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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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phrases that persist health crisis counseling your questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching a crossroads this is an opportunity that we must not miss the stream on al jazeera . this is al-jazeera. hello welcome i'm peter w. watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next hour. these are acts of domestic terror. president donald trump threatens to deploy the military if state governors can't stop the violence from nationwide protests. on. u.s. police later fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse peaceful demonstrators
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clearing the way for mr trump to visit a church nearby. in other news the 1st confirmed covert 19 deaths reported at an overcrowded re-injure refugee camp in bangladesh. and how the virus on top of years of crowds is eating into profits from a vital cash crop in zimbabwe. now santa how much now have all the sporting clothing the family of george floyd except the boxing star floyd mayweather jr has offered to pay for his funeral. let's get going it's been a week since a black man named george floyd's died in police custody in minnesota and there's no sign of an end to the protests that followed that against racism and police brutality across the united states the us press. wouldn't donald trump has
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threatened to deploy the army of state governors do not end the violence in washington police forcibly clear peaceful protesters close to the white house so that he could walk to a nearby church we have white house correspondent kimberly standing by for us jay gray is in minnesota life to both of them in a moment after this latest report from mike hanna. a peaceful protest outside the white house has dispersed forcibly. tear gas rubber coated steel bullets grenades are used to force the demonstrators further away. a few minutes later the reason becomes clear in a display of pure political theater the president and former reality star walks out of the white house across pennsylvania avenue and through lafayette park which had been surrounded by protesters during the day he arrived at the sin john's episcopal church which had been damaged in overnight and wrist holding
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a bible the president tells reporters we have a great country he did not enter the church to inspect the internal damage but instead beckon to some of those who walked with him to join him in front of the cameras i imposed a curfew at 7 pm tweeted the district's mayor a full 25 minutes before the curfew and without proper cation federal police used munitions on peaceful protesters outside the white house an act that will make the job of the d.c. police department offices more difficult shameful the timing and sequence of events points to one possible interpretation that a peaceful protest was disrupted to allow the president of the united states a photo opportunity a short while the president spoke in the rose garden even as in an extraordinary moment the protesters outside with being dispersed and he essentially threatened to invoke martial law if the city or state refuses to take the actions that are
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necessary to defend the life and property of their residents then i will deploy the united states military and quickly solve the problem for them. this is entering controversial territory in terms of the insurrection act the president can deploy troops domestically but only in a support role and only at the request of state governors or legislatures he really does not have the right to implemented in our 50 states which is what he was saying to me not all 50 states had anything going on and it's got. the governor's deal would happen. by the district of columbia has no governor and the president is legally allowed to unilaterally deploy military forces in the area which he has already done in unprecedented scenes military police are deployed alongside law enforcement officers in the capital of the united states. as
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a 7 pm curfew passed an evening the crackdown on protests continued lines of police advancing ominously almost defying the curfew then the arrests began at parity in accordance with the instructions from the white house a few remaining protesters walking past the lincoln memorial for a mind of a better and possibly kind it time mike hanna al-jazeera washington live to the white house my colleague kimberly good afternoon good morning do you think that conversation is going on in the building behind you right now about how to deploy the military onto the streets of the united states. there's no question the u.s. president is making no apologies for what he said is that he wants to be a law and order president he says he took an oath to protect the american people and that's exactly what he intends to do but the mayor of washington d.c. mayor marion barry was or has also been speaking early this morning once again
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calling the actions of the u.s. president to clear the streets in advance 25 minutes in advance roughly of that 7 pm curfew here eastern standard time she called that shameful she also said that it was an inappropriate use of the military and that's what an increasing number of d.c. politicians are saying they're appalled and they're also angry saying that they believe that washington d.c. could handle its own business but the argument of the white house is clearly you couldn't because for 3 consecutive nights people were seeing their stores looted they were seeing property damage and there was the risk of injury to more of the d.c. residents so the u.s. president once again making no apologies for deploying the national guard for active duty military taking to the streets something he said that he would do around the country if the u.s. governors are not able to in essence handle their own business now this is poised really to become an election issue in november the president's response and whether
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or not you agree with this heavy handed approach i can tell you that there is already teed up a address by the democratic presumptive nominee for the presidential race in november and that is of course former vice president joe biden he will be speaking from philadelphia he is expected to address the president's handling of the riots that have erupted as a result of the death of george floyd as well we know that the u.s. president will be appearing before the cameras today he is expected to travel to across washington d.c. to the shrine of pope john paul the 2nd that will be happening at 15 g.m.t. shortly after that he will be returning. to the white house decide an executive order on religious freedom ok kimberly thanks very much not a great in minneapolis j. 7 days old and now clearly people are looking forwards towards the funeral towards the memorial services for george floyd but one week on from the death of that man
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what do you think the direction of travel is when it comes to the protests and the and the situation we're seeing on the ground night after night well look peter protesters not only here in minneapolis but across the country have said they're going to continue to march that it's something they feel like they have to do to honor george floyd's memory and to make sure policing changes across this country i want you to take a look at the 1st police precinct get out here in minneapolis looks almost like a military post right now you've got the huge barricades out front another lot of barricades inside and the national guard on standby lockdown in this area and other parts of the city and really frankly cities across the country right now and 'd what we've seen over the last couple of nights here is a promising trend there have been plenty of arrests most of those for violating curfew but the violence here has subsided for now now if you ask these folks or
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anyone on any side of the issues here i don't think they would tell you that they feel comfortable with where things are there's still a tension across this city but the last 2 nights have been very positive and on both sides by the way the protesters here saying they think the violence was taking away from their primary message so they are happy to see for the most part that that's it is well ok chief thanks very much. from minnesota with zeroes correspondent john hendren. george floyd tried to tell police he was struggling for air. in a private autopsy requested by floyd's family doctors concluded that was what caused his death the cause of death in my opinion is as fixed due to compression of the neck. as he lay on the
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street the official hennepin county coroner's report says floyd died of a heart attack brought on by head and neck compression but it found no evidence that he died of strangulation and said his coronary artery disease and hypertension were contributing factors the private autopsy contradicts that saying all 3 officers who knelt on floyd contributed to a death it calls murder the autopsy shows that mr floyd had no underlying medical problem that caused or contributed to his death that has demonstrators on the street questioning authority you know i don't think he was going to have a heart attack that day and pass away without what happened to him on the street to the dueling autopsies he's eroded the already diminished faith that people here in the streets have an american institutions 1st many of the protesters of course lost faith in the police then they lost faith in the politicians who sent the police
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into crackdown on them now they're questioning the coroner's office. i don't trust them i can't how could you after this keeps happening when they try to hide it they try to pump or it up that the institution balance most to try the top there is law enforcement policy. just keep the transfer money not. terence floyd came to the scene of his brother's death to urge calm. horse. and a very dark matter not at all my goodness not birth of our stuff thought it was going off up. there not homo but of the earth another one. left on earth another one that he said is what his brother would have wanted john hendren l.g.
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0 minneapolis. we heard earlier about the u.s. insurrection acts that gives mr trump the power to deploy the military on home soil it was lost in boats during the 1902 rodney king riots in los angeles the congressional research service reported in 2006 that the president must 1st issue a proclamation ordering quotes insurgents to disperse and if that does not work he or she may issue an executive order to deploy troops the act also says the president doesn't need a state's permission to send in the military to enforce law or to suppress rebellion let's bring in senior political analyst marwan bashara welcome back to the news sending in the military on the part of donald trump is that the best way to decompress this crisis but clearly there is a consensus that it is not and clearly his camp with us is not exactly the same as others who are either criticizing him or advising in the sense that president trump
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as a whole other. would give a shit if you were behind what's going on i'm not sure and some analysis i'm not sure whether he is unhappy with this situation as it is because that's all remember that the last few weeks have not been good for all the economy is in fact there are . 14000000 unemployed the stock market is not doing very well over 100000 americans have died under his watch. and we've seen now these scenes of angry protesters not to be african-americans and i think he wants to hold on to this because he is trailing his democratic opponent in the poor was terribly thrilling him quite back there like you know a whole number of points so i think he needs this. this anger that is going
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on and the possibility of using it or using the fear mongering if you will that probably some americans are. feeling and he would like to exploit that or what in america call white trash meaning getting the support in the sympathy of a whole bunch of white middle class america against black america in order to serve him in the elections watching and listening to some of the arab language media in this region overnight and 1st thing this morning some of them referring to what we're seeing in the states as an american spring a clear reference to the arab spring i guess with particular reference to the events in egypt 20112012 are there parallels there because if you look back just at washington over the past what 15 hours now a peaceful protest outside because presidential palace is broken up by armed men
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with tear gas and rubber bullets i mean that's one parallel straight off. absolutely well the other part of it was that the president of egypt today is of course donald trump's favorite. but really more seriously i think what's what really what we've seen in egypt and the united states is really the killing of one innocent egyptian and this case that the killing of one innocent american needing to enough people because of the pent up tension in the site yesterday was a whole a whole people is finally going difficult to greet not only in that very particular instance but for decades for years and i think in a way this is also why echoed in what's going on in israel palestine where you know the palestinians middle name is i can't breathe after 5060 years of occupation so in a sense yes you do have a sort of a moment of kind of an american spring you have well it's
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a problem moment oh an american intifada if you will and we've seen that a stain is an egyptian is and others sympathizing inside it directly with their american counterparts and they have seen an incredible. you know more yeah of george more on the warm on the occupied west bank so you can imagine that what is going on in the united states is of course is echoed in our whole other way in and of middle east and middle easterners here there are still scratching their heads why americans and their own free will and that a president that has a tendency to act like a middle east leaders we can't find the answer for that clearly my when you're not a fortune teller but phosphor would say a month or 6 weeks for us the u.s. military is on the ground and we're used to seeing the pictures of them on the ground in america in the american heartland in streets in city streets those kind.
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of locations if there's a point where there's that image of a u.s. army soldier with a gun probably a white guy probably dressed as they would dress worthy on the ground in iraq or in kuwait or in syria say and he's pointing his gun at a black man or a black woman or worse than that he fires the gun and somebody dies is that the moment when donald trump loses the election sure jule for november the 3rd. well yes under this sort of scenario i think you could say so but that think if we got to that scenario that means president is not about to hold another election in the united states i remember clearly just 2 days ago. his son it was asked whether they had actually like i think they said no but he said well i don't know i cannot sure i can commit that i can commit to that i think if this or other thins tendency
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continues and if we're talking about martial law about being in the military council and so forth which by the way i don't think would happen but if it does it does really goes you know if there is a ration as it where and does impose a loss of on the united states then i think that's going to be the beginning of the end of the american democracy because i'm not sure he's going to do that in order to hold elections i think he should be doing that because he knows he cannot win the elections 'd and i think for many the idea of sort of he had intent and sees that we've seen over the years when pressed on thrawn we need coming to the surface now in a whole new way and he's scary to many not only in the united states but also around the world because after all a lot of people looked up to the united states as being some sort of a beacon of liberal democracy and to see the united states for in this block connell. to work some sort of emotional low bringing in that meat into the streets
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from iraq to going to something that's a very very dangerous precedent so on the one hand i think the governors will not accept it i think the american public will not accept it in general and i think if it is imposed that's not because that would lead to the end of president trump it's because he thinks it is the end and hence he would use whatever means at the supposal in order to make sure he stays in power always a compelling conversation thank you so much good to talk to. the u.n. human rights chief michelle bachelet has weighed into what's going on as well she says the protests triggered by the killing of george floyd are highlighting not only police violence against people of color but also inequalities in health education employment and endemic racial discrimination. more coverage of events in the united states later here on the news hour including how voters are being asked to navigate curfews and the threat of coronavirus for primary elections
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also ahead an iranian scientist jailed for years in the u.s. is now heading back home. and leo messi gives barcelona found something to smile about that's later in the sports news with sound. ok let's wrap up some of the top stories for you officials in bangladesh have confirmed the 1st 1000 death among refugees the 71 year old man died in the kuta paloma camp home to 600000 displaced from neighboring 1000000 mom he was among 29 people who tested positive last month 15000 refugees have been put under quarantine the united nations has warned of a severe impact on the overcrowded camps sheltering more than 800000 people louise donovan is a spokeswoman for the u.n. high commissioner for refugees she says there is an urgent need for more testing to stop the virus from spreading in what is the world's biggest refugee camp. we've
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been preparing for this her for several months for 3 months we've been aware that the pandemic was spreading the numbers have been increasing in bangladesh and we've been preparing with the governments and with on humanitarian partners and as you know with the press case was was confirmed just over 2 weeks ago and since then there are 29 contract cases and in the meantime induct period we've also managed to open 2 facilities which will be used to serve to care for patients with their most severe symptoms of these are called severe acute respiratory infection isolation and treatment facilities now there are another 9 of these facilities that are under construction so we're hoping that they can be completed in the next 3 weeks and the other issue that we really need to focus on is increasing the amount of testing being done to ensure a reduction of the transmission and the actually the testing of an cox's those are has just received a new p.c. or testing machine from the world health organization so we're hoping to increase
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the number of tests per day from 202500 china is reported to have delayed releasing vital information about corona virus to the world health organization according to the associated press beijing withheld the genetic map of the virus for more than a week all this happened as the world health organization was praising china its response to the outbreak katrina you has that story from beijing. now this report threatens both the credibility of the world health organization and of china after trolling dozens of interviews and internal documents reporters from a.p. found that china was not forthcoming when it came to providing information about the virus during the early days of the outbreak that it stalled in terms of providing the virus genome to the public and also many world health organization officials were kept in the dark it also said that publicly world health organization spokespersons praised and lauded chinese china's efforts but only in an attempt to coax more information out of the government now this flies in the
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face of the line that we've heard from china's foreign ministry for the past few months and indeed from president xi jinping himself who has said that beijing has always been forthcoming transparent and responsible when it has come to providing the international community with information about the pandemic and providing the world health organization with information as well president xi jinping has said that he promises to contribute true $1000000000.00 to the organization over the next 2 years but at the same time the report also goes against what the trump administration is saying it has accused the world health organization of colluding with the chinese government now it seems that they did praise and they were biased in their public opinion of china but it seems that the reason for this was very different to what it appeared to be to the public. the foreign minister in tehran says the iranian scientist imprisoned in the united states is now on his way home his cyrus as garri is due to arrive on wednesday and scullery pleaded for his
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release off he can try to cope at 19 he was accused of stealing state secrets whilst on the academic visit to the us and 2016 that's gone he was acquitted last month but he was transferred to an immigration custody facility because his visa had expired assault is a senior fellow at the national iran american council she says ascot his release has raised speculation of a prisoner exchange. for ministers out if immediately posted on his instagram page celebrating as a victory but you know it's mainly. for his family a prosperity and self as an innocent man a rock it's raining you know it's there and you know anytime an innocent man free you know it's a win for in my opinion it's a win for everyone but in the case of iran you know they may spin it as some kind of win it in their favor of there's a lot of speculation about you know a prisoner exchange for all that it is speculation we haven't seen anything that
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indicates that that there's actually. there are american you know sort of like a white were being held in iran that would be an ideal kind of situation where you actually have an exchange that happens and of course the speculation come from the fact that it's sort of the lowest hanging fruit in terms of diplomacy in a situation where you know if you want to say relationships are strained between iran and us it's much deeper than there is you know hostilities i don't january at this point seems like forever ago but just a few months ago we were on you know the brink of war so the idea of a prisoner exchange is always sort of the 1st diplomatic step action taken. landslides who killed at least 20 people including children in northeastern states of the ravine days of heavy rain in the bronx valley region state inspectors say most of the makeshift homes on tuesday morning were built on unstable land near hills rescue teams and locals still looking for possible survivors. here whether
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his journey looking a bit choppy in central america it is unfortunate it had landslides mudslides a reasonable piece of but this is what's going on now this is a satellite and this mass you can see head this is the latest tropical depression number 3 having settled at the still plenty of activity into el salvador guatemala honduras and of course the people in el salvador this is san salvador the capital still continuing to clean up after the recent several days of very nicholson terentia amounts of rain that were coming down with that tropical storm amanda that has gone up as a say we're now a watching this so here we are on the bay of compete and this actual continues to sit here for the next few days so it is expected to become a tropical storm in possibly the next 24 hours maybe sooner than that but the tropical storm warnings are already in place because a tropical storm is expected and the next 24 to 36 hours there will be torrential rains particularly into southern mexico that go through tuesday on into wednesday
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as a say the system is just sitting here in these very warm waters picking up more energy and of course continuing to funnel all of this war so all of this rain down into the south southeast so again real significant changes in this particular region is a very mountainous region and the rain will continue to come down this is thursday and you see the whole system is a not really moving still producing these very heavy amounts of rain into southern areas of mexico and in fact all the time this system is done over the next 3 days not done nationally say damage in the next 3 days again we're looking at a half a meter of rain so again fresh foods and landslides ok jenny talks. tobacco crucial for the economy in zimbabwe it brings in also foreign currency which helps with cash and fuel shortages bought the coronavirus pandemic is making the situation much more difficult or much faster reports now from one farming village called beatrice. isn't having much luck with this
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tobacco after more than 15 years of farming he's only managed to grow one hit to the season he blames years of drought and now the coronavirus pandemic that's led to lock downs and travel restrictions. of groups we can only send one percent to the ocean floors to sell for us even if we are not here with a price we can't argue with him because we were not there to negotiate prices for selves. tobacco isn't a 2nd biggest foreign currency earner after gold lost the country and nearly $800000000.00 exporting mainly to china and europe now because of cove at 19 international buyers can no longer get. many small scale black tobacco growers acquired land ceased from white commercial farmers 2 decades ago it was part of the government's controversial land redistribution program before its controversial land reform about 20 years ago as the barber had roughly 2000 commercial farmers
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growing tobacco now there are tens of thousands of them by most a small scale farmers some plotting as little as i have. already in an economic crisis long before the pandemic it's dead serious means the government can't borrow enough money from foreign lenders for a bailout many of those lenders lack confidence in the political leadership people rather bring equipment to zimbabwe knowing that at least with equipment it can get to the people versus a major challenge so it's an issue of confidence are we confident enough but give me the mill and our government money that. is really be christian. about $300000.00 farmers stockpiling the tobacco until global lockdowns and an international travel they say only then might they be able to salvage something the season how to al-jazeera beatrice. still to come here on the news hour for you. ringback back. ringback overfunded police in
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underfunded communities the u.s. protests it reignites demands for budget reforms also ahead the way in and out. now shooting like directly directly why are they doing taking aim at the media how journalists are increasingly become the target. band athletics making a return to one european countries on a level the details in sport. plain . jane on and on to see 3 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis in part on life and. people in power is back with more investigative documentaries and in-depth stories as the world battles the corona pandemic al-jazeera brings you the latest from around the world
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a new 2 part investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or a commodity traded for profit and how well the u.s. elections shaping up as the country battles called it 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive this historic set. to announce his era. frank assessments tourism but income stream is dead in the water what's been the result is him pushing more significantly and in-depth analysis of the day school oh boy headlines inside story on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha these are your top stories u.s. president donald trump threatening to deploy the army of state governors don't end the violence during some protests over the death of george floyd mr trump says it's his duty to uphold law and order. protests have continued for a 7th day in 19 u.s. cities the police forcibly cleared peaceful crowds near the white house so president trump could walk to a church nearby. in other news officials in bangladesh have confirmed the 1st could be 1000 among the injured refugees the 71 year old man who died in the could along camp hope 260-0000 displaced from the neighboring me and my. activists in the us have long called for police budgets to be cut so more money can go to communities else where the u.s. on a whole spends roughly $100000000000.00 every year on policing the city of oakland in california spends more than 41 percent of its annual budget the highest in the
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country then in chicago with nearly 40 percent minneapolis where george floyd died the city government there spends close to 36 percent of its budget on the police while los angeles puts aside nearly 26 percent but america's biggest city new york spends just a little more than 8 percent that's not a typo just 8 percent of its yearly budgets on its police force let's talk to alex by tally he's a professor of sociology and the coordinator of the policing and social justice project at brooklyn college he's also the author of the end of policing he joins us on the news hour out of boston an expert on it welcome to al-jazeera is now the right time to be cutting the money given to the police or increasing the money given to the police. well obviously you know why us that we need to reduce our spending on already so i know people are concerned about public were. we have to understand the police played a great role in creating this crisis precisely because we've come to so heavily or
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a law on them in the united states to the tool of 1st resort to address the huge range of social problems that can be better dressed in other ways how do you reform the police and how do you make that process of reformation dovetail with other reforms the kind of things that you want to talk about. well so part of the reason i think we're seeing the intensity of the protests right now is because in the 5 years since the merger eric garner to you know rice might round policing into a 2014 we were told that policing would get fixed so that all this training would have been and body cameras and a whole set of procedural reforms would be on it but people have not seen any improvement and there hasn't been any need for policing so instead we need to be asking a tougher question which is why are we using elise to fix the problems in our schools
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to become our mental health services to be in charge of managing the opioid crisis they are the wrong tool for those functions and that is antagonizing their relationship with the public especially in low income communities of color and so instead of trying to imagine that any bias training program is going to fix american policing we need to dial back the war on drugs get police out of schools and start investing in those communities instead is there another u.s.p. ingredient here and it's the coronavirus in as much as yes totally of course one hears what you're saying about what we've seen of the deaths in the past of the street protests in the past in the united states but at the moment still by and large the gyms are closed these social network areas that young unemployed use the phrase people of color would go to they're closed 41000000 almost 20 percent of the population doesn't have a job to go to so it's very easy to get on the streets and start demonstrating
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because you're angry about something about anything you may as well be angry about the the death the murder quotes of george floyd. well you know it's possible that that the frustration people feel about the code situation which of course is disproportionately affected young people of color but also there is still a great deal of concern about going out in public here so in some ways i think the presence of over 90 may be so pressing the size of these demonstrations and i think frankly the intensity of the anger is primarily a function of the abandonment of these communities to everything except police and of course one rotten apple doesn't and shouldn't spoil the barrel however when we come to reform do we also need to talk about educating policeman so when they're all tooled up and they've got the pepper spray and this tear gas going around they
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don't need to taser 2 women sitting in a car pull them out and push them to the ground when they're called to on a robbery that is on going they don't need to not listen to the people who have reported the crime they need to be going after the people who've been trying to commit the crime in the 1st place. you know i think the number of examples you're pointing to shows that this is not a battle a few random bad apples that this is a systemic problem in american policing and that's exactly why people are so angry it's everywhere we look we see right now the use of policing the police are making our argument for us today which is that they are out of control they have too much power and we need to stop relying on them to the extent that we do ok but policing should involve the police policing using the word as an adverb it seems to me looking at the pictures no seriously it seems to me looking at the pictures
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policing actually means something that ordinary people on the streets should be scared of because you're talking about people who are as well armed as the army might be when they end up on the streets if they end up on the streets where you know american policing is never look like british policing we've always been heavily weaponized and extremely aggressive and i think that is part of a really problematic american history rooted in race relations with both african-americans and our indigenous population but i don't think we're going to make a lot of progress in reducing that violence unless we threaten to take their or their toys away or reduce their budgets and reduce the scope of their power i think that's what it's going to get take to get them to be serious about the changes that need to be made is going to be a big long conversation unexpectantly there in boston thank you very much good to talk to mr ottavi you're welcome well the protests and corona virus pandemic are
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happening during an election year in the united states november the 3rd of course donald trump is all but certain to take on the form of vice president joe biden he'll be standing presumptively for the democrats still the primary election process continues 4 states will vote on their preferred candidate on tuesday christensen in the reports from one of them pennsylvania. joe d'ambrosio has been cutting hair and bethlehem pennsylvania for 47 years barber shops are closed now due to the coronavirus pandemic and joe thinks that's prudent given his age he's got enough savings to ride it out a bit longer course of one week i lost 2 of my best and oldest friends you see so it's real real to me he's seen a lot of change in bethlehem over the last 4 years the local steel plant that once employed 35000 people is still mostly empty but many of its former union workers lean republican instead of democrat they lined the streets to greet president trump
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recently when he visited a local manufacturing plant a rare trip out of the nation's capital when much of the country was still on lockdown pennsylvania is one of 4 states that president trump won by less than a percent in 2016 older blue collar workers like the ones that used to work here in the steel industry were crucial to his victory and they could make a difference again in 2020 national polls show that among senior citizens like these former steelworkers joe biden is more popular than trump i hear more and more people in the trustworthy that are just not trustworthy the state has one of the oldest populations in the country but polls have been wrong here before widebodies that are republicans. they all told me to fame thing or not vote for him again. well you know that's a very heartening but. we all thought that hillary would like you and
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a lot of time around the president hasn't seen the country rally behind him as usually happens during a time of crisis or attack but his base remains committed we saw it during us a visit to the lead high value recently with crowds out on the highways welcoming him he has a core in that corps gone nowhere over the last few years the question is has he built on that at all is there milder roget in among groups like seniors joe voted for him in 2016 and plans to again what i think is a strong a sky you know side deal and he knows he built the economy. he not afraid of china leaving the state closely divided between those who think the president is best suited to lead an economic recovery and those who blame his handling of the crisis for it in the 1st place kristen salumi al-jazeera bethlehem pennsylvania live in another state the voting maryland as it was passed equal
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hain is the past. hi there yet it's a brit actually fairly busy here today which is unexpected because maryland switched their primaries and then they went and said basically we're to said mellen ballots to everyone but only about 20 percent of people mailed them in so we're seeing people drop off their ballots they don't have to touch the screen they're not expecting a big turnout but there are people here this is very grassroots america a campaigning for judges and for their board of education bob finley is going to join me now he's one of them he's here promoting a board of education candidate from thanks for talking with us thank you thank you for having me how important do you think this election. is extremely important especially from the grassroots level. when you think about the things that are going on right now i think that the changes that have to be made are going to start from the from the grassroots level to to get bit of police departments
4:43 pm
to better people in congress and i think it starts from the board of education then harris who i'm supporting she's had a lot of experience with p.t.a. she's a teacher herself and we're working with kids so i think it's very important that we get the right kind of people in office right now. if you're an african-american to live through an american racial challenge for 75 years how do you put a perspective on life. i'm very upset and concerned. because it's not new. this is done has been gone on fall off for years and years and years and years from the i'm originally from atlanta georgia and so i remember the times when i couldn't even go to. a water fountain in downtown atlanta. so it's come i mean we've made
4:44 pm
a lot of progress but this is something that happens on t.v. you know. that a man has been murdered like that. i have a grandson to 17 years old. and we were out the other day we're going to the store . and when we came back we stopped by a store and a couple white policeman a lot out young guys it was it was no incident. but the cost of the atmosphere was gone oh right now the thought of changing my mind i was just concerned. because if he went in the store if somehow it happened you know my concern is well what would happen to him because because the atmosphere the us in the country right now what the answer you talked about it being grassroots what is it is there a solution to this you've got 75 years experience changes to pollution is that people good people have to get out to vote and. and vote for people
4:45 pm
that they have studied and understand what they stand for. especially when you get through things like going to chelsea's people to have this possibility for putting in a police chase and things like that i mean people have to have a sensitivity for the people so it all goes back to local mr fenley thank you so much for your time thank you for having me ok thank you very much thank you sir. so there you have the view from one grassroots activist it all comes back to local leadership in his opinion and that's what's being determined today not just who's going to run against president trump we believe that's going to be job former vice president joe biden but it's also about who's going to represent them in congress who's going to represent them on their city council and their school boards and so you are seeing people come out to vote today it is again is expected to be very low voter turnout but again this is a bigger question about the general election are states going to be allowed to move
4:46 pm
to mail in voting because so many people are not going to be comfortable going touching the same equipment that everybody else is in the time of the coronavirus so there are bigger questions at play here will mallon ballot work will the courts fight it so there's a lot going on as far as elections in america but you see all the view from one african-american gentleman 75 years remember not being able to go to a water fountain in atlanta to now seeing the protests erupt on the streets his answer when it all comes down to it is you have to vote. ok thanks very much patty could see that. an australian news crew are the latest members of the media to be attacked by the police during the process in the states against police brutality. that was at the site thinking oh oh now the australian prime minister scott morrison has asked for an inquiry after a cameraman was punched by an officer during a live broadcast police across the us of course have been criticised for pepper spraying attacking and the wresting accredited members of the press his charlotte
4:47 pm
palace. this was saturday in minneapolis noises journalists were filling protesters just after a curfew came into effect. to the crew was shot by the bullets despite wearing press passes this month with priests and holding a t.v. camera they sustained injuries to the neck and face a day earlier in minneapolis as seen in reports i was handcuffed while pru costing lives there i must ok you most of all i am under arrest or. why why am i under arrest for his crew was also all rested and there was this woman and i times reporter i had my notebook in my hand when the minnesota state patrol was advancing on protesters and us we identified ourselves as press and they fired tear gas canisters honestly point blank range. but these social journalists didn't stop
4:48 pm
minneapolis as protest sprayed so did incidents of police assume this and detentions from oakland. was to outside the white house where a b.b.c. cameraman was pitch perfect. their reporters committee for freedom of the preschool the targeting of journalists ripper hence a bow and clear violations of the 1st amendment journalists are the eyes and ears built into the us constitution that. the journalist would be a checks and balance on not only government but institutions the government as well including the police price price the u.n. special repertory. us police actions towards protesters and the media involved possible violations of international law by impress reason.
4:49 pm
there's a bit of impunity that journalists are impeding the police's ability to do their job not understanding that the press has an important role as evidenced here in louisville kentucky to tell you are you ok. ok katie are you ok that's rather good take up a it's just pebble at the close by they would take away any of that. sort of like directly out directly why are they doing it in a healthy democracy journalists hold power accountable and those people that function and the u.s. constitution looking increasingly vulnerable shelob ellis al-jazeera. just ahead in the sports news. stand out will tell us more when we come back. from.
4:50 pm
business leaders is bored to find a bra spot. for .
4:51 pm
business leaders is for to buy no bras paul. thank you school's news there so thank you very much a pito of the family of george floyd has accepted the offer from box of floyd mayweather jr to pay for his funeral mayweather will handle the cost of the service on june 9th in georgia floyd's hometown of houston and who also paid for separate memorials in minnesota and north carolina georgia florida died last week after a police officer pressed his knee into his neck and incident which has mass protests around the united states while several sports stars i have spoken out and
4:52 pm
now goals the tiger woods has issued a statement on twitter he said he respects law enforcement but this tragedy clearly crossed the line and his heart goes out to george floyd's family and everyone who is hurting right now with said we can make our points without burning the very neighborhoods we live in i hope that through constructive honest conversations we can build a safer a unified society. one other football in germany is bundesliga has paid tribute to george floyd at this time it was the cologne striker at the modesto who displayed the darker skin on the back of his hand tweeted that he's actions that were clear signal the bundesliga say they are investigating the preserves ploy tributes a by 4 by 4 other players well football has returned in denmark behind closed doors and one club has found a creative solution to help fans enjoy the action scene the general pulls from
4:53 pm
danish city of herning. excited football fans back for the 1st time since the corona wireless led to nearly all football being suspended across the globe finally football again and it doesn't manage this kind of football just for it's amazing really and also everything is working so well and it's really good and all the kids and father everyone is so happy doing so it's a good thing at the weather is fantastic as well today they will watch the cup play on these huge screens drive-in football here at denmark's leading super league club f.c. meet you and it's awesome great awesome being here with all the fans and all season card holders you never experienced anything like this before it would be great and look at all the costs it's amazing before the match players greet their friends you know come. inside the stadium old the seats are empty the cars are just on the
4:54 pm
other side with a meter between each one normally 10000 super bowl fans gathered here supporting that club the seats here have to live for the last 2 and a half months to 18000 of the seats are actually occupied but selfies of the fans the fans in the 2000 cars can hear the match commentary through their radio we thought let's do it let's go 100 percent for the 2nd best thing it couldn't be on the stadium with the fans it could be just outside we are not shoulder to shoulder but. that's fantastic. fans are not allowed to leave their car but they can still buy snacks and soft drinks in denmark football and beer go hand in hand but that's not the case today people are driving you can't drink and drive so obviously we can't sell beer and if anyone needs the washroom they just turn on the emergency light and they will be escorted to the toilets the host team
4:55 pm
lost but the event was a success that's what amazing. nice well earned a good atmosphere. after all a decent screen so it's been good i think with that with all the horns and the heat it's quite different but it was a good experience and also with the with the children driving football may be just the beginning of a new trend see john al-jazeera handing. ali an ls is set to stay a barcelona for at least one more season according to reports in spain it follows the expiration of the exit clause in his contract on may the 30 s. they are in time to have the option to quit bar the summer messi and his teammates return to action on june 13th against real my oka following leaders coronavirus haters. formula one has announced a calendar for its return 8 races will be staged across a 6 european circuit kickoff will be back to back races austria's red bull ring on july the 5th and 12 all races will be held behind closed doors with dates. yet to
4:56 pm
be confirmed. australia is offering to host this year's rugby championship and a quarantine bubble as they look to kickstart a financial recovery the competition is usually played at home and away against new zealand south africa and argentina but that's not possible because of covert 19 which has hit all nations financially rugby australia c.e.o. robert clark was speaking a day after cutting a 3rd of his workforce. everybody is committed to try to. and we're exploring with this training government whether that can be here in australia and we fly in all of the sands. and training bubble. weekend fictive lee and then. x.'s back on track and the public following along
4:57 pm
a break due to the pandemic time women's olympic champion is. still the show at this meets and. she won it with a 63.69 metre throw it was her best in nearly a year edging out 2018 european silver medalist. the back on track athletics meet welcome local athletes from around the country as the government began easing the lockdown. and that's a man due back to peter ok thank you very much lots more news of course it's always there for you on the web site al jazeera dot com is the address you need now when we come back 14 g. just to let you know they are getting ready to take a speech from joe biden the presumptive democratic candidates to stand against donald trump at the u.s. general election shuttled for we have a rough idea of what he's going to be saying some of it is very robust and very on
4:58 pm
the mark we think when it comes to be policing crisis in the states when we come back we'll see you soon. rewind the game bring your people back to live from start. dates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in living color was the book and like any other student rewind continues with kosovo you fear and hope this was my return to kosovo . in the little village of book one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al-jazeera a controversial approach i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development over it doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't advocate for
4:59 pm
greed i should tell him that i should do only from just one having read my book just how many women i know over there is a good muslim 80 his son goes head to head we've done visa morea i've been a kid the been crazy i'm not a factor in theater on al-jazeera throughout history human kind has come together to prevail in our darkest moments this is a moment for pretty much the opposite. saving humankind by really really not getting near every generation has its moment where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who come after this is ours. water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded to the profit just because it's lawyer doesn't mean it's going
5:00 pm
to be priced what about the guy that can afford it that guy's teles water in a new 2 part series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatized nation loads of water on al-jazeera. these are not acts of peaceful protests these are acts of domestic terror. u.s. president from threatens to deploy the military of state governors can't end violence in some nationwide protests. hello again i'm peter sagal you're watching out of 0 live from are also coming up a new report says china delayed sharing vital information about the coronavirus as the world health organization was.


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