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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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played important role. kneeling in respects to memorial services are held in the us for george freud whose death in police custody spot worldwide protests. i'm fully back to korea watching al-jazeera live from my world headquarters in doha also ahead iran releases an american navy veteran days after any radium scientists is freed by the united states. 3 years since the blockade of qatar by its neighbors
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will look at how the attacks continue online and all creatures great and small the role biodiversity based on our planet and the unprecedented threat it's now face. thank you very much for joining us we begin in the united states where 10 nights of nationwide protests have given way to a somber memorial service for george floyd in minneapolis he was celebrated by civil rights leaders and family members while thousands of others across the u.s. boss to remember him his last words i can't brief have now become a rallying point against police brutality and systemic racism john hendren has our report from minneapolis. the minneapolis police chief took a knee as the hearse bearing george floyd passed a barrel of respect for the man whose death at the hands of his officers launched a national movement.
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inside a minneapolis memorial service george floyd was remembered as a family man a gentle giant who adored his 6 year old daughter giana now fatherless it's crazy. all these people came to see my brother and that's amazing to me that he touched so many people hawt. he was also remembered as the spark that set off often fiery protests in more than a dozen cities across the u.s. a movement the reverend al sharpton urged mourners throughout the country to continue it's time for us to stand out in charges made and say good job and meet. this crowd of hundreds of people didn't come with invitations they came to pay their respects to george ford and there's such a demand to do so that there will be multiple memorial services one in his state of birth north carolina on saturday another in his former hometown of houston on
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monday and then a funeral on tuesday. as the memorial took place a key demand of the floyd family was fulfilled 3 of the police officers who detained floyd in his final moments faced hearings for new charges of aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder the 4th officer derek children who note on floyd's neck saw the charges against him elevated from 3rd degree murder to 2nd degree a charge that suggests the killing of floyd was intentional but for those mourning the 46 year old man the charges mark just the beginning. of this going on. with the floyd needs to live soon as floyd family prepares to take him from his adopted home city for the last time the demonstrations that began when he uttered his final words i can't breathe continue john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis. on tensions have eased in many cities across the united states while demonstrations
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have continued to they have been peaceful and some nights have been canceled rob reynolds reports. large peaceful protests like this one at the martin luther king memorial in washington continued around the u.s. demonstrators are demanding justice for george floyd and other african-americans killed by police an end to police brutality and the dismantling of. the 2 tional ised racism. rallies marches sit in and other forms of protest filled the streets in new york city in houston texas philadelphia and pittsburgh pennsylvania and charleston south carolina among many other cities there has been more fallout from the heavily criticized order for police to violently clear the streets outside the white house before president donald trump performed a staged photo of 2 republican senators broke ranks with trump following
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a scathing rebuke from former trump defense secretary james mattis who blasted trump for deliberately seeking to divide the country and undermining the constitution by threatening to deploy the military to crush protests general badasses letter was a stunning and powerful general mattis is a man of extraordinary sacrifice he's an american patriot general john allen the former commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan also harshly criticized trump stunt saying it quote may well signaled the beginning of the end of the american experiment unquote house speaker nancy pelosi sent trump a letter demanding to know what federal law enforcement agencies are confronting protesters personnel from agencies that never deal with protests have been thrown into the mix in washington raising an outcry in congress i think we know that many
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of the unmarked security. in downtown d.c. were bureau of prisons riots police begs the question why the hell are bureau of prisons riot police. down working a protest trip spend time thursday conferring with his campaign team polls show him trailing democrat joe biden nationally and in key swing states new polling also shows americans disapprove by wide margins of trump's him playing of the protests robert oulds al-jazeera at 2 police officers have been suspended in buffalo new york after a video showed them shoving a 75 year old man to the ground police were clearing the area where protests was finishing when the man was pushed down.
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a man is now in a serious but stable condition in hospital. brian brown says he was deeply disturbed by the video on the new york governor andrew cuomo called a disgraceful house where police in australia are trying to ban a black lies not of protests planned for saturday the previous day 2000 people demonstrated in camera and in solidarity with the united states and also highlighting racial inequality at home authorities have asked australia's top court to deem saturday's ronnie in sydney legal to fear the coronavirus spreading if hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people turn out then they're in breach of the whole florida if i haven't complied with the supreme court and obviously all the police powers that are available to us can be used but we would match rather see a peaceful outcome. live to our correspondent in sydney nicholas geisha nick you know why is it is it only one state pushing to ban these protests and do you think
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people will sell a tent. well that's a good question the reason why new south wales is the only one those because of corona virus essentially new south wales has had the highest number of corona virus infections in a strike and we have had several protests across the country over the past week since the death of george floyd in the united states but they have been relatively small and these events that is planned for saturday in sydney is expected to see more than 10000 people attend and that calls the prime minister scott morrison to come out and say well that would really put back all of the hard work that we've done to keep corona virus infection writes down and gladys berejiklian the new south wales premier has been the only leader to see the police in her stand
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state try and ban this kind of event so it's being taken to the magistrates court to determine whether it will still go ahead the big question will be whether these protesters still show up if the event is bent police have said that there are no public gallery names are allowed more than $500.00 people and fines will be put in place if they do show up but it's important to know is that the demonstrations in australia are on to only to support the black club smash it campaign in the united states but it's also to shine a light on some of the injustices that the kids are saying happening against indigenous australians there is a disproportionate number in casa righted and deaths in custody of indigenous people have been rising thank you for that nicola gage live for
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a city in sydney. in other world news a u.s. navy veteran has arrived in switzerland after being released by iran michael white had been detained since 2018 and this comes a day after any raney and scientists returned to tehran after being freed from a prison in the united states victoria good to be reports. a free man michael white arrived in zurich on his way home to the united states the u.s. navy veteran had been held by iran for almost 2 years i would do want to extend my personal thanks to the president for his efforts both diplomatically and otherwise in making america great again and for what's going to happen here in the future white was released as part of the deal that saw washington free american iranian scientists sirus askari he's now back in tehran iran's foreign minister tweeted that another iranian american baiji to harry had to say be released from u.s. custody to go sharing with the iranians is never a linear process there's
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a lot of stops and starts you have to be very patient this is a regime that has been taking americans hostage for 41 years and our diplomacy has been successful and we're going to keep working at it it's the 2nd prisoner swap jail in 6 months in december eram released the u.s. the chinese american student held for 3 years on widely disputed espionage charges in exchange for the release of a detained iranian scientist president trump spoke to white once he'd landed in switzerland and tweeted his thanks to iran saying it was proof a deal was possible with 10 friends trump pulled out of the iran's nuclear cooled and imposed crippling economic sanctions he says he wants to negotiate a new deal tensions hit crisis point in january when a u.s. asteroid killed a rainy and general customs on the money near baghdad international airport the prisoner swap is a rare example of cooperation between tehran and washington but deep divisions
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remain victoria al-jazeera. and still ahead on al-jazeera possible coronavirus calmer our politicians and doctors seem to be giving 2 very different diagnosis on the situation in nicaragua. and of their plans of clouds and plenty of rain very widespread throughout much of europe we can see a massive cloud and there's plenty more spinning in but we have got some nice weather this is into southern germany a beautiful scene there looking towards the alps not quite as beautiful maybe about the skies over minsk and batteries and dark storm clouds gathering on plenty of those as we go through friday it really is very unsettled this huge line of blue you can see this is a frontal system work its way slowly east was in on the tail end of this particular
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rain across into areas of actually pushing across into the balkans and then across the northwest we have this new system this area of low pressure this will bring some very strong winds throughout friday really pushing across much of the u.k. cold air a funneling down all the while and the system will sing south as a go through saturday so bringing the rain further tools the south it's not across much of western europe on saturday but some very heavy spells still into areas of france and across into the line of the into the southeast but it is actually beginning finally to fail at it will with even athens at $26.00 we might just see one or 2 showers at the tail end of a system impacting that will bring rain showers on into china sea as we go through friday very windy conditions libya they will go through saturday and sunday warm to the north of there 30 celsius is the high in tripoli. for. short films of hope and inspiration and. a
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series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds . al-jazeera selects. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories memorials have been held in honor of george floyd in the u.s. cities of minneapolis and new york the 46 year old african-american died after
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a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest nationwide protests were temporarily pause for the memorial services in la police in australia have asked the course to deem a black eyes matter protests planned for saturday illegal they say it could spread covert 19 thousands of people across australia have been protesting in solidarity with the demonstrations in the west a lot also decrying injustices at home and a u.s. navy veteran has arrived into its main down to being released by iran michael white had been detained since 2018 president donald trump thanks tehran for his release on wednesday iranian scientists heroes as gary arrived home after being freed from the u.s. prison. now it's been 3 years since an air and land and sea blockade was imposed on qatar by egypt's bahrain and its neighbors the united arab emirates sent saudi arabia but despite recent efforts to deescalate tensions there
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is no end in sight to the worst political crisis in the gulf region. reports. many the 20th 2017 donald trump arrives this sunday rabia his 1st trip abroad as u.s. president trumps a was to have wealthy gulf nations joining the u.s. bid to defeat i still to help the war in syria and contain what the u.s. described as iran's growing influence but that was a short lived hope 4 days later the website of qatar's news agency was hacked. act and fabricated statements boasted attribute it to the emir of qatar critical of u.s. policies in the region the washington post subsequently cited u.s. intelligence officials saying the u.a.e. orchestrated the hacking that was just the beginning on june the 5th
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sardi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt severed diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and air blockade which continues and to now the qatari government strongly denies allegations of supporting extremism qatar also condemned a list of demands from the quartet as a breach of sovereignty the 13 demands included big relations with iran closing a turkish military base and shutting down the al-jazeera media network there is no appetite at the moment in the international community to to get involved in the gulf crisis the covert 19 condemning it has really consumed pretty much any policymaking capacity in western capitals and other international capitals everybody's looking at dealing with that pandemic any insecurities across the middle east and the gulf crisis just one of many crisis in the middle east have
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been put on the back burner this is the man widely seen by qatar as the architect of the blockade mohammed the crown prince of all the b. and effectively the ruler of the united arab emirates benz daid and saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sandman both strongly oppose calls for democratic reforms that have gained momentum in the region since the arab spring uprisings 9 years ago . this is the law and we're going to be that was small too little on the challenges are huge we're talking that's not about the. challenges and threats that we are talking about no well. you know you can all mix. in that mix social environment and all of these as well as of course the hard security
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all of the only. reason works together as well you know. qatar has ruled out withdrawing from the g.c.c. and says it welcomes talks with its rivals but only when the blockade is lifted according to the wall street journal trump has recently called on sandy arabia and the u.a.e. to and their ban on qatari airlines using their airspace but this was turned down by the saudis and emirate is who believe the risk reactions are their only leverage to extract concessions from qatar the role kate has left lasting ones for qatar raise they hope their gulf wire voles will mend the diplomatic rest one day but qatar and the sandy lead quartet remain divided over a wide range of issues that reconciliation may take a long time about al-jazeera doha. well as you heard there one of the incidents
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that led up to the book was the hacking of qatar's news agency 3 is on disinter mation network system active spreading rumors that tend to jump from twitter to use papers for indicating countries most are aimed at discrediting katanas ruling royal family in the past few months for example qatar has denied unconfirmed reports it was planning to leave the gulf cooperation council before that they were rumors of a coup attempt all based on a fake video in april saudi owned. news arabia and b.b.c. arabic all we ported very qatari dissident had been killed in a doha prison or has since deleted their reports the country government told the news agency that the 1st this information campaign back in 2017 was unprecedented but that people no longer take them seriously while i speak to mark owen jones about this his an assistant professor of middle east studies at hamad bin honey for university is now via skype from here in doha mark very good to have you with us on al-jazeera you know they've been passed tensions between these countries this is
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not the 1st crisis to hit the g.c.c. what sets this particular one upon it and why do you think the distance from ation campaign has seemingly been amplified this time round. i think i mean this is unprecedented as you mentioned in your report the severity of the blockade and the conditions imposed on cuts we've never seen anything like this before i think this information is has been crucial to this campaign so any political move whether it's war and the initiation of a crisis a country such as day or the emirates have to try and legitimize that decision and get the public opinion on side traditionally that was done through traditional media such as newspapers or television however because of the rise of digital media and social media the high technology tracing rates in saudi the u.a.e. egypt the best way to do that to convince people that there is something wrong is the train fabricate the story through social media and create the there's
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a popular groundswell of opinion supporting this decision to isolate cats or write it that dissent from ation campaign seems to have increased a lot in the past year judging from you know what we see on twitter about a month ago at the start of the holy month of ramadan twitter was rife with woman as of a coup here in qatar who is behind all this creating you know the fake messages the fake accounts online. yeah i mean so the rumors of a coup i prefer to rephrase it as a deliberate this information campaign because rumors of a coup implies that fate video was shed or fake news or shared and then people picked up instantly and spread it would be missed as opposed to this information if we analyze the data of this fake trend this fake story we see that a lot of the people driving it are the verified saudi influences so these are people we know to be real they have high follow up bases and they have been
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consistently the same group of uses in both the rumors that began on the 4th of may and that began again 10 years later 10 days later sorry so what this would suggest to me is that there is an orchestrated campaign to spread these messages that involves the use of fake accounts bots but also a co-opted group of influences who presumably. you know contracted by a maybe it's a company on behalf of someone else to spread use. me just ask you before we go what sort of reach this is having what sort of impact are we seeing these campaigns having overall and you know i think if active and i think they are effective particularly to domestic audiences. what we know now is because these campaigns are so common that there is a sort of infrastructure in place or people myself who monitor these so we can quickly identify that it's a fake news story and allow the counter-narrative to be put out there or at least
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people to fact check these claims and know they're false however if you live in say say you know united arab emirates and rely on say channels like our beer sky news arabia or domestic newspapers there's a very good chance that you believe a lot of these fake stories to be true and this will basically serve the domestic audience in those countries and serve them to make them believe that there is a conflict or a crisis continuing in qatar thank you so much for talking to us about this mark owen jones from the hamad bin khalifa university here in delhi thank you for your time. the coronavirus crisis now and doctors in nicaragua say the infection rate there is out of control but the government says the outbreak has president daniel ortega resisted ordering a lockdown health workers complain they're facing the consequences now reports. and express burial in the middle of the night that's how we see it all had to bury his father. by the order of the new government he's father allegedly had go read 19
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. when i entered the symmetry i had to actually naturally because there were orders that the body must be buried and there was no turning back so the only thing i had to try to do was to stream it so that my friends on facebook could be there with me at the time but i don't know. reports of people being buried at night show the death toll of over $1000.00 is higher than the government of the new lot of big i would like to acknowledge officially only $46.00 people have died since the pandemic started but independent sources say the number is closer to 980 most death certificates say the deceased died of a typical pneumonia. critics say the government was also behind a campaign to convince the population that been demick will only attack the rich. we are battling with 19 about extreme measures radical measures that would kill the
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country and we are keeping regular activities open and taking special measures to protect the most vulnerable. but among the dead are journalists like more this who also allegedly died of kovi 1000 his relatives blame the government for how he was treated. they killed him this is murder they did not give us any information of what was happening we will continue fighting as we start to date he was back out in the recliner nobody can say anything they have a must. well in the mouth the all takers are the owners of nicaragua they have the onus of. doctors in the country have created an independent commission as reports show hospitals are struggling to cope with a situation. we have a 2nd poorest country in the region we come off to haiti we have horrible hygiene conditions trash collection is not working in the capital people don't have any
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water 24 hours a day the government is not taking any measures to protect the population. and you know to think i has been here that i was president since 2007 and has battled opposition brutally in the past few years the fear is that his denial of 19 will have devastating effects in a country that is already in desperate need. now friday is world environment day and scientists are pushing for greater efforts to protect everything from the largest land mammals to invisible ocean microbes that help create the air we breathe nicholas. reports the wonders of the natural world are an antidote to these troubling times especially the extraordinary life you know or ations like the millions of golden jellyfish here in the marine lakes of pirlo a unique subspecies evolved to harvest energy directly from sunlight or the myriad
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diversity of the world's coral reefs where 25 percent of marine species live but here too there's another biomass which dwarfs everything else combined and it's invisible to the naked eye it's the microbial life of aussies and it's found everywhere from the surface to 4000 meters down. and these unseen microbes include astronomical quantities of viruses that attack marine bacteria all part of the web of life in the sea. in fright every liter of seawater contains more viruses that there are people on the planet 95 percent of all life in the oceans by weight is comprised not of fish or of whales but of microbes. and it is these microbes that create 50 percent of all oxygen on the planet every 2nd breath that we brief. the problem is from
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invisible lifeforms to some of the biggest piece on the planet biodiversity is threatened by environmental destruction for the african elephant it's more than just poaching for the ivory trade we're also facing big big challenges when it comes to happen that transformation for larger industries and of course the biggest impact that is less talked about which is the increasing population of africans and therefore the competing nature of land between elephants and people and it's when the ever decreasing frontier between wildlife and humans is breeched disease like corona virus can jump from animals to people out of the 7800000 species that we have on the planet about 1000000 species are under threat from extinction and that's a lot because the nature is this finely attuned by diversifying its human system where each one plays each species plays
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a role in the bigger puzzle who would 19 is clearly one of these messages that we need to understand and heed very fast that you can't continue to undermine and encroach on nature and expect nature to be stable. it's apparent that we're at a turning point experts say the error of his code it must be one where we act to save our environmental heritage will continue to pay a heavy price nick cluck al-jazeera. get him fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera services have been held in honor of george floyd in the u.s. cities of minneapolis and new york the 46 year old african-american died after a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest nationwide protests were temporarily pause for the memorial services meanwhile 2 police officers have been
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suspended in buffalo new york after a video showed then shoving a 75 year old man to the ground the man is in a serious but stable condition in hospital buffalo may have byron brown says he was deeply disturbed try the video while new york governor andrew cuomo called it absolutely disgraceful and he's in australia trying to ban a black eyes matter protests planned for saturday fearing it could spread the coronavirus protesters around the world have been marching in solidarity with the u.s. while also highlighting injustices at home. if hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people turn out then they're in breach of the whole thing if they haven't replied with the supreme court can oversee all the police powers that are available to us can be used but we would match rather see a peaceful outcome. a u.s. navy veteran has arrived in switzerland after being released by iran michael white had been detained since 2018 president trump thanks hiran for his release on
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wednesday iranian scientists hero's us gary arrived home after being freed from a u.s. prison and it's been 3 years since and land and sea blockade was imposed on qatar by egypt's bahrain and its neighbors the united. one of the incidents that led up to the book 8 was the hacking of cantars news a news agency but despite recent efforts to deescalate tensions there is no end in sight to the worst political crisis the gulf region has seen and influential medical journal has retracted an article which says an on time an area drug increase the risk of death focal the 1000 patients 3 author has raised doubts over dates have provided by a health care firm which was used in the study published in the lancet the research from to the world health organization to suspend testing of hydroxy chloroquine those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year inside story. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means
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a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. was a slogan that one of the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. a vigil in defiance for the 1st time. to remember the tiananmen square massacre it comes as china prepares to impose national security laws on the semi autonomous territory so will the city's democracy movement survive this is inside story. hello welcome to the program and it's on congas held a candlelight vigil to remember.


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