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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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colonise ation is a really important issue suicide rights do remain very high we're still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm still robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes libyan ward cleaver hafter talks of a ceasefire as he went back government forces into his stronghold of sirte. also lebanon's army steps in between rival protest groups in the capital economic pain brings thousands on to the streets and. the.
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leak. turns of thousands of people are on the march in washington d.c. taking a message against police brutality to donald trump. and sympathy in london with american anger black lives matter demonstrators condemn the killing of george florey. welcome to the news hour libyan government forces are heading into the stronghold of warlord khalifa haftar that is sending on sirte just hours after have to announce that he supports a ceasefire with the un backed government it's been proposed by his ally egyptian president sisi following talks in cairo the so-called cairo agreement to include a ceasefire from monday and the exit of all foreign fighters but the internationally recognized government is ignoring the cease fire call. has the
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latest. proposing a peace deal in cairo egypt's president abdel fatah was warlord khalifa haftar whose 14 month offensive to capture the libyan capital tripoli collapsed this week and i'm saying it is time for a ceasefire and all foreign fighters to leave come out ahead of him about a lot of money in the initiative aims to guarantee a fair representation of libya's 3 provinces and a presidential council elected by the people under the supervision of the united nations to manage libya's leadership for the 1st time in the country's history but in tripoli the u.n. recognized government commanders said they don't recognize the cease fire and they'll continue to in their words liberate our land the context of what has just been reported about military advancements in the last week the series of defeats that have suffered the over the last 2 months and its practical exit right now.
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from the west of libya suggests that in fact the cairo initiative or because i don't like liberation as what it was called is more about trying to salvage what remains of afghans project trying to protect what remains of his military forces in the east after us forces have suffered significant setbacks in recent weeks losing control of more towns on saturday including bani walid as government of national accord forces continue to drive have to use fighters from western libya might want but would not after announcing full control of the capital tripoli and recapturing have to our stronghold city of tarhouni on friday. g.n.a.t. forces are now gearing up for an offensive to recapture the city of sirte another half to our stronghold and hometown of libya's former leader moammar gadhafi and if one of the new political back in cairo after explained his reasons for the cease fire. have welcomed the american in the fight against terrorism and criminal
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militias we will expel the mercenaries from libya so we can achieve the hopes and aspirations of the libyan people to have a new day of prosperity this will reflect positively on neighboring countries and to the region as a whole while saturday's focus was on peace talks in cairo in libya this was the scene following an airstrike near al jazeera as live camera position in a brain just south of misrata another reminder that a lasting peace appears far from reach in this oil rich country dorset a pari al jazeera. well in trainer has been following the offensive by government forces and has more for misrata. we were with the g.n.a.t. forces in every brain the situation was very tense when we witnessed. at least a half self-styled libyan national army carry out various airstrikes on
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the reason in abu brain this resulted in several casualties within the g.n.a.t. force there but now military sources are telling us that they have entered syria now syria is in central lead to is to teach a clear located after war the khalifa haftar is forces witnessed a string of defeats in in the west including his stronghold sort of suit was a was was was essential place for him to perhaps have a stronger position in power and possible peace talks now for now forces your military officials and political officials here tell us that they will not accept khalifa haftar as a partner in any future peace talks they believe that the the destruction and the displaced people that that that that tripoli has witnessed over a year means that he is not a partner in peace. the forces have entered suit and and they they expect or they
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tell us they expect to take full control of the city of sirte the the commander of the search operations earlier told me that they were witnessing a monitoring of forces loyal to khalifa haftar beginning to withdraw from the city from from last night so forces loyal to flee the have to began. with drawing towards eastern libya after a string of defeats in the west. let's take you back a few months in january the u.n. backed government in tripoli was having to defend the compton. closed-end forces control. all the area in red and the u.n. back government forces held the area in blue when turkey sent in fighters and military equipment to support tripoli's government in january it began making important territorial gains by may government forces had seized. used by have to as warplanes to attack tripoli tripoli's government then recaptured most territories
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surrounding the capital the seizure of the city of tire who are meant that have to last his last major stronghold in western libya now rival forces are battling for control of the city of sirte where moammar gadhafi used to live jason park is a nonresident fellow at the middle east institute and founder of libya analysis i'll see and to be in affairs consultancy joins me now from the chin in new jersey good to have you with us on the program again is it checkmate for have to and is it sort of a last ditch attempt sort of to gain something from a future libya that he can get involved with or is he actually irrelevant now well you're right in pointing out that that well for tripoli is completely over that's been checkmated but the struggle for profit up the succession continues so the ceasefire talk in cairo is irrelevant it's a ruse to detract media attention of course when you're on the back foot militarily
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a ceasefire would be very convenient to stop that meeting but no one on the ground is paying attention to that and they're pushing the advantage of search for very soon and most interestingly is a turkish frigate are on their way to the oil crescent to ruslan of and we're seeing essentially a very fluid movement and we don't know where it will and indeed i mean it's seems that one of the main questions should also be why people into who didn't fight what happened sort of to the component l.m.a. parts of this fight this sort of rolled over. well thanks for pointing that out that's a great mystery because we've always heard that truck with its attachment to former gadhafi officers and the important coming out militia would be the last stronghold for the l. and a and that they would fight to the last man but we've seen a traditionally libyan pattern of warfare play out here which is that an occupying force pisses off the locals so much that by the time they've been see and their electricity is out and there's not enough food they abandon the people that they
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supposedly sided with and though they former occupiers have to flee so all of the games that we've heard about in your program have been won by turkish drones and air support and there's been very little fighting on the ground so we don't know of other components of have tires support what so abandoned him and also of late into time with a lot of fluid movement indeed the moment is that if that fluid movement runs to the diplomatic circles because we don't have russia and egypt as 2 major allies of hafter more wonders where their support really years if it is there at all anymore because in russia's case they're also well embedded with the syrians and they've got that conflict also that they're involved with. well that's right the final analysis of what plays out in libya will be decided in regional and international capitals but because both libyan coalitions don't answer to a given person another is halfhearted control the other day and surround it doesn't control the g.n.a.s. mind forces it's not as if ever a decision made abroad can be enforced through those commanders think we're going
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to have to settle militarily and until that point talk of cease fires or distractions but at some point when things do settle then it's in those capitals abroad that a new idea or approach to libya will have to take root and that will have to involve economic reform paying back payments restarting of oil and essentially a new structure for a unitary libyan state and that's not being discussed yet yet so we're going to have to weigh in just about the g. and a little bit as well because basically they are seem to making advances very very quickly in areas that we thought they wouldn't be able to recapture so to speak are they stretching themselves too thin and could they leave themselves for a counter-attack. it's a great question i'm wondering the same the g.n.a.t. is probably not calling the shots but certain misrata and south commanders it doesn't seem like they're going to listen to reason so yes they might be overstretched themselves going from the answer to its ruslan oath and then it would
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be open for a counterattack but i don't see that counterattack is likely because after a certain discredited inside libya he promised tripoli he promised her supporters the moon and that he didn't deliver so they're not fighting for him they're very quick to throw down their arms and run away and this is millions who used to support them seem to be fed up because what did they get for that support they got power outages and they didn't get their salaries and they had to wait to get food so it's quite likely that there won't be much fighting just racing back and forth in the desert and we've seen that as a typically libyan way of warfare could there be an attempt to depose after yes it would have to be the egyptians emery's and russians working together with mid-level officers in the l.m.a. to put someone in place who can shore up the support of the moguls in the east while they're so protecting the legitimate interests of those outside players indeed or not as libya will always keep us on our toes and indeed yes indeed it is
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a very fluid situation even in the coming hours for the moment jason patric there joining us from protection in new jersey thank you so pleasure though what began as an anti-government protest in lebanon's capital over the handling of the economic crisis is causing new tension in beirut security forces on the streets hundreds of people have turned out to call for the government to resign over the state of the economy the lebanese are facing their worst economic crisis in decades with around 30 percent of the population out of work and attempts by protesters to march to the center of the city was blocked by the army as rival groups appeared with water is what has been following the protests from the capital beirut. the army security forces are out in force you can see them in the distance they used tear gas to push anti-government protesters away from the main square in
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central beirut some of the protesters tried to storm the parliament building and really we've seen scenes like this over the past 2 months since october since a protest movement to try to talk to all a political class that has been in power for decades a political class that people here believe are corrupt and are responsible for driving lebanon's economy into the ground this is only on one side of the square 2 hours ago we were on the other side of the square where anti-government protesters were not facing off with the military but with supporters of the ruling alliance supporters of the ruling alliance there to try to storm the main square where anti-government protesters were camped out and. the army has to sound in between the people at the divide is deep the tensions are high you can see the
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security forces trying to push away the pro-government anti-government protesters from the square so they can no longer try says storm government buildings so seas like this have been playing out in the lebanese capital over the past few months economic conditions are only worsening anger is growing and really is a call to action today was was an attempt to relate to the revive this movement and to remind those in power that's quote their so-called revolution is still alive and it hasn't gone away. well plenty more ahead here on the news hour including. a sinister side of the corona virus outbreak we look at how criminals have become more brazen in chile and thousands across australia take part in black lives matter protests to all of george floyd and denounce racial injustice at home.
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there will be large rallies in cities across the world as the death of george floyd in the u.s. city of minneapolis spurs a movement against racism from paris to london from tunis to sydney people have been out in their thousands right now who washington d.c. large crowds are marching from all directions towards a white house one of the streets they are passing through on route has had blocked lives matter painted across several blocks it's been 12 days since george floyd died after a policeman knelt on his neck as he was being arrested president donald trump is at the white house this weekend while we have to be standing by in new york but 1st let's talk to hygeia castro she is in washington d.c. and the numbers swelling on the streets of the capital. right now and just in the last hour or so the only thing. they have
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down there or the white house. that's about every way you can them to hear this is . the most profound that we have. down there in the nation's capital made their voices heard before the white house and things began days ago in the forty's here we're expecting anywhere between 500-022-0000 extension 0 people protest. georgie boy the demand for it and can explain just to be made in the wake of this how did increase it was for black americans and crack down on police. tallit and the vibe of this contest here has been one that has been so far very positive there have been no scenes of violence that we have seen play out the day after people here with families and small children distributing water and food to the protesters now of course we are at the doorstep of the white house you can't see past all the
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people here but just on the other side of this group of people is the fans of the magnificent report of my plans is the white house itself with the force of president from inside and these protesters have been marching down the street past the black flies matter merle that you were disappointed i was just new to the city of d.c. yesterday and they happened they're sending us closer they can get to the white house chanting black lives matter and told him how the president trusts the protesters here are very angry at the president saying that he has not taken their concerns seriously now president trump is home at the white house this weekend he has no scheduled public as hands and he has suggested that with elise and number selling the anime may be on the way down from the burning fires endemic that alone may address the concerns of black and brown americans there say something that is not the case we haven't seen people from all walks of life and all ages but we
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haven't seen here at least in this spot is a military presence that we know has been given such made such a difference in the lives those residents of washington d.c. and with some days and that maybe. the pentagon has stepped. up the role of the national guard are still 5000 troops in the capital city but they haven't forgotten this plan as of yesterday and about 1600 active duty military members of the orders refer to their home base is certainly in a nutshell a deescalation on the side of until it's very close 2 on the protesters themselves . to have announced the looting that took place earlier and these protests again now it's all about this he will demand that they say that. in this country recent poll shows that i've heard of america and the factories in your work there so how did you come straight washington d.c. thank you well let's go a little bit further along the east coast and join christine salumi in new york and
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the scene seemed pretty similar where you are to kristen. now protesters here in new york are showing no signs of backing down the demonstrations have been continuing pretty much around the clock several scheduled for today and you can see the size of the crowd behind me it's thousands of people have gathered here in washington square park in lower manhattan a lot of people here actually march from way out of town over 100 bucks to get here and this is a continuation of what we've been seeing for the last week with demonstrators just appearing all over the groups jamming together marching shutting down traffic largely peaceful and what we saw last night in fact is only 40 arrests of demonstrators that's the fewest arrests we've seen. in the last week at the high point 700 people were arrested after a night that was somewhat confrontational and violent looting happening no reports of looting in the last night or 2 no serious reports there are again only about 40
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demonstrators were arrested for being our last heard here was acknowledge that it was a peaceful situation and what's interesting now is prosecutor is the district attorneys here in new york are saying that they're not going to prosecute those low level arrests for protesters they're going to respect the black lives matter movement for nonviolent offenses and instead focus on people who have been causing violence on the other hand to police officers who were caught on video pushing down a 75 year old protester. was left bleeding. on the ground have been suspended from their apartment and now actually facing charges of assault the 2 officers appeared in court and. charges they were had a bunch of people. group of police officers from their department show up in their support and some of those officers actually.
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protests and riots. all across the state. from the governor of new york who says that this is now a national moment for change and perhaps a sign that the protesters are getting through he has announced. he wants to have passed this week. here in new york but no signs of backing down from the protesters here demonstrations still going strong. in new york thank you. well starting in the states 2 police officers in buffalo new york have been charged with assault after they pushed an elderly man into the ground during protests kristen mentioned they were pulled from. the 75 year old man who was left
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with critical injuries all $57.00 members of the special police unit in buffalo have also quit to protest the office a suspension the video of the incident shows a majority of the officers. injured. in the u.s. . continues with. social distancing rules. in the center of the city this is the scene police are blocking attempts. to get closer to. the home of the u.k. prime minister. who's been following the day's events in london. a pretty substantial process protest this has been in london by some counts 10000 people certainly several 1000 people many of them still here in parliament square protesting in solidarity of course with the events happening in the united states but not exclusively about those events also about events here in this country
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institutional racism police brutality is the sort of thing that affects the lives of the people in this crowd every day taking the opportunity now to have their voices heard in the sort of messages we're seeing on the streets here look at some of these banners no justice no peace black lives have always mattered silence is betrayal and black lives are worth more than a number thanks very much guys and over here you can see strung up on the statue of abraham lincoln on the edge of parliament square racism is a pandemic to as i said it's not just about the united states here it is about the lives of people in this in the united kingdom about the way policing is conducted here in peace on the scene years decades centuries of injustice and things just need to change the title i think what really is that it's bringing people together and having some of the patients talking about what everyone should be in all communities it's all racial background and the more you talk the more that action
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can be taken and of course it's not just the political element it's not just about police brutality there are additional concerns as well about coronavirus about the spread of covert 19 in these enormous crowds and senior politicians and health officials had urged people indeed not to come out at all at this process and be a protest and they've been a rolling series of these protests through the week and they may well go on and they had urged people if you do come up please respect social distancing rules where there's been very little social distancing going on here albeit most people are wearing masks it does rather feel as if the need that people have to be heard in these circumstances outweighs their fear of contracting the virus. will follow the people are defying bans against gathering in paris. police are trying to stop 3 pretty protests near the eiffel tower and the u.s. embassy fearing crowds could help to spread the coronavirus on tuesday another band a rally drew more than 20000 people to remember a dollar tour
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a young black man who died in french custody in 2016 well into his ear protesters knelt down and chanted i can breathe some of george floyd's last words some demonstrators compared floyd to muhammad busy the tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire in 2010 and it was his death credited with sparking the arab spring revolution of antigovernment protests not rising across the region and as prime minister has also knelt in solidarity with protesters r.t. and the racism rally just in today made the gesture as a crowd my 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence that's to ration of time a police officer kept his knee on george's floyd's neck today has been under pressure to condemn president trump's response to the protests in the us. and australians have protested in cities nationwide to support the black lives matter movement they also demanded changes at home following the deaths of hundreds of aboriginal people while in police custody nicola gage so what happened was
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defying calls from prime minister scott morrison to stay at home protesters rallied at sydney's tellme whole different prices but with one message was a new south wales port on friday damed the protest on lawful after police tried to shut it down saying it contravened coronavirus help orders but organizers won an appeal for it to go ahead so days like about making it was civil rights history like a problem right. thousands marched through his biggest city as they pushed ahead. outcry grew loud but largely peaceful the strains not only supporting the black lives matter campaign in the united states after the death of george floyd but also protesting against aboriginal deaths in custody indigenous
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australians are disproportionately overrepresented in the prison system less than 5 percent of the population they constitute 27 percent of prisoners this rally was only deemed lawful minutes before it was due to start but many of these protesters were demonstrating hours before that so i want justice for those who have died in custody. including david duncan a junior who died in 2015 after a struggle with police guards it was filmed from inside his sydney prison cell block george floyd his last words were i can't breathe law professor fanie says there have been $432.00 would be generous deaths in custody since 1991 we have hundreds of deaths in custody in our history and present and or.
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have not received justice there's been no accountability sydney was just one of dozens of saturday protests across the country all with the message that they're looking for change nicola gage al-jazeera sydney. let's talk about top story a live in government forces bearing down on certain stronghold of the warlord khalifa haftar malik traina is on the road. you've been with g.n.a.t. forces through the day just talk us through where you are now and what's going on. that's right i am now in grain grain is west of cigarettes forces here have i have 8 i've launched an adventure into syria and they are now in the western gates approximately 20 to 25 kilometers into that to the city center center forces here tell me that they have just that they've downed
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a plane belonging to warlords khalifa haftar self-styled libyan national army now suits is is very strategic it's in the center of libya this this of course is the hometown of late the late walmart gadhafi who and also has seen you know destruction over and over again in in the libyan conflict assert was the foothold or the stronghold of dowsett back in 2016 and warlords leave to have to took over sears in january he's been positioned there since january forces then came here to have a brain we were here earlier and we witnessed ellen de airstrikes on positions here which led to the results of casualties within the ga forces but they have gone ahead and pushed through into the western gates of sirte on the
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western side. not in china fold the update thanks very much for joining us from abu ghraib minute train and i would also channel al jazeera arabic thank you. still out here on the news protecting the land of gold coast sound native americans are vowing to defend themselves now more than answer. hundreds are protesting in israel over the government's and its asian towns of the occupied west bank. and they're still very hot and dry across much of the middle east and the arabian peninsula has seen a few showers across lately across the southwest of yemen so quite a bit of cloud and we could actually see the cloud developing again throughout the day on sunday it may bring as well want to show even a stray thunderstorm quite cloudy across these western as a saudi on
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a warm day mecca with a high there of 4646 in the not as hot as it has been but even so 46 of course is extremely unpleasant the winds are strong coming from the north so the strong hot winds and they will of course travel further south across the way but into the a warm windy day in doha not only on sunday but also monday temperatures the about 40 celsius but very nice to the eastern end of the med but it won't dangerous them with a high of a 30 degrees celsius then down into southern africa will see the. typical for this time of year. working the way west was around the gulf of guinea more of that will continue on sunday some fairly heavy downpours at times you can see here across into a couple working up into cameroon as well but away from there we have got more showers and some very stiff winds along these coastal areas a tons a day across into kenya as well and plenty of rains through eastern areas of monaco ask a similar story on monday but it does remain fun and dry to the sasa showers in mozambique sunny skies in cape town at $22.00.
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on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster of threatening people's lives. on land and at sea. al-jazeera world exposed the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human error. on senegal sinking villages. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but on the morning all chunks of the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all my joy and what led. me to.
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selma the boxer faces europe. on al-jazeera. all. the all. oh. welcome back to al-jazeera news hour with me said holroyd never mind of our top stories libyan ward cleaver hafter has said he supports a ceasefire with the un backed government has been proposed by his early adoption president of the fatah and sisi after the forces have suffered several setbacks in recent weeks and government forces are now fighting to retake the city of sirte. large crowds have been out in lebanese capital protesting over the government's handling of the economic crisis around 30 percent of the population are out of work
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. and large crowds in washington d.c. and marching towards one town saying another rally against racism and police brutality it's been 12 days since george floyd died after a policeman notes on his neck as he was being arrested. native americans experienced some of the highest rates of death of the hands of police in the u.s. when the all saluting began in minneapolis last week a native american patrol was full to protect their neighborhoods as the touch a good number of ports. and i screamed you know hey get out of there lynn that this dirt is a grandmother with an auto immune disease who decided protecting the native american community in minneapolis was worth the risk of covert 19 exposure she describes how she helped stop a burglary at the minnesota indian women's resource center the one that we got down
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and held her down and we got the bag back and that bag had our bunch of brand new i pads and things like that but tonics. she had a bar in her hand and she wouldn't let it go and i had my hand my foot out in it because she's a big girl since the arson and looting began last week the aftermath of george floyd's death about $300.00 volunteers have joined the american indian movement or aim patrol carrying sticks bats and flashlights the patrol has managed to protect vital sites such as a health clinic gallery at an affordable housing development under construction only one building a nonprofit catering to indigenous youth was destroyed it opened just last year we are capable of. taking care of ourselves we're looking out for people our organizations our families our horses our like minneapolis has one of the
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largest urban native populations in the united states and it was here in 1068 that the american indian movement was founded in part to combat police brutality among minority groups native americans of experience one of the highest rates of death at the hands of the police and members of the community say their relationship with the minneapolis police department remains fraught there's a lot of trust building with to reestablish. even the imagery for the police within our with their children because children have been hurt in this from the ashes of destruction there is home the community has raised almost $200000.00 to rebuild the youth center set on fire last week as well just iraq and yet. the hundreds of people who are protesting in israel against the government's plan
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to annex parts of the occupied west bank more than 35 jewish and arab rights groups have joined the demonstrations the israeli government is expected to annex parts of the west bank which would see around 30 percent of palestinian land to become part of israel from early july united nations that recognizes the occupied west bank as palestinian territory by international law but mom bashar is al-jazeera senior political analyst and joins me now via skype from here in doha you know when i mean will any demonstrations have any effect on sort of the potential an exception process look any demonstration at this point in time is a good. i doubt that any immediate effects are now. the next station but certainly i don't know facts. all of historic palestine. of course would be wrong and if. i'm from this region also joining would be even
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more welcome but it's clearly an important thing for the palestinians themselves and the season is there as i've been receiving and jewish nationalism if you wear for the last 70 years to spearhead. against the galaxy. because i think there is a 4th and. point in time where much of this discussion about annexation is becoming a discussion about politics and. timing and the expense. of the difference. between netanyahu and trump and. not the in the galut being. an exception. and so. today palestinians and jews
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against the sanction this is going to policies against. the station isn't. any sense other than netanyahu was in sort of full steam ahead made despite the recent visit from paid to discuss this very issue in tel aviv. yes i think again back to the politics i think the agenda for donald trump might be deferred and sames of time inc. now wants to go full steam in july 1st i'm not sure we have seen messages from washington by the timing whether it's before or after the republican convention in august but clearly. there is a green light from launch and the problem here is government insists everything happens by washington's agenda by washington as far as the by washington's plan not by international legality not by and i think nations security council not by
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united nations resolution and so i think you know it insists now that. from that you can do whatever the heck he wants what we see from the united states so and that's why this is important what's happening in palestine is a good day is echoed. in the united states. to have a once in washington but america has a huge influence on israel and then look at. israel the idea that the likes of kurdistan there's a leading jewish candidate for the democratic party the leading. voice in america to be speaking at the most ration and. again could next the thoughts the thoughts meaning the millions i've been living like african-americans in the fifty's and the sixty's. when i think of americans who have to sit in the back of the
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bus citizens or when i was in the bus in the 1st place because they were living under israeli military government today most. historic by the. israeli military control many to the domination of the west bank used to sort of or . gaza strip so really all in all these are and continues to commit crimes against the postilions jewish nationalism is the lead similar to white nationalism in america and that's why we're burned in i think you're all without protest in being of so against. racism we made. 'd it very clear when he said he's against netanyahu very action very racist always going to get the always good to get your import low intensity joining us bashar al jazeera senior political analysts thank you. noise has played an important role in
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previous negotiations between israelis and palestinians but norwegian politicians say the prospect of any peace deal is bleak as israel pushes ahead with an extension plan's always foreign minister has been speaking to our diplomatic editor james bays it was seen at the time as a diplomatic triumph a moment of hope as palestinian leader yasser arafat and israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin shook hands on the white house lawn and signed up to the all slower cooling us. they were named after the capital city of the country norway where the diplomatic efforts started at 1st in secret with now the chances of peace of the bleakest they've been at any time since the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu threatening to annex parts of the west bank in an interview without 0 norway's foreign minister tells me that could threaten the whole oslo process that it was aimed at creating 2 separate states but we cannot see an extension that
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would be in contravention of international law and it would directly undermine the potential for a 2 state solution so that is the very clear message from us norway's still plays an important role a committee it leads the ad hoc liaison committee is now the only place where key international players meet with israeli and palestinian representatives and the country is a candidate for membership of the un security council we from norway side and others stand ready at any point in time to facilitate if the parties want us to and there we see that there is there there is the room to try to work with the parties even though it is the stream lee difficult no way is competing for a seat on the un security council if you are elected how will you leverage that historic role and what will be your priorities on this issue. well it's something that we talked to all u.n. member states about because we can bring to the table something that is quite
9:44 pm
unique we have experienced we have a network we have a way of working that has always been there for the long haul very patient and we work behind the scenes there usually for a very long time before you know anyone knows that it is the process going on norway is in a tough race for the security council there are 3 countries canada arland and norway competing for 2 seats the election is on the 17th if norway does succeed it some bastard on the security council veteran diplomat mona you'll she and her husband tell your rude larsen hosted the very 1st then unofficial contacts that led to the oslo accords 27 years ago james al-jazeera the united nations opec and its allies have extended historical oil output cuts through to july nigeria says it's preparing to make additional cuts starting next month until september and once in order to compensate for producing more than its quota in may
9:45 pm
in june opec made the recalled cuts last month to boost oil prices which have been hard hit by the lock downs imposed during the coronavirus and. well still ahead hill in the news all in sport the i mean the national football league i mean we won't. the n.f.l. apologizes for not listening to players when they spoke out about racism. rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry but dates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries this trouble continues but for till now for use distance we wanted to news with australia's last generation of recovery from call on is a really important issue suicide writes do a mind very high list still twice the national average we want on al-jazeera.
9:46 pm
talk about well since the covert 900 pandemic swept the world various lock downs
9:47 pm
and restrictions of affected people in different ways and in the past few months i've been speaking to a range of people who've had their own experiences to tell today we had to northern england down to the small town of huddersfield in west yorkshire so let's meet diane and robert louis welcome to you both you are diane an independent artist rob you are a freelance t.v. music producer and director both of you are self employed and you've both had to cope through the pandemic it sells as self employed individuals the government had said they would try and help those that were self employed have you had any help rob. you know no we haven't heard of. how some people. are but we can have a function with the limited company. and
9:48 pm
the government people who want. to come computer to help someone out of. your very good thing that i'm not crazy. that a difficult time is probably i mean tell us a little bit about how does feel this is a small town in the north of england i mean restrictions have been lifted slightly what's it like to live. well we got details of setting quite a plunge some of you know some of those. countries not pretty are going on about the kind of sure you can probably in the middle between you munch us or so got a fig to keep me about the few who qualifies under the sun or that. most people in this town like most people around you can. follow the government to silence the truth because they. just go for most of that size and to go
9:49 pm
to the supermarket or need to. farms and so we have one thing now. and they leave any sort of got ready to do the shopping what is that like because you know we've heard about social distancing at supermarkets and what have you how much longer does it take to do your shopping not. quite a lot longer we need generally said she wants signs to me. we always wear a mask when we go. and it can take quite a long time every fantasy well as the power cuts. there's been a lot of shall. properties that we. we've been able to see you know you know with your mask in the in the supermarket diane but you've also got to look after you have a rinse but you're also looking after the community at large in your friends by actually selling masks i believe. yes while the thing is i you know there's so
9:50 pm
much differing. information regarding what we don't know her grandma but i thought well if it's going to help. all of the people that and i didn't so great so i can make a much more friends and some race unless it's got longer and longer but now we're out of role teacher so where they were going on the inside of the mom and i saw her now beseech it now so where is this making off of course it's good to get to know what your doing thanks very much for your time from huddersfield in northern england rob and diane lewis thank you thank you but you know the kind of hours pandemic in chile is increasing the chances of being robbed . crime levels have risen in the country right safest in south america drug
9:51 pm
traffickers are amongst criminals taking advantage of the emergency has a lot in america to see a new human from santiago. armed assailants on roads and highways and stop drivers to rob them gangs of young men and women forcing people out of their cars to steal their vehicles in broad daylight. police breaking down doors looking for culprits this isn't new but since cold 19 and lockdowns arrived in chile people say they feel less safe. 24 year old eric killing house and recently became one of the latest statistics while walking home from work to this park about isn't people who elect you know the guy appeared with a face mask like we all we're now and pointed a gun at my head give it to me give it to me he shouted i was in too much shock to react until he threatened to fire the gun then i gave him my mobile phone. my things had been increased all over the capital santiago drug traffickers are hiring
9:52 pm
deliveryman to transport drugs instead of fast food because they're allowed to operate during quarantine. but organized crime is making far more sinister inroads especially in chile's poorest areas the tina runs one of at least 70 soup kitchens that have sprung up in lapin stana i mean it's a pallet he would pull with infections are soaring as fast as unemployment. many here have been out of work for at least 2 months a community organizer helps raise donations to provide $200.00 lunches a day but in many poor income neighborhoods authorities say that there is growing evidence which has been confirmed to us by some locals who declined to be on camera that organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of robin of what they're doing this right giving away food or financing some of these soup kitchens in a bid to win over the hearts and minds or at least. the loyalty of people in desperate need. not been tennis mayor says they also want to win the local silence you know.
9:53 pm
what i've seen is that they're giving away food to people who are infected with covert 19 and they use social networks to publicize what they're doing they said that the director of public security and order tells us police are responding to the crime wave by installing hundreds of new cameras and drones to gather intelligence in real time festival of course during quarantine and curfew it's more complex for the common delinquent to carry out traditional crimes so they're resorting to more serious crimes and that generates more violence. indeed criminals here are becoming increasingly bold which raises another concern that in times like these have deep recession and need many could be tempted to believe that resorting to crime is justifiable when you have a family to feed. you see in human al-jazeera sente al. the
9:54 pm
president of brazil is threatening to follow donald trump by cutting ties with the world health organization after it warned governments about the risks of lifting lockdowns too soon or accuse the w.h.o. of ideological bias or has often echoed trumps virus policies despite brazil having the world's 3rd highest number of infections and it fell commissioner roger goodell has apologize for the way the u.s. football league has handle players protests against racial injustice and police brutality calling component current other players were criticized when they went down on one knee for the national anthem and when it was played in 2016 as alexia brown explains. when n.f.l. quarterback colin kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem 4 years ago the move divided the sport and the country in some corners he was celebrated for highlighting issues of police brutality and systemic racism people are really feeling their humanity and really
9:55 pm
feeling like you know what this might not be something i experience ideally basis but it's not right that these other people are going through this but by others he was criticized threatened he lost his job with the san francisco 49 ers and hasn't been hired since now the head of the u.s. football league has admitted it mishandled the situation with the national football league in it we were wrong for not listening to n.f.l. players earlier and encourage all to speak out peacefully protests. read the national. leave act lives matter up the price relations are especially explosive in the us right now like a nice guy going to think i heard right. and the active kneeling has taken on new significance since george floyd died in minneapolis after a police officer knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as he begged for
9:56 pm
air is venting. the n.f.l. apology follows the release of a video by several players who included the specific demand that the n.f.l. say black lives matter what would it take for one of us to be murdered by police brutality was through the mind organizer of the players video michael thomas of the new orleans saints has praised the n.f.l. though some believe the apology isn't since cea it's looks like more p.r. he's responding to what players have said not to the players started all wrong calling happening he never mentions calling government you midges the players this is what you know roger goodell is great at the same protest of our cities across america who are in a fill stadiums with you know season to games more than any other leg the n.f.l. has struggled with the issue of race 3 courses of its players african-american but nearly every team owner is white u.s. president donald trump has previously called on owners to fire any players who
9:57 pm
knelt during the anthem one of his latest weights and caps with no kneeling evidence of america's deeply felt divisions the football league now hoping its sports can help bring the country together and brian al-jazeera. let's take you back to the american capital washington d.c. and scenes from what is now being called black lives matter plaza on the main route that leads to the white house where hundreds it seems like thousands of americans from all walks of life have now gathered to protest and to support the black lives matter protest and of course in honor of george floyd who died at the hands while being detained of a police officer nearly 12 years ago demonstrations like this are crisscrossing the united states from new york to san francisco and everywhere in between we expect these protests to last for much longer and we'll be continuing our coverage here on
9:58 pm
our to 0 degree in aggregate or we'll have more news on the other side of the break thanks for joining me on the news hour by. isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise leave the looking at another side of this story not from our information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact look it's reality and we have to leave along exposing the old ticks try and find if their rhetoric and claims but they cannot manipulate the fires of the listening post your inside guide to the
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media on al-jazeera. another early morning another ceremony to bed health workers by well. 29000 to cuban doctors and nurses working in 59 countries around the world has confirmed cases of coronavirus increase so does demand for cuban medics medical services and the island's main export while western commentators assume cuba sends doctors mainly to expand influence experts on the on his health system draw a different conclusion you're making a big sacrifice why are you willing to go. because there are other people that need me people that are sick and dying and not isn't right people shouldn't be dying when there are people who can help them. june 1976 days they redrew the map of the middle east just record of. me and it was one of the greatest tragedy in the history of islam 50 years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war
10:00 pm
and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations and tried to make. contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was just all of the rule in june. libyan warlord khalifa haftar backs calls for a ceasefire as government forces win back territory. watch al-jazeera live from london i'm debbie navigate also ahead more demonstrations across the united states the streets of washington d.c. filled with the message that block lives matter while around the world from london to sydney tens of thousands march in solidarity. with us there is face off in center.


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