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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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al jazeera. every. now. this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor. back at work after his own coronavirus battle the british prime minister says the united kingdom lockdown must stay in place. alonzo rommany watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes italy's preparing to loosen restrictions after the deaths of more than 26000 of the longest lockdown in europe also.
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why song out of tune why is song china's dedicating to the fight against coronavirus is being condemned as insulting. and demonstrators defy curfews in lebanon to continue protests against a worsening economic crisis. we saw it with a bleak assessment from the world health organization of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the treatment of other illnesses speaking in the past has director general said 21 countries are already reporting shortages of some vaccines and that could affect millions of children. every year more than $116000000.00 in funds are vaccinated or 86 percent of all
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children born globally but there are still more than $13000000.00 children around the world who miss out on vaccination we know that the number will increase because of 19 already polio vaccination campaigns have been put on hold and in some countries routinely immunization services are being scaled back or shut down britain's prime minister has returned to work by him to lead from the front in the fight against crime a virus boris johnson was diagnosed with a virus a month ago and spent 3 days in intensive care in his 1st speech since leaving hospital he says the u.k. starting to turn the tide in tackling the outbreak johnson has pledged his government will outline plans for easing restrictions but warns of the risk of a 2nd wave if this virus were a few sickle assailant an unexpected and invisible mugger which i can tell you
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propose to experience it is then this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor i know it is tough and i want to get this economy moving as fast as i can but i refuse to throw away all the effort and the sacrifice of the british people and to risk a 2nd major outbreak and huge loss of life and the overwhelming of the n.h.s. alterna has more damning strains in london. rallying reassuring he did attempts to talk up a sort of positives up to now not easy under the circumstances chief among them of course bob simpson the simple fact that the prime minister is back standing behind a podium addressing the british public outside 10 downing street a real achievement that in itself even if he does return to step straight back into a whole series of controversies of difficult questions and criticisms leveled at
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him or his handling of the crisis in the early days his government's handling of the crisis while he's been ill the perceptions of a slow rips response as the death toll the hospital death toll takes way past 20000 possibly much higher even than that there are still gaping holes in p. p. e. protection equipment for health care workers on the front line the testing targets are nowhere near being met and louder and louder calls for all sorts of quarters for quite when and how this lockdown is going to be lifted as it tears into the british economy here although many did different difficult questions for the prime minister to grapple with he put his best foot forward here trying to emphasize the positive the progress that has been made flattening the curve up to now the n.h.s. the health service has not been overwhelmed as many feared we're approaching he said the point where we turn the tide but to those people asking when the lockdown will be lifted where there was disappointment the time is not right now he said the
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numbers are too high the risk of a 2nd wave still far too great and dangerous his message to the public to businesses to members of his own party even calling for the lockdown to be lifted contain your impatience there's still a long way to go. italy is preparing to emerge from the longest coronavirus lockdown in the west from next week people will be allowed to visit relatives and some businesses will reopen it's seen the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world after the us but on sunday the daily toll fell to its lowest level in more than a month prime minister decepticon day says people will still need to wear masks and observe social distancing francesco a jumper tony has more from milan on how the reopening plan will work. prime minister does appear counter now last night how the country will enter now and phase 2 of the pandemic italy will try to restart the economy without pushing the
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curve of the infections up again factories and building sites in italy were reopened from may 4th this was the biggest announcement people will be allowed to leave their houses to go to work and also to visit their family social gatherings are and away still bend and it's not possible to move from region to region sporting activities could be now practice also far from home but people need to do to do it on their own and have to keep the distance from each other parks will reopen but it won't be possible to meet their shops museums and libraries can reopen from may 18th so if the new wave of cases will be allowed will be avoided other businesses will follow restaurants bars and hairdressers will open from june 1st qantas said that the reopening is allowed on condition that all
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companies involved strict the respect new security protocols in the workplace wearing protective masks become mandatory in or enclosed spaces anyway schools will remain shut until september and this will gave families childcare problems for many months to come but some children are back at school in norway has the country gradually winds down restrictions a few pulls up to the age of 10 returned to their classrooms on monday older students will follow next month schools were closed for 6 weeks and they've reopened with new safeguards in place including limiting class sizes to 15 students . all the kids and all the stuff need to be well silly if you will from coming here and you have to get this will have to be on you simply. mean. if it was up to me entirely i would probably wait. a week.
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because i don't think we know. we have all the information we need at this point syrian state media says at least 3 civilians are being killed in israeli rocket attacks near the capital damascus 4 others were injured the syrian military say they shot down most of the missiles fired by israeli jets the attack is the 4th in less than a month during rising tensions between israel and hezbollah in syria. well in libya there's been heavy shelling of residential areas in tripoli by forces loyal to ward cleaver hafter been firing on homes in the capital for over a week in retaliation for losing strongholds in western libya as al jazeera is mahmud the glue i had that i reports from tripoli or men and their young son have been reported to been killed. as soon as the early in the morning were been hearing heavy sounds of explosions and military sources with the government of national
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accord say that have that his forces have been shelling get civil areas in southern tripoli with indiscriminate shelling actually the art of now. for those forces the in the rains are in this southern outskirts of neighborhood in southern tripoli and from there the shelling get civil areas including the government forces locations in irons are also in the northern outskirts of ns out a neighborhood with mortal rockets and in many cases random rockets land in it is eventually yes today a woman was killed along with her son and 3 of her other sons were injured by a random rocket launcher where have their forces in the vicinity of a would get a bully town about 25 kilometers east of the capital tripoli recently have those forces have intensified their attacks by random rockets again as to
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many it is the areas in southern tripoli especially after their defeat in western libya after the last the whole cause still way over the course of the road that links the capital tripoli to the tunisian borders in western libya. now the lebanese army has dispersed protesters who are blocking one of the main roads in the capital beirut demonstrators have been defying a lockdown and curfew to voice their anger over the worsening economic crisis last week lebanon's currency reached new lows against the dollar sparking calls for the central bank governor to resign so holder has more from beirut. lebanon as currency has been depreciating for weeks but in the past few days the lira lost at least 60 percent of its value on the black market the government is hinting that the central bank could be intentionally engineering the collapse as the country struggles with
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the lack of hard currency and its worst economic crisis in decades. the central bank is either incapable absent or directly instigating the dramatic drop 101 that. those in power say there is an attempt to topple the government by sabotaging financial stability opposition politicians who are backing the long serving governor riyadh selami believe the ruling alliance led by hezbollah is trying to take control of the central bank which implements u.s. sanctions against the iranian backed group mr time amy is perceived as. an american ally inside lebanon but that does not mean that mr said made me is not responsible and i'm his monetary policy was the right one but definitely we're phrasing it cool it. is part of. our game taking place that he took. money transfer offices and banks no longer
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dispersed dollars and people are deprived of much of their savings due to informal capital controls. hard currency international donors won't help unless politicians reform the state that means giving up resources they've been accused of using for political gain. all. while people are losing the value of their money protesters are reviving a movement that began in october not just against the central banks policies but a political class they accuse of corruption and mismanagement and now the vote option is back on the streets these 2 groups and these parties are trying to hijack the movement on the ground for political reasons and in the game fall of the 3 in both of them it's seen as a struggle between those who hold financial power and those who have political power and it's putting lebanon stability at risk center for their beirut. still
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ahead here on al-jazeera exploiting the pandemic china is accused of serving its ambitions in disputed territory on the high seas. a broadcaster in pakistan playing a crucial role in getting information out about the pandemic the stories after the break. hello there fairly quiet picture across much of asia some good temperatures as well these guys the sunshine to come through and really warm if things up now we could just see on tuesday one or 2 more scattered showers across central more than one show up and it really is not a bad picture at all as a safe place guys so temperatures on at the rise 28 on kong on cheese about wednesday about the same maybe that more clouds and maybe just wanted to show this
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on shore flow but as i say the bulk of the region is fine and dry temperatures on the rise for soccer and up to 23 but that is not as warm indeed as it will be in beijing for the next few days of this by wednesday 32 and that's against an average in april of 20 celsius so a whopping 12 degrees above the average plenty of rain however further to the south across the southeast of asia and particularly indonesia and the malay peninsula some very heavy downpours over the next couple of days so wesley as well and across into north maluku that is where we'll see some of the heaviest rain but also very heavy downpours continuing through northern and eastern areas of india now these storms have been strong that has been some damage as you can see here big tree down not the only one more in the forecast on cheezy particularly through west bengal and addition and really very little change as we head off into wednesday.
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on counting the cost billions now to save trillions lost economic output the backplane hunt is gone and of all produced a covert $1000.00 test kit for $1.00 plus u.s. oil drop all maligned as proof sinks into negative territory. counting a cost on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and euro. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera the cell romney a reminder of our top news stories the world health organization has warned that the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the treatment of other illnesses its director
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general says some countries are already reporting shortages of vaccines which could affect millions of children. also britain's prime minister has returned to work after being diagnosed with the virus a month ago boris johnson says the u.k. is beginning to turn the tide in tackling the outbreak but warns of the risk of a 2nd wave. and the lebanese army has dispersed protesters blocking one of the main roads in the capital beirut demonstrators have been defying a lockdown and curfew to voice their anger over the worsening economic crisis. workers desperate for money in one of the world's largest garment industries are defying coronavirus lockdown orders to their returning to work in bangladesh saying that they have been paid for months the country is expected to lose at least 6000000000 dollars worth of exports to make up for some of it textile workers are selling masks medical downs and other in demand personal protective equipment
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bangladesh has recorded more than 5400 kroner virus cases and 145 deaths tanveer chandra is following developments from the capital dhaka. the prime minister has a stimulus package of $588000000.00 now this was promised some time back many of the work has been protesting for the last several days many haven't been paid for months some are on the brink of starvation now they've been asked to join some of the factories that lets 1000 plus factories are opening all across the country is in a limited way. because they're under pressure from international buyers to fulfill their obligation many buyers on the other hand have cancelled their order resulting in billions of dollars of loss another factor of main concern for the garment workers are their safety and of course their salary as you just mentioned garments on have a short they'll get paid and it's guaranteed by the government and i spoke to one of the activists and leaders for the garment workers she said the main concern is
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safety and of course a salary as well and because many of them work in close compartment $3400.00 workers in each floor they live in a densely populated area sometime in slums if an epidemic spread it is a potential time bomb for the workers. a song released by china to highlight its partnership with the philippines against the covert 19 outbreak is being criticized as propaganda it's been disliked more than 100000 times on you tube many filipinos say the lyrics are a thinly veiled attempt by beijing to reassert its claims over the disputed south china sea island has the story. the video is on you tube and the song is called essent that which in the filipino language means one scene the song was written by china's ambassador in manila.
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the video is supposedly dedicated to those to contributed to the 1000 fight in the philippines and china but it's causing outreach here mostly from filipinos who say their message is subliminal insulting. calling this one c.b.c. is this graceful because china could sing used to encroach philippine territory in the south china sea but they say. that you know. almost. so what there is. that. it was released just a day before the philippine government launched 2 diplomatic complaints against china chinese navy mounted a radar gun at the philippines biggest people warship in the spread please china
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also declared some of the philippine territory there as belonging to hina province on the chinese mainland the philippine government says international law and its sovereignty are being violated china's leaders are facing widespread criticism for its cover up of the coronavirus crisis it also denies supplying defective virus test kits and so it is building up its response even going as far as highlighting what it calls as failures of other governments to respond to the virus emergency some chinese diplomats tweeted accusations that the u.s. is responsible for the pandemic in the philippines anger against china has been growing for years chinese who operate illegal online gambling activities have been implicated in murder and human trafficking in the philippines and the ramming of a philippine fishing boat by a chinese ship and then abandoning 22 filipino fisherman infuriated many others
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a few months ago contributing to low approval rating of china here critics say that it will take more than just what they call a propaganda video to improve china's image both here and abroad duggan al-jazeera manila richard hidari and columnist and the author of asia's new battlefield u.s. china the struggle for the western pacific he says china is using its control over the distribution of medical supplies to further its geo political agenda. what we have seen in the past 2 months or so of these is what many critics see as a brazen act of strategic opportunism for instance and what we're seeing also here is what you can call offensive charming so on one hand china is in gauging in a face mask diplomacy going around the region giving p.-p. east and medical equipment and mass to indonesia the philippines and different countries who are struggling with this epidemic which of course originated from
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china but at the same time we see also china in march and increasing in april has also stepped up its efforts in a jason waters to dominate those waters for instance we see the chinese sinking of vietnamese fishing boat after ending 2 augers now harassing immolation west capella drillship activities oil exploration activities we see china further militarizing the artificially created islands like to me and deploying munster coast guard ship to discard marshaled and all of this very carefully all of this is happening while neighboring countries including top generals in the philippines have caught the virus and had to be drawing to quarantine and more importantly the u.s. navy and the pentagon had to put suspension on overseas deployment and in fact one of american aircraft carriers u.s.s. roosevelt is now completely grounded because of the epidemic outbreaks he says create a new strategy vacuum that's how that's how a lot of china to push the envelope in an even more accelerate that moment israel's
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supreme court has bombed the government's intelligence agency from tracing the phone location of those infected with covert 19 the security service had been given emergency powers last month to tap into cell phones of suspected cases but now the cole says the government should come up with at least a temporary order to allow the practice in the next few weeks the country has reported around 15000 cases and at least 200 deaths. i think the supreme court is right. i know that there's a pandemic and we want to keep the public healthy but. i do think that it's important to have privacy also and you are right so we need to keep the government under control. i'll solve all security officials have been authorized to use lethal force against gang members following a surge in violence during the pandemic a state of emergency has been imposed in the country's prisons with inmates now
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locked in their overcrowded cells all day long laura birdman liverpool's. is a maximum security prison is on 24 hour lockdown the problem with social distance new rules don't apply to inmates. crammed together they're banned from any contact with the outside world the government says almost 13000 gang members and locked out enough south those prisons following the recent spike in murders some of the most dangerous gang leaders have been sent to confinement too strict their access to the outside walls and most of. them make glare they will not receive sunlight they will be in total confinement 24 hours a day in the 7 maximum security prisons that are in this country this was an order from president naive we are complying with that order. the state of emergency came after 53 murders were reported throughout the country at the weekend in northern
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england regular it's all we have taken the decision to mix and imprison in each of the cells the different groups of the criminal gangs that are causing so much damage to the country the government will not bow down to any terrorist structure. the president tweeted he's ordered prison guards to use lethal force as a form of self-defense and urges opposition parties to support his directive. and salvador has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world many linked to the illegal drugs trade. president book harry said the rate has fallen dramatically since he took over in june he moved the imposed tough measures on street gangs known as matter. and the crew of ours lock down as help further reduce the murder rate curfews and travel restrictions help hot the rates between february and march a country wide lockdown was imposed the march 22nd rights groups warn massive
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crowding in prisons lately to an epidemic inside. as well as gang members the international crisis group says many of the knocked up is simply looking for something to eat although the president says he's made history safe he also says gang leaders are taking advantage of the growing of ours emergency if the full results nor birdman the al-jazeera joggers in singapore have to be aware of this stay safe stay have. to happen so yes i was 3 years raising the city's parks urging everyone to stay home during the lockdown the government originally designed the robot for security surveillance but it's turned into a vigilant bastard of a social distancing asia's 2nd worst affected country has extended its lockdown until early june well
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a radio station in pakistan is holding all their clinics so the people living in remote areas can get information about the pandemic alexia brown explains. the air waves in northern pakistan once carried lectures by the taliban one preacher was even given the next name a radio. but now the station and swat valley is broadcasting a very different message so i want to. stay home and stop the spread of the coronavirus if a lucky man. if you made your isn't news of the people in this area is not long ago it was used by the pakistani taliban to enhance the movement we found it very useful it's easy to reach out to the masses and solve the health issues using our radio clinic. perk to inquire radio reaches further than the local newspaper and television stations deep into the foothills of the hindu kush the radio clinics were launched last month to increase awareness about the virus education locals
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while keeping them indoors programme you need to do clinic the purpose of our program is to provide life health services to patients who aren't able to go to the hospitals because of the loctite doctors a video specialties are invited and they give advice to anyone who needs help. from patients like hoshi who has had trouble and that makes him especially vulnerable to the virus and. i was very worried about my health but then i learned about this radio service it was a wonderful experience for me i called the doctor and he helped me out. hoshi delhi is home with his family like tens of millions across pakistan where shutdown began last month. there being thousands of cases and dozens of deaths and it's feared a lack of testing may be concealing the true number of infections. doctors are angry that mosques have been allowed to stay open during the muslim fasting month
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of ramadan. they were warned that if the virus becomes widespread here its impact could be catastrophic overwhelming a fragile health system that is just 3000 acute care beds for a population of 200000000. in normal days hospitals were brimming with people but after the lockdown it was impossible to go to any clinic or hospital this new radio health program has helped many from their homes because they can just call us. this one time pirate radio station now a lifeline for this community. brian al jazeera. the restoration has restarted or not to dump a cathedral in paris after a pause during the current virus shutdown the 1st step is ensuring construction crews are protected from the virus while they repair the fire damage were year ago despite the delay staff say plans are on track to reopen the famous landmark in 4 years' time and
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a huge piece of artwork has been unveiled in the swiss alps which aims to inspire hope during the global pandemic french land artists. called his art work beyond the crisis it's been $3000.00 square metres across grasslands in the western swiss town lace and he was spray painted using a mix of coal and chalk. you watching all deserve means a whole rama reminder of our top stories the world health organization has warned that the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the treatment of other illnesses its director general says some countries are already reporting shortages of vaccines which could affect millions of children every year more than $116000000.00 infant are vaccinated or 86 percent of all
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children born globally but there are still more than $13000000.00 children around the world who missed out on vaccine issues we know that their number will increase because of course. already polio vaccination campaigns have been put on hold and in some countries routinely immunization services are being scaled back or shut down britain's prime minister has returned to work out to being diagnosed with the virus a month ago boris johnson says the u.k. is beginning to turn the tide in tackling the outbreak but walls of the risk of a 2nd wave the daily death toll from coronavirus in europe's hardest hit countries has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month plans to begin easing restrictions in a week's time. days of heavy shelling are continuing in libya's capital a woman and her young son have been reported killed forces loyal to ward cleaver
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hafter or accused of bombarding residential areas in tripoli. syrian state media says at least 3 civilians have been killed in israeli rocket attacks near the capital damascus 4 others were injured the syrian military says that they shot down most of the missiles fired by israeli jets the attack is the 4th in less than a month during rising tensions between israel and hezbollah in syria. the lebanese army has dispersed protesters who were blocking one of the main roads in the capital beirut demonstrators have been defying a lockdown and curfew to voice their anger over the worsening economic crisis last week lebanon's currency reached new lows against the dollar and sparking calls for the central bank governor to resign those are the headlines here on al-jazeera be back with more news in the hall but next on al-jazeera it's counting the cost to stay with us.
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carry this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your look at the world of business and economics this week billions now to save trillions in lost economic output the hunt for a vaccine is on we'll talk to the c.e.o. of a drug maker that is using a cancer drug in trials to treat over $1000.00 patients and from senegal the $1.00 . oil shock crude negative territory cheap oil may be good for some users but it also means job losses rigs shut down production. as governor.


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