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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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and finally creaked on local ecosystems by invasive species. who are supposed to say the decline and be slow even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. these are acts of domestic terror. president donald trump threatens to deploy the military of state governors can't stamp out the violence nationwide protests and it has been yet another night of demonstrations in u.s. city's times turning violent against police brutality.
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santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera we're also tracking the iranian scientist who was jailed in the u.s. since 2017 he is now on his way home and also how mounting medical waste in bangladesh made worse by the pandemic is creating another threat to people's health . president on the drums threatening to deploy the army of state governors don't end the violence during some parts some protests over the death of george floyd remember he died in police custody in minneapolis a week ago now in washington d.c. police forcibly cleared a peaceful protesters near the white house so that donald trump could visit a church mike hanna has the full story. a peaceful protest outside the white house is dispersed forcibly by. tear gas rubber coated steel bullets sense down
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grenades are used to force the demonstrators further away a few minutes later the reason becomes clear in a display of pure political theater the president and former reality star walks out of the white house across pennsylvania avenue and through lafayette park which had been surrounded by protesters during the day he arrived at the sin john's episcopal church which had been damaged in overnight and wrist holding a bible the president tells reporters we have a great country he did not enter the church to inspect the internal damage but instead beckon to some of those who walked with him to join him in front of the cameras. i imposed a curfew at 7 pm tweeted the district's mayor a full 25 minutes before the curfew and without provocation federal police used munitions on peaceful protesters outside the white house an act that will make the job of the d.c. police department offices more difficult shameful the timing and sequence of events
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points to one possible interpretation that a peaceful protest was disrupted to allow the president of the united states a photo opportunity a short while the president spoke in the rose garden even as in an extraordinary moment the protesters outside with being dispersed and he essentially threatened to invoke martial law if the city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents then i will deploy the united states military and quickly solve the problem for them my this is entering controversial territory in terms of the insurrection act the president can deploy troops domestically but only in a support role and only at the request of state governors or legislatures he really does not have the right to implemented in the states which is what he was saying to
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me not all 50 states have anything going on and it's got the governor still would happen say somewhere that. the district of columbia has no governor and the president is legally allowed to unilaterally deploy military forces in the area which he has already done in unprecedented scenes military police are deployed alongside law enforcement officers in the capital of the united states. as a 7 pm curfew passed in the evening the crackdown on protests continued lines of police said dancing ominously on those defying the curfew then the arrests began at parity in accordance with the instructions from the white house a few remaining protesters walking past the lincoln memorial for a mind of a better and possibly kind it time mike hanna washington. now a black business owner has been shot and killed by police in kentucky in the early hours of monday morning david mcafee was shot when officers moved in to disperse
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protesters during a curfew louisville police say they were fired at 1st but the chief has now been fired and 2 officers put on administrative leave with folks right now giving voice to not trusting law enforcement one of the most important things we can do to build that trust is to make sure that we are fully transparent right now about it and if it bears out. that actions were taken wrongly i guarantee you will act and will act strongly. more protests have been held in new york city with some turning violent many shop windows were smashed and lucid and police moved in to make arrests there was a curfew imposed for 11 pm and now an even stricter go home order will be in place on tuesday gabriel alexander with more from brooklyn new york. this is the scene after night has fallen here in brooklyn we're outside of the barclays center which
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is a basketball arena and this has been a flashpoint for some of the protest over the last few nights here in new york right now this is a very peaceful protest by candlelight vigil and mostly young people that are home gathered here right before the curfew is about to go into place and they are supporting each other they're calling for justice they're holding up signs listening to somebody speak and this is a very peaceful but you have powerful message that they're trying to send a message that they want justice that we're doing this because not only are we not christ physically we are oppressed and we are pressing the people police officers our press their minds are poisoned to believe that they have a purpose when they see a. system oppresses all of us black white brown and everything in between we are here to free the minds of everyone so that they understand him in liberated enough
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to take a spin for themselves so that we can all live a life that's free. there have certainly been images of rioting and looting in new york city but it's also important to see the vast majority of the protests have been exactly like this peaceful young people mostly coming together to protest for their rights and a protest for justice and and really you're getting a sense of a sense of outrage and many telling us that they will stay on the streets as long as it takes. we've spoken to protesters in other cities to hear some of what they've told us. i cannot just sit in my room continue my studies continue to work as if nothing is wrong this is something that is affecting every single black person in the united states and it is the duty of non-black allies like myself to come out here to put our bodies out to show that this is not acceptable it never
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was and so we're here today to really demand that there are investigations into the data the murders of george floyd but also that police brutality is addressed specifically here in los angeles. people need to come out here and like give positive energy give off positive positive positive a push in the right direction against like how do i say this against all i'm against the fact that everyone matters everybody has a place in this world. as you can see the energy is natural. i want i want a president trying to make better decisions for everybody on his word on this planet matters everybody on this planet has a place everybody has everybody has power and we need to unite all the protests and indeed the coronavirus pandemic a happening during an election year in the u.s. let's not forget donald trump all but certain to take on former vice president joe biden who's almost certain to become the democratic nominee still the primary
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election process goes on 4 states will be voting for their preferred candidate on tuesday christine salumi reports from one of the most important states and silver. joe d'ambrosio has been cutting hair and bethlehem pennsylvania for 47 years barber shops are closed now due to the coronavirus pandemic and joe thinks that's prudent given his age he's got enough savings to ride it out a bit longer in course of one week i lost my best and oldest friends you see so it's real real to me he's seen a lot of change in bethlehem over the last 4 years the local steel plant that once employed 35000 people is still mostly empty but many of its former union workers lean republican instead of democrat they lined the streets to greet president trump recently when he visited a local manufacturing plant a rare trip out of the nation's capital when much of the country was still on lockdown pennsylvania is one of 4 states that president trump won by less than
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a percent in 2016 older blue collar workers like the ones that used to work here in the steel industry were crucial to his victory and they could make a difference again in 2020 national polls show that among senior citizens like these former steelworkers joe biden is more popular than trump i hear more and more people in the trustworthy that are just not trustworthy the state has one of the oldest populations in the country but polls have been wrong here before widebodies that are republicans. they all told me to same thing or not vote for him again. well you know that's a very heartening but. we all thought that hillary was a hue and the last time around the president hasn't seen the country rally behind him as usually happens during a time of crisis or attack but his base remains committed we saw it during his
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a visit to the lehigh valley recently with crowds out on the highways welcoming him he has a core in that corps gone nowhere over the last few years the question is has he built on that at all is there milder roget in among groups like seniors joe voted for him in 2016 and plans to again well i think he's the strongest guy he knows how to deal and he knows he built the economy. he not afraid of china leaving the state closely divided between those who think the president is best suited to lead an economic recovery and those who blame his handling of the crisis for it in the 1st place christian salumi al jazeera bethlehem pennsylvania in the news ahead shock at petrol stations in venezuela why drivers are now paying more for their fuel and will examine how journalists become a target for both police and some protesters.
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have no they've had some very nice weather across much of western europe for several days now you can see there on the satellite things are actually set to change some transmitting in across northern sections of u.k. worked its way across to all scandinavia and still very unsettled across eastern areas as well but look at this in very nice sunny skies in through much of switzerland people out about on the lake and the many people to be seen here but even so very nice again 3 will southern areas of england to say things also to change their travel begin to push down from the north right shoes day the rain coming in late in the day across areas of scotland pushing across to all scandinavia quite a bit of cat as well generally across these western areas but how much is an offering to party still very unsettled eastern areas the rain will stay in the full cost wednesday and that is when we'll see the cloud with the rain and some very brisk winds work its way across much of the u.k.
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but also becoming very heavy across will central and southern areas of france and down across into spain and portugal look out across the mediterranean although a little bit cooler in athens with a high the over 22 that's how much is haven't been too bad across northern africa and also as high as we have seen you can see that also as we've seen a few thunderstorms working their way through algeria and tunisia but it's a fairly quiet day on tuesday damages in the mid twenty's and by wednesday against all plenty. sunshine with a high of 26 to. join our global community they called it crisis is just slapped isn't the place that blessing upon my sin upon my master's human hands equals global health keeping you up to date is watch out for situation where we have a human rights crisis that persists beyond help crisis your questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching a crossroads this is an opportunity that we must block miss the stream on
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al-jazeera. ergot. the. but top stories this hour on al-jazeera president donald trump is threatening to deploy the army of state governors don't end the violence during some protests over the death of george floyd trump says it is his duty to uphold the law and order protests have continued for a 7th day and night in the u.s. these police forcibly cleared peaceful crowds at the white house and donald trump worked with church. and police have been called in to break up a protest in louisville kentucky a black business owner was shot and killed by police there in the early hours of
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monday morning. an update on hong kong now where the turf is laid a car alarm has defended beijing's plans to impose a national security go on the city lamb says any country that imposes sanctions or makes moves to affect trade would damage their own interests she criticized what she referred to was foreign governments double standards or national security and highlighted the u.s. as an example the able finally guarding for. foreign governments have been responding in a high profile manner some have threatened certain actions and i can only say that they are adopting double standards they take their own country's national security very seriously but for the security of our country especially the situation in hong kong they are looking at it through tinted glasses he had almost. what we have recently seen this kind of double standard most clearly with the riots in the united states. iran's foreign minister says an iranian scientist imprisoned in the
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u.s. is on his way home. he pleaded for his release after he contract a covert 19 he'd been accused of stealing state secrets while on an academic trip to the u.s. in $26.00 states was actually acquitted last month but was transferred to immigration custody because his visa had expired will speak to mostafa question about this and iran affairs analyst on skype from tehran thank you for your time 1st of all there has been some suggestion conjecture out there that this may be if not now but in the future something of a prison a swap do you think there is any swap on the cards or is this a case of someone who was acquitted and is finally heading home hello thanks for having well. as a mother of. yours some might say and suggest that after iran. but there's an american. problem. due
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to. this has been a deal but i'm still a little probability that because. iran has said 350000 more emanates for her in a virus conditions or it's given them all holos. but the point here is that mr ask areas case seems to be a little bit different from the prisoner swap deals that went through in the last few years within iran and the united states because he was he went to a trial and he was exonerated of all charges actually by the united states and he was sent to at the camp it was then that we hear iranian saying that they are really warty that about these conditions into the corporation camp. because of the krona virus outbreak in the united states so he was already set free i mean
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exonerated actually from all charges if he was convicted and was pardoned by the u.s. department or if his trial it was a stop and if he had not gone on trial then we could see a deal probably going through but he's case which is very important to or stew iran because he was a sheriff universe a technology professor. seems to be a normal case that he has been exonerated of all charges so we should go to interrupt mustafa so we should view it. in more isolation than anything else because when you always look at the bigger picture with the u.s. and iran it's always very complicated and as a previous guest said to me not long ago they almost on the brink of war. yeah situation is you know a little bit complicated in iran and the united states especially when you have donald trump in office iran has been demanding the release of all its prisoners in
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the united states especially because of the current operate. american officials have given the offer cultural there they do not mean to release the reigning in prisoners they want the prisoner swap deals to be part of a larger agreement through negotiations and off course with the pump a.o. and doll trump said preconditions making it impossible for iran think of any kind of negotiations with the united states so basically he's a small the move probably could be escalate this situation a little bit but not much as far as we have donald trump in all innocence ok let's not focus attention joining us from tehran thank you for your time differentiated thank you thank you very much oil rich venezuela has just introduced a new fuel pricing system that ends decades of highly subsidized petrol prices. the
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government is now selling gasoline imported from iran actually the changes made to long lines and confusion at petrol stations with many questioning the rising prices in a country which does have the world's largest oil reserves a latin america editor to see newman explains. in venezuela the story of raising petrol prices has been a kin to the fable of the little boy who cried wolf and just like the little boy in the story that government had been vowing to raise prices at the pump for so long that many couldn't believe it when this week it actually happened. half a dollar per liter only had $3.00 which was 6 liters of petrol according to the new rate but it's still bad and very poorly organized because we're in a super oil rich country. for most venezuelans it's a shock petrol has always been cheap but in the last few years it became virtually free with hyperinflation running at nearly 2000000 percent there were no bills or
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coins small enough to pay for a full tank now they have to pay at international prices just slightly less than in the united states. we should have a minimum salary like people in the us like in colombia the minimum wage in columbia's fast superior to ours which is $4.00 you can charge a national prices but such a low income but while raising fuel prices after more than 2 decades is a sensitive issue continuing to give it away was unsustainable with a near collapse of vitrified the opec member had been suffering acute petrol shortages now thanks to shipments from iran petrol is flowing again. there is the 1st time i've come to fill up and i really didn't have to wait in line as long as i'm used to doing here i just put in 4 liters 2 dollars and it was actually fast. though still long the lines are very different from the time when people used to have to line up for 3 days to fill up. many are paying in dollars because cash
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in believin is the local currency is a scarce as petrol used to be and the debit card machines don't often work. public transport will continue to be completely subsidized by the government despite threats from the united states iran says it will continue sending venezuelan supplies if it requests it. and venezuelans will have to pay for it and a premium something that's never happened before and yet comes at a time when people have never had so little to see in human al-jazeera. argentina has once again extended its deadline to restructure a $65000000000.00 debt the government says it hopes to reach a deal with creditors by june 12th a currency plunge session led to unsustainable bonds that could further damage its economy argentina is already in default after having missed an interest payment extension last month but despite being the new epicenter of the global pandemic
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some latin american countries including mexico and colombia are starting to reopen their economies in chile the number of corona virus infections is rising steadily cases there are past the 100000 mark it's also seen its highest number of infections and deaths in a single day with the health minister warning things are going to get worse what health organization says it wants to keep working with the united states as comments from its director general come days after president formally terminator the relationship trumpets accuse the organization of being too close to china the world has a long benefited from the strong gauge mint with the government and the people of the united states the u.s. government and its people its contribution and generosity towards global over many decades has been immense and it has made a great difference in public health all around the. it is w.h.s.
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wish for this collaboration to continue and the w.h.o. says claims that covert 19 appears to be losing its potency must be taken with extreme caution on sunday a leading italian doctor said new infections in the country appeared to be much less lethal alberto's and rio is the head of a hospital in milan where italy has borne the brunt of its upgrade he says newly infected patients are far weaker symptoms his comments cause division across asia they were the virus has killed more than $33000.00 people the 3rd highest death toll in the world backs in trials on animals are underway worldwide as scientists work towards finding a treatment for corona virus it's been discovered that ferrets develop a fever they cough and sneeze which means they were able to transmit the virus from one animal to another trials are ongoing involving mice and monkeys as well. bangladesh was struggling with medical waste problems before the current virus and
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but now it's facing what's been described as a sudden onslaught of single use plastic around 250 tons of many medical waste was generated by hospitals in just recent weeks and the reports that is threatening public health. for this workers heading into a garbage people in the bangladeshi capital danger lark's everywhere there are tons of hazardous medical waste here but most private waste collectors and government sanitation workers don't have any cute men to protect them from kobita 19 should be full islam is well aware of possible contamination and fears for his safety. in the streets you'll find large numbers of months in hand gloves people destroy them in the streets off to using them it sounds to have to clean these up without any protection no safety. more than 3000 tons of cocaine 1000 related waste was prettiest last month in dhaka alone 4 people that are more boarded up than medical
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waste from the hospitals as you walk down the streets in the city you'll find your covered mass graves and other items and there's my post serious health risks for the sanitation workers and the general public. during the lockdown the syndication workforce is reduced by nearly half the only medical waste management organization in the country is finding it hard to cope with the crisis but. the main concern is people who are using these personal protective items throwing them in the streets the government has to come up with a covert waste management strategy for. disposal after medical waste is a fast growing problem in bangladesh we need to come in and. need to enforce the current government minister. meant he. meant ministry.
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to get our. people to guide my management. experts say more resources and public awareness that are gently needed to ensure discarded medical waste doesn't make the current a vital spend to make course. dhaka. we return now to the protests in the united states and the journalists covering them has come under attack from police officers even after identifying themselves remember that is a violation of the us 1st amendment that protects the press charleville us has more . this was saturday in minneapolis voices journalists were filling protesters just after a curfew came into effect what would have been the bomb according to the crew was shot by the bullets despite wearing press passes a vase marked with priests and holding a t.v. camera they sustained injuries to the oms neck and face
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a day earlier in minneapolis as seen in reports i was handcuffed while pru costing lives. ok do you all i am under arrest or. why why am i under arrest his crew was also all rested and there was this from an l.a. times reporter i had my notebook in my hand when the minnesota state patrol was advancing on protesters and us we identified ourselves as press and they fired tear gas canisters honest point blank range. but these social journalists didn't stop minneapolis as protest sprayed so did incidents of police assaults and detentions from oakland. to outside the white house where a b.b.c. cameraman was pitch perfect. the reporters committee for freedom of the preschool the targeting of journalists ripper hence a bow and clear violations of the 1st amendment journalists are the eyes and ears
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built into the us constitution that the journalist would be a checks and balance on not only government but institutions the government as well including the police price price. un special repertory. us police actions towards protesters and the media involved possible violations of international law by impress reason. there is a bit of impunity that journalists are impeding the police's ability to do their job not understanding that the press has an important role as evidenced here in louisville kentucky time there are you ok. ok katie are you ok that's really good take ok it's just pebble it's the 1st guy they hit where they
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aim it at. a shooting like directly at directly why are they doing it in a healthy democracy journalists hold power accountable and those people that function and the u.s. constitution looking increasingly vulnerable shall about. half past the hour on al-jazeera and these are the top stories president donald trump is threatening to deploy the army if state governments don't and the violence during some protests over the death of george floyd trump says it is his duty to uphold law and order we cannot allow the righteous cries of peaceful protesters to be drowned out by an angry mob the biggest victims of the rioting are peace loving citizens in our poorest communities and as their president i will
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fight to keep them safe. protests continued for a 7th day and night in u.s. city's police force obliquely at peaceful crowds near the white house or president trump or to a church that was happening as he walked out to address the nation from the rose garden. police have been called in to break up a protest in louisville kentucky a black business owner was shot and killed by police there in the early hours of monday morning david mcateer died when officers moved in to disperse a crowd during curfew police say they were fired at 1st but the chief has now been sacked with folks right now giving voice to not trusting law enforcement one of the most important things we can do to build that trust is to make sure that we are fully transparent right now about it and if it bears out. that actions were taken wrongly i guarantee you will act and will act strongly. in
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iranian scientists detained in the u.s. since 2017 has been released and is on his way home iran's foreign minister announced the news serious askari was acquitted of charges of stealing state secrets but was then held in immigration detention despite being sorry argentina has once again extended its deadline to restructure a $65000000000.00 debt the government says it hopes to reach a deal with creditors by june 12th a currency plunge and recession of lead to unsustainable bonds that could further damage the economy and argentina is already in default after having missed an interest payment extension last month and despite being the new epicenter of the global pandemic several latin american countries have started to reopen their economies in chile the number of corona virus infections has passed and with thousands also seen its highest number of infections and deaths in any single day here up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is next.
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the allergies there are. when. i add in the i can eat what she and the strain in the u.k. if you're black or brown you'll most likely to die from kovac 19 we have an impressive lineup of guests who are trying to work out why if you have a take and you on you jump into that shot we would love to hear from you and that's one way that you too can be in the street. i am going to introduce you to the guests and the guests were introduced themselves
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to you so let's start with dr frank.


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