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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the ironies of cultures across the world so no matter how you take a out just syria bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. count as they are. well. libya as you would recognize government says it's taking control of a city that was key to ward cleaver half dozen battle strategy. alex a whole romany watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up doll trying to close the coronavirus crisis is largely over crediting himself with a drop in jobless numbers. are the u.s. police being too heavy handed the show that's putting their actions at anti racism
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rallies under more scrutiny. that's got there in bangkok thailand where the ever important tourism industry has been heavily impacted by corbett 90 but now the government is trying to position the country as one of the safest destinations in the world once it finally opens back up. welcome to the program fighters linked to libya's u.n. recognized government to celebrating the sudden collapse of all old khalifa haftar as 14 month battle to take over the capital they've retaken the city of the huta strategically important base for half those forces in western libya it's about 65 kilometers from the capital tripoli also jabari begins our coverage. celebrating another important game. forces for the un backed government of national
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court in control of tatyana the city was the last major stronghold of world war khalifa haftar in western libya. after we were all keen to achieve the victory without hesitation there is a big difference between. a solid fighter who fights for his cause but another one who does what goes without a cause will be defeated if you don't have a cause to fight for we have a cause for the air of the thousands here the turkeys military support has helped the internationally recognized governments of national accord to a series of territorial gains in recent weeks. as well as ending have tours 14 month attempt to capture tripoli that led to battles in the capital southern suburbs and rocket attacks on the city center. after our self declared libyan national army which is backed by russia the u.a.e. and egypt said its troops were being withdrawn from tripoli in order to give the ceasefire talks a chance to who know was the main launch pad for the offensive against the capital
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that have terrorist forces finally abandoned this week. g.n.a.t. commander said forces had reached the center of town huna after entering from 4 sides. but the l n a continues to control in eastern libya where there is a parallel administration into broke as well as large parts of the south where the main oil fields are located the united nations has warned the recent flood of weapons and fighters to both sides in libya risks in a major new escalation has those offensive on tripoli had 2 key strongholds into it was launched from 2 key strongholds the 1st was a what the or the airbase that was taken not too long ago and the 2nd was. after the fall of the what the other half those forces knew that they could not hold on to. tripoli offensive so they began to withdraw some of their troops and don't want to hold a news from total one of comes after the d.n.a. went to moscow and after the meeting between and again and several hours the
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president of the g n a where it's believed that turkey and russia are now negotiating a framework of cooperation so the tohono today it's unclear whether it fell because of the military attack by the d.n.a. forces or whether this is part of a negotiated exchange between the russians and between the turks with regards to libya but in terms of its significance it means the end complete end of half that as a tripoli offensive or the new diplomatic effort is underway to try restart talks on a lasting cease fire. and ending 9 years of civil war since the overthrow and killing of longtime ruler muammar gadhafi door such a party al jazeera. our correspondent there why does more from. this is the main square in the city of the hoon. that used to be the major stronghold for half the forces in the west of libya now forces loyal
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to the internationally recognized government are in full control of the city after heavy fighting after they managed to drive i would have to us forces from the city now this with taken over of the city after who now by the government forces is mainly attributed to turkish military support for the government forces and also there was the rule of the russian military is a long island i have to forces. of the city of the who are into the government forces hands means the full of have kurds who tipped in the west of libya the 1st of those military campaign that his 1st is launched it in april last year to seize the capital tripoli. this if you have got one i used to be very
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strategic and very significant what have those people from corona military supplies went through have to. everybody and in fact they had a central command here in the city i've got a home now that was running the battle in southern pretty simple command here at those forces was run by russian egyptian and the military but according to the that's according to the government military sources that you captured are probably you know by the government does not mean the end of the fighting as the government forces say that you are determined to. help them. further south to the city of anybody no there's been an unexpected drop in the latest u.s. unemployment because 2 and a half 1000000 new jobs are created in may the unemployment rate fell to 13.3 percent now that's being credited to the easing of coronavirus restrictions but it
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was a different story in april a march when we had more than 21000000 people use the jobs in the u.s. experts say it could take months for the 30000000 americans still collecting unemployment benefits to find work president trump says the u.s. economy is bouncing back from the pandemic when we had a problem we were able to cut it off stop it just like this stop keep everyone. keep them away keep them together away uninfected and we saved millions of lives and now we're opening and we're opening with a bang and we've been talking about the v. this is better than a v. this is a rocket ship let's cross over to a white house correspondent kimberly healthcare and kimberly this was post be a press conference about the economic figures but it sort of west went off into a sort of a rambling election campaign rally. it absolutely was it was exactly like covering a campaign rally the president using not
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a teleprompter but instead riffing as we call it essentially speaking off the cuff on whatever subject that seemed to come to mind he spoke about his opponent in the upcoming election he spoke about the jobs numbers he spoke about china trade deals he spoke about the numbers when it comes to black unemployment in the united states he also spoke about reforming community policing but the headline was in fact the job numbers the u.s. president in a very good mood and looking to talk about it to the american people you have to remember that it was expected today that he was going to be trying to put a positive spin on what he expected to be a 20 percent unemployment rate in the united states instead what we've seen is the creation of jobs not the loss of jobs and so the u.s. president clearly good mood standing in front of the television cameras talking about how he predicts that there will be even greater improvement in the economy is
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bigger states begin to reopen like california like new york that this will in fact turn the economy back on even more and by fall even after the election he predicts by next year he expects that the economy bowlby where it was in other words a v. shape not the l. shape that many had predicted but he also predicted doom and gloom if his opponent joe biden is elected he says if the wrong people win the white house things will not get better and it will be taking the successful message to many later in the day but also as part of this press conference that he can believe he talked about the security services domination of the streets it was a theme throughout the press conference about really the social unrest that the united states has been experiencing for what 10 to 12 days now. there's no question this. and rest has added an economic challenge for many cities many small business owners who are trying to come back and then in turn have seen
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their businesses being robbed being looted there has been enormous social unrest in the country for the most part though there's also been peaceful protests when the lights go down the administration says that is when these peaceful protests are hijacked so the u.s. president made the case repeatedly to get him did again in the rose garden that there's a need to dominate the streets while also saying that he believes this is the opportunity for equal justice under the law and also for african-americans to be able to have the same opportunities economically as everyone else in the united states can be held as a white house correspondent thank you. and he's a senior international economy the economic policy institute joins me via skype from potomac maryland good to have you with us on the program again so just a blip or a real sign of recovery in terms of the job figures. well it's a small blip in what is not our wise belief jobless picture i think it's important
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to remember that we had the highest level of unemployment in the u.s. census 2nd world war last month the picture has improved slightly since then we've added about 2 and a half 1000000 jobs spirit is important remember that there are still 19600000 workers who are and remain unemployed through which of 2 situation in february before the corona crisis hit that crisis is still upon us we're still losing roughly a 1000 people a day in the united states infection rates have not to climb to adequately and new cases appear to be growing in many areas of the country this is threatening to drive us into another surge of cases in the fall or center and that's going to cause another lock down of the economy so i think this is most likely to be a temporary blip that may last
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a few months but we've got big problems ahead indeed of course but the president will be sort of taking it full advantage of this and trying to build all nace in what can any being perhaps described as sort of a lead up to sort of an election campaign rally because with all the restrictions in place even econ have these big gatherings that he would like he's going to use this as a take. absolutely and this is really his his only hole card as it were he has to play this. maxie's he needs to claim that the economy is doing better and one of the key underpinnings of this mini recovery is course the massive relief bill that was passed by the congress about a month ago the care act which injected 3 trillion dollars of spending in the economy the most important part of that was greatly expanded unemployment support new programs were created the so-called good workers more money was paid to both them and regular unemployment those payments run out july 31st that's going to be
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what i call a widely known to be moment for the economy if those payments are not renewed spending is going to collapse and that could this is into an even deeper. depression well for your insight thanks very much robert scott a senior international economist at the economic policy institute thank you so. we . still had him on al-jazeera it's been 3 years since the blockade of qatar by its neighbors is there any sign of change. in the corruption investigation is launched against the head of the african development bank the stories after the break. how the seasonal rains are heavy again they really hammering down in some parts of
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china this is the latest cluster and they tend to pulse north and south and then edge eastwards catching japan of the moment judge cash in the south a key issue maybe she koku and sometimes honshu but mainly the focus is china and we do for another movement slowly knows i think because you'll notice they haven't really been touching will han or shanghai's more been around longer and further west but once forecasters pick up the rain even though it's not until tuesday and strengthening all my wednesdays are a few days yet but it's coming north south and all this good scattering a big thunderstorm born has been a focus recently and i think it will be in the fall cause it's also true for some philippines but most of the rain is going most the most should remain tucked up into the monsoon wins and hitting me in my moment and of course in the end no so far produced 2 or 3 cycles but in a way you are the latest ones this massacre the came in from just south mumbai is that producing in the next 2 days rain from the pole on the north east of india the
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monsoon proper is showing this rain on the coast or carola in calcutta but of course to the north of that there are plenty of increasing showers and strengthening wind. mass protests forcing the government's hand but are we seeing the truth they're just trying to understand we follow journalists on the frontline. which i was pretty fast committed to reporting the fact police officer's gun pointing guns at john was the same stuff that the hong kong frankton friction in this truth is in any way on al-jazeera.
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talk about your watching i'll just say rudely celeron the reminder of our top stories fighters linked to libya's government of national accord are celebrating in the city of tut who are after taking over the last stronghold of the warlord khalifa haftar in western libya there's been an unexpected drop in the latest unemployment figures 2 and a half 1000000 new jobs were created in may as the unemployment rate fell to 13.3 percent. morals to george floyd continue to go up across the u.s. a day after the 1st memorial service was held for him the man of washington d.c. requested the words black lives matter be painted as a giant mural along the streets that lead up to lafayette square and the white house it was done to send a message that the city stands with the protest movement it comes days after donald
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trump ordered the forceful removal of demonstrators who were peacefully protesting outside the white house. well possessed as in the united states mauled george floyd to police brutality is also concerned south of the border in mexico the testers are accusing offices of beating a construction worker to death laura but not me how small i. was ashamed of feeling guadalajara again police brutality. new arrest and death of construction worker giovanni in a passive month that has caused controversy and conflicting accounts in mexico's 2nd largest city. the police say the 30 year old was detained for disturbing the peace but this video shared widely on social media provoked protests not far from the city. bystanders identified the man being shot into a vehicle as. they say police were using excessive force and that he was arrested
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for not wearing a mosque then mandatory to prevent the kind of are spread police say he was taken out of the cell phone medical treatment and died hours later. the police didn't know why brutality but protesters are demanding accountability. more some use buttons to smash police vehicles some police officers pick up whatever they can to fend off protesters one policeman had petrol pulled over her and. the governor up to let's go state says video of lopez's arrest doesn't show the reality i made out of the misleading way in which they made everyone and telescope believe that giovanni was arrested for not wearing a mask that's already been exposed by the public prosecutor and what happened today was the cherry on the cake it was the way in which they allowed a legitimate protest a protest for
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a cause to be infiltrated and turned violent. the government minister the human rights accuses the police of using excessive force saying it's a clear violation of human rights and it's condemning the offense which police use force for preventative measures one of the. protests have swelled across mexico in solidarity with george floyd's death in the united states but many mexicans are also dealing with their own issues with the police where they live human rights groups have collected years of evidence of police brutality torture and extrajudicial killings and protests isn't quite. what happened to giovanni has is the latest example of that and they're demanding justice. nor about the manly al-jazeera. the african development bank has launched an independent inquiry into allegations of corruption against its president he's hoping to be reelected in august investigations always calls for a probe by the u.s.
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and it's expected to reach a conclusion in less than a month and it just has more from nigeria's capital. the men's board of governors say it's engaging and internationally reputable firm to review its findings and decisions regarding the investigations carried out on the study should are based on the allegations leveled against him and they say they've conducted their own investigations and found nothing incriminating against mr edition of the whistleblower the united states and some shareholders are courting insisted that mr i dish in our favor but his compatriots in appointments and looking away when other ethical issues came up in the management of this bank now this a lot of people believe that this is just a warm up for sale of the president of the bank which mr additional has indicated interest in contesting for the 1st nigerian to contest for this position and the elections i do in a few months nigeria by the way is the biggest shareholder the united states is
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following up closely and a lot of people believe that the united states in particular wanted somebody else apart from addition to occupy a particular state mr edition was in nigeria a few days ago where he met nigeria's president mohamed of the heart of what should be about the country will stand solidly behind him and lobby hard for his reelection in a few months time people this is the 1st time by the way mr can we have this is a fast nigerian by the way to occupy that office a lot of nigerians are watching closely to see how the investigations will end and it looks like maybe solidly behind the old compatriot in that post at the african development bank. it's been 3 years since a land and sea blockade was imposed by egypt bahrain and its neighbors even to the arab emirates and saudi arabia but despite recent efforts to deescalate tensions and incite to the worst political crisis the gulf region has seen as well.
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may 20th 2017 donald trump arrives in sunday arabia his 1st trip abroad as u.s. president trumps aim was to have wealthy gulf nations join the u.s. bid to defeat i still to help and the war in syria and contain what the u.s. described as iran's growing influence but that was a short lived hope 4 days later the website of qatar's news agency was hacked and fabricated statements posted attribute it to the emir of qatar quit ical of u.s. policies in the region the washington post subsequently cited u.s. intelligence officials saying the u.a.e. orchestrated the hacking that was just the beginning on june the 5th sardi arabia the u.a.e.
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bahrain and egypt severed diplomatic ties with qatar and it posed a land sea and air blockade which continues until now the qatari government strongly denies allegations of supporting extremism qatar also condemned a list of demands from the quartet as a breach of sovereignty. the 13 demands included big relations with iran closing a turkish military base and shutting down the al-jazeera media network there is no appetite at the moment in the international community to to get involved in the gulf crisis the covert 19 condemning it has really consumed pretty much any policymaking capacity in western capitals and other international capitals everybody's looking at dealing with that pandemic any insecurities across the middle east and the gulf crisis just one of many crisis in the middle east have been put on the back burner this is the man widely seen by qatar as the architect
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of the blockade mohammed the crown prince of all the b. and effectively the ruler of the united arab emirates ben's date and saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin said man both strongly oppose calls for democratic reforms that have gained momentum in the region since the arab spring uprisings 9 years ago this is the law and we're going to do that too small too little on the challenges are huge we're talking that's not about the. challenges and what outs that we are talking about not well. you know you can are mix. and that mix social environment and all of these as well as of course the hard security all of these can only be confident it older version works together as well you know . qatar has ruled out withdrawing from the g.c.c.
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and says it welcomes talks with its rivals but only when the blockade is lifted. according to the wall street journal trump has recently called on sandy arabia and the u.a.e. to and their ban on qatari airlines using their space but this was turned down by the saudis and emirate is who believe the risk reactions are their only leverage to extract concessions from qatar the rocket has left lasting ones for qatar raise they hope their gulf liable as well manned the diplomatic rest one day but qatar and the star delayed quartet remain divided over a wide range of issues that reconciliation may take a long time how about al-jazeera. now the parent company of british airways says it's considering a legal challenge against the u.k. government's quarantine rules all travelers to the united kingdom are required to
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quarantine for 14 days from monday or face a hefty fine i agee says boris johnson's government did not consult the industry before introducing them so you go you go has more. the pandemic has been absolutely catastrophic for the aviation industry but what's really concerning the chief executive officer of g.e. the parent company of b.a. is that they simply will not be able to it will affect incredibly their chances of being able to carry out business in july and flying up passengers in july. willie walsh the c.e.o. . really criticized this as as a blow to the company saying it would in effect torpedo the company and that it was an irrational decision that the government had taken to impose this 2 week quarantine on travelers as well now he is also being backed up by
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a rival low cost carrier the c.e.o. of ryanair said that what the government quarantine plans were in effect nonsense and really they need to have some other kind of plan in place otherwise it could affect the aviation industry in the u.k. for many many years to come and be a.b.a. ssion industry is course crucial to the economy given trade and also the tourism industry here thailand is protecting itself owns the chance to destinations the tourists with 40000000 visitors tourism is often referred to as the engine driving the country's economy but with the state of global travel in the time of pandemic that engine is running on empty and scott hyde explains from bangkok thailand natural beauty and luxury resorts drive visitors from all over the world and from all walks of life at least it did before covert 19 its hotels and beaches now sit
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empty. the global shutdown has exposed the country's huge economic reliance on the travel industry one that will never be the same after the pandemic and wooing back foreign tourists is not going to be easy but the government has a plan. it's growing the marketing message beyond amazing thailand it's now focused on driving home the idea that the country is one of the safest and cleanest places to visit and launched a health and safety certification program for travel companies or tourists want to know now yes how beautiful the destination is but also is it safe to go there i think safety would be the main concern and if we can give them confidence and have a good stand it it won't be hot when back the tourists the certification program covers a wide range of cleaning procedures and regulations on how to protect staff and the public the thai hotel group on atari has already received certification for one of its bangkok properties at its beach resort in who when they see the certificate as
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an important credential to have but it's what happens after that's critical. execution of the standards is key. in terms of the manuals and the process and the standards that's all very well but it's day to day interaction and delivery from the people that will make the difference. despite having the 1st case of covert 1000 outside of china thailand has maintained low infection rates and quickly flattened its curve community cooperation and containment measures worked the government now wants to capitalize on that as it calculates reopening bangkok souvenir home airport here is the country's biggest and busiest over 80 percent of the $65000000.00 passengers last year were international but now it's been reduced to just a trickle of domestic and repatriation flights it's going to stay that way at least until the end of june when the international arrivals ban is lifted it was put in place back in early april with millions of jobs on the line thailand needs to see
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its airports busy again but it will be a slow and steady opening if there is any increase in covert $1000.00 cases any progress in building travelers confidence could come crashing down scott hyder al jazeera bangkok and you can follow all of the stories that we're covering on al-jazeera by logging on to our web site at al-jazeera dot com of course president jumping slump his comments on georgia small boys. you're watching al-jazeera with means the whole robin reminder of all top stories find his link to libya's u.n. recognized government celebrating the sudden collapse of all old cliff i have to 14 month battle to take over the capital they retaking the city had to huna the strategically important base to have to fall since in western libya had has will from. that's left. over this city afternoon is mainly
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a tribute to did so with their turkish military support for the government force and also there was there were a lot of. russian medicine is from the bad little group been fighting alongside. forces now. this city the city of government about 75 kilometers south of the capital tripoli is very strategic very significant from here. after his forces had a central command over the past year now there's been an unexpected drop in the latest u.s. unemployment figures 2 and a half 1000000 new jobs were created in may as the unemployment rate fell to 13.3 percent experts warn it could take months for the 10s of millions still collecting unemployment benefits to find work the president ultram says the u.s. economy is bouncing back from the pandemic when we had a problem we were able to cut it off stop it just like this stop it
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keep everyone inside keep them away keep them together away uninfected and we saved millions of lives and now we're opening and we're opening with a bang and we've been talking about the v. this is better than a v. this is a rocket ship it's been 3 years since and land and sea blockade was imposed on qatar by egypt bahrain and its neighbors the united arab emirates and saudi arabia one of the incidents that led up to the blockade was the backing of the council news agency. the parent company of british airways says it's considering a legal challenge against the u.k. government's quarantine rules all travelers to the u.k. are required to quarantine for 14 days from monday or face a hefty fine those are the headlines and back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next on al-jazeera it's truth is it anyway to stay with us.
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