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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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when the british had to draw a line they pulled the 7 to that they have been to india before al jazeera examines the guy look at the india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these neighbors partition is of blood. we could be forgiven for believing the precious words of. our it in french. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden condemns donald trump's handling of the nationwide police brutality protests meanwhile president himself visits a catholic shrine despite growing criticism that he's using religion as a political tool. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up
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the 1st confirmed covert 900 s. is reported at the world's largest refugee camp in bangladesh and we look at the coronavirus coming after years of drought is crippling a vital cash crop in zimbabwe. hello welcome to the program u.s. democratic presidential candidate joe biden has donald trump's response to nationwide protests over racism and police brutality accusing the president of fanning the flames of hate it's been a week since rallies erupted over the police killing of unarmed black man george floyd in minneapolis biden has criticized trump's visit to a church near the white house on monday when authorities tear gassed protesters to clear the area. with peaceful protesters. disturbed in order for
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a prisoner to. the pressure from the doorstep of the people's house the white house using tear gas and flash grenades going to stage a photo all of federal one of the most historic churches in the country or at least in washington d.c. . we could be forgiven for believing the president's words in the tower that in principle. were just serving the passion it was based on the. people is clear and the visit to a religious shrine on tuesday has also drawn criticism trump and the 1st lady visited a shrine in the capital on during the late roman catholic pope john paul the 2nd the catholic archbishop of washington d.c. criticize the move saying it's reprehensible that places of worship would allow themselves to be misused in such a way. well
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a white house correspondent kimberly how he joins us live now from the white house so kimberly of course when we last spoke just under 24 hours ago we had just seen the president leave the white house and walk to another church after protesters had been cleared one reaction has there been today to the to those events of late monday night. well there's been widespread condemnation of the president's actions essentially using heavy force and tear gas to clear protesters for what we later learned would be a photo opportunity not only as a condemnation of that action but also of what we saw earlier just the last few hours you read there the condemnation by the washington archbishop that is you pointed out sound it baffling and reprehensible and not in the spirit of pope john paul the 2nd who was an ardent defender of human beings and would not condone the use of tear gas for a photo opportunity in front of
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a place of worship well this opinion has been kind of acco by a very prominent democrat i capitol hill house speaker nancy pelosi who have this to say. that the president of the united states would. follow the lead of so many other presidents before him to be a healer in chief and not a. fan or of the flame and yesterday we saw a most unfortunate situation where before the curfew the time of the curfew occurred peaceful demonstrators in front of protestors in front of the white house were beaten. some people came out and beat them to the could clear the area. so the president could come out and go forward what is that. and kimberly the area was obviously cleared up on the monday and then barriers were put up earlier today is anyone protesting outside the white house that the
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president trump has made some pretty thinly veiled threats if the protests continue . absolutely and i'll just set the scene for you and if i appear a little distracted it's because right now the media is highly interested in what's happening in lafayette park right now what from what i can see it it really is the sort of movement of the troops once again getting into position after another very heavy handed response anticipating another night of protests and to answer your question yes the protests are continuing they have been growing louder with each hour and now it appears that there once again is potentially going to be another clash one that the mayor of washington d.c. mariel bowzer has already called with regard to the response on monday evening an inappropriate use of military force just to give you a sense of what that was like on monday evening across the united states it was 18000 national guard troops in 29 states including the district of columbia with an
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additional $1500.00 and i can tell you for residents of washington d.c. there was the sound of blackhawk army helicopters circling overhead for hours at a time swooping down very low on the protesters almost hurting them if you will so that they alternately could be arrested and once again we anticipate that there could be a similar response outside the white house that condemnation very loud with regard to the president's actions of firing tear gas on what the mayor says was peaceful protesting people exercising their 1st amendment rights but the u.s. president for his part has defended his actions saying that what happens after sundown is not peaceful protest but rioting but what he calls low lifes and losers that resulted in violence against police officers in a number of u.s. cities las vegas st louis buffalo new york city so in anticipation of more social
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unrest the u.s. president has criticized governors who have not called in the now. gard urging them to do so in a statement from the attorney general bill barr saying that there will be in washington d.c. specifically and even greater law enforcement resources and support in the region tonight the administration saying the most basic function of government is revive security for people to live their lives and exercise their rights and we will meet that responsibly sponsibility rather live for here in the nation's capital sorry he did not say live that was my addition i could read my own handwriting i think there's one more point that we need to make in all of this is i keep an eye on what still seems to be both sides just kind of protesting and standing by watching on the part of the forces that are in the park beside me donald trump was criticized by the democratic presidential nominee at least the presumptive one joe biden for fanning the flames of racism and donald trump in just the last few moments has
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tweeted a very strong tweet pushing back on that suggestion these fanning the flames of hate saying my administration has done more for the black community than any other president since abraham lincoln once again the u.s. president using very strong inflammatory language that many have said is sort of incendiary and fanning the flames if you will of the division of the social unrest that he seeks to calm can really help with the latest from the white house for the moment kimberly thank you. but in new york city now we're sauza and people are marching through the streets demanding an end to police brutality the mayor has extended the nighttime curfew until sunday christmas louis joins us live now from new york chris and of course like most places in the states most of the demonstration peaceful there have been some incidents of violence and donald trump has effectively asked the new york to call in a national guard. he has indeed asked for the national
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guard to come in and deal with the quote losers who conducted some looting in the city last night looting took place in midtown manhattan and also areas of the bronx although as you said overwhelmingly the demonstrations that were going on for the last 6 days this is the 6th day now i have ben peaceful there were hundreds of people gathered here earlier you can see behind me that they've come back and gathered again they're now blocking the street in front of the federal courthouse here in lower manhattan but the mayor is very resistant to calling in the national guard he has said that history has shown that this doesn't work well he didn't offer a lot of specifics there but he says that the. n.y.p.d. is better trained to handle protests and looting and events of that sort but he's facing a lot of criticism and
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a lot of pressure about that now because many businesses were damaged and fact the governor of new york andrew cuomo has spoken out against the mayor and his handling of the situation in the police handling of the situation cuomo did say that he thinks the police are better equipped to handle it then the national guard he agreed with the mayor on that front but he said if the police are properly managed and deployed listen to what he said the n.y.p.d. and the mayor did not do their job last night i believe that. second you have 38000 anymore the people it is the largest police department in the united states of america you 30 a 1000 people and protect property you the police protect. property and people looked at the video
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it was a disgrace now as far as protesters are concerned i've talked to several of them here today and i've listened to several of the speakers the ones at this event have been calling for peaceful protests calling for calm they're saying that violence will undermine the message of reforming policing in america will undermine. everything that they stand for basically and so we are seeing organizers calling for peaceful protest but some have sympathetic for the looters as well saying that there's a lot of frustration and feeling like they haven't been heard and so they were somewhat sympathetic the mayor to deal with this is taking the curfew back he's starting the curfew at 8 o'clock in the evening and it goes until 5 am in an effort to try to contain the situation the mayor is saying that the police will crack down
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on looters and hold that curfew in line but he acknowledges that there's a lot of. individuals out here don't represent the movement which he's been taking great pains to support and they can't control everyone but they will be on the streets in force tonight. salumi with the latest from new york he'll be monitoring the developments there for us for the moment thank you and that australian news crew are the latest members of the media to be attacked by police during the us protests against racism and police brutality. lol. prime minister scott morrison has asked for an investigation after a camera and was punched by an officer during a live broadcast police across the united states have been criticized for pepper spraying attacking and the wresting accredited members of the press. the family of
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george floyd meanwhile has accepted an offer from the former boxer floyd mayweather to pay for his funeral may the mayweather will handle the costs of the service on june 9th in floyd's hometown of houston he will also pay for memorials in minnesota and north carolina. voters in 80 u.s. states and the district of columbia are taking part in primary elections to choose their pick for the race to the white house president donald trump is likely to face the presumptive democratic nominee that's former vice president joe biden but many states have postponed their vote until now because of the pandemic political hanan joins us live now from persons village in maryland so fatty there were fears the coronavirus would affect voters but what is turnout been like so far.
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well it's just going to be easy for me to tell and here's why because nobody thought that the election would look like this just a few months ago everybody wearing masks and they have all these. procedures in place to make sure people are socially distance only so many can go in and on time to vote but in maryland they do something different normally you have to show up to vote or you can in some cases ask for an absentee ballot but the republican governor of the state he sent out ballots to pretty much everyone in maryland ever interested voter so what we're seeing is a lot of people still goes out in advance and you can mail them in or they were dropping them in that box behind me so there are fewer polling places which is why i'm telling you it's very hard to tell usually in a primary because really think about it just vote in the for the republican choice of the democratic choice to go against each other november usually there is an honest and pretty high turnout it might be that there are fewer polling places but i can't remember a time in recent memory where there was this much traffic at the u.s.
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primary vote so it'll be interesting to see when the numbers come out but again we don't expect any huge surprises when it comes to the vice president and pat if you and i have had this chat a week ago i would have said well surely all the issues have been overshadowed by the coronavirus or is now i guess a week on the masking at all the issues being overshadowed by police brutality and protests from what you can see what are the issues that people are voting on. well this is definitely to be a referendum on u.s. president donald trump and i've been speaking to voters both democrats and republicans and democrats say this handling of these police crackdowns and these peaceful protesters for the most part that they are just fired up even more because they see the president is really stoking racial tensions to make his base happy the same time i talked to republican voter and he said for him it's all about immigration he thinks the president did just as much as he could when it comes to the coronavirus and the economic fallout and then he claimed the protesters for the
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police act. so you're seeing people really dig into their political identity that said the president's approval numbers are falling quite a bit they're really quite down quite a bit and just last couple of weeks so this election will definitely be a referendum on u.s. president donald trump and how he's handled all of the different crises. tickle him with the latest there from burtonsville in maryland passing thank you. still to come in this half hour latin america's rapidly rising coronavirus. as concern there grows and claims the world health organization was scared of being kicked out of china. pushed beijing hard for vital information.
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we got some changes going on in the weather across europe as we go through the next couple of days we've started to lose that warm sunshine for western areas cold front making its way down across the british isles that will sink the south was staying on settlements rules yes but at least it will start warm up as we go through the next couple of days have been struggling to get as double figures in moscow for example who get up to 14 celsius ok it's going to be wet and windy at times but at least those temperatures are on the rise to show us a little bit more widespread across a good part of europe as we go on through wednesday as you can see in that northerly wind started to set in london 19 celsius on wednesday if you're lucky you'll touch 40 stiffening breeze makes its way across the northwest of you have quite a bit of the raw and that's no bad thing we've had a drought in belgium recently germany and poland have been struggling with the rainfall will see some heavy rainfall over the alps all night is so that always brings with it and avalanche risk a few showers making the men to northern parts of italy the southern areas if you
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have that's where we're going to see the best of the sunshine but there's always a chance of the old shallow not too many showers across northern parts of africa warm sunshine coming in through through here we will see further showers around the gulf of guinea and not in the way further north with lots of wet weather for west africa. on the atlantic coast of west africa. communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster of threatening people's lives on land and at sea. al-jazeera world expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human era. on senegal sinking villages. the
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a. reminder of the top stories now on al-jazeera us them across presidential candidate joe biden has slammed donald trump's response to nationwide protests over racism and police brutality he's accused the president of fanning the flames of hate president trump has pose for photographs at a shrine honoring the late roman catholic pope john paul the 2nd the archbishop of washington d.c. has condemned his visit the same places of worship should not allow themselves to be used in such a way. and thousands of protesters across the united states are continuing their demonstrations a week after the death of george ford in police custody curfews have been imposed
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in a number of cities including in new york for the 1st time in 17 years. officials in bangladesh have confirmed the 1st coronavirus from a to death among range of refugees the 71 year old man died in the long camp which is home 260-0000 displaced ranger for me and why he was among at least 29 people who tested positive for the virus last month 15000 refugees have been put under quarantine the united nations as warned of a severe impact in the overcrowded camps sheltering more than 800000 people louise donovan is a spokesperson for the u.n. high commissioner for refugees she says there's an urgent need for more testing inside the world's largest refugee camp. we've been preparing for this for several months for 3 months we've been aware that the pandemic was spreading the numbers have been increasing in bangladesh and we've been preparing with the governments
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and with on monetary and partners and as you know the 1st case was was confirmed just over 2 weeks ago and since then there are 29 contrived cases and in the meantime in the period we've also managed to open 2 facilities which will be used to serve and to care for patients with their most recent times with these are called severe acute respiratory infection isolation treatment facilities either another 9 of these facilities that are under construction so we're hoping that they can be completed in the next 3 weeks and the other issue that we really need to focus on is increasing the amount of testing being done to ensure a reduction of the transmission and the actually tensing up in cox's those are has just received a new p.c. or testing machine from the world health organization so we're hoping to increase the number of tests pretty from 202500. coronavirus infections continue to rise in latin america with more than 1000000 confirmed cases across the region most are in brazil which has the 2nd highest number of infections in the world now
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almost 30000 brazilians have died after contracting the virus cases have also spiked in chile and peru the spike strict lockdown measures but some countries including mexico colombia and venezuela are starting to ease restrictions and reopen their economies well our latin america editor lucien un is live outside a hospital in cheerless capital santiago associate in chile what is the government doing to prevent things getting worse and are the hospitals like the one that you're in front of right now are they still able to cope. with the government. coming up with no i.c.u. unit every single day because the need for for emergency room care to deal with this. soaring number of cold patients just keeps increasing and increasing at this hospital there seem to be doing ok at least we saw a patient just go in a few moments ago and he didn't have to wait outside for hours sometimes up to
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a whole day which has been the case in other hospitals here in the capital and so it is a desperate race against time today the health minister gave out the latest report a record number of people have died of cold here in the capital and these numbers are also increasing all around the country so it's it's just that many believe it's just a matter of time before we reach what they call the last bed and when people will have to start to decide who they have to save and hold they don't rather which patient is more likely to survive i think that's the better way to put it and this country has as most of latin america had 2 months to prepare unlike for example italy and spain but what's gone wrong is that even though they've they've instituted quarantines all over people just can't stay home because of the economic situation in this part of the world people living hand to mouth and emergency aid
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from the government just hasn't come soon enough to keep these people at home it really is a tragic situation where you describe very interesting but unfortunate seems to really be happening in peru where hospitals now do seem to have to decide who lives and who dies tell us more about the situation in that country. absolutely it is you know when you were mentioning brazil it does have the highest number of of infections and of mortality but it to the largest country so if you take up by one into the population of peru it has certainly one of the highest mortality rates now from the government said that there were 4500 people who had died and of report that just came out today suggests that it's 3 and a half times that because of the way that they're measuring it and that would seem to explain why the hospitals just simply are not coping anymore there are people dying are trying to get into the hospitals there's not enough oxygen i'm being told
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and in some hospitals precisely which is what we've just been describing the the doctors and the nurses are having to decide who they should give that last respirator to and who will just simply not be able to survive this and so it is a very very serious situation indeed and it is a country where 70 percent of the population lives day to day hand to mouth so these people simply cannot stay in the house and they've also shop in markets of the government is under. a lot of criticism for its handling of the situation and everything indicates that it's going to get a lot worse and a dreadful decision for the doctor is the have to me as well when it comes to return our latin america and if you see a human life for us to this capital santiago you see. well china has reportedly delayed releasing vital coronavirus information to the world health organization according to a.p. beijing south of the genetic map of the virus for more than a week all this happened whilst the world health body publicly prays that the
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chinese government betray you has more now from the capital beijing. now this report threatens both the credibility of the world health organization and of china after trolling dozens of interviews and internal documents reporters from a.p. found that china was not forthcoming when it came to providing information about the virus during the early days of the outbreak that it stalled in terms of providing the virus genome to the public and also many world health organization officials were kept in the dark it also said that publicly world health organization spokespersons praised and lauded chinese china's efforts but only in an attempt to coax more information out of the government now this flies in the face of the line that we've heard from china's foreign ministry for the past few months and indeed from president xi jinping himself who has said that beijing has always been forthcoming transparent and responsible when it has come to providing the international community with information about the pandemic and providing the
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world health organization with information as well president xi jinping has said that he promises to contribute true $1000000000.00 to the organization over the next 2 years but at the same time the report also goes against what the trump administration is saying it has accused the world health organization of colluding with the chinese government now it seems that they did praise and they were biased in their public opinion of china but it seems that the reason for this was very different to what it appeared to be to the public. landslides of killed at least 20 people in india's northeastern state of us some children are among the dead and at least 7 people have been injured homes and people were buried in the after days of heavy rain in the baraka valley region rescue teams are now looking for survivors. well after years of drought and now a global pandemic zimbabwe's government hopes the backup production will provide
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some economic relief the country opened its the back or auction season last 2 months while most of the industries have stalled the during lockdown aside i'm with us of reports now from the farming village of beatrice the backhoe is and bob was 2nd biggest earner of foreign currency. he isn't having much luck with his tobacco after more than 15 years of farming he's only managed to grow one hit to the season he blames years of drought and now the coronavirus pandemic that's led to lock downs and travel restrictions noting what groups we can only send one person to the ocean floors to sell for us even if we are not here with a price we can't argue with you because we were not there to negotiate prices for ourselves. tobacco is a 2nd biggest foreign currency earner after gold lost the country and nearly $800000000.00 exporting mainly to china and europe now because of covert 19
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international buyers can no longer get. many small scale black tobacco growers acquired land cease from white commercial farmers 2 decades ago it was part of the government's controversial land redistribution program to force controversial land reform of our 20 years ago as above we had roughly 2000 commercial farmers growing tobacco now there are tens of thousands of them by most a small scale farmers some plotting as little as a help to zimbabwe was already in an economic crisis long before the pandemic its debt arrears means the government can't borrow enough money from foreign lenders for a bailout many of those lenders lack confidence in the political leadership people rather bring equipment to zimbabwe knowing that least with equipment it can get to the people best major challenge series an issue of confidence are we confident enough but give me being more government money. what it is burning is really big
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question is. about 300000 farmers stockpiling their tobacco until global lock downs and an international travel regimes they say only then might they be able to salvage something the season. al-jazeera beatrice. and you can find much more on that story and everything else the we have been covering on our website al-jazeera dot com. here the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. them across a presidential candidate joe biden has slammed donald trump's response to nationwide protests over racism and police brutality by then accuse the president of fanning the flames of hate a week since then stray sions erupted over the death of george floyd in police custody in minneapolis by then also criticize trump's visit to a church near the white house on monday when authorities tear gassed protesters to
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clear the area when peaceful protesters disturbed in order for a president to pressure from the doorstep of the people's house the white house using tear gas and flash grenades learned to stage a photo off. a photo on one of the most historic churches in the country or at least in washington d.c. we could be forgiven for believing the president is more interested in the power that in principle we're just serving the passion it was based on. the people is clear. well an hour after biden spoke president trump pose for photographs at a shrine honoring a late roman catholic pope the catholic archbishop of washington d.c. criticized the visit saying it's for a prehensile that places of worship what allow themselves to be misuse the in such
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a way. meanwhile thousands of protesters across the united states are continuing their demonstrations a week after the death of george floyd in police custody curfews have been imposed in a number of cities including new york for the 1st time in 17 years. in other news officials in bangladesh have confirmed the 1st coronavirus related deaths among range of refugees the 71 year old man died in a camp home 2 in a camp home 260-0000 displaced from me and why 15000 refugees have been put under quarantine and current a virus infections continues to rise in latin america with more than 1000000 confirmed cases most are in brazil where almost 30000 people have died cases of also spiked in chile and peru there's a top stories the stream is that makes looking at the u.s. protests against police brutality.
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i am free in a cage just this weekend across the united states there were protests against police brutality. if. i. had to have was to. have i. mean. we have each individual woman and i definitely want to have room for the most inhuman things i've seen.


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