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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 85  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2020 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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i think it did start and it started right now we've clearly seen the so-called political battle lines drawn in terms of what is going to ultimately be a referendum on the presidency of donald trump whether you agree with his heavy handed approach calling in the military to quell violence or whether you believe that as we heard from joe biden there that this is really an argument about the defense of the 1st amendment the right to assemble to redress grievances now the argument from this white house has been that it supports that right to peaceful protest the problem is when the lights go out when the sun goes down that's not what is evidence on the streets the u.s. president has repeatedly made the argument that peaceful protests in the name of overcoming systemic racism and author in the life of george floyd that that has
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been hijacked but what you're hearing from the democratic nominee the presumptive democratic presidential nominee is something quite different that in essence what this president is doing is fanning the flames of hate that he is really trafficking in fear and division and that if if joe biden is elected president in november that he will not do that that he will take a very different approach i think it's important to also note all of this how personal that speech was what joe biden did very well just now and i think this will resonate not just with his supporters but potentially reaching across to some of donald trump's supporters as he spoke about grieving and a very very personal way anyone who's familiar with joe biden story knows that he's had almost a disproportionate number of tragedies in his own personal life not just the death of his son beau biden 5 years ago that he spoke about very passionately but also losing his his wife at a very when his children were very young and having to prague. yes and deal with
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being a widower he sort of seemed to be reaching out to those that are grieving for the death the very tragic death of george floyd were people still can't believe they saw on videotape this death playing out watching a murder a man struggling to breathe and he captured that very carefully in the beginning of the speech when he said that the words of george floyd i can't breathe that's really a wakeup call for the nation a country crying out for leadership so you heard there from joe biden that his approach is to try and bring the country together in this turbulent moment and he is accusing his republican opponents of doing just the opposite of creating division and exacerbating our flagging the famed flames of hate this will be a referendum issue now really the election that seems far off in november but really it will move very quickly now and it's going to be where americans line up and which direction they want to move forward and when it comes to where america
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and americans are as of right now one week own from the death of george floyd he managed to do you know as well i guess complete trying to steal a march on the trumpet ministration by saying look i want to send legislation within one week to the president. chokeholds because chokeholds as used by the police can be literally we've seen it lethal. that was probably the most surprising part of the speech for me without getting too wonky addition into you know legislative minutia the congress isn't in session right now and the house of representatives controlled by democrats is not coming back for i believe it's roughly 3 weeks i'd have to double check that so when you're calling for action within one week you've just opened yourself up to your opponent and this is something we've heard repeatedly from donald trump that in the
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midst of this pandemic now palosi has who is the speaker of the house in charge of the democrats on capitol hill for the most part has been out in california vacationing is donald trump has like to say so this was a little bit unusual i'm not sure why that was written into that speech well the intent was to call for action which is certainly reasonable he's also invited criticism from this white house which has already been uttered and is likely to be done again that you can't have that immediate action that you're calling for in terms of police reform when the congress is still dealing with a pen deck and the lawmakers that could do that are for the most part working remotely so that was a little bit surprising and maybe not the best political strategy something that obviously can be managed he did touch on the nerve that there has been a need for police reform for some time he also is inviting the criticism that he was part of an administration that for 8 years really just chipped away at criminal
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justice reform one of the major criticisms particularly given the fact that barack obama is an african-american he knows that disproportionately african-americans in this country are affected by criminal justice reform and in fact this is a bit of a sore point within the community of people of color in the united states that this was an opportunity and it was squandered in some way so donald trump for his part will make the argument that he has worked on criminal justice reform so joe biden has opened. himself up to a little bit of criticism there but i think overarching way the message of the speech will be well received particularly given the fact that he was really able to connect emotionally with the grieving and the pay that americans overall black or white are feeling right now but when it comes to that grieving and the pain kimberly was there a counterpoint in that speech as well and it kind of speaks to a conversation that one assumes is happening all over america now and it's the same
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conversation that patty our colleague patty co hain had in maryland in our last hour with a gentleman of color a 75 year old retired doctor who was born and bred in atlanta georgia saying when he was a child he couldn't drink from the same water fountain that white people were able to drink from and he his conversation is basically why is this happening joe biden's conversation is basically why is this still happening because he was talking about all the legislation in the mid 1960 s. and it's still happening if you're a person of color if you're a black man or woman of color in america you are instantly disadvantaged systemically. yeah there's no question about it you know i've lived in washington d.c. for 20 years and what was a predominantly african-american neighborhood until gentrification came along and now i struggle to see a black face on the streets and it's it was historically. you know an
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african-american neighborhood but because of rising tax rates african-americans were pushed out and people who have had advantages institutionally were able to move in and you know whether it's getting a mortgage and getting a better interest rate being able to have a job with benefits that also allows you to pay high taxes these are the institutional problems that exist in the united states there's no question that this has not been overcome one of the problems i think just speaking very broadly that exists whether you are white or whether african-american is that. in terms of generations the pedicle hanes spoke to someone who remembers the pain of not being able to drink out of a water fountain people in washington d.c. who are of advanced age remember the late 19th sixty's and the riots that destroyed h. street and 14th street and left them burned out for more than 40 years but things ringback
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have improved in the last 20 years and young people don't remember that pain in the same way they are taking up the fight in the same way to the frustration of elders and that's one of the challenges and in fact barack obama touched on this when he said that criminal justice reform takes place at the local level where young people are turning out in pitiful numbers he used that word pitiful in terms of voting to put in place the local officials that can bring about this change so i think that joe biden has tried to touch on this we heard from barack obama as he spoke on the blogging platform media just on monday addressing this that this is going to take. i generation of fact that's the wording that joe biden used it will take a generation and it really starts now but this is an era of action that needs to continue and that's why i think we'll be continuing to hear this message from both sides about the importance of getting to the ballot box in november understood
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kimberly good to talk to you thank you so much the u.n. human rights chief michelle bachelet has weighed in on the crisis happening in the united states she says the protests triggered by the killing of george floyd highlighting not only police violence against people of color but also inequality in health education and employment too she says and endemic racial discrimination ok we'll step away from the events in the united states to get to the very latest on what's going on with covert 19 china reportedly delaying releasing vital coronavirus information to the world health organization according to the associated press agency beijing withheld a genetic map of the virus for more than a week this happened as the world health organization was praising china its response to the break katrina you reports now from beijing. now this report threatens both the credibility of the world health organization and of china after
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trolling dozens of interviews and internal documents reporters from a.p. found that china was not forthcoming when it came to providing information about the virus during the early days of the outbreak that it stalled in terms of providing the virus genome to the public and also many world health organization officials were kept in the dark it also said that publicly world health organization spokespersons praised and rewarded chinese china's efforts but only in an attempt to coax more information out of the government now this flies in the face of the line that we've heard from china's foreign ministry for the past few months and indeed from president xi jinping himself who has said that beijing has always been forthcoming transparent and responsible when it has come to providing the international community with information about the pandemic and providing the world health organization with information as well president xi jinping has said that he promises to contribute true $1000000000.00 to the organization over the next 2 years but at the same time the report also goes against what the trump
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administration is saying it has accused the world health organization of colluding with the chinese government now it seems that they did praise and they were biased in their public opinion of china but it seems that the reason for this was very different to what it appeared to be to the public and slugs who killed at least 20 people including children in india's northeastern states of. days of heavy rain in the barrack valley region state inspectors say most of the makeshift homes that they were on tuesday morning were built on unstable land near hills rescue teams and locals still looking for survivors. officials in bangladesh confirmed the 1st 1000 among the injured refugees the 71 year old man died in critical home to 600000 displaced from me and ma he was among 29 people tested positive last month 15000 refugees have now been put under quarantine the un has warned of a severe impact on the overcrowded camps sheltering more than 800000 people louise
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donovan is a spokeswoman for the u.n. high commissioner for refugees and she says there is an urgent need for more testing to stop the virus from spreading and what is the world's biggest refugee camp. we've been preparing for this her for several months for 3 months we've been aware that the pandemic was spreading the numbers have been increasing in bangladesh and we've been preparing with the governments and with on humanitarian partners and as you know the press case was was confirmed just over 2 weeks ago and since then there are 29 contract cases and in the meantime in that period we've also managed to open 2 facilities and which will be used to serve and to care for patients with their most severe symptoms so these are quality and severe acute respiratory infection isolation and treatment facilities either another 9 of these facilities that are under construction so we're hoping that they can be completed in the next 3 weeks and the other issue that we really need to focus on is increasing the amount of testing being done to ensure a reduction of the transmission and the actually the testing of an cox's those are
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has just received a new p.c. or testing machine from the world health organization so we're hoping to increase the number of attacks per day from 200 to 500. well staying with bangladesh that country was already struggling with poor medical waste management before the pandemic hit its at risk of being hit hard by what's been called a sudden almost lot of single use plastic tenby a charter explains. for this workers heading into a garbage people in the bangladeshi capital danger lark's everywhere there are tons of hazard as medical waste here but most private waste collectors and government sanitation workers don't have any acute men to protect them from kobita 19 sheriff is well aware of possible contamination and fears for his safety we're going to blow was also in the streets you'll find large numbers of months in hand gloves
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people destroy them in the street so after using them is an suv have to clean these up without any protection no safety. more than 3000 tons of cocaine 1000 related waste was produced last month in dhaka alone 4 people there more border than medical waste from the hospitals as you walk down the streets in the city you'll find hills covered mass graves and other items and there's my post serious health risks for the sanitation workers and the general public. during the lockdown syndication workforce is reduced by nearly half the only medical waste management organization in the country is finding it hard to cope with the crisis but. the main concern is people who are using these personal protective items throwing them in the street the government has to come up with a covert waste management strategy. disposal medical waste is a fast growing problem in bangladesh we need and. need to enforce
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the government. ministry. to get in there and prepare to grind mine management. experts say more resources and public awareness that are gently needed to ensure discarded medical waste doesn't make the coronavirus spenda make force. dhaka. oil rich venezuela has just introduced a new fuel pricing system that ends decades of highly subsidized petrol prices now the government is now selling gasoline imported from iran the changes led to long lines and confusion at petrol stations with many questioning the rising prices in a country with the world's largest oil reserves latin america at the sea and newman has more. in venezuela the story of raising petrol prices has been akin to the
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fable of the little boy who cried wolf and just like the little boy in the story that government had been vowing to raise prices at the pump for so long that many couldn't believe it when this week it actually happened. half a dollar per liter only had $3.00 which was 6 liters of petrol according to the new rate but it's still bad and very poorly organized because we're in a super oil rich country. the most bin is whalen's it's a shock petrol has always been cheap but in the last few years it became virtually free with hyperinflation running at nearly 2000000 percent there were no bills or coins small enough to pay for a full tank. now they have to pay at international prices just slightly less than in the united states. we should have a minimum salary like people in the u.s. like in colombia the minimum wage in colombia's fast superior to ours which is $4.00 you can charge a national prices but such
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a low income but while raising fuel prices after more than 2 decades is a sensitive issue continuing to give it away was unsustainable within your collapse of vitrified the opec member had been suffering acute petrol shortages now thanks to shipments from iran petrol is flowing again. is the 1st time i've come to fill up and i really didn't have to wait in line as long as i'm used to doing here i just put in 4 liters 2 dollars and it was actually fast i was still long the lines are very different from the time when people used to have to line up for 3 days to fill up. many are paying in dollars because cash in believe that it's the local currency is a scarce as petrol used to be and the debit card machines don't often work. public transport will continue to be completely subsidized by the government despite threats from the united states iran says it will continue sending venezuela
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supplies if it requests it. and venezuelans will have to pay for it at a premium something that's never happened before and yet comes at a time when people have never had so little to see in human al-jazeera. iran's foreign minister says the iranian scientists imprisoned in the united states is now on his way home he's cyrus asgari he's arrived on weapons that was to ask already pleaded for his release after he tried to cover 19 he was accused of stealing state secrets whilst on academic visit to the u.s. in 2016 us all right as a senior fellow at the national iran american council she has released has raised speculation a possible prisoner swap. foreign minister is out if immediately posted on his instagram page celebrating is it a victory but you know it's really. for his family a prosperity and self as an innocent man a wrong it's made in united states and you know anytime an innocent man goes free
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you know it's a win for in my opinion it's a win for everyone but in the case of iran you know they may spin it as some kind of win it in their favor there's a lot of speculation about you know prisoner exchange reports all about it is speculation we haven't seen anything that indicates that that there's actually. there are american you know sort of like a white were being held in iran that would be an ideal kind of situation where you actually have an exchange that happens and of course the speculation come from the fact that it's sort of the lowest hanging fruit in terms of diplomacy in a situation where you know if you want to say relationships are strained between iran and us that it's not much deeper than there is you know hostilities i don't january at this point seems like forever ago but just a few months ago we were on you know the brink of war so the idea of a prisoner exchange is always one of the 1st diplomatic steps that can
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a can well the protests and the virus pandemic are happening and joining an election year in the united states still the primary election process continues with 7 states voting on their preferred candidate on tuesday christine salumi reports now from pennsylvania. joe d'ambrosio has been cutting hair and bethlehem pennsylvania for 47 years barber shops are closed now due to the coronavirus pandemic and joe thinks that's prudent given his age he's got enough savings to ride it out a bit longer in course of one week i lost 2 of my best and oldest friends you see so it's real real to me he's seen a lot of change in bethlehem over the last 4 years the local steel plant that once employed 35000 people is still mostly empty but many of its former union workers lean republican instead of democrat they lined the streets to greet president trump recently when he visited a local manufacturing plant a rare trip out of the nation's capital when much of the country was still on
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lockdown pennsylvania is one of 4 states that president trump won by less than a percent in 2016 older blue collar workers like the ones that used to work here in the steel industry were crucial to his victory and they could make a difference again in 2020 national polls show that among senior citizens like these former steelworkers joe biden is more popular than trump i hear more and more people in the trustworthy that are just not trustworthy the state has one of the oldest populations in the country but polls have been wrong here before widebodies that are republicans. they all told me to same thing or not vote for him again. well you know that's a very heartening but. we all thought that hillary would like you and a lot of time around the president hasn't seen the country rally behind him as usually happens during a time of crisis or attack but his base remains committed we saw it during this
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a visit to believe high value recently with crowds out on the highways welcoming him he has a core and that corps gone nowhere over the last few years the question is has he built on that at all is there milder roge in among groups like seniors joe voted for him in 2016 and plans to again well i think he's the strongest guy you know side deal and he knows he built the economy. he not afraid of china leaving the state closely divided between those who think the president is best suited to lead an economic recovery and those who blame his handling of the crisis for it in the 1st place kristen salumi al-jazeera bethlehem pennsylvania. germany has pledged $140000000.00 in humanitarian aid for yemen a virtual fundraising conference is being hosted by saudi arabia and the united nations to support the war torn country a saudi u.a.e.
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led coalition has been fighting the rebels in yemen for more than 5 years. during the lockdown in the philippines capital manila thousands of essential workers resorted to bicycles after public transport was closed restrictions start to ease some hope the habit will stick around. with a long long been a way of life in one of the world's most could just cities most of the routes in manila are packed with nearly every type of vehicle and it is anything but friendly to bike. but for andrew o'malley who works as an emergency doctor in the law choosing to use his bicycle is an act of defiance 4 years ago he ditched his car and got a bicycle he says it has made life easier for a particular make their commute costs me 45 minutes so when they started writing me by it was cut down to 15 minutes and they realized. it would save lot more time and
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even some exercise along the way. so he invited us to cycle with him on his way to work. breaking down the very day we have the programs or how do you know but like for so many people here biking in manila requires attention and strong navigational skills. when it as it is we had a flat tire. and inconvenience but he says he doesn't mind since he doesn't live too far away from work. biking in manila often means navigating through its busiest streets a journey often fraught with peril but the transportation ban imposed by the government has for. as many here to embrace cycling to get around commuters here spend an average of at least 16 days a year stuck in traffic advocates say the government has to change the way he sees
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urban planning we have to be able to the science infrastructure and the science policies to make sure that the wave of workers that's about the part that bikers are safe because otherwise if we have an increase in the bikers without the c b then we can see the definitely a big wave a big increase of road crash tests cyclists here teles belong down has made biking a much more pleasant experience here for the past few months but not for long the government is using its restrictions and millions of filipinos are going back to work but public transport is still limited that's why many advocates here believe more people will now be cycling. they say it's the perfect solution in a post pandemic new normal. biking is good for the environment physical fitness and yes even social distancing. similarly dog at al-jazeera
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manila. adrian will keep across all the big developments from 15 gene i will see you very soon but. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the needs and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. frank assessments tourism income stream is dead in the water what's been the result of. informed opinions. there. i'm very normal. in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for.
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inside story on. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of coronavirus appears far wider than anyone sold. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure and this is that he is live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. we could be forgiven for believing the president's words to suit. our differences democratic presidential hopeful joe biden condemns donald trump's handling of the nationwide police brutality protests. these are not acts of peaceful protests these are.


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