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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 67  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2020 7:32am-8:00am +03

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$6000.00 after the government started to include fake talent ease in places like care homes for the elderly the upward revision has prompted new criticism of the government's handling of the outbreak and south korea has reported no new domestic infections for the 1st time in 2 months that's as members of the buddhist community gathered in seoul to pray for those infected it's also to mark buddhist birthday a nationwide holiday is happening across south korea libyan warlord cleaver have to has announced a cease fire for the holy month of ramadan early on wednesday he was accused of ordering an attack that killed at least one person in tripoli the numerous calls by the international community for holton violence to focus in combating the coronavirus pandemic those were the headlines about with more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera it's the strain. what impact will call that 19 of the drop in the oil price have on the race to the white house can't go from provide
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these historic setbacks and does joe public have what it takes to beat. special coverage i'll just. have to be ok and you mean. the coronavirus time to make in different countries around the welsh there are certain similarities that we've gotten used to seeing the medical profession as have the equipment they need when i see how the caste system like how resilient is it how people handling looked at letty jaimie going to look at those chinese in the context of the russian so if you have experiences or stories or questions that want to ask and i'm not sure you can do that i'm jumping in the. let me introduce you to our guests most of what we ought to. welcome to the screen please tell our audience who you are. thanks for having me.
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dutch russian journalist based in moscow working for the most but i'm sorry we are a. journalist. the oldest independent newspaper in english language newspaper in moscow. good to have you had mark welcome to the stream tell our guests an audi it's who you are. i am our moscow based international affairs and security analyst. and i sadly understand welcome to this studio intelligibly what do you need to know about your money. i'm a doctor of a login i'm treating. school and i'm a leader of trade union named leon so doctors. it's good to have you guess and we actually had to get on the scene an official russian voiced butts we got her an
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email back in this is what they resend to our standards we have a time proposal and the stars ever see us now from the doctors union is an opposition group we do not want to be part of the political show a substantial discussion should include and they suggest that we should include in the discussion. and it is the doctor of moscow's community medical center the coronavirus patients and they can then go on to say that the doctor has a dozen credit 90 and is now working in that hospital up and others to recover best national embassy press office very polite but a very slow know so i am wondering about setting this scene if i went to moscow how would i see the question of the hour as pandemic playing out what is different while there wasn't a case back in january. the mood has shifted quite a bit back in january russia was quite calm about the quantum virus they did close the border with china early on but for
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a long time putin and other officials said everything's under control there's nothing to worry about the number seems to be low for a long time although myself and other journalists had their questions regarding the testing whether the testing really was you know really legit and solid. but since then the mood has shifted russia now is 93 doesn't cases or is it a crown of i was. patience and you know putin himself said that we aren't even yet at the peak so the mood is shifted the officials are more worried russia itself is in a lockdown now across the country and doctors have raised the alarms that you know local schools are full are understaffed medics aren't. prepared enough. no i'm just wondering you know what he's doing he just looks
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what's under must not. ok so. each of russia's 85 regions and moscow city itself is counted as it basically has a region for these purposes has different specific lockdown measures moscow has one of the tightest regime is in a lot of regions of followed suit on moscow in moscow you 1st of all if you don't have essential work you are on an official non working paid holiday where your business is your employers are supposed to keep paying you your salary. and that has been for a month now about 40 percent of moscow's normal traffic on the roads in the metro in the kates that's roughly about what is considered essential which seems a little bit excessive but so at least 60 percent of the population is supposed to
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be sitting at home they're allowed to go to the nearest store to get groceries and supplies they're allowed to walk their dogs they're allowed to seek met at a cold. but other than that and take out the trash but other than that they are not supposed to leave their home now i live in south moscow right on the edge of a forest reserve and there's a lot of moscow's a very big city there's a lot of different conditions as far as i can see the people pull in following the quarantine at all they're treating it like a holiday as as the government treated it they're out teenagers drinking in the wards people out strolling big parties shush barbecue out in the woods and there's very light a horseback police presence so basically in a forest where russians think they can go. away with it in moscow at least where i live they're not following the quarantine at all my guess is that sounds like
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knocked down light let me tell you about nina she's an associate professor at the high school of economics in moscow and she told us earlier on the strange about the rumors going around about $219.00 amid a barrage of misinformation relating to the coronavirus situation here in russia but the most damaging are unfounded medical claims spread by some members of the medical a community one for instance is that a special kind of vodka and lemon jane can kill the virus and i know on is that the b.c. gene that saw that strain of the tuberculosis vaccine is somehow a so uniquely potent that it's created kind of a herd immunity against any kind of partner infection in the russian population these bullies feed into broader popular cultural narratives of russia's exceptionalism and generally not feeding into an existing pandemic or other way social models in practice of course this translates into a lot of people under estimating the risks involved and as
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a doctor how much do you feel that the citizens of russia understand the coon as i was trying damn it didn't know what would keep them safe. so you see a. population of russians devoted to into. being good. parts and no one part is understanding of the situation and. these people understand and they don't go outside and sitting there sitting in total and at least but either by reality doesn't think that these diseases and they don't. they don't trust. and they. need don't trust these diseases very difficult to treat and you see that state television. it does shows every day
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that everything is grouped that there is no going daily can russia and of course these this part of people they don't understand and they. don't understand it it's really a very dangerous to come out and to shoot and so on that's why. they hear it's they're not. sound like they're not appreciating the race but this isn't just talked about the situation being that is not at the end of the current time to meet in russia just today is the peak i'm not sure how that is possible to know that we certainly assume actually change coming soon the president feels i'm just wondering about the misinformation that has been going around these coronas on
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responding each in russia is he dangerous is people really trying to help. society combatants. well so it's a complicated issue so the government actually installed a law to prevent this information about the corona virus. but the law is actually being used in a way to prevent independent media from publishing information about the virus that's of often you know factual we've seen in the bennett out as and the like as yet i get in trouble for publishing certain stories that the government believes to be disinformation so i sort of they are using the this racial angle for their own you may say purposes. so it's sort of a. it's a complex situation were find itself sent. in it's just going to use you know use
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it thank you for joining in the coup the sentient and extends their living in moscow and i can say that many people outside many keep working and they can simply transport and there are also some social unrest. marked is this is this is. a recipe for disaster. you're already in a disaster situation if people don't understand the east have to stand on its means . yeah again i don't think it's a matter of this information per se i think it's a matter that the state authorities aren't stressing how serious the situation is enough but it's also a fact that russians particularly muscovites of a very fatalistic attitude. towards towards life in general and whenever authorities aren't watching you know if they think that there's no immediate consequences for themselves. a lot of them then you know not all but are are quite
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willing to break that so i think the government hasn't stressed the seriousness and enough but i don't think it's a matter of this information but whether it's a dire situation coming absolutely i've been talking about this for 2 months now i think russia is i mean it's quite obviously on a path the same path perhaps as bad as the united states certainly as bad as italy or france the russian government took some good initial moves closing the border with china an air traffic with china but then dropped the ball and didn't close the borders with europe when the epicenter moved there quickly enough and hasn't stressed enough how dire the situation is so i think russia is going to follow the path of a lot of european countries and it has a much larger population and in some areas like moscow a very high population density and it's going to result in a lot of infections and a lot of deaths that perhaps could have been avoided otherwise. if i could.
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i think a big factor why a lot of people are on the streets still because a lot of them also have to go to work. you know the government did not give out a big economic you know package just the way we've seen support packages the way seen in the west a lot of small medium businesses are struggling financially and they often don't have a choice but to continue working. legally some do it on their the risk of getting fined so a lot of people even if they want to stay on they don't have they don't have the opportunity to just because the russians don't have much savings and they're not getting the state support many you know maybe have hoped for. i want to put a question to you that's coming from the cheap right good football management price thank you for being part of the stand today on jenson gratias official figures who got into the lead 19. decently official suggests
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correct. you seen it. in the area of president government a child not to move the population to the panic i see and. women who use i know. doctors and medical staff in hospitals have little problems with protection where the equipment and this problem is very serious for everybody in russia because reluctant to actually go to. the doctor skunked more clearly they can't walk work rude and unwell and they can't treat their population that's why. political figures today and his government are they just didn't go. about their millions of projection of masks and coast tombs but they're lying
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really because of a lot of don't you may have known enough equipment and not equipped protection because i just i think it's my opinion they are official figures they don't understand the real situation maybe but ne should think a lot in my. situation in the health care system and try to harm doctors to get this equipment and to get protection. when is it things that adults are doing with the full sentence this is taking it could months to make the sessions was a little bit more. and so on ready. says i had said we could go there in russia there's a lot of. equipment tonight a 1000000 social masks and costumes but we tried to trust him. every day. you know no rarities she being about 10 letters about
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100 that day and. medical stuff and doctors that they they are asking us to help them to go to the to send 9 equipment to send them masks simple masks and simple gloats because they have no not enough and they are working with fire in without anything. without any protection. all and a lot of doctors now are sick and 100 doctors died and it's really ready great for everybody and i think that it's blame the government in washington because really no one wants one or one in or even 2 months ago we just we have told them that they sure do they have to supply medical
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workers with the equipment and i mean the protection because if and you don't you doctors. and our secret they will look treat. this is a story that we've seen repeated many cases around the welsh i'm looking here in english and he's a russian publication but he also published in english as well and this is the the russian doctors to study tracking the deaths among their own ranks he included $9000.00 pound damage and numbers are much higher than the official stats to human being to what is happening in the high. since they're in russia right now trying to deal with terms like 99 here not just health just as there. were medical students on the girl if i was frank. so we've. tried to really understand what's happening in the hospitals in moscow and loads. 4th and
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5th year medical students you know guys and girls that are as young as 20 to 23. have been on the front lines of the battle against you know the coronavirus in moscow and a lot of them have been enlisted as volunteers a lot of them are not even they to do very dangerous work just because they haven't been enough nurses have been a lot of cuts over the years russia has already invested in its health care so a lot of these young you know quite brave students who were in tears and you know had to have to go and serve in the hospitals despite the fact that you know that there are all the risks they were facing as i said. more doctors have gotten ill and quite a lot have died actually more than government as the ship officially accepted last week we were the 1st ones at the most about 2 to actually write about the doctor that died. in
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a veteran's hospital in moscow since then as you mentioned doctors themselves have made a list and it seems that the list is much higher than just one person and now up to 2. 100 doctors so so yes the situation for doctors it has been quite bad and you know we've seen this happening all around the world and it's a shame that russia didn't you know look at what was happening in italy and spain and try to protect their doctors and the better. to decide not to change the present. when the speech presents and that maybe not one is extended into maybe another was the goalie to feel. x. 9 he's a freelance journalist turn each reporting on the nottingham conditions and we think that he was focusing almost how big russian is outside of the most uncoachable many has of russia they cannot stand the economic. recession that will come so many extended look. is really important so even though they look down
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regimes are being fairly well observed in the biggest cities in some of the more peripheral regions like the north caucasus where the population is generally not ethnically russian and there are a lot poorer. in these regions you have a sense of kind of cultural distance from moscow coming together with local concerns about poverty about corruption about unrest really coming together to create quite an ugly situation so you have public protests against the lockdown orders you have the spread of kind of conspiracy theories about the virus and about it existing and all of this really is kind of fueling the spread of coronavirus really in parts of russia that are frankly least able to cope with it on an economic level this is rinat and again it's not just russia this is what countries you know that not done is going to help us thinking how long can we keep doing this bill if you have a population who is living in rural areas you have almost nothing who are very poor mark transmission. well russia is going to suffer
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economically from this pandemic as pretty much every country in the world is going to suffer from it russia i would say is probably middle of the pack you know as as far as countries go equipped to deal with it they do have extremely large financial reserves some half a trillion dollars and a rather substantial rainy day fund but as of yet the kremlin has been very loathe to spend it to hand out a lot of money to employers like small businesses because they think that this isn't over that this is going to last for a long time that it's not going to be over after european countries start trying to lift a lockdown in a few weeks or a month that this is going to come in waves across the world and that this is a phenomenon that we're going to see for the next year or 2 and that this that this
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virus has the potential to become a seasonal virus that is going to keep afflicting the world although we will see periods of economic lockdown loosening of restrictions increasing infection rates of death and when country start opening their borders. then we get to the real problem because everyone is treating this like a national problem right now when it's an international one you can't keep your borders locked in your country locked forever even if you beat it at home like china did as soon as you open your borders your safety measures are only as good as the safety measures of the worst country in the world and there is going to be a lot of failed states collapsing over this over the next year we're going to split you see just how. you can push. through since russia will be the nervous hit rate country as the companies knock down compound on. a european
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country is not cooking response the lowest hit rate meaning that it will suffer the least no that's certainly not true russia will will suffer as badly in comparison as many other european countries hands oh man it has a larger population i think russia is not going to come out of this on skates and anyone who says so is wishful thinking. i have been looking at a number of. addresses his speeches is to mean a. little. we managed to slow down the spread of the epidemic this is the result of our joint work with the responsibility of millions of the citizens of the country who listen to the recommendations of doctors and specialists took care of their health and took care of their loved ones complied with the instructions of the authorities the daily number of new cases of the disease has relatively stable here's
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a blend you know when the get and when it happens it's. johnson who is working on the front line. leadership your president. so i we're waiting. you see it maybe to fix a goal he promised to promise to pay money to the doctors but now he looked at dr snape writing down on the nectar of the. chips and they said that they will not receive any money and that they're really very low down and they get. and they there they think that they are upset about these and that they should be they should be supported by government by president and i think that every medicals to every medical worker should be supported now. not only
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that. we get not only medical worker that treats that is treating the person who is going to writers you see the law that the. president and the president wants to support only medical workers who are treating only patients we are in alliance but this is where we. need to put every jurors because they are only working they are also working with patients. i can tell you there for a 2nd is make perfectly right is made into the sense of the preferred. yeah the largest doctors union in russia they health workers of the russian union of the russian federation has some 3000000 members in your doctor's alliance that is linked with the far right ultra nationalist not only. how many union members are in
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your group 500 right. so we are going to take on the line sometimes not much past the hour thanks mark. this is obviously a challenging time for of russia and the health and professionals as it is for many countries around the world who want to keep a little glimpse into how russia is total this is the other counting that's once it hits the letter. may on al-jazeera has covered 19 infects millions and triggers a global economic crisis we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world. al-jazeera world selection of the best network documentaries includes the story of unsung egyptian composer and musician ali it's my despite the coronavirus pandemic the presses ahead with presidential elections by still the emmy award
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winning phone lines is back investigating the united states and its role in the world and in the u.s. election primaries presumptive democratic nominee joe biden strives to reach the official delegate threshold may on al jazeera. they say to really know someone he must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the water. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path to. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. the stories of abuse in h.k. harms in the west to shock the world but there's no alternative when i want to speak to those sending elderly loved ones to thailand to live out there on
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al-jazeera. every generation. that's higher purpose. ours if. we want to open our country the people want this country open. president donald trump again demands an end to lock downs as soon as possible after corona virus wipes out a decade of economic growth and around the world there are warnings that nearly half of all workers could lose their jobs. alexander raman you're.


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