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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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documentaries on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze enduro. everybody. around the world is going to change the world. family and friends on of the life of george floyd saying his death under the name of a white police officer has made him the cornerstone of a move that. can deny al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. brandy's long time president pierre couldn't disease or dies at the age of 55 just weeks before he was
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due to step down. secret burials and braving families warned to stay quiet given 2 movies are accused of covering up the real scale of the grown virus outbreak. and men who have been on it for decades face a reckoning it's called growing europe to reduce tensions links to not only listen . more than 2 weeks after his death while being arrested george floyd has been buries in a funeral service in his hometown of houston texas floyd was hailed by family and friends as an ordinary man transformed by fate the cornerstone of a movement floyd's killing triggered protests across the u.s. and around the world against racism and police brutality from houston john hendren reports. george floyd's tragic journey ends. a houston cemetery but across the u.s.
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the movement he inspired continues a montage of demonstrations in floyd's name plate is his funeral displays his legacy and inspires a call to action from civil rights leaders god took the rejected stall and made him the cornerstone of obo mad as quote saved the whole wide world friends and family remember the man they knew is perry or big floyd and when this member. and. i think god forgive me give me my own personal superman this is not just murder but a. happy memory from. now that's a lie have me.
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oh i'm thick come on baby you said a few it's not much but it's the life of the man who died beneath a policeman's need was celebrated by members of congress and a presidential candidate who spoke directly to floyd's daughter giana now is the time for racial justice that's the answer must give to our children when they ask why. because when there is justice for george florey. truly be on our way to racial justice in america and then she said. her daddy will have changed the world the funeral followed memorials in minneapolis in north carolina and a viewing in houston attended by thousands who remembered his final words i can't breathe in the weeks months and years after these people have left this ceremony george best remembered a dream is someone who transformed the world blessed by what he did and by what was
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done to him some who didn't make the invitation list inside said they were outside because they're concerned about the next generation. and. so when you hear stories like the one about mr floyd. george floyd was buried next to his mother in the place he once called home. and is going to always remember. he left behind children a family and a movement they hope will end the pattern of unarmed african americans dying at the hands of police john hendren al jazeera houston. in seattle washington state
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hundreds of protesters streamed into city hall to stay just sit in they were allowed in by a city council or. the demanding the resignation of the mayor and that the police force be defunded this anger after offices used pepper spray on protesters at the weekend after the mayor and police chief had banned the use of tear gas peaceful protests across the u.s. have continued including in minneapolis where george floyd died the city council there has ordered officers to stop using cho called does working on restructuring the whole police department. the protests against george ford's death and the u.s. sparks demonstrations against racism and police brutality around the world because he was at a rally in senegal's capital dhaka were in the most western point of africa. facing the atlantic ocean on the other side is the united states of america it's by
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here by ship then men women and children were shipped out as slaves this is a place of memorial and this is where people have gathered to protest police brutality and to pay tribute to george floyd now in normal circumstances a protest like this would not take place this is a state of emergency because of the outbreak and yet authorities here have allowed this protest to take place because they feel that what's happening globally has in effect a resonance to many senegalese here police arrest meant every kind of racism at all levels happens to any black person in the western world so i think it is about time in 2020 that it stops and that we fully recognize a just human beings and citizen of this here because this is the year of return where west african countries are inviting african-americans who want to come and
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visit this region not only that to resettle in the last year 750000 african-americans have visited this area many of them choosing to actually settle here ghana is offering them special status among the protesters here some of them have a message to those african-americans the united states who want to move away from police brutality and racism that they face in their country. welcome home. welcome home come back you know you're welcome this is your country we are your people. we need you here you have your place we love you. the toppling of statues of men responsible for slavery or for colonization responsible for the killings of millions of people in africa has been welcomed by many here governments year i've been asking the museums in the west for years to return artifacts has been looted on the african continent and so it's part of a greater movement of people wanting to reclaim history too often ignored.
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for india's president here has died at the age of 55 just weeks before he was due to step down from office government statement says he had a heart attack but there's been speculation that he may have been infected with covered 19 and couldn't seize this 15 year old was marked by political violence and of withdrawal from the international criminal court let's bring in the caravan developer from the international crisis group thank you for joining us what do you make of his legacy how would you describe his legacy hey good afternoon came. we saw the president came into office in 2005 to bring nice long and bloody civil war and he then took the country on a political path which was a good development but his popularity quickly declined as of 2015 when he saw it and won a contest
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a 3rd term you saw that after the period political space in the country closed there were human rights violations committed was very difficult for international and national media to operate and he basically. plunged me into a protected economic and political crisis what. his legacy the fact that at the end of his term he was willing to step down ok what role did he play a jar in the head the country's civil war. so he was one of the main rebel leaders of the hutu he was one of the main hutu rebel leaders during the civil war but at the end he was willing to choose the political path ok you talked there about sort of the crackdown that happened after him couldn't do that came into power talked to me about what life was like how he changed. in his time in power
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so as i just pointed out of especially at the beginning that he took several measures that helped bring the set on the political path reforms were taken on an economic level but afterwards especially since 2015 the focus came more on the things that he didn't do well so limiting political space and the fact that the economic situation in bruni is currently not in the konami the economy and currently not in a very good state the incoming ruler was seen as is handpicked by the ruling party not necessarily by including jesus himself will include in these death impact the country at all going forward do you think. yes especially in the coming weeks those will be interesting to watch because according to the constitution the president of the national assembly ben there will
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be the interim president whereas the new president or the president elect will only assume office in august this year and ben were supported by were several other generals within the ruling party favorite the candidacy of over at least so it's interesting too to see whether in the coming weeks there will be tensions within the ruling party moving forward. thank you for your time very my apologies for speaking of you we have a little bit of delay with the line to nairobi thank you for your time now the cave and develop there from the international crisis group. head of the u.n. human rights commission says the surrender of a sudanese militia the is extruding significant. faces war crimes charges that the international criminal court relating to the conflict in darfur ousted sudanese president omar bashir is also wanted by the i.c.c. for his role in the darfur conflict. just
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a day after christian surrender sudan's military has closed all roads and entrances leading to its headquarters and how to give a morgan has more from her home in the capital she's unable to leave because of those actions by security forces. aleko shape was very much part of the former ruling party and the former ruling party has repeatedly showed that it still has supporters on the ground that they have various protests against the wall the overthrow of former president ahmed bushehr the fact that he was taken to court and tried for corruption on the ground and there were concerns that those supporters who supported former president ahmed rashid and his aides and members of his party and his militias and military will come out and stage process that with the military at the crossing late last night was a block of all main roads that lead to the army headquarters as well as make sure that they control who would be able to cross bridges that would eventually lead them to the army headquarters now they are concerned that they will indeed be processed because i recall she was
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a member of their former ruling party was that he was employed or rather recruited by the military and by the whole ruling party rather to curb the rebellion and therefore and that earned him. arrest warrants for work crimes and crimes against humanity and there was an illusion of darkhorse of it all concerned that people would come out not only because he surrendered himself as he said but because they are now concerned that other people involved will also be targeted by the i.c.c. including former president ahmed bashir who has an arrest an arrest warrant issued against. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you about a massive fire in india that could take up to a month to extinguish. hello there still very heavy rains across central and southern areas of china these are
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the seasonal rains very typical of course this time of year but we've had some particularly heavy downpours now these pictures coming out of the 2 provinces in the southeast but there have been several provinces affected just like this so far over a 1000000 people have actually been impacted by these very heavy rains and of course the floods that follow as well you can just see how widespread they are so there's no getting away from it really this time of year there is more rain certainly in the forecast as we go through thursday the rains working there for the tools east but also some very heavy rain again tied to the same system bushing into western areas of japan against very heavy rains at times coming from that front it will work its way east friday leaving us with a sort of sharry thunderstorm activity behind but at least by friday a slightly better picture across much of the southeast we have they still got those rains further to the north and then across into india is all about the monsoon this time of year making good headway along these western coastal areas sunday through thursday there's a low just sitting in the bay of bengal this is feeding a lot of moisture across much of the east under pradesh across into odisha and then
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friday the 2 really beginning to merge and some very heavy amounts of rain particularly into canada but as i say all of this is a good sign of the advance of the southwest monsoon. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour 2 weeks after he was killed in police custody george floyd has been buried during the funeral service he was hailed as a man whose death will change the world his death sparked protests against racism and police brutality in the u.s. and around the world. burned as president here couldn't do there has died at the age of 55 an official statement says he had a heart attack but some are speculating he may have died from covert 19 couldn't caesar was due to step down from office in a few weeks. the u.n. human rights agency chief says the surrender of a sudanese militia leader wanted for war crimes in the darfur conflict is very significant. shape turned himself into the international criminal court on tuesday
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. at least 69 people have been killed in that attack and northeast nigeria local leaders say fighters from a group linked to eisele raided a remote village in borno state they say it was a retaliation for the killing of several fighters by vigilantes after they tried to steal livestock. that interest me now live from a so what can you tell us about this latest attack. well basically. mike you set out to turn your career tech and also to respond by book or are allied with the islamic state in west africa province i swap trustable they started booking major highway leading to that community and attacked some travelers on the road people eating at the village a day they went on a killing spree as people who run for their lives they shot and drove gave it was
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about the killing of more than 60 people are we talking about 69 and there are fears getting in prison but that many people have died because a lot of people dozens of people are still unaccounted for the. other why are we seeing the number of attacks in northeastern nigeria increasing what kind of footholds do these armed groups have in the region. were basically like many of these. groups that employ government tactics perhaps the process over the place all over eastern nigeria and it's coming at a time when the nigerian army stepping up its own operations now but what i am wouldn't want to be seen as being on the back foot so they will try to make a statement as much as they can so they chose this particular village to make a point 1st of all the village with the leaders of siding with the military giving information to the army and of course involving the members of the community in
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targeting what i'm trying to see in the region now as a result we see an increasing number of people being displaced from their homes into refugee camps not only in northeastern nigeria but in neighboring countries so these speeds into the wide. question. electorate region country said people here in the room charge admission to public and then country survey say out like mali before the bust and others and of course remember there are also crises in central african countries where we've seen refugees stopping it from central african republic into cameroon can't move for example ice considered one of the countries which is attracting attention in terms of don't the funding in terms of global coverage by the media i simply because. there's no more interest of course because of donor fatigue or some other practices in thinking that i had it you say live
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from a bunch. of security forces in south africa i think used of using excessive force while implementing coronavirus lockdown mrs of allegedly killed at least 6 people so i made a minute reports from johannesburg and the like as part of our series on the impact of the pandemic on human rights. to try to curb the spread of coronavirus so the africa imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world along with it came the deployment of the police and army and accusations of the abuse of power. in mobile footage this man is forced to hop by a soldier after being found outside his home. locked on restrictions only allow people to leave their homes for food medicine and essential services. a must was allegedly shot and killed by security personnel working with police at his home in a forceless on johannesburg's east grand his cousin and tom you say omar says he
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was seized who was shot behind this burglar gate during a police raid in the area don because he says says the officer forced his way into the yard after a confrontation with people seems to at the front gate carry on him inside what's about your area i locked my cousin inside the veranda. he wasn't come front to be he wasn't taking him he literally pulled a gun on somebody he was just. 2 houses away simpy says during the same raid we put these kicked in his door and shot him twice with rubble coated steel bullets last month the high court ordered an end to police and army brutality torture or degrading punishment must stop it came off to another man collins course died after allegedly being beaten by security forces.
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both deaths are under investigation in the case of collins cause a preliminary report says the army did nothing wrong while a security officer has been charged with the murder of secrecy so a most dozens of complaints against the military including you. excess of force physical abuse murder and brutality an independent body which monitors police abuse has registered $39.00 cases with accusations that at least 6 people were killed by police 2 months after the coronavirus lockdown began soldiers and police are still on the streets despite the easing of restrictions and for many
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a caught having to compel security forces to respect the rights of people has been just as shocking as the violence itself for me deborah al jazeera johannesburg. the u.s. embassy in libya says the military escalation in sirte could cause another humanitarian crisis in the oil rich nation forces loyal to the un recognized government are trying to push out warlord who 400000 fighters are training has more from misrata. the u.s. embassy in libya expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis that's developing in the city of sirte they say that the continue escalation will only add to the humanitarian crisis to the city to the civilian suffering of the city and that this could possibly be taken advantage of by extremist actors now sir was previously controlled by i saw in 2016 it's important to note that the american the americans were involved and were cooperating with government forces here when they took
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control of the city and eliminated the group's foothold in libya military sources here tell us that they've received a risk of support from tripoli and the western and western libya. this this is and this is to help continue their advance in the city of sirte now on the political level we're seeing more and more countries call for the warring parties in libya to sit on the on the negotiating table and come up with a ceasefire the government forces here government officials and military officials tell us that they feel let down by the international community because they didn't stop after the advance in tripoli they allowed him to continue on in tripoli they didn't do anything about it so they feel a little bit let down and they say now that only now when they are on the advance and are continuing on that the government that the international community is
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deciding to get more deeply involved. a large fire caused by a gas leak in india's awesome states has now been confined to a small area but emergency crews say it will still take up to 4 weeks to bring it under control again enough to guess that had been leaking from a state oil facility for 2 weeks suddenly now i said on tuesday well media reporting to thaw sizes of dies the indian army has been called in to help and this is a bit further on them has more from new delhi. and 2 weeks since it started we are still seeing pictures of the massive fire continuing to burn huge plumes of smoke even though the chief minister has said that the fire has been contained to a 50 metre radius around the gas well but the fire is continuing because it's being fed by the gas from the well all india limited said that the fire broke out at a clearing operation at the gas well on tuesday they have not been able to stop this gas leak they've brought in experts from singapore and those experts have said
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that it will take around 4 weeks to get the situation under control in the meantime there has been a lot of damage to the surrounding areas which are ecologically sensitive and a 1000 more than 2000 people were evacuated after the gas leak started 2 weeks ago and since the fire broke out 24 hours ago that's more than $6000.00 people who have been evacuated people have been upset because there's gas condensation from the leak that has covered residential areas national park nearby schools damage to grasslands to wetlands to water bodies to biodiversity carcasses of endangered dolphins have been found in the past 2 weeks. china says it's reached a positive consensus with india over a border standoff after generals from both sides met at the weekend there's been tension in the himalayan region of dark india has accused china of repeatedly
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encroaching on its territory. swedish prosecutors have named the man they believe assassination the former prime minister all of palmer and $986.00 the chief prosecutor says the case is now being closed because the suspect stig engstrom died in 2000 palmer was shot dead on a major street in stockholm after going to the cinema with his family. in the u.k. a statue of an 18th century slave trade has been removed from outside of london museum officials say it was no longer considered acceptable by local people and thousands have signed petitions calling for the removal of another monument at oxford university for each hellens reports. rhodes must lose their demo and take it down put him in a museum in the world famous university city of oxford anger at this statue has rekindled looking down from the facade of oriel college is special roads one of the
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most controversial figures of britain's imperial beach. it is a bastion of white supremacy and reese ism and it's inaccessible to get down rhodes the colonial believed in the primacy of the anglo-saxon race over all others particularly the black africans he ruled over our you. know yes but the wealthy benefactors foundation still bring students from around the world to study talks but it's unsurprisingly a conflict for south african road scholar marotta he. for many many years the very spot of ship was awarded to the white man which is essentially the work and forced labor of black people sponsoring the education of white men to save their colonizing and colonize the rest of the world. black lives matter has reenergize the roads must fall campaign began in 2015 inspired by protestors in
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south africa. a statement from oriel college says we believe black lives matter and support the right to peaceful protest as a college we continue to debate and discuss the issues raised by the presence on our site of examples of contested heritage relating to settle roads but the current mood is building pressure orks with city's council leader recommends oriel submit a planning application to remove the statue. elsewhere pressure has already led to action in bristol over the weekend protesters tore down a statue of slave trader edward causton and threw him in the river in london north already has removed slave owner robert milligan from his plane in the docklands on tuesday that previously protected symbols of britain's racist and imperial past of becoming intolerable to every country really has sort of nationalists and you know kind of nationalist sense and person house in that respect is no different but it
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does of course have a unique situation in terms of the british and such knowledge and part went such a long time the death of george floyd is changing the way many countries look at history and race. so different place is different figures in oxford it's sessile roads in bristol it was i would call stood in belgium it's king leopold in the united states it's all but the elite but the principle is universal and it's beginning next to far off like black lives matter of historical figures of white supremacist who they say could no longer be given through put in positions in all towns and also all the talent all just their oxford. this is all just there are these are the top stories 2 weeks after he was killed in police custody george floyd has been buried during the funeral service he was hailed as a man whose death will change the world his death sparked protests against racism
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and police brutality in the u.s. and around the world. were indies president here has died at the age of 55 an official statement says he had a heart attack he was due to sit down from office in a few weeks the head of the un human rights commission says the surrender of a sudanese militia leader is extremely significant. but faces war crime charges at the international criminal court relating to the conflict in darfur. just a day after surrender sudan's military has closed all roads and entrances leading to its headquarters in khartoum heba morgan has more. it was very much a part of the former ruling party and the former ruling party has repeatedly sure that it's there has supporters on the ground they have staged various protests against the wall the overthrow former president ahmed bashir the fact that he was taken to court and tried for corruption so that the supporters aap the former
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ruling party had shown that they were still on the ground and there were concerns that both supporters who supported former president obama will be here and his aides and members of his party and his militias and military will come out and stage protests at least 69 people have been killed in an attack in northeast nigeria local leaders say feiss from a group linked to eisele raided a remote village in borno state they say it was a retaliation for the killing of several feiss by vigilantes after they tried to stay alive stuck libya's national oil corporation says an armed group has shut down production at the else she'll oil field comes just a day after production of the country's biggest oil field was also shut down oil facilities have been a frequent target string fighting between u.n. backed government forces and warlord fastpass forces. inside stories next.
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what do we know about the long term impact coronavirus has on people's mental health locked down in isolation have led to unprecedented levels of anxiety stress and depression so what is the psychological cost of the pandemic this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on the homage i'm joined depression affected more than 264000000 people worldwide and suicide was the 2nd leading death.


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