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tv   Statelessness In Former Soviet Republics  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2020 5:32am-6:01am +03

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somebody set its object to light so flame started going into the sky firecrackers were set off it is appears as well so certainly the relative calm of the day dissipated slightly one must remember that the mayor has ordered a curfew to be put in place that starts in some 30 minutes the mayor herself saying though that those who've been responsible for the vandalism that has been seen and blitz the protests are not likely to observe any curfew so certainly that is on the minds of law enforcement officials in the course of tonight they were acts of vandalism in the course of last night as well and the washington police were hoping to avoid this and were given some encouraging meant by the fact that the protests were peaceful for much of the day there were some standoffs during the day at one stage demonstrators pressed against the barricades that had been established outside the white house large distance from the white house but generally the
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protests were peaceful however in the last half hour that in the least one part of the city has changed where there have been isolated clashes between police and protesters flames now flickering in the night flash bang this being thrown by the police but also it appears as well that some of the protesters or elements among the protesters are throwing firecrackers back at the police so what has been a genuinely calm day and now not so different. in washington d.c. giving us an update mike thank you for that. our time for short break here now to 0 when we come back. mexico prepares to start reopening on monday despite infections to rising and we join our medics on the front lines of the pandemic morning stay with us.
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for. some very tranquil topples across central and southern areas of china ready for the last several days and all this county can see is talking pulse of the system just lying across the entire region but it was you know in the fall southwest that was really impacted several days ago you can see these images coming out of you know in providence a torrential amounts of rain came down mudslides and landslides and of course the clear up is now underway there is out she's the more rain in the forecast as well it's across the entire region actually heavy monday across the eastern areas so in fact you know on province there will be some more rain but there are some slightly dry slopes within there and in fact is a better down she's about by then we've got these heavy rains again developing fuel central areas pushing towards the east and again a similar scenario we could well see mudslides and landslides meanwhile we got some rain work its way through the korean peninsula so a wet day in seoul on cheez-it not too bad at 23 degrees celsius most secure throughout much of japan with a high of 28 in tokyo and then down across indonesia certainly not exactly drawing
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him particularly through areas a born again and southern areas of the philippines seeing some pretty heavy downpours and the rains very extensive googles across the southeast of thailand cambodia all the tools vietnam and it's a similar story and she's day so plenty of thunderstorms the kale and also singapore. as countries begin easy coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the lab to deliberate. may well and many feel the economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall yet leave the focus on the outfield was spiked in public places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus fundament special coverage. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have
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to go from other potential understand that this is a plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. to aslam is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. 00000. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here there's our there's been a 6 day of protest against police brutality across the u.s. hundreds gathered again in minneapolis where they all started to denounce the death
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of george florey who was killed by a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost 9 minutes last monday in atlanta 2 police officers have been fired for using excessive force on protesters on saturday group of riot police swarmed a car and used a stun gun on 2 people before driving into the ground i'm hungover. and u.s. president donald trump is blaming the anti fascist group m t for the violence across the country he also said on twitter it would be designated as a terrorist organization. but police and some u.s. cities have taken a very different tactic with protesters by joining the. in coral gables florida and santa cruz california police during rallies the pose made famous by the footballer colin kaepernick in response to police brutality against black people in other states police held banners with statements against violence and racism while a sheriff in michigan told protest is we are with you before he and other officers join the march. ok chris you've got
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a voice that's in. person he represents cops are from all over the county and around the station we go up there to help people do that nonsense. word we're snowman right there were the words gentleman. you know. we want to be with you for real so i took my helmet off to lay the pretense down i want to make this a parade. so less of this town was. hot people so you tell us what you. 2 was.
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so let's just take you back live now to washington d.c. where a curfew is just about to stop but what's been happening is that what's been a fairly peaceful day and off the noon peaceful protest has now turned somewhat violent there been a couple of fires lit by by protest as in the area and also how close it is to the white house but. but the curfew will come into effect in about 20 minutes time so live pictures there again from washington d.c. of the unrest on the streets fires burning and it looks as if the protests could be getting violent in nature so we'll bring you more on that as we get it here at al-jazeera. now coronavirus rated restrictions in the company of the philippines are being lifted businesses like salons and barbershops will be allowed to reopen in manila philippine airlines is also planning to resume limited flights people are
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still being told to follow strict guidelines let's get the latest now from german unemployment in the capital manila jimena so some restrictions are about to be eased in the capital just talk us through what's supposed to happen well what we're seeing daryn here is a gradual easing of restrictions after the philippine government implemented one of the world's longest and strictest quarantines that was implemented over 2 months ago in the entire region of those on it means that end up more than 50000000 filipinos were under lockdown and over the past few weeks they've been gradually easing these restrictions recalibrating their plan as they go on long looking at the figures of fresh cases and then looking how to best respond but what we're seeing there and here is slow is increasing pressure from the economic sector because again you know for the last few months the government has been providing much needed aid and funds to those who have been locked up failed millions of
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filipinos who are unable to work because they're on their contractual set up with different companies so there is a need now to look at the economic factor the lifting of these restrictions today basically hopes to actually buffer the economic impact in the philippines here in downtown though we're been seeing less and less checkpoints there is still military and police a hybrid joint task force coordination but it's much less however in many many areas we're still seeing a lot of companies really unwilling to open up law firms private offices prefer him to work from home as much as possible looking at how things are going to develop for the next few weeks there india jamila you talk about the economy how much pressure has that been on the government to open up the economy because as we know many filipinos have suffered terribly during this pandemic. well definitely i mean from the very beginning there was always a question as to why it was so militarized the approach of the government you know
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there have been reports of violations in many different parts but this has involved the police basically in many of the checkpoints or have been reported human rights violations or been questions over illegal detentions and their arrests but again that is just one of the issues the main issue here is opening up the economy allowing more people to to to to work providing much needed. help to those who need it again at the end of the day what the government says is they are looking at how things will develop over the past over the next few weeks they may recalibrate they may be completely open up it really depends on how things go at this point according to the government the mystic flights remain closed off until june 8 and and schools will remain closed until hopefully according to the government until end of august at least drama learned. now mexico is planning to start reopening on monday 2 and a half months after it went into lockdown due to the corona virus pandemic but
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infections there are still on the run our team spent a day embedded with paramedics as they picked up 1000 patients in one of the worst hit areas on the outskirts of the capital john holeman has. this is how many dorian finished their shift racing down the highway on the outskirts of mexico city trying to find a hospital for their patient. is just the latest case in a hectic 2 months. 20 years of working as a paramedic i've never seen anything like this i thought the worst sightsee was the earthquake of 27000 this beats it. they work in this work with a packed mix crew city suburb code that has hit hard. many couldn't afford to stay home during the government decree. it's meant a lot of patience. and battling through it mourning his own loss just 3 weeks
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ago he came back to him when he recently transferred during patient. he was elderly and it reminded me of my grandfather because he died of covert i was looking at this man's last moments of life and i saw my granddad reflected there. now they were on their last case of the day jose luis a big chill delivery man only 39 years old because he doesn't. has the money. and then it's time to go the paramedics hope this capsule will protect them. it's a tight fit. and once in the ambulance it gets very hot patients can get close to phobic too and this could be a long ride. over that says 1st with the small.
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group that was a bit. though this big one of. those. now it's time to see if the hospital would take jose luis. beyond. the majority insert here it's a triumph an end to a hard shift i am but for jose luis his family is just the start they'll join those waiting outside for hours or days to see if he comes back out to john home now does it or there's a work order to. the locks a mosque in occupied east jerusalem has reopened it had been closed for 2 months to help contain covert 19 worshippers are being asked to wear face masks and bring their own premises are a force that reports. after more than 2 months of closure muslim worshippers are once again allowed inside the mosque compound not the where often
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is our life and it is the beat of our heart now we are breathing again. inside the gates hundreds prayed spaced apart in the courtyards. and inside the mosque itself. i was counting every minute to come back to pray i hope all muslims feel good and hope for luxor to stay safe. the preparations have been underway for days but despite a recent increase in cases of coded 19 reported by the israeli health ministry islamic walk that manages the site put no limits on numbers allowed in we have the personal hygiene as a tradition in our religion and its half of the bill. if we depend on the awareness and the commitment of the people and also the committees of the guards and the walking for cars to organize the people and protect them. also making preparations for a palestinian activist getting ready to hand out gifts to children but that's
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a lot that. i missed the friday prayers this prayer was holy for me and i ignore everything for it friday for me is the day i gave for i meet my friends and we discuss our plans and projects they have been concerns that the reopening could become a flashpoint after israeli security forces shot dead an unarmed palestinian man with special needs on saturday i had how luck was hiding in this refuse storage room when he was killed an investigation has begun as well as muslim worshippers hundreds of jews were also allowed to access the site known to them as the temple mount on the preexisting agreements several palestinians were arrested israeli police said someone chanting nationalist slogans for the most part though this return to something like normal that islam's 3rd holiest site has gone off remarkably smoothly the overwhelming of festivity and the quiet relief that this real heart of life inside the walls of the old city is now accessible again and to families in occupied east jerusalem the site is the closest thing to
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a city park as well as a place to pray it's a place to play mingle and relax available again after weeks of lockdown are equals that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem or jordan is the latest country to switch on a contact tracing up to help fight covert 19 the which means safety in arabic saves the users location data and alerts them if they've come in contact with anyone infected who is using the application jordan has reported 9 deaths and more than 700 infections india's government is extending its lockdown in what it designates as high risk areas until the end of june. another record daily increase reported on sunday almost 8000 new infections local authorities have been asked to identify potential containment zones where large numbers of infections are being reported but it's still planning to lift restrictions in other areas. of the international
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space station as well come the 1st arrivals aboard a privately built capsule. action is open to nasa astronauts in the space x. dragon have successfully docked after blasting off on saturday they've been met by 2 russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut who have been orbit on the space station since april. for derrick pitts is the chief astronomer for the franklin institute science museum in the u.s. he says the mission kicks off a new phase in space exploration. this truly is a historic a moment because this is another step toward opening access to low earth orbit in space and a much lower cost and this also will be the 1st steps towards the next big adventure in space exploration astronauts returning to the moon in just a couple of years and then building up the skill and the infrastructure for
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a potential human visit to mars one of the differences between the between nasa as a national space agency and space x. as an independent company is that space x. doesn't have the same time to put red tape bureaucratic red tape that down nasa has to deal with that and it also has the freedom to take on new and innovative approaches to accessing space you know nasa has an entire infrastructure built up based on the space agency ideas of the 20th century where space x. is built on ball most entirely in the 21st century and so with those new innovations and those new fresh ideas space x. can do it better cheaper and faster while maintaining the safety as well. time for the short break here on al-jazeera when we come back. a revival of a drive in movie proving to be
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a modern day cure for pandemic boredom or not stay with us. mass protests forcing the government's hand but are we seeing the picture. trying to understand we follow journalists on the front line this week to the free press committed to reporting the facts police officers pointing guns at journalist based on the hong kong frankton friction truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. as bombs continue to rain down on afghanistan civilians are paying the ultimate price they are completely forgotten and no $1.00 is listening to these people while those responsible operate with impunity this is about owning our mistakes says about things accountability in an unaccountable war as anyone from the us military
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been in touch with you since the night. lines investigates afghanistan civilian loss in the u.s. air war on a. welcome back now the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed how many people live and it's forcing a rethink about how cities and towns are built when he takes a look at how health priorities about governments thinking about changing urban design. as more people emerge from the coronavirus hibernation finding their communities a changing in many cities and towns around the world footpads of being widened to allow for more space between pedestrians or as it's known now social distancing
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more cycle lanes are being created so there's less reliance on public transport in new zealand so called technical urban ism the process of making quick interim low cost changes that over time become permanent was being trial before the pandemic now the government is investing in modifying city streets momentum has been built and certainly a lot of people we work with the local council around the country on their bare already thinking about this way of operating and working and so i think the current crop of mars kind of artists improvised some of the kind of effect of tolstoy has to offer next price you know it's happening all over the world including in the spanish capital madrid where some roads are being closed to vehicles to allow for cycling and pedestrians of on the one of them i'm still colliding with others but i think it's a great idea and they should keep it up on the buses and corona virus may change a lot more about the way we live and work if we are to adapt and learn from
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coronavirus in terms of the way we design our cities and lifestyles then it won't necessarily be a new thing over the centuries pandemics an outbreak. of lead to significant changes in infrastructure design and policy that ultimately created healthy yet safer environments now architects and urban planners are looking at what this pandemics legacy might be like cities with more open shared spaces making facilities like sports venues able to be quickly changed for another use designing healthy a buildings that rely less on a conditioning and more on natural ventilation and lights and posing the question to many of us really need to physically go to work at all therefore making urban centers less congested. and so. the concern is however that as the
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world recovers from the pandemic the epa tight for significant change in urban design docketed will fade governments are investing now but may not be so keen as the economic fallout from cova $1000.00 worsens and money is diverted elsewhere but those pushing for change say the cost of not preparing for the next outbreak would be too high wayne hay al-jazeera auckland's now going to watch a movie under the stars come back into fashion driving theaters are seeing a revival with cinemas close worldwide because of coronavirus restrictions to report. to longest capital colombo. on musical experiment under the open sky. sri lankan spotting hundreds of cars i do 1st other than concerts. due to our performance by the island's most popular young musicians was aimed at
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jumpstarting into to london just to be tarred by the crow navar has come to make a new york dolls and i'm trying to this is a good thing we must get up as a nation again and this is a good way to begin that process. and it's not just music here but i think that people in the nigeria activists are testing out such fun use to teach life shows so they're from just an idea the idea is born out of the fact that you know there must be a solution you know we cannot just accept that you know things will just be the way it does when the past 3 months or so for us is reassuring that there is school is the show must go on in 1000 are not covered 19. around the world open settings to cinema theatre are seen over $50.00 during the pandemic with most traditional entertainment settings still close for fear of infections clogging
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venues such as here in spain keeping families entertained from the safety of their cars. they don't pull donkey street often but when fed up in a place i would love it we're thankful because even though you're a bit locked inside at least you can open the window and get some fresh air at least you get to socialize a bit even if we're separated it's something. the world's 1st drive in movie theater was opened in the 19th don't easily jersey and spread across the united states as the auto industry boomed and more americans built a car. but the arrival the t.v. and living room spent a rapid decline the bronze cheaper option of going out for entertainment. now declines and making a comeback as an alternative to staying as well as a cure for boredom at best social distancing is guaranteed. to
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0. so let's take you back now to those live pictures from washington d.c. there they are police and protesters facing off near the white house we understand that tear gas was fired. and there were fires burning things seem to have quietened down for the time being so live pictures there coming from outside the white house with a curfew set to come into force in about 3 minutes. all right well that's it for me down in jordan for this news our my colleague richelle carey is up next with much much more of the day's news station to which i think. june on al-jazeera 3 years into the blog. cade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis i did say in part on life and part of people in power is back with more investigative documentaries and intent stories as the world battles the corona
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pandemic al-jazeera brings you the latest from around the world and you too caught investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or commodity trading for profits and how well the u.s. elections shaping up as the country battle scolded 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive this historic said. you announce his era. in uncertain isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise leave the looking at another side of this story not some of the information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact look it's reality has a lot exposing ticks triad manipulate their rhetoric and claims but they cannot manipulate the fire listening post your inside guy to the media on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. we watch that a great much we watch protests remain tense over the death and custody of an unarmed black man. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha with continuing coverage of the killing of george floyd hitting up in the capital protesters set fires outside the white house has curfews come into effect. plus he fired for using excessive force at.


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