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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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detailed coverage confines it's ok to be middle of the deep in between china and the united states from around the world or the government close to bankruptcy many say such initiatives will not be enough to deal with what prime minister has found warns could be a major food crisis. new charges are brought against all the police officers involved in george choice death with more protests calling for justice across the united states former defense secretary james mattis accuses donald trump of trying to divide america and denounces what he calls a militarize response to the protests. and fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up maybe as un
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recognized government says it's taken complete control of the capital after months of fighting against war little tiny 5 talk. hong kong's legislature votes for a law abiding the national anthem a chinese national anthem despite protests inside the chamber. thank you for joining us all 4 police officers involved in the arrest of george floyd in the united states have now been charged in connection with his death the charges against the officers seen kneeling on freud's neck have been elevated to 2nd degree murder while the 3 others are accused of aiding and abetting his actions floyd samnee say it's a significant step and as john hendren reports from minneapolis protesters on the street say it proves the movement can deliver results. for the crowds feeling. street here and across the u.s.
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a sign their demands are being heard i filed in a minute complaint 3 charges the charges former minneapolis police officer derek shaaban thoughts murder in the 2nd degree through the death of george floyd for officer derek show been who was seen with his knee on george floyd's neck the charge was increased from 3rd degree murder to 2nd degree alleging floyd's death was intentional is seen they are forces make a difference they are listening to us they see what we asking for money any good will be asked for the rest goes be officers and they were minnesota's attorney general announced charges for the involvement of the other 3 officers in floyd's fatal arrest filed a complaint filed charges fleece officer king laying in town thought with aiding and abetting murder in the 2nd degree for floyd's family it was the justice they've been demanding. i'm happy did all of us of being arrested. must have not been
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killed like this we deserve justice. but for many it is just a beginning. george floyd's family and the protesters have achieved their short term objectives but their long term goals are systematic change they're here today for george floyd so they don't have to be here tomorrow for someone else as one city after another across the u.s. rebuilds from fire and rebellion in the streets of floyd family lawyer says changing a system that allows the killing of one unarmed african-american after another will take time the protesters did not start these past a burning it was police brutality and a racist from want to jeff this this the best start of these 5 burning in america and the only way to extinguish these 5 years is to happen nice accountability equal justice but i know minnesota's governor. begun by charging through our police
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police with human rights violations triggering an investigation into races practices that goes back years the messages now and here in minnesota for the last 5 days come back to the issue at hand which is the systemic issues and the stomach racism and the lack of accountability up and down our society that led to a date time murder of a black man on a street minneapolis. at the george floyd memorial site many say the charges against 4 police officers won't bring protests to an end they just show why the demonstrations need to continue john hendren al jazeera minneapolis or former u.s. defense secretary james mattis has denounced donald trump's handling of the protests accusing the president of trying to divide the country a common followed every view from the current defense chief who said he was a pollster trumps idea of sending in the military mike hanna reports from washington. the protesters are once again out in the nation's capital
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gathering in the percentage of the white house and now familiar scenes but in the course of days of demonstration there have been unprecedented sights military police deployed alongside law enforcement units at the president's instruction military and national guard helicopters flying low over crowds using the down drop from rotors to cause people to scatter a tactic often used in iraq or other zones of foreign u.s. military deployment the president has contemplated invoking the insurrection act as seldom used law introduced in the early 19th century that subject to certain conditions could allow the domestic deployment of the military in the event of civil unrest or insurrection this strongly opposed by the secretary of defense the option to use active duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire of situations we are
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not in one of those situations now. i do not support invoking the insurrection act president spokes person brushed aside the secretary's comments president has the sole authority to invoke answer action act it is definitely a tool within his power this president has one singular and it is protecting america's streets we cannot have burning churches we cannot have police officers who are shot we cannot have businesses that are looted and destroyed the insurrection act is a tool available the president has the sole authority i mean if needed he will use it earlier sources at the pentagon announced that armed military units that had been deployed near the city were being sent back to their home bases but this decision was reverse stopped of the secretary of defense held a meeting at the white house and armed soldiers remain poised for immediate deployment of the president so desired then an extraordinary statement to former defense secretary denounced the president for dividing the nation esteemed general
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james mattis resigned in december 28th after a serious policy disagreements with president trump he refused to comment then saying he would when the time was right now he's condemned the president for as he puts it ordering troops to buy a leave the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens and he continues donald trump is the 1st president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the american people does not even pretend to try instead he tries to divide us we are witnessing the consequences of 3 years of the deliberate effort we are witnessing the consequences of 3 years without mature leadership. heavily on national guard troops deployed on the steps of the lincoln memorial a graphic image of a society divided putting troops against a city and its residents they are meant to say. mike hanna al-jazeera washington.
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and more than $10000.00 people have been arrested during these protests over a quarter of them in los angeles the city's mayor is reversing a planned budget increase so its police force in an effort to appease the protesters eric garcetti also announces lifting the citywide curfew and his introducing new regulations that will require police offices to report inappropriate use of force by their colleagues the mayor says a commitment to change is needed with action and not just words. in other world news libya's u.n. recognized government says it has full control of the capital tripoli after fighting with forces loyal to warlord highly for have time after launch an offensive to take control of tripoli just over a year ago fighting continues but government officials say they have to has also lost significant ground in areas close to his stronghold after horner. had has more from southern tripoli. they have recaptured areas in southern tripoli
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after a day push to help us forces back to the big city of the city of the huna in fact have started forces have been now have been driven out of all the administrative borders of the capital let tripoli including this air force which has been inactive for the past 4 years as you know have to those forces took control of this airport last year and from here they were launching airstrikes and also rockets to target the government forces locations in many locations in southern tripoli and also there is additional areas in southern tripoli but the government forces say that there is still a problem facing them which is the landmines are planted by have sort of forces and also by the russian medicine is from the bagnall group who have been fighting alongside have some supporters they have been planting many than the mines in the areas they was go from in southern tripoli including it is additional areas and as
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you know for you that we reported that many civilians were killed or wanted by landmines when they tried to return home i mean the civilians who have been displaced by the fighting the situation here in the airport even very tense also despite the fact that the government forces are in full control of the airport they say that have those forces. there is still try to target the litigations with grad and mortar rockets. hong kong's legislature has criminalize insulting china's national anthem earlier several pro-democracy politicians were kicked out of the negative council chamber where the bill was being debated under this law those considered to have misused or mocks the chinese national anthem could be sent into up to 3 years in prison the vote coincides with the 31st anniversary of the men square massacre. bring in our clock in hong kong for is so sorry this controversial
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law has been approved finally how is it likely to be received. will certainly be divided has just happened it has been passed we had $41.00 people vital support this particular bill and one person is against of course the pro-democracy law mike is that stained or boycotted despite what this particular bike does what this bill does it's a controversial bill it criminalizes the mocking or ridiculing of china's national anthem and if you are found guilty you face up the trees and the $6000.00 fine not earlier on thursday and that's the concert we saw a number of quote democracy lawmakers trying to delay and disrupt proceedings the truce of some sort of brown liquid in the chamber and as a result there are victims now that justify the journey for some time and it was became razor why they did this to try to spur disrupt the proceedings and to light its fight but we now in the last few minutes we see this fight. fight and the bill is now law and the fight for civil rights in fighting this particular law for some
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time to set forth a future and a question encroaches on hong kong's freedoms but carolan chief the chief executive here in hong kong said last week that she wants to prioritize this bill and she wants a passport and clearly that's what happened today this vote is no doubt going to raise more fears star over the team's tightening controls are hong kong and this is coming in a very important day the anniversary of the 10 men square massacre but the vigil has been banned this year why. it's the 1st time in 31 years of this particular vigil to mock most of the lives lost in tenements crammed during for 990 knots the 1st time it's been banned the reason why the government said doing this is because the private 19 social distancing rules at any gathering of more than i people in public has been banned as a result and we have trade 1000 police to point in hong kong across the city on thursday to try to enforce the span and of the mine area where this vigil which normally attracts over $100000.00 people annually and it's all been sealed off we
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have police have surrounded that particular area we have heard that potentially some protesters may try to find that van and china into that area but at this stage the support for the organizers of calling for the online rally you might never see a body behind me this is one of the various been set up across from home a number of them with people who come inside a petition and show their respect but certainly this year 2020 is the 1st time the that you haven't been to a place on chinese soil the question holds is it so if the 1st time in 51 years it's been bad thank you very much for that sour clocking hong kong forests let me search the 9 students and teachers have been injured in a knife attack at a primary school in southern china state media say a security guard carried out the stabbings in the province of one g. has since been a rest so though his motives remain unclear 3 of being injured including the head teacher and student are said to be in critical condition. still ahead on al-jazeera the coronavirus death toll in both brazil and mexico soared to
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a new daily high thus how an economic blockade spread qatar to rely less on imports and produce its own food on its. how there are still plenty of showers right in the southern philippines and down through the east is of sort of ways the west papua for example those would have a gap over borneo itself to the west that there probably is the monsoon starts to gather and the winds change and take the rain with it that's the concentrated rain from sumatra right up to thailand and me in my particular and certain the western side of borneo with a scattering of showers the east java gets a few but not that many there is tops indicate where the heaviest showers are likely to be is the forecast it's not going to be exact but the monsoon rains of course all things that dri driving the rain in asia at the moment bangkok is seeing
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is typical whether it's humid every day there is on storms every day and they are slow moving that australia obviously offices season at the moment we're watching usually weather windy weather coming through the by the immediate fuchsia looks fairly quiet it's only breezy in been probably a bit more than that in hobart both at about 14 and remark there were 2 showers only coast of queensland up in the tropics and perth is still enjoying about $24.00 degrees as the cloud comes and goes but it's a pretty quiet picture otherwise in fact new zealand is rather living up to it's nate's windy and quite often wet and in christchurch only 9 degrees. but. as bombs continue to rain down on afghanistan civilians are paying the ultimate price they are completely forgotten and no one is listening to these people while those responsible operate with impunity this is about owning our
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mistakes this is about things science is about accountability in a nicely unaccountable war as anyone from the us military been in touch with you since then no no not for klein's investigates afghanistan civilian loss in the us air war on al jazeera. the end. there watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour the police officer who knelt on the neck of george story in minneapolis in the united states is facing a more serious charge of 2nd degree murder 3 other officers on the scene have now
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been charged with aiding and abetting met. gong's legislature has criminalize insulting china's national anthem earlier several for democracy politicians were removed from the legislative council chamber as the law was being debate. and levy is a un recognized government says it has full control of the capital tripoli after fighting with forces loyal to warlord highly for half time the government of national accord says it has also retaken and abandoned airports in 7 tripoli. moving on to the coronavirus crisis in mexico has recorded its highest number of coronavirus tests in a single day it reported 1092 fatalities on wednesday more than double the previous day's figure the country also saw a record surge in new infections john hellman hallman is in mexico city and he
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explains why the figures are so high. mexico has just broken the 100000 case mark and also the daily death toll for corona virus now the government explained that the death toll was actually for one day it was late over a larger period of time as results came in but one thing is for certain and that's that the number of corona virus infections and the number of people dying from this is increasing in the country rather than going down and that's a bit of a problem for the government because they were thinking that the peak to this would be about 3 weeks ago and that hasn't happened it's also a problem because the country has been gradually reopening from the 1st of june now at the moment it's meant to be only essential activities and essential industries and people are really meant to be going out in public now in the more affluent parts of mexico city where we are now you can see that that's been largely a bait in the working class parts of the city it really hasn't been we've been in
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places where there's been a lot of people out in the streets a lot of them need to go out to earn their living that's what they've been telling us but that could cause a problem in terms of the hospitals we're in an intensive care unit just yesterday and there they were telling us that they're worried about this for opening because they think that the hospitals could get more and more such rated until they can't cope especially if the curve hasn't yet been flat and the last thing to say about this is that the country's president and his mother were lopez obrador is himself actually on tour so he is definitely not staying home and there's been questions over what sort of message that sends 2 of the mexicans. brazil has also reported its highest daily number of coronavirus tests as a pandemic antony's to take a toll on not america's worst affected country and number of cases in the region has been growing steadily but some governments have already started lifting restrictions on the amputee has more. some of brazil's famous beaches have reopened
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although not everyone is heading there more drive through test sites for corona virus have popped up across the state of religion nato just as many hesitantly make their way back to work. no more mail to i don't think it's time it businesses and other things i think we should wait a little more but we're brazil's economy tanking some think the opposite is true industrial production in the country fell by almost 19 percent in april the biggest drop on record so president. hu's powerless to lift lockdowns once again criticize the restrictions still in place. what's happening with these measures the poor becoming miserable the middle class are becoming poor everyone in brazil is becoming the same and it seems they have no idea when this will end supreme court left decisions in the hands of me is a governess yet the already record high 19 deaths are still on the rise and the
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numbers of infections is expected to double by the end of the month yes. it's terrible we haven't even reached the peak of the pandemic and everything is open it's all about money. elsewhere in the region the tories are stepping up testing as their economies restart in the peruvian capital lima health care workers are knocking on doors to test informal workers don't see this we understand that many people live day to day that they need to go out for their survival for this sustenance. but controlling the spread of the virus is proving hard across latin america chile is extending its strict lockdown for at least another 7 days the daily rate of deaths there has doubled in a week. but as the region grapples with a deepening crisis many are trying to help the worst off some of us trendiest
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restaurants have reopened their kitchens to prepare meals for the poor who must make do without their usual informal jobs offering a lifeline and some relief to those who needed the most allison the m.p.a. to al-jazeera are an update on the situation in libya where the internationally recognized government says it's taken complete control of the capital tripoli let's get the latest with. who's at airport in 7 tripoli and inactive what i believe in south in tripoli so what more do you know about the situation in libya's capital who controls what. we'll fully what we know for certain is that the government forces are now in full control of this airport this is the old inactive international airport plus they have also managed to push back half of his forces beyond the administrative borders
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of the cabbie to learn really in many many confrontation acces witnessed the major advancement for the government forces over the past 24 hours now the government forces say that the are preparing for a fresh of siv to move on the city of south of the capital tripoli which as the government forces for the past few months the government forces also say that the battle for this airport was fierce battle and it took a long time remember half of those forces took full control of this airport for the past year and from here the used. its facilities and the concrete he took shield in the concrete buildings here in this airport and they used its facilities to target in many occasions in southern shipping the government forces say that of early capturing get the this airport they advance it further south and south east to get
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sort of been a shaded area and they also already captured the center of gus a bit of shaded area one of the strongholds of have to his forces the used in southern. ok so only one small town yeah i was going to ask you the significance of all this mahmoud what does this mean for the bigger battle for for libya. well it's clear that help for those forces are more losing momentum it's amazing it's a major setback for have those forces this is there's been clear especially after the withdrawal of the bag no medicine regroups from the russian. group the medicine to ease the russian mercenaries have been also helping have sort of forces advancing in many areas in southern tripoli over the past year in fact they are accused of planting land demise which is the major problem for have for the government forces and the advancement in southern tripoli in the land mines it
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landed why the russian medicine is in many areas in southern tripoli including their neighborhoods and this poses a threat not only for the government forces but also for the displays civilians who cannot wait to return home as you know fully that we reported before that many civilians were killed and one did as they try to return home by land mines planted by house of us forces and by the russian mysteries in many areas in southern tripoli ok now the government forces are engaging in confrontation with have towards forces in the vicinity of the city of about 70 kilometers south of the capital tripoli the major stronghold of have those forces have have those forces lose in in the laws the whole west of libya with the possible exception of a small town in the mountain in the western mountain about 120 kilometers south of tripoli the town of all of. the thank you mahmoud for that update.
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correspondent in libya updating us on the situation as the government of national accord now says it's in full control of the capital and the world health organization says 2 more ebola cases have been reported in the democratic republic of congo earlier congolese health officials recorded a 2nd outbreak of the virus after 6 cases were confirmed in equity her province a country had been preparing to declare south ebola free after an outbreak in the east said killed at least 2000 people since 20. now friday marks 3 years since 4 nations imposed a blockade on qatar prior to the diplomatic standoff 40 percent of the gulf nations overall imports came from its neighbors since then the government has invested in food production and technology also reports from doha this is one
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of the 3 food storage facilities in qatar. is a half a 1000000 meter space here the government stores rice oil condensed milk and feed for livestock. because our does not have the ability to produce these products for a number of reasons including its temperatures which can reach 50 degrees celsius in the summer months but there are many food items that can now grow itself to meet demand. this is one of the areas where he has achieved that a farm in the north of doha supplying vegetables all year round these greenhouses are set up to cool down the temperature and humidity to produce tomatoes mushrooms to cumbers and plants among others. prior to the 2017 blockade imposed by 4 arab countries that closed the land border with saudi arabia qatar was importing nearly 90 percent of its food supply now that figure is substantially
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less 2 years back the local production did not exceed for the fruit and vegetable did not exceed 10 percent today we are almost 30 percent so i think it's just a matter of time since the technology is available and the know how available locally then there's nothing to stop us from reaching our targets. as one of the hottest most arab countries in the world trade and relations with other countries are critical to making sure there's an adequate food supply year round while qatar certainly has plenty of food its dependency on what imports had its limitations and that's what western countries focused on it's the message production and since the blockade it has managed to produce enough very and poultry products to meet demand . this dairy factory is one of the biggest in the country opened in 1986 it used to produce 15 tons of dairy products a day until 2017 now that figure is up to 85 tons
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a day before a blockade is daily on daily as it was the employed to cut out of the data and use a product between 650 to 700 daily basis and bought from hogs like so many companies we need to improve and we need to build our legs inside them. the government has played a big role in helping local businesses grow well you go on at the mo t. to accomplish many programs and pass new legislation for the concept of strategic stock in october of 2018 we also help farmers with providing them seeds we increased greenhouses and offer financial assistance in the form of loans from the development bank the blockade of qatar which began 3 years ago is still in place despite numerous attempts by other countries to resolve the crisis but it's also presented a unique opportunity for the government here to rely less on food imports and more
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on local production door such a party al jazeera doha much more news as always on our website at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on the protests in the united states on their al-jazeera dot com. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera any not a states a police officer who nailed on the neck of george floyd in minneapolis is facing a more serious charge of 2nd degree murder 3 other officers on the scene have now been charged with aiding and abetting may day john hendren has reaction from minneapolis. where they live in the mood a little bit here and there was one of the children man's wish that all 4 officers face charges in the fact that the charges against mr sure gone was increased people were happy to see that because that means the charge itself suggests that killing
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george floyd was intentional that it wasn't premeditated but it was intentional the 1st degree charge simply meant that there was a reckless disregard for human life and the family in the protesters though that was not an appropriate charge. well former u.s. defense secretary james mattis has criticized chum's handling of the crisis is accused the president of dividing the american people saying the consequences are the result of 3 years without mature leadership libya's un recognized government says it has full control of the capital tripoli after fighting with forces loyal to warlord holly for half time the government of national corps says it has also retaken and abandoned their 14 southern tripoli. has the latest from southern should have. now been driven out of all the administrative borders. including this airport which has been
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active for the past 4 years as you know after those forces. last year and from here there were. air strikes and also rockets to try to get the government forces locations many locations in. and also it is additional areas in. hong kong's legislature has criminalized insulting china's national anthem earlier several pro-democracy politicians were removed from the legislative council chamber as the law was being debated this vote today coincides with the 31st anniversary of the tenon men square massacre and mexico has recorded its highest number of coronavirus tests in a single day it reported 1092 cases on wednesday more than double the previous day's figure those are the headlines for i insist next.
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to 0. on a saturday morning in kabul families gather to remember their loved ones killed during more than 40 years of conflict in afghanistan. this is the memory box exhibit. 2 families put together boxes like this to make sure their loved ones are numbered and put a face to the wars violent cost. of sports this service comes that should. then be forced into times. since the united nations began tracking civilians.


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