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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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with the capital now one of the world's most an affordable city one i want to use meets the families desperate to find a place to hold on al-jazeera. t.v. . d.v.d. . honoring george floyd the morial services are held to remember the african-american who died during a police arrest. and again i missed us here today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. navy veteran held by iran for almost 2 years is released as part of
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a deal that's all washington free and iranian scientist. another record high for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere despite reduced emissions because of the coronavirus time that it. got high there in bangkok thailand where the ever important tourism industry has been heavily impacted by kobe 90 but now the government is trying to position the country as one of the safest destinations in the world wants to finally opens back up. a memorial service has been held honoring george floyd the african-american man whose death and police custody sparked protests across the united states and around the wilds foid was celebrated by civil rights icons and family members in an emotional ceremony in minneapolis the city where he died john hendren reports. the minneapolis police chief took a knee as the hearse bearing george floyd passed
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a barrel of respect for the man whose death at the hands of his officers launched a national movement. inside a minneapolis memorial service george floyd was remembered as a family man a gentle giant who adored his 6 year old daughter giana now fatherless it's crazy. all these people came to see my brother and that's amazing to me that he touched so many people hawt. he was also remembered as the spark that set off often fiery protests in more than a dozen cities across the u.s. a movement the reverend al sharpton urged mourners throughout the country to continue it's time for us to stand out in charges made and say good job and meet. this crowd of hundreds of people didn't come with invitations they came to pay their respects to george for it and there's such
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a demand to do so that there will be multiple memorial services one in his state of birth north carolina on saturday another in his former hometown of houston on monday and then a funeral on tuesday. as the memorial took place a key demand of the floyd family was fulfilled 3 of the police officers who detained floyd in his final moments faced hearings for new charges of aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder the 4th officer derek children who knelt on floyd's neck saw the charges against him elevated from 3rd degree murder to 2nd degree a charge that suggests the killing of floyd was intentional but for those mourning the 46 year old man the charges mark just the beginning. of this going on. with the floyd nice to live soon as floyd family prepares to take him from his adopted home city for the last time the demonstrations that began when he uttered his final words i can't breathe continue john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis.
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tensions have eased and many says he is across the united states while demonstrations have continued they've been largely peaceful and some nighttime caffeine's have been canceled reports. large peaceful protests like this one at the martin luther king memorial in washington continued around the u.s. demonstrators are demanding justice for george floyd and other african-americans killed by police an end to police brutality and the dismantling. of institutionalized racism. rallies marches sit in and other forms of protest filled the streets in new york city in houston texas philadelphia and pittsburgh pennsylvania and charleston south carolina among many other cities there has been more fallout from the heavily criticized order for police to violently clear the streets outside the white house
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before president donald trump performed a staged photo of 2 republican senators broke ranks with following a scathing rebuke from former trump defense secretary james mattis who blasted trump for deliberately seeking to divide the country and undermining the constitution by threatening to deploy the military to crush protests general badasses letter was a stunning and powerful general mattis is a man of extraordinary sacrifice he's an american patriot general john allen the former commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan also harshly criticized trump stunt saying it quote may well signaled the beginning of the end of the american experiment unquote house speaker nancy pelosi sent trump a letter demanding to know what federal law enforcement agencies are confronting protesters personnel from agencies that never deal with protests have been thrown
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into the mix in washington raising an outcry in congress i think we know that many of the unmarked security. in downtown d.c. were bureau of prisons riots police begs the question why the hell are bureau of prisons riot police down working a protest trump spent time thursday conferring with his campaign team polls show him trailing democrat joe biden nationally and in key swing states new polling also shows americans disapprove by wide margins of trump's handling of the protests rob reynolds al-jazeera. has that jobs in the u.s. state of georgia has a role that 3 men charged with the matter of a black man there will go on trial bravest chased and shot several times by retired
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a white police officer and his son back in february they were only charged in may after a video of that shooting led to nationwide protests as well and he got to go reports . a mode aubrey was killed in late february after being pursued by 3 white men who believed he was a burglar the 25 year old's family say he was jogging when 2 armed men confronted him what happened next caused outrage across the u.s. gregory mcmichael a former police officer and his son travis stand accused of mr brees murder along with william bryan who filmed the shooting this was a preliminary hearing to decide whether the men should go to trial but evidence given by state investigator richard dial shed new light on the case dahl told the cool that william bryan hood travis mcmichael use a racial slur as a model lay dead on the street mr bryant said that after the shooting took place before police arrival on mr aubry was on the ground that he heard travis mark on my
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statement. it took $74.00 days for the mcmichaels to be arrested and only after the video went viral brian was arrested 2 weeks later the georgia bureau of investigation took over the case when local police and prosecutors declined to press charges and example say ahmad aubrey's family is systemic racism system and are burying the people of brunswick the system bend over backwards not to make an arrest to distort the facts and the law yet 6 no amount of breeze death led to protests in the place where he was gunned down is now a shrine that his mother wanted cooper jones often visits the day that i laid him to rest that was my promise that. that i will get answers that i will get asked if that was my promise that's the last thing that i told him that they have is for all their mama will get to the bottom of it the court was told that the more dobry was trying to escape from the armed men and when he realized he couldn't he decided to
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fight for his life the u.s. justice department is now launching a hate crimes investigation georgia is just one of a handful of states with no hate crimes legislation the mcmichaels a claiming self-defense the special prosecutor in this case says mr r. brady was chased hunted down and ultimately executed and he gallacher al-jazeera miami florida now a u.s. navy veteran has arrived in switzerland after being released by iran my whole wyatt's had been detained since 2018 and it comes a day after an iranian scientist arrived back in tehran after being freed from a prison in the united states victoria gate and the reports. a free man michael white arrived in zurich on his way home to the united states the u.s. navy veteran had been held by iran for almost 2 years i would do want to extend my personal thanks to president trump for his efforts both diplomatically and otherwise in making america great again and for what's going to happen here in the
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future white was released as part of the deal that saw washington free american iranian scientists sirus askari he's now back in tehran iran's foreign minister tweeted that another iranian american baiji to harry had to say be released from u.s. custody to go shooting with the iranians is never a linear process there's a lot of stops and starts we have to be very patient this is a regime that has been taking americans hostage for 41 years and our diplomacy has been successful and we're going to keep working at it it's the 2nd prisoner swap jail in 6 months in december eram released the u.s. the chinese american student held for 3 years on widely disputed espionage charges in exchange for the release of a detained iranian scientist president trump spoke to white once he'd landed in switzerland and tweeted his thanks to iran saying it was proof a deal was possible with 10 friends trump pulled out of the iran's nuclear cooled
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and imposed crippling economic sanctions he says he wants to negotiate a new deal tensions hit crisis point in january when a u.s. asteroid killed a rainy and general customs on the money near baghdad international airport the prisoner swap is a rare example of cooperation between tehran and washington but deep divisions remain victoria al-jazeera. well to the corona virus pandemic now and brazil has overtaken italy to record the 3rd highest number of covert 19 deaths in the wilds that's after reported a wreck or daily death toll for the 4th day in a row more than $1400.00 deaths were confirmed on thursday pushing the total above $34000.00 now brazil is latin america's worst affected country and president i have also has been widely criticized for dismissing the risk of the virus even saying on tuesday that death was everyone's destiny argentina has extended its lockdown until
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the end of the month as it struggles to control the spread of craven $1000.00 there and intrudes restrictions on movement and businesses in the capital when his aries but measures will be relaxed in some other parts of the country the lockdown has now been in place since march argentina reported its highest daily number of new infections on wednesday that total has now passed $20000.00 and there have been more than $600.00 deaths well world leaders businesses and philanthropists have raised nearly $9000000000.00 for worldwide vaccination programs organizers say the money will help immunize hundreds of millions of children against measles and polio it also includes deals for coronavirus vaccines for poor countries charlie angela has more. in the past 20 years one thing has reduced child mortality by heart that's vaccinations but since the current virus outbreak many countries have suspended their immunization programs putting 80000000 babies at
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risk preventable diseases like measles polio cholera and syria worse slowly being wiped out but the world health organization is now reporting outbreaks of measles in cambodia in the pool in clusters of cholera in ethiopia they refuse the hard won gains may be eroded we cannot exchange. group. we cannot afford to lose. and everyone has work so hard. we need joint concerted effort by accident nations track and there are many ways to do this world leaders pledged $8800000000.00 at a virtual vaccine summit to ensure $300000000.00 children between now and 2025 get the protection they need. to die is $300000000.00 australian dollars total it comes to mind also on the agenda how to make an eventual vaccine against covert 19
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available to those who need it most not just the countries who can afford it i would like to announce the launch of the covert 19 global vaccine access facility or kovacs facility as recalling it participating countries will receive access to a portfolio of vaccines procured by the facility and based upon an allocation framework and add a negotiated price the race to find a vaccine is unprecedented what usually takes 10 years is being attempted in 18 months to depart trees are pulling ahead of the pack with small but successful clinical trials oxford university is testing its vaccine on a 1000 volunteers while the u.s. biotech company done a announced its vaccine had already generated antibodies in 8 volunteers who have a does develop a successful vaccine stands to make millions despite calling for a new era of global health cooperation at the summit the u.k. and the u.s.
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have refused to back a w.h.o. initiative that would make an eventual vaccine patent free both countries have already reserved millions of doses of the future vaccine but the u.n. is warning against vaccine nationalism because with corona virus unless everyone is safe no one is safe. al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera all creatures great and small we look at the role biodiversity plays on our planet and the unprecedented threat it's now facing. and maybe is un recognized government says it's regained full control of the capital tripoli after a year of fighting the hot. head of the still very hot across much of the middle east on the arabian peninsula
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we've seen one of 2 bits and piece of travel to turkey and still we are watching this the remnants of that recent system which brought the flooding into southern amman is still continuing to impact these southern and western areas of yemen it should begin to push into the southwest of to go through friday if you will in the east was over turkey and then look at these temperatures again another 14 on celsius on the winds a little bit stronger there as you go through friday and saturday but it doesn't really help with the time which is another 49 in q $846.00 in baghdad and then you dropping to $44.00 in doha then down into southern africa plenty of activity through central regions out tools the gulf of guinea and as it is through friday the rains could be back in the forecast and some pretty strong wind sutton across the east coast as the tanzania opt into wards the kenya is mostly clear further to the south south africa enjoying a fine dry spell of weather but what we will sail saturday is the arrival of some rains into these southern areas particularly of mozambique they'll tend to become a little bit heavier later in the day and work their way crush each will central areas and all the while plenty of rain through eastern areas of madagascar but also
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the rains a heavy later in the day across the d.l.c. and it's a very heavy around the gulf of guinea and into coastal areas of nigeria. on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster of threatening people's lives on land and at sea. al-jazeera world expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human error. on senegal sinking villages. the.
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hello again i'm the stars here today and that's remind you of our top stories this hour memorials have been held in minneapolis and new york and on a of george showing trees killing sparked a nationwide outrage and protest the 46 year old black american died after a police officer and notes on his neck during an arrest. and a judge in the state of georgia has ruled the 3 men charged with the murder of a black man there will be put on trial of middlebury was chased and shot 3 times by retired white police officer and just son back in february they were only trying to ne after a video of that shooting also led to nationwide protests. a u.s. navy veteran has arrived in switzerland after being released by iran michael whites have been detained since 2018 president donald trump's santerre run for his release
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it comes a day after an arabian scientist serious scarring arrived back in iran after being freed from a u.s. prison. thailand's capital bangkok was names of the world's most visited city and 2019 with 40000000 visitors tourism is often referred to as the engine driving the country's economy but with the status of global travel and the time of this pandemic that engine is now running on empty out scott hyla is in bangkok scott thailand has now been easing restrictions probably in the hope i believe that it will helping businesses back to talk us through the strategy going on here. absolutely you know we're enough phase 3 that started on monday of this week and this is the latest round of the relaxation of these restrictions because of covert 1000 number the lot of the more packed areas if you will around the tourist season we're in chinatown here in the capital bangkok because of that this is one of those
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destinations they are slowly starting to loosen the restrictions here though anyone coming into facilities like where the shrine here they will have to scan a barcode and register before they come in and get their temperature taken now this is something that you know is really kind of the preparation because right now thailand is still sealed no international arrivals are going to come in into at least the end of this month but the government has put together a plan they think that will bring foreign tourists of important foreign tourist dollars back into the country eventually thailand's natural beauty and luxury resorts draw visitors from all over the world and from all walks of life at least it did before kobe had 19 its hotels and beaches now sit empty. the global shutdown has exposed the country's huge economic reliance on the travel industry one that will never be the same after the pandemic and wooing back foreign tourists is not going to be easy but the government has a plan. it's growing the marketing message beyond amazing thailand it's now focused
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on driving home the idea that the country is one of the safest and cleanest places to visit and launched a health and safety certification program for travel companies or tourists want to know now yes how beautiful the destination is but also is it safe to go there i think safety would be the main concern and if we can give them confidence and have a good stand it it won't be hot when back to. the certification program covers a wide range of cleaning procedures and regulations on how to protect staff and the public the thai hotel group on atara has already received certification for one of its bangkok properties at its beach resort in who when they see the certificate as an important credential to have but it's what happens after that's critical. the execution of the standards is key. in terms of the manuals and the process and the standards that's all very well but it's the day to day interaction
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and delivery from the people that will make the difference. despite having the 1st case of covert 1000 outside of china thailand has maintained low infection rates and quickly flattened its curve community cooperation and containment measures worked the government now wants to capitalize on that as it calculates reopening bangkok souvenir boom airport here is the country's biggest and busiest over 80 percent of the $65000000.00 passengers last year were international but now it's been reduced to just a trickle of domestic and repatriation flights it's going to stay that way at least until the end of june when the international arrivals ban is lifted it was put in place back in early april with millions of jobs on the line thailand needs to see its airports busy again. but it will be a slow and steady opening if there is any increase in covert $900.00 cases any progress in building travelers confidence could come crashing down. so the stasi the focus right now for the tourist industry is domestic travelers know that
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something that the government is using kind of as a gear up if you will you know the certificate program is in place so they're hoping that hotels and other tour companies can use this as a time to work out any kinks in to make sure that this is what's going to correct the situation to then eventually invite those foreign tourists back in again as we said in that story you know that's not going to happen it until the earliest until the end of this month and then again there's going to be a staged process before tourists can start flooding back here into thailand and they're not expecting that to really come in till the 4th quarter if it all this year to see any foreign tourist recovery and they're going to focus they say on european and north american markets that it's not scott high that watching all those developments for us in bangkok thank you very much. libya's u.n. recognized government says it's regained full control of the capital tripoli ending the year long siege by forces loyal to war on the 4 hafta that have those military command says the battle isn't over and that it's been moving fires as outside of
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the city in preparation for un broke a cease fire talks what other one had reports from tripoli. government troops liberating the capture of guns have been if she disappeared on the southern outskirts of tripoli it was a stronghold for forces loyal to the world have to launch a military campaign to seize the capital more than a year ago then i'm i'm sure your mind that. after us forces are fighting to rienzi admitted you to the libya but they're fighting to defend our homes and nation. the battle in and around this abandoned airport in southern shipley has been tough. but government troops have now given out how to fight or as they say this is not only a military achievement but a political gain as well so you put on a model for us. by taking control of the airport we have now secured the whole area
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ampicillin pated our advancements further beyond the ministry to the borders of tripoli our primary was to liberate cities occupied by have 2 fighters and or you. the reason to advancement is attributed mainly to turkish military support of government troops and the withdrawal of russian mercenaries who fought alongside have to as men for the past year have those forces took control of this airport they took shelter in its concrete buildings and used it as a base to target many areas inside tripoli the government's troops they've had to move carefully to avoid landmines are planted by her thirty's retreating fighters the mines pose a threat not only for the troops but also for displeased the civilians who are desperate to return home. the next government of
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is likely to target the city of daraa who are now south of tripoli it's the last and major stronghold for hafter in western libya mom or dad who are. tripoli now biodiversity is the foundation of life on earth but it's being threatened like never before and humanity is feeling the impact on wild environment day there are calls for greater efforts to protect the planet's living systems from the largest land mammal on earth to the trillions of microbes in the ocean that help create the air that we breathe reports. the wonders of the natural world are an antidote to these troubling times especially the extraordinary life you know rationed like the millions of golden jellyfish here in the marine lakes of pirlo a unique subspecies evolved to harvest energy directly from sunlight all the myriad diversity of the world's coral reefs where 25 percent of marine species live but
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here too there's another biomass which dwarfs everything else combined and it's invisible to the naked eye it's the microbial life of aussies and it's found everywhere from the surface to 4000 meters down and these unseen microbes include astronomical quantities of viruses that attack marine bacteria well part of the web of life in the sea. in fright every liter of seawater contains more viruses than there are people on the planet 95 percent of all life in the oceans by weight is comprised not of fish or of whales but of microbes. and it is these microbes that create 50 percent of all oxygen on the planet every 2nd breath that we breathe. the problem is from invisible lifeforms to some of the biggest piece on the planet biodiversity is
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threatened by environmental destruction for the african elephant it's more than just poaching for the ivory trade we're also facing big big challenges when it comes to happen that accusation transformation for larger industries and of course the biggest impact that is less talked about which is the increasing population of africans and therefore the competing nature of land between people and it's when the ever decreasing frontier between wildlife and humans is breached disease like corona virus can jump from animals to people. out of the $7200000.00 species that we have on the planet about $1000000.00 species are under threat from extinction and that's a lot because nature is this finely attuned by diversifying its human system where each one. plays a role in the bigger puzzle who we've known to use clearly one of these messages
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that we need to understand in he'd very fast that you can't continue to undermine and encroach on nature and expect nature to be stable it's apparent that we're at a turning point experts say the arrow postcode it must be one where we act to save our environmental heritage continue to pay a heavy price nick clarke al-jazeera now the wild and may have ground to a halt cheering the global krenov iris pandemic but us government scientists say carbon dioxide in the atmosphere still rose to wreck or levels last month in $1000.00 lockdowns helped emissions drop by as much as 17 percent in april but that decline was brief and scientists warn that c o 2 can stay in the epicenter ease and long term measures are needed to make a significant difference now danish scientists have developed a robot powered by artificial intelligence that can take coronavirus swabs the
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robot scans the patient's id card and prepares a sampling cat performs the swab and puts the sample in a container ready for testing or without human input it's been developed to reduce the infection risk for health care workers and improve the quality of code 1000 testing the team hopes to start testing the 1st patients with that robot by late june. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines memorials have been held in minneapolis and new york in honor of george floyd whose killing sparked more than a week of protests across the u.s. the 46 year old black american died after a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest it's crazy all these people came to see my brother. this amazing to me that he touched so many people.
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you know that he did such and i was you know. you come to 3rd war where we from people cry right now that's how much they love them you know i'm just staying strong is that cane because i need to get it out i need to get it out everybody will just as we want justice to george he's going to get it he's going to get it oh the 3 former police officers charged with aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder in the foid case have made their festa parents in court and derek 7 on the left was arrested last week and charged with his murder while the other 3 were only arrested on wednesday and now a judge in the state of georgia has ruled that 3 men charged with the murder of a black man there will be put on trial. was chased and shot 3 times by a retired white police officer and his son back in february and they were only charged in may after a video of that shooting also led to nationwide protests a u.s. navy veteran has arrived in switzerland after being released by iran michael why
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it's had been detained since 2018 and comes a day often iranian scientist arrived back in tehran after being freed from a u.s. prison. brazil has overtaken italy to recall the 3rd highest number of cova 1000 deaths in the wild that's often reported a wreck or daily death toll for the 4th day in a row more than 1400 deaths were confirmed on thursday pushing the total above $34000.00 libya's un recognized government says it's regained full control of the capital tripoli ending the year long siege by war on khalifa haftar but have to his military command says it's been moving fighters outside of the city in preparation for un brokered cease fire talks well those are the headlines i'll have a news update here for you on al-jazeera after this is europe stay with us. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own home and that call means
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a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are my pretty changing the world we're living get breaks it doesn't matter what's a slogan that whatever the problem is of course jokes and counting the cost on al-jazeera. is that good of would put it in you know maybe just maybe how. you make it a small group who would give you a little bit of. good job was given to me but they are reluctant to look at the good of not world com sort of.


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