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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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18 year old michael brown was going to put the resources of producing research. on to make. the state represented. we can be forgiven for leaving the president's words to suit. our good entrenched democratic presidential hopeful joe biden condemns donald trump's handling of the nationwide police brutality protests. i made for him for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. these are not acts of peaceful protests these are acts of domestic terror the u.s. president threatens to deploy the military if state governors failed to end
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violence at some protest sites. a new report says that china to lade sharing vital information about the coronavirus of the world health organization was praising its response back in january. and is restrictions ease in the philippines capital some are hoping to tackle the traffic problem thereby getting on their bikes. a president who traffics in fear and division that's the scathing attack launched to donald trump by democratic presidential hopeful joe biden he's accused him of fanning the flames of hate as he spoke about the death of a black man in police custody it's been a week now since protests began across the united states after the killing of george floyd in minneapolis last monday. kid 3.
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george glorious last words with you didn't die with him. you still being heard include all across this nation. they speak to a nation where too often. just the color of your skin and put your life your risk the country's cried out for leadership leadership the key to 9 is leadership that brings us together leadership that can recognize pain and deep grief of communities that have had a knee on their neck for a long time donald trump is turning this country no battlefield riven by all resentments and fresh fears he thinks division helps in his narcissism has become more important in the nation's well being that he leads i ask every american i mean this is a bottom or ask every american look at where we are now and think anew is the issue we are on are after that speech president trumpet his wife visited
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a shrine in washington d.c. the president didn't speak to the press as he posed for pictures just outside the shrine altering the late roman catholic pope john paul the 2nd it's the 2nd day in a row that he's visited a place of religious significance his visit to a church on monday caused well control the scene to say the least let's go live now to washington our white house correspondent kelly helka can tell us more well what was the the visit to the shrine all about today. well this was a fishley to lay a wreath in was to honor religious freedom but the criticism has been that for a 2nd day in a row the president has used these religious backdrops as photo opportunities to advance his political ambitions even reelection in november and in fact that has gotten a sharp rebuke from the washington our bishop who says i find it baffling and reprehensible and a catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused pope john paul
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the 2nd was an ardent defender of the rights of human beings he would not condone the use of tear gas for a photo op in front of a place of worship in peace and to be clear that did not occur there was no clearing of protesters around the shrine to pope john paul the 2nd but that did occur on monday evening in front of st john's episcopal church the 1st of those 2 events where there were peaceful protesters in advance of a curfew the riot squad essentially put in fired tear gas in order to clear them so the president could walk across and pose in front of st john's episcopal church and that has been inviting a lot of criticism not just from those in the religious community but also the mayor of washington d.c. who called this an inappropriate use of military force and now we're getting a sense of what that military force looks like not just in washington d.c. adrian but around the united states we know that 18000 national guard have been deployed as a result of a decision by this president to support at the call of some governors the law
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enforcement in $29.00 states in washington d.c. an additional $1500.00 added but what that looks like at times was army black hawk helicopters swooping down very low flying low over top of the protesters almost hurting them so that they could be arrested for violating the curfew we know that there is an also increased presence around the pentagon bases in the washington by . all tore metropolitan region at one point even the chair of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley was spotted surveying the troops if you will making sure that the deployment in washington d.c. was going as planned now the u.s. president for all of this despite the criticism he is defending the red head beheaded response in fact he's calling for many cities that are still experiencing violence in the evening in contrast to the days peaceful protest to call in the national guard and the violence that is occurring towards police officers in cities
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like st louis new york and also buffalo he calls those people responsible lowlifes and losers about i can tell you that there is already protesting that is underway in washington d.c. we've heard as we can also tell you that the fortification around the white house is intensifying with an additional barrier chain link fence being erected around the white house campus in parts to try and keep not only the staff safe inside but to quell the violence from the outside our white house correspondent kelly how could reporting live from washington can be many thanks let's get the thoughts all steve clemons and it's a blog for the hill he's also the host of a serious the bottom line you've got the president threatening to bring in martial law branding protesters lowlifes and loses all domestic terrorists you've got his presumptive rival in the embassy election looking every inch the elder statesman talking of reform reconciliation and peace the gloves a woman surely all off on but as far as the elections concern no. i think the
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gloves are off and i think. that americans are appalled by. but there are armed very few republicans at this point who are criticizing the president in strong terms some have said they wished he hadn't said what he did but we now know that there are senate democrats trying to pass a resolution condemning the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters and that the republicans in the senate are likely to block that resolution so as you and i have discussed adrian there are more and more of the spoils being set up where one side that can say don't use violence against your own citizens versus in other side it is acquiescing to the steps taken by the president drama all of this is going to feed into the political climate as we face the november election and i you know someone asked me how long this is going to go on
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and i don't see it ending until the election i see us in this kind of crisis now for many months ahead he's obviously playing to his political base but just how large is that base that is the country still. fairly divided along political lines. yes i mean i think it will the public is divided but it's not divided down the middle he has about 32 percent of the american public it wavers between $32.40 but right now it's at about 32 percent and that means that whether there are democrats whether they're political independence they are going to have to determine which way it goes in right now we're seeing joe biden with a nationwide lead of more than 10 points over president trump as we face the election and we see biden leading trump in almost every battleground state it's important to look at the battleground states because it is those 10 states where
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the election is likely to be fought out and those states and where they go matters most those have been states that gave the election last time to president trama over hillary clinton so right now it's not tilting towards president trump's direction but he sometimes he somehow believes that this muscularity this is very very tough approach. be as declaring himself the law and order president is something that will rally people to his cause save good started many thanks indeed steve clemons there in live in washington protesters from across the united states a continuing to take to the streets to decry police brutality demonstrations and more than 350 cities many of them planned by the group black lives massah along with police forces national guard troops have also been deployed in at least $23.00 states to handle the protests bill de blasio condemned an incident in his city on monday night in which 2 officers were injured after being struck by
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a truck during protests but will not tolerate violence of any kind we will not tolerate attacks on police officers we will not tolerate hatred being created. a police officer was hit by a car yesterday appears to be quite purposeful that's unacceptable police officers shot at unacceptable that does not move us forward anyone who does that is a criminal not a protester we can not move forward in less we stand up together. kristen salumi is asked a protest in new york kristen strong was from the bad but what's he doing to get the city under control how a demonstrator is likely to respond. yes while the mayor has announced a number of new steps he's extended the curfew for the city of new york making it
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longer running at 8 pm and 11 hero who did it last night. redeploying police force 30 as needed and unity leaders to get involved to do in his words created here. but he's under a lot of pressure and facing a lot of criticism right now speakers at this event here in the protesters that i've spoken to are saying that they will respect this new her few but they're not going to stop protesting and as one of the women here told me there's a lot of groups involved a lot of different people with the mayor described as opportunists taking advantage of the situation so with so much as you can see grassroots support for this movement continuing the demonstration are promising to continue but there's a lot of talk here at this event about respecting the law and respecting police officers so that the message is not under my but as i said a lot of pressure that the mayor is under after those attacks on police officers
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and also looting downtown in the merchant district of new york some of the iconic stores that you so see it with new york macy's in the big shopping district were looted and burned overnight so there's a lot of concern among business leaders in town and a lot of criticism. including from the governor of new york he said that police did not do a good job here in keeping things under control he said he believes they're capable of doing a good job but that it seems to we're not handled out last night so the mayor again lengthening the curfew tonight we can no longer curfew that will keep more people inside and help them get this under control. of serious person salumi reporting live there from the protest in new york many thanks indeed to kristen. 6 police officers in the u.s. city of atlanta been charged with aggravated assault for using excessive force during a protest on saturday bodycount footage captured them dragging
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a fair of college students from a car and tasing them throughout the incident the students can be heard asking what's going on both of the offices of been released on bail. weather update next here on our syrup then leaving on a jet plane or perhaps not as the boss of qatar airways tells al-jazeera to take years before the industry gets back to normal. it's a bubble and some of us describe how the coronavirus is eating into a vital crunch call. hello the same very warm in fact even hot across areas of the middle east and touches all set in the next few days we have been very calming down of course from the north but look at this that's right wednesday 46 in baghdad 47 celsius in
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kuwait a 45 in doha it is dry say the breeze is very likely going to shot across areas of turkey and we're still watching this system here wednesday and thursday this is a system that produces the trench rains into and the southern area of man has been working its way into yemen over the last few days it will still sit in the forecast on thursday to get heavy amounts of rain it could well lead to some localized flooding event look at these temperatures 49 celsius in kuwait on a thursday and 120 degrees fahrenheit and then further to the south into southern africa no temperatures quite like that of this fossa we have seen streaming by south africa in the last few hours we could even see wanted to showers along these coastal areas but it's mostly fine and dry more showers some heavy rain in some of northern areas of madagascar and then the usual very well scattered rady through these central regions rather heavy across into a gap on and cameroon just across into these areas of. areas as a say staying on a dry across much of the south.
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frank assessments to resume the home straight ahead in. what's been the result is he touching gotten quite significantly and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs right. washington.
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hello again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour u.s. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden has condemned donald trump's response to protests over the death of a black man in police custody is accused the president of making the country's divisions worse for political gain. president trump has visited a slide on ring a late roman catholic pope the archbishop of washington d.c. has condemned that saying the places of worship should not allow themselves to be used in such way. thousands of protesters from across the united states continue to take to the streets to cry police brutality curfews that opposed to the number of cities and exuding in new york for the 1st time in 17 years. the european union has condemned the use of excessive force by police in the united states foreign affairs minister joe sapporo says that the e.u. is shocked and appalled at the death of george floyd. we have to be sure everywhere
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especially in societies where job based on the rule of law democratic representation and respect for freedoms liberties that. people who are in charge of taking care of the older are not using their capacities on the way that has been used on these very very unhappy . death of floyd. by what and this has to be just a really big noms as we combat. interstates and everywhere protests against police brutality are happening outside a courthouse in paris that's despite the police banning the demonstration over fears of corona virus infections they want to draw attention the protestors that is to the case of adama trailer a 24 year old black man who died in police custody 4 years ago let's go live now to
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that process as soon as the tension. is there in paris the tasha tell us more about the trail the case. was no doubt. resonated with the protesters who were chosen to gather here outside this courthouse in paris is a symbol of justice if you know it just as the people here say that they have been deprived now the protesters below them are you surprised the family of young backpacker from a trailer. home depot you saw them 2016 what you can might increase custody police say that he got over fixation that's been established by the autopsy report they say that it was linked to heart problems. it was a form of accident however his family and have said that the police tried to cover up the. questions about exactly what happened to the young. and that is why people have come out here to try and call for justice to repeat the fact that over the
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years nothing's been done in their eyes in terms of this investigation the family of independent investigation into. they say that the police need to give them. how big an issue is police brutality there in front. of me frankly people having a crowd behind me no i think you say if you. can forgive me 5 police i'm not. ok so i think you know some of the suburbs around big cities including paris that you're much more likely to be stopped and apple identity checked to be treated they say unfairly and if you remember back in 2005 widespread on the rest 3 weeks of follow since i got to run from that was sparked by the death
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of 2 teenagers one of move african heritage young african heritage and imagining being chased by a policeman so the ongoing issue is something that people talk about again and again the people here who come to this protest say they want change the seeing what's happening in america and they feel inspired to call for that sort of change here as well how does there isn't a special bottle life there in paris natasha many thanks indeed. the world health organization was concerned that it would be kicked out of china if it pushed beijing too hard on vital information during the early days of the pandemic that's according to an investigation by the associated press which says the data could have dramatically slowed the outbreak internal recordings reveal that the world health organization was frustrated at the lack of cooperation from beijing but the un agency continued to praise china publicly throughout january as a means to secure more information about covert 19 china refused to release the genetic map or genome of the virus for more than a week after that fully decoded the information beijing only released that data
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after it was published on of the roma just websites and it took a further 2 weeks for china to provide more information on patients and cases david i xander is a professor of risk and disaster reduction at the university college london he says it's not clear if data sharing earlier data sharing would have stopped the virus from becoming a global pandemic. it is important i think that china was slow to provide the necessary information and that is not uncharacteristic of the way china behaves in these cases it tends to be suspicious and conservative and not to want to share things unless there is a clear good reason to do so richard tends to find out as time goes on on the other hand there's clear evidence that many governments were slow to act when they had enough information and let's also bear in mind that we had the scenario for this
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pandemic for mobile in 10 years and then thought what was happening was really following a pattern that was pretty well known now the full extent of that and the full sirius's this of that could not be known even with the information that the chinese had although it perhaps could be know a little quicker if we all collaborate mole moreover this is a case of sars and the last major case of silos 2003 to 2004 was only stopped from being a pandemic of this seriousness by concerted international collaboration officials in bangladesh have confirmed the 1st covert 19 deaths among rohingya refugees a 71 year old man died in the long camp which is home 260-0000 displaced rangar from myanmar he was among the 29 people who tested positive last month 15000 refugees up and put under quarantine louise donovan is a spokesperson for the u.n.
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high commissioner for refugees she says that there is an urgent need for more testing in order to stop the spread of the virus from spreading in the world's largest refugee camp. raef been preparing for this for several months for 3 months we've been aware that the pandemic is spreading the numbers have been increasing in bangladesh and we've been preparing with the government and with on monetary and partners and as you know the 1st case was was confirmed just over 2 weeks ago and since then there are 29 contract cases and in the meantime in that period we've also managed to open 2 facilities and which will be used to serve and to care for patients with their most severe symptoms of these are called as severe acute respiratory infection isolation treatment facilities now there are another 9 of these facilities that are under construction so we're hoping that they can be completed in the next 3 weeks am another issue that we really need to focus on is increasing the amount of testing being done to ensure a reduction of the transmission and they actually go testing up in cox's those are
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has just received a new p.c. or testing machine from the world health organization so we're hoping to increase the number of attacks per day from 200 to 500 the c.e.o. of cattle airways says that it may take years before his airline can resume flights to all of its destinations are says but social distancing measures across the industry result in increased ticket prices nobody can say the future what that will happen i not that the travel is today but of out of the any so we will travel people in such having a son as there is a vaccine not a treatment yes it will take longer to get back to the 2019 traffic growth that we were really looking at huge growth in our what network and passenger numbers i think that it may take to us it may take 4 years.
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but. we will get back and we will be back to the size we were in 21000 and you can see that interview in fall on talk to our 0 which airs 1st on thursday june 4th 1630 hours g.m.t. . crucial for zimbabwe's economy it brings in foreign currency which helps with cash and fuel shortages past the coronavirus pandemic is making that more difficult . in the farming village of beer trust. isn't having much luck with his tobacco after more than 15 years of farming he's only managed to grow one hit to the season he blames years of drought and now the coronavirus pandemic that's led to lock downs and travel restrictions. of groups we can only send one percent to the ocean floors to sell for us even if we are not here with a price we can't argue with you because we were not there to negotiate prices for.
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tobacco is the 2nd biggest foreign currency earner after gold lost the country and nearly $800000000.00 exporting mainly to china and europe now because of covert 19 international buyers can no longer get. many small scale black tobacco growers acquired land seized from white commercial farmers 2 decades ago it was part of the government's controversial land redistribution program before its controversial land reform about 20 years ago we had roughly 2000 commercial farmers growing tobacco now there are tens of thousands of them by most a small farmers some plotting as little as i have. already in an economic crisis long before the pandemic it's dead serious means the government can't borrow enough money from foreign lenders for a bailout many of those lenders lack confidence in the political leadership people
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rather bring equipment to zimbabwe knowing that least with equipment it can get to the people versus the major challenge so it's an issue of confidence are we confident enough but give me being more government money that. is really big question is. about 300000 farmers stockpiling their tobacco until global lock downs and an international travel regimes they say only then might they be able to salvage something the season. al-jazeera beatrice. now during the lockdown in the philippines capital manila thousands of essential workers resorted to bicycles after public transport was shut down as restrictions begin to hoping that that cycling habit will stick around the reports. gridlock has long been a way of life in one of the world's most good just cities most of the routes in manila are packed with nearly every type of vehicle and it is anything but friendly
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to bike. but for andrew o'malley who works as an emergency doctor in manila choosing to use his bicycle is an act of defiance 4 years ago he ditched his car and got a bicycle he says it has made life easier a particular move their commute costs me 45 minutes so when they started writing me by it was cut down to 15 minutes and i realized. i could save lot more time even sneak in some exercise along doing. so he invited us to cycle with him on his way to work through. the t.v. you have the programs for how do you know but like for so many people here biking in manila requires attention and strong navigational skills. would have and his wheel had a flat tire. and inconvenience but he says he doesn't mind since he
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doesn't live too far away from work. biking in manila often means navigating through its busiest streets a journey often fraught with peril but the transportation ban imposed by the government has forced many here to embrace cycling to get around commuters here spend an average of at least 16 days a year stuck in traffic advocates see the government has to change the way he sees urban planning we often. the science infrastructure and the science policies to make sure that the wave of bikers that's about the part that bikers are safe because otherwise if we have an increase in the bikers without the c b then we can see definitely a big wave a big increase of road crash tests cyclists here tell us the lockdown has made biking a much more pleasant experience here for the past few months but not for long the
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government is using its restrictions and millions of filipinos are going back to work but public transport is still limited that's why many advocates here believe more people will now be cycling. they say it's the perfect solution in a post pandemic new normal. biking is good for the environment physical fitness and yes even social distancing. similarly dog at al-jazeera manila. it's great to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden has condemned donald trump's response to protests over the death of a black man in police custody he's accused the president of making the country's divisions was a political game. became 3. machine
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breeze. george stories last words if you didn't. you still being heard include all across this nation. they speak to a nation where. just the color of your skin you put your leisure drish the country is crying out for leadership. leadership the key to 9 is leadership that brings us together leadership that can recognize pain and deep grief of communities that have had a knee on their neck for a long time donald trump is turning this country you know battlefield riven by all resentments and fresh fears he thinks division helps in his nurse this is the most become more important in the nation's well be that he leads i ask every american i mean this is the bottom or ask every american look at where we are now and think you knew this issue we are president trump has visited
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a shrine to ordering a late roman catholic pope the archbishop of washington d.c. though has condemned the move saying the places of worship should not allow themselves to be used in such a way thousands of protesters from across the united states continue to take to the streets to decry police brutality curfews have been imposed a number of cities including new york for the 1st time in 17 years 6 police officers in the u.s. city of atlanta been charged with aggravated assault for using excessive force during a protest on saturday already count footage captured them dragging a pair of college students from a car and tasing them throughout the incident the students could be heard screaming with asking what's going on both of them both of these students have been released on bail but others of the headlines more news. that's days inside story next.
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adding fuel to the fire defiance and alfredo to donald trump threatens protesters across the u.s. said he could deploy be on the deal with them but is that they also to growing public anger and will this speech give it more momentum this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm convinced many a calling for a healing speech from president donald trump tackling racial inequality and police reform head all those the demands of many protesters who are outraged by the death
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of black american george floyd at the hands of a police officer to several months all of the worst.


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