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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2020 11:00am-11:30am +03

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this is a moment for pretty much the opposition to retreat from the world to see that every generation has its moment this war is ours. the end. of the family at the center of america's unrest a call from the mother of george freud's daughter of the charges against all 4 officers links to his death. and justice because he was. and a more mass defiance of curfews across the u.s. thousands protests against racism and police brutality. the end. i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up on the
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rainy and scientists returns home after being released from detention in the u.s. we have the latest from tehran and the heartbreak is still wrong we speak to a sudanese father whose son was killed a year ago in an attack on a pro-democracy setting. the air . care fuse remain in place in many of america's biggest cities after another night of anger people have defined the orders to protest against racism and police brutality after the death of george floyd in minnesota where floyd died in police custody just over a week ago the mother of his daughter has held an emotional news conference roxie washington says he was a good man and father john hendren has our report from minneapolis. a week after george floyd's death little spark that left american cities in flames
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roxy washington is demanding justice you know on the bed is not apple. he with. well we're ads away he will never walk down. echoing the crowd of protesters at the sight of george floyd's death floyd's family wants all 4 officers involved in his detention to be charged with a crime. and for me of killer light because that one justice. justice for him because he was the norm out of well in about it sure. and this is the proof he was the good. at the state capitol in st paul were thousands of protesters meant to keep the pressure on their
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government. minnesota's governor says he wants justice and he's launched a discrimination probe into the minneapolis police department to get the investigation will review in p.d.f. policies procedures and practices over the last 10 years to determine if the department is utilized to semi practices towards people of color the governor says he wants the protestors to know their heard what we keep hearing from protesters on the street is that they don't trust the police they want the police to stop discriminating against african-americans and even black professionals tell us what happened to george floyd here what happens if any one of them a need to change the system in the more recent arliss say they experienced discrimination on a daily basis but they worry most about their children encountering police i worry a lot. they're young adults. they're trying to stay positive and be productive in their everyday life. law abiding citizens
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but unfortunately we. can't change your complection or you're in the city. you don't always get an opportunity it's a theme heard over and over at the site known as the george floyd memorial they come not just for george floor but for those who might come next. john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis and in america's capital protests have been much calmer he has more from washington d.c. . the big difference for tuesday's protests outside the white house was the construction of this 8 foot fence and it really has had a calming influence it has to be said on the nature of the protests because it's almost as if they are to combat troops effectively who are lined up against the protesters being kept at a safe distance from us there's a lot of the provocations that he was saying on previous days where every now and
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then they would lash out without warning with pepper spray flash bang grenades and so on and today always so every now that arrives at the extra half an hour before the curfew they did come forward and pepper spray through the fence problem unless they do come forward every now and then but i tried to stay stay where they are do nothing and retreat once more that's led to the ability of the protesters to peacefully protest without provocation the provocation or seen over previous evenings it there is that sense that perhaps librium has been found and now having how the photo opportunity of the day before a certain number of protesters will be allowed to peacefully protest have a vigil calling for justice following the death of george floyd there's one other interesting thing here that this is the toilet. that was graffiti we had to interview from august by the defense secretary and he was also why did you go to st john's church which is just opposite us actually we take a look at why did you go to why did you accompany donald trump and he said oh i
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didn't know we were going to i just said i was going to inspect the toilet. it's interesting to see the defense secretary distance himself the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who is in his combat fatigues also just from the want to sit on sky which is so controversial in the outside world at least in the white house i think it was a huge public relations to him all the success in addition this time last night here in d.c. we were seeing military helicopters blackhawk helicopters buzz protesters flying just above the rooftops trying to scare away protesters a classic counter and. you see tactic now i've been told that the you see the national guard because bombing officers call for inquiries or distance loose or also with of tactics being used or more among very large things are much go much used owners well more now on what the us defense secretary has been saying about trump's visit to st john's church in an interview with the american news network n.b.c. mark aspers said he expected to inspect the damage church and talk to the troops as
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were also says he had no idea protesters were forcefully cleared from the park for trying to make his way to the church. by full photos with a bible in hand at the damaged building now one of the more striking protests images from the past few hours was a sight of thousands of people marching onto a busy road in the city of portland in oregon they lay face down on burnside bridge with their hands behind their backs for 9 minutes in remembrance of floyd in new york city police began making arrests soon after he came into effect thousands of people pouring onto the city's streets in the early evening man bill de blasio has refused to bring in the national guard saying it will only worsen the tensions in los angeles has been a standoff between police and protesters. the
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demonstrators sat on the ground and refused to move despite violating the city's curfew many have been arrested al-jazeera is rob reynolds is in the sanjay this where the overnight curfew is still in place. the curfew here in los angeles has been in effect for several hours and at this location there are a number perhaps a 100 or more protesters who have now been detained by los angeles police if i'll step out of the way and you can see that people are waiting in line some are seated each one is sort of being guarded by a police officer they are. waiting to be transported to jail where they will be charged with a misdemeanor offense breaking curfew it's not a serious offense but it is something that is useful from the perspective of the police in order to clear people off the streets a few moments ago people here were chanting they were chanting black lives matter
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here they were chanting say is name george floyd they were chanting no justice no peace and they were speaking obviously making a political statement so you have here the determination of the police department on the one hand to maintain order clear the streets enforce the curfew and on the other hand the equally strong determination of these protesters to make their statement make their political statement by deliberately breaking the law in an act of civil disobedience. for the protest movement in the u.s. has seen solidarity online a montage of black images have been posted on social media sites on the hashtag blackout the concepts spread from the new sic industry with some major companies pledging to suspend business and people in its are and are also showing solidarity
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with the black lies matter movement and 10 of 800 showed up at the u.s. embassies branch office some said they wanted to end racial discrimination in their own country alice to have joined in the. meant as well and have drawn attention to what they say is the aggression of israeli forces protesters in the occupied west bank gathered outside the church of the nativities lighting candles for george floyd and iyad out how to act on a stick and artistic palestinian man who was killed by israeli police last saturday . we came to show our alliance with the oppressed in the world against injustice against the u.s. administration that oppresses black people against the israeli occupation that oppresses the palestinian people now and to other world news a in any rainy and scientists who was released from a u.s. prison has arrived home. he was acquitted of charges of stealing state secrets in november but he was held under immigration custody over an expired visa the u.s. and iran have denied his spot of
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a prisoner swap let's get the latest with say invest in tehran for a sane and long road home for us. that's correct ali this gentleman was detained and has been in u.s. custody since 2016 is trying to get in 2018 he was found innocent of wire fraud he's a fraud as well as stealing state secrets just last month and since last month there's been a lot of discussion and debate about how to get him back to iran iran has been calling for his release criticizing the american government for not doing enough to protect him from being infected by the coronavirus in their custody in the custody of immigration and customs enforcement agents but the americans have said that iran has been slow rolling that the processes that need to be taken care of to return this gentleman back to his home they said that they question the legitimacy of citizenship that we americans said that they had to shoot him a valid passport for travel several flights that were booked by the americans had
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to be canceled because of closures to take over 19 spreading across the world but it seems now just earlier a few days ago the foreign minister started to say that he would be home soon a job out serif iran's foreign minister on his instagram page just yesterday said that he would be on he was on a plane had on his way home and this morning on state media we saw photographs of him arriving landing back in iran and embrace in his family so mr sears i was curious ordeal is now over he's back home in iran scientist of material scientist professor of material sciences based at sharif university in athens back on home ground zain academics seem to be a target by both governments. that's correct you know in the time that we've been working here it is really interesting to see that there is still in there that governments may not be talking there are academics here working in iran that have either been trained in the united states or have colleagues in western and american universities to exchange ideas all the time even though they may not agree there is
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a great deal of exchange of ideas and thoughts there was some work being done by a science university here during the coronavirus pandemic to try to come up with a breathing machine and they were getting some support from universities in the united states so there is that collegial atmosphere between academics certainly easy to do want to social scientists friends but when it comes to nuclear sciences or material science or biological sciences we've seen examples of how they can become sort of playing cards in this political game between the united states and iran and get examples of that in 2019 to the sort of money visiting scholar in minnesota it was released and returned to iraq he was arrested in 2018 is a professor of biological sciences he was on his way to the united states to do this install arrested upon arrival he was exchanged for a chinese american academic who was being held in iran on accusations of espionage a nuclear scientist who disappeared in 2009 in mecca to return to iran in 2010 she
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heard a shot and shot beery had had a very different experience but he came back there was a great deal of fanfare in 26 when he arrived but in 26 and i'm sorry that was found guilty of us spying for the united states and he was executed by the iranian government so there are a lot of complications when it comes to these kinds of exchanges between the 2 countries thank you very much for that same that's arriving in tehran as to the head on al-jazeera. what initially gave me the idea what it was really ice cream trucks and food vending trucks serving the people one doctor's mission to help black americans during the coronavirus pandemic and lessons from the pandemic the south korean capital shares his experience with 40 cities around the world.
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hello there things are changing across western europe it's being fine dry sunny and very warm but i would say that is set to change the cloud is a base of a give away but it's been a very nice day certainly. in germany some good to sunny skies no sounds nice into southern poland look at this a huge amount of snow impacting the tatra mountains of course higher elevations very unsettled cross the region some heavy amounts of rain of course in this cold air it turned to snow now is staying very unsettled throughout much of eastern europe some heavy rain pushing into western and southern areas of russia and then the rain working its way through much of the u.k. some cold northerly winds coming down the same time just 18 degrees in london not a bad day in paris at 27 but that does change dramatically by thursday a drop of 10 degrees very unsettled that cold all the wind extending across western europe very heavy amounts of rain to through france and in particular cross into were basically on the line of the house we could of course have some snow despite it being the beginning of june so away from their father to the south that is fine and dry we have seen one or 2 often in thunderstorms across northern areas of
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africa but as you can see throughout wednesday time it is a pretty a pretty good 26 in tunis we could just see want to stray north an average of geria on towards tunisia some a story really on thursday some showers pushing into morocco with a high of 25 across into rip at. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infection in the last few days. of the neighborhood and many feel the economy is being tired college cut out for human life. of the poor come here to the caucuses and they are here because i can pocket money to fix we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus and then special coverage on al-jazeera. new london.
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the a. pair again a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera they have been a few are reports of looting and violence in the united states as curfews remain in place across many cities in portland demonstrators lay face down for 9 minutes on a busy road in remembrance of george freud the mother of floyd's daughter has held an emotional news conference calling for justice walks he washington says ford was a good man and that all 4 officers at the scene should be charged and in other news any ring in scientists was released from a u.s. prison has arrived home serious as gary was acquitted of charges of stealing state secrets in november but he was held because of an expired fisa. has turned to other world he is now in sudan's transitional government has yet to deliver justice to
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victims and families a year after a violent crackdown by security forces more than 100 people were killed and 700 were wounded the uprising so president omar bashir removed from power here morgan has our report. it's been a year since his son arbaaz was killed yet father and his family can't bring themselves to open his closets to clean out his belongings he was killed in a deadly raid by sudanese military on a pro-democracy sit in at the army headquarters in sudan's capital hot zone and now the few belongings he leaves behind are what the family cherishes most. we found out he was shot in the attack when someone saw the video on social media and told us he would lift the house when he heard about the attack then he went to the hospital to look for him we didn't know he was did until we started searching in the hospital then we had to begin the long process of filing cases of the police station to receive permits to bury the body. this video was taken moments after 27
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year old our bus was shot. the june 3rd attack brought an end to the september started in early april it was what prompted the military to overthrow the country's longtime president armadale bashir after months of protests after he was ousted the sit in continued as protesters demanded the military hand over power to civilian rule witnesses say the attack which was led by the paramilitary rapid support forces on the unarmed protesters was a total onslaught at least $120.00 protestors were killed on the day of the attack on the sit in but they were not the only atrocities recorded rights groups reported women and men were raped and sodomized and witnesses reported bodies being thrown into the river and many who were present on the day of the attack remain missing but a year after the attack some have criticized the committee and say the investigations are slow and just as is being delayed. when we took to the streets in december 28th seen we demanded freedom peace and justice saddam can't go forward without peace
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and freedom but more importantly it can't go forward without justice back in the room that was once have basses his sister says the government needs to remember the price paid by many to bring it to power i will have and i'm going to hand the government came to power through blood people sacrificed their lives and now there's no justice that has been delivered the people on the streets haven't forgotten what it took and more move on without that justice and accountability accountability that one year on since the attack remains elusive for families who've lost their loved ones he will morgan al-jazeera heartsome. british prime minister boris johnson says a u.k. could offer millions of people in hong kong a route to citizenship if china imposes a controversial national security law that says another bill banning insults against the chinese national anthem had its 3rd reading in the legislative council it's one of a series of bills seen as an escalation of beijing's control over the territory critics say the proposed laws could be used to silence dissent. a group of
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pro-democracy activists are calling for a global alliance against a law they say goes against the one country 2 systems framework which promises hong kong extra freedoms activist joshua wang says 7 european nations and the e.u. have already spoken out against the bill but more support is needed. we built our right to increase europe feeling the need to be the leaders on the national security likely to be very important to join the school to be sure i do wish everyone in the room with the right holding it's already cracked and it's coming out explosive. or china's foreign ministry has full can out against what it says is foreign influence over hong kong calling it a threat to the city's stability and prosperity a spokesman criticized comments by british foreign secretary dominic robb who on tuesday. to reconsider the security law. the coronavirus
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crisis now and there are now more than a 1000000 cases of covered 9000 across latin america brazil peru and chile have been the worst hit and now many countries are taking a 2nd look at their official death toll which health experts say has been underreported a lot america tennesseean human rate for some santiago. in chile is capital soldiers and armored cars card to trucks while boxes of food and cleaning products are delivered directly to people's homes to ensure they can remain indoors until you have. to have us at home lost our jobs 2 months ago so this is a big help it's the 1st we've received from the government since the pandemic started after $76.00 days of partial or total lockdown hospitals are close to collapsing covered 19 infections and deaths keep rising in part because it's been impossible to enforce confinement this fall vox's are certainly welcome but they're
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not enough to pay for the rent or even cooking gas and other government emergency aid has been slow in coming and so no amount of pleading or even threats of fines has been enough to keep many people at home and for not going out to work especially in local neighborhoods like this one where the infection rate is highest . in neighboring peru nearly 3 months of lockdown hasn't prevented an explosion of infections the country already has the highest death toll in south america after brazil and i have our own american hero mary i've lost 2 brothers and a month but i'm glad they're not suffering any more because of the pain may head. now a new report that compares to 2 stickle data over the last 3 years suggests that the number of cold related deaths in april in may could in fact be more than 17003 and a half times higher than the health ministry figures i asked the. man who published
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the study how this was possible. for america many people who died at home or on the way to the hospital or even at the door of the hospitals which have collapsed were not counted others had respond retore failure is the cause of death even though this was caused by coronavirus. regardless of how the death tolls tallied that no american is now the epicenter of the pandemic and yet it's not all gloom. in havana a young opera singer lifts the spirits of health workers and neighbors alike. while thousands of kilometers away chileans applaud the arrival of a box that will also make all this a little bit easier to bear to see in human al-jazeera santiago by the u.s. governor dean is disproportionately killing african americans to make matters worse testing for the virus is scarce in poor largely minority neighborhoods but one
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doctor in new jersey is addressing that issue given elizondo went to meet him. trying to stop the spread of corona virus not from a hospital but from the back of a van it's the idea dr alexander salerno who is offering mobile testing for 1000 infections as well as antibodies taken in medically salerno when a family health clinic for 30 years was dismayed by the inaction of authorities and the near nonexistent testing in poor communities hit hardest by the virus he took matters into his own hands and spent more than $40000.00 to set up a pop up clinic his team tests more than $100.00 people a day in economically depressed neighborhoods of new jersey what initially gave me the idea it was really ice cream trucks and food bending trucks because you know in urban areas. trucks are very much part of summer time and so we came
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up with the idea of let's do a mobile cobra testing van. is not everyone could get to a doctor's office and they really shouldn't be going to emergency rooms and hospitals for testing because that really created a major backlog so it's kind of like bring the testing to the people this is a high rise apartment of senior housing everybody that lives here is elderly and particularly vulnerable to cope at 19 many don't have the ability to go very far to get tested and now they don't have to they just walk out their front door to doctor salerno. get their tests done and the results come back within 48 hours and he turns nobody away even if they can't afford to pay burnous holmes was trying to get tested way back in march but the site was an hour away in a wealthy community and he could never get an appointment and i'm going to want to
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have more they 1st site was in bergen county and we can and we couldn't go over there to get tested. i had to wait it came over here close because i'm here in the storage proving all it takes to get tests for people who need of the most is a place to park gabriel's on al-jazeera east orange new jersey. now as corona virus restrictions start easing many countries are looking abroad to understand different responses to the pandemic some shut down immediately others had a more relaxed approach now mayors from 40 cities are sharing their experiences as rob mcbride free for some soul city hole in soul linking live to the major cities of the world in an unprecedented response to the global pandemic so this man inviting his fellow man to prepare for a world changed forever post corwin's is totally different world we
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face nearly complete due world so we should make more effort to change everything. from his office park one soon has led the city's response to the outbreak just as he oversaw the fight against the deadly mers epidemic 5 years ago i think corp and so we did it is the most important in overcoming this disease so slow decided to share all our missions and wisdom wish war acquired through the use or murders and this. as soon as koby dying teen was 1st detected in south korea in january seoul the dop did a double strategy of transparency being completely open about the scale of the threat combined with a rapid response seoul has an active monitoring system to respond to outbreaks of disease from overseas effectively looking for threats even before there is one so
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when kobe had 19 came along the city was ready mass disinfection of public transport and spaces distribution of masks to the most vulnerable and imposition of social distancing mass testing and tracing a system that has been able to contain subsequent clusters of new infections souls' message is that the world should emerge from this wiser environmentally and with a greater respect for the natural forces around us in tom's law and the pen the only issues we have. because we are tense really. but in same time in the open cities. or new innovations with cities now home to half the world's population and growing it seems people will have to take on board the lessons learned from this pandemic before facing the next problem
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bride al-jazeera sold. and as always much more news on our site at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on there on the protests in the united states says well as the coronavirus pandemic of course al-jazeera talk. to em again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera they have been fewer reports.


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