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world's attention is on controlling the forest for the recount list he didn't victims even when the pandemic passes there will be many in desperate need of help . the in the in. the in. lifting some of the toughest coronavirus restorations in asia hong kong's bars schools and cinemas are told they can reopen. fully bacteria watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead $8000000000.00 placed to fight the coronavirus but china and the u.s. are absent from a global show of solidarity game on in south korea the baseball season starts as a country eases restrictions and restart professional sports plus the research by
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scientists team chile to sniff out the symptoms of corbett 90. 1 of the toughest coronavirus downs in asia is to be eased even for the hong kong allowed many people to return to walk on monday and is now lifting other restrictions a lockdown was imposed in march a month after travel from china was stopped they've been no new local club in 1000 infections reported for 2 weeks now on kong's chief executive kerry lamb announced that cinemas and bars can reopen later this week and secondary schools will return later this month let's bring in katrina you in beijing for as i imagine relief katrina for the people in hong kong tell us more about the new measures announced by carrier. that's right
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a lot of relief well she attended a press conference and the theme of this was hope on the horizon and it was very aptly named as the government and kerry lamb said that they were very confident that the current virus outbreak in hong kong was under control enough to ease some of these very strict measures that have been in place for weeks most importantly starting on friday people are going to be able to gather in public in groups of up to 8 people now that's double the previous maximum of 4 people and many key businesses key entertainment businesses will also be allowed to open so that includes cinemas and theaters it includes gyms and also beauty salons also key was the announcement that some schools are also going to be able to finally reopen now they're not all going to open at once they're going to be opened in batches starting with the older high school students they're going to start to be able to go to class from may 27th with younger high school students and primary
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school students are able to start class from the beginning of june now this has come up to the government has seen dwindling coronavirus cases for some weeks now and in the last 16 days there were no new local transmissions the have been some imported cases but there have been very few single digits and the government is confident that the measures in place are enough to keep tabs on the wrist but still not completely out of the woods yet one thing that was announced is that the government will distribute reusable masks to every hong kong citizen and they're expected to wear those when they're out and about and some businesses will remain shut for at least another 2 weeks and that includes nightclubs karaoke bars as well as saunas and bath houses thank you for that update katrina you lived there from beijing. now it's being called a powerful and inspiring show our solidarity $8000000000.00 has been place for
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research into a corner virus vaccine and treatment dozens of countries and donors agreed to the funding video conference on monday but china and the united states didn't take part join a whole has more. coronavirus isn't going away so the world must find ways to live with it better ways of testing for it more effective ways of treating it most importantly eventually a vaccine against it the partners are many the goal is one to defeat this virus and virtual pledging conference aims to channel billions of dollars into the global response it's not just about pouring money into research but also about pooling resources and expertise for the common good. measure of science and not be how. to it will be how. this is.
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none of us can answer oh we're. sunk. was. the us isn't involved and while china is offering to help there are concerns the world's 2 top economies already a political loggerheads many engage in a vaccine war donald trump has already claimed a vaccine is just months away. scientists point out that even if a vaccine is discovered in months it'll be a lot longer than that before it's up and available to the billions who need it which is why it's so important to find drug treatments that work in the meantime both are central to the funds being pledged and both are at advanced stages of trialing and research here at the university of oxford professor martin landry is leading the world's largest clinical trial into coronavirus drug treatments a project called recovery he's hoping to find an existing drug or combination of
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drugs that works to save lives well before a vaccine becomes globally available i think your is probably too strong i don't think there'll be a single drug that suddenly wipes out the virus but i think effective treatments are in sight and they're critical they're critical because patients are dying today and tomorrow and the day after and even with the best will in the world were 18 months off having a scaled up vaccine at best we need treatments that deal with the problem of now. only in europe and parts of asia are there real signs of an infection slowdown globally new cases of covert 19 are being reported at more or less the same rate as they were a month ago he has a greatest for the developing world where social distancing is an adequate impossible the greatest hope lies in a global effort against a global threat jonah how al-jazeera oxford south korea is restarting its
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professional sports leagues as a coronavirus infection rate slows down the government is allowing outdoor sports starting with a hugely popular base but fans can not attend the games rob mcbride has more from this one. this is the last practice session before the long awaited start of day one of south korea's face ball season of the season that of course has been delayed by more than a month because of the coronavirus we're here at this stadium in tian that's the home of the s.k.y. vns that's in chung's local team who are taking visitors had eagles they are down on the diamond at the moment to having now quit their practice session now it is a long awaited start this has been well over a month that we've waited for the baseball season to get underway and very strict precautions are in place to make sure that all the players are safe a certain amount of social distancing is practiced they are not allowed to do high
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fives and shake hands also notably for baseball players they're not allowed to lick their fingers that's are tricky for the pictures and also nobody is allowed to spit most notably of all no spectators are being allowed in place of spectators what we have on some parts of the stands are simply painted cutouts of spectators all of them. very correctly wearing masks but no spectators themselves are allowed in instead people are allowed to see this now that's the important part of this game and the start of the korean season they are supplying a worldwide demand at the moment for live sports south korea is one of the top 3 baseball playing nations in the world of course the united states and japan are ahead of them but in south korea they are the 1st to get their baseball season underway so all of the matches that are being played by the 10 major teams in the
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korean baseball organization are being staged streamed through the likes of e.s.p.n. to a worldwide audience so that they can get their fix of live baseball when the spectators can come back that is. still an open question here they are hoping possibly within the next one to 2 weeks to start introducing spectators back into the stands here but even when they do it will be a long time before we have packed stands here they will only be in reduced numbers with empty seats between them. in israel the leaders of local councils in arab towns have gone on strike there demanding compensation for revenue not as a result of the coronavirus and they make harry fossett has more from taipei. well this is a problem which is affecting the whole country in terms of a lack of local tax revenue going to local governments in terms of business rates and property taxes and the like but the palestinian israeli mares and recently
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disappear leaders are saying that the government supports to local councils is not being distributed there is an $800000000.00 program by the interior ministry to try to help bail out some of these local governments but they argue that the palestinian israeli mayors and leaders are arguing that the only song less than 2 percent of that some $13000000.00 is coming their way when they are losing $20000000000.00 in revenues every month now there is an argument that the majority of the money is going to be bigger conurbations where there are bigger industries and bigger revenues to start with but the palestinian israeli leaders are saying that actually even on a proportional basis they are losing out that they need at least some 25 percent of their losses to be made up by the government that only 16 percent is being done so under this current scheme and so they're going on strike they are protesting
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calling for more saying that they will be able to carry on providing services under these circumstances. some other news now in libya's internationally recognized government has launched an offensive to capture a strategic air base controlled by the warlord honey for have tar our t.-r. has been used by have times forces to launch air strikes in western libya tripoli base government has recently made strong gains against after seizing control of major cities along the western coast and also. rejet it is halfway ramadan theat fire saying his forces would use it to regroup following recent losses and speak to our correspondent in tripoli mahmoud abdel one had to bring us up to speed with the latest what's been happening to our air base will love for the forces loyal to the tripoli be used to you and the government of national or so they have been advancing and capturing the civil areas
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around the world here about 170 kilometers in the southern west of the capital tripoli and what it is is about 27 kilometers away from the tunisian border now the government forces say that they have been preparing for their battle for a routine over the past few weeks by targeting have to those forces inside. by strikes especially by drones as you know from the bush military support to the government of national quarters now the military sources with the government say that the are only about 5 kilometers away from the. fence of the awards here at the base they have taken control of the main gate ahead of awards here as it is called it's called a base about 60 kilometers in the north of on the side of awards here air base
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just how strategic is this air base my lord and what would capturing it mean. for the government. well it's very strategic folly as you know that this is the main a.d.p.s for have to the forces in the west of libya after a 2 for air base and as you know that half the forces have been using this tool launch. a lot to launch. crafts that have been targeting get the government forces locations in southern tripoli also in case the government forces the capture of this aid this can give them an opportunity an opportunity to move. south of words into the another. city that is partly affiliated to the warlords cliff have there which is the city
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of zin tan in the western mountain this is also a very strategic because they have to the forces whole fled the western cities when the government forces recaptured 2 weeks ago they positioned in a base sort of the government forces recaptured. because this is very significant and it's a kind of a setback to have to us forces thank you for that mom or dad had live for us in tripoli. still ahead on china is accused of discriminating against africans a spot of its coronavirus prevention measures and after fleeing violence half a 1000000 vulnerable refugees in kenya now face a battle. hello
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there the usual way of showers and thunderstorms throughout much of indonesia borneo seeing some heavy downpours in the last few hours and this massive cloud you can see here this is a tropical disturbance that has developed into a tropical storm even if it does its action is going to drift its way very steadily away from land so it doesn't pose any threat and it will just eventually push off into the indian ocean with the rains quite heavy as we go through wednesday ounces across those western areas of sea march have been tried a thursday generally across much of thailand cambodia wanted to showers and across into vietnam and also some heavy downpours still likely into sections of the middle a peninsula and some very strong winds really across certainly the great buys and western areas of australia this is the system now this system will gradually roll its way across the by a sunday through wednesday there is no strong winds likely to push in across this fall southwestern region of western australia that the warnings the pace of the winds at times expected to get about 100 kilometers an hour and of course it's also
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bringing with it a fair amount of rain it'll work its way further east was by thursday a better day generally in feeling cooler of course but it should be john the wind should ease a bit but of course the winds are then very strong into these coastal areas victoria and also down across into tasmania but despite all of that look bottom melbourne at $21.00. he had it all. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid makushi. to fort hood the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid makushi and the f.l.n. take on al-jazeera.
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the a. to. welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera hong kong has further eases coronavirus restrictions up to reporting no new domestic infections for 2 weeks chief executive kerry says schools can reopen later this month along with some businesses cinemas and ballance world leaders and donors have great $8000000000.00 for research into a corner virus vaccine and treatments the e.u. says it will fund unprecedented global corporation in the fight against the virus of the un is warning the fund is just a down payment and south korea is restarting its professional sports leagues as infection rates slowed down the hugely popular baseball league is the 1st to resume but fans and not allowed to attend let's turn our attention to other world news now
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in the philippines leading broadcaster has been ordered to shut down the telecoms authority says a.b.s. c.b.s. license has expired president rodrigo teddy has regularly criticize a network opposition groups accusing him of targeting independent media let's bring in our correspondent in manila jim ina and linda gunn who is on the phone jimmy may just give us 1st a background to this case and what it means says decision today for the network and whether they can appeal it. but basically there's fees and if he's order issued by the national telecommunications commission and consequently the end of the exploration of the congressional branch i yesterday the order says that the net work of the operating is very easy and radio broadcasting station nationwide but it also given 10 days from in need of. on now this comes for me just
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a few days after the solicitor general of the national council basically government counsel questions and keep from his previous promise of issuing the issuing a provisional authority now since last year there are of these web sites of the us where the president himself said basically that he will make sure that a b a will stop operating because of the person the with it had with the network during the company now a lot of media organizations that are led to be compelling the government to change their call this a suppression of the rights of the free creep 'd and also fully it remains to be seen how these or there will be interpreted and the value we've said by the network itself to be seen whether they will be given 10 days to respond or if it would mean an automatic shutdown of the networks and all the stations nationwide fully thank you very much for that jimmy rollins again on the line there from manila
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returning now to the coronavirus crisis in china's government is continuing to deny discriminating against african students who are studying their human rights watch says some were evicted from their accommodation forcibly tested for the virus in quarantine in the southern city of london to government leaders in beijing rejects the accusations accusing the united states of trying to harm relations with african nations yet he was a china researcher at human rights watch he says africans in china have long experienced racial discrimination. a lot of africans i spoke in one show they told me that they have already they had already been tested in ective however they were still taken to the hot hotels to be or indeed and during the crime t. they were texted a negative again after they were released after 14 days and they again got caught up to get tested and so there was no reason this is a completely discriminatory and the racist research shows that. there are many
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documented and the government i think is trying to use discovery in 1000 as a way to you know checco who are undocumented as a way to try to get them to out of china basically 2 things one is to force to coron tina force the testing i think of this is concentrated in one show and this is done by the government and there's another issue which is a lot of africans experience discrimination. i go on daily basis and i could be in turn away by restaurants to turn away by hotels shops mosques i think this is widespread it is not just in business you know across the country and people have racist attitude and racist to behavior towards africans in china kenya is demanding an investigation after a plane carrying coronavirus medical aid crashed in somalia killing 6 people on board somalia transport minister says a kenyan aircraft came down near baghdad in the southern baby chain fighters are
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active in southern somalia but the crash happened in an area controlled by government troops. back kenya shelters nearly half a 1000000 refugees from neighboring somalia and south sudan they live in crowded camps at risk of a coronavirus outbreak with little or no access to health care mark the web has our report from nairobi. anima deo fled fighting in her hometown in south sudan when she was 2 years old her parents brought her here to carcamo refugee camp in northern kenya it's been a home ever since. over 2 decades it's become a city of shacks home to nearly 200000 people trips to the water pump with the market are essential to the way people get food to eat she's worried about the spread of the coronavirus in a company that's not been accounted on monday but i'm a dentist and where we fetch water we have to queue and social distancing is
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practically impossible that scares me. and those among nearly half a 1000000 refugees in kenya many escape the conflicts in neighboring somalia a 1000 on most living comes like. so far no cases of the virus have been identified here. refugee rights activists say cramped conditions and the lack of health care could be a recipe for disaster unfortunately it means possible devastation people who are infected will not be able to be isolated people who. will be a lot of transmission spread lately fast and the response was this. the un's refugee agency released this video showing measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus during food distributions he says it's added extra water points for washing hands but that doesn't change many of the realities inside and outside the camp protecting refugees from
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a cruel virus is not only about protecting refugees or about protecting those communities really it's about protecting all of us and everyone is not protected in the truth no this or. people in kenya and other parts of africa are waiting to see if when the coronavirus will spread as much as it has in asia europe and the us health experts say could be disastrous and i says life's already become more difficult the crisis has pushed up food prices worried about her family in the weeks ahead she says all they can do is pray to god malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya now with most flights grounded and low paid workers across the united states have been hit hard by layoffs before the pandemic they were fighting for a paying crees novel's will remain are facing years of financial hardship gable elizondo reports from philadelphia. at philadelphia international airport
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wheelchairs used to take elderly or immobile passengers to or from their planes and gates sit empty and for the wheelchair attendants many have been laid off or facing difficult choices like reginald smith a husband and father forced to choose between possibly contract in coronavirus at the airport and bringing it home to his family or quitting his job knowing it would lead to financial hardship he chose his family's health my wife was a high risk. i did have a precaution her i didn't want to do it so when people come out all across the we're no matter who we know me good turnaround where we have. a labor union representative says over $600.00 philadelphia airport workers he represents from the service employees union have been laid off they were all
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contract employees hired by 3rd party companies that. folks were buying. and you know they seem to be leaving them out entirely you know of the equation and they're the ones who their wives or since the draft all that were at philadelphia's airport passenger traffic has plummeted from 90000 travelers a day to just a few 100 a day. of the 450 daily flights most have been cancelled and of the 165 permanent airport stores less than 10 remain open it's unprecedented this is different this is this is going to be challenging for us to come back many airport workers won't be getting their jobs back until people start flying again and airports returned to how they were before the coronavirus pandemic but some experts say that could be as long as 2 years from now in empty
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airports devoid of busy commotion to provide livelihoods to so many people that used to work there gabriel's on to. philadelphia hundreds of people in honduras have a highway outside the capital to prevent funerals for covert 1000 victims of protesters here the families of the disease will infect their communities riot police were called in to remove the protesters and clear the highway. now scientists in chile have developed a test that could help diagnose coronavirus patients earlier and for a fraction of the price $1.00 of the symptoms of covered 19 is a loss of the sense of smell on our university in santiago has developed and i roll my test kit a lot america tennesseean human has a story. the sweet aroma of a flower a pleasure made possible by our sense of smell which is also one of our least used
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senses that's why scientists were late to catch on that in estimated 80 percent of people who present no obvious symptoms of coronavirus in fact have partial or total annoys me and many of them have experienced just i'm nervous which is all faction. of fact of your fact it comes as no of the symptom no car no fever just i'm not. a fever can be easily detected with a some momentary or thermal graphic camera but not the loss a smell which is highly subjective. now the school of engineering and center of aroma and tasted chiles catholic university have developed an objective test to measure it. the kid consists of 6 extremely familiar aromas a person is asked to identify sri you can fail the test and not be infected but you can't pass if you are says professor i will see and then you can isolate the person
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that shows some of the some of these functions corroborate this person hasn't the colleague now 18 but we went to try it out so i've always prided myself on having a good sense of smell but now we're going to see. in the last current so i passed the test and thank god and the amazing thing about this is that it's not only very very quick it's extremely inexpensive about $0.30 per test. which means that it's a very viable alternative in countries that can't afford widespread testing with the with the classic called it 1000 examinations. a pilot program is starting this week but already there is widespread interest in using the kids in areas where there's a high probability of infections lame but if have looked to are in industries that can start for example like food production in mines or hospitals they can tease
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them frequently and if they don't pass seen them to take the traditional tests to confirm that indeed just like having a high temperature does not mean that you have cause it 19 losing a sense of smell isn't proof of infection but the smell test does provide a new early warning system to help detect those who are spreading the disease without even knowing it. you see in human al-jazeera something i will. get i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera one of the toughest coronavirus lockdowns in asia is to be eased even further hong kong allowed many people to return to work on monday and is now lifting other restorations cuts renay you has more from beijing kerry lamb said that they were very confident that the current virus outbreak in hong kong was under control enough to ease some of these
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very strict measures that have been in place for weeks most importantly starting on friday people are going to be able to gather in public in groups of up to 8 people now that's double the previous maximum of 4 people and many key businesses key entertainment businesses will also be allowed to open so that includes cinemas and theaters it includes gyms and also beauty salons also key was the announcement that some schools are also going to be able to finally reopen. world leaders in donors have pledged $8000000000.00 for research into a corona virus vaccine and treatments the e.u. says it will fund an unprecedented global corporation in the fight against the virus but the u.n. is warning the fund is just sit down payment south korea is restarting its professional sports leagues as infection race slowed down the hugely popular baseball league is the 1st to resume but fans can't attend. beijing has rejected
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accusations of discrimination against south africans living in china during the coronavirus pandemic human rights watch says african students reported being harassed and evicted from their housing kenya is demanding an investigation after a plane carrying coronavirus medical aid crashed in somalia killing 6 people onboard somalia's transport minister says a kenyan aircraft came down me about dolly in the southern region in other news the philippines leading broadcaster has been ordered to shut down the telecoms authority says a.b.s. c b n.i. since has expired president has regularly criticized the network opposition groups accuse him of targeting independent media finally libya's internationally recognized government has launched an offensive to capture a strategic air base controlled by a warlord highly for have talked his forces have used to launch air strikes in the west coming up next it's football rebels. what impact will call did 19 on the drop in the oil prices have on the race to the white house can go on will
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trump survive these historic setbacks and does job only have what it takes to be to blame special coverage on culture is it. because i'm going to. lead in this i'm going. to munch on the coals for the community she fled but you don't see the abuse this lead is also a substitute for the lead in washington but it just shows the true body to follow the lead this on meet the audience least. slept
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