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some lump of coal into his own parliament that call means a lot of the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that i'm rapidly changing the world we live in get a break sit down that was a slogan that won it for the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. india announces plans to repatriate hundreds of thousands of its citizens stranded abroad by the coronavirus. alone barbara starr you're watching out just there live from london also coming up the u.k. overtakes italy and has the highest number of coronavirus fatalities in europe
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aiming to export test kits within months we go inside the rain in lab that is part of the international push for solutions and a game on south korea's baseball season restarts as the country eases restrictions on professional sports. hello thank you for joining us india is launching one of the world's largest international repatriation missions to help hundreds of thousands of its national stranded across the world by coronavirus travel restrictions passenger jets and warships will be used to bring people home back in late march india had suspended all flights into the country in other coronavirus news the u.k. has recorded another 693 deaths taking its toll past 21000 and that means it is now over take initially as the country with the highest number of
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fatalities in europe in home call restrictions are being lifted with cinemas and bar is set to reopen and secondary schools you to restart later this month meanwhile in russia cases are continuing to spike more than $10000.00 infections have been reported now for sri days in a row we start our coverage in india with victoria gacy. there are an estimated 70000000 indians who work overseas now some of those who desperately want to return home will be able to. live in the indian government has given the go ahead to bring back indian citizen stock abroad the travel will be done either by airplanes or naval ships off flights into india was suspended in late march because of the coronavirus lockdown the indian government says arriving passengers will be screened segregated and quarantined but critics are warning the virus may still spread. according to the information from the central government people be put on
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a plane without testing 1st with or they have coronavirus this is dangerous a plane has more than 200 people if one or 2 have the virus all the passengers will be in trouble the civic's the whole country and raises the possibility of the disease spreading further there are also concerns that poorly paid migrants may not be able to afford a ticket home who is representing stranded clients are calling on the indian government to do more to help. good look at subsidizing or. to get specially for people who get 95 to be. economic ability of buying that but use of ticket home is estimated there are up to a 1000000 indians waiting to go home in what will be one of the world's largest international repatriation missions the tory gate and be al jazeera scudder u.k. now where the government has defended the country's rising death toll the foreign minister dominic rob says accurate comparisons cannot be made until the crisis is
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over. i don't think we'll get a real verdict on how well countries have done until the pandemic is over and particularly until we've got comprehensive international data on all cause mortality but i think there's 2 points i'd make about the way the u.k. has approached things there are different ways of counting deaths as we know we've had that debate in this country we now published data that includes all deaths in all settings and not all countries do that so i'm not sure that the international comparison works on the show can you or reliably know that all countries are measuring in the same way and it also depends on how good friendly countries are in gathering their statistics. foreign minister dominic rob there well as john a whole explains from london figures adult tell the full story. the numbers by direct comparison don't tell us all that much what they do though is fuel questions which are being asked here almost every day of the government now or quite why this
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country appears to have been so ill prepared for this epidemic having had a good couple of weeks to look at with horror at the time of course what was happening in italy a country that had far less time to prepare and also a wider questions about quite why western countries in general in europe and in the united states were far less prepared or appear to be than asian countries take south korea for instance after all of this only recording just in excess of 250 deaths from coronavirus so they feel all the questions they don't necessarily provide very much in the way of odds the british public are looking and listening all the time to pronouncements from government in the daily briefing and elsewhere from scientists and so on about when and it might be appropriate to start lifting the lockdown that speed in place in this country and others there looking of course at the reproductive rate of the infections from cocoa covered 1000 looking for that to remain below one this famous are figure the number of people that carries with
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corona virus infect it is currently below one but not sufficiently below want to give them much wiggle room but there's an enormous amount of pressure from industry for business on the government to restart the economy the war is that if you go too far down the road in terms of saving lives you end up going too far down the road in terms of being able to save the economy and then ultimately that causes more problems than it helps down the line as i mentioned earlier hong kong is relaxing one of asia's toughest lockdowns it follows 2 weeks of. confections between a year has more from beijing. the government and kerry lamb said that they were very confident that hong kong had stabilized its corona virus outbreak enough to be able to ease some of those very strict measures that have been in place for weeks so starting from this friday groups of up to 8 people will be able to gather in public and they'll be able to eat together for example in restaurants previously
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that maximum group number was for also some key venue some key businesses will finally be able to reopen that includes jims as cinemas in 3 years has some bars as well as beauty parlors and finally they also announce some opening dates for schools which many families have been looking forward to so starting from may 27th older high school kids will be able to attend school but they won't be all at once younger high school students as well as primary school students will be able to resume classes from the beginning of june and now this follows weeks of corner virus cases in hong kong dwindling in fact in the last 16 days there have been 0 new local infections the have been some imported cases but there have been very few single digits if any on some days and it also follows months of real real economic battering that hong kong has seen the the economy in hong kong declined in its 1st quarter this year by about 9 percent compared to last year so the government was
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very keen to get the economy going again but it's not quite out of the woods yet the government said that they're going to give every hong kong the dissin reusable mask that they're expected to wear when they're out and about and some businesses including night clubs karaoke clubs as well those saunas and bath houses will remain closed for at least another 2 weeks. russia has reported the largest number of daily cases of the coronavirus with the total number of infections now exceeding 150000 health workers there have been complaining about their working conditions after 2 doctors fell out of the window and died at reports what digging graves in st petersburg russia 2nd city victims of covered 19 a scene that's becoming more common in choosing the country reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases in europe and now there are disturbing questions over health workers who've raised the alarm about their working conditions.
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this video on twitter shows dr alexander shoot off on the left and a colleague is explaining how she had been forced to keep despite having covered. the colleague previously criticised the hospital management for protective gear shortages and was questioned by police for allegedly spreading fake news but another video made 3 days later apparently of the hospital seems to show of by now being treated for the virus retracting their complaints. i feel right my temperature is not rising my disease is a symptomatic of a runny nose otherwise all is well what we said was said when we were high on emotions. on saturday according to local state television quoting health officials shilpa fell from a 2nd floor window at the hospital he's now reportedly in a critical condition in intensive care after suffering skull fractures the same
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sources say he's the 3rd russian doctor to fall out of a window in the space of 10 days the 2 others died all 3 incidents which are being investigated by law enforcement or thirty's have prompted intense discussion in russia about whistleblowers in the health system everywhere we have a lot of problems then a lot. of hospitals and. enough. doctors we don't have enough lights we don't have enough equipment. across russia the number of recorded covered 9000 cases stands at more than 155000 officially the diseases killed almost 1500 people mostly remains the country's worst hit region accounting for more than half of new cases and his 90 percent of patients are younger than 65 several cities remain on lockdown and while much of europe looks to ease restrictions the russian government says they'll stay in place
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until there's a vaccine. al-jazeera. iranian scientists are collaborating with their chinese counterparts in an attempt to improve testing for the coronavirus iran is one of the war state countries in the middle east with more than 6300 deaths. reports from tehran. in laboratories like this all over the world scientists are trying to answer the same questions how can covert 1000 be stopped is there a cure when will this global crisis be over at the pasteur institute into iranian experts are working with chinese colleagues to try and improve testing for the virus something that has been a challenge since the early days of the outbreak so i'm coming here for just to have a 10 to. condense on training into how to use the test because you would seem all right out here but the testing if you please stop i'm sorry our interview
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with the visiting expert was cut short by security i mean i mean you know the government here has been criticized for responding too slowly to the pandemic and it seems officials and remain sensitive about anything related to its coronavirus response. set up in 1920 the campus into herat is named for french scientist louis pasteur a 19th century pioneer of modern medicine this institute runs dozens of labs and employs hundreds of staff across the country the government hopes research and development here will enable iran to export diagnostic kits and medical equipment this facility is nearly 100 years old and one of the largest of its kind in the middle east for years scientists in these kinds of labs have been fighting all manner of diseases infectious diseases and now their priority the inescapable priority for these men and women is to try to find a way to fight code 19 why is the virus more severe in some patients does it mutate and can survivors develop immunity. answers to these questions in the discovery of
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a vaccine in a place named after a pioneer in the field would be an outstanding achievement and the head of the institute made it clear that is the ambition. we're working on producing the technical knowledge for a vaccine and focusing on. and treatment to see which medicine could be a good candidate for curing the disease but on the day of our visit iran's president was more guarded in an address to his cabinet house and rouhani was clear there have been no breakthroughs social distancing is the best policy and everyone's in this for the long haul. bando about face on the assumption that the us i mean unfortunately remained these people for some time and nobody in divorce can predict when this epidemic be days weeks or months you have to have the house protocols while continuing work production and activities. comes to
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corona people have to be general there is no treatment no medication or vaccine for it so fundamental thing is to be careful about ourselves while finding a cure is the end goal testing is also important last month the revolutionary guards unveiled a handheld device they said was capable of detecting an infected person from 100 meters away but its effectiveness was criticised and iran's health ministry did not approve it for use with no easy fixes scientists to carry on with their research how to end the pandemic remains an open question and they intend to find the answer . to her. you're watching al-jazeera live from london still ahead an attack on press freedom president rodrigo the 3rd day accused of being behind the shutdown of a philippines t.v. network the faceless and poorly paid the airport workers left struggling to survive as the coronavirus leaves their alliance ground.
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hello european weather is becoming aligned such as the east is underneath a cloud with a northerly breeze and fairly frequent outbreaks of rain that's been the case for a while admittedly it is going to carry on with the the blue represents the rain the whites but as snow in there as well the higher ground but to the west there's a lack of clouds it will increase to disappear and with a breeze other nothing at all or from the sun's things warm up now it was hot in spain yesterday in the middle thirty's along the north coast that's come back down again bit more sensible this still hot in southern spain and temperatures will tend to rise i think where the sun is persistent days are long nights now and paris represents a quite nicely starting of a 20 when we get to 26 weeks in 3 days of full sunshine. on the north coast of
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africa the wind very much determines the temperature took a trip really the forecast for wednesday is 38 has reversed the wind direction and knock it back down to about 27 on thursday please in north african coast is very much depend on the wind direction for the sas that was the tropics with this line of blue which represents showers coming up slowly with the sun kenya and tanzania have seen some heavy rain recently the still some on the coast there is likely to get heavier. as a celebration of tradition life. and love. al-jazeera one gains way insights into the diverse culture of some money to the fullest to different couples. life together to weddings.
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on al-jazeera. the the earth. a reminder now to top stories on al-jazeera india is launching one of the world's largest repatriation missions hundreds of thousands of its nationals stranded by coronavirus travel restrictions will be brought home the u.k. has recorded another 693 deaths taking its toll past 29000 the country now has the highest number of fatalities in europe after 2 weeks of no new domestic infections hong kong is relaxing one of asia's toughest lockdowns cinemas and bars will be
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allowed to reopen. libya's internationally recognized government has launched an offensive to capture an air base controlled by warlord honey for half that. has been used to launch airstrikes on government forces the government troops recently seized control of major cities along the western coastline as and they've rejected have to call for a cease fire during ramadan believing that he would use it to regroup following the losses of territory our correspondent the one that they were hit is in libya's capital he says the tripoli government is trying to cut off have to supply lines. half the us forces are still besieged inside a with. the most care in the worst of libya would have to his forces especially after that they lost civil strategic cities in the worst of the country only
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a few weeks ago the government military sources say that the arctic sea change or they have been rather exit taiji heavy fire by artillery rockets with the forces loyal to the warlord flee for have to and also they say that the now have full control of the area above. thank you spotty to the drawings that have been controlling get the air. over and will to ebay's giving get the government forces that chance to cut all supplies lines coming to have his forces from the south now their government forces say that they lost. they lost a number of fighters in this battle for a water but they say that they can now. attack. from civil axes especially direction close to the tunisian border. the
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philippines leading broadcaster has been ordered to shut down the telecoms are solid he says a.b.s. c.b.s. licenses expired present a very good 3rd to his regularly criticize the network opposition groups accuse him of targeting independent media a.b.s. c.b.s. has been given 10 days to respond to the decision jimmy lyndall gun is in the capital manila was more. the season deceased order according to the national communications commission is immediately executor and that's something that the department of justice secretary also said however based on local interviews with the commissioners of n t c it remains to be seen how exactly he is going to implement that whether they're going to need the help of law enforcement to come in and actually literally physically stop the network from airing the letter was received officially this afternoon a.b.s.e b.n. continues to air today and this is a complete turnaround from what he said
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a few months ago that it may issue a provisional authority to e.b.'s pending its approval of the extension of its franchise in congress now the spokesperson of president of the good that they're doing for the past few months of said that the president has nothing to do with this although last year the president himself threatened that he will shut down a.b.s.e b.n. because of the network's failure to air his presidential campaign ads in 2016 now this is seen as a major blow to press freedom according to rights experts here they see this is the time when the biggest media network in the country would substations across the country is needed for information dissemination of the current pandemic and the situation in the country now despite denials from the philippine government experts also say that this is seen as an impervious curtailment of press freedom and also spawned by political retribution of this government. let's go to kenya now the
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country shelters nearly half a 1000000 refugees many of whom fled to neighboring somalia and south sudan they live in crowded camps and are at risk of a coronavirus outbreak with little or no access to health care has more now from nairobi. anna marie dio fled fighting in her hometown in south sudan when she was 2 years old her parents brought her here to carcamo refugee camp in northern kenya it's been a home ever since over 2 decades it's become a city of shacks home to nearly 200000 people trips to the water pump with a market are essential to the way people get food to eat she's worried about the spread of the coronavirus in the company and you cannot talk on monday when i don't and where we fetch water we have to queue and social distancing is practically impossible that scares me. and is among nearly half
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a 1000000 refugees in kenya many escaped the conflicts in neighboring somalia and 1000 on most living camps like. so far no cases of the virus have been identified here refugee rights activists say cramped conditions and the lack of health care could be a recipe for disaster unfortunately it means possible devastation people who are infected will not be able to be isolated people who. will be a lot of transmission the spread of the fast and the response was this. the un's refugee agency released this video showing measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus during food distributions he says it's added extra water points for washing hands but that doesn't change many of the realities inside and outside the camp protecting refugees from cruel myers is not only about protecting
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refugees or about protecting those communities really it's about protecting all of us and everyone is not protected in the truth none of us are. people in kenya and other parts of africa waiting to see if when the coronavirus will spread as much as it has in asia europe and the us health experts say could be disastrous. and i says life's already become more difficult the crisis has pushed up food prices worried about her family in the weeks ahead she says all they can do is pray to god malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. with most flights grounded low pay the airport workers across the us have been hit hard by layoffs before the pandemic they were fighting for a pay increase now those who remain are facing years of financial hardship. on the reports from philadelphia. at philadelphia international airport wheelchairs used
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to take elderly or immobile passengers to or from their planes and gates sit empty and for the wheelchair attendants many have been laid off or facing difficult choices like reginald smith a husband and father forced to choose between possibly contract in coronavirus at the airport and bringing it home to his family or quitting his job knowing it would lead to financial hardship he chose his family's health my wife was high risk. at this had. cost him her i didn't want to do it so what he would come out all across were no matter who we know me good turnaround were. a labor union representative says over $600.00 philadelphia airport workers he represents from the service employees union have been laid off they were all
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contract employees hired by 3rd party companies. and you know they seem to be leaving them out entirely you know of the equation and they're the ones who their wives or since the draft although we're at philadelphia's airport passenger traffic has plummeted from $90000.00 travelers a day to just a few 100 a day of the 450 daily flights most have been canceled and up to 165 permanent airports stores less than 10 remain open it's unprecedented this is different this is this is going to be challenging for us to come back many airport workers won't be getting their jobs back until people start flying again and airports returned to how they were before the coronavirus pandemic but some experts say that could be as. long as 2 years from now in empty
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airports devoid of busy commotion to provide livelihoods to so many people that used to work there gabriel's dando al-jazeera philadelphia alleviation is still at a standstill but south korea is easing restrictions will sports leagues restarting the baseball season is up and running after being postponed from the end of march but as robert fried reports now it will be some time before the sport for the returns to business as usual the final warm up for the long awaited start of the delayed baseball season local incheon favorites s.k.y. vns take on visitors and why eagles but conspicuously absent from the stands their fans instead many of the seats occupied by printed versions of spectators while real fans could only watch on t.v. or online through a club stream that combines the action in the park with the cheering in homes.
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pinion to look. we are hoping to deliver some of the atmosphere of the stadium to the fans at home so they feel as though they are here at the game. they're also joined by potentially millions of baseball fans around the world as the 3rd ranked baseball playing nation after the u.s. and japan south korea's live games are in big demand in a world starved of live sports action. we welcome the increased attention on korean baseball it's great to promote it and it's all thanks to our citizens for getting us to this stage south korea's success so far in defeating the coronavirus is also allowing the football k. league to start its season later this week but again without fans in another sport for which large cheering crowds seem indispensable so crowds are important because
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they're part of what we expect when we go to see a game or when we watch a game the noise the tension the drama the anxiety the happiness the abortion this is this is not driven by empty stadiums this is driven by full stadiums south korea's baseball teams hope to start adding the essential family ingredient soon even when the fans are finally allowed back in there will still be a long time before we see packs stands again their numbers will increase only gradually with empty seats between them and for now their silent stand ins will have to do and when they do return they'll find previously unheard of precautions for the players such as low hugging and no spitting the way baseball is played and the way it's watched is turning into a very different game robert bride al-jazeera incheon south korea to celebrate
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south korean children's day during the pandemic the country's 1st couple switched to the popular video game minecraft. well there was a group the new. president a then his wife kim jones so offered a virtual view of their palace instead of the traditional guided tour using their mind craft characters they thanked children for being patient with school closures and reminded them to wear masks and wash their hands. now the top stories on al-jazeera india is launching one of the world's largest repatriation missions passenger jets and warships will bring home hundreds of thousands of its nationals stranded by coronavirus travel restrictions the u.k. has recorded another 693 deaths taking its toll past 29000 the country has now
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overtaken italy and has the highest number of fatalities in europe but separate figures counting people who weren't tested released by the office for national statistics suggest at least 32000 people have died foreign minister dominic rob says accurate comparisons between countries cannot be made until the crisis is over . i don't think we'll get a real verdict on how well countries have done until the pandemic is over to particularly until we've got comprehensive international data on all cause mortality but i think there's 2 points i'd make about the way the u.k. has approached things there are different ways of counting deaths as we know we've had that debate in this country we now published data includes all bets in all settings and all countries do that so i'm not sure that the international comparison works unless you can you are reliably know that all countries are measuring the same way. and it also depends on how good friendly countries are in gathering their statistics. well after 2 weeks of no new domestic infections hong
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kong is relaxing one of asia's toughest lock downs cinemas and bars will be allowed to reopen secondary schools are set to restart later this month libya's internationally recognized government has launched an offensive to capture our air base controlled by warlord tally for half that government troops recently seized control of major cities along the western coastline after rejecting have to call for a cease fire deal. and robert out in the philippines that leading broadcaster has been ordered to shut down the telecoms authority he says a.b.s. c.b.s. license has expired president ever to go to theft as regularly criticized the network opposition groups accuse him of targeting independent media those are the top stories to stay with us the stream is the x looking at how bangladesh is handling the impact of the coronavirus and i'll have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching if i.
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