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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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somebody used to fall in the society fending for themselves. to give me satisfaction. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes 30000000 americans out of work the economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic depends keeping more pressure on states to reopen an investigation begins in new york after dozens 2 of bodies are discovered in rented trucks outside a funeral home. will cost the peak of this disease as u.k.
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deaths from the virus slow the prime minister warns it's still too soon to ease lock down measures and after months of protests a plan to tackle lebanon's financial woes but will it be enough to pull the country out of its economic spiral. as the coronavirus pandemic continues to batter economies around the world another 3800000 people are filed for unemployment in the u.s. this past week this means an unprecedented 30000000 americans have now sought on employment benefits in just 6 weeks and the numbers are still rising the jobless rate hovered around 3.5 percent between the summer and february but in march it jumped to a 2 and a half year high to 4.4 percent equating to more than $7000000.00 people as state
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governments now try to kick start the economy their relaxing containment restrictions more than half of u.s. states including florida will partially reopen by the end of the week. as the johns hopkins that board shows at least 1000000 people in the u.s. have contracted the virus and almost 61000 have died. stop more about the latest u.s. economy figures of their white house correspondent kimberly halkett kimberly these unemployment numbers are unprecedented pretty shocking 30000000 so far but could the actual figures be even worse than the official ones. yeah absolutely because the reality is that overnight it's projected as many as 40 to 46000000 americans lost their jobs and these are just the ones that have managed to file their claims online or even to get into an unemployment office that has been overwhelmed by the sheer number of americans that suddenly found themselves out of
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work this is just another bleak indicator we seem to be reporting on them every day that reminds us just how bad things have gotten in the united states as a result of the stay at home orders that were probably put in place to you know keep americans safe and well it has certainly resulted in a lower number of deaths than was initially projected there are certainly some very dire impacts economically and this is the latest measure of that now for his part of the u.s. president has been speaking at the white house today he was meeting with yet another governor this time new jersey of course a very hard hit state about reopening the economy this is something that is going to be done very gradually and as a result this means that the sort of jobs returning is not going to be a very quick snap back even as the u.s. president continues to project optimism why is he continuing to sort of cheerily
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the economy and this economic recovery well because it's an election year and he's trying to win reelection in november but it's going to be difficult because most business experts projects that while the jobs were lost overnight could be 2 to 3 years before they come back and kimberly as you mentioned the social restriction guidelines are due to expire we're in a few hours from now and these jobs figures will definitely add urgency in some of the states to get their economies back on track and some states are really pushing ahead with it aren't they. yes some states are pushing ahead with it because in some cases those states didn't really have significant outbreaks or you know very small number of infections so for those states they see no reason at this point to push ahead but of course there are others that have been hit very very hard and so what we're seeing is this gradual phase reopening the white house has acknowledged
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it is not going to extend the federal guidelines for social distancing beyond april 30th that's today here in the united states and as a result we now see this phase reopening but they still insist that for the most vulnerable for the elderly for those with preexisting medical conditions they could not yet leave the house it's not safe to do so in fact when we speak about the vulnerable the elderly that's exactly what the u.s. president is talking about right now is he is in the east room of the white house he's just made an announcement that there will be further efforts and put in place by the coronavirus task force to make sure that elderly are protected particularly in care homes or nursing homes as they're called here in the united states with regard to making sure that those outbreaks don't happen in those type of facilities because of course this is accounted for very significant portion of the dow so the u.s. president talking now saying they will be providing testing inspections and even
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putting those testing results online to the families of those who are concerned about those patients in those homes will have the best information that they can get can really help with the latest from the white house kimberly thank you but let's look at one state in particular florida's governor says this state will begin a phased reopening for monday but the most populous counties have been excluded from the plan restaurants and retail stores will initially be allowed to operate at 25 percent capacity but no timeframe has been set for its hardest hit areas including miami and the gallagher reports. miami's ocean drive with its iconic on deco buildings never really sees an off season for weeks now it's been deserted along with the normally packed beaches and pedestrian ice shopping areas of a city in lockdown. the cautious reopening of parks golf courses and marinas is now under way though the state officials point to corona virus cases showing a slight downturn florida's governor rhonda sanchez
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a close ally of president trump says a careful reopening isn't complicated although on tuesday the state recorded its highest total of new deaths on a single day on wednesday to scientists announced what he called a safe smart step by step plan to reopen this new phase will start on monday may 4th and will for the time being exclude miami dade broward and palm beach counties these counties have seen the lion share of the state's epidemic but they are trending in a positive direction even as beaches and parks reopen in some parts of the state places like miami dade county continue to take precautions despite the governor's optimism reopening isn't a one size fits all policy over a 1000 people have died of covert 9000 in florida a 3rd of them here in miami dade like many other states what this one is facing then is a patchwork of reopening and a continuation of restrictions here in miami beach the boardwalks open but the
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beach and playgrounds remain off limits it's a similar picture in other hard hit cities as local authorities weigh the risks against getting the economy going again social distancing rules remain in place when restaurants are allowed to reopen they will operate at reduced capacity miami's messes if people don't follow guidelines restrictions will come back if we start to see a regression if we're not respecting the rules. then obviously you would not hesitate. to stir restricting and that's one of the things that we want to avoid any version of a new normal. it will also be a challenge logistically miami is a hub for the distribution of goods throughout the americas and restarting trade will be difficult it's very complicated it's. critical but it's essential for us to understand what steps entails and how people interact with others while some can now carefully enjoy the state's parks restaurants and beaches others remain under
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tight restrictions the reopening of some parts of the economy and continued closure of others is mostly in the hands of local leaders and the decisions are more crucial than ever lenny aleko joins us live now from miami a and the as you outlined a very complex situation in florida how do people largely feel about the measures that have been taken do they feel that the balance has been struck in a correct way between of course kickstarting the economy but also safeguarding their health. i mean the short answer is yes here in miami dade county which is accounted for about a 3rd of all deaths people are living through this is 1200 deaths currently in the state of florida many of the cases across those 3 counties here miami dade county broward and palm beach so they are essentially still on a pretty restricted. category of what's going on here in the other states of freeing up so it is that patchwork but i think overall people are supporting what
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the governor is doing and it's important to remember the governor is not saying these places must open he's deferring to people like the mare of miami there are of hollywood which is another city just up the road and local authorities in places like palm beach that is a very sensible approach although the governor here was criticized for being a little late on the lockdown but remember there's more than 30 states now that are planning to do this in the next few days and some of them are doing it very different ways it's very aggressive in a state like georgia which is just north of florida places like new york and new jersey are forming a loose coalition the same thing with california and washington state so all the states are doing it's very different to go i can tell you that people here are desperate to get back to work about a 1000000 people already have unemployment in this state alone and certainly talking to those who have known here for a long time that run businesses they want to get back to work but they want to do it very very carefully so when the governor talks about baby steps that is precisely what we're going to hear in florida and what more and more states will be
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going through in the next few weeks and the gallagher with the latest there from miami andy thank you. staying in the u.s. dozens of bodies have been found decomposing in an refrigerator trucks outside a funeral home in new york city police were called when a smell was reported coming from several rental vehicles in brooklyn the bodies were being stored on ice and the company is not facing any criminal charges there have been more than 800000 coronavirus related deaths in new york and homes have been struggling to cope gabriel is on the has more now from the facility itself. dozens of decomposing bodies were found inside this funeral home presumably people that have died for crime coronavirus cases coronavirus in the last week or so and they were brought here and apparently the funeral home their refrigerator and unit that keep preserves the corpses of the people broke and so they were just
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putting bodies of people in in trucks. the police were called they're still on scene here it was just a grim grim situation police are saying as many as 40 to 50 bodies of people were in there overnight it just gives you an idea that even though the curve is flattening in new york and even though that this is a city and state that are presumably being told coming out of this and the worst is behind us here it still gives you an idea of how far. the state has to come and how desperate the situation is especially for funeral homes and more it's that are just over overwhelmed. coming out of this news hour europe's economy has just had its worst quarter since records began so how will it handle the financial fallout of the coronavirus mexican health care workers protest the shortage of supplies and protective care as many worry that hospitals could soon be overwhelmed the by the
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coronavirus and reaping the harvest of a national wide nationwide lockdown india's farmers struggle to sell their seasonal crops. but 1st the u.n. secretary general says he's concerned by a lack of global leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and tony says the international community is not doing enough to help developing countries most at risk from the outbreak and his calls for a global ceasefire have also been largely ignored or diplomatic editor james faces more now from the united nations in new york. speaking to reporters by video link the frustration of the u.n. secretary general is clear it's well over a month since he demanded a global cease fire but the fact the u.n. security council has been unable to pass a resolution that was the result of what he called
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a dysfunctional relationship between the major problems and that makes it difficult for the security council to decide as it makes it difficult in many other areas for international cooperation to work secretary-general given the scale of the pound do you believe that global leadership has been adequate. it is obvious that there is a lack of leadership it is all is obvious the international community is divided in a moment where it would be more important than ever to be united there is indeed a problem of leadership or if you want a disconnect between leadership and poll we see remarkable examples of leadership but they are usually not associated with bollard and when we see power we sometimes do not see the necessary to the ship i hope this will be overcome sooner rather than later as a security council session this week a very public demonstration of the disagreements among the world's top countries as the un syria special envoy spoke during the virtual event one of the ambassadors
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had not me to this microphone in ukraine my counsel. the french ambassador was on a separate phone call unaware everyone else could hear him i ask you. one thing you know at the franks my his words were very telling he talked to problems related to the w.h.o. . and then starts to talk about the americans before he's alerted to the fact he's on mute it might refer. to going through security. in that moment the ambassador inadvertently revealed in public the problems the un security council has been facing in trying to come up with a resolution on covert 19 the french have been leading those negotiations for weeks diplomats say it's a torturous process the u.s. is objecting to any reference in the resolution to the world health organization
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after president trump pulled funding from the global health body meanwhile russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has been pushing the idea of a meeting of the 5 permanent members of the security council russia china the u.s. u.k. and france at leader level 6 still though hasn't happened. james pays 0 at the united nations. and open michael always catch you out now it's going to the u.k. where the british prime minister barak led the daily coronavirus free thing after struggling with the illness and self the u.k. best telephone covered 19 now stands at more than 26000 park of reports from london by a cleaving britain's coronavirus response after his personal battle with the virus and only a day after his fiance gave birth the prime minister faces mounting criticism of his government's response to the outbreak and questions over how to ease current restrictions amid a backdrop of rising death but now
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a glimmer of optimism that britain's battle with covert 19 i can confirm today for the 1st time we are past the peak of this disease we're past the peak and we are on the downward slope britain may be over the worst but it's still a risk for now the lock down will not be loosened we've come through the peak or rather we've come under what could have been a vast peak is that we've been going through some huge outpoint turn and we can now see the sunlight own the the pasture ahead of us. and so it is vital that we do no lose control and run slap into a 2nd an even bigger minute in the past 24 hours and flowers have been arriving here to 10 downing street to welcome boys johnson's new baby closely
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followed by scientific advisors of ministers coaching folders it is a confusing juxtaposition echoing a wider national confusion over how and when this crisis will end the government's also under mounting pressure to reach its mass testing target by friday at the start of april the health secretary mark hancock said he was determined to deliver $100000.00 tests per day so determined he reportedly made a 100 pound charity betty to achieve it in recent days mobile testing units staffed by the army have been travelling around the country as the government races to meet its target smashing his goal with an air force fly past his captain tom moore he initially wanted to raise just over a $1000.00 for completing the laps of his garden before his 100th birthday to mark the milestone having raised more than $37000000.00 for the national health service
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. the prime minister described captain tom as a point of light for the nation the government is now under pressure to be a point of trust in uncertain times the barca al-jazeera london. we heard earlier about unprecedented levels of unemployment in the us because of the pandemic while data out on thursday shows europe's economy has seen its biggest losses of records began the german government has already predicted its g.d.p. could shrink by more than 6 percent this year dominic kane has more now from berlin on how europe is handling the economic fallout. the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is becoming clearer than ever right across europe individual governments scrambling to put in place economic measures to try to reduce the damage their countries are suffering and at the e.u. level the institutions they're doing whatever they can to provide assurance but
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also credit and the sorts of financial assistance that they think will help the governments concerned the european central bank says it is trying to deal with a very uncertain future certainly that's what the head of the e.c.b. christine legarde has been saying given the high uncertainty surrounding the ultimate extent of the economy fallout. grows scenarios produced by e.c.b. star suggests that your area g.d.p. could fall by between 5 and 12 percent this year. depending crucially on the duration of the containment measures and the success of policies to mitigate the economy consequences for businesses and workers. and the economic worries clearly being felt here in germany too the economy here is going to shrink considerably in this calendar more than 6 percent and although ministers say they
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expect the economy to come roaring back in 2021 that's based on projections which infer that they will not be a 2nd wave of coronavirus in this country and while they can't guarantee that ministers anglo-american and the leaders of the states of this federal republic are trying to work out what their next step should be how to help the economy more was not allowing coronavirus to flare up again. some of mexico city's top tier hospitals have reached capacity and health care workers across the country are protesting about a shortage of medical supplies and qualified medical personnel to face the covert 1000 pandemic many worry the country's entire health system could soon become overwhelmed by law rappel of reports now from mexico city. the medical staff of this hospital in the mexican capital are the latest health sector workers to protest a lack of personal protective equipment they say they're afraid of contracting code
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19 but he thought it meant that we're protesting because we are not a kofi designated hospital yet where except in patients and so far 45 of my colleagues have been infected. the protests like these with doctors and nurses demanding medical supplies have been taking place in mexico since early march in some cases medical staff have had to find and purchase their own protective equipment i will check whether. the country has a lot of protective equipment like boots caps and goggles but no piece of equipment is asked important as to how you feel known as the n 95 these are in short supply all over the world but in mexico in particular in many places have never even had this mass in the wind. as coronavirus contagion in mexico nears its predicted peak so does the expected capacity of the nation's health centers. this emergency room staff and pain coon say donations have helped
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alleviate their demand for protective equipment but they fear the facility will soon be overwhelmed saeid by the government. who would definitely reach a moment where we suppose capacity this clinic is now dedicated specifically to treat coronavirus the flow of patients is constant we will suppose capacity in mexico city more than a dozen hospitals have announced they have already hit capacity the mexican government however says that 70 percent of hospital beds set aside for kobe 1000 cases remain unused. many public spaces have also been repurposed to accommodate for an expected overflow patients at hospitals all across mexico medical personnel are warning over the possibility of a health system collapse adding that now more than ever is the top. time for people to stay in their homes and continue to abide by social distancing guidelines. mexico's president said in a recent address the country has prepared very well to meet the demand for medical
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equipment many of those on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic don't seem to agree. mexico city. let's go to our guests now eric farnsworth is the vice president of the council of the americas he is also the former senior advisor to the white house special envoy for the americas he joins us now on skype from acclaim in virginia sir thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera now since the covert 1000 pandemic started a lot of countries have been caught unprepared a lot of countries had shortages of ventilators and protective equipment where would you place mexico in this context of what is particular about the mexico case . it's good to be with you and your viewers the truth of the matter is mexico is in a very similar situation as every other country around the world the demand is higher than the supply but there is a very important distinction here and that is that before corona virus really got
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to mexico there was a period of time where there could have been a greater focus on quarantine social distancing and in fact working to ensure that the virus when it did arrive in mexico would not have such devastating impact instead of doing that the government tended to minimize the threat even though it was fairly obvious that at some point they would have to face a very serious situation so a period of time that could have been spent trying to minimize the impact i think was when fortunately lost and now there is the scenario that your correspondent just described and so the pressure for protective equipment for example and other medical equipment where does a bicycle stand in trying to get. this equipment in other countries where help i don't know europe you know there was help from china for example what about who is trying to help mexico and who are they trying to get help from you know that's a really important question and i mean if you compare it even took some countries
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in latin america which took earlier affirmative steps they simply don't have the same crisis of getting equipment but you know mexico does actually produce some of its own equipment. but much of that or some of it anyway is destined for the united states because of the trade relationship that preexists on the contractual obligations and supply chains and that sort of thing and i think that's an obvious tension some of the health care workers are seen in in mexico and mexico city and elsewhere around the country because of some of the product is being in mexico they were produced in mexico they want to stay in mexico as opposed to it being exported having said that there are ways to increase exports of the this very important p p to mexico from various sources including from the u.s. from europe and i believe china has even the offered some equipment as well. i mean you said that the banks and government has downplayed the crisis from day one obviously economic issues probably played
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a part like they've been in lots of other places how damaging could this be to the mix an economy and in turn what impact could that have on the last american economy as a whole it could be very damaging it will be very damaging even before coronavirus the projections for mexican growth for 2020 were just barely positive and now the world bank has come out and suggested that the negative growth will could be even 6 percent or more and that's very significant we have to remember mexico is not just facing the coronavirus crisis but also now the collapse in the oil prices which is a very significant commodity for mexico and those twin. problems are going to really detract from mexican growth that's a going to be a political problem at some point because one of the primary. priorities of president on just one will look as obrador is poverty alleviation and development
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of the southern part of mexico and without those resources that he's been depending on it's really impossible to meet those campaign promises and to maintain high level political support so this economic issue. most likely will become a political issue as well the bright side the positive aspect of this is that mexico's economy is still linked to very closely and very directly to the united states and so to the extent the united states comes out of this in a very strong position perhaps in 2020 or at least a strong recovery that will bring mexico with it too to a certain extent yeah that is a big question mark though i guess right now i asked you eric farnsworth the vice president of the council of the americas speaking to us from mclean in virginia sir thank you for sharing your views with us thank you very much one country that would definitely be incredibly vulnerable to the pandemic expanding there is yemen the country has recorded its 1st 2 corona virus related deaths leading to fears of
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a major outbreak in a country already ravaged by civil war 5 new cases were reported in the southern port city of aden that takes the total number of infections nationally to 6 yemen is already dealing with a color outbreak and only half of its hospitals are fully functional the u.n. says it's likely the virus is spreading and the tech did in the country. the lebanese government has approved the financial reform plan for its crisis hit economy leaders have been on the pressure to act after months of violent public protests say the heart of reports from beirut. since taking office in january prime minister has sandy abse government has been working on a plan to save lebanon's economy that plan is now ready the state is close to bankruptcy and lebanon defaulted on its debt for the 1st time after much reluctance the government intends to seek financial assistance from the international monetary fund for number. with this plan as
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a stepping stone we can build our future we will continue with our request to the i.m.f. and willing gauge seriously with our creditors as a result we will reduce the burden of debt on the shoulders of all citizens the economic hardship has been mounting anger spilled onto the streets and it turned violent the national currency the pound lost more than 60 percent of its value in recent weeks international donors have demanded economic reforms and then end to corruption to unlock billions of dollars in aid while the government's plan mentions the need for reforms its focus seems to be on the banking sector and taking back what the prime minister calls unrealistic interests on bank deposits over the past 5 years while the government wants the banking sector. because of the crisis. if you're just going for the special of $42.00 story
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structure of the banking sector this will result in a total lack of confidence in the lebanese economy and the banking sector by having died a generation of depositors' lebanese politicians most of whom are accused of involvement in corruption have traded blame over who is responsible but the opposition says the governing alliance is using its power to target them in an anti-corruption drive for. the current government chosen by those in power in their political allies unfortunately has been turned into a tool to settle political schools and revenge practices. the. power struggle is worsening tensions the government moves to restore the trust of its citizens deb says his cabinet is made up of independent experts but it was brought to power by some of the parties implicated in corruption scandals that is why protesters have been trying to topple the political class say they have little faith in promises to recover stolen public money the prime minister may think the plan will put the
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country back on track but the concerns of many lebanese who have lost the value of their money have not been east. beirut coming up on this news hour no homes and no land to internally displaced people do what they can to fashion another challenge over 1000. rather than during the age of the corona virus how the pandemic has hit an ancient tradition. hello there plenty more rain in the 4 calls across the central areas of europe and it is fairly welcome rain as well of course you've got to some areas and some fairly intense drought situations but to the west we got all this constantly in and it's bringing with it the right now so we've had plenty of rain over the last few weeks is turkey and this is all of the reasons into northern seems like there's
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some very good ground as we just head into the start of may meanwhile we'll see more scenes like this this of course is in hungary the storm clouds are gathering plenty more of those as we go through friday and saturday you can see all the rain very widespread heavy at times as welcome to the bay of biscay into the southern areas of france as a go through friday and also some heavy rain through areas a poem of course again remember this is some west suffering from an intense drought that rain hopefully is welcome still pretty warm across the southeast book arrests in athens both enjoying a high there 25 degrees celsius by saturday the rain still very much in the forecast which is really not on the low across the east. but elsewhere we have call time which is closer to the average again that rain coming in through the bay of biscay and they should be a dry day generate all small southern and central areas of the u.k. all the while warming up across much of the portugal and spain for the 1st time in really quite a long time we've got most of the conditions across much of northern africa and so it's warming up is it 26.
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the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution. pursuing a path of diplomacy but what was to turn their agreed withdrawal from lebanon into one of the most horrific civilian massacres of modern times women children accused we couldn't believe our eyes chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of the revolution on al-jazeera. as the world battles the corona virus and millions of infections staff had tested positive for the corona virus with countries in lockdown and the threat of a major economic crisis to kill it unlocked a global g.d.p. could be around 9 trillion dollars we'll bring you the latest developments from around the globe prosecutors say they're also seeing price gouging on vital medical supply coronavirus amgen special coverage on al-jazeera.
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roof. 19 out of the top stories on al-jazeera as the coronavirus pandemic continues to batter economies around the world another 3800000 people have filed for unemployment in the u.s. this past week this means an unprecedented stories he 1000000 americans have now source unemployment benefits in just 6 weeks dozens of bodies have been found decomposing in an refrigerated trucks outside a funeral home in new york city the bodies were being stored on funeral homes have been struggling to cope after 18000 coronavirus that's the state and the british
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prime minister says the u.k. is past the peak of its corona virus outbreak boris johnson a stressed the country should risk a 2nd spike of the virus the u.k. now has the 2nd highest number of deaths in europe after italy. the world health organization is investigating a rare inflammatory condition found in children possibly linked to covert 19 the illness has been found in at least 6 countries including the u.k. for more on this let's speak to dr sanjay patel he's a consultant in pediatric infectious diseases and he joins us via skype from southampton dr patel thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera but this is potentially a very worrying development if there's one saying that certainly a lot of parents had always taken comfort from was the fact that children didn't seem to be affected by covert 1000 so what do we know about this disease. well barbara we know about
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a small number of children and i really need to stress from the start of this interview that it's a really small number of children we're talking about who are presented via the normal health care systems in place with what looks like sepsis these are children needing critical who have. not had an infection not had sepsis but have had their own immune system attacking their body. and i mean you mentioned sepsis obviously sepsis often kills and very quickly as well how worrying is this condition in the children that developed it. so these children we noted in the house we can united kingdom have been polling that needed critical care that needed support of their various body systems but with the right treatment have done extremely well so what should parents look for. parents need to be still looking for the normal signs of sepsis that we are in various countries that we live in and been telling parents to look out for so this is children with high fevers who then become the thought jake
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unresponsive who struggle to breed who have cold hands and feet and all i asked him to do is to follow the normal standard routine services and access them because they're still up and running and that's what parents they don't need to be worrying specifically about this condition because in all honesty. children are still far more likely to get on well from dawn coated related conditions than even from coated itself with this extremely rare inflammatory syndrome which is skype and i totally understand what you're saying and obviously we don't want to scare monger and you made the point that this as a fact that a very small number of children but i suppose it also brings home the point that there's still a lot that we don't know about covert 19 and the various even long time impact that it could have on a lot of people what does this development tell you about coronavirus itself. well i think we know from early on the children are extremely different when it comes to current of ours we still don't see how you know why but clearly children
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are very protected compared to adults. what this is all once again reinforces what you just said that there's so much we don't create of ours who really really know about this disease for the past 3 months and the escalation and knowledge has been vost and i think that's why this was raised by the national health service that we can do is generated so much interest and generate so much anxiety actually internationally and i think it's really important for doctors looking off 'd to change in hospital to recognize it collect more data so that we can categorize it more accurately so that we really can build from a case in which if you know 10 or 20 to something that's a bit more robust yet for parents out there to know as well so they can look out for the signs dr sanjay path out consultant in pediatric infectious diseases at dr patel thank you so much for having joined us thank you should. go to india now with a nationwide lockdown is hurting it's crucial farming sector which employs more
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than half the country's workforce a lack of workers a breakdown in supply chains has left many farmers struggling to sell their winter across our india correspondent elizabeth problem reports now from her pradesh in the latest in our series on how the pandemic is affecting farming and food to security. a hive of activity during a nationwide lockdown farmers been there week to a government procurement center in the state of. it's a small victory for british who struggled to harvest his crops the season without the help of seasonal workers. the father of 3 says his family helped him cut the crop and register to sell it to the government everyone feels to a lot of problems. everything is shut so how invariably supposed to do it we had no idea the children have some education so they were able to do it on their mobile phones the government to sending alec tronic coupons to farmers with
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a date and time to bring their projects to the centers. areas many don't have smartphones and internet connections to receive them and is locked down couldn't have come at a worse time for farmers they're at their busiest between april and june when went across like way to harvested and the fields are prepared for some across to be. without the technology needed to register has crossed public transport to take it to a government center or private market the pain that but he's worried about how he and his family will survive. we can't so the next crop as we need the money from this harvest to buy seeds are fertilizers. many farmers have seen their fruit and vegetables go to waste despite farming being exempt from the lock down the restrictions on people's movement and transport has led to supply chains breaking down. india has large reserves of grains but economists say extra stocks of rice and wheat to nuff it's also about pulses and fruits and vegetables and indian. ward
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the managers and it's a very high so we need to ensure that that ideal for people splitsville both from the point of your food security as well as keeping the economy going it's very important that we support agriculture and gauntleted collapse completely for governments as agriculture is functioning smoothly and there are no shortages of food but many reject that and with more than half of india's workforce employed in agriculture experts say it must do more to help farmers and secure the harvest for the next season elizabeth al-jazeera blanchett for the. governments around the world say that they're doing what they can for their citizens impacted by the virus but there are tens of millions of people homeless in camps who are getting little if any support scott had live reports on one such community in northern mian.
12:43 am
40000000 people around the world are displaced and those in camps across me and murs catchin state are among the most vulnerable that's according to the u.n. high commission for refugees but in this camp internally displaced persons or i.d.p.'s as they're known are facing even greater danger kovac 19 they do everything they can to prevent the virus from spreading into their dense camp. thank god. i want the authorities or officials to help us equally not treat us on different levels because everyone suffers the same nearly half of me and more as 240000 i.d.p.'s arcachon scattered throughout the northernmost state that borders china in camps and churches many are migrant workers in china but because of the coronavirus they have lost their jobs the government says they are checking those who return but the burden of care rests on the people in the camp. we have a problem especially with people who work abroad and then come back to the camp so
12:44 am
they have to be quarantined and we have to take care of them. the kitchen people are here because they fled the fighting from a decades long conflict between armed ethnic groups and the me and more military a ceasefire failed and an ongoing peace process has done little to stop the fighting those who have only known life inside the camp and the threat of conflict now face an even greater challenge the coronavirus scott either al-jazeera. there are more than 2000000 people behind bars in the us who are living in conditions which make it easy to spread the virus they said released by the federal bureau of prisons shows that 70 percent of inmates tested have a covalent 19 in one los angeles facility half of the prison population of course have positive state prison systems are also coming out with alarming figures they say from tests in 4 states arkansas north carolina ohio and virginia should. 96 percent of inmates who tested positive why showing any symptoms at all but speak to
12:45 am
karen greenberg who is of the rector of the center on the national security at fordham law madam thank you for joining us you're an al-jazeera pretty shocking figure is that especially the 70 percent considering that i'm guessing that the numbers of people tested was limited anyway how would you describe the situation in u.s. prisons right now yeah well the best way i would describe it is as worrisome but that we just don't have statistics we need those tests which 70 percent proof positive were nationwide but were only just under $32700.00 so we really don't know and it's in the prison population the same way it was for the general population you don't really know the numbers you're dealing with if you can't give tests to enough people i think they've concentrated on states we know more about states that have overcrowded conditions and that have the most amount of prisoners but we're
12:46 am
really at the beginning of this story and what we're going to learn about it i would say in the next coming weeks and prisons have been problematic for a lot of other countries that perhaps had their of you know the peak of their pandemics a little bit earlier than the u.s. in a lot of those countries several many prisoners were released so what is happening with prisoner release in the united states what kind of you know what measures are being put in place right so i mean the numbers around the world are very large i mean i think in turkey they've released 45000 temporarily and 45000 permanently colons released about 12700 very around the country around the world the united states it consists of federal state and local prisons and that's what makes up the more than 2000000 number that you were talking about and so it's very different authorities that make decisions about who's going to be released and under what conditions so out of the federal prison system. which has 740000
12:47 am
prisoners approximately we were supposed to have had we mr in order was said that they could be about 800 but we don't know that those have been let out at the local level in where there is tremendous concern about prisoners in new york city in los angeles as was mentioned they are there is some call to have more people led out and we know that many hundreds have been let out of rikers the facility in new york city and so it's piecemeal and nobody has yet really calculated what's going on but what we do know is that there is a tremendous concern and some of the think tanks and legal aid societies have joined up to do some analyses and projections of how many could be infected if the kind of conditions of overcrowding or just of just not being able to social distance themselves not be able to wash hands it's setuid that are in any prison if they persist and the numbers are staggering so there is tremendous concern and we
12:48 am
are at the beginning of the story in the past 24 hours a story is hit the headlines about a woman that actually died a few weeks after giving birth in prison from kovac 19 i've seen that on a lot of in newspapers and websites to sorries like that perhaps of raise the subject and make it more known about in the u.s. as well itself or do you think it's received enough attention. i think it's this is the kind of story that could make it receive more attention i think what's happened in the united states is that the ability to just grasp is on the level of what's happening outside the prison and is now beginning to people are beginning to be able to focus on the prison themselves look the civil liberties moves the defense organizations at defense attorney organizations federal defenders and others have been trying to get people to focus on this for several weeks they've brought cases and many of the courts across the nation i think it's now and i think you're right
12:49 am
i think cases like the death of this woman will rise raise attention but also the danger of what it means not to deal with as terms of stat members in these prisons are coming down with koby it at large numbers and so this is not just something that we can close our eyes to either for prisoners or staffers or for family members or anything like that and the woman's name was andrea circle karen greenberg director of the center on national security at fordham law madam thank you for sharing your views with us thank you thank you. so the column on al-jazeera this news hour of the spy prayer is being answered and no new coronavirus cases south korea holds a low key celebration for a bull does her stay. in
12:50 am
12:51 am
the. spot an armed conflict and the threat of the coronavirus pandemic mollies constitutional court has confirmed the results of the sponsor lection president abraham abubakar kate as party has won the most seats in parliament but without an outright majority. reports. celebrating his victory is 1st time candidate a newly elected m.p. . as member of the opposition some very says time has come to finally confront the failures of these ruling party for them and. politics is not going well. and peace on do what they are supposed to do our elected officials fail to represent us.
12:52 am
change. president. party rally for unchallenged in control of the parliament for the past 7 years after the president counselled elections twice on the grounds of insecurity despite more attacks from armed groups in the corona virus spreading the elections went ahead in april. seem to see. some 2nd ram went ahead as normal for most of miley despite disruption from terrorist groups in certain areas. the president's party when most of the seeds but fail to achieve it now right majority among the winners is mohammed under un sanctions for his involvement in organized crime and association with armed groups but tell the one as a ruling party member in go another way their opposition leader say he won in mali central region despite being held in captivity by armed groups who kidnapped him during his campaign while in no one has claimed responsibility his family suspects
12:53 am
militia groups close to the government for his abduction the government blames an al-qaeda affiliate that group and islam in the greater south called for a boycott of the vote attacking polling stations military outpost and threatening the population filmed on mobile phone an armed group using stolen military vehicles seen patrolling a village in mali central region where the mahdi army is retreating. fearing attacks and occur in a virus few came out to vote with a record low turnout of 23 percent use paper vended my good deed believes that the real winners of this election are armed groups. who want to. hear being held hostage mali is in the hands of armed groups they are surrounded us they have destroyed villages they are killing population and forcing people from their homes they have destroyed people's food reserves i fear them more than anything else
12:54 am
including the novel coronavirus 4000000 money and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance many of them displaced. it's becomes a new job to do only represent them but to hold a government to account for failed to bring peace to mali because hawk al-jazeera germany has banned the iran backed hezbollah group and designated a terrorist organization as soon as the ban came into force the police raided mosques and centers linked to the group and detain suspects that suspected members across the country germany has been facing pressure from the u.s. and israel to ban has been left. the arab league is condemning israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank the organization has called the move a new war crime against palestinians israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is pushing ahead with the proposal after striking a deal with rivals when forming a unity government. the top prosecutor at the international criminal court says the
12:55 am
court has jurisdiction over palestinian territory and there are enough grounds to investigate crimes committed there clarification could lead to an investigation into allegations of war crimes against israel the prosecutor of the 2 been sued says the areas include the occupied west bank east jerusalem and gaza the court is likely to decide on the matter of jurisdiction next month's israel is not a member of the i.c.c. . south korea has reported no new domestic infections for the coronavirus for the 1st time in 2 months officials also say no local transmission took place during april's parliamentary election when 29000000 people came out to vote the spite that success large celebrations for buddha's birthday have been put on hold he is robin pride. daughter's birthday celebrated with prayers for this pandemic to be over but helders though it is still
12:56 am
a threat from the start of the outbreak south korea's buddhists have closely it here to the government's request to scale back on all forms of worship don't wish to take on that and more buddhists especially have been actively following the government's social distancing guidelines as we do not want to cause any harm to others. this reflects the philosophy of buddhism that we care about people it is very different to how borders birthday is normally celebrated in the day. this was last year an impressive parade of floats with thousands of spectators and people taking part. this year a far more subdued affair the centerpiece a pogo does representing the bringing together of peoples minds to overcome the crisis. some say the virus emerged due to our failure to co-exist with view and they could be more events like this in the future but the buddhist
12:57 am
practice is to train our minds to be calm and peaceful. this year but his birthday coincides with other public holidays with many south koreans taking the chance to go out or go on a short holiday after weeks of staying put airports and domestic flights a rule busy as people travel to local resorts it's raise concerns about a possible resurgence of the virus especially after reaching the milestone of 0 new cases of local transmission but similar fears were raised 2 weeks ago when millions of south koreans came out to vote in national elections special precautions were put in place to allow the vote to happen safely and now at the end of what would be the incubation period for new cases that resurgence hasn't happened buddhist press here may have been uncertain of the broad al-jazeera so. that's it for this news
12:58 am
hour to stay with us i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with more of that these things thanks for watching. what impact will called it 19 and the drop in the oil price come on the race to the white house can't go on will trump survive these historic setbacks and does joe biden have what it takes to beat. special coverage on out just. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seemed impossible. but the afghan
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traders who braved the concurrent all that. it's no choice. combating the impossible to sell their goods in isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera. out. ramadan a time of spirituality reflection and gratitude raise the flags all the flags every color in our. al-jazeera world well how do you know how he reveals the stories behind some of the arab world songs and chants for the holy month this song touched the hearts of all arabs for ramadan songs on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world's. sneeze into your own.
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the u.n. secretary general condemns the lack of global leadership during the coronavirus pandemic is obvious the international community is divided in a moment where it will be more important than ever to be united. alone barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program an investigation begins in new york after dozens of bodies are the scuppered stashed in rented trucks outside a funeral.


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