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tv   Kosovo A Year Of Fear And Hope  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2020 6:32am-7:01am +03

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truck is also driven into protesters in minnesota the tanker was traveling along a closed highway near downtown minneapolis where demonstrations about the killing of george floyd began people in the crowd moved out of the way there are no reports of any injuries and that driver has been arrested there's also been criticism of the police response after a car was seen ramming into administrators in new york on saturday the patrol car was driven into protesters behind a barricade the city's mayor bill de blasio says an investigation will take place. the justice for george floyd campaign has gone global with people in london also showing their support for protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy some health signs we're getting at the u.k. is not innocent a rally or as organized by the local chapter of black lives matter or the headlines keep it here rewind is next. counting the cost credit freelander and. what is the world out china what does beijing get when countries come pay bank
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loans plus the man behind a $1.00 trillion dollar stock market crash was he a convenient scapegoat the british are. counting the cost on al-jazeera. hello welcome again to rewind i'm fully back to bill since al jazeera english launched more than a decade ago with built up an incredible library of award winning films here on rewind where revisiting some of the best of them and finding out what's happened
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since 10 years ago kosovo sandwiched between serbia and albania on the balkan peninsula declared itself independent and independence held the promise of a new beginning after a bloody war had ravaged the country at the end of the 1990 s. in the months following the emergence of this new nation al-jazeera correspondent bonamy phillips traveled to the village of barrack of all where ethnic said he and sowed fled during the war where returning to make a new life alongside their albanian neighbors from 2008 he is bonobo film about one villages attempt to forge an inclusive and peaceful future course of all a year of fear and hope. this is western kosovo and behind me you can see the village of but. it's just a small place but what makes it so unusual in kosovo is that in late 2007
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a handful of serb families who had run away during the war decided to come back here that makes but one of the very few communities in kosovo where ethnic albanians and ethnic serbs live side by side as neighbors we decided to follow 2 families in one albanian and one throughout this historic year in kosovo our idea was to see what the prospects of 2 communities living in peace in a land which has been divided for so long by hatred and war. as you can fell a party the night that made lease. on moved into courts of. the suppressed k.l.a. guerrillas fighting for independence for the majority albanian population.
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many albanians fled into neighboring countries a desperate exodus fueled by atrocities carried out by such troops. in march 91000 our nature began bobbing yugoslavia to stop the persecution of albanians. nato succeeded in forcing serb troops out but failed to protect civilians. now they suffered ethnic cleansing at the hands of albanians some 100000 fled from cost of the province which is regarded as their spiritual home slipped out of belgrade control. if. 9 years have passed it's february 2008 and salva batman is one of the serbs who's come back to rebuild his old life in the
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village of berk of for salva and his wife lupica a new start after years of demoralising exile in southern serbia. we only got here 2 months ago with a was in ruins and overgrown with weeds we have to start a life from 0 which is very difficult but so far we haven't had any problems without enables. for the time being. but solve those children could see no future in this ruined village and decided not to come back with him to kosovo. returning serbs are mainly old mainly men. they've just heard that cos of those ethnic albanian. will declare
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independence from serbia in the coming days as they war on what this means as bizarre as it is no matter how hard they're trying to take it away from us we are staying i haven't stolen anything from anyone this is mine and mine alone it's all i have. on the other side of the village and of course of those divine. is an ethnic albanian working the land a verdict of over 30 years a tough life because even afford to send his children to school but he believes independents will change everything for. the board. god willing it will be soon things will change for the better and we waited 100 years for this and. so how did he and his family feel
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about serbs coming back to the village. they've come back to their property lines that have done something wrong will not come back and they don't come back but the ones who have returned have done nothing wrong so i'm not going to harm them they will be in their homes and we will be in our homes so everything is normal. the declaration of independence by cost of us government was accompanied by an eruption of joy. in the capital at the sculpture spells out the word new born the ethnic albanian crowd saw this as the tryout the culmination of a long the bloody struggle against the serbs. it was still dark seeing the next day and saying thank you to the americans and europeans who had back their independence
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. celebrations took place across cos a band would give an illusion his family a camera so they could keep a video diary this year hear his children joy in the street dances in a small town. and back at home or. even lose his grandson was allowed to raise a glass to the new era. it's obvious that there's going to be better the president is good europe is going to help us america are going to help the countries that are with us are strong. we also lost family to keep a video diary. they saw no reason to celebrate on the day of independence but played cards at home hoping there would be no trouble in vain as it turned out was a was
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a reaction david belgrade not possible. was it was. a huge crowd protested the declaration of independence this. anger and humiliation whipped up by prime minister called students. soon often. hundreds attacked the american embassy. in cos of that celebrated american friendship here they vented their new you read towards the west which they believed would help steal their sacred cos about. back in but salvato and his brother. have bore down to earth and. planting crops for the 1st time since they came home they fill this important job with. north albi a right of
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a mechanized plowing machine a gift from foreign donors of the cost but government it should make farming easier but trouble is brewing again. this time in a nearby. west opposed to independence attacked u.n. and nato peacekeepers with grenades and dogs at the end of this chaotic day one soldier had died many dozens were injured. but the peacekeepers are reluctant to use force against the serbs call supposed future in the back. these are still happy day. off family film over the easter holiday. most ethnic albanians in kosovo. muslim. but here in weston costs of
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many a catholic like lucian his family. back in but lucian saw those seem to be getting on well it looks like it might end the beginning of a tentative friendship they speak together in serbia as speaker. over there. they're now part of this new venture intended to lift out of poverty i. just opened. up part time jobs here again the fault responded by the cost of government and foreign aid groups and the pig farm seems to be a catalyst bringing serbs and albanians together. of course this brings us closer we can communicate with them and they can communicate
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with us because we work together. weeks later in early may serbs elected a new governor. the nationalist prime minister. confronting the west over kosovo looking for another time. when the results came out in belgrade a surprising victory for pro western democrats led by president boris tadic which the democrats also reject the cost of an independence but getting serbia into the union is their priority. for the celebrations went on long into the night this result reduce tension across the board. sama in the village of. the ruins of houses destroyed in the.
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ugly reminders of what went wrong here not so long ago. but next to them new houses for the serbs who are trickling back. the cost of a government has helped build them it says it's committed to a multiethnic society where serbs are welcome. oh no no no but there is a growing serb community and. and in june salva and his family feel this ceremony they call this day spouse of marking the ascension of christ in the orthodox calendar. by tradition the serbs gather at the site of a ruined orthodox church just as they did before the. pick goes on all day. has plenty of drink and old folk songs of courtship and love a day that bonded them together and strengthened their feelings but but where they
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belong. in july news from belgrade resonated across europe the bosnian serb leader and war crimes suspect rather than carriage was courts after years in hiding this is how he disguised himself. there were protests against his arrest but they were contained maybe this was the final angry spasm of serbian nationalism. by the end of september the salvo has reason to be satisfied the 1st crop of peppers since the serbs returned is a good one. and he's been led to a car by a nearby serbian monastery giving him the freedom to drive across cos of 0 if he feels safe doing so. today he's going to the nearby town of cleanup where serbs
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have been attacked by albanians even since the war with a lot of problems so far we've had no problems whatsoever neither with people more with the police thing is not a money however what you have are most of our license plates which helps as far as i'm concerned with drive all the way to pristina if you want to. know where any possible. shopping in cleveland solve always treated politely by albanians but suburbs say they're worried about their safety of this town and they dare not go to bars. they're not. worth their. salvato film this delivery of 3 grain from the serbian government. it shows how belgrade tries to keep the loyalty of us who live in kosovo giving them aid the serbian government undermines cos of those independence. by big
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november it's called suppose albanians who are. of the very same prestigious streets where that celebrated 9 months before they reject a plan from the un secretary-general ban ki moon which will allow serbia to retain power over parts of course of a. but there's a deep frustration here that independence has not changed their lives in the way that that course of those government has let them down. there have been changes we are now independents with the constitution of we are making new laws to european standards donors have promised. neuros that's why people today are more optimistic and hopeful about the future certainly will be difficulties. but we will make progress. but like so many costs been albanians lucian his
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son did not yet see that progress. by the end of the year things are going badly at the peak farm donors have pulled out news doubts it can survive. back home he looks after his own life stopped and wonders how to find paid work optimism has turned so quickly to dissolution of. course. there's so much corruption you can't even imagine the top officials are taking everything for themselves opening up businesses like restaurants and petrol stations and we have been abandoned. and for the 1st time i sensed resentment from this family towards the serbs in the village itself scum of the. reverse. of woman for i can't blame the serbs they have
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nothing to do with this we mind our own business but the truth is that they have been held more than we have. they robbed hours they killed us they burned our homes and now they've come back and the authorities have built them new homes. they lived confortable in the past and now we are left helpless no one comes to help ourselves . not that the serbs of but are finding life easy many still depend on social security and help from their neighbors but there's also a determination to stay on and possible. i don't know if it means a lot to me it means that it's ours and nobody else's. my grandfather and my
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great grandfather were born here he has been ours for 200 years. but they can take that away just like that. this is the last bit of home videos sent to us it shows his neighbors gathered in his living room it's hard to know if there is a future for this community. and here's the last build we received from the family enjoyed that time together and one night at least begetting their frustration. at least here in the declaration of independence. and life carried on pretty much as before in fact perhaps what is most striking is how much in common. they both mistrust politicians in distant
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citizens both frustrated at slow economic development and corruption and perhaps above all a common desire to carry on living here peacefully on the land they consider their home. throughout the year and we saw that serbs and albanians avoided confrontation . but we also saw they live largely separate lines. with their own religions customs and language. to. one little village. to change but. that was a year. since independence back in 2008. tough for the young state with major players like russia china and crucially next door serbia refusing to
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recognize its independence but how have the villages of barrack of a fair 10 years on barnaby phillips braved the winter snow to go back and find out . this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book in the depths of a cold winter a return to a place which i got to know well in 2008 following an albanian families who are neighbors i've not been back since i've been treated know what's changed when i left this village 10 years ago the serb family were at the heads of about their future even physically worried about their safety the albanians well they hoped that cos of those independence would be the answer to all their problems that it would help make them which one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams many of the old serb houses still lie in ruins sad
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reminders of an ok. but when i visited sappho and his wife lubyanka i found them in good spirits more relaxed more comfortable feeling more permanent in their presence. causes further the. no no when the brits are called up so you. why islam is were there courts are more mature and then there were no money people or were programmers in the more you market doesn't appear to be the big number but that would not do so now. and yet this community is precarious several of the older people i met in 2008 have died very few young have retired and mr to sail to see called the removal of paul or if the 3 also wanted to.
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ride in the truck more to the woman a. bitch or more 2 for the $3000.00 good it's possible for it's simple this is how it. can only serve as a good to do or do not really. be on k.l. symbolism it can be learned though there was a look at it was a more general or your started looking over the notes that we are. more and more in the wood. and yet all is not well in back of the pick farming business that salva and his albanian neighbor lucia worked on together collapsed an albanian family moved into the property. what's keeping young serbs away from here is not fear as in the past but a lack of jobs and those economic frustrations i felt very strongly on the albanian side to. lucy was happy to see me
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but he's still a small time farmer still wishing he could afford a tractor still hoping for regular paid employment. through 3rd poor. for good because i got the guy who. was a dog owner. so. the music community the pool was supposed to look were. going to fall for mrs server 2 orthogonal to $53.00 source if. you go from 04 to because we're going to when we're going to do all those remote. lucian printers family has grown they have 10 grandchildren with the 11th on the way to of their daughters live in western europe they depend on their remittances like so many families in kosovo. printer describes relations with the serbs exactly as she did 10 years ago. and. the percentage.
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it's an immunity. which option. but it is. all they can. do not. the complaints i've heard here about corruption lack of jobs reflect what people across kosovo a feeling disappointment that independence has not transform people's lives. what i found is that in one sense the village of bourke over is working serbs and albanians live in peace but in other ways this village is not so exceptional after it could have been a model of cooperation for cos of a in fact the 2 communities lead parallel lives even as they share this land they live apart. well that's it for this week if you
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want to catch up with the rest of the films in the series you can find them on the rewind page on the al-jazeera website but for now until next time good bye thanks so much. bre want a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry i walked out on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from the till now or use distance when one continues with australia's lost generation of recovery from call on is a really important issue suicide rights do or mine very hard we're still twice the national average we want on al-jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines extraordinary times require extraordinary measures but these should not be at the expense of our privacy setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions are nodal life
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that was in these walls and now there is no live in the wall global experts in discussion in this democracy why are people not voting international filmmakers and the world class journalists. on al-jazeera. 1.3000000000 indians are in lockdown in the cove of 19 pandemic with millions unable to feed their families one no one east investigates the unfolding humanitarian crisis on al-jazeera. real men killed a mother and son on their way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms block water is soon long with the was of the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old inheritance to account trump tower 2016 how come you didn't mention the meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp but you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy or your charming head to head on
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a jersey or. save you money i really really all or not getting anywhere and you. think. we want to thank you very much as we watch the protests remained hands over the death of an unarmed black man in police custody. richelle carey this is our just your own life from doha with consume news coverage of the killing of george floyd including it is heating up in the capitol protesters have fire outside the white house has curfews come into effect. illegal and fired for using excessive.


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