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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm still robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 3000000 infections and counting a warning to all from the world health organization the coronavirus pandemic is far from over also new yorkers must stay at home awhile longer the governor extends it statewide restrictions. and masks are made compulsory in africa's largest city with
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penalties for those flouting the rules. also hundreds of migrants are left homeless after a fire in a greek camp and the world to come up with. the broadcaster in pakistan playing a critical role in getting information out about the pandemic. have you with us welcome to the news are the tally of corona virus infections across the world has now passed 3000000 and with it has come a warning from the world health organization it says the effort to stop the spread is having an effect on the fight against other diseases and it doesn't want countries to ease up on their covert 900 battle this was the director general speaking in geneva earlier. every you more than
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$116000000.00 in front are vaccinated or 86 percent of all children born globally but there are still more than $13000000.00 children around the world who miss out on vaccination we know that the number will increase because of 19 already polio vaccination campaigns have been put on hold and in some countries routinely immunization services are being scaled back or shut down we continue to urge countries to find isolate test and treat all cases and trace every gone to a to e. sure these declining trends continue but the pandemic is fired from all over i repeat the pandemic is far from over
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now that warning comes as italy the worst hit country in europe prepares to come out of lockdown next week some businesses will reopen but social distancing measures remain is a different story in the united kingdom where prime minister boris johnson says while progress is being made it's too early to ease restrictions because the risk of a 2nd wave is just far too great a new york state the place worst affected in the u.s. has just announced stay at home orders will continue in many areas until at least the middle of next month or kristen salumi has the very latest for us in new york of course some stay at home orders to impart for some people but the governor would like to try and open up parts of the state as well. that's right he says he will begin considering it after may 15th if areas meet certain criteria and he will treat different regions of the state differently basically he's looking for certain criteria to be in that in terms of hospital
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capacity testing capacity tracing capacity hospitalizations have to stay flat that's a c.d.c. requirement for reopening as well that new hospitalization should be flat for about 2 weeks and that's already been the case here in new york but this is a very densely populated state and different parts of the state have different concerns one of the 1st sectors to reopen he said will be manufacturing and construction again though this will probably start in parts of the state that have not been hard hit by the virus so places like new york city where over half the known cases over half of the 280000 known cases have been here in new york city over half of the deaths very likely that stringent lockdown conditions are going to continue after may 15th but he will start reviewing them at that point so some signs of hope for people who are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and of course christine this big question will it's over a presidential primary in the states as well just talk us through those. that's
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right so new york state had already postponed its presidential primary it was supposed to happen this past week it was postponed until june 23rd and the board of elections for the state just announced that they've canceled that no presidential primary at all and they can do this because of a little known state law that allows them to remove names from the ballot after they've suspended their campaign so in the case of the democrats for example joe biden is now the only active candidate in the race all of the other democrats dropped out suspended their campaigns so because of that there's only one person on the ballot for the democrats on the republican side also only one person so the board of elections given the situation with coronavirus worried about voters' health and poll workers help decided to suspend the campaign now this is
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against what one of the candidates bernie sanders was hoping even though he's dropped out of the race i knew that the state was considering this his lawyers wrote a letter to the board of elections asking that the primary still go on because he was hoping to amass votes and delegates to have some influence for his point of view going into the convention this summer so that his left wing of the party would be represented to have some votes behind him but alas again the board of elections in new york state acting on their own decided that it was too risky to hold the primary then and given there was only one declared candidate left in the race there will not be known for the 1st time no primary. vote in new york kristen's with the latest the force in new york thank you. let's stay in the u.s. and bring in our white house correspondent kimberly health it so much is going on a cross the u.s. kimberly let's just begin really with the way that the white house and the president has been reacting really to
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a string of tweets and annoyance really with the media and with the way they are being interpreted in the white house. yeah there's no question that the u.s. president spent much of the weekend venting his frustrations at the us media and its coverage of some of his press briefings and he has manifested that in another tweet again today the one of the monday tweets from the president fake news enemy of the people he's really pushing back on that public relations fiasco that we saw last thursday when the president suggested that injecting disinfected or even shining u.v. light inside the human body could potentially get rid of covert 19 well as a result of that there was a lot of soul searching and the white house decided perhaps to cut back on the briefings we were told there would be no coronavirus task force briefing at $21.00
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g.m.t. today we'd just be seeing the president at 20 g. when he was meeting with the retail industry leaders but in the last hour all that has changed now the briefing is back on but it's not the briefing it's going to be a presidential statement in the rose garden that will be taking place at 2130 g.m.t. and we are a little surprised by that because the messaging has been changing throughout the day and it is seems to be sort of a lack of clarity or the president responding to the ongoing media criticism that he is continuing to receive we know that the president's poll numbers have been sinking and there is certainly this feeling that in fact the president is best suited perhaps for the economic message not the public health one but once again what we see with this sort of latest abrupt press conference a change in the schedule for the president yet again it appears the president is trying to seize the narrative control the narrative and set the agenda what we're
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told is this latest press conference will be about testing and it will also be about reopening the u.s. economy indeed with so with the mixed messages kimberly's his meeting with business leaders which you alluded to just a few moments ago perhaps plays into the role of him wanting to get business up and running across the country he's more comfortable talking about the economy for the years about how. yeah that's what we really thought this was going to be is sort of the only appearance by the u.s. presidents one where he feels comfortable frankly it's one where the public is more used to seeing him and it's where he can shape the media narrative so it's a little surprising that in addition to this he's now also going to have this press conference in the rose garden what we can take from all of this is that the president has been in conflict with the u.s. governors with the reopening of the economy some states never closed down some did and are now reopening as we saw in the case of south carolina and georgia oklahoma
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alaska they're all reopening with things like tattoo parlors bowling alleys hair salons we've also seen in colorado as well that they are opening with curbside retail but it's all very sporadic it's like a patchwork quilt there's no rhyme or reason to it so this may be the president trying to get out to appear that there is some cohesive strategy but at the same time up until now we have not had that cohesion from the white house in fact just the opposite over the weekend the vice president was saying look at social distancing those guidelines they should be behind us by the end of may but then we had dr deborah birch one of the public health officials in the same cast for saying these social distancing guidelines are going to be with americans well through the summer so there's a real lack of clarity whether or not the president will provide it when he has this rose garden press conference we'll have to watch and see if it can help you go once house correspondent thank you. well to europe now where italy is referring to
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emerge from the longest a coronavirus lockdown in europe from next week people will be allowed to visit relatives and some businesses will reopen it seemed the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world after the us but on sunday the daily toll fell to its lowest level in more than a month prime minister just happy conte says people will still need to wear masks and observe social distancing we have got to imagine but the argument. from me for the wholesale sector will restart but it is obvious that we'll need a market and therefore for me 18 if we expect to reopen the retail sector from then we're also planning to reopen museums exhibitions and libraries and sport teams can resume training we also hope that june 1st will be the date for the reopening of bars restaurants beauty salons and hairdressers basically our personal care activities. while seller is a journalist. sarah joins me now on skype from milan forgive my italian finance
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ation bear with us on the program how how will people react to the easing of the lockdown restrictions certainly those that have been talking to you today. so there is a lot of frustration. because our luck now many tell you was one of the strictest in the war and stealing on may the floor. easing up there is. very light so you still need. you know why you aren't going out to visit a relative and also there was that many people were not happy about the warning of the law you know only talking about relatives when many people have but little alone and friends that are as close to them hasn't any relatives also there is a lot of frustration. for parents because color i'm not going to reopen before september and it is a huge burden on families because there's so many people are working from home and
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they see and have to take care of the children so next a huge problem too i didn't want to. so for mobile to jump into what does that actually mean for businesses though because businesses are both large and small corner shop and big shopping well everybody wants to open up and get life back to normal but it's not going to be quite that easy. no it's not all sold many many evil socks will reopen keen for my soul next week will only be for one factor or sell to marquis of fashion industry but the smaller subs will stay close and they will reopen may teams and but they will need to follow real a lot of the rules also the restaurants will not hold on until the beginning of june which is not sure yet so we are going to have to see also. the death toll because of course it's falling down but it's still very i like what example today
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was 333 which is not you know like number they were you surprised that the prime minister didn't mention anything about the contact tracing app that there was so much publicity about and also about the way health workers in the health service is going to be looked after from this point onwards because obviously they've been through a great deal of strain absolutely so in general practitioner for example on the territory they were left alone at the beginning of the defendant me and so they need more help now also we were all very disappointed that there was no man shown on not only about the tracing happen they're working on but also about i mean they're checking on the territory through all interior snopt or i mean the tracing of people and contacts of people who have tested positive to their lives so and also we heard a lot about the test but there was no mention of them either not only supposed to
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in milan thank you very much for your time thank you for having me. prime minister boris johnson has returned to work after he was infected to there's been more than 150000 cases and more than 20000 deaths in the united kingdom and he says it's too soon to ease the lockdown he spent 8 days in hospital 3 of them in intensive care after being diagnosed with the virus a month ago johnson believes progress is being made but is warning of a risk of a 2nd wave if this virus were a physical assailant an unexpected and invisible mugger which i can tell you propose to experience it is then this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor i know it is tough and i want to get this economy moving as fast as i can but i refuse to throw away all the effort and the
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sacrifice of the british people and to risk a 2nd major outbreak and huge loss of life and the overwhelming of the n.h.s. jonah hill has more from downing street in london. rallying reassuring he did attempts to talk up the sort of positives up to now not easy under the circumstances chief among them of course bob simpson the simple fact that the prime minister is back standing behind a podium addressing the british public outside 10 downing street a real achievement that in itself even if he does return to step straight back into a whole series of controversies of difficult questions and criticisms leveled at him his handling of the crisis in the early days his government's handling of the crisis while he's been ill the perceptions of a slow rip's response as the death toll the hospital death toll ticks way past 20000 possibly much higher even than that there are still gaping holes in p. p. e.
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protection equipment for health care workers on the front line the testing targets are nowhere near being met and louder and louder calls from all sorts of quarters for quite when and how this lockdown is going to be lifted as it tears into the british economy here although many did different difficult questions for the prime minister to grapple with he put his best foot forward here trying to emphasize the positive the progress that has been made flattening the curve up to now the n.h.s. the health service has not been overwhelmed as many feared we're approaching he said the point where we turn the tide but to those people asking when the lockdown will be lifted where there was disappointment the time is not right now he said the numbers are too high the risk of a 2nd wave still far too great and dangerous his message to the public to businesses to members of his own party even calling for the lockdown to be lifted contain your impatience there's still a long way to go now the families of front line health workers who died coronavirus
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in the u.k. will receive payments of $75000.00 britain's health secretary said he would it would never replace the loss of a loved one but the government wanted to do everything he could to support grieving families so far $82.00 national health service staff and 16 social care workers have died of the virus. they dedicated their lives to caring for others and i feel a deep personal sense of duty that we must care for their loved ones and as a government we're looking closely at other professions that work on the front line of gates coronavirus who don't who also do not have access to such schemes to see where this may be required germany as combat in the spread of krona virus by making the wearing of mass compulsory while on public transport free masks have been made available in cities nationwide for the past week germany has the 4th highest number of confirmed cases in europe fewer than 6000 have died which is far lower than
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neighboring countries dominic cain has more from berlin. the mask order is in place across germany in all the states the 16 states that make up the federal republic but the enforcement of it differs from state to state so in berlin from where i'm sitting right now the order relates purely to public transport so if you use buses like the bus station i'm standing outside now with trains all the metros then you have to wear the mask but the moment you step off public transport you can remove the mask so if you want to go to one of the shops that have reopened in the course of the last few days you don't need to wear the mask elsewhere in germany you do need to wear the mask the point here is that the decision making by the relevant state governments and by the federal government is informed by the science by the numbers being tabulated by robert coffee institute which has the authority in this area and right now it is thought that something around 2 and
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a half 1000 people are in intensive care perhaps 75 percent of them are on ventilators but equally fewer than $6000.00 people have died from corona virus in germany despite the fact that it has amongst the highest number of infections in europe and one other key statistic which is informing government decisions is getting up to around 3 quarters of all the confirmed cases of coronavirus have now resulted in the patients concerned recovering which explains why you see the mask order in place but loosening of restrictions and from from state to state. restoration has started on not for them cathedral in paris after poles during the shutdown the 1st step is ensuring construction crews are protected from the virus while they repair the fire damage from year ago despite the delay staff say plans are on trying to reopen the famous landmark in 4 years time. the news of a bedroom when me. it's true that we've lost a month and a half but i think that one to fix the overall 5 year plan doesn't necessarily mean
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that the entire restoration will be fully completed by then but it means that we will once again be able to enter the cathedral for worship by the. turkey has announced it sending medical aid to the united states and the president rest of the one has also announced an extension of restrictions so consider households with stumble because the number of cases as kind of lies and going down acts and the government says that they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel but they will keep up. the keep up imposing the lockdowns as at least for the weekends before this weekend they're going to merge may 1st friday with the weekend and. and now stuff that the cabinet meeting today they will continue to impose those a weekend if 48 hour lockdown until the holy month of ramadan and iran may 20th $324.00 it's still the shops that victoria's shopping malls are all closed we have
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we are hearing that the finance and treasury minister. but it's all vajra is urging the shopping mall so open but they have some concerns about that as well and turkey it also continued to bring bring back its citizens living in if it did not overseas countries back to turkey due to holy month of ramadan this is the situation in turkey and they are not in favor of a full lockdown for a long period of time as they wish the economy should be if functioning. israel's supreme court has banned the government's intelligence agency from tracing the phone location of those infected with covert 19 the security service has been given emergency powers last month to tap into cell phones of suspected cases but now the court says the government should come up with at least a temporary order to allow the practice in the next few weeks the country has reported around 15000 cases and at least 200 deaths i think the supreme court is
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right. i know that there's a endemic and we want to keep the public healthy but. i do think that it's important that if privacy also and human rights so we need to keep the government and the control. nigerians living in the largest city lagos are being warned that they'll be punished if they don't wear masks when outside the state's governor says the compulsory precaution is needed because the spread of the virus is still in its early phase nigeria has around 1200 confirmed coronavirus cases with 40 deaths and address has more from a booter. megas is the epicenter of this virus this pandemic by the way and this is the 1st stage in niger even before the federal government declared a lockdown on 3 states in lagos state in the south west of the country and the administrative capital here in a border so if we look at the legal situation we will understand the reason why the government is taking such measures in recent times over the past 4 days we've seen
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daily infection rates doubling and in some places tripling over the past 3 or 4 days so for the lagos state government this is key in sort of halting the wild spread of this virus in the state but this is also the economic capital of nigeria it could be signs of things to come it could be that the state is preparing to. probably east some restrictions we understand the been some riots here and a certain areas of lagos because of the continuous not lagos state it's been its 7th week 5th week of lockdown by the way and it has brought and toward hardship on residents a lot of people are pressurizing the government are putting pressure on the government to ease the restrictions so that people can go out to work. so michael bug is the nigeria country director for one that's a global movement campaigning to end extreme poverty and preventable disease by
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2030 she joins me now via skype from the capital abuja could have you with us on the program are masks enough in terms of the action being taken just by one governor in one city would you expect the government to have done more bye now. well i mean the government started by a 2 week lockdown emmerson extended to number 2 got down i think because of the structure of our economy we can't have the lockdown can't copy and paste what's happening in europe or america and you have to look at the fact that 80 percent of the. informal and they need to go out but we have to protect ourselves now people math and gloves and things for health workers are important but you have to understand that africa we import 94 percent of our problems in a compartment so there has to be concerted effort to ensure that we have more productions of things like masks so that they are enough for everyone we don't have an option right now and people are being creative and making masks but we do need the standards especially for health care workers that enact and disproportionately
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this we can't sustain on lockdown so we do have to make plans to relax the law protected indeed that you talk about the protection of people either if that if the products are made home home so imported all of the costs muddy. jury and juries have the financial where about structure to be able to afford a simple less or even a much more complex piece of attire like a p.p. so aria. so what we're seeing through the whole of it is a 3 things the 1st is that communities arise amount and giving to each other so i do think that that spirit of community will continue we also see creativity in the people making maps at home so we know that you know people are getting fabric and making maps a 3rd getting from the government we have 3600000 people and the government is supporting the knowledge of carriage in this moment and what we do it expect that the government will stimulate more our domestic production only 6 countries within
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the continent happen capacity to the message production of medical supplies and that is not enough and that is insignificant for the nation so we do need the governments to ensure that those incentives are there so that we can have a scale production of math you do work with the poorest in society and for one assumes that they live in locations where social distancing or general hygiene it is quite difficult can you just paint the picture for us as to the type of people you're trying to look after. so before the snow covered lockdown we had 93700000 light years living under a dollar a day a little under $2.00 a day so that's a $20000.00 ira every month and they're living in squash locations without access to clean water and sanitarium products like sun so we now want to lock down and social distancing places it's really realistic to expect that here to that again that's what we must look in within our community and our society to see what works
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for us what the government should be doing what the community should be doing is ensuring we have washing stations in public areas reducing the cost of soap making it free and sharing the master being one and making sure we're testing maher because. social distancing can be physical distancing can be a luxury to very many not community indeed we're expecting the president to speak within the next hour or so in terms of what you'd like to hear from him obviously will resonate across the country but another thing on his mind will be the internal strife especially with groups like booker in the northeast i'm sure you would say that even you're organization would find it difficult to reach out to people the community there that need your help the most. so yes the person is going to speak in a few hopefully in 30 minutes or so one of the important things that have risen in the last week or so has is that governors have come together and sent
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a letter to the president that you know activity is very important is a very important signal we do need a mortal need effort for call in right now the states and are in lockdown but the rest of the country is still open now and it's the governors are the ones who make the call that a lot understates are not so when we have the governors harmonizing as a seeing them do it's a very positive signal i do hope the president's reached their letter and it shows that he and hears them they have some sensible recommendations locking intrastate and sharing that you know that's a p.p. ephraim's supplies agricultural products can pass through and limiting gatherings which is really important and i hope the president here so that i do think i'm a last lockdown is important i don't think we can sustain this lockdown if percent of our our economy people in our economy are dealing workers they have to go out every day to make a living right now they're not making a living in lagos state. so we can sustain this we do need the last lot done but we
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also need to protect it is really what the president says. thanks for joining us from a future. kenya is easing coronavirus restrictions and allowing restaurants to reopen but they won't be allowed to serve buffets and customers must search was a half meters apart restaurants must also close at 4 pm to adhere to the nationwide curfew the health minister says all workers will be tested. in burundi candidates running in next month's election have launched their campaign huge crowds gathered to support the 7 hopefuls vying for the east african nations top job in this rally by the ruling party the politicians know participants were taking precautionary measures against the spread of covert 19 burundi has reported 11 cases so far and the government says that's because the people are protected by god. still ahead
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here on. both rising lethal force we'll tell you why gangs are being put on notice after almost 60 in just 2 days. out of tune one song china is dedicated to the fight against hiv 19 is being condemned as insulting their stories after the break. had a they wanted to in the forecast rain just across northern areas of the middle of the crowd in the last few hours and this is clearing really quite rapidly away from iran's as you go through to say we're going to see some rain showers heavy at times pushing that way through central areas of afghanistan and again a few more showers across areas of turkey that's the south across touches have come
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back down again so that is some good news fading a little bit of cloud around to central northern soggy some strong winds as well and this is all the reason of course the temperatures have come down we're back to seeing that like a middle but heavy at times wednesday and as i say we have got these areas academy could just see one of 2 showers late in the day but says he wanted the high in doha and in dubai and across into southern africa 1st of all south africa the rains here back in the forecast of the vengeance on choose a very heavy amounts of rain pushing on through johannesburg at about 18 celsius clarified further to the south. just sitting off the east coast so that will continue to spin continue to bring some showers and also some fairly gusty winds along these coastal areas and then through central regions. again fairly heavy across into tanzania and showers across into madagascar.
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the oppression of an ethnic minority and man mine goes back many decades in the intention was to make sure that ruhi injures we're no longer entitled to either basic rights or citizenship rights in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution of their him and me and mom. exiled on al-jazeera. becoming a living legend of the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the book peace to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona football rebels begins with a look at the life of didier drogba the footballer who succeeded with politicians not. deviate from the ibori and civil war on al-jazeera.
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route. oh. welcome back you're watching under there is news are with me still run the reminder of our top stories the world health organization has issued a warning about coronavirus or some of the hardest hit countries look to lift restrictions w.h.o. says the pandemic is also affecting the fight against other diseases with 21 countries reporting shortages of some vaccines also the governor of new yorkers announced stay at home waters will continue in many areas of the state until at least the middle of may it's the worst affected area of the united states with around $17000.00 people dying from the virus and britain's prime minister has
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returned to work after being diagnosed with the krona virus a month ago boris johnson says the u.k. is beginning to turn the tide in tackling the outbreak but warns of the risk of a 2nd wave. to europe now where in greece around $500.00 asylum seekers have lost their shelter after fires in the overcrowded camp fire fighters on the island of some all say the main come from mains intact the 2 fires started to during what's described as an internal dispute between. migrants and refugees another camp in summers was built to house fewer than 650 people but has nearly 7000 the greek government was planning to relocate more than 2000 asylum seekers on several greek islands to the mainland but the virus emergency halted the operation phase of contagion has made things worse for migrants who are waiting for their asylum applications to be processed the desperate situation has led to violence amongst
9:36 pm
migrants or directed at the camps managers or 7 codice is the coordinator with doctors without borders based in some of he describes refugees terrible living conditions it's very difficult because we had yesterday 2 fires breaking out in the campion but the hundreds of people lost their shelter there was a lot of tension yesterday evening and also today in the morning there was a lot of tension another pyre broke out and again people lost their shelter the conditions are bad because the camp here is on the on the on going mountain so i was 7000 people are sleeping there in small tents they don't have free access to hygiene and water and good food this makes it really difficult. that the government and european union they don't taking care of these people and the president's sometimes dangerous for long type for years and they are not taking
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to. the mainland what m.s.f. is really pushing for. syrian state media says at least 3 civilians have been killed in israeli rocket attacks near the capital damascus 4 others were injured the syrian military say they shot down most of the missiles fired by israeli jets now the attack is the 4th in less than a month during rising tensions between israel and hezbollah in syria. el salvador says security officials have been authorized to use lethal force against gang members following a surge in violence during the pandemic a state of emergency has been imposed in the country's prisons with inmates now locked in their overcrowded cells all day long laura birdman really has the story. is maximum security prison is on 24 hour lockdown. with social distance and the rules don't apply to inmates. crammed together they're banned from any contact with the outside world the government says almost 13000 gang members and locked out in
9:38 pm
a prison. following the recent spike in murders some of the most dangerous gang leaders have been sent to confinement too strict their access to the outside walls and most of. them make glare they will not receive sunlight they will be in total confinement 24 hours a day in the 7 maximum security prisons that are in this country this was an order from president naive we are complying with that order. the state of emergency came after 53 murders who pointed out the country at the weekend in northern england regular thought we have taken the decision to mix and imprison in each of the cells the different groups of the criminal gangs that are causing so much damage to the country the government will not bow down to any terrorist structure. the president tweeted he's ordered prison guards to use lethal force as
9:39 pm
a form of self-defense and urges opposition parties to support his directive. a self-taught has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world many linked it to the illegal drugs trade. president bush kerry said the rate has fallen dramatically since he took over in june he immediately imposed tough measures on street gangs known as matter. and the growth of ours lockdown has helped other reduce the murder rate curfews and travel strictures helped halt the rates between february and march a country wide lockdown was imposed the march 22nd rights groups warn massive crowding in prisons lately to an epidemic inside. as well as gang members the international crisis group says many of the locked up is simply looking for something to eat the president says he's made history safe but he also says gang leaders are taking a bondage
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a krohn of ours emergency lethal results the man the al-jazeera. now a song released by china to highlight its partnership with the philippines against the covert $99.00 break has been criticized as propaganda it's been disliked more than $100000.00 times on you tube many filipinos say the lyrics are a family valid attempt by beijing to reassert its claims over the disputed south china sea drill and they're going to pour some from manila. the video is on you tube and the song is called essent that which in the filipino language means one scene the song was written by china's ambassador in manila. the video is supposedly dedicated to those to contributed to the 1000 fight in the philippines and china but it's causing outreach here mostly from filipinos who say
9:41 pm
their message is subliminal insulting. calling this one c.b.c. is this graceful because china could sing used to encroach philippine territory in the south china sea but the chinese i say. that you know. almost. so well there is. because. it was released just a day before the philippine government launched 2 diplomatic complaints against china chinese navy mounted a radar gun at the philippines biggest people warship in the spratleys china also declared some of the philippine territory there as belonging to hina province on the chinese mainland the philippine government says international law and its sovereignty are being violated china's leaders are facing widespread criticism for
9:42 pm
its cover up of the coronavirus crisis it also denies supplying defective virus test kits and so it is building up its response even going as far as highlighting what it calls as failures of other governments to respond to the virus emergency some chinese diplomats tweeted accusations that the u.s. is responsible for the pandemic in the philippines anger against china has been growing for years chinese who operate illegal online gambling activities have been implicated in murder and human trafficking in the philippines and the ramming of a philippine fishing boat by a chinese ship and then abandoning 22 filipino fisherman infuriated many others a few months ago contributing to low approval rating of china cheer critics say that it will take more than just what they call a propaganda video to improve china's image both here and abroad duggan
9:43 pm
al-jazeera manila. out of me is the director of china policy center and i deserve china story that's a blog on chinese affairs joins me now via skype from leipzig in germany good to have you with us how much of this is an abuse of the sort of the covert 1900 situation by the chinese allowing them to continue their development be subtle or obvious in the south china sea. what the sun apparently penned by china's embassy in the philippines showcase shown is a sort of philippine showing caught in $1000.00 upgrade it and highlights a friendly relations between the 2 a country that is that's across the one ocean that separates china philippines it's a clear encroach i have it took the train shining a light as part of its global campaign to control or at least influence narratives or to cope at 19 i mean to call china's action the best light possible but i think this particular song has been an absolute unmitigated disaster for china i checked
9:44 pm
before coming on here and on you tube as being 850-0000 times with 164000 dislikes and 2500 likes on it so it's a bit of a disaster the mis interests of it's not so yes if you if i was good just jump in there it does seem that china is on the defensive on several fronts because obviously it's getting a lot of international pressure about it being the source of the pandemic globally and it's also trying to try and get out p.p.p. products and help countries that need help in terms of dealing with the pandemic they're trying to fight several fires on several fronts and it's not quite working for them is it at the moment. yeah absolutely i think it's turning out to be. to be pretty bad for beijing i mean there's nothing objectionable about china sending aid
9:45 pm
to other countries showing caught at 19 and it has done some of that sense it has to be able to court to get the situation under control but i think what is fairly objective mission aboard is patient as you use it of the current situation to push it up again the mismatch is it business as usual and fall for china because they don't really have lever options in terms of getting that message across do they because they've already been as far as the south china sea issue is is it at loggerheads not just with the philippines but with vietnam and with malaysia yeah absolutely i mean. through the coconut you know break china hasn't a stop on its assertive actions in the south china sea if anything it has been strengthening its forces as well as its activities in the south china sea so china sweeping claims in the south china sea which is contrary to to most any use of
9:46 pm
international law it's a servant to us and at times it's a question really has not we wanted friends in the region in fact it's one source of rising sidey for regional countries about china's rising power what it means for the region for the moment adam the thanks very much for your insight of joining us from leipzig in germany thank you thanks. now the u.s. navy has officially released 3 video showing the water it calls unidentified aerial phenomena the clips were previously published by york times of the famous u.f.o. research group servicemembers recording the video could be heard reacting in order how fast the objects were moving the navy says it's releasing the videos to clarify public misconceptions about that authenticity. well still ahead here on al-jazeera.
9:47 pm
small things stay celebrations across the mantle and it's going well despite the long.
9:48 pm
rule. the or. welcome back new zealand's prime minister has claimed a win against the coronavirus an address to the nation knocked on restrictions are to be eased for the 1st time in nearly 5 weeks it means some businesses and schools can reopen on choose day but social distancing measures will remain the country of around 5000000 people has confirmed 1400 cases and 19 deaths just
9:49 pm
as the tough restrictions of help limit the outbreak. to succeed we must hunt down the last few cases of the virus this is like looking for a needle in a haystack and we need your help to finish the job we have started there is no widespread undertook to community transmission in new zealand we have won that battle but we must remain vigilant if we're to keep it that way to europe now where kings day is a major national holiday in the netherlands but celebrations assure have been toned down due to the coronavirus more than 4500 people have died from covert 19 or something the actual number could be much higher step vasant has moved. or. sad tones of the national anthem fill the empty streets of amsterdam due to the covert pandemic all mass outdoor celebrations of kings they have been cancelled and
9:50 pm
everyone has been urged to stay at home parties are restricted to balconies here big square with everybody else and today we have to keep a distance to everybody but increasingly people are ignoring the dutch so-called intelligent lock down which means keeping a distance of one and a half meters they run the risk of a nearly $400.00 kilos trying despite road blocks some have even found ways to enter the famous dutch flower fields normally visited by millions of tourists at this time of the year compared to some other countries dutch people still have a lot of freedom while they're discouraged from visiting these flower feels there's no official lockdown that forces them to stay indoors nor is there any obligation to wear masks but this but all this increasingly people appear to be getting fed up with the restrictive measures in place and urging the government to restart the economy in contrast to the cheerful chorus of their fields flower farmers are
9:51 pm
suffering millions of juleps and other flowers had to be destroyed after borders were closed and domestic demand collapsed how much is thrown away here in this place we think about 2 millions of. value but the value was around one half 1000000 euro instead of taking them to flower auctions funders son and his colleagues are now selling flowers by the side of the street. what we see is economy it goes on the wrong way so let's hope you've got our government will release she very sure little by little. the restrictions but scientists say lifting restrictions too soon will lead to a 2nd. and wave of death instead they argue the government should follow neighboring countries and start to test more people and track their contacts i think it's really this belief in in our situation with our culture we want to be
9:52 pm
free in a way to our citizens we don't want to be tracking down our citizens. and and also because they have chosen this direction seem to be afraid of losing the i would just say we would say in touch with several you lose your face the government has urged people to remain patient at least until may 20 when some measures could be lifted but it is predicted that the dutch free spirit even after this date will have to be confined to a small one and a half meter space step fasten al-jazeera and so there. are some children in norway back at school too as the country gradually winds down coronavirus restrictions peoples up to the age of 10 return to their classrooms on monday older students will follow next month schools were closed for 6 weeks for schools and universities are reopening in some parts of china students have been welcomed back in the capital beijing but social distancing measures will continue cheering lessons students in the city of where the outbreak began are due to return next
9:53 pm
week al-jazeera sarah clarke is in hong kong she says social distancing measures are still in place as china tries to prevent a 2nd wave of infections. it's a milestone in china on the grounds that the schools have been locked down it's been a nationwide lockdown for about 3 months or so the schools in some provinces and some of the major cities are turning some schools have already opened and that was in march the beginning of april but some of those cities that are reopening on monday shanghai beijing and one joe in the focus is really on the senior and the middle school students particular the final year classes that are preparing for the end of school exams and this role that's been happening and will happen over the next month or so with the primary schools to return in mind all schools are required to have various contingency plans in place the teachers have been trained to deal with emergency procedures to try and prevent any outbreak of transmissions the students of course have also been provided with protection as social distancing measures are in place during the lunch breaks and the canteens have also been set
9:54 pm
up almost like exam rooms to try and separate or divide the students and the reason why these schools are slowly reopening is we've seen a gradual for declining numbers in the number of cases in china and that's why the schools are reopening the national health commission on monday has reported just 3 cases in china and none of which were in the who by province of course this is the epicenter the province where we saw the initial coronavirus outbreak and on sunday the national health commission reported no new coronavirus cases in that particular city and this of course was the city there were 11000000 people i went into lockdown back in january and it's graduate reopening but i should state there are questions still about the calculations being used by china and by the national health commission and some countries are also calling for an investigation into the modeling in the calculation of china's official figures. well staying in asia joggers in singapore have to be aware of this. still thing. to be afraid of 3 years roaming the city's parks urging everyone to stay home
9:55 pm
during the lockdown the government originally designed the robot for security surveillance but it's turned into a vigilant ambassador for social distancing singapore has extended its lockdown until early june. the radio station in pakistan is holding clinics so that people living in remote areas get information about the pandemic next year brian explains. the airwaves in northern pakistan once carried lectures by the taliban one preacher was even given the nickname molo radio but now the station in swat valley is broadcasting a very different message so i was on the phone with him. stay home and stop the spread of the coronavirus if a lucky man. if you made your isn't use of the people in this area is not long ago it was used by the pakistani taliban to enhance the movement we felt
9:56 pm
a little theory useful it's easy to reach out to the messes and solve the health issues using our radio clinic. perk to inquire radio reaches further than the local newspaper and television stations deep into the foothills of the hindu kush. the radio clinics were launched last month to increase awareness about the virus educating locals while keeping them indoors programme you needed to learn it the purpose of our program is to provide life health services to patients who aren't able to go to the hospitals because of the lockdown doctors a video speciality is are invited and they give advice to anyone who needs help the hardest of patients like hoshi who has had trouble and that makes him especially vulnerable to the virus and. i was very worried about my health but then i learned about this radio service it was a wonderful experience for me i called the doctor and he helped me out. hoshi delhi is home with his family like tens of millions across pakistan where shutdown began
9:57 pm
last month. there being thousands of cases and dozens of deaths and it's feared a lack of taste and maybe concealing the true number of infections. doctors are angry that mosques of been allowed to stay open during the muslim fasting month of ramadan. they were warned that if the virus becomes widespread here its impact could be catastrophic overwhelming a fragile health system that is just 3000 acute care beds for a population of 200000000. in the preference for normal days hospitals were brimming with people but after the lockdown it was impossible to go to any clinic or hospital this new radio health program has helped many from their homes because they can just call us. this one time pirate radio station now a lifeline for this community. brian al jazeera. for now lauren taylor
9:58 pm
have more news from our london you sent after the break the toilet for me and the news outlets your time and your company. as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every day it's a new adventure and join our global community. to fight on soaring your questions and i just honestly think this is a directly that's coming on on you tube as you're saying i'm concerned about the fact like oh and i think eric clapton that keeping you up to date and we've seen countries beating back and beating back successfully the street on 00.
9:59 pm
in a war torn city you know rock a medic documents the stories of the survivors recording their hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from over. he turns the camera on himself when i so take control and his family are forced to flee no where to hide a witness documentary on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covered 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying
10:00 pm
to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. as the world focuses on the corona virus a warning that millions of children could miss out on treatment for other infectious diseases. and our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up new york's coronavirus lockdown is extended and the democratic presidential primary is canceled. a question of survival hundreds of textile workers returned to work in bangladesh despite a nationwide lockdown.


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