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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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what we want to know is how do these things affect people we revisit places to stay even when there are no international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. 'd pat. this is al jazeera. fellow there on the clock this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes tens of thousands of people are gathering in washington d.c. in what's expected to be the biggest demonstration against police brutality in the wake of george floyd's. around the world from london to sydney tens of thousands marched in solidarity. losing ground the libyan warlord who for have to support
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calls for a ceasefire is a tripoli government surges forward into the stronghold of. lebanon's army steps in between rival protest groups in the capital its economic pain brings thousands on to the streets. with a sinister side of the corona virus outbreak we look at how criminals have become more brazen in chilling. so than the chorus of voices demanding an end to systemic racism and pleas brutality is getting louder with millions marching across the united states and around the world this follows of course the death of george floyd in minneapolis who was suffocated by a police officer 2 weeks ago right now tens of thousands of people in washington was for what's not to be the largest demonstrate in chian in the city so far the peaceful gathering has centered on the newly named black lives matter plaster which
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is not far from the white house hundreds of mourners attended a memorial service in north carolina where george floyd was born people waited in long lines outside the church to pay their respects meanwhile the cities of seattle and denver have introduced stricter rules for police using tear gas against protesters this comes a day after new york state california and many. blisse announced policy changes and the 2 buffalo police officers 4 suspended for pushing has 75 year old protester to the ground on thursday leaving him with critical injuries have been charged with so-called felony assault both of people not guilty all right let's speak straightaway to she returns is live for us in washington d.c. and she crowds all over the city peaceful so far. yes remarkably well remarkably they're always peaceful actually noticing some some studying last night. there were 3 congressional studies into why riots occur and
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cities during demonstrations following the civil rights suit civil rights riots of the 2nd late sixty's early seventy's and they all found that it's when you have a vet's security forces presidents that's what usually sets writes off we've had this kind of research for 50 years and yet over and over again as we saw at the beginning of the week we have these shows of strength on the streets when we see protests like this one and in fact we're getting more reporting about what donald trump was trying to do in the last couple of c.b.s. reported that at the beginning of the week donald trump told his it's cabinet that he wanted tens of thousands of troops across the united states patrolling the streets he really wants to push and his image is the law and order the president as far as he's concerned this appeals to his base is an electrical fire wall that electoral fire wall is old aversions evangelical voters and white suburban women
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and as far as he's concerned no an order will help him solidify his base as he's losing in the polls a bounce other sections of the population in fact just in the last few minutes donald trump has tweeted just 3 words an exclamation mark law and order that's all i want trump's campaign has just posted this liberal suggs destroying all streets restore law and order exclamation mark president trump needs your input by midnight and then there's a link so this is all very well but it's our strongest insight on the republican republican side of trump's campaign is concerned this is a rallying point to get his base his base he appears that you've lost the argument with the defense establishment there's minimal security presidents. visible we know they have 4500 national guard not to mention d.c. police but they keep it low profile because they don't want to be associated with this and again we always got to be careful that too what the defense establishment
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have been objecting to is having the military police us streets they've got a problem with the militarization also the police on us streets because the pentagon has been something loads of military equipment to the police forces so that the military doesn't have to get involved and of course that's one of the points that is raised on the pocket as hand by black lives about if you stop spending billions of dollars on militarizing the police perhaps you'll get a different attitude but also you could put all that money into communities i'm not to have to police the subsequent inequality with a farmhouse and demond to b.d.'s and terrorize the documentary's to make sure that the fault lines don't start expire and break it is an incredible thing isn't it and she had that does they were just a matter of days that the conversation over the policing in how it should be enacted in the united states is just completely changed.
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it's fascinating that for once we really do seem to be getting a lot of people talking about specifics so it's not just stop the police killing people but we're seeing defund the police and that's new i mean obviously activist of for years but lives about to have so that for years but now there's a real discussion amongst just everyday people about what that means and what that does mean is. instead of having a police force that something terrible has gone wrong with i mean just look at buffalo today when those those those police officers went for the court hearing all the other police officers would have to support them as far as that concerned that just doing the job so now the question isn't as i asked for activists for some time and more generally what do they think the job i exactly is. is it really i mean what is this police force that they think that knocking someone over a 75 year old man is perfectly allowed the minneapolis police union didn't see anything wrong with the the conduct that led to george floyd's death so this has
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really come to the surface and that's why you get the discussion to fund the police well that actually means is take the money away from the police and use it to social workers use it for mental health professionals use it to invest in communities use it to invest in schools use it to us in the community because a lot of the jobs that the police are us to do in american society the police clearly shouldn't be doing because their response tends to be a taser pepper spray and a gun well as it should be trying to deescalate not escalate they don't seem to understand how to deal with situations so it really is a rather specific discussion with saying now not just the oh god it's are terrible that police are killing people. all right she had thanks very much and if she ever turns in washington d.c. let's move on to natasha good name has more from a produce much of minneapolis that's of course the city where george floyd gone. we are in northeast minneapolis where as you can see there is a large crowd making their way to city hall they began at
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a park nearby where they sing prayed and chanted and it's clear that that anger passion and commitment to implement real change is continuing to gain momentum on the streets of minneapolis and even st paul we began the day in st paul any children's march the children there saying they are there to not only honor the memory of george freud but to stand in solidarity with the 6 year old daughter giana one girl was carrying a sign that said giana said daddy changed the world we're seeing a lot of signs here that are calling for defunding the minneapolis police department that topic of discussion is getting real traction here but there's been no discussion what we promised in lieu of the police departments in terms of reform and there is some change coming the soda department of human rights has filed to discriminate story charge
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a charge of discrimination rather against the city of minneapolis in the minneapolis police department the commissioner says she believes that george floyd's death shows a pattern of race based policing and that if immediate action is not taken it will cause irreparable harm that will particularly impact the community of color the city the police department and the minnesota department of human rights have come to an initial agreement to do the following chokeholds and upper streets will be banned if an officer witnesses a chokehold are not being used or any other type of unauthorized force they have. a duty to report it immediately even if they're on scene they need to pick up the radio the phone and report it they also have a duty to intervene if they do not and they witness an authorized force they say nothing don't report it they could be punished on par with someone who has actually
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use that an authorised force the minnesota department of human rights is continuing its investigation into the department on the legal fronts on monday 44 year old derek chauvin the former minneapolis police officer who kneeled on george boyd's neck will make his 1st court appearance it will be a preliminary hearing we are told that children has already been moved to another correctional facility due to concerns over his safety the 2 new york christian salumi has the latest on the protest the. then it just does not want to be a nice memory you are grab one time you go gather in the yard arm and i'm done march we're going to run an underwater that was ready was one of the we're going to i was here with me but alaric. marana me when i was here i want to go to korea. where the response i mean the crowd well today is a collaborate in a morgue in a safe and i mean again when he or that people are able to express their outrage
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about what's been happening to them in another name when here in new york city and in new york state i mean i want to. share in the name. just. one other people by an area like in the midst of the might make it outside of the main event lot about what other people are doing like maybe being wrong outside of new york but we have just been right here in the main we have a body that has. anyone had been to help the child who was on the board or even right even today we know that there had so many that we abandon the war but there are only the red cards and vic the shelling lacked the will and the we came together on go green and the mere fact that the
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high cost of goods and many other organizations in the bank even that is already going to be no that we're not going to go in on all of the quell the door give the appearance that we're all crazy and our voyage quite as important but joy all right not the only victim there are too many across the country to that and one of your demands is to defund the police armor do you have a specific amount and are you worried that maybe her mom's people who are worried about safety and industry and hide behind maradi. we are worried about britney and we're worried about police and i know that and also my faith will thank me and in developing the strategy. i mean if you make. the right management then and which many of the areas where the young and the individuals work and what kind of crime where they never been i married
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a beer redemption environment but there are models that work with what we don't need to mean not if they're not held accountable but they're running our streets and having the ability to kill em with impunity. well there are concerns about credit are spreading further in the u.s. following all these bass protests that was seeing in what is already of course the worst hit nation from the pandemic let's take this on we can speak to dr bob arnot to the medical doctor and former chief medical correspondent at n.b.c. news he joins us from still in the u.s. state for them all but good to see the. you know we've been told for months to keep our distance but suddenly around the world not just in the united states people is shoulder to shoulder protesting to what degree do you think people are risking getting infected. well so this is a super spreader event you can expect to see infections but what's interesting nic is the timeline that is this could be 5 days until these individuals were probably
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infected in starting to show signs of the affection that of another 6 or 8 days until they got really sick they would then spread it on to others now as young people they're less likely to have symptoms so as they bring that home to their parents and elders you would expect roughly get 21 day timeline and that's what we're seeing in terms of states opening up you look at georgia and alabama louisiana all those states have big increases now that they've opened up in an unscientific way massachusetts connecticut here in vermont very smart governors done scientifically you see less of it but here the dynamics in these presentations you know we now know that you spread the virus through talking the droplets come out so if you yell if you're breathing hard if you tear up because you've been hit by pepper spray you get hit by tear gas all of those inside more virus to come out then you have people being helped penned in by the police and a very tight spaces and then they're put in paddy wagons as we call them here taken
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off to jail put in close close quarters so expect in 2 or 3 weeks to see big spikes big outbreaks across the country and most importantly nic you know we did not go up and come all the way down to 0 like the chinese didn't move and we come up we come here we're at a platform we're on a platform to be able to increase again and what i expect you're going to see is the will become much more like sweden where the death rate is going to go up we already see that in louisiana today where there overwhelming the hospitals in terms of numbers of deaths but i don't think there's any turning back in terms of actually closing the country down again i just think we're going to pay a very very heavy price and this kind of demonstrates the depth of the problem of the police perhaps what's happening here is that people are deciding that the risk from police brutality is. a sin the risk of getting in fact to release it's worth that risk. so nick it's a fascinating calculus that is if you're an african-american here in the united
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states you say what's my risk of getting killed that or if you're a man a minority in dozens of companies countries around the world at risk of police brutality where is your risk would you rather demonstrate now against the risk that you know your son or daughter is the victim of police brutality or you are and i think for many people the calculus is that they want to demonstrate because they realize their long term risk is from police brutality and not from cove it and i think it's very interesting you know you look for instance in the kingdom where i think there's much more deescalation in terms of confrontation one of your correspondents had a great remark there which is that you know many of these u.s. police forces that they they escalate rather than deescalating and they're rethinking police forces now the maybe you need more community officials you need more ways to be in we gauge the community in this whole uproot out he has come out i mean it's a demonstration against brutality but what i would say we've seen more police brutality than we've ever seen before so interesting calculus of course the african-americans here in the united states are much higher risk of death from
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coven so they're really taking a double risk here by protest protesting rightfully against the police brutality that they suffered from for decades if not centuries versus the risk of code which poses you know particular problems from then so right area just in time i would predict that you are going to see you know big outbreaks as you have in the southeast one would imagine that the health officials in hospitals and so forth were very much aware of the risk of this enough perhaps bracing themselves for a surge in cases. well they are so now you have an outbreak right here in vermont city called wineskin there are 38 cases there now they're out they can louisiana so great map in the new york times just the last day or so you see all across the southeast it's like all yellow all starting to kind of gin up again in big outbreaks here and there but will happen is you know smart states are going to have contact case tracing well they'll find that case will track them down to try and stop these outbreaks some of these outbreaks we come uncontrollable and
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with these super spreader events in cities you know the very densely crowded cities like new york and washington chicago and you can expect that you really are going to supersede these cities and see a tremendous amount more infection and with that the real brunt of it's going to be on the health care system where you're going to see many more patients on ventilators and many more patients die but unfortunately an acceptable calculus i think to the government here that they want to get the country up and going and will increase our death rate but those poor individuals will be sacrificed for the economy. is a bubble and it's a troubling fork us isn't it but we do appreciate your views and your expertise on the thanks very much and. thank you so much the great questions really appreciate it great seeing you again. more still ahead on the news hour including hundreds protest in israel over the government's an exemption plans for the occupied west bank.
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all right then libya's u.n. recognized government is pressing on with an offensive to reclaim territory from warlord 25 to entering his stronghold city of the government has rejected a cease fire plan put forward by have to off to talks with his egyptian allies those jabari as this report. proposing a peace deal in cairo egypt's president abdel fattah sisi was warlord khalifa haftar whose 14 month offensive to capture the libyan capital tripoli collapsed this week and i'm saying it is time for a ceasefire and all foreign fighters to leave come out ahead of him about a lot of money the initiative aims to guarantee a fair representation of libya's 3 provinces and a presidential council elected by the people under the supervision of the united nations to manage libya's leadership for the 1st time in the country's history but in tripoli the un recognized government commanders said they don't recognize the
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cease fire and they'll continue to in their words liberate our land the context of what has just been reported about military advancements in the last week the series of defeats that have suffered the over the last 2 months and it's practical exit right now. from the west of libya suggests that in fact the cairo initiative or because i don't like liberation of what it was called is more about trying to salvage what remains of office project trying to protect what remains of his military forces in the east after us forces have suffered significant setbacks in recent weeks losing control of more towns on saturday including bani walid as government of national accord forces continue to drive have to use fighters from western libya moloch but we're not after announcing full control of the capital tripoli and recapturing have to our strong called city of tarhouni on friday. jna
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forces are now gearing up for an offensive to recapture the city of sirte another half to our stronghold and hometown of libya's former leader moammar gadhafi and one of the new committee put it back in cairo after explained his reasons for the ceasefire. in the fight against terrorism and criminal militias we will expel the mercenaries from libya so we can achieve the hopes and aspirations of the libyan people to have a new day of prosperity this will reflect positively on neighboring countries and to the region as a whole while saturday's focus was on peace talks in cairo in libya this was the scene following an airstrike near al jazeera as live camera position in a brain just south of misrata another reminder that a lasting peace appears far from reach in this oil rich country dorset pari al jazeera. a let's hear now from jason patric who's a nonresident fellow at the middle east institute and founder of libya analysis
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which is a libyan affairs consultancy he says the cease fire initiative is pointless. the war for tripoli is completely over that's been checkmated but the struggle for post office succession continues so the ceasefire talk in cairo is irrelevant it's a ruse to detract media attention of course when you're on the back foot and losing militarily a ceasefire would be very convenient to stop the bleeding but no one on the ground is paying attention to that and they're pushing the advantage sort will fall very soon and most interestingly is turkish frigates are on their way to the oil crescent to rosslyn oof and we are seeing essentially a very fluid movement and we don't know where it will end final analysis of what plays out in libya will be decided in regional and international capitals but because both libyan coalitions don't answer to a given person another it's haftar doesn't control the l.n. answer doesn't control the g.n.a.s. mind forces it's not as it if
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a decision made abroad can be enforced through those commanders think we're going to have to settle militarily and until that point talk of cease fires or distractions now there is melich trainer is on the highway leading to the city of sirte and has the latest on the government's offensive. we are now in the town of evergreen evergreen is the area where d.n.a. forces have positioned themselves since forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar took control of the city of sirte in january now this this location today has seen multiple airstrikes by have to still styled libyan national army. there were a few casualties to the g.n.a.t. forces and they have continued on earlier today the suit commander launched an operation or announced an operation to take control of sirte and those and as well and. now this is the road here that leads into suit gini forces
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today began to make an advance they are now in the western gates of sirte. it is not clear whether they will be stane inserted and continuing on or if they will pull out as the sun sets and it gets dark the forces here tell me that they want to continue on after stewart thirty's very strategic it is based in central libya and. it's this comes after forces that position themselves there are some say to keep a position of power of position in impossible negotiations this will be a major setback after have to have lost several cities in western libya to this earth will be a major setback in any possible peace talks in the future. lebanese security forces have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters in beirut
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hundreds of people were rallying against the government's handling of lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades said huldah as this report i a society torn apart i love been on is in turmoil i deepening economic crisis further impoverishing a nation locked in a political power struggle supporters of the ruling alliance faced off with anti-government demonstrators in central beirut. this main artery lebanon's capital has been a frontline since october when the protest movement began against the sectarian political class which has ruled for decades the army and the security forces they are trying to keep the people apart the divide is deep and the tensions are high on this side are those who want to new leadership accusing the ruling elite of corruption that run the country's economy into the ground those on the other side are defending the status quo political party using. it
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who. needs. the quiet oneself that of the people they still are using those needs politically to achieve their goals. protesters are growing frustrated as unemployment and inflation rise as the government think oh she's with the international monetary fund for a bailout they tried to storm the nearby parliament building but were prevented by security forces saturday's call for action was an attempt to revive with many here called a revolution after weeks of lockdown due to the coronavirus pollution areas themselves are here because they want better living conditions so for me and now it is by far more important to find a plan for the canonical prices to find a balance for the electricity prices some traditional parties opposed to the ruling alliance are calling for early elections and their supporters are. now on the streets they deny they are exploiting the movement to shift the balance of power in
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their favor over party have been participating in this river aleutian since day one and our party was in the opposition since since 5 years ago so we there's nothing new for us we are still in the same place we are still fighting for the same principles the movement which brought together sects which spoke in one voice and carried one flag the lebanese flag appears to be losing momentum those who returned to protest work feel national unity was not revive today instead deep divisions and sectarian tensions resurfaced center for their beirut thousands of people have been detained during protests in cuz it stuns largest city of almaty it is the 1st anti-government demonstrations since lockdown instructions were relaxed protest as they're demanding full relief for people affected by the lockdown several others spoke out against china's economic expansion in the country last month kazakhstan passed a new law or on demonstrations which will thora to say is in line with international
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standards. still ahead here on al-jazeera australians take heart and black lives massive protests across the country also raising the spotlight on racial injustice at home. coronavirus fall and why tens of thousands of make a being cold in the netherlands. hello the weather story in the u.s. in the next 3 or 4 days is going to be this cloud here which is the front page of a tropical cyclone cristobal now its main story is going to be the amount of rain it's fairly slow moving although it will be fairly windy the rain itself is going to cause the problem plus a storm surge all along marco gulf coast from louisiana to florida panhandle now
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beyond that is fairly quiet at the moment the rain that's coming in on the canadians other boards obvious but in the u.s. it's the mountain states or down to ward's california towards san francisco and it moves inland during monday at the same time we'll be talking about the matter of rains falling in the flat states around the mississippi because it will be a lot and still a storm surge of course to follow because the onshore breeze does tend to pick up the water hence the warnings so this drop science at the moment krista bows just left the shows the yucatan is rebuilding itself and becoming rather more strong because flooding sense of flooding throughout your town mexico really and it's brother is cousin the same in el salvador as you can see much better picture for central america it's a few showers and no more than that all the energy has gone up north with cristobal .
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a controversial approach i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development the old ways doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't advocate for greed i should rely on it i sure do many times as part of having read my blog just how many women might know i'm married i'll get us already has san goes head to head we've done be somewhere i've been accused of being crazy i'm not in fact going to be on al-jazeera. one half scottish and half lebanese some diversity is really important to me and al-jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked we have so many different nationalities and this is a nice group together in this one news organization and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al-jazeera remind about top stories this hour and tens of thousands of people are gathering in washington d.c. to make their voices heard of a police brutality in the united states as you can see it's peaceful lawsky peaceful demonstrations around. me and this one's thought to be the city's biggest since rallies began over the death of george floyd in minneapolis that was nearly 2 weeks ago now. a libya's un recognized government has launched an offensive to reclaim the strategic city of sirte which is a stronghold of the have to his forces the government also flatly rejected a cease fire agreement proposed by have to after talks in egypt and lebanese
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security forces have fired tear gas at anti-government protesters in beirut hundreds have been out to lebanon's capital just to get into the economic crisis around 30 percent of the population out of work. so back to our top story and protests against police brutality and racial discrimination continuing to grow right across the united states is millions of people marched to demand reform it is a 12 consecutive day public anger sparked by the death of george floyd in minneapolis i think all day and has the day's developments across the u.s. . it happened all over in cities big and small new york philadelphia los angeles denver and all through the nation's capital washington d.c. awash with peaceful protests while the us president stayed mostly silent inside a heavily fortified white house the protesters filled the streets outside demanding
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change someone has to do something about that it can't be that we're just dying out here and no one's doing anything about that all we get our promises and promises and nothing ever changes but i want my children to see that in america we can go out and we can do things like this we can we can show that we support are the true equality our true constitutional values so i think it's a point for my kids to see it after decades of protest one time activists say this time seems different now brad is in this so many people across grows cold in rages and sexual orientation there are people out there you know black people too long to be had to bear the burden alone but police are protesting as well in buffalo new york the 2 officers who did this shoving a peaceful 75 year old man to the pavement seriously injuring him have been arrested on felony assault charges fellow officers showed up at the courthouse to protest their arrests still this is a massive call for change at least one governor says it's coming legislation is
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going to come back next week we have the say their name and gender transparency of prior disciplinary actions for police officers the $58.00 bill no choko across the united states they braved the risks of a pandemic to send the united message there can be no more who meet the same painful and as george boyd all while his family remembered him with a funeral in his north carolina town where he was born and a nation shouted out his. political hand al-jazeera. where there was tension between police and protesters in london. they tried to march on downing street which is the home of the british prime minister of course a place of reigate demonstrates is trying to push them back earlier in the day thousands gathered in the center of the city ignoring government advice against large gatherings jenna hall followed the protests through london. pretty substantial process protest this has been in london by some counts 10000 people certainly several 1000 people many of them still here in parliament square
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protesting in solidarity of course with the events happening in the united states but not exclusively about those events also about events here in this country institutional racism police brutality is the sort of thing that affects the lives of the people in this crowd every day taking the opportunity now to have their voices heard and the sort of messages we're seeing on the streets here look at some of these banners no justice no peace black lives have always mattered silence is betrayal and black lives are worth more than a number thanks very much guys and over here you can see strung up on the statue of abraham lincoln on the edge of parliament square racism is a pandemic to as i said it's not just about the united states here it is about the lives of people in this in the united kingdom about the way policing is conducted here it's easy long it's been years decades centuries can't injustice and things just need to change the entire time that i think what's really cared is that it's
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bringing people together and having on the stations and talking about what everyone can do in all communities in all racial backgrounds and the more you talk the more that action can be taken and of course it's not just the political element it's not just about police brutality there are additional concerns as well about coronavirus about the spread of covert $95.00 in these enormous crowds and senior politicians and health officials had urged people indeed not to come out at all at this process and to be a protest and they've been a rolling series of these protests through the week and they may well go on and they had urged people if you do come up please respect social distancing rules where there's been very little social distancing going on here albeit most people are wearing masks it does rather feel as if the need that people have to be heard in these circumstances outweighs their fear of contracting the virus. all sorts of people have been speaking out including the heavyweight boxing champion anthony joshua who spoke out at a protest in his hometown of what food in the u.k.
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he called on communities to stop the spread of racism we could no longer from today would be proud we could no longer sit back or remain silent on the senseless. slaughter i raise them over not be a based only on what is going color we need to speak our demonstrations just like the days the world. inject the vaccine we must not use it. and turn it into a riot. we need to be united not violent demonstration where. spending your money and. our. and anti racism protests have also been held in cities across france. in paris thousands defied bans against demonstrations due to coronavirus many called justice for adam troll the son of a mali an immigrant who died in french police custody 4 years ago protests also
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took place must say in legal and illegal. and in protesters knelt down and chanted i can't breathe some of george floyd's last words as some demonstrators compared floyd to mohammed brown's easy. street vendor who set himself on fire back in 2010 his death is credited with sparking the arab spring revolution of anti-government protests in the crises in the region. well tens of thousands of australians have taken part in 90 races in protests across the country the demonstrations were a show of solidarity with the black lives matter movements but they were also demanding change at home following the deaths of indigenous australians in police custody because gage reports now from sydney. defying calls from prime minister scott morrison to stay at home protesters rallied at sydney's town hall different prices but with one message was. a new south wales
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court on friday damed the protest on lawful after police tried to shut it down saying it contravened coronavirus health orders bought organizers won an appeal for it to go ahead see days like about making it said my side of history would have a problem with. thousands marched through his biggest city as they pushed ahead the outcry grew loud but largely peaceful astray not only supporting the black lives matter campaign in the united states after the death of george floyd but also protesting against aboriginal deaths in custody indigenous australians are disproportionately overrepresented in the prison system less than 5 percent of the population they constitute 27 percent of prisoners this rally was only deemed lawful minutes before it was due to start but many of these
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protesters were demonstrating hours before that so i want justice for those who have died in custody. including david dunn gates jr who died in 2015 after a struggle with police guards it was filmed from inside his sydney prison cell block george floyd his last words were i can't breathe law professor folly or anthony says there have been. $132.00 would be genius deaths in custody since 1991 we have hundreds of deaths in custody in our history and in our present. have not received justice there's been no accountability sydney was just one of dozens of saturday protests across the country all with the message that they are looking for childish gauge al-jazeera sydney. hundreds of people are
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protesting in israel against the government's plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank more than $35.00 jewish and arab rights groups joining the demonstrations the israeli government's plans would see about 30 percent of palestinian land become part of israel from early july the united nations recognize the recognizes the occupied west bank as palestinian territory by international law. says in taiwan's port city of county have voted overwhelmingly to remove the pro china met from office. more than a quarter of the city's 2000000 eligible voters cast ballots to alice hand for you it is the 1st time such a vote is being held in taiwan and lost his presidential bid in january to the incumbent in when his national party advocates for better times with beijing policy opposed by taiwan but you did say that you just i think my biggest regret is that there are lots of jobs i want to do and my administration will do everything to
2:42 am
accomplish them the thing i find most difficult to let go of his only future which is to be more internationalized. to india which has recorded its highs daily tally of corona virus infections as the total number of cases rises above 230000 india now has the 6 highest number of infections worldwide the government has been gradually easing lockdown restrictions hoping to revive the economy more shopping malls restaurants and places of worship a jew to reopen for monday under new guidelines. kenya has extended a nationwide curfew as it tries to contain the rising number of corona virus cases president hu kenyatta says a curfew will continue for another 30 days that will be shortened by 3 hours restrictions on travel in and out of nairobi on bass and they're staying in place all gatherings are still banned and schools will stay closed until september. it was ill the president has defended his government's decision to withhold some
2:43 am
official data on the scale of the pandemic friday the health ministry took down a website that tracks the outbreak by region and stopped reporting the total number of cases so i have both scenarios said on twitter the data did not reflect the moment the country was in state health secretary's have denounced the move has also turned inhumane and ethical. chile is right the safest country in south america but crime is soaring soaring along with unemployment as the country grapples with the pandemic poor communities are demanding protection is all that's in america and it's at least in human reports now and they are. armed assailants on the roads and highways and stop drivers to rob them gangs of young men and women forced people out of their cars to steal their vehicles in broad daylight. police breaking down doors looking for culprits this isn't new but since colbert 19 and lockdowns arrived in chile people say they feel less safe. 24 year old
2:44 am
eric killing house and recently became one of the latest statistics while walking home from work to this park about isn't people who elect you know the guy appeared with a face mask like we all win now and pointed a gun at my head give it to me give it to me he shouted i was in too much shock to react until he threatened to fire the gun then i gave him my mobile phone. my things had been increased all over the capital santiago drug traffickers are hiring deliveryman to transport drugs instead of fast food because they're allowed to operate during quarantine. but organized crime is making far more sinister inroads especially in chile's poorest areas the tina runs one of at least 70 soup kitchens that have sprung up in the labyrinth that now i mean it's a pallet he would cope with infections are soaring as fast as unemployment you know many here have been out of work for at least 2 months
2:45 am
a community organizer helps raise donations to provide 200 lunches a day but in many poor income neighborhoods authorities say that there is growing evidence which has been confirmed to us by some locals who declined to be on camera that organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of robin of what they're doing this by giving away 40 or financing some of these. captains in a bid to win over the hearts and minds or at least the loyalty of people in desperate need. not been tennis mayor says they also want to win the local silence you know. what i've seen is that they're giving away food to people who are infected with covert 19 and they use social networks to publicize what they're doing they said victim of the director of public security and order tells us police are responding to the crime wave by installing hundreds of new cameras and drones to gather intelligence in real time sensible too but of course during quarantine
2:46 am
and curfew it's more complex for the common delinquent to carry out traditional crimes so they're resorting to most serious crimes and that generates more violence . indeed criminals here are becoming increasingly bold which raises another concern that in times like these of deep recession and need many could be tempted to believe that resorting to crime is justifiable when you have a family to feed. you see in human al-jazeera sente al. in the netherlands tens of thousands of mink being cold after they infected several farmers with corona virus the dutch government says this is to prevent fans from becoming long term reservoirs of covert 197000 as more. farmers are killing their mink by gassing them with carbon monoxide one by one after the family at this farm fell ill with govt at 19 it became clear other people did and in fact them the genetic structure of the violence they contracted was similar to make infections
2:47 am
every year thousands of young males are killed and their fur is exported to china russia or the united states to be made into cold and fashion accessories the dutch government initially said it wasn't necessary to cull them like changed when it became clear infections to widespread a last minute court case filed by animal rights activists failed to save the animals. for you but i they would have to kill the mothers departed at companies nobody wants to do that and their newborns are only $4.00 to $5.00 weeks old doctors of course heartbreaking. the netherlands is the 1st country where covert 19 has been found in maine farms and researchers are urging other countries such as denmark and spain to test their animals as well driza feared that. farmers could be a reservoir in future the outbreak in the netherlands is now decreasing is fading out in humans so we don't want to have
2:48 am
a reservoir in mink farms because there will be you continuing risk 4000000 mink a caged in $145.00 dutch farms researches don't rule out that most will have to be called nearly $10000.00 mink are being killed here at this farm today and this is only one of the smaller ones i mean our rights groups have long protested against farming and the government has decided that they all need to be close by 2024 but some farmers have said that this by the risks of infections they want to continue their business until then animal rights groups say the farms should be closed immediately after rumors spread that activists wanted to freedom and police started to patrol the area questioning them and journalists there's a lot of talk about. the danger of an animal agriculture to the public health the krona crisis. is just one of them. so there is a lot of tension among the farmers they feel threatened in their livelihood and
2:49 am
that makes some people aggressive and that's why there's a lot of police always when there's animal activists the farms are located in this sort of netherlands which has the highest number of covert 1000 deaths in the country residents of known as the dutch main capital blamed the government for acting too late they had urged the killing of mink as soon as they became sick a month ago step fasten al-jazeera in the southern madeline's. there's been violence at protests in rome as anti-government demonstrations were held in the italian capital. riot police were deployed off to right wing protesters held bottles and flares in the center of the city they were angry over the government's handling of the corona virus outbreak and the subsequent economic crisis similar anti-government demonstrations were held in. opec and its allies have extended historic oil output cuts through july nigeria says it's preparing to make
2:50 am
additional cuts starting next month until september that's in order to compensate for producing more than its quota in may and june it made the record cuts last month to boost oil prices which have been hit hard by the lockdowns opposed to the spread of coronavirus. kosovo's newly sworn in government has lifted all trade restrictions with serbia its new prime minister says e.u. brokered talks to normalize ties could resume it declared independence in 2008 serbia has been campaigning against its recognition as a state ever since kosovo's independence is recognized by more than $110.00 countries but not by several nations including russia serbia's traditional ally. so here in al-jazeera we have the national football league image we will watch. the n.f.l. apologizes for not listening to players when they spoke about racism. frank
2:51 am
assessments tourism income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen poaching go up quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal and it really society in depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy gives us a country i think not only seem to grady but he's written in the really deep all we all continue inside story on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story builds when people need to be heard and the story told this pandemic is revealing the weakness of governments in the face of health crisis none of them receive health insurance for their work al-jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more rewards winning documentary school to your work and life means it's a party that dulls do what it says on the team on air and online.
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our let's move on and take a look at sport 1st up n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has apologized for the way the u.s. football league has handled players' protests against racial injustice and pleas brutality colin kaepernick and some other players were criticized when they went down on one knee as a national anthem was played in 2016 they say prime as this report when n.f.l. quarterback colin kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem 4 years ago the move divided the sport and the country in some corners he was celebrated for highlighting issues of police brutality and systemic racism people are really feeling they're actually men and
2:53 am
really feeling like you know what this might not be something i experience ideally basis but it's not right that these other people are going through this but by others he was criticized 3 cent he lost his job with the san francisco 49 ers and hasn't been hired since now the head of the u.s. football league has admitted it mishandled the situation with the national football league in it we were wrong for not listening to n.f.l. players earlier and encourage all to speak out peacefully protest. read the national. leave act lives matter. rice relations are especially explosive in the us right now like i was going to think i heard right. and the act of kneeling has taken on new significance since george floyd died in minneapolis after a police officer dealt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as he big. is
2:54 am
venting george. the n.f.l. apology follows the release of a video by several players who included the specific demand that the n.f.l. say black lives matter what would it take for one of us to be murdered by police brutality was through the mind organizer of the players video michael thomas of the new orleans saints has praised the n.f.l. though some believe the apology isn't since cea it's looks like more p.r. he's responding to what players have said not to the players started all wrong calling happening he never mentions calling government you midges the players this is what you know roger goodell is great at the same protest of our cities across america who grew up in a fill stadiums with you know season to games more than any other leg the n.f.l. has struggled with the issue of race 3 courses of its play is african-american but nearly every team owner is white u.s.
2:55 am
president donald trump has previously called on owners to fire any players who knelt during the anthem one of his latest weights and caps with no kneeling evidence of america's deeply felt divisions the football league now hoping its sports can help bring the country together and brian al jazeera. well we've been talking to professor kenneth shropshire who's from the global sport instituted arizona state university and he says in the past many american athletes have been afraid to speak out. the dirt the absence of protest occurred because of the commercial viability that occurred at greater risk by ability the kurds by virtue of being racist a political by the idea that unite in gauge these kinds of activities that was the great success of jack jack nicklaus arnold palmer o.j. simpson and certainly most famously michael jordan 'd so it really hasn't been
2:56 am
until these recent times when issues have gotten so severe that athletes of that the level of a look around james it seems like minnesota lynx inflect the miami heat it seems like the same goes rams if it stood up and led to the most famous of all no phone jeopardy i think though always be this this grief this is good about the way the n.f.l. and all the current japanese matter it's one of the situations where the past can't be changed the imagery that the n.f.l. has once be difficult over. certainly reflect on the words of a bishop desmond tutu in moments like this if if you're not supportive if you don't speak that you are supportive of the wrong side so i think it's important that athletes engage i think it's important that the sports enterprises that leads the teams gates to try to move these issues especially focused in the united states on a police misconduct forward. they had of the u.s. p.g.a.
2:57 am
golf believes his sport has a role to play in taking on racism how vote of the 3rd one of the 3 black members on the to has been talking with the commissioner jay monahan about the way for. whoever is a part of the p.g.a. tour that's like a lot of their voice to be heard right now just because it's important to the world the scene from the p.g.a. tour aspect that. when they say you guys can't do without us and we can't do without you i think you would just kind of keep talking like we are right now but we do that and i think there's other conversations with black people like that that were already happening interested happening nuff top level football as a regime to vietnam with no restrictions on fans attending games. yes the league was suspended in march to to the global spread of coronavirus that's with no 19 deaths recorded in the country in just 328 confirmed cases football has come back without social distancing measures or limits on the crowd size that's it for the
2:58 am
more news in a couple minutes see them. a journey of personal discovery by a great grandfather he was a slave of the only property al-jazeera is james garner and expose his family's legacy of slave ownership don't like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to slave people and america's debt to the black people today some over some scar we've askew to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent
2:59 am
a moral debt. what was described as the world's longest long down course the largest exodus since the creation of independent india and 9247. experts believe india is still at an early stage of infection but the long down has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up for 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the peace and mass movement of people will accelerate the spread to the kowtowing to juarez from indian cities to its rural hot. june 1976 days that redrew the map of the middle east record a victory of the israeli army and it was one of the greatest tragedy in the history of islam 50 years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its
3:00 am
consequences which is still felt today we tried everywhere into the united nations and tried to make you contact through different countries and it was clear that all this was the north of the war in june. tens of thousands gather in washington d.c. demonstrating against police brutality in the wake of points that. can't be that we're just dying out here and no way to do anything about that. they're on the clock this is al jazeera live from doha also coming. around the world from london to sydney tens of thousands march and it's on a dance with. libyan warlord who for have to back its calls for a ceasefire.


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