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but have the different experiences before asian nations in fact not shown the world to root out of this group. coronavirus lessons from asia on a jersey to. the us coronavirus death toll now exceeds the number of american lives lost during the vietnam war while across the u.k. people have fallen silent in tribute to health workers who die. alone well come on peter told me you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. violence
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flares again in lebanon 19 is pushing the economy closer to the brink of collapse. and the 2 kilometer wide asteroid from the depths of our solar system is due to zip past within a few hours. more lives have not be lost to the corona virus pandemic on u.s. soil than ole of the americans killed during the war in vietnam a tally by johns hopkins university shows the death toll is beyond 58300 and more than 1000000 people have been infected let's go live now to washington and our correspondent mike hanna so another grim milestone of a statistic mike. indeed yes. membrane
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to that that death toll in vietnam was over a 10 year period whereas the death toll in the pandemic has been within a 2 to 3 month period so certainly a very grim statistic over $1000000.00 americans infected what that means is that roughly one in every $330.00 americans contracted the virus but observers point out too that the figure could be far far higher because this is just those who actually tested for the virus and many are infected who never tested at any point so some health experts say that that infection figure could be as much as 10 times as high very very grim statistics indeed but from the white house still mixed messages the vice president mike pence went to the mayo clinic in rochester in the course of the day and to the surprise of many he did not wear a face mask video footage from the who group with him revealed that he was the only person there not wearing a mask now
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a spokesperson for mr penn says that he tests for the virus once a week and therefore is not likely to have contracted it therefore he does not need to wear a mask experts point out though that it's very easy to contract the virus in between medical check ups his spokesperson also said that the vice president want to look the health workers properly in the eye to thank them for their work but the fact remains that president trump has stated categorically he will not wear a mask the vice president is out in public with a number of senior health officials not wearing a mask this despite the fact that the federal guidelines are is that everybody wears a mask in public so he has got a situation where the president and vice president are completely flaunting the very guidelines that they established and michael as well we're getting this news in the last what mr trump has. signed the paperwork compelling meet factory workers
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to go back to work just to be clear is it just asking them strongly to go back to work or have they got to go back to work by law i mean is this like an executive order that he signed. well it's in terms of the defense procurement act it is on the face of it an order to go back to work but what it is most importantly about is to grant the employers some form of legal and liability precedent troublemaking very clear earlier in the day that the employers are in a situation where they could be sued by their employees forcing them to go back to work in a situation where they could contract the virus part of this executive order is absolving the employers of any legal blame for what happens but the bottom line is that was done in consultation with the meatpacking companies it was
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a major supply crisis in terms of supplies coming through massive drops in the production of pork and beef. on the face of the order is meant to a tory it is still very much in association with the companies themselves and of course the employees have to decide whether to continue their jobs to go back to work and run the risk of a virus or not to go to work and quite possibly lose their jobs very clear diet lever for those working in the meat packing plants which have of course been a focal point of many viral outbreaks in recent weeks at least 13 plants had closed across the country because of the high rate of infection in the plants now you've got a situation where the president signed an executive order which is strictly speaking is mandate 3 the plans have to reopen but it is done at this particular stage in consultation with the employers however once again the sorts must go out to those
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who actually work in the plants who now have to take a decision about whether to endangered their health by going back to work or by not going back to work and possibly losing their employment mark thank you so much. from the epicenter of the u.s. break. the courtenay did fly over by us air force and navy planes over new york city a display of gratitude for health care workers and 1st responders here in what is the epicenter of the u.s. krone by risk crisis a crisis that has put more than $20000000.00 americans out of work in only one month and at one point had more than $300000000.00 americans under stay at home warders transforming even the busiest cities like new york into ghost towns the crisis has now hit a new milestone over 1000000 cases in the u.s. president trump is accused of being slow to take over 1000 seriously in late
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january when the 1st cases were in the u.s. he said it was under control and repeated similar sentiments for many weeks the risk to the american people remains very low fast forward 2 months and that forecast has proven to be spectacularly wrong as a country and economy shutdown trump and america as a whole were forced to face the stark reality there were numerous missed opportunities in the long term investing in public out the budgets for public health in significantly decreased over the years and this would only way american public. has really needed in our ability to respond in the more short term while most of those 1000000 confirmed cases in the u.s. have been relatively mild many thousands more have not more than 50000 lives have been lost to cope at 19 and many thousands more expected on tuesday trump was asked
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about his earlier predictions in the light of the new milestone will go down to 0 ultimately and you have to understand when it comes to cases we do much more testing than anybody else so we could go to some of these other countries. you know as an example china if you test you're going to show many more cases the united states and particularly new york are a long way from being over this health crisis and with persistent worries about large gatherings the streets could remain mostly empty through the end of the year leaving time for people to ponder questions such as when will this be over what will america be like when it is and what went wrong. gabriel's andro new york. was staying in the u.s. for posting a $2200000000.00 loss in the 1st quarter of this year and expecting to lose more than double that in the next coming quarter the automaker shutting down and u.s. production last march of course bosses say it's not clear when workers can return
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to work in the u.s. but there will be a gradual restart in the european manufacturing set up but shuttle to begin next week as all revenues have fallen 24 percent since the start of the year demand has been decimated as factories remain closed and planes ships and vehicles sit idle opec and other oil producers agreed to slash production by 10000000 barrels a day but analysts say that may not be enough to redress flooded markets. violence has escalated during a 2nd night of protest in lebanon's northern city of tripoli demonstrators have been back out on the streets as the crisis hit economy crumbles further because of coronavirus protesters hold rocks and security forces who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets on monday one protester was killed during riots from tripoli al jazeera says in a hotter with more. hunger and hopelessness are driving lebanese to the streets the economy is close to collapsing protesters vent their anger at banks for preventing
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people from accessing their savings and a long serving political elite is being blamed for mismanagement and corruption in recent days the local currency has sharply devalued against the dollar there were casualties among protests. soldiers during confrontations that began monday night on this news that follows model went to the streets because there are no jobs children are asking the parents for food and they don't have money to buy them any the young man who has mounted it was a father he had nothing to lose if his daughter asks for food what will he give he had nothing to lose calls for a change in leadership are not new a protest movement began in october but the ruling elite has clung on to power. apart from a few we have $128.00 criminals in parliament they stole public funds and transferred billions of dollars outside lebanon even the army soldiers oppressed like this salary is now worth $300.00. officials acknowledge inflation has increased by 50
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percent and 45 percent of the nation of 6000000 people live below the poverty line but they haven't presented any plan to restore trust in the economy and fight corruption. we are hungry the revolution is against corruption all official say there is corruption but what have they done we don't see any thief in prison instead they are shooting at the people then rival politicians who have been in power for decades deny allegations of corruption and are blaming each other for the state's near bankruptcy government leaders are accusing their opponents of trying to topple them by tampering with financial stability that fuels the anger of anti-government protesters the leaderships opponents say those in power are trying to hold them accountable for years of corruption. the state's finances are under immense pressure lebanon has
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a huge debt to pay and not enough foreign currency the government also doesn't have many friends abroad the scenes could be a warning of what's to come. tripoli. more than 100000 people have been arrested in the philippines accused of breaking string. rules and curfews the united nations describing the country's response as highly militarized and rights groups are sounding the alarm about abuse. reports from manila. these were the last few moments of winston ragas life before he was shot dead by police they say the former soldier refused to follow their orders and was threatening to shoot them so they far detained. twice. but witnesses deny this they say he posed no threat to anyone to remove those who spoke to the family says was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and this
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death is a huge loss for them. he was very thoughtful especially to his nieces and nephews here remember there were birthdays and he was a very generous man. other videos that critics say show excessive use of force by police have gone viral too. we have everything here in my presence in this one a police officer forcefully tries to arrest a foreign national jury a dispute over quarantine measures imposed by the government. and here another officer appears to break into a private condominium before threatening to arrest people using areas like a swimming pool the philippine government displaced around $50000000.00 people under lockdown across the region designed to clamp down on the spread of the coronavirus that's nearly half of the country's population just a few weeks ago president rodrigo to tear 2 or there domenici and police to shoot
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anyone who creates trouble. police have denied allegations of wrongdoing and say they have arrested more than a $100000.00 people since the lockdown was implemented more than a month ago human rights watch has issued a statement urging the government to investigate reports of abuses and hold officers have committed rights violations accountable. i mean it's really been. very hard regulations regard reality situation. and that serious growing. anger and frustration and. the government says its policies are necessary to fight the spread of the coronavirus but people here tell us the use of what they say easy heavy handed and violent response by police is creating fear and anxiety. dugan algeria
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manila. still to come here on al-jazeera british airways prepares to slash up to 12000 jobs predicts in passenger numbers will take years to recover. and a large scale prisoner swap is in the works in yemen will have exclusive details from the u.n. . for . hello largely we are now free of rain in east asia there is this cloud coming out of the final piece to china bear a little bit of rain towards northern japan but in turkey you go find 21 degree days is much the same in seoul it's much warmer you could call it hot in beijing and in shanghai tempers are rising here as they have been in hong kong she will pick up i think in hong kong as a cloud in southern china is building in there is rain coming in it starts further
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west but it's certainly creeping eastwards the temperatures are on the high side beijing at 31 to 32 is well above average might even reach a record highs i think probably not going to change the month and therefore the record also because of a little bit but it's sunshine and it's much warmer than you might expect this time of year or. so so that and of course we should see the spread of rain it has been to thailand recently mostly it's over the water in the forecast it's a dry ish spell for vietnam cambodia thailand and laos many models are meanwhile the rain is falling fairly steadily and it's also true in france to malays are k.l. singapore. the 3 cities and likely to get daily sandstorms at the moment equally some pretty big thunderstorms in this eastern side of india and in bangladesh and they will keep growing. becoming a living legend to the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence
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on the pitch into political clout the book piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona football rebels begins with a look at the life of didier drogba the football who succeeded where politicians are not. deviate from the ibori and civil war on al jazeera. welcome back you're with al-jazeera live from a reminder of our top stories this hour more lives of not be lost to the coronavirus pandemic on u.s.
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soil than all of the americans killed during the vietnam war a tally by johns hopkins university shows the death toll has now gone beyond 58300 donald trump has signed an emergency order compelling meatpacking plants to stay open despite a string of concerns the supermarkets mean run out of supply lines. violence escalated to a 2nd night of protests in lebanon's northern city of tripoli demonstrators a back up on the streets as the crisis hit connally crumbles further because of the . let's get more on one of our top stories a u.k. pilots union says be a star devastated after the carrier's owner announced plans for up to $12000.00 redundancies that's nearly a 3rd of the work force the company says it will likely take several years for past . to return to where they were at the very beginning of this year brendan so-be is founder of aviation industry consultancy he joins us from singapore brendan so be
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welcome back to al-jazeera from a purely business point of view does this make sense. it's a prudent decision because the this crisis is going to be a long crisis and it's going to be a very slow long recovery a couple of years at least and so tragically recovers and what a lot of airlines have been relying on in this interim period are these government subsidies or wages or government support schemes but these will expire the u.k. wind right now is going to expire at the end of june the us one of the september singapore at the end of october so all these schemes are generally 3 to 6 months and they are you know this covers the period where we have 9095 percent. reduction in line but it won't cover you know realistically 23 years of reduced black not 99 percent but maybe 30 percent and so if an airline thinks that their capacity is going to be down 30 percent over the long term the current thing is to start
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looking at cutting cutting jobs unfortunately and and some airlines more proactive about this and i guess british airways is one of the 1st ones to be more proactive and start this process with consultation with us to make this happen and to cut their costs long term to try to reduce the losses over this prolonged downturn but for those $12000.00 cabin crew and flight crew who are imminently just about to very probably lose their jobs because it may not quite to prove a being 12000 but it'll certainly get close we understand they call and realistically start applying for all the airline related job so that the carriers because those other airlines are in just as much of a mess as be a is it. yeah i mean it's obviously a difficult and unfortunate situation we don't know the exact details because that's hasn't been announced and they're consulting with the unions and governments not the process just starting. and so we don't know the details about you know what the numbers are when this will kick in and it might kick in after the subsidies. so
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so but yeah it's a very difficult position you know that the industry is going to be down for a few years so that means that you know there's going to be a surplus of pilots and flight attendants won't usually be able to switch to other airlines i'm not the other airlines in other regions or different positions where maybe they'll be expanding. so there can be some opportunities but generally it's going to be a down job market not only navy but overall because of the economic situation the other thing to point out here in the u.k. there's somewhat known about you know with for example with virgin atlantic which is trying to get a bailout from the government you know they're in a more difficult financial position that british airways and if there is is consolidation in the u.k. market we don't know what's going to happen virgin atlantic yet then you know british airways might be able to. change their hiring plans accordingly so so there's a lot of might know about you know how long this crisis last what the market looks
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like afterwards whether it was consolidation and so forth. so but it but the general picture is. the outlook is bleak and it's very difficult for people to see jobs you know in an industry that they've been trying to work and knowing that that it could be a few years before we're back up to to you know full capacity which means full stop and levels globally ok we have to leave it there brian thanks very much thank you. well people across the u.k. have been paying tribute to health lost their lives because of cope with 19. reports now from london. a moment to remember them by the key workers all those who worked in frontline services and died in the service of others the prime minister boris johnson recovered from covert 19 also paid his respects came forward. but that has not dampened criticism over the government's failure to
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provide health care workers with adequate personal protective equipment and the death rates in england and wales reaching a new high way above previous government daily figures which count just deaths in hospitals the office for national statistics said on tuesday that 22351 people died in england and wales in the week ending april 17 and a growing number of deaths the elderly in care homes where doctors warn the pandemic has not yet peaked from tomorrow will be publishing not just the number of deaths in hospital each day but the number of deaths in care homes and in the community to this is something that wasn't previously possible with the guidance from british scientific advisors there is little appetite from the government to relax lock down measures yet but in france with
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a similar sized population to the u.k. and the 4th highest recorded death toll from covert 19 in the world preparations were announced to ease the restrictions on daily life. never in the history of our country have we seen this situation not even during the war nor cheering the occupation nor cheering previous epidemics never never has the country be confined as it is today and evidently it cannot be so for long term. in spain a drop in the daily death and infection rates has also prompted the prospect of unease and its locked down deaths from coronavirus fell once again on choose day now the government has set out a framework for regions to start phasing out one of europe's toughest lockdowns. the most important thing is to protect the public health and whatever they leave to save the lives of our citizens it's a simple i stopped them from their own words we want to kick start spraying every
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territory and every city but amid the easing of these restrictions the shadow of corona virus still persists while there is no vaccine it will be up to the public to continue social distancing measures a far cry from the familiar in its place a new detached normality. al-jazeera. known the u.s. state of massachusetts nearly 70 people have died from corona virus at a facility that cares for elderly veterans another 160 residents and staff of the hollyoaks soldiers home contracted the virus as well one they're blaming staff shortages investigators looking of filing criminal charges. let's wrap up some of the top stories for you from around the world al jazeera has learned that the u.n. and international committee of the red cross have both advanced plans for a mass prisoner exchange in yemen which could happen within days as part of a ceasefire proposed by the un special envoy martin griffiths diplomatic editor
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james bays has this exclusive report. a mass prisoner exchange was 1st proposed in the stockholm agreement in december 28th all sides agreed to the idea but it never actually happened now it's being revived as part of a peace plan proposed by the un special envoy martin griffiths he said he believed that plan was close to fruition when he spoke to the un security council last week he didn't reveal that arrangements that now advanced for a prisoner exchange to be organized by the un and by the international committee of the red cross we were asked to organize it really is during this endemic of and we had to balance the interests that you made there in the interest of the people to tame the fact that they could go back course you defy me after years of detention and the risk we were taking as you made 10 operate there is
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a factor who saw the risk of the dangers to be in fact so balancing those interests we decided that we would go for it you seem to have everything in place what needs to happen for this exchange to take place. i would see that almost everything is in place. to me oh it's a final alignment of the tree parties involved in their release. the government of said it would be arabia and sarah and the government of yemen. we are there we still need a couple of days to be ready but we need this this this button to be pushed and for this we need an alignment and just to be clear on the timeline you mentioned a couple of days this could happen within days potentially but tends to yes u.n.
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sources tell me the actual prisoners for the 1st stage of a transfer have been identified there are about 1000 of them. a large asteroid will fly past earth in the coming hours spawn as say the space rock won't collide with this planet but will get close enough for us to study it and gallacher reports on that story from florida. when a small asteroid broke up over siberia in 2013 the ensuing shockwave injured over a 1000 people and caused extensive damage it was a reminder to space agencies across the world of the dangers asteroids can pose the asteroid now heading our way is being classified as a potentially hazardous object scientists say $99080.00 or 2 is not a threat it's traveling at 30000 kilometers an hour and is at least 2 kilometers wide will pass by at a distance of 6000000 kilometers don't have to deal with it with fear we have to
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deal with it with the science so people should not be afraid of asteroids people should be encouraged to assess the risk of these assaults and to follow the. research program and most importantly comment dean these asteroid research program in place programs like masses double asteroid redirection test or don't program aim to tackle potential threats in the future it's one of many programs around the world that not only track large asteroids but after tensional solutions to redirect them the area cboe observatory in puerto rico is one of the facilities that tracks asteroids using sophisticated radar scientists here are already tracking the apostasy asteroid due to skirt the earth in 2029 the head of planetary radar says their research is vital without the cloud there really are summations or or very expensive to ration we would actually be very. good years and 9 so now we know that we don't have to do that they're really going to use
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those resources for something else this latest asteroid has been tracked for the past 2 decades and for amateur and prefer. national astronomers alike it's been greeted with excitement and not fear nasa scientists say they've tracked more than 90 percent of new earth objects that pose a global threat thankfully $998.00 or 2 isn't one of them but it will be close enough to watch on a telescope like this in terms of the visual universe this is a close shave but a celestial event that will be seen as a slow moving star and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. recapping our top stories here on al-jazeera more lives have not been lost to the pandemic on u.s. soil than all of the americans killed during the vietnam war a tally by johns hopkins university shows the death toll is beyond 58300 and more
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than a 1000000 have been infected mike hanna has more now from washington president trump once again weighing the issues up at feeding the nation against the individual lives at risk within these meat packing plants so that is something that is going to roll out in the coming hours or indeed the coming days but certainly health officials are looking very closely at where the virus hits most fiercely and so far it is in these contests that areas such as me packing plants such as homes for the elderly and these are obviously potential victors for a new round of the virus this of course of great concern to all in the u.s. state of massachusetts nearly 70 people have died from corona virus at a facility that cares for elderly veterans another 160 residents and staff at the holyoke soldiers home have contracted the virus one nurse is blaming staff shortages. ford has posted a $2200000000.00 loss in the 1st quarter of this year and expects to lose more than
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double that figure in the next quarter the carmaker shut down u.s. production in march bosses say it's not clear when workers can return to work in the u.s. but there will be a gradual restart in europe beginning next week and u.k. pilots union says be a staff are devastated after the carrier's owner announced plans for up to $12000.00 redundancies that's nearly a 3rd of the workforce. saudi arabia's oil revenues have fallen by 24 percent since the start of the year demand has been decimated as factories remained closed and planes ships and cars of course it idled opec and other oil producers agreed to slash production by $10000000.00 barrels per day the violence has escalated during a 2nd night of protest in lebanon's northern city of tripoli protesters are back out on the streets as the economy crumbles further because of the pandemic those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after rewind i will see you very soon. oh lord willing the programming from international can
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make us better get used to it you're really going to wind up in such a large if we carry on this way out just the arrest sets the stage is no longer exist you naivety is no longer an excuse giving voice to the voiceless so we rewrote the longball ex-pats and discussion that culture still exists in the combatting that today open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today on al-jazeera.
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and welcome again to rewind to our nor. since we know it's to al-jazeera english back in 2006 on library of award winning documentaries has been growing year by year and hair on rewind we're revisiting some of the best of them today we're re why.


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