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tv   Sport  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2020 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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the number of corona virus cases in pakistan has passed 100000 infections jumped after the islamic holy month of ramadan ended and markets reopened doctors and other health professionals wanted tougher lockdown measures including the closure of mosques the government rejected that. india is easing its covert 19 restrictions despite reporting a record high of almost 10000 new coronavirus cases places of worship in new delhi are reopening shopping centers and restaurants are also back in business most schools in south africa have reopened since march many students have been taught at home now both in their final years of primary and secondary school are allowed to return the prime minister of libya's un recognized government. is due to meet with the head of the 2 brook based parliament in moscow to stay with us when you come here on al-jazeera. we understand the difference in similarity of cultures
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across the world. so no matter what you see al-jazeera bringing. current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. the end. of the. usa i. was you. know i was not a person sitting on the shoulder. i was a last name as he might if he. doesn't know which i will
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ask if that's what the. police dog them for c.l.s. i'm guessing that much. to those that doesn't have the king. know exactly what might. be and have to get him to go to the people in them probably that little slut i ask. you quickly. let him have us have the police. but please. this isn't the one thing it. can be. my. friend was so they helped me get the call him yeah we normally is that unlike.
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you so intellectually this which evidence. longer than 20 years not only does that give the 20 year old saying goes without 8 this instance s. let's come in. here somebody will know what the real. is there somewhere. but. no simpler see the us. and is that i was this given that. the joy of it is in is that your luggage chain and there's the. living of my you they really mean yes but child is a killer is he an illiterate are no showing. that knowledge how us leave. the service dogs is no longer here and i'm here the police are. nothing but again you're not in the thought of. this enough. those who sing
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was toast the name soon come out about none at least no comment most being emotional means more. while is. going to chill it up but i mean it's no important. which are the but he. does a good. enough. and there are now i said yes and yes there as the previous gentleman did a single on us is emerging. only with. iran as with skimming the last name and. a i was listening to all of the media just measure the best.
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hinted that australia's needed civil make their lives just as rugged. the time they were literally a cigar don't tell joining us today with the judge made the. cut i just bought us a kindle and want to order one not like one here that. understands the ring missy into almost an hour at least a little. nervy though does this comic actors.
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the to. cut. cut. cut. cut. you a student with yourself this if that's your job. given my he not going to do what would be at. home
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a while down. i have to be strong but i see. below this to be this that doesn't seem good guesses and most of the see that day in the him at that and then most element are less. than most of us here to get the say he'll say that i am going to police that only india has a saying pocketbook stuff young boys did that skinny nice young. i didn't see this and i know they're great don't mix it split it goes one process oxalis but it's a gimmick that is going to cost in the which i must get in the arms of the jurors from. now on i think when that.
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long to. the understanding that it bubbled out of. whatever's best to live in but let me talk to me actually that's one of the last. civil dialogue in the media damaging. little romance news coverage of a commercial google. now knock. on doors does the see if they might move the last one legged but i me see has gone the same ground. get you in as a bow you must. give. this community to. see
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it look go back to the bus got the. videos again of the eagles by not going to give us that if it is. true but of course the i'm filing the record will. just. put on the audience enough funds are hostile. to show you how dumb it can get obsolescent why the when the needle. got a full title was. just. to. try to cover dimension just to be addressed. and to come play in finest of all the
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. up not like that of the one all pretty arbitrary but according one of the with the help that howard is a little more i. got to tell you the emptiness of a small place in the city. i had to configure so none but when we played the team i listened. but then of the so world would know with a clip but joe would but then when is it out of the new troop i'm going up i would be to come in for some media to work video and fish for money at. the. scene. when nanny got to see about my connection and what sold in the field instead. of
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arc bottom and the next that i'd want but my health was oh yeah no more had to call him i said i'm going to dull plod involvement with agence outcome with the other doctor has the full house and the power of. venom and i sit in an atom and sure enough the hospital didn't. know the house of the tremendous had a gentleman when local people saw. it was. going to be why is that was called. by. the minute mark on bottom of the knob on the last so you know how about. going to liam along with. one carrion. the lad and they can build it standing here. they can always have that net can survive it. i mean the hand of
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meanness and how indiana means little by. little it got better so that would probably get one of the political thought of going to some of that with it's not going. to have good outcomes with. the buff delicious a little more themselves. and the home not. going to sure she'll be all that i'm going to tell them. you know met with a bit of a you know what i had this much like the other march over there learned a lot you know that you have a good. time together. on the. right people don't. suffer along the chatter people put up with someone on their on the way to the
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front of you and i don't know why you like to have the shot if you have begun to run and i ran on a long night that when i said it i'm not a. amount of. money to fund that. and i said no i am concerned how we. saw moving 100 soon to be dead and then we will have to back it did. not
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learn how to do it and invent how to do i mean how. we didn't act and. then move. me but i had enough of the complete enough of. the. enough problem if you suddenly felt that the video. i had looked at the key i knew. this is. a lot like a new. car. and. jump bugs and. all the lot of us there's
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a lot. and if i'm agenda knowledge would allow you to be honest in the coming. mama diversion we had about a stein. for the good office or war of the land shows i did this i did feel fresh saw a lot of attack i look at that i learned the country or the water i don't follow similar to but. also 'd feel you can be shocked shocked about the loss. of. well my. lower back then that was. the sheriff. and. this time. you know. did on the show still on and muscle think you. can lodge it out i'm still a. problem
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above of the building no one wants to move it to. why you don't the model could come under still hasn't. there been a collective. man on this. side mamata looking on for the. good up to let's have
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a plan of yet another go with our mob. boss a long walk off the problem that the army no question a company that i just said this was the man abolish best gift and out of a very different kiffin that's actually. been aware of the now i'm in for. a long but i had to see the nuffield of the idea about it other than that it got a couple just. yes and it had to be able to move the. couple more. set. fire a. threat. and.
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if you're in a dungeon if the meeting were to go. to the do it in a good shaded that. would warm would you do it it is the wind in all the hot harmonic got people. on. the ass off the record. sound and. bored. and far
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off. getting. yes. so. no one. can tell the. truth all of. them. on the island out of london. putting a little bit of dust and yellow on a woman a maci alanda. to
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it and then it won't be chicago and from. the citadel why in women on the beach in the not coming. home i just. don't know on the budget what i mean to go.
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on. that question. of what it is. to be prez. brought to to the i wanna with don. talbot over to. morrow going i will be good i'll go refreshes it will be creative. jane chuckles i went into it up with my. colleagues and what was it with you when you've been on the inside until. it's so.
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bad that the duke monde morning when i withdraw to devolve doesn't often i when i wanna. nod and the moment to who suddenly. could cure my mock of him push from. a cunt touch it on the foot on the i would of course. boardroom ball good and in the muck and in g. i'm not in on going to tell my mother. things out and did you show i don't want to was it tough question on the long arm or what you don't want to suck at just a quid i would get on things you're going to run under could turn to concrete.
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want to know when the wonder what she'll do and i knew i was immobile gonna do. good words. seriously jews are.
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going to. put it. into the e.u. we just. assume they. will. continue. to endure a lot of. their funny. you're. doing. what you would i would
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not. didn't allow me a moment to. lug . the. teepee away. to.
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show to films of hope. and inspiration. possible stories of 3 young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera selects. al-jazeera is here to report on the people often ignored but must be heard how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the
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stories from people in places like palestine the young man the sahara legion and so many others who go to the you make the effort we care. they say to legally know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the world. al-jazeera shares these personel journeys. inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path. with news documentaries on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story builds when people need to be heard and the story told this pandemic is revealing the weakness of governments in the face of health crisis none of them receive health insurance for their work al-jazeera has teens on the
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ground to bring you more room good morning documentary score the real world in this ball and life means it's a party that doles do what it says on the team on air and online. days after the un recognized government made significant new gains in libya ahead of the rival administration to war with rhymes and moscow for talks. playing. i'm compelled this is over there a lot from doha also coming up and. as we know it's. in an unprecedented move the minneapolis council wants to disband the u.s. cities police department after george lloyd's killing.


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