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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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do the students. really want on al-jazeera play an important role. or ringback. with the with. the. i'm here to ax you to make it stop stop the pain stop george floyd's brother urges the u.s. congress to pass reforms to stop police brutality so his death is not in vain. this is the minneapolis police chief takes on the powerful police union saying he's breaking off talks. blow and barbarous are you watching al jazeera live from london also coming up a leading british health expert says bringing in the lockdown
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a week earlier would have harmful to the u.k.'s number of covert 1000 deaths and swedish prosecutors name a graphic designer who died 2 decades ago is the man who killed prime minister all of palm a in 1986. buckle to the program we begin in the u.s. where george floyd's brother has urged politicians to quote stop the pain and pass reforms to end the police brutality philonous floyd that was testifying before the house judiciary committee on capitol hill he told members of congress to make sure that his brother's death was not in vain the 46 year old died in police custody in may spark even weeks of protests across the u.s. and around the world castro reports from washington. philonous
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cloyd travel directly from his brother's funeral in houston to the u.s. capitol george call for help and he was ignored please listen to the car out all make it to you now so the cause of our family and the cars ringing out the streets across the world people of all backgrounds genders the races have come together to demand change house democrats have proposed sweeping legislation to reform police departments in the wake of george floyd's death that includes increasing police accountability for officer misconduct and banning police chokeholds i'm tired i'm tired of. paying you feel when you watch something like this when you watch a big brother who looked up to for your whole life da da big a boy's mom what we saw in minnesota the slow torture is murder of george floyd by a uniform officer was an outrage and a tragedy where we have seen since then millions of americans marching in the
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street to demand justice and call for reforms it has been an inspiration and i got a 7 in 10 americans now say floyd's death is part of a systemic problem of police brutalizing and killing black americans defund the police has become a rallying cry for those demanding reform but the meaning of the phrase is nuance to most defunded the police means shifting some money from police departments to social services but to the far left and means abolishing police altogether republicans have seized on that extremist interpretation warning of an arcade they know it is pure insanity to defund the police and the fact that my democrat colleagues won't speak out against this crazy policy. it's just that frightening. senate republicans are drafting their own proposal for police reform likely to
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include requirements for more biased training but the new unity officers enjoyed from civil lawsuits will likely remain intact the 2 parties competing ideas may reach a stalemate potentially resulting in nothing. now they the protesters have already made clear they won't accept that outcome they say of congress takes no action then voters will at the polls in november heidi castro al-jazeera washington the minneapolis police department is breaking off talks with the powerful state police union its police chief says it's part of planned reforms in the way of george floyd's this now that he had undone though is they says the union contract needs to be restructured to provide more transparency this is further examining the 6 significant matters that touch on such things as critical incident protocol or use of force the significant role that supervisors play in this department and also
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the discipline process to include both grievances and arbitration. and i believe i speak for my chief peers here in the state of minnesota as well as across our country that there is nothing more debilitating to a chief from an employment matter perspective that when you have grounds to terminate an officer for misconduct when you're dealing with a 3rd party mechanism that allows for that employee to not only be back on your department. but to be patrolling in your communities. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has called for the removal of confederate statues in washington d.c. earlier on tuesday a statue of christopher columbus and the city of richmond became the latest to be torn down by protesters they used ropes to drag the effigy off its pedestal before setting it on fire and throwing it into a lake the monument was toppled less than 2 hours after demonstrators had gathered chanting for it to go activists then vandalized the foundation that once held the
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statue. a senior british health expert says the u.k.'s current virus test toll could have been hard if the lockdown had not been brought in if the lockdown had been brought in a week earlier former government adviser neil ferguson was giving evidence the m.p.'s . was of governor of the board very. poor. so have really. our what is the period with the. program it was the hall. so almost i think with measures given what we know 'd about this phone you have that it's barnes then it's completely out of the world.
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so yes the this quarter. we have we introduced the. city. for a challenge has more on the story from westminster. it was professor neil ferguson's study for imperial college that actually shocks the governments into imposing the lockdown late in march when he said that if the government did nothing then 250000 people would die he's not an uncontroversial figure though he had to resign from his government advisory position after it emerged that he had broken the law down him self to go and visit his romantic partner but he is still an influential figure and when he speaks people listen certainly journalists have they've picked up on what he said earlier in the day and pressed prime minister boris johnson about it at the press conference this afternoon and we can hear now what boris johnson's
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response was we made the decisions at the time on the guidance of sage including professor ferguson that we thought were right for this for this country and i think that the you know the questions that are posed are still unanswered and there's a lot of data that we still frankly do not have and i think you'd be you know i know you want me to go to cast judgment now on everything that happened in the in the months that are gone by i just think that is the course that moment will come of course we've got to learn lessons but i you know i just think that it is at this stage premature the still too much that we don't know for a stance and also announce the latest easing of lockdown measures saying that as of monday all shops can open zoos can start reopening and as of this weekend people living by themselves or those raising families by themselves can start forming
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support bubbles that is they can form a connection with one other household lightening the load really of this sink recently long and drawn out coronavirus period. a majority of the assembly members of video the janeiro state legislature have voted to start impeachment proceedings against its governor wilson witsel for alleged fraud in the purchase of ventilators on wednesday the federal police also raided the government palace of state and the governor's home over similar allegations the number of infections meanwhile keeps on rising across the country and south paolo retail shops reopened this fight reporting a record number of deaths for 2 days 1274 deaths have been recorded in the past 24 hours bringing the total death toll to more than 39000. let's cross live now to daniel shrine larry who is. not only is can see the
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infection rate in the death rate shows showing no sign of decreasing but now you have the situation with the governor is tell us a little bit how what impact that's having on the political handling of the current virus in brazil. where this is a very good political case i mean 2 governors are viewed as you've mentioned. by your in the northern state of byron the city of bel-air there were 23 raids there early on wednesday several people arrested wilson with the governor of rio de janeiro was arrested or detained late last month and here as you mentioned now being brought on these impeachment charges both of those governors from different ends of the political spectrum the left wing governor of the northern state. with a former ally of president job also narrow what they both have in common is that
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they fully support the lockdown measures any measures to try to control the spread of the coronavirus they are both in opposition to president job also nado who have as we've seen many times is out on the streets talking to his supporters without mosques telling people to go back to work to support the economy cause the coronavirus a mild flu. for the governor of rio de janeiro a possible rival to job or scenario in the in the in the next elections so a lot of political shenanigans going on here or with some with when he was 1st investigated called this political case against him so this is what we're seeing at the moment though both men have obviously said as they always do that they are innocent of the charges against them against them and enjoyable so narrow saying he would go all out to any corruption around brazil in relation to. people buying states buying equipment to try to fight the corowa of the corporate 19 virus but
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many people leveling accusations against him but he's removing his potential political rivals on the cover of these of these raids on their properties on their own they govern the government policies so daniel a very complicated and serious situation there in brazil tell us a little bit about the rest of south america because the continent really has found itself at the epicenter of the pandemic recently. i mean the world health organization a few weeks ago was saying that they thought latin america would become the epicenter it does seem to be reaching that stage now with several countries in the region reporting in the last 24 hours record numbers of daily deaths 192 reported in chile there's been a lockdown in the capital santiago for some weeks they're now going to spread out to 5 other cities in the country record numbers reported in colombia $64.00 in the last 24 hours or so in argentina argentina here they've been used to control the
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pandemic fairly effectively a total of $717.00 deaths in all parts when they started to really lift restrictions recently allowed people out running on monday night tens of thousands of people came out onto the streets president fernando is saying he may then have to put those restrictions back in place to control the virus. shrine there with the latest from one as i understand you all think you. still to come in this half hour in the netherlands questions some of it's a long time traditions in light of the black labs movement and h.b.o. says it does give a damn temporarily removing a movie classic from its library following the george floyd protests.
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how low the weather remained slushy fine and dry across much of australia high pressure still very much in charge but we have got a few showers in the forecast we want to see showers just around the eastern side of new south wales these will ease as we go through the next comes i said probably not the be more in the way of sunshine as of area of high pressure so quiet here it's a much of the southeast is over towards the western side of the country where we are going to see some cloud in the rain rolling through this area of low pressure. just sprayed again see what western australia or row across doubly way as we go on through thursday eventually it does make its way all the way through the nullable and that'll push into good parts of southern parts of south australia as we go on through the weekend down to the southeast it's generally 5 dry new zealand generate dry just not just some welcome rainfall some much needed frightful pushing across the north island as we go on through friday we got some rather less welcome rank continue across central parts of china here we have as seasonal downpours they are
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continuing more heavy showers are rolling into central and southern parts of china just nudging a little further north was they slide their way across the korean peninsula fed with a right to come into japan for a time hot and sticky in tokyo at 29 degrees. white supremacy is on the rise in the u.s. it's an undercurrent that is bubbling up has mainstreamed extreme ideas this is the 1st step toward taking america back. faultlines examines the ducting feeding hay to eat and that going to often deadly consequences what are you telling your congregations people say we have to be concerned conspiracy to massacre anti semitism in america on al-jazeera. with the room.
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with all. of them back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera george floyd's brother has urged the u.s. congress to pass reforms on police brutality and quote stop the pain philonous floyd that testified before the house judiciary committee telling members to make sure that his brothers there was not in vain. meanwhile the minneapolis police chief is taking on the powerful officers union announcing that his the parliament is breaking off talks as part of planned reforms in the wake of floyd. and the senior british elf expert says the u.k.'s for the virus could have been cut down in half if the lockdown had been brought in a week earlier britain's prime minister says that decisions made were based on
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scientific evidence. another country that was badly hit by the coronavirus and the prime minister there it is that because it is said to be questioned by prosecutors on friday over the handling of the pandemic the prosecutors are looking in particular at why a red zone was not enforced in february around the towns of named breaux and zano regional officials and the government blame each other for the failure italy was europe's 1st coronavirus epicenter and has recorded over 34000 deaths. while schools health department says 5260 people died from cove of 19 in the city last month that's far higher than the 1895 reported by russia's coronavirus crisis response center over the course of may officials attribute the spike to a change in the way the coronavirus deaths are certified russia has recorded the. 3rd highest number of cases in the world after the united states and brazil but its
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relatively low number of deaths just over 6000 has raised questions despite this moscow's mayor is pushing ahead with easing restrictions in the city. or the world is facing its worst peacetime recession in a sentry that's according to the organization for economic co-operation and development it predicts that the global economy will shrink by at least 6 percent in 2020 because of coronavirus lockdowns britain france italy and spain will be the worst hit with g.d.p. decreases of at least 11 percent the o.e.c.d. also says the fallout will be even worse if there is a 2nd wave of the pandemic. at least $35.00 people have been killed in northern nigeria gunmen on motorbikes attacked a village in katsina state it came as it came hours after the killing of at least $69.00 people in borno state then edgerrin government has blamed bandits for the attack violence from boko haram and armed groups in the area has killed thousands
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of people and displaced about 2000000 amid interest says more now from a boojum. their tax increase in the state is seen as an escalation in the balance which we've been seeing in the northwest of nigeria in states like them for us to. cut in a status of niger stayed where dozens of people have been killed or hundreds of people have been killed in the past 2 months in that region elsewhere in north east nigeria would seem book stepping up attacks on rural communities especially isolated communities the latest being the attack on a community and local government area a loss of 100 kilometers from the regional capital in may degree nearly 70 people have been killed in that attack because the fighters who are boko haram members allied to the islamic state in west africa province accuse them of collaborating with the military and launching even attacks on their own fighters so went into
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town shock people and run them over with cars and motorcycles in that area we've seen this is part of a wider conflict in the lake chad region countries like. nigeria and cameroon come one by the way for the 2nd time running occupying the most. conflicts have been neglected by the international community the media and even going as it is dealing with 3 major problems 1st of all the refugee crisis in central african area especially from central of current problems and it's also suffering it's all in attacks or top suffering attacks from book or around then there is the conflict between security forces and separatists in parts of cameroon republic which has created a lot of refugees in those countries. swedish prosecutors say they know who killed former prime minister of palmer ending decades of mystery they say it was a graphic designer stick angstrom who shot that man on
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a busy street in 1906 yes since died so they are now dropping the investigation but it's boldly straightforward the locking away of files looks unlikely to give the country closure. for 34 years the memorial to murdered prime minister of palmer has been the most solid thing about a case that has haunted sweden a man both loved and hated at home and abroad parliament was shot and killed on stockholm's busiest street as he walked with his wife liz but palmer had been to the cinema with his family without a body guard a decision that would end in one of the biggest and longest murder investigations in the world and all of palmer and his wife left the cinema at about quarter past 11 on the night of 28th of february 1906 walking past the churchyard where parliament would soon be buried when they got to this corner someone came up behind them shot palma in the back leaving the prime minister dying on the ground.
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the murder scene was immediately contaminated by mourners laying flowers one of a string of mistakes that cut the chances of finding the killer this man christa pettish on was convicted in 1909 but cleared the same year on wednesday sweden's prosecutor coincidentally also called chris to petition announced a new chief suspect steve angstrom previously a witness known as the scum the amount because of the insurance company where he worked and who opposed palmas socialist policies and storm killed himself 20 years ago to counter the call we're told moved on a military tour when offered we can't open proceedings or interview him so my decision is to close the investigation as the suspect is deceased the naming of angstrom still without any physical evidence linking him to a murder weapon appears to put to bed the international leads investigation had followed those included the kurdistan workers party after the killings of defectors in sweden led palmer to declare them a terrorist organization. well in the 1990 s.
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south african intelligence agents said their colleagues had been behind the prime minister's murder following palmas support for the african national congress and condemnation of the apartheid regime swedish journalist thomas partition named angstrom as the likely suspect in a book in 2017 i'm glad that they've come to the same conclusion as i did that he is. the killer or most in there from internationally if one famous politician of parliament. has some some kind of symbol for. perhaps the best of sweden and this unsolved case has been tormenting us all of parliament was that's most unusual of swedish prime ministers one who had an impact outside his own country his anti colonial and anti racist views made him a fierce critic of global superpowers while at home he raised taxes to fund the welfare state and welcomed immigrants those policies may have put him into the
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grave in which is lain for more than 3 decades the love that many swedes have for him is enjoyed but as the case is closed it looks likely that the unanswered questions will enjoy as well paul reese al-jazeera stockholm more than 10000 people have rallied in support of the black lives in the dutch capital amsterdam protesters are highlighting the country's colonial past that but that's not the only focus of the demonstration a step that explains. the image of the netherlands has long been one of liberalism and tolerance but this protest has been the latest in a series of health throughout the country in the past week calling for an end to systemic racism here and eva dein is a rapper who grew up in the bellman area where the protest was held where more than 100 different nationalities live hearing about surrounded by corporate companies
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and if you look at the. the job ratings of people within the bellman who get the jobs at a corporate company i think the rates could be between the one and 5 percent and that's a shame and we should be ashamed about that so we need to change that at the protest save a dime publicly invited prime minister to to sit down with him to discuss solutions . no victimization by the real structural change that's what these protesters are demanding here and i'm sure that some say compared to the united states the netherlands will have long colonial history still lagging behind when it comes to the bait about the impact of racism they hope this will now finally change after the protests started last week prime minister wrote to say that he changed his stance on the controversial dutch traditional character of black pete for the 1st time he said he understands that some feel discriminated by the way this santa clause how trait but the next day he said it's
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a tradition and that means he's not here to change his name using the traditions are not racist at all that's what he says well there have been a lot of traditions which were racist and which have also been abolished and he even said i have black friends that are happy that they have black skin sort of they don't have to scrub off the paint after the festivity which is you know it's it's a horrible thing to say from from a leader of a country where there are many black people chief editor of the magazine one world so i don't know. and says it's about time the netherlands revaluate its traditions and its own image the netherlands became this country that is sending aid around the world and where we're nice where we're we're good to refugees and stuff like that but we never get to the level of where did these 400 years of colonialism settle in in laws and in imagery and in culture and the way we treat people in the way we talk while the madeline's may be starting the painful conversations about
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its colonial past an attitude towards racist traditions in belgium action is being taken a statue of king leopold the 2nd was removed from the city of antwerp after it was vandalized this happened after 1000 signed a petition asking for the removal of the statue of a man who has been accused of mass murder. protesters and lynsey also want to debate about statues honoring colonial leaders stop france and al-jazeera amsterdam. the us civil war epic gone with the wind has been removed from the streaming platform access protests against racism force entertainment companies to reassess their offerings the film was made in 1989 and one multiple oscars but it's been criticized for its portrayal of black slaves and their white owners during the $1860.00 s. charlie angela has for. gone with the wind one of the most popular films in
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history and another relic of a tainted past played down this time by streaming platform h.b.o. . the film set during the american civil war depicted contented slaves and romanticize the confederate south h.b.o. max as its removal is temporary the film made in 1939 will return with a disclaimer in a statement they said it is a product of its time and depicts some of the ethnic and racial prejudices that have unfortunately been commonplace in american society we felt that to keep this title up without an explanation and a denouncement of those depictions would be irresponsible. in february president trump revealed the film is one of his favorites when he mocks the oscars for awarding a south korean film on top of it they give him the best movie of the year was it good that those are you know i'm looking for like we're way let's get going with
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the wind and we get like gun with the wind back when i was. the black lives matter protests have sparked a larger cultural conversation about systemic racism but some believe that tinkering with art is counterproductive i think it comes down to freedom of speech and art and if we start censoring people for giving them the wrong opinion. how what measures that give to anyone going forward are we going to worry about what are my 2 sons to me too or about myself being removed 200 years time because it may be against what people are thinking 100 years now. i think is why stream. corporations usually silent on divisive social issues are now scrambling to show their support for the movement the paramount network has counseled cops a long running reality t.v. show which showed us police chasing down suspects kicking in doors and arresting people that care yet as the world reexamined not only how black people are treated
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in reality but also how they are represented on screen charlie and to al-jazeera. and you can get more on that and everything else that we've been covering on our website al-jazeera dot com. and now the top stories on al-jazeera george floyd's brother has urged u.s. politicians to pass reforms of police brutality and quote stop the pain philonous floyd that was testifying before the house judiciary committee on capitol hill he told members of congress to make sure that his brother's death will not be in vain george floyd died in may after a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly 9 minutes sparking weeks of protests across the u.s. and around the world the committee said it was answering protesters calls for a fundamental change in the culture of law enforcement. i'm here
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to ax you to make it stop. stop the pain stop us being tired join us call for help and he was ignored please listen to the col make its now for the cause of our family and the calls ringing out the streets across the world people of all backgrounds jim does in race have come together to demand change i wanted him to george and make the necessary changes there make law enforcement the solution and not the problem. meanwhile the minneapolis police department is breaking of talks with the state police union as part of planned reforms say its police chief says the union contract needs to be restructured to provide more transparency. a statue of christopher columbus in the u.s. city of richmond has become the latest to be torn down by protesters it was also
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set on fire and thrown into a lake u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has called for the removal of confederate statues in washington d.c. . a senior british health expert says the u.k.'s coronavirus test hole would have been hobday flocked on measures had been implemented a week earlier britain's prime minister says the decision was made were based on the scientific advice of vailable at the time. and the world is facing its worst peacetime recession in a sentry that's according to the organization for economic cooperation and development the global economy is predicted to shrink by at least 6 percent in 2020 because of the coronavirus lockdowns those are the headlines faultlines is next with a look at and t. semitism in america i call leagues in doha we'll have more news for you in half an hour and i will see tomorrow thanks for watching by. as protests rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election
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trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a. new law anti semitism may not be new to the united states it is nice history. but in recent years the american consciousness has been pierced by anti semitic threats and violence. such. close let up in 2017 the u.s. saw an unprecedented surge and anti-semitic incidents. the same year hundreds of neo nazis converged in the streets of charlottesville virginia primary. you're now a. morning.


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