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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the main thing you. ask. them to kill the witness. is signing. on al-jazeera. did the world health organization do all the right things members decide an investigation is needed into its coronavirus response. i wrote about this and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up a warning to libya's war will get worse the u.n. says a flood of weapons and fought on involvement is having a devastating impact. and laying down a challenge for china taiwan's pro independence president is sworn in again. from
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colony hot spot to coronavirus casualty will give one of the hottest food scenes in the us has any chance of making a comeback. and investigations to be held into how the world has responded to corona virus as the number of infections approaches 5000000 the world health organization is 194 member states voted unanimously for an independent and impartial inquiry including an examination of the role of the w.h.o. the move has been welcomed by the w.h.o. director general. the un body has come under attack from the u.s. which is accused it of being too close to china president trump threatened to cut all funding unless those what he calls substantive improvements within the next 30 days but his demands are under fire by kind of reports from washington d.c.
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. president trump arrives on capitol hill for a meeting with senate republicans continuing to flout his administration's own guidelines by not wearing a mask in public and lashing out at the speaker of the house democrat nancy pelosi these people are sick pelosi is a sick woman she got a lot of problems a lot of mental problems we're dealing with people that have to get their act together for the good of the country pelosi has sharply criticized president trump's threat to withhold funding from the w.h.o. describing it in a radio interview as stupid and dangerous earlier in the day the president indicated he had no intention of backing down but. the. war. was resigned only through the letters a very detailed long letter but basically they have to clean up their act they have to do their job they have to be much more serious other countries including the
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united states so we're not going to be involved in 2 separate ways but critics warned that walking away from the w.h.o. as a global search is underway for a vaccine could have serious consequences for the united states should it not be the 1st to discover one this is not the time for the u.s. president or any leader to try to weaken the capacity for multilateral collaboration and action that debbie rowe j w h o provides vital international assistance in court a nation there's really no other entity or organization that can do what the dead you h.-o. can do with the world's worst death toll over 91000 the accusation that president trump is attempting to distract attention from his administration's own failure is not going away whatever the reason for the president's insistence on blaming the w.h.o.
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one fact is indisputable the organization declared a pandemic on the 30th of january this is the time that president trump was describing the virus as like a flu that would soon miraculously disappear. mike hanna al-jazeera washington the u.n. is acting envoy for libya has warned that an influx of foreign support is threatening to make the fighting there even more intense civilian casualties have been growing over the pasta months as forces loyal to walter lee for huffed are continue their year long campaign to seize tripoli from the un recognizes government diplomatic editor james bates reports after a surge in fighting in recent weeks the un's acting special representative stephanie williams gave this bleak assessment of the situation in libya to security council ambassadors i believe we have reached another turn point in the conflict conflict from what we are witnessing in terms of the massive influx of weaponry the
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crittenden's and mercenaries to the 2 sides the only conclusion that we can draw is that this war will intensify and broaden him deep devastating consequences for the libyan people as the foreign intervention increases the libyans themselves are getting lost in the mess their voices crowded out we must not let live vs let a went. she said it was civilians paying the price $58.00 killed and $190.00 injured since the 1st of april an 89 percent rise in civilian casualties compared with the 1st 3 months of the year she said the vast majority were the result of attacks by general half his forces she said it was regrettable that at the end of april the general had rejected the international peace plan and claimed he alone
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had a mandate to rule the country libya's ambassador who's loyal to the government of national accord was scathing about half done and one of his main international backers the united arab emirates we wish to inform you only from discounts that we have damning evidence of direct it legal transfer of these specific weapons to libya by the united arab emirates. port of the war criminal and is malicious which these evidence we are sharing with the panel of experts in previous security council meetings over the years the united nations has been reluctant to criticize one side or the other simply saying that both must show restraint but the tone has now changed the criticism of general haftar was direct and much stronger amid reports that even some of his backers believe the impetuous commander has overplayed his hand james al-jazeera of the united nations the u.n.
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humanitarian chief is calling on the security council to ensure aid continues to reach millions of people in northwest syria a resolution allowing for deliveries across syria's border with turkey is set to expire in july mark lowcock says aid has been scaled up in recent months because of the staggering levels of need and the coronavirus pandemic. cross border operation for northwest area all right i think it counts you know like lines and millions into billions in the united nations cannot reach by other means it cannot be substituted it's all right they can be we need only defeat and by the council we're going to get ruction of the spike operation and help you not carry organizations continue that's got a lot of big current needs in the public and it 19 in a delay will increase suffering and will cost lives on diplomats expect talks to
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renew aid access will be difficult at the start of this year syria's ally russia used its security council veto to reduce cross border aid and moscow's ambassador to the un has signaled that their position will not change the structure of picking your individual political david david unless the feel nothing to do with you. and i would like to repeat today once again the pursuit of luster don't waste your time when efforts to reopen the girls be closed will the what you should be encouraged to what was the must was to find roots and grow support of points as well there is one cost line daily with us to northeast and throughout. taiwan's president has delivered her inauguration speech where she called on china to find ways that to kind of co-exist saying one's pro independence party won elections in january by a landslide promising to stand up to beijing and claims taiwan as its own and has fought to keep it from being allowed to join global organizations probably it is
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joining us from seoul this is a big difference in the political fortunes of when one isn't. absolutely it was just a year ago the president. was in a very precarious position taking this more independent line keeping mainland china at arm's length and china responding by using all of its economic and diplomatic might to isolate the island republic with president xi jinping of china even warning that. taiwan must be reintegrated at all costs but then toward the end of last year suddenly out of nowhere we had these street riots take place in hong kong which really scared many people in neighboring taiwan about what reintegration with the motherland under this so-called power sharing of one country 2 systems might look like if things went wrong so we saw a surge in popularity for president sighs you won this landslide of 57 percent in
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the january poll and indeed in her inaugural address she has once again rejected the policy of one country 2 systems but at the same time has said that taiwan is open to dialogue but also pointing out that she believes that across straight relations are now entering as she says in that style recall turning point possibly indicating that she is prepared to take a more assertive line with beijing and she has the popularity to do that of course because since january poll we've had the coronavirus which had seen her handling of that basically seen a huge increase in popularity amongst people in taiwan and not just having an impact on her in taiwan as well taiwan itself seems to be getting international recognition from around the world in the way it's been handling the outbreak. that's right there is a marked difference here between taiwan and massive neighbor of mainland china we
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had in china of course it has the power to take far more draconian steps which were very effective but in some regards quite brutal but also at the start of it there was questions over just how much china was disclosing to the rest of the world by comparison little taiwan with its transparency its very swift action one of the 1st territories outside of mainland china to take action against arrivals from will hand very effectively with all of its technology kept down the numbers of cases just into the hundreds so it has been won plaudits around the world and it's also helped fuel the current debate about whether it should indeed have representation at the world health organization because of course mainland china where there's all of its influence there has said there can only be one china represented and it will not be taiwan and again sigh in her inaugural address saying that one of the prop policies she wants to pursue in the coming years is seeing greater representation for taiwan at these international organizations really leveraging taiwan's
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increased stature on the world stage in seoul rob thanks very much still ahead in al-jazeera the palestinian government takes a tough new stand or israeli plans to annex nearly a 3rd of the occupied west bank. the race to relocate millions in the path of a storm bearing down on bangladesh and india. hello there we've had plenty of rain across the midwest also down across into the south are still watching tropical storm fay it's now pushing well away from the east coast of the united states but as a say plenty of rain elsewhere look at this into central kentucky there were warnings out tashi for these flash floods but unfortunately his drive is not aware
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of the nichols drove into the federal says and in both cases the cars stalled out a spente more rain as we go through wednesday is generally across the southeast and again across into the mid atlantic so this rain just coming down on top of what we've seen recently into north carolina of course which was brought by tropical storm off and meanwhile very heavy rain working its way across the pacific northwest the northern plains up into southern canada as well and the winds quite strong as well through central areas there is quite a significant fire risk across the desert southwest for the next few days temperatures a high but the winds are also very high so through thursday more rain through the central plains warm of course in the south we could see similar severe storms and again still some rain just lingering through the made atlanta a bunch of rain across florida the bahamas fairly widespread and very heavy rains across central america as well certainly throughout wednesday and again hey we could actually have some flooding rains very heavy at times i want to see showers across into the yucatan peninsula but a high of 28 in cancun. and
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i could as a emphasize that while the and the subject will lead to mad sad i was sad that i could leave the gene i mean look at the bad as with cattle in the wild and the sabathia but that is still a good model and when the hype phoenix the adults are that a lot of us have although katona that can and not all of us in the most are the kind of a broad path of the dilemma just that alone to fly back the experience in what can a method of caution if you had to have asthma what man the implementor so cool in. the world. we want to go to 0 a reminder of our top stories this hour the world health organization has agreed to
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hold an investigation into the global response to the coronavirus pandemic $194.00 member states voted unanimously to hold an independent inquiry including an examination of the role of the w.h.o. . the un's acting envoy to libya has warned that an influx of weapons and mercenaries is threatening to further intensify fighting between the country's warring sides taiwan's president has delivered terror inauguration speech where she called on china to find ways the 2 can co-exist beijing claims the island as its own and has fought to keep it from being allowed to join global organizations. the sort of is due to swear in a successor to prime minister thomas the banning a day after he stepped down his resignation ended a months long crisis sparked by accusations of involvement in the murder of his estranged wife or killing him 2017 cents shock waves to the nation from 10 calls for the 18 year old leader to leave office out of the task of reports. addressing
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the nation on state t.v. thomas he was finally stepping down as prime minister most liberal countrymen and women period for you to do to announce that the leg that you it has signed me may not yet be over but the time to retire from degrades he had told the. public the northeast has finally arrived his resignation puts an end to months of political uncertainty and instability to bad he was under pressure to resign over a case in which he and his current wife my c.i. a suspected of conspiring to murder his former wife nearly 3 years ago they have both denied any involvement. he was under the argument that because he's a sitting for a minister he may not be prosecuted yesterday that that argument was weak but now that the he has resigned it can be a spectator that. the police and international prosecution can now proceed smoothly
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to investigate that case against him. in the capital some people hope the next prime minister. will focus on the economy that does all really need to be on how we run health food we don't have jobs the fallout is that we get very little as a result. of this don't think much will change their replacement i don't think is going to do in ok the expected outcome any difference it won't make any difference because the same people same guys we've been we've got it on are still in government i actually blamed it on a loan for the problems of our government. illicit is new prime minister is under pressure to prove his leadership style would be different from his controversial criticism he also has to try to contain the coronavirus in a country of roughly 2000000 people many of whom are poor and struggling to make
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a living. in south sudan at least 120 people have been killed since friday in what authorities are calling cattle raids more than 100 people were injured during the attacks which took place in or county in july state 2 members of staff from doctors without borders were also killed in order county over the weekend forcing the organization to suspend operations in the region morgan has more from the sudanese capital khartoum she says it's fear the final death toll will be much higher. tensions have been high between the longer and the more groups in people and areas over the past few weeks since february when the accused of attacking their areas in people or and burning down villages and killing at least 10 people now that cycle has been going on but it has escalated over the weekend on saturday on sunday when the learner accuse the morally of attacking their villages at least 6 villages and killing over 100 people and wounding hundreds more now the final
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death toll is not yet clear but the government is saying that they've counted at least $120.00 from 2 villages and that the counting is ongoing and they are expecting the death toll to be much higher now this is a cycle that has been going on for decades if not centuries between the 2 tribes but has taken an escalation over the past few years due to the purification of arms between the 2 groups especially with south sudan going through a civil war for peter 5 years which ended in 2018 now a government of national unity was formed in february but governors are yet to be appointed and south sudan's government of national unity is saying that that's the reason why these tensions have taken some time to respond to because there is not authority on the ground to coordinate between what is happening and between the got the national government however it says that it has deployed forces to try to stop the violence between the 2 sides the medical charity doctors without borders has also announced that it is suspending its operations due to the killing of one of its staff and injuring of 2 others aid workers have been repeatedly targeted in
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conflicts or ethnic violence around south sudan and the charity has said that it is not going to resume its operations and till it receives guarantees that its staff will not be heard so far that. those guarantees are yet to be given but south sudan's government is saying that it is working to try to respond and to try to end the violence so that no more lives are lost in these tensions. palestinian president mahmoud abbas says palestine will not be bound by agreements with israel and the u.s. because of israel's planned an exception of 30 percent of the occupied west bank addressing an emergency meeting abbas described the u.s. as israel's partner in crime and he called for countries that have rejected president donald trump's middle east peace plan to recognize the state of palestine and impose sanctions on israel under trying to deal israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu could begin palestinian land as soon as july it is able him has the latest from ramallah while he said the p.l.o.
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is no longer bound by agreements signed with israel and he said that he did not say that he's dissolving the palestinian authority and the palestinian authority itself is the through it of the agreements that has been signed between israel and the palestinian authority in 1980 so we need a couple of days or maybe weeks to understand what really is going to be taken on the ground in the on the ground in terms of measures by the palestinian authority now to the issue of the security agreement between the 2 parties it has been suspended a couple of times before but in recent history we're talking about the past 20 years this is a sponge and it was only limited to the high profile high level meetings between the palestinian is and israeli security officials but side channels have happened in the past between thousands and israelis that kind of allowed this security
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coordination to continue of course it's very important for the palestinians authorities viability and many officials here in the occupied west bank argue that the palestinian authorities the stablish meant is an accomplishment and that they are not looking at. just dissolving the palestinian authority. only abunimah is co-founder of al atomic intifada and author of the battle for justice in palestine he says then answered by a bus is meaningless well there's 2 important points here one is the creation of the palestinian authority was allowed by israel after $993.00 for one purpose and one purpose alone which was to create a native palestinian oak sellery to. basically implement the occupation on behalf of israel and that is and has being the role of the palestinian authority since its creation israel allows palestinian security forces
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to have guns but those guns are only to be used against palestinians and so the agreements are basically that the palestinian authority acts as a an exemplary a police force for israeli occupation forces now that's given the title security coordination that's the polite name for it that's given in the agreement. and i've asked the head of that has announced i can't remember how many times that his sister ending this agreement or that agreement and the fact is he's never done that he's never suspended an agreement and indeed this is evening as we're speaking palestinian authority sources told the israeli newspaper ha'aretz that in fact a security collaboration between the israeli occupation forces and the palestinian authority is continuing and will continue and the reality is that the palestinian
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authority can't move a salt shaker from one side of a table to another without the permission and help of the israeli occupation. officials in india and bangladesh are racing to evacuate millions of people from their homes before the arrival of a super cycle and it's expected to be the most powerful weather system seen in the region in the last 2 decades but the coronavirus is complicating efforts to move people away from the coastline and the child reports from dhaka thanks this is the 1st super cycle on farming over the bay of bengal in more than 20 years. people living in the coastal areas are worried. approaches the coast of bangladesh. is in a hurry to collect their belongings and rush to a shelter. we are worried about the cycle and now we're preparing to go to the shelter the situation isn't good we're not sure what will happen to us all commercial ships fishing boats and trawlers over the bay of bengal and deep sea
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have been advised to take shelter a lot of the volunteers across the coastal areas are warning people of the dangers and arjen them to go to a cycle in shelters the bangladeshi government says it has prepared shelters in coastal the states for more than 5000000 people but maintaining social distancing will be difficult in densely packed shelters with limited space. we've already seen it rise to the relevant cycle in shelters provided money baby and dry food as well as food for livestock we've doubled the number of cycling shelters to around 12078 in order to maintain social distancing. if the storm makes landfall in the low lying delta there is also the potential for a major storm surges perhaps even as high as 9 meters they're going to only once additional if the water surge happens and the level goes up we have enough materials and manpower ready to deal with the situation along with the help from
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the district administration but many people along the coast say that they know better from experience. like the rest of the world we're worried about coronavirus and in the midst of all this there's a high tide in the ocean and the area could get flooded if it stays like this it poses a great danger to us. the double tread of corbett 19 and the cyclon is particularly warning for disadvantaged people in coastal regions and for those living in crowded growing a refugee camps in parts of the bazaar while bangladesh is dealing with coronavirus spend big super cycle and is approaching its course lying posing a challenge to the authorities here to evacuate coastal areas even if the saigon hits off their wakeling it could cause significant damage to the farmlands and ruined homes. i'll just dhaka bangladesh there are 10000 residents in the u.s. state of michigan have been forced to leave their homes because of heavy flooding the governor issued an emergency declaration after days of heavy rains caused
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a damned collapse there's concern the flooding will cause a 2nd dam to fail in a nearby county the national weather service says it's a life threatening situation and has been calling on people to get to higher ground as fast as they can the u.s. mexico and canada are extending a ban on nonessential travel across their borders by another 30 days to help contain the coronavirus the land border restrictions imposed in march were due to expire on whedon's state not be extended until june 22nd the rules do not apply to trade across the canada u.s. border in the u.s. many cities are entering the 3rd month of being a lockdown with most businesses closed it's had all sectors but in particular independent restaurants and this stuff. reports from philadelphia where its food scene is trying to run through the shutdown. welcome to philly. as his traveling to resume video shows philadelphia is
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a food town no longer only known for its famed cheese steak sandwich philly is going through a restaurant renaissance it's become a top destination for foodies and home to some of america's most innovative and talented chefs but the shutdown brought on by coping 1000 has stopped everything and it will be particularly hard for independent restaurants to come back from the lockdown now in its 10th week city officials have yet to say when restaurants will be allowed to reopen some have just given up this week 3 restaurants said they would close for good and there could be a lot more to come and he's 30 to 40 percent of restaurants and still about me not being. that's why. i can't imagine walking down streets center city philadelphia. with 34 doors.
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out of 10. we are in the hospitality industry is what adds to. our community and we drove by and represent hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue and city and it's not just restaurants philadelphia has a hot new spot for independent coffee shops as well but now most of them are completely closed with their chairs sitting on top of tables and yes bresso makers sitting idle not being used at hip city beds plant based restaurant cooks are busy in the kitchen preparing their popular salads beyond to be thurber's and organic tofu wraps but with the dining room closed trying to survive on take out in delivery orders only has been a challenge 250 employees have been laid off and 2 locations have temporarily
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closed for those eateries it can survive hopes are high that they'll be able to return to the thriving bustling dining scenes of before gabriel santo al-jazeera philadelphia and you can find much more on our website the address for that is w w w dot al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. this is all just here with these are the top stories the world health organization has agreed to hold an investigation into the global response to the corona virus pandemic 194 member states voted unanimously to hold an independent inquiry including an examination of the role of the w.h.o. . in ways. dubliner job remains fully committed to trying to spot and see i count ability and continues improvement
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we want accountability more than anyone the un's acting envoy to libya has warned that an influx of weapons and mercenaries is threatening to further intensify fighting between the country's warring sides the number of civilian casualties is surged in recent weeks as forces loyal to war locally for have to continue their year long campaign to seize tripoli from the u.n. recognize government the u.n. humanitarian chief is calling on the security council to ensure aid continues to reach millions of people in northwest syria a resolution allowing for deliveries across syria's border with turkey is set to expire in july mark lowe caucus says aid has been scaled up in recent months because of the staggering levels of need and the coronavirus pandemic. taiwan's president has delivered her inauguration speech where she called on china to find ways the 2 can co-exist in when and her pro independence party rejects beijing's
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proposal of one country 2 systems as a method for cross street unification and soon to is due to swear in a new prime minister on a widens day after thomas to bonnie resigned been under pressure to step down after being accused of conspiring to murder his 2nd wife bonnie and his current wife have been charged but both deny the allegations in south sudan at least 120 people have been killed since friday in what authorities are calling cattle raids more than 100 people were also injured in the attacks in jungle a state. palestinian president mahmoud abbas says palestine will not be bound by agreements with israel and the us because of israel's planned onix a sion of 30 percent of the occupied west bank and those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after football rebels. talk to old sara. let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we
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listen this is the moment to stop all the 30 action this is the moment to concentrate on fighting my dear we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the whole just 0. am. because i'm going to. do this i'm going. to munch on a cause for you to see through the lens that you don't see. the beach there's the lens all substitute the image of the body the same body to follow. the storm to meet the eyes the. z. z z the.


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