake levels are really low the river levels are really really
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low this is a fail the pharmacy field is not able to plant any cross because of the dry conditions in fact the polish met in stooges saying this could be the worst drought in poland for 100 years meanwhile into western germany what you're looking at here is that she trees that have died because of the drought the bot beetle gets in and destroys them completely they weaken because of the lack of water so this is what's going on now no real rain on monday but beginning to push in across areas of france and eventually up animals southern regions of the u.k. across into northern when you factor in the heat this shows you where that is you can see how warm it is across the central and eastern areas but as we go on through the next couple of days the temperature is beginning to actually subside that he begins to squeeze towards the east germans as a still about 10 and 11 degrees above the average but that rain is really pushing in by the time we get to wednesday we've got rain pushing through germany and eventually we've got some rain pushing across into poland as well rob so good news but of course it's going to take a lot of rain to really make headway with the serious side of the drought here
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jenny thanks very much indeed we've got more coronavirus coverage ahead on al-jazeera including back to school but not back to normal for some students in china. we look at a broadcaster in pakistan that's playing a critical role in getting information out about the pandemic. i will tell you about this board making a return from oksana in the united states details with sana later on in the show. i usually test treats and trace frank assessments why it's only struggling to cope with the number 4 on the virus failure to take really aggressive action really get them behind her informed opinions it's going to be much more challenging in a place like haiti where there's one answer later 3000000 people in-depth analysis
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of the day's global headlines india done enough to nip the spread of coronavirus in the inside story on al-jazeera. rewind returns can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in the liberal i was the global for us and no like and the others through the rewind continues with children of conflict we'd love some peace in this world especially ingerson children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. oh.
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you want your knowledge is it out a reminder of our top stories this hour britain's prime minister has returned to work after being diagnosed with corona virus a month ago johnson says the u.k. is beginning to turn the tide in tackling the outbreak but warns of the risk of a 2nd wave. the daily death toll from corona virus in europe's hardest hit countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month actually plans to begin easing restrictions in a week's time. the u.s. is accusing china of using the global pandemic to advance its ambitions in the south china sea beijing recently established to administer to districts over disputed groups of violence to strengthen its claim on the strategic area. el salvador security officials have been authorized to use lethal force against gang members following a surge in violence during the pandemic a state of emergency has been imposed in prisons then mates now locked in their
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overcrowded cells all day lol laura button monday reports. is a maximum security prison is on 24 hour lockdown. with social distance newfie don't apply to inmates. crammed together they're banned from any contact with the outside world the government says almost 13000 gang members in locked out enough prison. following the recent spike in meriden is some of the most dangerous gang leaders have been sent to confinement too strict their access to the outside walls and most of. them. they will not receive sunlight they will be in total confinement 24 hours a day in the 7 maximum security prisons that are in this country this was an order from president naive ok we are complying with that order. the state of emergency came after 53 murders were pointed throughout the country at the weekend in
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northern england regular thought we have taken the decision to mix and imprison in each of the cells the different groups of the criminal gangs that are causing so much damage to the country the government will not bow down to any terrorist structure. the president tweeted he's ordered prison guards to use lethal force as a form of self-defense and urges opposition parties to support his directive. unself tour has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world many linked to the illegal drugs trade. president bush kerry said the rate has fallen dramatically since he took over in june he immediately imposed tough measures on street gangs known as matter. and the crew of ours locked down as help further reduce the murder rate curfews and travel restrictions help hot the rates between february and march a country wide lockdown was imposed the march 22nd 2 brights groups warn massive
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crowding in prisons lately to an epidemic inside. as well as gang members the international crisis group says many of the knocked up is simply looking for something to eat all of the president says he's made history. he also says danny does it take you beyond his as a crane of ours emergency with the full results nor birdman the al-jazeera. panzers lockdown has heightened tension between police and the residents of some of paris's poorest suburbs there were violent protests over what demonstrators have described as heavy handed tactics by the police a lockdown has been in place for over a month with restrictions taking their toll on photo neighborhoods the french government's promise to be extremely vigilant but it says there's no cause for alarm so i ask why is an anti-racism campaigner she's joining us from paris thank you very much indeed for being with us why has this been happening. because there
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are just put is a tentative service officers are targeting you know people who are leaving here are targeting black and iraq keeper you know we're just set up with this was always discriminations was always this inequality and justice and so like every times observer is when you salute and the title to is it decided to go online it's how people's lives been infected in these particular areas what i mean it's been difficult here in the area because is it is a most vulnerable territory but there are sources of must we pressed territories mom say exactly the plan is or was going you know on the why are against is a crime of use but it seems like france is a quark against its own no it is you know so it's difficult because of people are
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suffering from there is there are suffering from. economic and social impacts you know in the suburbs area up there are working class families who are or who have to go to work every morning me and who picks and lives in jump journey you know and live in how to become soon it's more opportune moments with large families so it's very difficult you know for such a kind of meet and. not just reasons to respect the law down and instead of taking all this into account. trench state is presumed more and more dug 18 more and more communities has there been any op or any effort by the leaders in those communities to try to talk to the authorities to
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try to find some sort of solution to this. ah i mean it's been like it's 30 years that is that people are trying to talk and to to find solutions and so on i mean it's not working because there was a program of rush. rush and discrimination in twenty's and france you know loves to see itself as blind and everything is good and everything is ok but you know we are just shut up was always talking tired of talking soaking instead of parts people are trying to organize you know such as on the night some serbs they're trained so we don't it's subtle difference. in their communities so we try to find solutions by our service that is arctic if the lockdowns continue do you see this situation this violence between the authorities and the people in these areas getting worse yet of course because every time
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that you know a buy in and streets violence and when you have police officer war beating her to a killing you know people are in suburbs and we are who are targeting black and arab people i'm almost you know obviously we would trade you know not and why humans and if it doesn't change of course there will be more and more violence it's an insult to. spec we really appreciate you giving us your time on al-jazeera thank you very much indeed thank you. workers desperate for money in one of the world's biggest garment industries a defining coronavirus lockdown orders they're returning to work in bangladesh saying they haven't been paid for months the country is expected to lose at least 6000000000 dollars worth of exports to make up for some of its textile workers or so many mosques medical guns and other in demand personal protective equipment
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bangladesh has recorded more than 5400 coronavirus cases and a 145 day this time their child recent following developments from the capital dhaka the prime minister has a stimulus package of 588000000 dollars now this was promised some time back many of the work has been protesting for the last several days many haven't been paid for months some are on the brink of starvation now they've been asked to join some of the factories that. factories are opening all across the country is in a limited way. because they're under pressure from international buyers to fulfill their obligation many buyers on the other hand have cancelled their order resulting in billions of dollars of loss another factor of main concern for the garment workers are their safety and of course their salary as you just mentioned garments on hand of a short they'll get paid and it's guaranteed by the government and i spoke to one of the activists and leader for the garment workers she said the main concern is
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safety and of course their salary as well and because many of them work in close compartment $3400.00 workers in each floor they live in a densely populated area sometime in slums if an epidemic spread it is a potential time bomb for the workers. schools and universities are reopening in some parts of china students are being welcomed back in the capital beijing but social distancing measures will continue during lessons city students in the city of $100.00 with the outbreak began a jew to return next week al-jazeera said a clock is in hong kong and she says social distancing measures are still in place as china tries to prevent a 2nd wave of infections. it is a milestone in china on the grounds that the schools have been locked down it's been a nationwide lockdown for about 3 months or so that schools in some provinces and some of the major cities are turning some schools have already opened and that was in march in the beginning of april but some of those cities that are reopening on monday shanghai beijing and one job in the focus is really on the senior and the
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middle school students particular the final year classes that are preparing for the end of school exams and this well that's been happening and will happen over the next month also with the primary schools to return in mind all schools are required to have various contingency plans in place the teachers have been trained to deal with emergency procedures to try and prevent any outbreak of transmissions the students of course have also been provided with protection as social distancing measures are in place during the lunch breaks and the canteens have also been set up almost like exam rooms to try and separate or divide the students and the reason why these schools are slowly reopening is we've seen a gradual for declining numbers in the number of crowd of cases in china and that's why the schools are reopening the national health commission on monday has reported just 3 cases in china and none of which were in the who by province of course this is the epicenter of the province where we saw the initial krajina virus outbreak and on sunday the national health commission reported no new coronavirus cases in
4:43 pm
that particular city and this of course of the city there were 11000000 people i went into lockdown back in january and it's graduate reopening but i should state there are questions still about the calculations being used a by china and by the national health commission and some countries are also calling for an investigation into the modeling in the calculation of china's official figures south korea is also considering reopening schools next month churches welcomed congregations on sunday and other social restrictions were lifted fewer than 20 new infections have been reported daily for the past 10 days. a radio station in pakistan is holding on air clinics so people living in remote areas can get information about the pandemic. has more. the airwaves in northern pakistan once carried lectures by the taliban one preacher was even given the nickname mullah radio but now the station in swat valley is broadcasting a very different message so i wanted to. stay home and stop the
4:44 pm
spread of the coronavirus if a lucky man. if you made your isn't news of the people in this area is not long ago it was used by the pakistani taliban to enhance the movement we found it very useful it's easy to reach out to the masses and solve the health issues using a radio clinic. packed to inquire radio reaches further than the local newspaper and television stations deep into the foothills of the hindu kush. the radio clinics were launched last month to increase awareness about the virus educating locals while keeping them indoors programme you need to do clinic the purpose of our program is to provide life health services to patients who aren't able to go to the hospitals because of the lockdown doctors of radio specialties are invited and they give advice to anyone who needs help. from patients like whoa she'd who has had trouble and that makes them especially vulnerable to the virus and. i was very
4:45 pm
worried about my health but then i learned about this radio service it was a wonderful experience for me i called the doctor and he helped me out. hoshi delhi is home with his family like tens of millions across pakistan where shutdown began last month. there being thousands of cases and dozens of deaths and it's feared a lack of taste and maybe concealing the true number of infections. doctors are angry that mosques have been allowed to stay open during the muslim fasting month of ramadan. they were wrong that if the virus becomes widespread here its impact could be catastrophic overwhelming a fragile health system that is just 3000 acute care beds for a population of 200000000. in normal days hospitals were brimming with people but after the lockdown it was impossible to go to any clinic or hospital
4:46 pm
this new radio health program has helped many from their homes because they can just call us. this one time pirate radio station now a lifeline for this community. brian al jazeera. iran plans to reopen some mosques in areas that are deemed free of coronavirus the government will start labeling regions either white yellow or red depending on the number of deaths or infections mosques and white zones will be able to resume services iranians have already returned to shops and bazaars is the government tries to revive its economy the president says regions will be classified on a case by case basis do have to show that 14 now. after 2 weeks if there are no deaths no new cases it is then up to the ministry of health to say according to its own criteria that this area this county this sector is white and other areas can be yellow or red so we will divide the country on the
4:47 pm
basis of white yellow and red new zealand's prime minister has claimed a win against corona virus in an address to the nation lock down restrictions have just been eased for the 1st time in nearly 5 weeks they means some businesses and schools can reopen but social distancing measures will remain the country around 5000000 people as confirmed some 1400 cases and 19 deaths is in the other and says the toughest actions have helped limit the outbreak. 6 a day we must hunt down the last few cases of the virus this is like looking for a needle in a high stick and we need your help to finish the job we have staff says there is no widespread undetected community transmission in new zealand we have won that battle but we must remind vigilant if we keep it that way still ahead an al-jazeera in sports one of europe's top football divisions is over to get back on its feet is that government relaxes lock down restrictions details with santa after the break.
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business later is by no brass power.
4:49 pm
business leaders is by no brass power. it's time for the sport here sana thank you very much rob well formula one has announced a plan to finally started still a 2020 season they want to kick things off with the austrian gone play in early july with no spectators before holding the races in asia and americas and finishing in abu dhabi in december if it was cancelled earlier on the monday becoming the
4:50 pm
10th race a cold awful postponed because of the cove with 19 organizers of the british companies say they intend to race but with no fans it is syria football season is a step closer to restarting after teams were given the all clear to assume training next week comes as it is the government it begins to ease a lockdown restrictions place can start training individually from may the 4th with social distancing and then team training can begin on may 18th oh spoke to football author and universe yobo and elektra nicholas pity earlier he he's concerned about plans to resume training but admits the move will give italians a lift. when food will stop because they momenta when it died yes understand that. now they thought that paul simply said yeah we restart that it shows as well
4:51 pm
that maybe the. moment is over and maybe we can look at the future you know a different you know a different way like the message. is quite strong in this case but at the same time to this would be a dangerous message because if thinks ok a big emergency easily over a can can have a bed. of course a lot of safety concern. you can imagine that the debate these all over europe before. so there are the question what is going to up in the 5. days for they control those what about the supporters that of course want to be able to be present at the state human bought the we have to. think of that. is an industry and
4:52 pm
all dangerous to the eth breasts a lot the need to restart the soonest possible that didn't stop but the oil and maybe disease one reason why the let every day more than 2000. cases. well the english premier league is also working on a restart plan 2 clubs arsenal in brighton opened up their training grounds on the monday at arsenal players arrive for training alone and practice separately with their own personal football's you know all of football governing body has proposed allowing teams to have 5 substitutes a her matchup to help cope with so many games back to back central america where boxing resumed in nicaragua over the weekend with a show in front of a live crowd fans and event staff at wal mosques and had the temperature taken and hands senna ties to on arrival also spectators were kept away from the ringside
4:53 pm
area but only around the tense of the 8000 seats were filled as the spy free tickets being offered and government claims that the corona virus is not a major issue 13 cases and 3 deaths have been reported in the country while one of the promoters said he went ahead with the event because the boxes need to fight to make a living but boxing is not alone the nicaraguan baseball and football leagues are still running and this still sport happening at school local newspapers on saturday included stories on school wrestling tournaments president daniel ortega recently ordered 1800000 students back to school or we spoke to one of the t.v. commentators for saturday's boxing show he was happy with the safety precautions and expects more events to follow in the. war of
4:54 pm
sport need to start in some time following the crowd i was started yesterday so us you know many of this afternoon many of these boxers have only one. situation one specific situation. his autonomy so they need to fight and it was. a very very good event because there's a lot of activities to prevent and protect all the people who went to that body the people i like to sort of way oh i was using a mask i was doing the interview with that mask that people interviewing and they then was using nes i think there's some danger in any time where you go if you go to the superman can you go to to buy some necessary things saw you will you are in and it's
4:55 pm
a hard decision and some time but out you have to move for wire at our house right now the experience that hour has a blueprint and they can improve that blueprint so i expect more events. next month and obviously. we will see what happens tennis will number 3 tony rejects the idea of top stars providing financial help to lower ranked player as well number one about the joke of each has to play is to contribute to a fund which helps pay is struggling during the pandemic but it told an austrian use paper that he has no interest in helping out. he said no tennis player is fighting to survive even those who are much lower ranked none of them are going to stop there are many many play is
4:56 pm
a who don't put the sport above everything else and don't live in a professional manner i don't really see why i should give such players money rather give money to people organizations that really need it. governess says it's possible a major league baseball can return this summer without fans new york has 2 teams the yankees and the mets governor andrew cuomo says he'd love to water but it's up to the team owners to work out the finances with on the broadcast revenue coming in and no ticket sales you know we're in a different place you know be creative try to figure it out but if players could get paid more than staying home and owners will get some revenue versus totally shut down why not. the 1st sport to return in the us is professional bull riding a but even these extreme sports men are taking precautions with plenty of face
4:57 pm
masks on show and each of them tested it before competing there were no fans after a 5 week suspension the action resumed in an empty arena in all the homeless city taking advantage of the state's relaxed stay at home rules. and about to up santa thank you very much indeed now before we go let me show you a mountainous work of art and inspiring hope showing the coronavirus pandemic french lundahl to say cause it's beyond crisis it spawns a 3000 square meters across crossland near the western switzerland tons of lace and in this way solves it was spray painted using a mix of coal and chalk saved says it wants to send a message of hope and positivity to the world. and that's it for me robotics and for this news hour i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news including more on britain's prime minister
4:58 pm
returning to work after having contrived to coronavirus join me then but i. may come out juicy will president rhodri go to tout say succeed in shutting down t.v. giant a.b.s.e piano by may the full will have special coverage al-jazeera world selection of the best network documentaries includes the story of on sunday gyptian composer and musician i lead a smile despite the coronavirus pandemic conant press ahead with the presidential elections by postal ballots the emmy award winning full clyde's is back investigating the united states and its role in the love and in the u.s. election primaries presumptive democratic nominee joe biden strives to reach the official delicate threshold may on al jazeera. as the world fights
4:59 pm
the corona pandemic or learning more about this every day it's a new adventure and join our global community. how we come to be able to fight on soaring questions can i just ask you think there's any directly that's coming on on you tube as you're saying i'm concerned about the frontline phone aetheric quiet and not keeping you up to date i mean seeing countries beaten back and beaten back successfully the stream on 00. when covert 19 1st struck china and began to spread the cost asia. some in the west criticized counter-measures us to harsh or too weak. but have the different experiences before asian nations in fact not shown the world to root out of the struggle pandemic. coronavirus lessons from asia on a just you know. we need to stand the differences and similarities of cultures
5:00 pm
across the world so no matter what. the news in the calendar for that matter. fighting talk from britain's prime minister as he returns to work after his personal battle with corona virus. this is the moment when we have begun to get to wrestle it to the floor. about this and this is all just 0 live from doha also coming up tourist hot spots that have been lifeless for weeks now italy is days away from loosening restrictions.


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