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about for human life. to come clean to focus on the out here because i. think we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus and special coverage on. 2 officers fired for using excessive force on protesters during demonstrations against police brutality the u.s. and thousands of been back out largely peacefully in protest over the death of george floyd but still they were it's. a low income all santamaria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera several countries are reopening their schools and more of their economies but with
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strict rules to prevent a 2nd wave of corona virus infections. i'm wayne hay in oakland new zealand we will tell you why coronavirus may change the way our cities are designed. so people in cities across the u.s. have defied curfew again to continue their protests against police brutality in atlanta 2 police officers have been fired for using excessive force they surrounded the car arrested the 2 people inside but that was off to slashing the tires breaking a window and firing a taser rip reynolds has the story. police misconduct amid nationwide protests over police misconduct here police and riot gear surround a car with 2 young black people inside one slashes a tire. thanks so now they're smashes the driver's window
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through which. the young woman is taped and violently dragged out although she is not resisting. 7 the male driver is manhandled and also shocked with a taser even though he chewed doesn't appear to resist but put down put up to go for us on sunday after the police body cam video went viral 2 of the policemen were fire authorities identified them as ivory streeter and mark gardner writes this was atlanta georgia on saturday night for protesters calling for justice to the death in minneapolis of george floyd it could have been almost anywhere in the us atlanta mayor keesha lance bottoms said the officers actions were unacceptable
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sometime during the night i saw a very disturbing video of 2 young college students who were in downtown atlanta yesterday evening and it was disturbing on many levels. the least of not which was that the air clearly was an excessive use of force the 3 other officers were placed on desk duty and main face further disciplined lanas police chief apologized to how we behaved as an agency as individuals was unacceptable and i know that we. cause further fear. to you in a space that's already so fearful for so many african-americans and i'm genuinely sorry this is not who we are this is not where we were about another disturbing video from los angeles shows
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a police vehicle excel orating into protesters knocking 2 of them down it then reverse that high speed nearly striking other people no one was seriously injured rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles ok so now when you look at washington d.c. with mike hanna his report on the protests there and the moves to crackdown on a far left group. protesters once again gathered in the vicinity of the white house kept the distance away by layers of police and secret service officers . invoking the name of the man whose death has sparked these nationwide protests here are 5 the president chose to assign responsibility for the violence that broke out in the past 24 hours singling out the predominantly left wing anti fascist movement known as anti. the united states he tweeted will be designated as a terrorist organization the problem is that there is no u.s.
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law that would allow a group to be designated in this way and the american civil liberties union was quick to point out that any attempt to do so would raise concerns about the constitutional right to free speech. that a terrorist is an inherently political label that is easily abused and misused the attorney general subsequently clarified that the joint terrorism task force would investigate the violence focusing on whether any group including active was responsible. and washington's mayor called on the president to temper the tone of his tweets i think that the president has a role to play nationally in calming. the the iraqis that we see in cities across america and i think at the least he has to not incite violence and that's what we would expect presidential candidate joe
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biden visited a protest site wearing a mosque he talked to demonstrators and then released this tweet urging the need to listen and whether intentionally or not including a picture of himself taking a knee in the manner of athletes in recent years protesting police brutality there were some isolated incidents of unrest particularly in philadelphia where a building was set alight and arrests were made. as the demonstrations continued into the night there were once again outbreaks of violence in various cities. plains flickering a few blocks away from the white house in what police described as renewed vandalism. for the marring what had been a day of largely peaceful protests. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. and finally john hendren now with the latest from the epicenter of the protest
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movement in minneapolis. this all began with a peaceful protest as hundreds of protesters filled highway 35 here in the middle of minneapolis then lines of police form and they chased the protesters off and now they've marked a line across here what we don't know is whether they will continue to push forward when they do they fire that tear gas and those rubber bullets and send protesters running. but. these are been aggressive measures and they're trying to clear the streets it was successful one night earlier in the police are hoping that you would again tonight that we're all here because we witnessed something truly disgusting happening was and i'm sure you're fighting for justice and when i go home it's really sad to watch the news then i cry and i get really upset about everything that's going on right now in the world this is are being burned down they have assurances so really doesn't mean that the libyan
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burned down to make a point they're going attention of the big corporations will hang out with these people who make laws all hang out with these judges and these people make this stuff happen to fall down a guy gets attention we mess up is up. we austin up together not just black people there's not just a black lies matter to this standoff between demonstrators and police continues here in minneapolis in houston the mayor says the memorial services for george floyd will be held there where he was raised meanwhile now that one officer has been arrested and charged with murder demonstrators in the street say they will stay here in the streets until all 4 of the officers involved in the arrest of george floyd are arrested and charged with murder. the folds of gerald malloy who's a democratic state senator in south carolina his hope is that these protests will actually lead to some real change. well i think that what's happening i think that the people there are pros test testing is generational issues that have been
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happening in that they believe as relates to people of color and they think that there is disparities in the treatment of many individuals and so it has sparked outrage the folks that are really trying to protest really the initially there's a lot of innocent protest folks are doing it because they want to make certain that they can pay attention to the injustices they're being present within there's a very very small percentage of those individuals that are that are taking it and making it get out of hand and so this is a another day here in america that we really not necessarily proud of what we have a person of color that was my words murdered. in minneapolis and in what has happened now is that people of yes we can go out for injustice to some other news and china has hit back at the u.s. over its decision to end preferential treatment for hong kong because of beijing's
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new security law beijing says any attempts by the americans to harm chinese interests will be met with firm countermeasures hong kong has until now enjoyed special trade and trade travel privileges with the u.s. not which the u.s. has not given to the mainland choose their president on a trump announced he would end that permission ship so let's check in with katrina a year in beijing for more on this one firm counter-measures from china katrina any thoughts on what that might be. well so far we don't have any details but chinese foreign ministry spokesperson jen said that china would hit back if the trump administration followed through on its threats he also used some of the strong language that we've come become accustomed to hearing from china's foreign ministry these past few months when it comes to the u.s. he said that the u.s. should be reminded that hong kong is part of china and that beijing had the right to make what he called improvements to defective national security legislation in
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hong kong he also said that any intervention from the u.s. would be a violation of international law and international principles when it comes to diplomacy and he said that this would any changes to the trading status with hong kong would also undermine the bilateral relationship the wider relationship between china and the u.s. potentially the trading relationship and any trade negotiations between the 2 between china and the u.s. he said that this would also harm u.s. companies doing business with china and in hong kong now the trumpet mr asian has also made other threats not just do with trade it's also for him to curb chinese student visas when it comes to studying in areas which the u.s. considers sensitive to security now john legend said that during this would amount to what he called racial discrimination and he also said that it would be political prosecution he also made a job at the u.s. decision to withdraw from the world health organization saying that this was just another example of the u.s.
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pursuing unilateral ism and what he called an addiction to quitting from the u.s. now so no details nothing for we suspect that beijing is really waiting to see what the trumpet mistrusting comes up with before making their own plans to hit back but surprisingly the financial markets in hong kong and china were broadly up in fact in in hong kong the hang seng saw the biggest gain that it's seen in about 3 months and this is because analysts say that they didn't hear any of any sanctions or any trade barriers that would. put forward by the u.s. so investors here certainly seem to be quite optimistic of the now that when it comes to any response to national security legislation for hong kong that the trump administration pocket is louder than its bite ok thank you katrina you're in beijing. the news ahead india eases more of its knock down restrictions even as the covert 19 heads rinds.
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how we got the issue scattered showers across much of southeast asia we've seen some very heavy rain recently had to see some very heavy rain it's you saw in parts of thailand as well 100 millimeters of rain here in the past 24 hours in the state pretty disturbed around the gulf of thailand much of tata seeing some showers quite widespread showers there across india china the way a few showers there into the philippines but not too bad plenty of sunshine well so shabby right there continuing just around borneo pushing back into the way seem still seeing some unusually wet weather i would say coming in across java further south what is generally droit across a good part of australia but we've seen some cooler and rather wintry weather sweeping through that southeastern corner recently this cold front introducing
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a fair bit of snow actually over the high ground that will continue to trundle its way further east was as we go on through the week say cheese day still a few shows there just making their way just around that eastern side of new south wales only 17 celsius in sydney kilda still in melbourne and around 15 celsius blustery showers will rattle their way across a good part of tasmania further west it stays largely funded by perth at around 22 celsius we got some wetter weather much needed rain pushing to new zealand. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound
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energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. top stories this hour on al-jazeera 2 police officers in the u.s. city of atlanta have been fired for using excessive force. but. today that was during protests over the death of george floyd police surrounded a car slashed its tires and then used to taser on 2 people inside before dragging them to the ground and handcuffed. people in cities across the u.s. have defied curfews to continue protests against police brutality for
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a 6th night donald trump has blamed the far left group known as an t for full of violence some of the purchase and china's hit back at the u.s. over its decision to end preferential treatment for hong kong because of beijing's proposed security law china says any attempts by america to harm chinese interests will be met with firm countermeasures. developing story out of iran teheran says it expects the release of an iranian scientist from a u.s. immigration jail within days. has been pleading for his release after 4 wakes after contracting corona virus in detention more on this one same as arriving in tehran bring us up to date. well kemal just as anything regarding the united states in iran this is a very complex story nothing simple of course the reason this is significant now is because the foreign ministry has said once again that this iranian professor the scientist and the material sciences professor will be released in coming days they
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said something similar last month in the 1st week of may now mr scary was working at a university in the united states he was arrested on charges of visa fraud wire fraud as well as stealing trade secrets last month earlier last month he was acquitted of those charges in a federal court in the district of ohio and he was said to be released shortly there after but in custody of the customs and immigration department in the united states the contract it took in 1000 which may have been one of the reasons for this delay but american officials at that time also said that iran was delaying his repatriation back to his home country in a the u.s. deputy secretary of homeland security kenneth cuccinelli was quoted as saying that we have 11 citizens 11 iranian citizens here in custody we've been trying to send back to iran but iran is causing delays iran's government should charter a plane so we can send them back so there is this hanging there is this back and
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forth that continues to go on there are believed to be 20 or so iranians in u.s. custody in iran there are least 5 american citizens including a former navy veteran mark white who was arrested in july $29000.00 for supposedly coming to iran to visit someone a woman who with whom he seemed to be in a romantic relationship with and there seems to be some talk of a possible swap of people going on before the release of this professor but the iranian government continues to say this that we have not heard that that is the case from the u.s. side from the u.s. side it seems to be more functional it seems to be a matter of course happening with the release of this professor what did the iranians offer in return and then you talked about what's going on but is there more on the table so dales. well that is that is really the 1000000 dollar question here when it comes to iran in the united states any sort of negotiation that happens usually happens behind closed doors but we've seen this policy of
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trying to use people trying to use people in custody in iran as bargaining chips this is a very common tactic that iran has employed in the past of course the 1980 u.s. hostage crisis that culminated in the release of prisoners iran got funds released iran got a lot of political current collateral as well so it often yields all kinds of political and material concessions for iran it also shows iran to be a major player a big country a strong country design an opportunity for iran to project power similarly in 2016 when least 10 navy american navy personnel were taken off the shore off the coast of iran and held in custody they were released which was an opportunity for iran to project power and gain some political collateral in 2009 if 3 american hikers were also detained in iranian custody for 2 years and they were released when oh mon intervened diplomatically and many see that situation between 20092011 when with
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the help of diplomats to negotiate the release they see that as a precursor to the talks in 2015 that helped iran score the nuclear deal which was then of course the united states pulled out of it in 2018 i think you started by saying things are always complicated with the u.s. and iran to thank you for taking us through all of that same. istanbul's famous markets the grand bazaar has reopened othar its longest closure in more than 550 years it was shut down and munch as part of measures to contain coronavirus which has killed more than 4300 people in turkey 115-0000 people visit the market every day and 42000000 visits his record of the last year. officials in india are allowing some citizens to resume work and other activities after being under lockdown for more than 2 months public transport will gradually be restored this week that high risk zones will stay under lockdown until the end of june india reported its highest single day jump in cases on monday and more than 5000 people
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have dived. some children in england though are returning to school students have been kept away from classes for 10 weeks but there is intense debate about whether it's all happening to student paul brennan reports the support of the teaching staff and the parents have been tremendous. at this bilingual independent school in north london the challenge of getting ready to reopen this week has been enormous carpets and rugs have had to be removed the book trays and toys have been covered with plastic sheets even the whiteboard pens are separated into sterile non-sterile containers we don't want them to access many areas off this because it will mean that at night we will have to this in fact everything everything but after 10 weeks away here at least the head is keen to get going again honestly the past months we've seen some this stress among the children during our session our lying on the
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sessions they're really missing a child they're really missing some kind of normal school life and it's now time to to come back and to resume our daily life as much as we can children returning to school come back to a very different environment to the classes that they left desks are socially distanced there are face masks and there are much smaller class sizes than before amidst all of this an ongoing debate as to whether children should be going back to school at all given the fact that test and trace is not fully operational yet in several other european countries schools have reopened and the u.k. government is keen to follow because the education of our children is crucial for their welfare their health. for their long term future and for social justice but schools in scotland and northern ireland won't reopen until august and around
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20 local authorities across england have also told their primary schools to stay closed the main teaching union which represents 450000 members once reopening perspire and for at least another 2 weeks and 3 members of the government's own scientific advisory group have also expressed concern that it's just too soon however what some see as a gamble others see as a leap of faith we have to trust them they've been brilliant before the lockdown when the pandemic was already there so it was incredibly alright paul brennan al jazeera north london of course the pandemics changed the way we live but it's also forcing a rethink about the future and how cities and towns will be built when hey that's that from new zealand. as more people emerge from the coronavirus hibernation they're finding their communities a changing in many cities and towns around the world footpads are being widened to allow for more space between pedestrians or as it's known now social distancing
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more cycle lanes are being created so there's less reliance on public transport in new zealand so called technical urbanism the process of making quick interim low cost changes that over time become permanent was being trial before the pandemic now the government is investing in modifying city streets momentum has been built and certainly a lot of people we work with the local council around the country on their bar already thinking about the why of operating on working and cycling across a crown of ours kind of artists in personalized some of the kind of effect of tolls labor has to offer next price you know it's happening all over the world including in the spanish capital madrid with some roads being closed to vehicles to allow for cycling and pedestrians modes of on the one of him i'm still colliding with others but i think it's a great idea and they should keep it up on that and corona virus may change a lot more about the way we live and work if we are to adapt and learn from
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coronavirus in terms of the way we design our cities and lifestyles then it won't necessarily be a new thing over the centuries pandemics and outbreaks have led to significant changes in infrastructure design and policy that ultimately created healthier safer environments now architects in urban planners are looking at what this pandemics legacy might be like cities with more open shared spaces making facilities like sports venues able to be quickly changed for another use designing healthy of buildings that rely less on a conditioning and more on natural ventilation and lights and posing the question to many of us really need to physically go to work at all therefore making urban centers less congested. and. the concern is however that as the
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world recovers from the pandemic the appetite for significant change in the design and docketed will fade governments are investing now but may not be so keen as the economic fallout from covert 19 worsens and money is diverted elsewhere but those pushing to change say the cost of not preparing for the next outbreak would be too high wayne hey al jazeera auckland's on a return to our top story of course the us protests against police brutality and in some cities offices of even joined the protesters as california where they knelt in a pose made famous by the american football player coming cap'n it remember he performed the silent protest during n.f.l. games in other states police held banners with statements against violence in racism well of course this all started in minneapolis the protests and of course the event which led to it. the killing of george ford and we've got a great with us now from minneapolis from n.b.c.
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news very early morning with a 430 so thank you for being with us tell us what the night's been like there. hey you come all and really for the 1st time since george floyd's death which was exactly a week ago today there was a sense of calm across this community something so many have been looking toward and last night it seemed to be a pretty good night and here now pockets of this city remain boarded up others are burned out as you can see behind us here and while the protesters say they're going to continue their peaceful marches what we saw last night was that no real violence no fires for the 1st time since floyds death here and dozens of people arrested but they were arrested for violating the curfew is something that many said they wanted to happen they wanted to make a social message not only to this community but to the world that they're not going
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to stop until they see what they describe as justice while things seem to be easing here it's not the same across the country as you describe really come all from los angeles to new york 40 communities with curfews right now the national guard called in in several areas as well to try and help keep the peace but we did see buyers we saw damage to property we saw looting in many areas and as things ease here as we were talking about it seems like the outrage and the intensity is really growing across the country right now tell me about the sort of flow of these protests because something i notice in minneapolis in so many cities is that it talks we talk about peaceful protests during the day largely peaceful process but then is it just the sheer numbers of people that calls things to ramp up that brings the tension up and that brings violence that we see.
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i think there are a couple of factors and you make some great points there come all but yeah and we see this not only through the duration of what's been going on here for a week but in other protest in other incidents across the country you have your protesters during the day most from the area who come out in our peacefully trying to make their point to officials and others of across the country and then with nightfall you get a different element involved and add to that the idea that the country is still dealing with cope with 19 and so many people who are in masks and then you can't really tell who's here to simply protest and who's here to cause problems and that's where you have the issue where there are opportunists officials have called them here and in other cities seeing the anger seeing the frustration and seizing on that to really cause major destruction and areas like this are burned out for blocks it's something that they're taking advantage of according not only to the
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officials but those peaceful protesters who are frustrated that their message may be getting lost in all of the violence here jake raise with n.b.c. news in minneapolis thanks for that. half past the hour on al-jazeera these are the headlines people in cities as we've been saying across the united states have defied curfews again to continue their protests against police brutality in atlanta so police officers have been fired for using excessive force police surrounded one car slashed its tires and then tasered the 2 people inside that was before dragging them to the ground and handcuffing them. i think is law enforcement if we are ever going to get. out of this base that we are in today we have to recognize that our behaviors cannot
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consistently be pardoned because we are law enforcement these these are good guys i know them as individuals i've worked with one for over 20 years but they made that level of mistake that cannot be rolled back this is washington d.c. where demonstrators set fires near to the white house president donald trump has blamed the left wing group known as and tea for for the outbreak of violence at some protests police in some u.s. states though joined the protesters this is california with a melts during rallies opposed made famous by the american football play calling captain it in response to police brutality against black people in other states police held banners with statements against violence and racism. some other headlines china has hit back at the u.s. over its decision to end preferential treatment for hong kong because of beijing's proposed security law china says any attempt by the u.s.
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to harm american interests will be met with firm counter-measures didn't give any more details on what those might be. more protests in hong kong calling for independence from china and with many fearing beijing is trying to end the territories autonomy. boles famous market the grand bazaar is reopened after its longest closure in more than 550 years shut down in march as part of measures to contain coronavirus which has killed more than $4300.00 people in turkey 150000 visit the market every day and 42000000 visitors recorded last year and finally india has begun lifting restrictions more than 2 months of a lockdown high risk zones though will stay shut until the end of june. you will have your news are in around 25 minutes time the latest edition of witness is next . the world.
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