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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. save humanity i really really not getting anywhere near it. everybody going to remember him around the world he's going to change the world. family and friends on the life of george floyd saying his death under the name of a white police officer has made him the cornerstone of a movement. and convert al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming off. a long time president here. dies suddenly weeks before he was due to step down. secret
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burials and grieving families want to stay quiet humans who these are accused of covering up the real scale of the corona virus outbreak. and after decades of mystery and conspiracy theories sweden's prosecutors name a man they believe killed prime minister all of palma in 1906. more than 2 weeks after his death while being arrested george floyd has been buried in a funeral service in his hometown of houston texas foid was hailed by family and friends as an ordinary man transformed by fate into the cornerstone of a movement floyd's killing has triggered protests across the u.s. and around the world against racism and police brutality from houston john hendren reports. george floyd's tragic journey ended in houston cemetery but across the
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u.s. the movement he inspired continues a montage of demonstrations in floyd's name plate is his funeral displays his legacy and inspires a call to action from civil rights leaders god talk to reject it stop. and made him the cornerstone of a movement that's called save the whole wide world friends and family remember the man they knew is perry or big floyd. and. i think. this is not just.
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right here oh i'm fit come on baby you should have good it's not much of a good it's the life of the man who died beneath the policeman's need was celebrated by members of congress and a presidential candidate who spoke directly to floyd's daughter giana now is the time for racial justice that's the easternmost give to our children when they ask why. because when there is justice for george florey. truly be on our way to racial justice in america and then. he will have changed the world the funeral followed memorials in minneapolis and north carolina and a viewing in houston attended by thousands who remembered his final words i can't breathe in the weeks months years after these people have left this ceremony george best remembered as. someone who transformed the world by what he did and
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by what was done to him some who didn't make the invitation list inside said they were outside because they're concerned about the next generation. and you know. because of the politics. so when you hear stories like the one about mr floyd what does it make you think. you know. george floyd was buried next to his mother in the place he once called home your family's gone miss you george but george make sure it is going to always remember your name he left behind children a family and a movement they hope will end the pattern of unarmed african americans dying at the hands of police john hendren al jazeera houston. in seattle washington state hundreds of protesters streamed into city hall to stage
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a sit in they were allowed in by a city councillor. the demanding the resignation of the mayor hand that the police force be defunded is anger off the police fired on protesters with pepper spray at the weekend after the marriage but they steve had banned the use of tear gas. peaceful protests across the u.s. have continued including in minneapolis that's where george floyd died the city council has ordered offices to stop using chokeholds and this restructuring the police department. and i'll just says guy bill elizondo was among demonstrators in new york. these are truly extra ordinary scenes of thousands of protesters that are right now walking over the brooklyn bridge they're doing it on or of black lives matter and also dawn of the life of george floyd these are
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protesters that are quiet obviously very very peaceful and they're really sending a message a message to new york a message to the united states and they say a message to the world that they will continue to fight for justice for george floyd and black lives matter they're also fighting over the last 2 weeks here in new york for a justice of people that have been victims of police brutality by the new york police department and on tuesday 2 things happened one is a new york police department officer was. sure with assault for pushing a peaceful protest or in the very early weeks of the protest in new york and also new york state lawmakers have voted for a series of bills they would in theory make the n.y.p.d. more accountable but what you're seeing here is very much a message a message that is being sent that they want justice and they will not leave until
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they get it. for and he's president including disease that has died at the age of 55 just weeks before he was due to step down from office the government statement says he had a heart attack but there's speculation that he may have been infected with cause at 19 couldn't seizes 15 year old was mach 5 political violence and the patrol from the international criminal court welcome webb has been monitoring developments from nairobi. somebody in are asking if currencies is in fact the 1st leader in the world to have died of covert 19 the government has said that he died of a heart attack just about 10 days ago his wife didn't even given these a flew here to kenya's capital nairobi seeking medical treatment for what the government said we're on this close reasons but it's been widely reported here in kenya as press fighting hospital sources that she was in fact suffering from kovi
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19 something that the ministry of health has denied the same time including visa himself was famous for playing football almost every day in budget buri had his own football team he was not letting man that's one of the things that's leading people to question why he should have died of a heart attack at 55 years old it's also worth noting that in burundi own currency and his government of been widely criticized by health experts for having no policies at all to try and stem the spread of the coronavirus been criticized for downplaying the pandemic or for calling on brewer indians to turn to their religious faith to fight it so medical sources say at the moment the pandemic is actually really on the rise in britain. in nigeria at least 59 people have been killed in an attack local leaders say an offshoot of the armed group boko haram raided a remote village in borno state they say it was
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a metallic nation for the killing of several fife after they tried to steal livestock there's been a tax in the region for years and at least $36000.00 people have been killed and nearly $2000000.00 displaced. to sudan now where the military has closed all roads and entrances leading to its headquarters and central house to it comes a day after a longtime sudanese militia leader surrendered to the international criminal court he faces war crimes charges relating to the conflict in darfur former president omar bashir is also wanted by the i.c.c. for his role in the violence bashir is support is fair he could be handed over to the criminal court has a more that has more from cost to our legal shape was very much part of the former ruling party and the former ruling party has repeatedly showed that it still has supporters on the ground that they have they did various protests against the wall the overthrow of former president ahmed bushehr the fact that he was taken to court
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and tried for corruption on the ground and there were concerns that those supporters who supported former president ahmed bashir and his aides and members of his party and his militias and military will come out and stage process that with the military that fast and late last night was blocked off all main roads that lead to the army headquarters as well as make sure that they control who would be able to cross bridges that would eventually lead them to the army headquarters now they are concerned that they will indeed be processed because i recall she was a member of their former ruling party was that he was employed or rather recruited by the former military and by the former ruling party rather to curb the rebellion and therefore and that earned him. arrest warrants for work crimes and crimes against humanity and there was an illusion of gulf war so they are concerned that people would come out not only because he surrendered himself as the i.c.c. said but because they are now concerned that other people involved will also be targeted by the i.c.c. including former president ahmed machine or who has an arrest and arrest warrants
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issued again. and a sudanese anti corruption committee has confiscated a bank account belonging to omar al bashir it is also closed 5 foreign exchange bureaus used to fund his former regime a court handed bashir a 2 year sentence in december for corruption he also faces trials at investigations over the killing of protesters last year egypt is european and sudan have agreed to resume talks on a controversial dam project there in dispute have ethiopia's grand renee's on stand it's under construction on the blue nile that flows into the nile river if you're a bear hopes to pull itself out of poverty by producing and exports in electric power but egypt fears it will be deprived of water sudan's water minister says that held a virtual meeting to talk about what to do next now actually to mark indiana says year 2 main questions were discussed during the meeting 1st what are the steps needed to conclude talks at the earliest secondly what are the key contested issues
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that remain disputed the meeting was held in a positive atmosphere and discussions were productive. still to come here on al-jazeera men who've been on a decades face a reckoning as calls grow in europe to remove statues of people linked to slavery in colonialism. had some very heavy rain across the central and northern philippines over the next couple of days this massive cloud you can see at the joint typhoon warning center monitoring very closely it could develop into a tropical storm in the days ahead probably not for the next couple of days what it will do though is produce entrenched rain particularly into these areas across luzon so that's the state by friday doesn't move very far but it does continue slaty to push up towards the north so taking some very heavy rains that may later
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in the day to the south of that we have got the usual thunderstorms across into sulawesi borneo and also some heavy spells working their way across into gamma and down across into thailand meanwhile australia mostly fine enjoy some across the south and the southeast want to see bits and pieces of cloud in the last few hours wednesday morning was a very foggy stalls in sydney know it like to say that with all this fog so low down it did actually burn off in the sunshine came out however that wasn't quite the scenario actually this is replaced by clouds and if you want a few more showers in the forecast to of the next few days coastal areas pushing up into queensland as well so business could see a few shuttle thunderstorms one or 2 shots pushing into south island of new zealand by thursday the rain really making headway into western australia so that will continue on friday a wet couple of days in perth cool as well as just 90 but sunny skies should prevail in sydney. from. the british iraqi journalist who's visualizing complex statistics and
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a simple. i think you're off as a summary sites of opportunities to break apart from most systems of power and to collect data in a way that best so represents different community challenging mainstream misconceptions and hope the pie creates and handled in a stray sions it doesn't alienate people it doesn't like people who are like i'm not smart enough to understand this who's truth is it anyway. gorging al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour 2 weeks after he was killed in police
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custody george floyd has been buried during the funeral service he was hailed as a man whose death will change the world his death sparked protests in the u.s. and around the world. rwanda's president here and cesar has died at the age of 55 an official statement says he had a heart attack sama speculation he may have died from cars at 19. at least 59 people have been killed in an attack and northeast nigeria local leaders say an offshoot of the armed group boko rob raided a remote village in borno state. a large fire caused by a gas leak in india's all some states has now been confined to a small area but it may still take at least 25 days to bring the situation under control the blaze began after gas that had leaked from a state oil facility for 2 weeks suddenly ignited on tuesday local media reporting 2 firefighters have died indian army has been called in to help our india
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correspondent elizabeth branom is live for us now in new delhi elizabeth if the gas was leaking for 2 weeks before the fire started there must be some serious questions now being asked. there are especially from residents from and mentalists and as we see those pictures of a massive continuing to huge plumes of smoke some chief minister has said that the fire has been confined to a 50 metre radius around the gas well but that the file will keep burning because gas from the well is feeding the fire or the india ltd said that this natural gas producing well that fire broke out there at a clearing operation on tuesday because there has been a gas leak for 2 weeks that they still haven't been able to control the experts from singapore and they say that it's going to take up to 4 weeks to bring the situation under control the reason why there isn't
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a. why there aren't more deaths is because when the gas leak started 2 weeks ago over a 1000 residents had been evacuated and that number is now more than 6000 since the fire broke out and the says of course so much damage to a very sensitive region the gas well is one and a half kilometers from a national park and it's caused damage to the biodiversity caucus of endangered don't have been found in the last 2 weeks and residents are really angry because gas condensation from the league has covered residential areas vegetation including some of our sounds famous tea plantations grasslands even and this is happening at a time when oil india is expanding in the region it may it got government clearance to explore for oil in the national pocket sell it said that it wouldn't drill in the pot that it would use that it would use
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a method of drilling. and it's actually at one of these drills with the cap and take that elizabeth product line from new delhi. the coronavirus pandemic is causing the worst health and economic crisis since world war 2 that's the assessment from the organization for economic cooperation and development the group is made up of $37.00 free market democratic countries it says the loss of income will exceed that of any recession in the last century outside of war time the o.e.c.d. prods it predicts economic growth will shrink globally and that the united kingdom france italy and spain will be the worst hit it is advocating for a rise in public investment in digital and green technologies to help hard hit economies it is essential that governments foerster more resilient inclusive and sustainable growth the aim
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should not be to go back to quote unquote normal actually normal was what got us where we are now. humans who are these of a accused of active they covering up the extent of the corona virus outbreak in areas that they can fault a group say the numbers of infections and deaths a much higher than what's being reported and one they're running out of money to help shelob ellis reports. the world health organization believes hundreds of people have died of corona virus in yemen with thousands more infected yet the official tally is 112 to it's with just 4 from who 3 areas like aaron and. others. this man says they have waited for help since 8 am it's now 3 pm don't look at the
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end of the american people yell at him to stop recording but he continues he says he called health lines security officials politicians and no one else had his course in the who controlled north people are often buried in secret or at night there are reports that families in grave diggers awards not to speak of the cause of death history's also not released if they are taken into recording burials has become an act of heroism and defiance. and. the intentional suppression of the media coverage from authorities whether it's in the northern all southern governments this oppression has very dangerous results among them is that the well doesn't know the real numbers of the epidemic. and international agencies don't have the money to help the u.n. says it needs $2400000000.00 to cover essential aid in yemen this year and a pledging drive last week fell a $1000000000.00 short of that meaning the closure of services for huff the
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country's hospitals a new tradition for 2500000 starving children gone this is the price of face masks increased 30 fold putting them out of reach of most yemenis and aid groups with you the hospitals are caught in the door if we. help. are puffing away. the country is running. the health care provider. one thing yemen is not running out of. 5 years into a civil war it's the one thing traders can rely on and that's never been more popular glacier is ok but all the people want now is to support their families so they look for a job or trade we've found that selling weapons is a profitable business to the situation that we were in you mini's feel increasingly abandoned by the international community they must mean for themselves even making their own medicine. return back to use what our grandfathers
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used with her such as fin to create time marina and change your model doesn't give you a human is likely riddled with coronavirus but this is a country with many ailments yemenis have been fools to search for their own cues. dallas. brazil's government has restored all coronavirus statistics including the total number of deaths to its official web site after being ordered to by the highest court the health ministry have removed the dostum saying it would no longer maintain cumulative totals for deaths and infections what and 38000 people have died in brazil and it's widely believed the outbreak has yet to peak. the u.s. embassy in libya has raised concerns of the continued military escalation in sirte it warns the conflict would result in another humanitarian crisis in the oil rich nation traina has more from
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a book grain about 140 kilometers west of st. the u.s. embassy in libya expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis that's developing in the city of sirte they say that the continue escalation will only add to the humanitarian crisis to the city to the civilian suffering of the city and that this could possibly be taken advantage of by extremist actors now sirte was previously controlled by i saw in 2016 it's important to note that the american the americans were involved and were cooperating with government forces here when they took control of the city and eliminated the group's foothold in libya military sources here tell us that they've received risk of support from chirpily and the western and western libya. this this is and this is to help continue their advance in the city of sirte now on the political level we're seeing more and more countries call
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for the warring parties in libya to sit on the on the negotiating table and come up with a ceasefire the government forces here government officials and military officials tell us that they feel let down by the international community because they didn't stop after the advance in tripoli they allowed him to continue on in tripoli they didn't do anything about it so they feel a little bit let down and they say now only now when they are on the advance and are continuing on that the government that the international community is deciding to get more deeply involved. swedish prosecutors have named the man they believe assassinated the prime minister in 1986 a suspect who died 20 years ago prime minister hama was killed off to being in office for 11 years it was shot dead on the main street in stockholm hasta going to the cinema with his family investigation was hampered by morn is being allowed to
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place flowers on the crime scene and a bullet went undetected until was found by a member of the public days later krista peasant was jailed in 1988 for the murder was acquitted on appeal all race has. after 34 years the suspect has been named. angstrom known in sweden as a scam be a scam to someone who works at lease. insurance company just up the street from where all of paul was was gunned down in february 1006 and you can you can see the flowers still being laid on his morial here now they've been many theories over these 34 years he killed all of its range from south africa and south african intelligence services south africa to. get it all of opposition to them and support from the eye and say it's also arranged to the
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kurdistan workers party off the. suite in the 1st country outside turkey to name the p.k. k. at terrorist organization but it's it's come down to how steve a swede who had political and personal reasons to hate all of them who although he was loved by the left for his progressive policies was hated by many on the right and even though there are flowers still being right. today an element of that hatred has been seen someone actually walked past in spots on his mobile memorial but the case is now being light to rest up to 34 years fishermen across chitty have locks roads and set fires to protest against the possible lifting of the. police in santiago used water cannon to disperse demonstration is angry over a fishing company's bid to revoke a law that prohibits the trolling of humboldt squid. thousands of protesters
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gathered in the czech capital to demand the prime minister. resign over his handling of the corona virus outbreak they're accusing him of corruption and so his government overpaid for stay small from china the czech republic also struggled with shortages of protective gear for medical workers in the early stages of the epidemic. in the u.k. a statue of an 18th century slave trader has been removed from outside the london museum and thousands have signed petitions calling for the removal of another monument at oxford university or intelligence reports. raj must fall is their demands take it down put him in a museum in the world famous university city of oxford anger at this statue has rekindled looking down from the facade of oriel college is sessile rhodes one of the most controversial figures of britain's imperial age it is
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a bastion of white supremacy and reese ism and it's inaccessible to get down rhodes the colonial believed in the primacy of the anglo-saxon race over all others particularly the black africans he ruled over power you know. oh yes but the wealthy benefactors foundation still bring students from around the world to study talks but it's unsurprisingly a conflict for south african road scholar marotta he calmly. for many many years the responded ship was awarded to white men which is essentially the work and forced labor of black people sponsoring the education of white men to fear their colonizing and colonize the rest of the world. black lives matter has reenergize the roads must fall campaign began in 2015 inspired by protestors in south africa. a statement from oriel college says we believe black lives matter and
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support the right to peaceful protest as a college we continue to debate and discuss the issues raised by the presence on our site of examples of contested heritage relating to settle roads but the current mood is building pressure orks with cities council leader recommends oriel submit a planning application to remove the statue. elsewhere pressure has already led to action in bristol over the weekend protesters tore down a statue of slave trader edward causton and threw him in the river in london north already has removed slave owner robert milligan from his plane in the docklands on tuesday previously protected symbols of britain's racist and imperial past of becoming intolerable to every country really has sort of national myth and you know kind of nationalist sense and recent haps in that respect is no different but it does of course have a unique situation in terms of the british and such knowledge and went to such a time the death of george floyd is changing the way many countries look at history
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and race so different place is different figures in oxford it's sessile roads in bristol it was edward colson in belgium it's king leopold in the united states it's all but the only but the principle is universal and it's been given extra far by black lives matter historical figures of white supremacist you don't say could no longer be given the supremes positions in our towns and our cities all the talents are just there oxford. watching are just there are these the top stories 2 weeks after he was killed in police custody told floyd has been buried during the funeral service he was hailed as a man whose death will change the world is death sparked protests in the u.s. and around the world. just barbara are big.
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big. everybody knows. that. but we've got to be remember everybody going to remember around the world if you want to change the world for indies president here has died at the age of 55 and official statement says he had a heart attack but some are speculating he may have died from covert 19 his wife flew to kenya for treatment after contracting the virus. in sudan the military has closed all roads and entrances leading to its headquarters in central khartoum comes a day after a long time sudanese militia leader surrendered to the international criminal court he faces war crimes charges relating to the conflict in darfur former president omar bashir is also wanted by the i.c.c. for his role in the violence but she has supporters affair he could be handed over to the criminal court. a large fire caused by
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a gas leak in india's states has now been confined to a smaller area but it may still take at least $25.00 days to bring the situation under control the blaze began after gas that had been leaking from a state oil facility for 2 weeks suddenly knighted on tuesday media reporting 2 firefighters have died indian army has been called in to help. the crowd of us spend them in the worst health and economic crisis since world war 2 that's the assessment from the organization for economic cooperation and development says the world economy will shrink by at least 6 percent this year because of the lockdown restrictions swedish prosecutors have named the man they believe assassinated former prime minister all off but the chief prosecutor says the case is now being closed because the suspect stig engstrom is dead when you hear on al-jazeera after whose truth is it anyway. the glamour of hollywood in an unlikely place. although cool you know it's another interesting. i think when
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conan militantly mother here she was very impressed with him get pissed there's a lot of love but affection respect over the iraq people a world away from mom by a nation has taken indian cinema to its hot out as you well reveals the color and passion of morocco's bollywood during. the day. to the end. the end. the f.b.i. . my name is mine a child b. and i'm a data journalist my job is to find numbers in all sorts of different place.


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