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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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i'll just say. we need to stand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so much of what we need in the music calendar for that matter to you ready. the libyan government forces celebrate after taking control of warlords highly for have ties last stronghold in the west. they want change al jazeera live from doha with me for the back to go also ahead kneeling in respect memorial service is ahead in the u.s. for george floyd whose death in police custody swapped worldwide protests in iran releases an american navy veteran days after any rainy and scientists is freed by
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the united states and we speak to the head of one of the world's top pharmaceutical companies as the race for a coronavirus vaccine accelerates. we begin with breaking news out of libya where the deputy defense minister of the internationally recognized government say is the government troops have taken control of tahu now that is the last stronghold of warlord honey for half taught in western libya about 65 kilometers from the capital tripoli on friday the un recognized government announced that he had regained full control of tripoli after his forces still hold swathes of territory in the east and south of libya we'll bring you the latest when we speak truck are spawn and mahmoud abdel wod who's near tahoe now as soon as we can.
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back to the u.s. where 10 nights of nationwide protests have given way to a somber memorial service for george floyd he was celebrated in minneapolis by civil rights leaders and family members are thousands of others across the u.s. pause to remember him his last words i can breathe have now become a rallying cry against police brutality and systemic racism john hendren has a report from minneapolis the minneapolis police chief took a knee is the hearst bearing george floyd past a barrel of respect for the man whose death at the hands of his officers launched a national movement. inside a minneapolis memorial service george floyd was remembered as a family man a gentle giant who would doored his 6 year old daughter giana now fatherless it's crazy. all these people came to see my brother. that's amazing to
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me so many people. he was also remembered as the spark that set off often fiery protests in more than a dozen cities across the u.s. a movement the reverend al sharpton urged mourners throughout the country to continue it's time for us to stand out in charges made and say good job and meet. this crowd of hundreds of people didn't come with invitations they came to pay their respects to george ford and there's such a demand to do so that there will be multiple memorial services one in his state of birth north carolina on saturday another in his former hometown of houston on monday and then a funeral on tuesday. as the memorial took place a key demand of the floyd family was fulfilled 3 of the police officers who detained floyd in his final moments faced hearings for new charges of aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder the 4th officer derek children who note on floyd's neck
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some of the charges against him elevated from 3rd degree murder to 2nd degree a charge that suggests the killing of floyd was intentional but for those mourning the 46 year old man the charges mark just the beginning. of this going on. with the floyd nice to live soon as floyd family prepares to take him from his adopted home city for the last time the demonstrations that began when he uttered his final words i can't believe continue john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis. well tensions have eased in many cities across the united states same washington d.c. protesters gathered outside the white house where more barriers have been put up to keep demonstrators at a distance and sprains a nighttime curfew is no longer in place. national guard that we saw this time yesterday no sign of them we know they're here we know the 4500 national guard who are deployed around the city but there's always a real effort now to keep them away from the line of sight and of course that will
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that means is when there's no hope for provocative presence of heavily armed uniforms uniformed personnel on the streets and member these are protests about heavily armed uniformed personnel everything tends to go off rather peacefully and that's what we're seeing tonight another peaceful night of protest there were some people here just about 10 minutes ago a bunch of them are just walked in that direction we have this fence which we now understand will be taken down according to the authorities in the middle of next week but barely any real security presence but we do know that it's here not just the 4500 national guard but also the active duty troops that we often hear about that's become a point of controversy within the administration stationed around the city who couldn't be here within the. riot gear and with with have been a band that's were often told some sort of compromise appears to be reached whereby of the $6200.00 who are currently stationed about $700.00 will be returning home so
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that believe about $900.00 in the d.c. d.c. area meanwhile 2 police officers have been suspended in buffalo new york after a video showed them shoving a 75 year old man to the ground and he's were clearing the area where protest was finishing when the man was pushed out. the man is now in a serious but stable condition in hospital buffalo man byron brown says he was deeply disturbed by the video while new york governor andrew cuomo called it disgraceful. u.s. further prisoner swaps between the united states and iran are expected after 2 releases in the past 3 days a u.s. navy veteran flew home after almost 2 years imprisonment for insulting iran's supreme leader that's after any rainy and professor acquitted of stealing u.s. 8 u.s. trade secrets returned to tehran victoria gates and the reports. a free man michael
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white arrived in zurich on his way home to the united states the u.s. navy veteran had been held by iran for almost 2 years i would do want to extend my personal thanks to the president for his efforts both diplomatically and otherwise in making america great again and for what's going to happen here in the future white was released as part of the deal that saw washington free american iranian scientists sirus askari he's now back in tehran iran's foreign minister tweeted that another radian american baiji to harry had to say be released from u.s. custody to go shooting with the iranians is never a linear process there's a lot of stops and starts you have to be very patient this is a regime that has been taking americans hostage for 41 years and our diplomacy has been successful and we're going to keep working at it it's the 2nd prisoner swap jail in 6 months in december eram released the u.s.
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the chinese american student held for 3 years on widely disputed espionage charges in exchange for the release of a detained iranian scientist president trump spoke to white once he'd landed in switzerland and tweeted his thanks to iran saying it was proof a deal was possible with 10 friends trump pulled out of the iran's nuclear cooled and imposed crippling economic sanctions he says he wants to negotiate a new deal tensions hit crisis point in january when a u.s. as strike killed a rainy and general customs on the money near baghdad international airport the prisoner swap is a rare example of cooperation between tehran and washington but deep divisions remain victoria gates and the al-jazeera. i spent 3 years since then and land and sea blockade was imposed on qatar by egypt bahrain and qatar as neighbors the united arab emirates and saudi arabia a despite recent efforts to deescalate tensions there is no end in sight to the
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worst political crisis the gulf region has seen. reports. may 20th 2017 donald trump arrives in sunday arabia his 1st trip abroad as u.s. president trumps aim was to have wealthy gulf nations join the u.s. bid to defeat i still to help and the war in syria and contain what the u.s. described as iran's growing influence but that was a short lived hope 4 days later the website of qatar's news agency was hacked and fabricated statements posted attribute it to the emir of qatar critical of u.s. policies in the region the washington post subsequently cited u.s. intelligence officials saying the u.a.e. orchestrated the hacking that was just the beginning on june the 5th
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sardi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt severed diplomatic ties with qatar and it posed a land sea and blockade which continues until now the qatari government strongly denies allegations of supporting extremism qatar also condemned a list of demands from the quartet as a breach of sovereignty. the 13 demands included big relations with iran closing a turkish military base and shutting down the al-jazeera media network there is no appetite at the moment in the international community to to get involved in the gulf crisis the covert 19 condemning it has really consumed pretty much any policymaking capacity in western capitals and other international capitals everybody's looking at dealing with that pandemic any insecurities across the middle east and the gulf crisis just one of many crisis in the middle east have
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been put on the back burner this is the man widely seen by qatar as the architect of the blockade mohammed the crown prince of all the b. and effectively the ruler of the united arab emirates ben's date and saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin said nan both strongly oppose calls for democratic reforms that have gained momentum in the region since the arab spring uprisings 9 years ago this is the law and we're going to do that to 'd small to live out on the challenges are huge we're talking that's not about the. challenges and what outs that we are talking about 19 additional well. you know you can are mixed. in that mix social environment and all of these as well as of course the hard security all of these going only that it all the region works together as
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well you know. qatar has withdrawing from the g.c.c. and says it welcomes talks with its rivals but only when the blockade is lifted. according to the wall street journal trump has recently called on sandi arabia and the u.a.e. to and that ban on qatari airlines using their space but this was turned down by the saudis and emirate is who believe the restrictions are their only leverage to extract concessions from qatar. the role kate has left lasting ones for qatar raise they hope their gulf libels will mend the diplomatic rest one day but the sandilands quartet remain divided over a wide range of issues that reconciliation may take a long time. doha still ahead on al-jazeera all creatures
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great and small mean look at the broader biodiversity plays on our planet and the unprecedented threat it's now face. hello still loose on the northern philippines is remarkably free of showers this is a satellite evidence is there in the forecast too in the southern philippines are going to fusion and so the ways in backs reborn here we're right back into the mix once again as a heavy showers science is that so for java for example and east timor it's looking mostly fine in fact most of the rain is going to come out further west it's the monsoon trough now moving up through me and the bay of bengal the andaman sea thailand involved in that it'll be shari every day in bangkok regularly of course at all times humid and the sandstorms are slow moving. that would change the scene
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completely and once again we're looking to see how harsh the winter is trying to become in australia not the tour moment to be honest the temp is in the low teens these top the warmest mrs lee and there are a few showers and great deal of cloud in victoria but in new south wales and queensland most we're talking about sunshine scars a few showers on christ in perth again the clock against the coast but look your time still 23 with that cloudy regime on sunday asked the new zealand well there was rain moving slowly north was trust churches warmed up to 12 degrees and the breeze is no more than a breeze it's not that windy. new zealand is in the grip of the housing with the capital open now one of the world's most an affordable city one i want to make the families desperate to find a place to hold on on al-jazeera. as protests rage over police
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brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the us elections on a. welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera libya's deputy defense minister says government troops have taken control of town huna that's the last stronghold of warlords before have tar in western libya on thursday the u.n. recognized government announced that it had regained full control of the capital tripoli. memorial services have been held in the u.s.
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for george florey just 10 days of black lies matter protests stopped as tributes were paid including in minneapolis where florrie died in police custody 4 policemen have been sacked in charge in connection with this matter and a u.s. navy veteran has arrived in switzerland up to being released by iran michael white had been detained since 2018 present thanks iran for his release on wednesday and iranian scientists as gary arrived home out to being freed from a u.s. prison. now world leaders businesses and philanthropists have raised nearly $9000000000.00 for worldwide vaccination programs organizers say the money will help immunize hundreds of millions of children against measles and polio and it also includes deals for coronavirus vaccines for poor countries has the details. in the past 20 years one thing has reduced child mortality by ha that's
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vaccinations but since the current virus outbreak many countries have suspended their immunization programs putting 80000000 babies at risk preventable diseases like measles polio cholera and dip bierria worst slowly being wiped out but the world health organization is now reporting outbreaks of measles income in a pool in clusters of cholera in ethiopia or if it is the hard won gains may be eroded we cannot exchange one deadly outgroup for another. we cannot afford to lose. every one of his work so. we need a joint concerted effort by accident nations track and there are many ways to do this world leaders pledged $8800000000.00 at a virtual vaccine summit to ensure some $300000000.00 children between now and 2025 get the protection they need. to die is $300000000.00 australian dollars total it
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comes to mind also on the agenda how to make an eventual vaccine against covert 19 available to those who need it most not just the countries who can afford it i would like to announce the launch of the covert 19 global vaccine access facility or kovacs facility as recalling it participating countries will receive access to a portfolio of vaccines procured by the facility and based upon an allocation framework and add a negotiated price the race to find a vaccine is unprecedented what usually takes 10 years is being attempted in 18 months to depart trees are pulling ahead of the pack with small but successful clinical trials oxford university is testing its vaccine on a 1000 volunteers while the u.s. biotech company done a announced its vaccine had already generated antibodies in 8 volunteers who have a does develop a successful vaccine stands to make millions despite calling for
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a new era of global health cooperation at the summit the u.k. and the u.s. have refused to back a w.h.o. initiative that would make an eventual vaccine patent free both countries have already reserved millions of doses of the future vaccine but the u.n. is warning against vaccine nationalism because with corona virus unless everyone is safe no one is safe. al-jazeera. well i saw speak to pass costs oreo who is the chief executive of the pharmaceutical company astra zeneca which has started producing a potential vaccine for corona virus he joins us from and sea in southeast and france thank you very much for being with us mr surreal before i ask you about the time line for this call the 1000 vaccine let's talk about the pledges made at this summit yesterday governments around the world pledging billions of dollars for a covert $1000.00 vaccine what is the significance of this what does it mean you
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can now do thanks to this money. but of it is indeed a very very important. that we saw yesterday was the success of this pledge you may remember the goal was to raise $7500000000.00 in fact that $8800000000.00 were raised including a. contribution by the goes foundation of $116000000000.00 and this money would be used to fund but it's in nations in the lower end of their income countries not only for coated but for many all diseases that need to it to be prevented by the good aren't you. astra zeneca your company has started producing i understand a potential vaccine for covert 19 what is the timeline for this vaccine i know it's been slated for september i believe but that's contingent on the oxford trial being successful isn't it. absolutely and we are moving at the foot speed we are rotten right now we are on a warning $10000.00 going 'd on in the u.k.
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in a face st nick trial. we also received 'd over there recently to conduct a large study in brazil as well and we're in the process of organizing a $30000.00 volunteers study in the united states we expect to get the results of our clinical koran in all of us if you're a single as well so you know we have a good a hole the vaccine where the where the work but we don't need to know that at the end of the summer night but just coming back to cover 1000 and the fact that the u.s. is not part of this you know of this collaborative effort to find a global vaccine how then once you have found this vaccine how then do you ensure that everyone has equal access to it and not just to countries and governments that can afford to pay for it there is a great question and you know you may remember the number of critics we're
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productize the rich countries in fact we demonstrated yesterday it was his big announcement that the low middle income countries would get access to some of them as everybody else and it is science to you know fantastic donations by the gates foundation or some number of conferees and so essentially what it is that this. accelerate this this this mechanism reduction of all countries to get access and world health organization is astonishing in a process by which the location would be defiant. so that everybody gets equal or. equipped of one axis and so what would you say to people who are concerned about the safety of this vaccine given that it's been it's if it happens very soon it would have been produced very fanny quickly compared to the vaccines you know people who have concerns about its safety what would you say to them well i would
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say it is a big difference between speed and i just we are moving at speed we're not. we're not moving moving was hasty and essentially what we're doing is we are conducting a normal cold weather. and the only way to do this is by taking financial risk typically new industry you go by step and each time you wait before you get to the next step so you might miss the fun stories you know we are actually doing everything in bali including to manufacture him so that's one aspect and the 2nd aspect is we are actually. regulate of the of the of the child in the u.k. and showing up they actually develop. so that the neighbors then to us to assess those they don't and hopefully give us the whole of the end point militants used. and may play by the end of the summer. in the fall and we will have
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a safety base in about $50000.00 bottles possibly more which is exactly what you get for no more taxes so we will have that we will have 60 days in the number of volunteers if you would have. that is that about thank you very much for talking to us about this pascal sario is the chief executive of the pharmaceutical company astra zeneca joining us today from fans thank you for your time we appreciate it thank you for that. an entrenched medical journal has retracted an article which says an untie malaria drug increased the risk of causing 1000 patients of death that is 3 office raise doubts over data provided by health care for him which was used in a study published in the lancet the research prompted the world health organization to suspend testing. in senegal the government is easing some coronavirus restrictions after 2 nights of protests in several cities well then 200 people were arrested. for some because angry at the government's restrictions to contain the
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current of virus protests years in senegal 2nd largest city burned an ambulance and health center meant to protect them from the outbreak on friday president monkey so announced an extension of the state of emergency including a curfew until the end of june that decision led to demonstrations throughout the country when you those protesting early birds are unable to travel to the farmlands to plant seeds ahead of the rainy season in the southern city of camps during police fire rubber bullets protesters demanding action to address water and food shortages and in downtown to car the military was deployed to disperse an angry crowd of residents who are out of work. among the protesters a medusa are. eating good we've got family. that's hot. thousands of funny cattle herders have been stuck in senegal's luger region since the outbreak began in march the government restrictions on movement designed to curb the virus have coincided with the hardest month of the dry season
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cattle are dying of thirst and people are going hungry. hoping to quell the anger and stop the protests the minister of interior announced an easing of restrictions allowing people to travel from one region to another but a curfew is still in place and so is the state of emergency which allows president monkey cell to rule without any oversight from the parliament's amnesty international's senegal office accuses the government of abusing its power to the state of emergency and of human rights violations hundreds of feet have been violated by the police many people have been. beaten tortured. tried and sentenced 6 months again and this happened in every region of the country . similar protests have taken place in brooklyn afonso in new share according to the u.n. 265000000 people globally face hunger many of them live in west africa while
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senegal has been successful in containing the outbreak looming is a possible food and economic crisis putting people on edge nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. ice world environment day when the united nations or jews worldwide awareness and action to protect top planet scientists are warning that human activity is destroying wildlife habitat at an increasing rate they're calling for greater efforts to protect biodiversity everything from the largest animals to invisible microbes and nick locke reports. the wonders of the natural world are an antidote to these troubling times especially the extraordinary life in our ations like the millions of golden jellyfish here in the marine lakes of pull out a unique subspecies evolved to harvest energy directly from sunlight all the myriad diversity of the world's coral reefs where 25 percent of marine species live but
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here too there's another biomass which dwarfs everything else combined and it's invisible to the naked eye it's the microbial life of aussies and it's found everywhere from the surface to 4000 meters down and these unseen microbes include astronomical quantities of viruses that attack marine bacteria all part of the web of life in the sea. in fright every liter of seawater contains no viruses and there are people on the planet 95 percent of all life in the oceans by weight is comprised not of fish or of whales but of microbes. and it is these microbes that create 50 percent of all oxygen on the planet every 2nd breath that we breathe. the problem is from invisible lifeforms to some of the biggest piece on the planet biodiversity is
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threatened by environmental destruction for the african elephant it's more than just poaching for the ivory trade we're also facing big big challenges when it comes to happen that accusation transformation for a larger industry and of course the biggest impact that is less talked about which is the increasing population of africans and therefore the competing nature of land between people and it's when the ever decreasing frontier between wildlife and humans is breached disease like corona virus can jump from animals to people. out of the $740000000.00 species that we have on the planet about $1000000.00 species are under threat from extinction and that's a lot because nature is this finally achieved by diversifying its human system where each one plays each species plays a role in the bigger puzzle who 19 is clearly one of these messages that we need to
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understand and heed very fast that you can't continue to undermine and encroach on nature and expect nature to be stable it's apparent that we're at a turning point experts say the arrow postcode it must be one where we act to save our environmental heritage will continue to pay a heavy price nick clarke algis are. going to go again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera libya's deputy defense minister says government troops have taken control of tal hona that's the last stronghold for warlord tidy for have talk in western libya these are the latest pictures coming to us from taguba where they have been celebrations on those say the un recognized government announced that he had regained full control of the capital tripoli after us forces still hold swathes of territory in
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the east and south of libya. memorial services have been held in the us for george floyd's 10 days of black eyes matter protests stop test tributes were paid including in minneapolis where he died in police custody 4 policemen have been sacked and charged in connection with lloyd's met. it's crazy. all these people came to see my brother. that's amazing to me that he touched so many people. you know that he better to now or you know. you come to 3rd war where we're from people across right now that's how much they love them you know i'm just staying strong is i came in because i need to get it out i need to get it out everybody will just as we want justice for george he's going to get it he's going to get it. meanwhile to us police officers have been suspended after a video showed them shoving a 75 year old man to the ground is in
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a serious but stable condition in hospital in new york state and they have buffalo says he's deeply disturbed by the video of a sit com to condemn the incident as utterly disgraceful a u.s. navy veteran has arrived in switzerland after being released by iran michael white had been detained since 2018 present donald trump thanks to tehran for his release on wednesday on iranian scientists arrived home after being freed from a us prison and while leaders global businesses and finance rapace have raised over $8000000000.00 for worldwide vaccination programs the fund raising drive included a campaign to fund development and distribution of coronavirus vaccines when they become available those are the headlines on al-jazeera we have more news for you after i want to stay with us. for the prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means
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a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories in developments that are rapidly changing the world we're living in breaks it doesn't matter what the slogan that whatever the problem is of course jokes and counting the cost on al-jazeera. new zealand is known as a prosperous and progressive nation its young left wing leader just. came to power promising kindness and compassion one of my his key policies is fixing the housing crisis inequality has deepened on her watch and in an election year the cozy 19 pandemic is only making things worse one i want to make the family struggling to find a place to call home good morning and the man helping the homeless become hard yes .


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