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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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al-jazeera selects. i. more demonstrations across the united states the streets of washington d.c. filled with the message that block lives matter while around the world from london to sydney tens of thousands march in solidarity. watching al jazeera live from london i'm telling you now brigades are also ahead libyan warlords supports calls for a ceasefire but the un backed government rejects the proposal. to asters face off
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in central beirut as the political power struggle and economic crisis worsens. fellow protesters are pouring into america's capital as the city gears up for its largest demonstration yet against racism and police brutality take a look at the life scene in washington d.c. right now 12 days after george for it a black man was killed while and by a white police officer his death has triggered waves of anger and protest across the nation with a message black lives matter gaining renewed support around the world floyd's family has held a memorial service for him in north carolina where he was born. i think for my floor. everybody's been talking about everything in there these family is a can love and they love everybody
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a man. and i'm not the one to preach but i've come to tell you today that god. was son in law that you out there. god. is on our cell. going to get a witness here and i'll tell you some way to bring him back in the universe when not. good god i'm not yet going to come over here i don't know about you kept them hanging oh god. you love god. so that was north carolina let's take you back to washington and bring out chapter time to his with the protesters there what's going on behind you see how what can you see. tens of thousands of protesters you might have a better view actually from from the ground and we can just see blades of people but maybe us will give a sense of the scale tens and tens of thousands of people as well as we understand
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not just here in front of the white house but around the city something we've seen all week particularly attracted now there to this the scene here in front of the white house well as you as you suggested the words the clock lives now to have been written on the streets in front of the white house by the mass of the city it is interesting that they're all to different arguments here as far as as far as these letters a concern on the matter is trying to do is say look she's in control of the streets not federal troops controlled by donald trump not the national guard. but but but the local city authorities she wants she wants local police to be policing these protests west all trouble is federal authority that is actually a different issue to the one the black lives matter of protesting like lives massa protesting necessarily against federal authority that that's pretty straight against. municipal authority because it's the man who's in charge of the police force and it's the man who is going to block lives amount of the one who keeps on
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militarizing any more momentum is ever more millions of dollars to the police force here in d.c. but militarization shields the police a prosecution when they kill black people as she removes money away from the social budget the current budget proposal that's being discussed right now in d.c. is 5 x. rated and a half $1000000.00 for the police while taking away millions of dollars from social housing schools social safety net so on so it's an amazing bit of sleight of hand. i think public relations firms will study this for a very long time to come because if you look at social media it's thank you ma'am block lives about a block lies about her itself is saying this is a performative distraction it's man bows or that is the problem. we're talking about the police we're not talking about federal authorities we're not talking about donald trump we're talking about local authorities to put it very plainly it's almost as if bad about his wrist saying we don't want federal troops to be
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policing these these these demonstrations if anyone is going to spray pepper spray it's going to be our own police because that face of the washington police has a terrible record with protests all the all the lawsuits from the inauguration a few years ago of only just been settled and the police went wild here so it's a fascinating if it's another it's just how many lives that are all of this discussion and how a few enormous letters can actually confuse things a little bit all right thank you very much for that update from washington. new york is one of many u.s. states that have seen demonstrators fill the streets for another day in solidarity with the black lives matter movements and our correspondent christopher lummi has attended a protest in manhattan and spoke to one of the organizers. and project does not want to be a weed many here are crowds of people gathered here in lower manhattan i'm drawn march we're talking of more than 100 doctors ready to go on one of the world i live near me but al-arabiya product placement i mean you are one of the organizers who
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are already come out to come here. and what are the response i mean the crowd well today is a collaboration of organization and i mean again when your that people are able to express their outrage about what's been happening need them in other words the reason we're here in new york city and in new york and st john's i mean constantine area name. just soon the 100 people by an area like in a midst of the might make its outside of the snake and then pop out what other people are doing to but may be wrong outside of new york well we had to go right here in the name we have a body that had to be anyone had been to me help the child who was on the board who even right even today we know that there had so many we had signed before but there are in the red tags 1050
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shillings in black he was in the week who came again and i'm so green and the me talk that this lady talked of god and many other organizations to bring in the ministry to let it be known that we're not going to go in not all of the clothes or you'd be apparent that we're all cheney and marc george quite as important but joy all right not the holy pig there are too many across. it's going to that one of your demands is to defund the police department do you have a specific amount and are you worried that that means turn up people who are worried about safety and this is really. going to have to. worry about. worried about police departments and they're not sure that it's also one state like it will take. in developing strategies to keep the media be made in fact there is a muslim in your it's quote the right management in which many of the areas where
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the young people and the individuals working within the break where the example there has been very the fear reduction environment that there are models that work with what we don't need police up in there were not held accountable but they're running our streets and having the ability to kill them with impunity. in other news libya's u.n. recognized government is charging forward with its conquest of rival territory rejecting a ceasefire proposal that's been backed by warlords kelly for half that of the truce was proposed by egypt's president thought that fatah has a following talks in cairo and it calls for a ceasefire from monday and the exit of all foreign fighters but government forces have kept marching driving have to fighters out of their strongholds and capturing
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more towns including benny what leads early on saturday they've now entered certs the hometown of the former dictator moammar gadhafi it's another have to out a stronghold and beyond sortes libya's prized oil fields matic traina is on a highway leading to the city and has the latest on the government's offensive. we are now in the town of evergreen evergreen is the area where d.n.a. forces have positioned themselves since forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar took control of the city of sirte in january now this this location today has seen multiple airstrikes by have to still styled libyan national army. there were few casualties to the g.n.a.t. forces and they have continued on earlier today the suit commander launched an operation or announced an operation to take control of silt and as and as
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well and. now this is the road here that leads into suit gini forces today began to make an advance they are now in the western gates of sirte. it is not clear whether they will be stane inserted and continuing on or if they will pull out as the sun sets and it gets dark the forces here tell me that they want to continue on after suit 30 is very strategic it is based in central libya and. it's this comes after forces that position themselves there are some say to keep a position of power of position in impossible negotiations this will be a major setback after have to have lost several cities in western libya to this earth will be a major setback in any possible peace talks in the future. lebanese security forces
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have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters in beirut hundreds of people have rallied against the government's handling of lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades zana reports. a society torn apart. lebanon is in turmoil a deepening economic crisis further impoverishing a nation locked in a political power struggle supporters of the ruling alliance faced off with anti-government demonstrators in central beirut. this main artery in lebanon's capital has been a frontline since october when the protest movement began against the sectarian political class which has ruled for decades the army and the security forces they are trying to keep the people apart the divide is deep and the tensions are high on this side are those who want to new leadership accusing the ruling elite of corruption that run the country's economy into the ground those on the other side
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are defending the status quo political party using. the tool. needs. acquirements of the of the people they still are using those needs politically to achieve their goals. protesters are growing frustrated as unemployment and inflation rise as the government negotiates with the international monetary fund for a bailout they tried to storm the nearby parliament building but were prevented by security forces saturday's call for action was an attempt to revive with many here called a revolution after weeks of lockdown due to the coronavirus pollution areas themselves are here because they want better living conditions so for me and now it is by far more important to find a plan for the canonical crisis to find the balance for the electricity crisis some traditional parties opposed to the ruling alliance are calling for early elections
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and there is. porters are now on the streets they deny they are exploiting the movement to shift the balance of power in their favor our party have been participating in this revolution since day one and i hope our 2 was in the opposition soon since 5 years ago so we there's nothing new for us we are still in the same place we are still fighting for the same principles the movement which brought together sects which spoke in one voice and carried one flag the lebanese flag appears to be losing momentum those who returned to protest were a few national unity was not revived today instead of deep divisions and sectarian tensions resurfaced jennifer there are beirut or so had an al-jazeera exploiting the pandemic why organized crime groups in chile are funding soup kitchens in exchange for silence the 1st documented cases of animal to human coronavirus transmission with farmers in fact and in the netherlands just.
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the winds got up again through the bass strait really these frontal systems do make some movement in towards victoria some ingress but it's just private if you prefer a few showers now the coastal side of queensland is showing a bit more sharia activity but it's new south wales where i think you'll see a development in the next 2 or 3 days with sydney getting there increasing breeze and some write much is offshore but some will make you don't shore person in the meantime still enjoying 23 degrees or so in the sunshine so sydney's forecast and right up to choose day is still a wet one takes you into wednesday but the wind dies down for wednesday then the sun comes out in temperatures rise a little bit 20 degrees or so. the wet weather in the northern hemisphere is north
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a lot more dramatic it's these seasonal rains and you see that the bright white top so there's a deep thunderstorms that produce flooding recently in ground orangey back in you know on and hong kong is included in that but they don't go towards japan the tail off into the water and japan's enjoying the sunshine hong kong's in the wet of some sorts cordie thunderstorms or showers right up till tuesday and maybe wednesday whereas tokyo is enjoying warm sunshine a 26 degrees all day. rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry but dates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries this show continues from 5 did till now out of his district we won continues with australia's last generation ever covering from color is
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a really important issue suicide writes do a mind very high was still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera. coming on the top stories on al-jazeera thousands of people are marching in washington d.c. to protest against the killing of a black man in police custody george 4 died 12 days ago sparking rallies against racism and police brutality. lebanese security forces have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters in beirut hundreds of people have rallied against the government's handling of lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades. libya's u.n.
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recognized government has rejected a ceasefire proposal that's been backed by warlords fully for half that the truce was proposed by egypt's president at the for the c.c. following talks kyra. more on the black lives matter protests and people across the world have also expressed their anger over the death of george floyd here in the u.k. people rallied nationwide over floyd's death because of institutional racism in britain there were thousands of people in london with a small number of protesters clashing with police there downing street where the prime minister lives shown a whole was at the protests. it's not just about the united states here it is about the lives of people in this in the united kingdom about the way policing is conducted here it's even too long there's been years decades centuries of injustice and things just need to change i'm tired of that i think what's really good is that it's bringing people together and having from the stations and talking about what everyone can do in all communities in all racial backgrounds and the more you talk the more that action can be taken and of course it's not just the political element
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it's not just about police brutality there are additional concerns as well about coronavirus about the spread of covert 90 in these enormous crowds and senior politicians and health officials had urged people indeed not to come out at all at this process and to be a protest and they've been a rolling series of these protests through the week and they may well go on and they had urged people if you do come up please respect social distancing rules where there's been very little social distancing going on here will be at most people are wearing mosques it does rather feel as if the need that people have to be heard in these circumstances outweighs their fear of contracting the virus. thousands of people who defied a ban on large gatherings in paris. police had tried to stop 3 protests near the eiffel tower and u.s. embassy fearing crowds could help spread the coronavirus on tuesday another band
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rally drew more than 20000 people to remember adam oates rory was a young man who died in french custody in 2016 in tennessee a protest as knelt down and chanted i can read some of george floyd's last words some demonstrators compares floyd to mohamed bouazizi street vendor who set himself on fire in 2010 his death is credited with sparking the arab spring revolution of anti-government protests and uprisings in the middle east. and in australia tens of thousands of people have honored george floyd in sydney at least 20000 demonstrators walked through the city after a court dramatically overturned a ruling banning the event just 12 minutes before it was due to starts there's asters also denounced racism in australia including the deaths of indigenous people in police custody nicola gage reports from sydney. defying cools from prime minister scott morrison to stay at home protesters rallied at sydney's
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tellme whole different prices but with one message was. a new south wales court on friday damed the protest on lawful after police tried to shut it down saying it contravened coronavirus health orders bought organizes one an appeal for to go ahead see days like about making it to the city side of history with a problem with racism. thousands marched through his biggest city as they pushed ahead the outcry grew loud but largely peaceful astray not only supporting the black lives matter campaign in the united states after the death of george floyd but also protesting against aboriginal deaths in custody indigenous australians are disproportionately overrepresented in the prison system less than 5 percent of the population they constitute 27 percent of prisoners this rally
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was only deemed lawful minutes before it was due to start but many of these protesters were demonstrating hours before that saying i want justice for those who have died in custody. including david dunn gates jr who died in 2015 after a struggle with police guards it was filmed from inside his sydney prison cell locked. george floyd his last words were i can't breathe law professor liu anthony says there have been 432 would be china's deaths in custody since 1991 we have hundreds of deaths in custody in our history and in our present and all these deaths in custody have not received justice there's been no accountability sydney was just one of dozens of saturday protests across the country all with the message that they are looking for change because the gauge al-jazeera sydney. protests are
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happening in tel aviv to voice anger against the israeli government's plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank where than $35.00 jewish and arab rights groups are taking part in the protests the israeli government's plan due to start an early july would see about 30 percent of palestinian lands become part of israel the united nations recognizes the occupied west bank as palestinian territory by international law opec russia and other oil producing allies have agreed to extend record production cuts to the end of july in an attempt to shore up crude prices global demand for oil has fallen because of coronavirus measures the group known as opec plus is looking to withdraw almost 10 percent of global oil supplies from the market the nation's efforts have already led to crude prices doubling in the past 2 months at least $26.00 people have been killed in an attack in central
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mali the incident happened on friday in the village of fulani in the volatile region the west african nation has struggled with ethnic violence exacerbated by the presence of al qaeda and i saw in the north on friday tens of thousands of people protested in the capital to demand the president step down. chile is ranked the safest country in south america but crime is soaring along with unemployment as the country grapples with the pandemic poor communities are demanding protection as are latin america editor of the seer newman reports from santiago. armed assailants on roads and highways stopped drivers to rob them gangs of young men and women forced people out of their cars to steal their vehicles in broad daylight. police breaking down doors looking for culprits this isn't new but since colbert 19 and lockdowns arrived in chile people say they feel less safe. 24 year old
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eric killing house and recently became one of the latest statistics while walking home from work to this park about isn't people who are you know the guy appeared with a face mask like we all we're now and pointed the gun at my head give it to me give it to me he shouted i was in too much shock to react until he threatened to fire the gun then i gave him my mobile phone. my things have been increased all over the capital santiago drug traffickers are hiring deliveryman to transport drugs instead of fast food because they're allowed to operate during quarantine. but organized crime is making far more sinister inroads especially in chile's poorest areas the tina runs one of at least 70 soup kitchens that have sprung up in a lab in that now i mean it's a pallet he would cope with infections are soaring as fast as unemployment how many here have been out of work for at least 2 months
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a community organizer helps raise donations to provide $200.00 lunches a day but in many poor income neighborhoods authorities say that there is growing evidence which has been confirmed to us by family law boss who declined to be on camera that organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of robin of what they're doing this by giving only financing some of these still captions in a bid to win our hearts and minds or at least the loyalty of people in desperate need. not been tennis mayor says they also want to win the local silence we're looking unique what i've seen is. they are giving away food to people who are infected with covert 19 and they use social networks to publicize what they're doing with their victims of the director of public security and order tells us police are responding to the crime wave by installing hundreds of new cameras and drones to gather intelligence in real time festival too but of course during quarantine and curfew it's more complex for the common delinquent to carry out
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traditional crimes so they're resorting to more serious crimes and that generates more violence. indeed criminals here are becoming increasingly bold which raises another concern that in times like these of deep recession and need many could be tempted to believe that resorting to crime is just a fireball when you have a family to feed you see in human al-jazeera sente al and in the netherlands thousands of menke and their newborns will be killed after was found that several farmers had been infected with covert 19 by the animals these are the 1st documented cases worldwide of animal to human transmission of the deadly virus the dutch government ordered the call over fears the farms could become long term reservoirs of the disease but the action was opposed by animal rights groups the fossil reports. farmers are killing their mink by gassing them
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with carbon monoxide one by one after the family at this farm fell ill that covert 19 it became clear other people didn't in fact them the genetic structure of the virus they contracted with similar to make infections every year thousands of young men are killed and their fur is exported to china russia or the united states to be made into cold and fashion accessories the dutch government initially said it wasn't necessary to cull the mink but changed when it became clear infections to widespread a last minute court case filed by animal rights activists failed to save the animals. for you that i have they would have to kill their mothers to part of their companies nobody wanted to do that and their newborns are only $4.00 to $5.00 weeks old doctors of course heartbreaking. the netherlands is the 1st country where covert 19 has been found in maine farms and researchers are urging other countries such as denmark and spain to test their animals as well juries are feared. farmers
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could be a reservoir in future the outbreak in the netherlands is now decreasing is fading out in humans so we don't want to have a reservoir in because there will be you continuing risk $4000000.00 make a caged in 145 dutch farms researchers don't rule out that most will have to be called nearly 10000 mink are being killed here at this farm today and this is only one of the smaller ones i mean our rights groups have long protested against mink farming and the government has decided that they all need to be close by 2024 but some farmers have said that this by the risks of infections they want to continue their business until then animal rights groups say the farms should be closed immediately after rumors spread that activists wanted to freedom and police started to patrol the area questioning them and journalists there's a lot of talk about. the danger of an animal agriculture to the public health the
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krona crisis which is just one of them. so there is a lot of tension among the farmers they feel threatened in their livelihood and that makes some people aggressive and that's why there's a lot of police always when there's animal activists the farms are located in the southern that islands which has the highest number of covert 19 deaths in the country residents of known as the dutch main capital blame the government for acting too late they had urged the killing of mink as soon as they became sick a month ago step fasten al-jazeera in the southern madeline's. top level football has resumed in vietnam with no restrictions on fans attending games. so the league was suspended in march because of the global spread of corona virus
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but with no coronavirus deaths recorded in the country in just 328 confirmed cases football has come back without social distancing measures or limits on crowd sizes . had online to al jazeera dot com where you'll find much more of the day's top stories and all the latest headlines. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of people are marching in washington d.c. to protest against the killing of a black man in police custody george floyd's death 12 days ago has sparked rallies against racism and police brutality around the world several police forces in the u.s. have announced changes to law enforcement tactics such as banning chokeholds and there are strains. libya's un recognized government has rejected a ceasefire plan proposed by egypt's president following talks in cairo or lower
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$25.00 to it had said he would support a pause in fighting after suffering several major military defeats libyan government forces have now entered sirte the hometown of former dictator mamadou gadhafi it's another have to stronghold and beyond certainly libya's prized oil fields traina has been following the offensive by government forces and has more from is iraq's oil. now syria is in central leave its strategic relocated after war the police will have to force is this a string of defeats in in the west including his stronghold sort of suit was that was was it was a central place for him to perhaps have a stronger position in power and possible peace talks now for now forces your military officials and political officials here tell us that they will not accept the least i have to as a partner in any future peace talks in lebanon and lebanese rather security forces
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have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters in beirut hundreds of people have rallied against the government's handling of lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades of orders or negotiating an international monetary fund package that could secure billions of dollars to prop up the collapsing economy. thousands of people in israel have protested against the government's plan to an experience of the occupied west bank more than $35.00 jewish and arab rights groups took part in the demonstrations the israeli government's plan which is due to start an early july would see about 30 percent of palestinian lands become part of israel those are the headlines on al-jazeera rewind australia's lost generation is coming up next then there'll be more news at the top of the hour thanks very much for watching bye for now. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. center magic.
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al-jazeera to bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. just. follow and welcome once again to rewind i'm kemal santa maria since around as they were english launched back in 2006 we've been adding to our collection of award winning films year by year and here on rewind we're showcasing some of them once again today it's a one on one east film about.


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