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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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maybe his sand get his head to head for the pool coming on al-jazeera. every generation has a higher purpose. ours. i'm here to actually to make it stop stop the pain. a call for justice at the heart of u.s. government is the brother of george floyd's takes his plea to the u.s. house of representatives. peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. everyone is going down and being hit hard a dire economic report says coronaviruses caused the worst global slump in nearly
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a century. tension behind the friendly gestures the german foreign minister questions israel's plans to annex illegal settlements. setback for president the supreme court of brazil orders his government to publish coronavirus figures in full. you know we begin in the united states where george floyd's brother has told politicians to make sure his death was not in vain for the news floyd testified at a hearing on capitol hill today his brother's death in police custody spawn 2 weeks of protests across the u.s. and around the world the house judiciary committee says it's answering protesters calls for a fundamental change in the culture of law enforcement. i'm here actually to make it stop. stop the pain stop us being tired george called for help
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and he was ignored please listen to the cowed i'm making to you now to the cause of our family and the cause ringing out the streets across the world people of all backgrounds genders and races have come together to demand change on it im on to george and make the necessary changes then make the law enforcement the solution hi joe castro is a correspondent tracking that conversation for us out of the capitol building there on capitol hill so heidi certain guidelines they've already been scrapped they've been got rid of but what do we know about what will come after that. that's right on the local level there has been some talk of reforms but there has yet to be a nationwide police reform and it's what's being demanded by this moment where hundreds of thousands of americans have taken to the street in these past 2 weeks demanding
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reform and we've seen democrats present a reform package and there's some movement from republicans as well as to address this death of george floyd and the systemic racism that it has exposed in this country what we're seeing today before this committee hearing by the house judiciary committee our 12 witnesses including of course the brother of george floyd who in his powerful testimony spoke of the pain he felt watching his his brother die they need the knee of that white police officer in minneapolis but we're also seeing republicans in a sense have a showdown of marriage has what democrats are they in biting their own republican witness a woman by the name of angela underwood jacobs who is african-american and lost her brother who was a federal police officer he was gunned down in the line of duty now that you're also seeing a calm but competition here as far as the terminology we've heard shouted by these
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protesters of defund the police what does that actually mean the new ones they're being exploited in a sense by these political parties republicans saying that defunding the police the equivalence of abolishing the police which is only been asked for by the far left hauling that idea ludicrous but attempting to paint the entire democratic party with that same brush meanwhile the actual legislation that is pending here in the house of representatives and introduced by democrats does not seek to defund or abolish any police departments rather it would create a national database to track police misconduct it would ban chokeholds a similar to what resulted in the death of george floyd and many other black americans. and it would also seek to remove the no knock warrants in some cases and make it easier to sue police officers in both similar criminal proceedings and civil proceedings now the white house has already said that stripping some of this
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immunity from police officers is nonstarter in this legislation and although it is likely to pass here the democratic controlled house of representatives it is unlikely to have much traction in the republican controlled senate hitter as far as the republican contingent on the committee is concerned heidi do they have any ideas to bring the country together particularly given you know 6 months from you not be having a conversation about the presidential election it seems to me at this distance that the republicans are being accused of being divisive instead of productive instead of trying to be an emotionally and a human influence their. absolutely and particularly over on the senate side republicans they're having an increasing worry that this may cost them the republican majority in the senate come the november elections $7.00 in 10 americans in recent polling have said that george floyd's death is emblematic of
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a greater systemic problem similar majorities of americans saying that racial discrimination is a big issue in this country now that's that's come a long ways over the last 5 years when the number of americans who agree to that was only about 40 percent about 6 years ago so certainly there is a movement happening on the streets of america and congress is reacting to that with republicans cognizant that some reform is likely necessary and at the end of this week we're expecting for republicans to have their own answers for their proposals to reform policing in america we know that the one element that likely will not be included in the republican version of reforms would be stripping this immunity from police officers president saying on twitter that that is a nonstarter ok heidi thanks very much which. is a civil rights attorney he says the police brutality does require
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a systemic change. what we're seeing is that folks are rallying to the support of black people listening to black people's experience and saying this has to stop that is a massive massive force and the only thing that the president has going for him is his base which is relatively small but powerful in the united states and the narrative that if we don't continue to invest in police departments black people are going to kill white people that's essentially what the discussion is and it's never subtle with him although he's being a little bit more subtle now than usual. but i think the end of at the end of the day what people are beginning to realize is that the only reason why not enforcement exists to this day to the extent that it does is to the extent that people can continue to convey a narrow narrative of criminality amongst black people so the idea that someone
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like george floored floyd everybody in congress is going to say that was a horrible thing but nobody in congress is going to say that that is endemic and systemic and has been happening for many many years on and off the video and that becomes a problem that we have to resolve systemically and not just with policy reform. the coronavirus pandemic is causing the worst health and economic crisis since world war 2 that's the assessment from the organization for economic cooperation and development the group is made up of $37.00 free market democratic countries and says the loss of income will exceed that of any recession in the last century outside of water and the o.e.c.d. projects economic growth will shrink globally and that the u.k. france italy and spain will be the worst hit it's advocating a rise in public investment in digital and green technologies to help the hard hit economy is joining us now from paris is the secretary general of the o.e.c.d. on hell go to mr korea welcome to. take us through how the established economies
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will get on versus the emerging economies the established economies the o.e.c.d. economies basically have the financial resources to throw out not only the health problem and that means that people who need the beds and who need the ventilators and no need to hospitals and who need the spaces in who need the stuff they have the resources although some of them came up short at some point but now they've caught up they also have the institutions they have the systems in the case of developing countries they don't have the institutions or not as strong they don't have the staff they don't have the hardware.
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they don't have the hospitals you're old that they don't have enough doctors and nurses but also they don't have the research that the developed countries have and where we are putting all of our hopes that they will develop either a medicine or a vaccine so basically you got to pick up and you have to catch up and you have to compensate for that and of course the way to do that is by supporting these countries ok by providing these countries with the deficits that they have ok here's the pushback when it comes to that push back does some of this come down to whether we're talking about the established say the european economies that are going to really take a big quake here or the emerging economies it's about what they do not in 6 months not in a year not in 3 years it's about what they do today and tomorrow and the day after
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that and what they should have done or did last week and last month also what we do today is going to mark what happens in our countries for the next decade. is it more productive in a positive sense given that so much of the global economy is interconnected literally around the planet if different countries carry on working with each other and do not pull up the economic and employee drawbridge i.e. if they keep on working with each other and don't indulge in isolationism even though isolationism it makes for a good political sun but if you've got a presidential election around the corner it is very bad in terms of the substance of the problem it is very bad in terms of
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the outcomes by working by yourself. you're never going to get the synergies of working as a group a world working multilaterally because multilateralism reinforces mutually reinforce the measures and you're going to come up better than if you were doing it on your own no matter how much money you throw at it and then there's a question of our duty because you have the hives and then you have the have nots but the pandemic is not going to disappear is never going to go away until the last of the virus is you know of the vitals are worn in the last of the developing countries because otherwise it can spread again very fast and in our scenarios we have one scenario which is minus 6 percent for the
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world without a 2nd wave of the pandemic ok we have almost a minus 8 percent ok to have a 2nd wave of the pandemic ok very briefly and with due respect to you and your position so when you talk about synergies of course we know what the word means but how do you make that relevant to job's coming back to that hispanic mother of 2 who single who had 2 jobs in california an expensive american states both jobs have gone or to those indian illiterate workers who have literally had to walk hundreds of kilometers to get to a job that's cash in on the lope. absolutely you're absolutely right when it comes to developing countries when it comes to people who do not have even the basic services then you can ask them to be washing their hands all the time and you you can't ask them to be confined because they
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have to go out every day to look for the libel who would to bring back the bread to their homes and you can ask them to have a safe distance you know because they all sleep in the same bedroom in the same room and there's a lot of you know of well the that these distances are practically nonexistent so yes you're absolutely right it makes it a lot more difficult and if this is you know we saw that in in india 1300000000 people were asked to be confined and some of them had to walk hundreds of kilometers to their hometowns in order to escape to confinement because they could not stand the conditions so that makes it more difficult that probably suggests that i was rear seeing in some cases that the flare ups are going to be bigger and that it's going to last longer before it gets better ok we must leave it there
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we're just about to lose the satellite and he'll go to the secretary general of the o.e.c.d. thanks for coming on sir your time. still to come here on al-jazeera 2 attacks in different parts of my jury in just under 24 hours we'll have a report from the capital city. hello the more very heavy rain across more central and southern areas of china the seasonal rains typical for this time of year but we've had some particularly heavy downpours for several weeks now so there are a number of provinces have been very badly affected into the southeast these images coming from just 2 of those provinces and you can see the sort of water the flooding the flash was indeed that we are talking about but also just how widespread it is now there is more rain in the forecast is
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a go through thursday not as heavy across the fall se but still a very unsettled picture some heavy spells as the day progresses and the particularly heavy rail thursday all time the same system works its way into western areas of japan will work its way east was as we go through friday by then we will see quite a good clearing up across much of the southeast but the rains heavy further to the north and pushing towards the shanghai as you can see watching a system in the central and northern philippines this could develop into a tropical storm in the few days ahead but for the next couple of days it'll be a case of very heavy amounts of rain the winds were fairly strong but really it is the rain that is of concern we could have some low class flooding even some months lies with the rain that heavy and then across into india very heavy rains through eastern areas under pradesh up into edition and then on friday the rains the tickler heavy across the west into carola.
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they say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the water. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen path from witness documentaries on al-jazeera. ok let's revisit our top stories for you so far this half hour george ford's brother has told the congressional committee they should make sure the death of his brother will not be in vain felonies floyd has just testified before the house
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judiciary committee on capitol hill but testimony came just a day after george floyd was buried during the funeral service he was hailed as a man whose death will change the world his death sparked protests in the u.s. and globally. we're going to zation for economic cooperation and development says the world is facing his worst peacetime recession in a century or predicts the global economy will shrink but he 6 percent in 2020 because of the coronavirus lockdowns. germany's foreign minister has expressed serious concerns to israel about his plans to annex more of the occupied west bank mass met the israeli foreign minister gaby ash cannot see in west jerusalem the e.u. does oppose israel's annexation plans that are part of a u.s. outline for the middle east germany in the e.u. say they are committed to the resumption of negotiations commands a bit of a peerage together with the european union we believe that any accession would not be compatible with international law this is why we continue to support
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a mutual 2 state solution herefore said has more now from west jerusalem. he was standing firm in that he was restating the german and indeed the european union position that unilateral annexation would not be supported would be seen as an illegal act and one that threatens the 2 state solution however he didn't talk explicitly about what germany or indeed the e.u. might do if nonetheless israel went ahead he said said he wouldn't attach any price tags at this moment he didn't believe in doing policy via threats and he talked about how there would be no diminution whatsoever of the friendly bilateral ties between israel and germany as for his opposite number here in israel the forums the foreign minister gabi ashkenazi he took repeatedly about israel wanting to proceed responsibly in full concert with the united states and also talked about the need
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to preserve peace treaties with israel's neighbors a clear reference there to jordan and jordan's warning against an exception saying that while not threatening to tear up the peace treaty between jordan israel saying that at least it would reconsider the relationship and so giving some sense that he retains his position of certainly compared to the prime minister benjamin netanyahu skepticism about going all out on an accession unilaterally straight away but it does seem that the plans that as an yahoo has are beginning to crystallize. and the organization of islamic cooperation also says it rejects israeli policies that adversely affect palestinians the oh i see he says unilateral measures undermine any possibility for a 2 state solution and threat to stability across the region. cats our special envoy to afghanistan is on
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a visit to kabul. is holding talks with afghan officials on the peace process afghanistan's government released more than $3000.00 taliban prisoners as part of the doha agreement the united states and the taliban signed that deal in february in qatar's capital we want to have the security stability and the challah more perspective to the afghan people that's the primary purpose of the visit it is not up to us to decide it's not up to any countries to decide or to impose and the preference is it is up to the afghan people to decide if they decide to have the talks in there or how we are more than happy to fester that did this and we will do this in a very transparent way in a very impartial way and in accordance with international law. at least 27 people are believed to have been killed by landmines in the libyan capital tripoli local media is saying dozens of people also have been injured forces loyal to libya's internationally recognized government took the warlord honey for have to last
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stronghold near tripoli on thursday pushing his forces out of other areas of into attacks in nigeria in the past 24 hours on weapons day at least 35 people were killed in northern nigeria gunmen on motorbikes attacked a village in katsina state it came hours after the killing of at least 69 people in a remote village in northeastern borno state by loans from. other groups in this area has killed thousands and displaced about 2000000 people committed to us has more now from. the attacks increase in the state is seen as an escalation in the balance which we've been seeing in the northwest of nigeria in states like them for us to. cut in a status of niger state wide dozens of people are being killed or hundreds of people have been killed in the past 2 months in that region elsewhere in north east nigeria we've seen book. typing up attacks on rural communities especially isolated
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communities the latest big attack on a community and be a local government area and less than 100 kilometers from the regional capital a degree nearly 70 people have been killed in that attack because the fighters who are boko haram members allied to the islamic state in west africa province accuse them of collaborating with the military and launching even attacks on their own fighters so went into town shock people and run them over with cars and motorcycles in that area we've seen this is part of a wider conflict in the elected region countries like. nigeria and cameroon cameroon by the way for the 2nd time running occupying the most whose conflicts have been neglected by the international community the media and even go in those it is dealing with 3 major problems 1st of all the refugee crisis in central african area especially from central african republic and it's also
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suffering it's all in attacks or top suffering attacks from bora and then there is the conflict between security forces and separatists in parts of cameroon republic which has created a lot of refugees in those countries. the head of the u.n. human rights commission says the surrender of a sudanese militia leader is extremely significant kushayb faces war crimes charges at the international criminal court relating to the conflict in darfur the ousted sudanese president omar al bashir is also wanted by the i.c.c. for his role in the darfur conflict just a day after surrender sudan's military has closed all roads and entrances leading to its headquarters in a tool of a morgan has more. aleko shape was very much part of the former ruling party and the former ruling party has repeatedly showed that it still has supporters on the ground they have a very a protest against the wall the overthrow of former president ahmed push here the
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fact that he was taken to court and tried for corruption on the ground and there were concerns that those supporters who supported former president ahmed bashir and his aides and members of his party and his militias and military will come out and staged protests so what the military that saw things late last night was a block of all main roads that lead to the army headquarters as well as make sure that they control who would be able to cross bridges that would eventually lead them to the army headquarters now they are concerned that they will in the process because i recall she was a member of their former ruling party was that he was employed or rather recruited by the problem in a military and by the whole ruling party rather to curb the rebellion and therefore and that earns him. arrest warrants for work crimes and crimes against humanity in the western region of darfur so they all concerned that people would come out not only because he surrounded himself as the i.c.c. said but because they are now concerned that other people involved will also be
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targeted by the i.c.c. including former president ahmed was here who has an arrest warrant issued again. and a sudanese anticorruption committee has confiscated a bank account belonging to a shia it's also closed 5 foreign exchange bureau used to fund his former regime the court handed bashir a 2 year sentence in december for corruption he also faces trials and investigations of the killing of protesters last year. their angst economic crisis is deepening after months of political unrest the coronavirus pandemic and the crash in the price of oil ramsey mount is the world bank's special representative to the country he met our reporter simona fulton in baghdad where they discussed what needs to be done. that has been a lot of changes this place actually has seen a number of carbon coming into office and unfortunately sometimes it will happen that any new government comes in the discussion is a bit discontinued and we have to start probably from scratch again or start maybe
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adjusting it according to the directions that the government has and of course that dimension that had to be a lot of crises that have hit this place at the time when we have reached somehow equate advanced age that they will then we had to wait for probably sidelined a bit to try to see how we can manage the situation that's happening and you can watch the interview in full with rooms in your own on talk to al-jazeera at 530 g.m.t. on thursday. indian security forces have shot dead 5 kashmiri separatist fighters it happened during a gun battle in a southern district in the disputed region of german kashmir fighting broke out during a police search at least 9 other people have been killed this week in what india calls anti terrorist operations german kashmir is at the heart of decades of hostilities between india and pakistan for russian nuclear capable bombers have been intercepted off the coast of alaska moscow says its planes were following international law and flying in neutral waters but u.s.
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fighter jets escorted the bombers away just on monday the u.s. and russia settled on a place and a date to begin nuclear arms negotiations sometime this month china has also been invited talks to reach an agreement to control the proliferation of nuclear weapons have been happening since may. brazil's supreme court has ordered the government to stop publishing its total coronavirus casualty figures presidential you both are not as government was accused of hiding the truth when it took the data offline is printed on top. brazil has the world's 2nd highest number of corner virus infections but many there say as well as a pandemic they are also fighting an information war after a weekend of aprile over a government decision to stop publishing or fishel told of the number of cases under the government is making the public again after being ordered by the supreme court but many don't feel reassured me. i am scared to death i'm scared to death
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it seems the government is hiding the truth they're not watching the truth come out and opinion i came out here earlier today in my opinion and the reality is that it's all a smokescreen like during the times of war that we had in the past but today it is a war of information on which the government says it was trying to do the likely most we're looking for the real number under reporting i never talked about what reporting we were afraid of the underreporting president jabal snarl has repeatedly downplayed the outbreak and says he's not considering pulling brazil out of the world health organization he says the world body has lost his credibility there as a reason why the american president has left why he stopped contributing to the w.h.o. preserve and think about this as soon as this problem with the pandemic is over to seriously think about whether or not to leave because for us that no longer inspires confidence but the victims of the outbreak say politicizes aren't helping people face up to the reality of the pandemic. governors just keep fighting between
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themselves to see who's better they're not seeing how people are suffering brazil has started easing its lockdown restrictions but some health experts are warning that the number of infections expected to surged and the operator has to pay. welcome. welcome back welcome if just joining us you're watching al-jazeera these are your top stories george floyd's brother has told a congressional committee they should make sure his death is not in vain for the names floyd testified before the house judiciary committee on capitol hill and i'm here. to make it stop stop the pain stop us being tired george called for help and he was ignored please listen to the crowd i'm making to you now for the cause of our family and the cause ringing out the streets across
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the world people of all backgrounds. race have come together to demand change on idiom on a short and make necessary changes they make the law force the solution. well that testimony came just one day after george floyd was buried during the funeral service he was hailed as a man whose death will change the world his death sparked protests in the u.s. and globally the organization for economic cooperation and development says the world is facing its worst peacetime recession in a century and predicts the global economy will shrink by at least 6 percent in 2020 because of the coronavirus lockdowns germany's foreign minister has expressed serious concern to israel about his plans to annex more of the occupied west bank he must met the israeli foreign minister gaby ashkenazi in west jerusalem the e.u.
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opposes israel's annexation plans that are part of a u.s. outline for the middle east germany and the e.u. say they are committed to the resumption of negotiations. it's going to is a sign of islamic cooperation also says it rejects israeli policies that adversely affect palestinians the oh i see says you know lateral measures undermine any possibility for a 2 state solution and threatens to belittle in the region. the head of the un human rights commission says the surrender of a sudanese militia leader is extremely significant shape faces war crimes charges of the international criminal court in the hague relating to the conflicts in darfur the ousted sudanese president omar al bashir is also wanted by the i.c.c. for his role in the doll for conflict those are your headlines the news continues after witness i'll have more news in 30 minutes see that.
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