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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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now all jews are. with. the u.s. coronavirus death toll now exceeds the number of american lives lost during the vietnam war. compelled this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. by allen's fares up again 11 on we're covered 19 is pushing the already fragile economy closer to collapse. this really no president for a long take that you know that the. accusations police in the philippines are
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committing rights abuses as they enforce strict coronavirus measures. and the 2 kilometer wide asteroid from the edge of our solar system that stooges it passed within hours. more lives have now been lost to the crown of virus pandemic on u.s. soil then all of the americans killed during the vietnam war a tally by johns hopkins university shows more than 58300 people have died and more than 1000000 people have been infected ever as on the reports from new york the epicenter of the u.s. out sick. the cord needed fly over by u.s. air force and navy planes over new york city a display of gratitude for health care workers and 1st responders. here in what is
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an epicenter of the u.s. krone by risk crisis a crisis that has put more than $20000000.00 americans out of work in only one month and at one point had more than 300000000 americans under stay at home warders transforming even the busiest cities like new york into ghost towns the crisis has now hit a new milestone over 1000000 cases in the u.s. president trump is accused of being slow to take over 1000 seriously in late january when the 1st cases were in the u.s. he said it was under control and repeated similar sentiments for many weeks the risk to the american people remains very low fast forward 2 months and that forecast has proven to be spectacularly wrong as a country and economy shutdown trump and america as a whole were forced to face the stark reality there were numerous missed opportunities in the long term investing in public the budgets for public health in
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significantly decreased over the years and this would only way america public. has really needed in our ability to respond in the more short term while most of those 1000000 confirmed cases in the u.s. have been relatively mild many thousands more have not more than 50000 lives have been lost to cope at 19 and many thousands more are expected on tuesday trump was asked about his earlier predictions in the light of the new milestone will go down to 0 ultimately and you have to understand when it comes to cases we do much more testing than anybody else so we could go to some of these other countries you know as an example china if you test you're going to show many more cases the united states and particularly new york are a long way from being over this health crisis and with persistent worries about large gatherings the streets could. i mean mostly empty through the end of the year
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leaving time for people to ponder questions such as when will this be over what will america be like what it is and what went wrong. gabriel's on go new york city u.s. president donald trump has ordered meat processing plants to stay open despite concerns about workers' safety fraction was stopped at around 20 of the country's factories off to workers fell ill responding to warnings of a global meat shortage signed an executive order to reopen the plants and give companies legal cover in case employees catch coronavirus mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . it is on the face of it an order to go back to work but what it is most importantly about is to grant the employers some form of legal and a liability present and troublemaking very clear earlier in the day that the employers are in a situation where they could be sued by their employees forcing them to go back to
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work in a situation where they could contract the virus part of this executive order is absolving the employers of any legal blame for what happens but the bottom line is that was done in consultation with the meatpacking companies it was a major supply crisis in terms of supplies coming through massive drops in the production of pork and beef so although on the face of it the order is meant they tory it is still very much in the société shin with the companies themselves and of course the employees have to decide whether to continue their jobs to go back to work and run the risk of a virus or not to go to work and quite possibly lose their jobs very clear dialin are for those working in the meat packing plants which have of course been a focal point of many viral outbreaks in recent weeks at least 13 plants had closed across the country because of the high rate of infection in the plants now you've
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got a situation where the president signed an executive order which is strictly speaking is mandate 3 the plans have to reopen. violence has escalated during a 2nd night of protests and lebanon's northern city of tripoli demonstrated to be back out on the streets as the crisis hit economy crumbles further to the crown a virus protesters hurled rocks at security forces who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets on monday one protester was killed during the riots from tripoli and heart of its. hunger and hopelessness are driving lebanese to the streets the economy is. close to collapsing protesters vent their anger at banks for preventing people from accessing their savings and a long serving political elite is being blamed for mismanagement and corruption in recent days the local currency has sharply devalued against the dollar there were casualties among protesters and soldiers during confrontations that began monday
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night. went to the streets because there are no jobs children are asking the parents for food and they don't have money to buy them any the young man who has mounted it was a father he had nothing to lose if your daughter asks for food what will you give he had nothing to lose calls for a change in leadership are not new a protest movement began in october but the ruling elite has clung on to power. apart from a few we have $128.00 criminals in parliament they stole public funds and transferred billions of dollars outside lebanon even the army soldiers oppressed like this salary is now worth $300.00. officials acknowledge inflation has increased by 50 percent and 45 percent of the nation of 6000000 people live below the poverty line but they haven't presented any plan to restore trust in the economy and fight corruption. we are hungry the revolution is against corruption all official say
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there is corruption but what have they done we don't see any thief in prison instead they are shooting at the people. rival politicians who have been in power for decades deny allegations of corruption and are blaming each other for the state's near bankruptcy government leaders are accusing their opponents of trying to topple that by tampering with financial stability that fuels the anger of anti-government protestors the leadership the opponents say those in power are trying to hold them accountable for years of corruption. the state's finances are under immense pressure lebanon has a huge debt to pay and not enough foreign currency the government also doesn't have many friends abroad the scenes could be a warning of what's to come. tripoli. at least 46 people have been killed in northern syria after a bomb placed in a fuel truck exploded in
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a busy market it happened in the city of afrin 50 others were injured a friend has been under the control of turkish backed functions for 2 years turkey is blaming the kurdish wife e.g. armed group for the attack. days she's been announced for one of the most important for the meetings in china the national people's congress is when china unveils economic targets and approves new legislation was initially scheduled to be held in march but had been delayed due to the corona virus outbreak in beijing sees thousands of delegates from across china gather in beijing sarah clarke is in hong kong with more on china's decision to go ahead with the meeting. so we should want to go ahead back in march the 5th or much the 5th and the government back in february made the decision to postpone or delay that particular gathering simply because we're at the peak of the crowd a virus outbreak at that particular time and a number of these legislators. and the government delegations they were deployed on the front line to try and contain or fight the virus at that particular time now
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we've got 3000 national legislators who will attend this gathering in beijing on may 22 but we also have a huge number of staff and delegations that will join those legislators and that's what about 5000 people now clearly the meeting is being allowed to go ahead because china's number of crowd of us cases has been falling and in beijing we've had no local cases for the last 36 consecutive days and this is simply did the capital imposing some tough quarantine restrictions those traveling to the capital we're talking about domestic travelers those coming from anywhere across china into beijing must go into 14 days of coroutine and anyone coming to beijing from will hand out from overseas it's a $21.00 day quarantine scenario that the government is also imposed some new social etiquette rules which they'll introduce on june the 1st and they include when in public everyone must cover their mouth when sneezing there's been no eating on public transport and masks must be borne by anyone in public if you're sick but clearly this announcement on wednesday that the national people's congress meeting
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will go ahead on may 22 is a sign that china's trying to send to the rest of the world that life is returning to normal. rights groups say the shipping government strict enforcement of lockdowns is led to rising human rights violations committed by police more than 100000 people have been arrested for violating the curfew and the un describes the country's response as highly militarized to me to undergo reports from the capital manila. these were the last few moments of winston rags this life before he was shot dead by police d.c. the former soldier refused to follow their orders. and was threatening to shoot them so they fired detained. twice. but witnesses deny this they say he posed no threat to anyone in the movies who spoke to its family says ruggles was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and this death is a huge loss for them and. he was very thoughtful especially to his nieces and
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nephews here remember there were birthdays and he was a very generous man. other videos that critics say show excessive use of force by police have gone viral to. carry out a 3 year in my presence in this one a police officer forcefully tries to arrest a foreign national jury a dispute over quarantine measures imposed by the government. and here another officer appears to break into a private condominium before threatening to arrest people using areas like a swimming pool the philippine government displays around $50000000.00 people under lockdown across the region designed to clamp down on the spread of the coronavirus that's nearly half of the country's population just a few weeks ago president with the go to tear to or there de mille achieve and police to shoot dead anyone who creates trouble. police have denied allegations of
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wrongdoing and say they have arrested more than 100000 people since the lockdown was implemented more than a month ago human rights watch has issued a statement urging the government to investigate reports of abuses and hold officers have committed rights violations accountable. i mean it's really been. very hard regulations regard the. situation. and that serious going. gratian and. the government says its policies are necessary to fight the spread of the coronavirus but people here tell us the use of what they say easy heavy handed and violent response by police is creating fear and anxiety. to doug and al jazeera mandela still ahead here on al-jazeera extreme measures and el salvador's
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presents the president hits back after an odd prank of violence. and the un's top human rights representative for man mark prepares to step down they ving a damning assessment on the plight of the right. now it's warm and occasionally wet despite the lack of obvious clarity in the arabian peninsula sinne gray stuff is rather more potent than you mark think so what you see but the greatest a few spots are very possible anyway even the empty caught up in qatar the middle of saudi arabia and dance for the hope that 41 dubai and was no scott all this is potential just just a little wet i think dumps
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a better word but basically the winds are all over the place that strong easterly pick up in santa moving further west was in saudi so sand storms a risk there were dust storm 3 of them to go to then afterwards the whole circulation is slowing moving so the clouds moving no way but that's just the arabian peninsula in iran it's obvious we've got big showers in iraq if you can draw in quite warm the same is true back in the bout time she's now in the low twenty's if you're lucky turkey has taken a dive temperature wise with us because we've picked up a few more showers. now the real wet stuff is for the sun is a big shot. back to uganda they will carry on but the focus is probably a bit fed assassin but on the western kenya and d.r. congo and once again we see a concentration in the breeze bringing in the showers towards the coast of tanzania the orange flash that's heavy rain. but. as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every
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day the new passenger and join our global community it's up to us on how we come together to fight on soaring your questions can i just honestly trying to see directly what's coming on on you tube as you're saying i'm concerned about the fund like for nothing or a crisis and not keeping you up to date and we've seen countries beaten back and beaten back successfully the strain on 00. 0. 00. you're to al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour more lives have not been lost to the coronavirus pandemic on u.s. soil than all of the americans killed during the vietnam war
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a tally by johns hopkins university shows the death toll is now more than $58300.00 . president donald trump assigned an emergency order compelling meat processing plants to stay open despite a string of attacks that's a big concert supermarkets may run out of stock. violence has escalated during a 2nd night of protest and lebanon's northern city of tripoli demonstrators a back out on the streets a crisis that economy crumbles further to a crowd of virus. and the year of both france and spain have announced how they plan to ease restrictions if they can keep a handle on new infections meanwhile people across the u.k. have been paying tribute to health workers who lost their lives to cope at 19 a sonic a go report from london a moment to remember them by the key workers all those who worked in frontline services and died in the service of others the prime minister boris johnson
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recovered from coded 19 also paid his respects for work hard work but that has not dampened criticism of the government's failure to provide health care workers with adequate personal protective equipment and the death rates in england and wales reaching a new high way above previous government daily figures which count just deaths in hospitals the office for national statistics said on choose day that 22351 people died in england and wales in the week ending april 17. and a growing number of deaths the elderly in care homes where doctors warn the pandemic has not yet peaked from tomorrow we'll be publishing not just the number of deaths in hospital each day but the number of deaths in care homes and in the community to this is something that wasn't previously possible with the guidance
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from butcher scientific advisors there is little appetite from the government to relax lock down measures yet but in france with a similar sized population to the u.k. and the 4th highest recorded death toll from covert 19 in the world preparations were announced to ease the restrictions on daily life. never in the history of our country have we seen this situation not even during the war nor cheering the occupation nor cheering previous epidemics never never has the country be confined as it is today and evidently it cannot be so for long term. in spain a drop in the daily death and infection rates has also prompted the prospect of unease and its locked down deaths from coronavirus fell once again on tuesday now the government has set out a framework for regions to start phasing out one of europe's toughest lockdowns.
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the most important thing is to protect public health and whatever they leave to save the lives of our citizens it's a simple i stopped them from their own words we want to kick start spraying every territory and every city but amid the easing of these restrictions the shadow of corona virus still persists while there is no vaccine it will be up to the public to continue social distancing measures a far cry from the familiar in its place to touch. on a diagonal al-jazeera. a u.k. pilots union says british airways staff are devastated after the carrier is on or announced plans for up to $12000.00 redundancies and that's nearly a 3rd of its workforce the company says it will likely take several years for passenger numbers to return to where they were in early january british airways has suspended 96 percent of its flights for april and may. president has launched
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a crackdown on gang members and presence comes after the country sorts highest single day a homicide tally on friday with 22 people killed but human rights activists have criticised the government as john home reports. the 3 measures in a pretty. gang members company contact with the outside world. we're going to look. so that they could not have any type of communication for 30 say that many hits in the boiler plate country from jail in prison gang leaders have taken advantage of the code with the. demick told a move killings. last week and dozens of people were murdered after a period of relative calm in response to 30 strip to mate and packed them together in a 24 hour lockdown. after the members of the warring gangs were mixed together in cells
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as part of the new plan to break their communication lines. before they've been separated to avoid prison riots. it's all come from the top president. on monday he tweeted we're going to make sure the gang members who committed these murders regret it for the rest of their lives he's also said security forces can now use lethal force against gang members on the streets human rights groups have denounced images as inhumane and authoritarian reminding the also recently marched into congress with soldiers to get a security bill passed but many in el salvador think differently gangs have controlled entire neighborhoods in the country for decades extorting raping and killing it will really be a last go one to transport company told us they've murdered more than a 1000 people in his sector and squeeze almost $20000000.00 a year from operators where system look at that we had in the area said this is what every government needs to do if there are criminal groups to effect in the
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population is stopping the country's economy from developing the least that the authorities can do is take a firm line and establish order they can look the other way. and president remains extremely popular for now it seems many salvadorans support his hard line stance john homan how does it or. the number of corona virus deaths in brazil has now surpassed 5000 and with now the 72000 affection's it's the worst tech country in south america the health ministry says the recent spike in numbers could be the result of more testing president jaya ball sonata who recently fired his health minister says he get to reopen the economy as fund tough restrictions imposed by state governess. and the state of massachusetts nearly 70 people have died from corona virus at a facility that cares for elderly veterans another 160 residents and staff at the holyoke soldiers home have contracted the virus one nurse blames staff shortages
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investigators are looking at filing criminal charges let's take a look now at some other news the un's top human rights representative to me and mara stepping down after spending 6 years raising the alarm about alleged atrocities committed against her hand to muslims and her final report to young he said the military's actions all the hallmarks of genocide foreign story has more. the human rights envoy to myanmar made her pronouncement visit to myanmar in january 2017 she seen here in rakhine state in august of that year myanmar security forces attacked the mainly muslim rohingya minority there and the myanmar government has not allowed to visit since military commanders said the crackdown was in response to attacks on security posts at bahrain get fighters nearly 3 quarters of a 1000000 escaped over the border to bomb british many reported rape torture and abuse by soldiers and buddhist the gambia accused me of genocide against the regime
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and launched a case at the international court of justice last november we had most leader aung san suu kyi tonight the charges and defended her country regret of pretty gambia is placed before the court and incomplete and misleading factual picture of the situation in rakhine state and. yet it is of the actors who portions of the court assess the situation obtaining on the ground and are a crime dispassionately and accurate. for the remaining get little has changed in with calling the still denied citizenship unable to move freely and have little access to health care and education has done nothing to dismantle the system of violence and persecution and the rohinton remain in reclined live in the same dire circumstances that they did prior to the events of august 2017. many have tried to escape to neighboring countries risking their lives with people smugglers but
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increasingly no country wants to let them in the malaysian navy recently prevented a boat carrying around 200 rangar refugees from landing and last week the bangladeshi foreign minister said 2 other boats carrying around 500 people in the bay of bengal wouldn't be accepted either. in the last 2 years the rangar have also been caught in the fighting between the myanmar military and the are a con army fighters for the armed group. the un says fighting has intensified with near daily reports of violence tens of thousands of civilians. have been forced from their hopes the myanmar government has imposed an internet blackout in several townships for months and the government's accused of arresting journalists and government critics in her final report to the united nations human rights council last month lease said the optimism she had when she started the job 6 years ago has been lost and she's watched devastation and tragedy since. her little boy.
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u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o says he's concerned about the situation in the yemeni port city of aden after a separatist group declared self all of the areas it controls in the south on sunday the southern transitional council announced its imposing emergency rule the internationally recognized government warned of catastrophic consequences from the move and its allies in the saudi led military coalition urged the s.t.c. to cancel the declaration of peo says the development will threaten peace efforts. former u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton has officially endorsed her fellow democrat joe biden for president the former secretary of state said biden had been preparing for this moment his entire life marks the latest in a series of high profile democrats publicly endorsing the presumptive nominee will go up against president donald trump in november's election. an large asteroid will
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fly past earth in the coming hours trying to say the space rock want to collide without planets but it will get close enough for us to study it and gallacher reports from florida. when a small asteroid broke up over siberia in 2013 the ensuing shockwave injured over a 1000 people and caused extensive damage it was a reminder to space agencies across the world of the dangers asteroids can pose the asteroid now heading our way is being classified as a potentially hazardous object scientists say $99080.00 or 2 is not a threat it's traveling at 30000 kilometers an hour and is at least 2 kilometers wide will pass by at a distance of 6000000 kilometers don't have to deal with it with fear we have to deal with it with the science so people should not be afraid of asteroids people should be our earth to assess the risk of these assaults and to follow the.
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research program and most importantly to maintain these asteroid research program in place programs like masses double asteroid redirection test or don't program aimed to tackle potential threats in the future it's one of many programs around the world that not only track large asteroids but i've potential solutions to redirect them they are a cboe observatory in puerto rico is one of the facilities that tracks asteroids using sophisticated radar scientists here are already tracking the apostasy asteroid due to skirt the earth in 2029 the head of planetary radar says their research is vital without the client there really are summations or or very expensive to ration we would actually be very. good years when it's been 9 so now we know that we don't have to do it that they're really going to use those resources for something else this latest asteroid has been tracked for the past 2 decades and for amateur and professional astronomers alike it's being greeted. excitement and not fear nasa scientists so they've tracked more
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than 90 percent of new. pose the global threat thankfully $998.00 or 2 isn't one of them but it will be close enough to watch on a telescope like this in terms of the visual universe this is a close shave but a celestial event that will be seen as a slow moving star and to go across 0 miami florida. and convert allendale harvard headlines on al-jazeera more lives have now been lost to the corona virus pandemic on u.s. soil then all of the americans killed during the vietnam war a tally by johns hopkins university shows the death toll is now more than 58300 and more than a 1000000 have been infected i can has more from washington d.c. there were 58000 people killed in the vietnam war that was over
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a 10 year period the death rate we've seen in the u.s. has basically in the last few months more than a 1000000 infected that means roughly one in every $330.00 americans is tested positive for the coronavirus and now the fear among many health workers is that this figure could be as much as 10 percent higher because it does not account for those who have not been tested or who got the virus without being tested for it president trump has signed an emergency order compelling meat processing plants to stay open despite a string of deaths at some of consent supermarkets may run out of stock. violence has escalated during a 2nd night of protests and lebanon's northern city of tripoli demonstrators a back out on the streets as the crisis hit economy crumbles further due to corona virus. the day she's been announced for one of the most important political meetings in china the national people's congress is when china unveils economic
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targets and approves new legislation was initially scheduled to be held in march but have been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. the owner of british airways has announced plans for up to 12000 redundancies that's nearly a 3rd of the airline's workforce company says it will likely take several years for passenger numbers to return to where they were in early january british airways is suspended 96 percent of its flights for april and may. the number of coronavirus deaths in brazil has now surpassed 5000 and with nearly 72000 and fictions as the worst hit country in south america the health ministry says the recent rise in numbers could be the result of more testing president jaya both in our who recently fired his helper minister says he's eager to reopen the economy stay with us the stream is coming up next here on algis there are back to the top down as well. throughout history human kind has come together to prevail in our darkest hour this
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is a moment for pretty much the opposite. saving humankind by really really not getting new every generation has its moment where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who will come after this one is ours. i haven't the ok and your industry in america is making headlines by the way it is handling the global pandemic what does it mean for brown and black people today we can pass stories and stats and stories about racism health care and the coronavirus you can jump in that conversation you can weigh in on. the fest i would need to meet the guests nicole hanna jensen welcome to this.


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