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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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i really really get the. protesters set fire to a police station in the u.s. city of minneapolis in a 3rd night of demonstrations over the death of a black man at the hands of police and the protests have spread to at least 5 major u.s. cities 7 people have been shot in louisville kentucky. where i'm fully bacteria watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha also coming up school openings delayed south korea rain poses some coronavirus
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restrictions after a spike in new cases pacing back at twitter as fact checks donald trump's executive order aims to remove some of the neagle protections given to social media companies . thank you very much for joining us 3 days of protests over the killing of an unarmed black man in the u.s. city of minneapolis have exploded into a new night of violence across the country the police station where the 4 officers involved in the arrests of george floyd worked has been set ablaze a large crowd began gathering outside the building a few hours ago and several other fires were late in the area and national guard has been called into the city and the man has declared a local state of emergency for 72 hours. there is a lot of pain and anger right now in our city. i understand that our entire
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city recognizes that what we have seen over the past several hours in the past couple of nights in terms of looting is acceptable our communities cannot and will not tolerate while the u.s. president has just tweeted about the protests 1st warning the mayor of minneapolis to quote get is acts together and then writing that these thugs dishonoring the memory of george floyd and he won't let that happen john bosso said he had told the governor of minnesota that the military is with him all the way any difficulty and we will assume control he says but when the new ting saw. the shooting starts. donald trump is not the 1st to use such a threat former miami police chief walter headley was the 1st to say when the looting starts the shooting stops while promising violent reprisals on black
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protests as in 1967 i mean apple is mad jacob frey pushed back against saying the city and its leadership were far from weak donald trump knows nothing about the strength of minneapolis we are strong as hell is this a difficult time period yes but you better be damn sure that we're going to get through this. well the protests over george freud stay thin against police brutality have been spreading across the united states at least 7 people were shot in louisville kentucky where crowds turned out to demand justice for briana taylor a black woman who was fatally shot by police in her home back in march officers in riot gear tried to push back large groups of protesters and there's been a standoff with police in the city of denver over the past few hours after a crowd stomped vehicles and blocked streets hundreds of protesters had earlier marched on colorado's state's capital building. a poll bew bloom is
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a news reporter at fox mind shine no he joins us now on the phone from minneapolis paul thank you very much for being with us we have seen crowds of protesters face off with riot police throughout the evening in minneapolis just bring us up to speed with the situation right now i things any comma. well good day to you thanks for having me on actually i have just left you played that comment from the mayor jacob fry here in minneapolis from city hall just moments ago 6 i was at that news conference so i've been removed from kind of the ground situation in a couple of our hardest hit neighborhoods but what i can tell you 4 as of last check of the city of minneapolis basically gave up on key police station in the pocket of the city where we call it the 3rd precinct 4 where george floyd
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was arrested and subsequently # i had the precinct that serves that part of the city of minneapolis was overrun by demonstrators they broke in they breached some security fencing that had been put up they got inside and the mayor acknowledged at this news conference that just wrapped up 1520 minutes ago that it was his decision to give up on the 3rd precinct that even the symbolism of the last building that has subsequently been set 'd on fire and still continues to rage in flames that that symbolism is that that loss of property and the building is far less important than protecting lives and that was the mayor's decision to wave the white flag 'd and evacuate and you've mentioned some sort of gauge meant of demonstrators of looters of some of the the bad apples if you will the bad actors who have brought such carnage on our city these last couple of
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nights but there really has not been a great police in gauge meant right elise have basically ceded the 3rd precinct police department building itself and the surrounding neighborhood the firefighters they got in for the fight one blaze on that block that was started by demonstrators but right now when we went into city hall. 'd one last look of it 'd from a bridge overlooking the scene and there were several fires including that police station still going without a drop of water being placed on a pole tell us about the people who've been out on the screen the president in his tweet referred to thugs who has been protesting these past 3 days in minnesota well it's i mean it's a great question i mean it's. after the incident in the video surfaced. there was 8000 people the minneapolis police department estimated at
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a george floyd protest rally demand for justice 'd to seem of the incident. 8000 it was loud people were heard they were angry they shared their feelings we had a very difficult time in our community with racial tensions especially when it comes to relationships with the police force another black man to mobley innocent handcuffed. no weapon killed on the streets of minneapolis there was anger in that crowd but they most of them marched peacefully they demonstrated peacefully but then we had a splinter group that was allowed to go off and create. damage to do harm to the city and that continued for the next couple nights are there what i would call these that actors there are there you know i don't want to label them
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all as i mean saugus is not a term i would use but. some are from out of town tonight at the protest 'd movement and our guest as we come in from the state of virginia right to be part of the trouble but bob so yeah it's all good all the square feet of the guy you know who are motivated beyond a political statement as we see in the angriest spreading to other cities across the united states we've heard your man's response to the president's tweet the president saying that you know he might send in the military saying that when the looting staunch the shooting sourness this is a clear threat from president trump and you know the president seems to be throwing gasoline on the fire how is this trying to go down with the people who have been out on the streets. it's a great question i mean the thing that confused me by the president's tweet is is the governor this is the mayor you know we have the city mayor and then the governor of the state of minnesota where minneapolis sets and the governor has
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allowed for the national guard that's a state entity to come then to assist law enforcement in these efforts we had 500 soldiers that were deployed they were getting up to speed we were expecting them 'd to protect firefighters so they could go to some of our burning buildings if you've seen the video we have you know it was mentioned in the neighborhood that the 3rd precinct there are fires burning it's unclear what the president means clearly he's trying to put pressure on the city he's had kind of a longstanding tug of war pushback with the mayor of minneapolis he's a young guy a good looking guy very very 9 center politically they had a brew when the when the president was going to come to minneapolis several months ago and then didn't jay come for i was going to make him pay the campaign pay for you know some of the business that was going to be needed at the local big basketball arena where trump was going to hold the rally so there's been this
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bitterness between the 2 and then you heard the mayor get angry answering a question about those tweets i don't know where it's going i asked the mayor point blank what is the plan going forward the mayor did not provide specifics we know he's getting assistance from our state law enforcement agencies we know the military should have boots on the ground in minneapolis shortly but a lot of people in this city have been unhappy that these. you know demonstrators rioters looters have done so much damage not just to a police department but we have had businesses up and down several businesses corridors in minneapolis destroyed damaged and pilfered over the last couple nights and these city residents are demanding when is it going to stop right. thank you so much paul for bringing us up to speed with what's been happening on the ground there paul view is a local reporter in minneapolis. we are going to show you some live pictures now
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from arizona this is phoenix as you can see protesters are also out on the streets in arizona. several days after the death of this unarmed black man at the hands of police in mina in minnesota where the protesters have been taking to the streets in several u.s. cities at least 5 major cities including phoenix arizona as you can see on these live pictures young rest following of course a shock and anger that poor through communities across the u.s. over george for his last moments a video that circulated showing george ford's last moment with offices involved in that video being fired but protesters enjoyed family saying that they want to murder charges against them will continue to bring you the latest from the u.s. throughout the day here on al-jazeera as the situation develops let's move on now to other world news and the reopening of hundreds of south korean schools has been
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suspended and some open ones were ordered to close a gain. the government is looking at revisiting easing restrictions due to a recent spike in new coronavirus cases there a further $58.00 new cases have been announced most of them from seoul and linked to an online shopping warehouse let's bring in our correspondent in seoul rob mcbride so rob south korean officials scrambling to contain this new outbreak. that's right this is an outbreak that's causing major disruption to the reopening of schools schools here in south korea as elsewhere have been closed for months and after a lot of very careful planning to make sure it's done safely then very carefully we are in the middle of a staged reopening of schools it's a reopening that's already been delayed by a couple of weeks because of another cluster or another outbreak and we're now likely to see further disruption right in the middle of this process so some
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schools that had are due to reopen several 100 of them now have to put back their reopening and more than a 200 schools in an area called both to china and to the west of a soul a soul which had already reopened are having to close again no boots on is the location of this major warehouse distribution center that is at the center of this latest outbreak we have had the latest daily cases of the new cases of corona virus in south korea are $58.00 and most of these cases are from this facility it is slightly less than yesterday so the authorities are hoping that they've brought this latest cluster under control but there are had to carry out several 1000 tests of people who work at this center their associates family members to try to trace everybody who's been infected and it has led to the authorities know reimposing some of the restrictions that they had already relaxed at least in the greater
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seoul metropolitan area things like the reopening of venues like galleries and museums well they have now been closed again for another 2 weeks and in the meantime the author it is here are ordering checks on some of these large warehouse facilities to make sure that there is social distancing that workers aren't working in to closer proximity with each other is being seen as a setback rob i mean has this latest outbreak going to affect the real thing. it is troubling especially in a country like south korea where we've had long periods with no local transmission at all and yet with despite its sophisticated testing and tracking mechanisms it's simply seems it can't stop these clusters from from breaking out we had the other cluster a couple of weeks ago based around bars in the ito one district of seoul that caused the authorities here to close down those bars 2 months ago we had call
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centers being the focus of concerns because of a cluster that broke out in one of the call centers again of workers working in close proximity with each other so it just highlights the problems of reopening a big sophisticated economy in the kinds of problems that other countries are going to face in europe in the united states for example that don't have the kind of sophisticated testing that south korea has in place that arguably has more of the virus still circulating within their communities rob thank you very much for that robot bride live for us there in seoul in the philippines quarantine measures in the capital manila will start being nice from june after months of us troops locked down that severely depressed economy that's despise 539 new cases being reported on ferries save in largest spike since the 1st scare on a virus infection was reported in january in a televised address president and rehabilitated trying to reassure the nation that the vast majority of cases where mild and that there's been no death rate. in
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lebanon wearing a mask in public is now mandatory authorities have began enforcing a $14.00 fine for those seen without one the health ministry distributed $2000000.00 free masks in the past 3 days lebanon reported 7 you covered $1000.00 cases on stage. still ahead on al-jazeera a labor law controversy cutting employees rights in india in order to kick start the economy. but. hello there still plenty of cloud and rain showers across eastern areas of europe out across the west we have got high pressure so a lot of good clear skies plenty of sunshine as well this is the southwest of england people heading to the beach and also heading to the gulf coast at the same
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time but we've actually going to see an increase in temperatures across much of the u.k. throughout much of france through the weekend but particularly next week these guys will remain we have their own fighting rather heavy rain across central areas of italy across the southeast and i'm some particular heavy rain pushing into western areas of russia now as we go into saturday temperatures beginning to climb again in moscow slip few showers in the forecast but look at these dog areas the blue the last in northern ukraine a very widespread across areas a better research a very wet day to start the weekend but things are improving in warsaw the cloud eventually will begin to break down certainly by monday that's really when we should see that fine dry weather return a high of 21 which is pretty much the average for this time of year meanwhile all that africa mostly fine and dry time doesn't mean too bad of the last few days and they won't be again over the next few warren shipley $29.00 degrees celsius but behind the we have got a famous eclat some showers through morocco algeria on into tonight keeping the time which is a bit low but even so not but in tunis with a high of 25. point
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3000000000 indians are in lockdown in the culvert 19 pandemic with millions unable to feed their families one o one east investigates the unfolding humanitarian crisis on al-jazeera. the e.u. . watching
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al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories a police station in the u.s. city of minnesota has been set on fire in a 3rd night of protests over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police the u.s. national guard has been called into the city and the mayor has declared a local state of emergency for 72 hours and the protests have been spreading across the u.s. at least 7 people were shot in new evil kentucky where crowds turned out to demand justice for brianna tara taylor rather a black woman who was fatally shot by police in her home back in march and in other news a reopening of hundreds of south korean schools has been suspended because of a new spike in coronavirus cases some schools that are home that are already over reopened were ordered to close again a new testing campaign is underway in south korea. to france now where paris is no longer considered to be a coronavirus dangerous zone the french government has downgraded its risk rating
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from red to orange and more restrictions will be lifted in the capital box will reopen next week cafes and bars across the country will be allowed to trade with protective measures in place schools will also be reopening earlier than planned is in paris she says life is slowly getting back to normal across france. well the french prime minister ed wofully said that from was entering into a new phase in which freedom was now the norm and restrictions the exception even though some restrictions will remain in parts of the country in paris particularly where the current virus is still circulating he said at a higher level than another part of the country but more or less there's an easing off restrictions across france restaurants and cafes will be able to reopen except in paris where people can only have a coffee or a meal on the terrace they will be able to go inside the restaurant secondary schools are welcome some children back again smaller class sizes perhaps only for a few days the weak pulse will reopen and they'll no longer be
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a limit of 100 kilometers on people's mobility so people be able to travel around france for work or leisure where they like without any kind of permit so it's an easing of restrictions that the prime minister said was because he. has seen a drop in the number of current virus cases a drop in the number of deaths and hospitalization of patients and he also said that even though of course the current virus is still here in the country amongst the population it is at a level in which the french government feels it is under control. india is government is being accused of using the coronavirus emergency to exploit millions of workers after 2 months of lockdown some of india's biggest states have suspended most labor laws in a bid to restart the economy trade unions say changes to working hours wages and health and safety standards weakens weaken rather workers wise at a time of time they can't protests in a report from new delhi. oversees
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the production of clothes for his designer label in his workshop and. sales fell by 70 percent in the past 2 months locked down and heyman says he'll have to layoff around 75 of his 300 employees. the suspension of most of the state's labor laws he no longer needs the government's permission to fire stuff in this difficult finding the street is going to be suffering a lot of these losses by his council. this is what was very important support from the government. with a provision which is home to $230000000.00 people is one of many states to change its labor laws including getting rid of the minimum wage extended working hours and reducing employee benefits. the states say the changes will help businesses and get the world's 5th largest economy back on track but workers are already paying the price. as soon as the changes were announced it was fired from the women's wear
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factory he's worked in for 4 years the. work is continuing at the company and 802000 people are working new workers have been hired on daily wages and none of those who used to work at the company have been brought back. trade unions say the revised laws will drive down wages in a country where the minimum is just over $2.00 a day union leaders defied lockdown guidelines to protest in new delhi which case quickly dispersed well other than when. i go to work you can look. i don't resent the idea. of the complete on the limit then let. them sing only i don't really have. a live ammo. the biggest changes have been in states ruled by promise to marry the modis part of the jump the party critics say the government's using the economic slump to push through laws that's planned since 1st being elected 6 years ago and at a time when people aren't allowed to protest the international labor organization
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has warned 400000000 indians could slip into poverty as a result of india's lockdown and this urging promise to modi to send a clear message to states to polish labels and protect workers from exploitation elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. u.s. president donald trump has made his frustration with twitter official has signed an executive order aimed at stripping social media platforms of some legal protections especially if they remove or amend content on their sites it comes after 2 of the president's tweets were labeled misleading tanzi has a report from washington. twitter's placement of an exclamation mark and a suggestion that users get the facts about mail in voting after the president's unsubstantiated claims about the corruption of postal ballots have led to the executive order there's no president in american history for so small a number of corporations to control so large a sphere of human interaction therefore today abseiling executive order to protect
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it appalled the free speech rights of the american people however this is new crackdown instead there will be a review of section 230 of the communications decency act the prevents internet companies from being sued over content and he's calling for the federal communications commission trade commission and state attorneys to look at placing new rules on social media companies to control editing he says to protect free speech but the president does not have the legal authority to strike down section 230 and he may face resistance from the f.t.c. and f.c.c. independent bodies that have been reluctant in the past to take on policing the internet it is talking about a review which implies a period of time it's not clear how much of this is saber rattling right there's things you can do with an executive order those things you can't do there are probably litigation if they did try to do an executive order this is a nuanced complex issue republicans complain about censorship on social media
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platforms democrats like house speaker nancy pelosi speaking about facebook on thursday complain there isn't enough both have threatened similar legislation our business model is to misrepresent the facts and to be a platform and to do that and try to hide under freedom of speech which is of course a complete violation of everything freedom of speech stands for both are also stepping into tricky territory about who decides what is acceptable and what isn't and the issue the framers of the constitution were clear about it should not be the government but should be the platforms themselves but i don't think facebook or. in general should be arbiters of truth i think that's kind of a dangerous line to get down to in terms of deciding what is what what is true and what isn't civil liberties advocates warn the private companies have their own commercial priorities and should not become gatekeepers of the truth facebook already censors content in consultation with governments around the world the
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company has been broken up so it does its utmost to keep the local authorities happy and bipartisan support for doing just that has been growing if facebook and other platforms have less of a struggle hold over our daily discourse it's all good limiting free speech on their sites may not be necessary she have a tendency washington ivory coast says former president has been given permission to leave belgium a year after being acquitted by the international criminal court on charges of crimes against humanity in the handbag goes to trial at the hague over accusations he fueled mass violence which killed thousands after he lost the election in 2010 international criminal court conditions mean he can only travel to countries that agree to receive him that makes a return to ivory coast uncertain where his rival remains in power. the un recognized government in libya says it's destroyed 3 armored vehicles belonging to warlords highly for have to are the government of national courts forces say
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they now control areas surrounding 2 military camps south of tripoli troops loyal to have to are retreating from their positions again a has accused have to of trying to bring in sudanese mess neris to fight alongside his forces. the whole region is almost empty of the enemy we have managed to completely control the areas around the military camps are minimal combing the front areas soon they will reach places and beyond a slew of fronts for their patients moved in a year with this thing this brutal enemy of course the enemies are now trying to reorganize their ranks among mercenaries from sudan followed a mob. and the world's most lucrative football league the english premier league will resume in 3 weeks no matches have been played in almost 3 months because of a coronavirus pandemic games will be played in empty stadium so prevent any spread of the disease a source correspondent andy richardson has the details. well finally the most
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watched football league in the world has set a target date for its return all things being well on june the 17th manchester city will play arsenal and aston villa will take on sheffield united that will be exactly 100 days since their last action in the premier league now there's no doubt that all the clubs will be watching very closely what's been happening over in germany in the bundesliga where that competition has shown it is possible to bring back football safely and also to put on a competitive and commercially viable product despite the fact there are no founds in the stadiums and finances is a huge factor in this decision as clubs look to avoid repaying hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcasters if they're unable to finish this season a lot still has to happen between now and june the 17th players and staff will continue to be tested twice a week so far though the league has been reassured by the relatively small number of positive tests concert training has just resume the next steps will be for full
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training to get underway and then for the clubs to lock down the exact protocol as to what happens in the build up to games and then on match day itself as for what's at stake on the pitch well liverpool are $25.00 points clear at the top of the table if manchester city were to lose their comeback game against arsenal then liverpool would have the chance to win their 1st title in 30 years in their 1st game back against local rivals everton. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines a police station in the u.s. city of minnesota has been set on fire in a 3rd night of protests over the death of an unarmed black man george floyd died after a policeman out on his neck during an arrest the national guard has been called in to minneapolis and the local man has declared a state of emergency for 72 hours there is
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a lot of pain and anger right now in our city i understand that our entire city recognizes that what we have seen over the past several hours in the past couple of nights in terms of looting is acceptable our communities cannot and will not tolerate now the u.s. president has tweeted about the protests in minneapolis for us warning the mare to get is act together in his word then writing that these side of the side dishonoring the memory of george floyd and he want let that happen trump also said he had told the governor of minnesota that the military is with him all 'd the way any difficulty and we will assume control he says then odds when the looting starts the shooting starts while twitter has just responded to the president's tweet to say this tweet violated twitter rules about glorifying violence but twitter has
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determined that it may be in the public's interest for the tweet to remain accessible. or the protests over george for his death a spreading across the u.s. at least 7 people were shot in weevil kentucky where crowds turned out to demand justice for brianna taylor a black woman who was fatally shot by police in her home back in march in other news the reopening of hundreds of south korean schools has been suspended because of a recent spike in new coronavirus cases some schools that are already reopened were ordered to close again a new testing campaign is underway and wearing a mask in public is now mandatory in lebannon a 14 don a fine faces anyone seen without 12000000 free masks have been distributed by the government in the past 3 days those are the headlines inside stories next on jazeera. we know what's happening in our region we know how to get the playfield that others and all i want to throw you here guys by putting the only purpose of
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the fires and then i'm going to give you. the way that you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. but check warnings appear on tweets by donald trump u.s. president down his supporters say it's another attempt to son succumb server to voices with an election just 6 months away from social media companies balanced freedom of speech while rooting out misinformation this is inside story. fellow welcome to the program and its donald trump is often called the tweeter in chief to.


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