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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 68  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2020 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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already dealing with a color outbreak and only half of its hospitals are fully functional. the arab league is condemning israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank in a statement issued after a video conference between foreign ministers the organization called the move a new war crime against palestinians israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is pushing ahead with the proposal after striking a deal with rivals when forming a unity government. those are the top stories stay with us the stream is coming up next examining how the corona virus has made life even more difficult for domestic violence survivors and i'll have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching.
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hi i'm femi oke a this is the stream home edition it is a show that is produced under lockdown conditions and we talk about lockdown life around the world today. domestic violence gender based violence child abuse gina coronavirus pandemic and this topic was suggested by a regular through a few where she advanced to the 80 before the court in 1000 pandemic the woman would have the option of leaving home in order to run away from the violence or even go to the police immediately and report but now they have no choice but to stay at home these people are left idle and men lash out as ones that shout for that even the smallest of reasons and the woman is buttered and bruised and she has nowhere to go because they have to stay at home and i am going to say right now
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that some of the things that we've been discussing may be very difficult for you to hear very difficult to watch but if you feel comfortable and you can please me and i you to chat discussion and you can talk to our guests let me introduce the guests i rachael introduce the south. my name is rachel reeves later in the arc or of no it's book group knows what we don't know about domestic violence. it's so good to have here hello mantissa welcome to the strain tell us who you are. my name is mandy secondly i'm the director of an organization called rise up against gender based violence are based in south africa and the birth of the total shutdown movement it's an intersection warrant against gender based. welcome and please introduce yourself welcoming. thank you for me hello everyone i have a really short title i am assistant secretary general and deputy executive director
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of u.n. women and for those of you who don't know if you and women's the flagship entity in the united nations system dealing with gender equality and women's empowerment great to be yes good to have you all 3 of you ladies this is a hard topic to talk about but i know you'll be very candid and share stories and take us around the world in our conversation but 1st of all for you anita you have given a u.n. women have given what is happening now with down's around the world a very short description a different kind of pandemic tell us the name you've given it and why. we call it a shadow pandemic because it is as big a problem as the cole with 1000 disease but it's been hidden and it hasn't been talked about enough it now needs to come out of the shadows and into everybody's lives as a problem that we all need to worry about and solve that's why we call it the shot of endemic. rachael i think one of the best things to to understand what is going
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on down life and to people who are living with abuses is to shay an example can you do that for us sure i mean unfortunately i've had a lot of terrible terrible examples i spoke to a woman in texas a couple of weeks ago who said that her abuser she is a 50 year. life especially a lifetime restraining order against him and he was on a g.p.s. bracelet and just went before the judge and said well you know there's no point in me having a g.p.s. i'm in lockdown so can i have this taken off you know when you're on g.p.s. up and you're to pay for yourself so the judge was lenient and took it off and now she is living in this absolute state of terror expecting him to show up at her house at any time she won't go jog route after 8 pm she has extra cameras around
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her house but it's a form of terror i think shadow pandemic is exactly right it is a form of terror that. is absolutely anxiety inducing others i've heard of other stories where people have been using coded 19 as a way to keep children away from x. spouses one woman called. line in response line an emergency line and said. you know my husband is spitting on me because he thinks he has these are the kinds of stories that are coming out it's. it doesn't even have to be a perm it's this other type of coercion and fear that their names and. mandisa e.u.s. seeing. people appealing to you and i say she and the i want son in south africa can you explain what's happening. ok so currently the reporting mechanisms
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for gender based violence in our country are there to call in to a court center and then they dispatch emergency services to whatever resources you're required but then we have communities a people live in shacks or one bedroom apartments with the perpetrator would be in distance so as an organization we then started a lot sept lives so that you don't they don't need to hear you and you can call for help and send us a g.p.s. location and we will essentially add we bring help to your door we go directly to survivors and missions if you will more than with police services and move them to places of safety for some of the stories that we've seen particularly one of our 1st survivor. the gentleman even though we were there with the police still trying to solve in our prisons over and above that he wouldn't let him leave without taking his shoes you know that had portuguese shoes you are not going to be in this house without just before with absolutely nothing to go to a place of safety those are the kind of situations that we're seeing right now on
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the ground and it's it's really horrific for women but they voices condé heard that they don't have access to the immediate circles of support so they don't have access to their friends their family their colleagues people who would usually notice a bruise or some kind of sign that something's going on and they are now trapped with these perpetrators in the hopes. i want to ask you men do so because the text is something texting is something that i've seen a lot of response lines in the u.s. where i'm based actually be nimble enough to switch to very quickly but what i've heard literally all across the country i've talked to people and the thing that haunts them are the survivors who call up or who text and say i'm calling because i text i texted because blah blah blah and then. and then they hang because they can and then me they're about to be caught. yeah and what i what we've heard is that in south africa in the last week of march there were to over 2000
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cases which is 40 percent more than the same number of people would called in 2019 is that true. definitely true and also what we found is there is an extreme spike because of our different lives so we've got a range of domestic violence hotline and we just have a general gender based violence hotline and all of that we have seen dressed increases in terms of numbers calling in particular. we're also seeing. we're also seeing an increase in rape within the household so open cases of children being listed by either father. or someone in the whole while turning to finding their you finding parental laughter into the ribs or. marital rape there's a huge increase in that as. this is so no you never make it out if
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i may just i'm just i'm just going to be i'm just looking at a tweet from the united nations population fund and they are just showing the impacts of $1000.00 women and girls and they say if the lockdown continues for at least 6 months can this me run 1000000 additional cases of gender based violence could be expected to occur that number is even difficult to fathom i want to jump into the conversation and share it with you ladies and a design says i think domestic violence existed with these families. but this pandemic has more to the front and people feel trapped in these do you want to take that 1st of all. yes i think she's right you know women are not safe at home the place where you should feel the safest is your home and actually what this and emic is showing is. that hole is not a safe place for a lot of women and the reason by the way we call this
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a shadow pandemic is because the definition of pandemic is something that's global in nature so this isn't happening just in the u.s. or in texas or in europe we're seeing it in south africa we're seeing it in pretty much every country in the world and so i think there is really an urgent need for governments to come out and say you know what we are fighting a disease but we have another public health emergency which is domestic violence call it a public health emergency and give it the attention it deserves you've got a large stimulus packages that governments are managing they're trying to prop up their economies are the focusing on domestic violence as part of the stimulus package that's one of the things that we had when women are asking for more is saying this is a public policy issue name it and fix it fix it by spending on shelters fix it by spending on law enforcement and let's get the private sector involved let's
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get telephone companies to give away free services to women who need to call let's get pharmacies and other institutions involved that can be places where women can go to let's get companies like google to say we'll share information on how many searches there are on domestic violence so you know everyone's got to play their part in it and like the donations are taking us in a need to because we're going on a away from this is the problem to this is what we can do mandisa your organization rise up against gender based violence there are tweets and posts where i'm looking at what you have done during lockdown which is an intense lockdown can you explain to our audience what is possible even june intense lockdown we're not really allowed to go out only just to buy groceries and there are police in the streets what is possible. look what we've done since we have permits as essential services
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we have. given ourselves to the evacuation process or the part of evacuating survivors another thing that we haven't spoken about is the economic violence that comes of domestic violence so you having men that are starving their families as a form of punishment during the slap down so we're providing food parcels and packages for those families so that they can continue during this time also another thing that we that has also been encouraged by you in as well is to provide the support made took so many sort of community based what groups where there's some kind of chick interested a team where you actually do safety checks and ensure that everybody's ok and they can be able to report to them those clips of something is going on and someone in the neighborhood can intervene with out breaking lockdown conditions so this is something that each and every single person can do in the in the communities in their neighborhoods to contribute i don't mislead want to share this with you
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ladies but i'm going to because there are people in the well to think like this and i want you as their well being to actually understand and maybe we can help them understand what is going on with gender based violence so in you tube unapologetic 662 what is the woman doing that subsetting to man and rachel can you explain to that news. to me. a lot but you've also time talking to abuses as well as people survive domestic violence so you've got. well you know the thing is until the 1970 s. all the literature had that same framework around domestic violence if a woman was being beaten it was because she was she was bringing it on herself so i will say that the structures that exist for men exist for women as well and they exist for children right we haven't talked about children being abused in the home
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but i had an e.r. doctor in portland say to me just a couple of weeks ago it's not. the cases i'm going to remember it's the child abuse cases so. you know the thing is. the u.k. has a response line for men for men who are violent and trying very hard not to be violent those calls to that response line are up 200 percent so there is a cry for help not just from women and not just from children but from from even from some men even from some some people who are the violent perpetrators. you know the advice that i am giving to women in a violent situation or a violent home right now is totally different than what i would have said 2 months ago right to monday only and never would have said be passive. don't don't provoke deescalate as much as you can these are not pieces of advice that i that i as
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a feminist would ever give it but that's what i'm saying now to women right the goal is to get out of this pandemic alive. i'm afraid he is asking this and this is going to fly to one of the ladies elizabeth rainey is coming t. will be our new normal for a while people have to leave an abusive situation. and. i specifically want to talk about this because these countries that have adopted the smuggling and like to see it adopted the world over including in my country when the perpetrator gets moved to the shelter instead of the survivor so it's important because why are you relocating me why am i leaving my home my space of comforts in the area that still so my child's school. so someone else has a perpetrator to occupy the home so if we can do strong policy advocacy work around the world to ensure that our government state the seriously and start having shelters for perpetrators so that being one get the proper psychosocial support
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that they need they get the interventions that they need so that they can stop being tried it and you also see a list destruction in the lives of survivors of violence and the children so that's definitely one of the things that i wanted to raise as a submission and i think something that can help us going forward. oh so motoring i'm 2nd that the great and it or something else right if this lockdown situation what would you do if you of your child if you will and it doesn't necessarily have to be a woman that's being abused also could be a man of course an. option would you find those options so i like mindy says idea but we also have to think about other things that where women can actually get help when they need it and right now it's quite difficult for a lot of women who are being abused to pick up the phone and call because abuse of course control folds they control assets very often so we need technology companies
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to step in here to create absence that make it easy for women to seek help we do need what some countries have done you know when france rented 20000 hotel rooms and when france and spain created these hotlines that you could use by going to a pharmacy that was a good idea and you know so we need to see more of that but we need also showed jurors to be declared absolutely essential and we need help for women's organizations to be kept alive and for helplines to be kept alive and also we need police and law enforcement to be sensitized so if there's a strong message that goes out to police officers which sets 8 you know this is a problem be attentive that will help. i want to draw attention to the no more campaign because the normal campaign has an ad out right now where it's very subtle and manish is washing his hands and then the camera pans past the man washing his
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hands and in the background you see 2 feet and it's a woman on the floor and then there's a helpline and what he's asking is it's asking us as a community as different societies around the world do we should speak up if we hear something we should say something. so on the stream earlier we spoke to pamela it's a bother to no more foundation and she talks about that campaign it was not to help people report domestic violence when ever they hear that it's happening it's an honor to be hear from no more foundation a global initiative to add that must be one of the sexual assault domestic violence has always been an epidemic but during covert 19 numbers have increased because many victims are home with their abusers in response no more has launched the hashtag this is the from home campaign that encourages anybody that hears or is aware of the message what is happening to get help in order to do it safely in an emergency please call 911 or 4 support call 1807 am i safe
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for more information visit no more than or i'm just thinking right to that idea of reporting that that's responsibility for all of us not just putting this instability on the person and the kids in that situation yeah. yeah i see that i think i have said this is this is the time provide standards to be enforced you know one of the things that is in fact a powerful reducer is having our eyes on a situation and as neighbors as friends we can call our family members we can call our friends and check in and we can come up with cold words you know and either mention france and spain with the mask 19th what i think is a directive or a victim to come up with a code that is particular to her situation and so i think we need to get. so you know when i was in uganda last year i saw this really cool thing that these
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students and had built which was a bracelet that women could wear and that was something of the bracelet and i don't know how the technology works but they could actually do something on that bracelet which then sent a signal to somebody who could then know that they were. sending the signal because they were in trouble so we need some innovative solutions because in lockdown the things that would normally apply right when you have restrictions on freedom of movement your options are much more limited so we need some out of box thing out of the box thinking and that's where i think technology companies can really helps. talk about out of the box thing i want to bring in and she had gone rock she's a vice president of public engagement at the canadian women's foundation and we spoke to her on the stream one of the things that she said really struck us she was equating domestic violence to a global disease and that government should mobilize to tackle 8 i think it's really important for governments to recognize the seriousness of gender based
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violence and domestic violence at this time it's getting worse in the pandemic but the violence that women entrancing are very people who are most at risk things like sexual assault and intimate partner violence and emotional abuse these things are always unacceptably high in our communities so i think it's really important for governments to treat it like a pandemic in and of itself like any epidemic or pandemic situation government state to really invest in prevention and intervention and what does that look like i think it starts with investing in the grassroots community level already doing this work and anything that's exactly what you're saying do you feel that and you've been saying to us during the program do you feel that somehow where we are now with lockdown lives and people who are being abused stuck with that. how no how long do we know what we don't know do you think that is going to change the way
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that government authorities make policy. yes i actually see this change coming so you when women did this policy brief i'm holding up to our own right next to a reading on the yeah the impact of gold it on women right and lots of governments are reading this and they want to do the things that are in this as policy prescriptions 136 countries actually signed up to u.n. . united nations secretary general antonio good terrorises appeal and his call for really naming domestic violence. that's a problem so we've had a 136 countries around the world sign up for that that's a really good sign now the next thing is to actually take the money that governments are spending to help the economy is recover and dedicate part of that to something which frankly is a public health emergency but has never been. meant as
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a go ahead definitely i want to see resource allocation to the response for gender based violence and there's nothing that you hear from today it's that resources i mean to siri this is not going to go away it's not going to disappear into thin air resources i mean to say women's rights organizations around the world including you in women need to be better resourced we need to start seeing governments taking issues of women seriously and actually putting their money where their mouths are especially corporate women are more than 50 percent of the global population that we are giving you the money to continue to operate and you need to start treating us as such. i'm not going to have to live to get it if i if i made what we got a lot of. money on you we're reading them you're talking to each other reprieve this christians is watching. it should be said that men do get used by women and i would have to assume that that has increased as well what do we know guess
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about that but you're nodding your head. yes i hear this all the time let's not forget them and it's absolutely true that the. most lethal situations though still tend to be men against women but when we're talking about domestic violence a term that i find a trouble term when we're talking about that we're really talking about. all kinds of consolations we're talking about you know we're talking about child abuse we're talking about male victims of violence and i think all of us as here today. agree when we are talking about domestic grounds we're including those but they are there many of us at the under resourced. ladies we have woman the missing woman conversation that we can actually had all day so i'm going to ask you to give us one sentence one takeaway that might help who may the be in
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a situation oh maybe thinking that someone they know may be in a dangerous situation once because we only have a minute left. the time for shame about the meth balance is over we absolutely have to address this just talk to people the me too movement showed us a way to talk about sensitive subjects publicly and we. meant to say we now have 45 seconds take away. but leave survivors of domestic violence but the doing the victim blaming them believe them and help them. and. so the time for change is now. thank you so much system much to talk about thank you chief there is a very interesting conversation like the conversation going on the need that has been inspired by you rachel you monday say you need to be thank you very much for
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being part of the string will of course your candles your contacts if anyone needs help they know where to go to get a sense watching this episode as a stream of additional. business leaders as to why no bra spock's.
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business leaders want to buy no bras paul. right. out of the camp of dollars on the dollar we are grappling the extra mile they are the media we go there and we give them
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a chance to tell their story. these are the top stories on al-jazeera as the current a virus pandemic continues to batter worldwide economies another 3800000 people a file for unemployment in the us this past week this means an unprecedented 30000000 americans have now sought an employment benefits in just 6 weeks with 31 states expected to partially reopen in the coming days u.s. president trump believes the economy will bounce back i think we're going to have a really good year we want to be where we were and i think we can actually see a paris where we were we were the strongest it were in the world that we ever were but we were the strongest anywhere in the world and saying in the u.s.
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dozens of bodies have been found a decomposing in an refrigerated trucks outside a funeral home in new york city the bodies were being stored on ice funeral homes have been struggling to cope after 18000 coronavirus that's in the state. the british prime minister boris johnson led to the daily coronavirus briefing after struggling with the illness and self the u.k. death toll from covert 19 it now stands at more than $26000.00 reports from london . back leading britain's coronavirus response after his personal battle with the virus and only a day after his fiance gave birth the prime minister faces mounting criticism of his government's response to the outbreak and questions over how to ease current restrictions and meet a backdrop of.


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