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played an important role in protecting human. face ready. this is al-jazeera. this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes libyan war to leave i have to force is the blame for multiple mass graves found in a town recently recaptured by government troops. the world health organization warns the coronavirus pandemic is excel or a few parts of africa and calls for more testing kit. donald trump rejects demands to rename u.s. military bases despite global outrage over ordering controversial historical
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figures. and dozens of feared dead and many more are missing as floods sweep away thousands of homes in southeast china. and. that's god bans the confederate flag from all of its events following the protests of the death of july . so that we begin in libya where multiple mass graves have been discovered in the city of takuma and other areas recently retaken from forces loyal to the ward holy for have to and libya's government of national accord says they contain the remains of government soldiers who had been taken prisoner to who you know was half his last remaining stronghold in the west of the country last week the g.n.a.t. recaptured the city. this comes as the united nations say that both sides all fully engaged in the latest round of ceasefire talks the u.n.
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support mission in libya says separate virtual meetings have been held with have to representatives and the internationally recognized government techie says the u.s. needs to play a more active role in those talks and that says yes a true state might pump a is called the developments positive bullet train as more from misrata on the discovery of mass graves now today forces are saying that they've been able to recover hundreds or or over 100 bodies in these mass graves these mass graves are yet another indication of the brutality of the libyan conflict and the on the on the residents in the area now in march the u.n. support mission in libya released a statement saying they received reports of hundreds of unforced disappearances killings and the displacement of entire families in the city of to whom by the kenyatta again tonight again that's the militia that was under the leaf i have in
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control of the city of through a u.n. support mission also added that they verified numerous summary executions at the 2 who in the prison on september 13th. so now the d.n.a. health officials have told us that that they are finding out that civilians are among the dead in these mass graves we're also understanding that the d.n.a. ministry of justice have appointed a committee to identify and investigate but that's the circumstances of that that and the minister of interior but he bashar has said they will pursue the perpetrators of these crimes. well let's take this on we can speak to tavy cadman he's an international human rights lawyer specializing in the field of war crimes and the international criminal court in joins us now from london and said the exact number of bodies found isn't yet clear but it certainly looks as if this is
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a crime on and horrendous scale i mean yes it really does i think there 'd are also coming out. of sharing that there are also some military because. it has been executed hands tied behind their backs and i reports coming out of civilians now of course still no meet the investigation sure didn't want to the cause of death but it certainly looks in the face that these are executions and thereby construed in a war crime again is that the criteria for it if hands are tied and executions have been carried out then that is then a war crime so. it's it's clear you know you know so it's so simple what they'll have to look at that it's life that's full of these the civilians the military personnel the fact that they've been buried in a myth mass graves would indicate that these are not individuals who died in the
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course of a war. if they are military personnel there at the geneva conventions are very clear that the steps that have to be taken when military personnel are what's called or tacoma they become prisoners of war and the geneva conventions apply and the fact that these individuals have not been found and in some circumstances where hands tied behind the acts demonstrates something far more sinister but it's not the 1st time we've heard a situation such as this from from have to us forces carrying out attacks like this it's likely to need to go back to the i.c.c. to invest in right and i mean it's interesting that it is going to say what is the process of investigation and really how practical is it given this is that an active was an. well obviously the prosecutor the r.c.c.
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recently gave a statement. in relation to the ongoing investigations in libya and she still has jurisdiction over the situation in the course it is very difficult to investigate. in a war zone but it is not impossible to get water in there of course groups there constituting 2 investigations of the r.c. citi group is just one of them that constituted in the past and continues to contribute to those investigations so whilst it is it is difficult it is certainly not possible and the prosecutor has made it very very clear that libya is one of the priorities that iraq owes so i think we are almost certain city investigations coming out so destinations are going to bolivia in the future our time we will leave it there for the time being to appreciate that thanks very much at table international human rights lawyer speaking to us from london thank you. now in portsmouth in virginia in the u.s.
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protesters tore apart a monument to the u.s. confederacy. yes the statues of soldiers who fought to keep slavery were destroyed and spray painted with one family on top of protesters angry demonstrators attacked the monument after 2 rights activists were arrested that was earlier in the day well the debate over statues is even becoming a hot topic in the halls of the u.s. capitol where the house speaker nancy pelosi says that confederate statues should be removed from the capitol building a place he may be the most powerful woman in america but she does lack legal authority to remove the 11 statues of confederate fred confederate figures in a letter to the committee that oversees the statues she notes that at least 2 of them were charged with treason against the united states. well donald trump has rejected calls to change the name of military bases named after confederate army officers who fought against the government in the us civil war the us president
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tweeted that it has been suggested that we should rename as many as 10 on legendary military bases these monumental and very powerful bases have become part of the great american heritage of the us trained deployed our heroes on these hallowed grounds and won 2 world wars therefore my administration will not even consider the renaming of these magnificent and fabled military installations the white house press secretary echoed trump's views were bragg is known for the heroes within it that train there that deployed from there and it's an insult to say to the men and women who left their the last thing they saw on american soil before going overseas and in some cases losing their lives to tell them that what they left was inherently a racist institution because of a name that's unacceptable to the president and rightfully so and i would also note where do you draw the line here i'm told that no longer can you find on h.b.o.
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gone with the wind because somehow that is now offensive where do you draw the line is it should george washington and thomas jefferson and james madison be erased from history what about f.d.r. and because of internment camps you know he should he be erased from history or lyndon johnson who has a history of a documented racist statement. just 24 hours after george floyd was laid to rest his brother testified before a congressional hearing and the committee is looking at racial inequality and police violence in the united states for lynas floyd called his brother's death a modern day lynching in broad daylight and he urged politicians to stop the pain i did to castro has this report now from washington. dylanesque lloyd traveled directly from his brother's funeral in houston to the u.s. capitol george call for help and he was ignored please listen to the car out all make it to you now so the cause of our family and the cars ringing out the streets
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across the world people of all backgrounds genders in races have come together to demand change house democrats have proposed sweeping legislation to reform police departments in the wake of george floyd's death that includes increasing police accountability for officer misconduct and banning police chokeholds i'm tired i'm tired of my pain you feel when you watch something like this when you watch a big brother who looked up to for your whole life da da big of was my what we saw in minnesota the slow torture is murder of george floyd by a uniform officer was an outrage and a tragedy what we have seen since then millions of americans marching in the street to demand justice and call for reforms it has been an inspiration you know you got a 7 in 10 americans now say floyd's death is part of a systemic problem of police brutalizing and killing black americans defund the
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police has become a rallying cry for those demanding reform but the meaning of the phrase is nuance to most defunded the police means shifting some money from police departments to social services but to the far left any means abolishing police altogether republicans have seized on that extremist interpretation warning of an arcade they know it is pure insanity to defund the police and the fact that my democrat colleagues won't speak out against this crazy policy. it's just outright mean. senate republicans are drafting their own proposal for police reform likely to include requirements for more bias training but the immunity officers enjoyed from civil lawsuits will likely remain intact the 2 parties competing ideas may reach a stalemate potentially resulting in nothing yet they the protesters have already
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made clear they won't accept that outcome they say if congress takes no action then voters will at the polls in november heidi show castro al-jazeera washington while off to giving his testimony joel's voice brother joined black lives matter protests in washington d.c. floyd waltz with demonstrators who emerged in front of the white house protest as a promising to keep the rallies going until meaningful change happens in the u.k. the home secretary has criticized violent protesters saying they've undermined the country's anti racism movement this video of a police officer being attacked while trying to make an arrest in east london he was surrounded in cakes by people while struggling with a man suspected of assault 2 people have been arrested. plenty more ahead here on newsnight including. what's next for u.s. troops in iraq talks begin on a potential easing of the american military presence. domestic workers abandoned
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and left homeless as lebanon's worst ever economic crisis deepens. and its more german football clubs come out in support of the black lives matter with peter all of the details. the leader of bernie's parliament is expected to be sworn in as caretaker president after the sudden death of currencies his cause of death was described as a heart attack in a government statement but many suspect it may be linked to covert 19 will be speaking with a reporter mark webb in nairobi shortly but 1st let's hear his report. diplomats and officials come to sign a book of condolences he state house in the rooney's capital put him bhura the late
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president pierre and guernseys led the rindy into a period of peace following a civil war but then back into political turmoil on tuesday the government said he died of a heart attack his predecessor called for calm we asked for everybody to keep quiet for keeping the peace. and to listen for the message is given by the government the government on their own currencies or became known for political killings and torture critics were silenced or fled abroad. he had no policies to slow the spread of the coronavirus he said god would protect the indians and many people suspect the virus was the cause of his death few dared to openly criticize the official line we spoke to an exiled activist in belgium here did we go look at the government because they order for us around one.
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night and many are. somewhat just at the border and. thousands gathered for campaign rallies to have an election last month no social distancing measures. the ruling party's candidate was this man ever reste and. opposition complained a vote rigging and me a was announced the winner he was due to take over from currencies over in august but analysts say the might be trouble ahead the constitution says if the president dies it's the speaker of the national assembly who takes over he's called pascal nia bender. boys nick green jesus preferred candidate allegedly and where is it at least the chosen the president elect was supported by other generals within the c.n.d. d.f.t. d.d.
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ruling party so this could indicate that there might be see in the d.f.t. do infighting in the coming weeks with different generals backing different candidates. who currencies a left the room deal with the spreading pandemic and the political crisis is far from over while i speak to malcolm malcolm the what is happening then because if the constitution as you just reported will dictate in theory that the leader of parliament will take a result what is going to happen. well the constitution doesn't state what happen if the reason already a president in waiting in because there was an election last month this one marred by violence irregularities but there is every day he was meant to take over in august so possibly this decision to be made there but the speaker of the national assembly pascal nia bender is also a widely known to not be in good health the constitution says in that case it is
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the vice president who should take over that gassed on the scene he's the man who's chairing that meeting right now the others aren't in there because they're not actually in the cabinet but it's worth noting that in the lead up to that controversial election on currencies or arrange things in a way that very much appeared intended for him to stay as the most powerful person in burundi after handing over the presidency he was to have a new title as the supremum guide to patriotism he was going to remain the most powerful person within his political party and so very much looked like whilst handing over the present presidency he wanted to keep a firm grip on the reins of power and so his on expected death is certainly going to upset the apple cart we're talking about an apple cart without many apples in it a tiny handful of generals and ministers built on fragile loyalties in alliances who are vying for power and a balance that's now being upset so we very much waiting to see how these factions
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will divide and what's going to happen next malcolm there is this suspicion that president currencies a may have died from covert 19 in the end with all this going on the backdrop is the specter of coronavirus across the country. that's right i mean he's wife flew here to kenya's capital nairobi just about 11 days ago to seek medical treatment for what was widely reported to be coded 19 although the ministry of health had denied it the rooney's ministry of health was also reported to have coded 19 and we're hearing growing reports that other members of the 1st family and senior people in the government are also suffering from the disease but this comes amid a policy of government policy to do absolutely nothing to try and stem the spread of it on currencies it told people god would protect them he
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a victim he expelled the world health organization team for criticizing this lack of government policy so it's really not known quite how far the virus in the room in the house so far spread but doctors working in essaying a lot of cases a growing number of cases health experts saying this policy was disastrous from the start all right malcolm thanks very much of a reporting from nairobi you well the world health organization has warned that code 19 infections are accelerating in parts of africa raising concerns about how developing nations will cope with the pandemic. 75 percent of the continent's 200000 confirmed cases have been recorded in 10 countries a quarter of those are in south africa with the western cape region including cape town the hardest hit the u.n. agency says a lack of testing kits remains a big problem across the continent now the future for more than $5000.00
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u.s. soldiers stationed in iraq is about to become clearer since joining the fight against isis in 2014 washington has provided about $5000000000.00 in military aid to baghdad discussions that are being held to decide how much longer the troops will remain so many fulton has this report. 6 months after iraq's parliament voted to expel foreign troops. the u.s. and iraq are beginning talks to redefine their relationship over the coming weeks my colleagues throughout the mission will discuss in more details how our strategic framework agreement addresses all aspects of our bilateral relationship political economic cultural educational and scientific not only security assistance. is the main part of the dialogue is expected to revolve around military matters potentially paving the way for a reduction in u.s. troops the negotiations come in the wake of military escalation between iran and
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the u.s. on iraqi soil last year after an increase in rocket attacks that the us blamed on the iranian backed groups it retaliated with a strike on could type hizbullah positions on the syria iraq border in response the popular mobilization forces a number of a group of mostly shia paramilitaries that includes. laid siege to the us embassy in baghdad threatening revenge and demanding that withdrawal of u.s. troops you know as well over a slater the u.s. assassinated iranian general qassam soleimani and the popular mobilization force is 2nd in charge in 100 is near baghdad airport a 2nd round of attacks in march killed a civilian 5 iraqi security forces and 3 correlation personnel accelerating previously planned withdrawals of u.s. troops from 5 faces. tensions have since cooled iraq also has a new government led by former spy chief the me who is seen as being close to the
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u.s. the prime minister's advisor says the government wants a balanced relationship and also appears to favor a reduction in american military presence. that has as of now we see iraq's defense capabilities haven't proved maybe we need help from americans in training in intelligence and weapons supply but the situation doesn't require a wide military presence and we're not going down that. the us has its own conditions going into the dialogue it wants iraq to reduce its dependence on iranian gas and rein in iranian backed armed groups who have launched attacks against the coalition one of the things that is important for our relationship with iraq and the success of the coalition is that the iraqi security forces continue to protect the bases where we have small coalition compounds just days ahead of the talks in iran leaning factions on that
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a popular mobilization of forces have reiterated their demands for complete withdrawal a demand that will likely not be met by us and the iraqi government appear to favor a partial reduction of troops but the question is whether they will agree on the terms that will govern their future presidents whatever the outcome the dialogue is likely to usher in a new chapter of u.s. iraqi relations they want to 14 al-jazeera baghdad. let's go to south china now where floods have killed dozens of people and many more are missing heavy rains swept across 4 regions forcing nearly 230000 people from their homes rivers overflowing in months lights swept down hills and the bad weather has caused more than half a $1000000000.00 worth of damage to you choose your home are you certain i'm aarti . the material or logical department predicts that there will be more rainfall in the south of this year so the flood control situation is very serious this year i
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feel this cycle of heavy rains want to be the last this year and there might be even heavier rains ahead so we must be prepared to prevent major floods well it's an hour from katrina you heard the latest from beijing. tens of thousands of emergency workers and troops from the p.l.o. the people's liberation army had been sent in and the focus has been on rescue and evacuation 230000 people have been relocated they've been moved from rural areas mountainous areas to towns and more urban areas they've been sheltered in schools or the halls or makeshift tents given food and shelter and we just have to look at the huge scale of this in that region 148 rivers also to have broken that warning levels and also 1300 homes have sort of being destroyed now this rain has started last week last thursday and it's been pounding these regions today in some areas the rain seems sort of eased so in some towns the focus has
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turned to cleanup but as you heard earlier they are expecting more heavy rain starting from toward friday up until early next week so emergency teams are staying put and they're not quite relaxing yet 8 provinces in southeastern china have so far been affected among them the worst hit the provinces of junction where joe and . now these areas generally receive a lot of rainfall this time of year but the government says that compared to last year they've received already more than 6 percent more rain so about 30 centimeters of rain across this region over the past week now this region is also very mountainous it's very lush and that means that the people living in these areas are vulnerable not only to flooding but also turned landslides and according to state media many people have lost their lives in dangerous landslides across this area. another time government activist has gone missing in cambodia it is the latest in a string of disappearances of dissidents in southeast asia and it's got to hide the
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reports from bangkok pressure from supporters and family have prompted the government to at least acknowledge the disappearance. taking a need for the missing dissidents of thailand. this vigil in bangkok was held just hours after reports of another reported abduction of a critic of thailand's government dissident watch i learned. it human rights groups say he was snatched by gunmen near his home in the cambodian capital phnom penh last week in broad daylight he fled thailand just after the coup in 2014 facing charges for social media post satirized the government over them even if i don't think i don't know if the government is hiding anything from me but i really wish that the disappearance of my brother will be the last time that someone goes missing. but he thailand's parliamentary human rights committee is pushing for legislation to prevent disappearances and abductions of dissidents. those who disappear are normal people people who opposed to government people who can gather
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support has open attention to the issue after initially denying even hearing about the abduction the government here has now said that they'll start looking into the case but prime minister says that he has not even heard of one child liam or why he would flee thailand for cambodia since the military coup 6 years ago 9 tied dissidents exile in cambodia laos and vietnam have gone missing or were killed 2 were found in the mekong river their stomachs full of concrete bunch of them seem to be not and we came up this trend that going to seek refuge in a neighboring country doesn't guarantee that they will be safe they will be spared from the. repression. last year kanya son went missing in vietnam he was charged with article 112 a wide sweeping law against the faming the royal family she says police made her put portraits of the monarchy on the wall her advice to the other families how
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kind don't have negative thoughts keep looking keep up the hope and keep fighting even though you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. as the number of missing dissidents continues to rise supporters say they will keep on fighting and pushing for answers scott harder al jazeera bangkok or i talk to whether or not we saw some flooding in china. in europe too that has been some flooding nothing of course on the scale is that we have had flash floods the czech republic lately severe storms in poland but there's actually bit of a change in the columns in europe we've had some particularly warm weather across the east it's been very unsettled across the west as it's been very cool as well but as i say a bit of a change on the cars not having said a lot of this this is a nice illness in southern france people out about on the base i have to say quite to brave with those big storm plans looming and then meanwhile across into albania and coastal areas the weather here is much better bright sunny skies and nice a woman if not much of the southeast europe has been enjoying
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a fairly fine spell but we have got some showers working the way across the baltics and through central areas of italy as we go through thursday with this area of low pressure out across the west in the bay of biscay this is bringing some very heavy rain over the next couple of days is going to sit in the bay of biscay big of a lot of moisture and very heavy rain that will push into northern spain and in particular as we go through friday eastern areas of france in fact we could see as much as $150.00 millimeters accumulating in this particular region this could also cause some localized flooding but when it comes the temperature and what is actually going to be happening over the next few days you can see the red colors that is where the temperatures are warm and also above the average me one across the west we've got these cooler shading areas and that is where temperatures have been below the average but there is a change so if a kid have temperatures been well above the average but by sunday will be some showers back down to the average meanwhile out across the west where it's been cool it'll womanize to madrid so 27 is the high on sunday nick with my sunshine so finally some sort of comes back very nice to jenny thank you very much thank you
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still ahead here on al-jazeera more evidence in colombia the using coronavirus lockdowns to illegally pack away at the amazon understood. u.s. soccer scraps a ban on kneeling protests are in the details in sports. water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit just because life doesn't mean it's cannot be priced what about the guy that can afford it and in that case tell these water in a new 2 part series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatized sation loads of water on al-jazeera as countries begin
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easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days there's been a letter from the neighborhood and many fear the economy has be prioritised about for human life until fall to pull your claim the focus is on the up here because i can pull the plug to places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus from the special coverage on a. rule of. law or we're going. to. have again you're watching al-jazeera in one of our top stories this hour and a multiple mass graves have been discovered in libya in areas recently retaken from
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forces loyal to the world before the u.n. recognized government says the graves contain the remains of its soldiers. the brother of george floyd has testified at a congressional hearing looking it's that racial inequality increase violence in the u.s. that is flowing called his brother's death in lynching and politicians to do more. of the well to health organization as will the case with 19 infections are accelerating in pounds for africa raising concerns about how developing nations will cope with the kind them and the u.n. agency says a lack of testing kits remains a big problem across the continent. let's take this on get more now from us in nigeria's capital abuja 1st of all able to about nigeria and specifically the minute the 1st will just how bad is the situation across the cold. basically the job report is spoken about how 10 countries in particular with pretty big hotspots south africa i j i can't move and it's got the cases we're going to
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see in these 3 countries will rice question obviously and to such a time when a vaccine based case peace be staffed for you right now africa has around 200000 cases it covered 98 and 75 percent of these cases reside in at least 10 countries on the continent but what is clear is that even before covered $9000.00 the whole systems. in africa not prepared for and demick like this in addition to that the reason why we may probably see the rising number of 1000 cases in the coming weeks and months is because of the we kill system in africa and poverty levels we're talking about a continent where some of the poorest in the world live and you are having probably 5 to 6 people living in one small room in africa here social distances will be the situation just as it would be a very very difficult thing you're talking about
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a country a continent well honey it's not millions of its citizens what have to go out every day to look for money in order to put food on the table so it's difficult to sort of distance in such a situation it only takes one single index case in a rural community and within a matter of days you have a spread that will that will affect almost everybody in that community right now the nih just concentration of infectious in the cities the capital and regional cities in africa right and one of the 10 countries that you referred to that is of course the country that you're in nigeria what's happening there what is the capability to deal with it. well in nigeria here the case is this is very very difficult to put a figure on what we're seeing right now is a rising number of cases for example 2 days ago the nigeria center for disease control has recorded more than 600 actions in
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a single day which of course tells you got this is the biggest jump in number of infections in meat on the in the country and then daily that was yesterday we have more than 400 cases and this is a country of about 400000000 people white test just in a few 100000. in terms of tests conducted and you also have a weak infrastructure here and we were talking about a government which is trying to economically because of the crush in the presence of all its main source of revenue in this country. thanks very much indeed for that update from abuse on that address reporting. the number of confirmed corona virus infections in the united states has now passed 2000000 but all 50 states have these restrictions and they're in the process of reopening and president donald trump has declared he may resume his political rallies as early as next week thousands of new cases are still being confirmed every day
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a new hot spots continue to emerge across the country nearly 113000 people have died after contracting the virus when mexico is reported a record daily rise of more than 4800 cases doctors and nurses on the front lines have been protesting over the lack of training and protective equipment on home and went to meet some of them at an intensive care unit in mexico city. the. new patient comes into this intensive care unit hospital mexico city. hospital from the 19th century the stuff heading into a new battle. the enemy this time around these few survivors once patients are unable to breathe for themselves. an exhausted nurse julio cesa 32 has struggled to come to terms with. well this is. the toughest thing is your mental state because you put in all of your effort but the patients still
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don't survive in my shifts i've seen very few of them get better with the right stuff here have been going nonstop since the start of the pandemic and although the country's health system is cope so far the captains hospitals have approached max capacity even as mexico starts to go back to work are you worried about the reopening of the country and what that might bring back to put up a balance it's you know i'm not but again i'm more disappointed than worried because they say there's less patience and the curve is flattening out but we don't know that we could not have even reached the peak because for us there's been no decrease in the number of patients they don't lose nobody got elephant. the number of infected and the dead nationwide has surged and in mexico a worrying pattern is also emerging just a quick check around this intensive care unit one thing that really strikes you is that everyone is under the age of 60 here and that's a real change in the trend from europe for example but it seems like the most
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elderly with the most at risk. there's a reason 70 percent of mit's can i don't for obese due to a junk food habit a matched in the rest of latin america and one in 7 have diabetes it makes me it's conceivable ladies vulnerable. and even in this hospital one of the best equipped starflight the basic medicines treat them as make i'm not going to one of them and a new zealand if they don't there's still some antibiotics that we need and that we don't have so we have to talk to the family members to buy them and it means a delay but we don't have another option to get and it's been nothing you said but if you fight them by. many other myths can hospitals are in a worse state we stop across the country protesting about a lack of gear in training. perhaps because of that doctors and nurses are getting infected but one of the highest rates in the world. with that grim panorama every
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success story is celebrated. and i really owe a gas salesman is one of them he was being discharged on the day of a visit well though still fairly sick. nothing was going to stop him getting out how are you feeling now you're about to leave with him i feel really excited that's why i'm coughing. blood he enjoys his freedom once more. the team in the intensive care unit continue their struggle but the images that you are allowing us to. what do you hope. are susceptible to this that i like and the good stuff where we want people to be aware that this. it's getting worse for people who say that 1000 doesn't exist to know that here on the frontlines we're seeing it for ourselves we don't eat for 8 hours we don't drink water we're giving our best but we need people to support us. this team knows that makes
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this still might be just the beginning john homan how does it make scarcity brazil is now reporting more daily k. with 19 deaths than any country in the world as infections continue to rise there despite this shops are reopening in sao paolo and in religion today or nationwide 1274 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours bringing the total to more than 39000 well environmentalist's in brazil a warning that criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic to clear large parts of the amazon rainforest despite a heightened military presence satellite images suggest the amount of forest loss is already higher than all of 2019 which was one of the worst years on record and his entourage reports now from poverty. from the sky the clear patches of land looked like exposed wounds in the otherwise lush rain forest this video was filmed recently over the colombian amazon illegal roads reach ever deeper into the forest
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well fires clear the land making space for cattle raising agriculture in coca fields. environmentalists are sounding the alarm they say drugs mafia illegal loggers and land borders are taking advantage of colombia's coronavirus lock down to burn the forest and develop the land then hindered. a new study shows the rate of deforestation in the 1st 4 months of the year could be higher than that of the whole of 2019. the context of this is land grabbing there is clearly a relationship between the deforested areas and big capitals interested in taking over these last mostly forest reserves of digitas lands national parks the pandemic is helping but also the worsening security in these areas and the inability of forces is to blame. and the situation is even worse across the border in brazil where huge fires the stride large swaths of the jungle last year since coming to
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office president. promise to open the amazon to business enabling the raising of public land and empowering loggers in land hoarders. in april environmental minister. shocked many by saying that the pandemic was an opportunity to further reduce the forestation restrictions while attention was focused elsewhere. while both a matter of fire 3 senior officials for carrying out operations against illegal miners. this environmental official was attacked by illegal loggers in part a state after a truck with timber was stopped us hackled and struck in the face with a glass bottle this is actually the main cancer of the 1st station in the amazon right now is the. feeling of. we need to change that to be able to demonstrate that the government is aware of the big.
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under pressure to brazilian government recently dispatched thousands of troops to the amazon to address the problem but only for a month critics fear it will not be enough to stop vested interests from exploiting a health crisis to destroy one of the most important environments in the world i listen that i'm. hundreds of venezuelans who were stuck at colombia's border because of coronavirus restrictions have been allowed to return home since march tens of thousands of made the journey back often on foot looked on restrictions months many couldn't find enough work to buy food or payment of venezuelan authorities have only been letting $303.00 each day. we have to abide by the law we have to follow through with the quarantine that we need i want to see my mother my brother my father my girlfriend yes i'm so excited 8 days spent
1:44 pm
here under the sun rain everything and now it's time to do it again on the other side. thousands of migrant workers in lebanon struggling to leave as the economy teeters on the verge of collapse even before the financial crisis hit the community was vulnerable to abuse and exploitation now many lebanese employers have stopped paying their living domestic stuff altogether and some workers have been abandoned outside embassies and a horde of reports from beirut. is now living on the street her employer dropped her outside the ethiopian consulate in beirut where dozens of other women have been sleeping for days. these migrant workers say they are being denied their rights and they're relying on the kindness of strangers to survive. they're throwing them as if they're garbage some of them haven't been given their salaries in years the employers are using the dollar crisis as an excuse to get rid of them and the ethiopian embassy is upset they want to go home but they don't have the
1:45 pm
money the airport is closed due to coronavirus lockdown measures making flights expensive and limited some call these women victims of lebanon's collapsing economy human rights groups disagree they have long criticized the system under which these workers are employed comparing it to modern day slavery their employees come here throw them on the streets in the butt all day let the broad daylight it's as simple as that nobody stops you discount it is the. way before everything and it's not just with a few appeals at least 250000 migrant workers are in lebanon many others are undocumented those who are still getting salaries have lost most of the value of their earnings as the local currency continues to sharply decline people sense of desperation is growing we have tried to contact the ethiopian embassy for comment but there has been no response these women say they are trapped between a government that's abandoned and a country that offers no protection the international labor organization believes
1:46 pm
the lebanese government should hold employers accountable to avoid a bigger crisis it blames the sponsorship system which gives employers control over workers' lives victims of the sponsorship system have been living in a crisis moment for a very long time and today this is an opportunity to work on this mentally. because all the structural problems that you see a result of problems and that equipment process and problem in defining the implementor nation. thousands are applying for repatriation at their respective embassies. is that there was a dinosaur with grown a virus on the dollar crisis we no longer have a job and can no longer survive or support our families we have to go back home and you know at least for now they are stuck some of them without jobs others unable to ask for better pay or conditions and many without access to justice to demand their
1:47 pm
unpaid salaries. paid it. because. the sport makes a big roles and the racism cards. all
1:48 pm
right let's go to sport has peter thank you so much shit american motor sport nascar has responded to anti racism protests in the wake of george fluids death by banning the confederate flag from all of its races for many the flag is
1:49 pm
a symbol of white supremacy slavery and racism nascar says it runs contrary to its commitment to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans and competitors earlier this week nascar's only black driver darrell bubba wallace called for the flag to be banned on wednesday he's called displayed new paint work in tribute to the black lives matter movement. sure black labs do matter not that we're saying no other lives matter it's we're trying to say that black last matter too if we put g.o.i.a. and i think a lot more people would understand that we want to be treated equally judged on our skin color and the actions we are based off of our skin color it's different so that's what we're trying to get across we want to be a nation want to come together as one you know we always say no luck all eyes will not matter. us soccer is another organization making changes it's voted to
1:50 pm
repeal a rule which required all players to stand during the national anthem the policy was put in place 3 years ago after the women's caton megan rapinoe knelt in solidarity with n.f.l. quarterback collin kappa nick u.s. soccer has apologized to all its players and has promised to do more to support the fight against discrimination. meanwhile the international olympic committee will consult athletes before deciding when the middle winners will be allowed to kneel on the podium at next year's games in tokyo the i.o.c. had previously said kneeling would not be allowed we must make a difference between no such support for the principle in shrine in the olympic charter and potentially divisive then one stray sions and now where we are looking for work there are 2 words the input we will get there from the i.o.c.
1:51 pm
athletes commission the west indies cricket team have not yet decided if they will display solidarity with black lives matter movement in their upcoming matches against england they've arrived in the u.k. for 3 test series it definitely probably will be discussed amongst us and you know we will definitely do so in how we want to do or does it seem with it but i don't want to sit here and speak with you in the other members of the team we don't consult and then they just want to make sure that you know whatever we do if we do anything that is done the right way and whatever point if we do you say to to show some solidarity with now we make sure everybody's i'm simply. gulfs world number one rory mcilroy has called for greater diversity in the sport mcelroy is among those getting ready to return to the course in texas later after 3 months out because of the coronavirus stoppage but he's also spoken about making changes following the empty racism protests in the united states tiger. you know
1:52 pm
doesn't look the same as me don't you know it had a very different upbringing to the one that i have had but he was my hero growing up and it didn't matter what color skin was you know what his beliefs were tiger was my hero a nice you know he's been a lot of kids heroes over the years that have grown up playing golf and you know we have had him you know we've been very lucky to have him in our game and you know i think. there should be more people like him and golf in germany been as legal leaders by munich have also been getting behind the black lives matter movement they players will t. shirts bearing the slogan the head of the german cup semifinal while opponents on tax frankfurt also had it on they met shoots as for the match itself buying one bet to one thanks to goals from even petty sitch and robert levin doffs keep the poll
1:53 pm
noting he's 46th goal of the season to help buy into their 6th straight win since football in germany resumed after a coronavirus related suspension bind will now be going for a 20th german cup title as they face by live acoustic in the final on july 4th football in spain is set to resume after a 3 month suspension because of the coronavirus on thursday severe will look to consolidate 3rd place in the league when they take on the rail bettis in a local dobbin they will be a minute's silence before the match is over the next few days to honor those who have lost their lives during the pandemic more than 27000 people have died of the virus in spain. a lot of us. without a doubt this is a historic darby it's very unlikely that we'll have another darby in circumstances like this and let's hope that will be the case but the result of this darby will be remembered forever because it comes after the lockdown after the pandemic without the crowd the 1st match back for the spanish league. no fans in the ground as porto
1:54 pm
defeated money team 010 on wednesday a 6th minute goal from jessops corona enough to seal the victory and also since quarter back to the top of the portuguese primarily go off to been featured drew their match. now while the one i fans of the stadiums in germany will portugal $15000.00 supporters were in attendance at this match in serbia partisan belgrade were taking on red stall in what is known as the eternal darby serbia is one of the 1st countries to allow fans to return to stadiums partisan ran out one of the winners. when they haven't i'll be back again later with another sports news update nick paid if a very much not for to see a later now faces around the world a closed and there's no indication of when or if they'll reopen but like so many of us the leader of the metropolitan opera and philadelphia orchestra has been in lockdown during the pandemic he's used his time in isolation to achieve one of his
1:55 pm
greatest autistic achieve it's my kind of has more what was once the beating heart of new york's cultural scene it's still the lincoln center is home to the metropolitan opera house but now stand silent it's a dark period for the world it's dark period and very scary for the arts and for the artists or others were at home not being able to express and do what it can do which just bring you teach the world but it's also 'd as artists our duty to help being creative being even more creative and reinvent ourselves so that we can also try to give back and give this hope to the. transforming this idea into action the conductor brought together the orchestra and sing is from around the world in an astonishing look.
1:56 pm
what's really warms my heart wants to. see that all the singers from so many countries in so many continents around the world. they were all like friends throwing to each other and just play this this was a lot for a game and seeing that really there's only one. of opera the mets it way i still hold all these artists but when the computers are switched off the artists return to isolation. to ponder what might come next i think we have to distinguish what's happening now where still people are dying from this virus and still it's very threatening to the next stage which will be a transitional period where orchestras might not be able to do immediately and mahler symphony but maybe some smaller opera houses of the magnitude of the met
1:57 pm
might not be all going to present opera the way this is open for there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and i'm convinced that eventually course great arts like this cannot be silenced. the musician. returns to his roots the piano money not. the performance dedicated to all who are suffering. it was a. way for me to express what words. cannot really express and this is why we need using this they can express feelings that we can't put into words. i cannot al-jazeera washington keeping the music to life that is it so f. or the signatures of my colleagues but who will be here the whole of our lives in
1:58 pm
just a couple of the few mean. by for the. examining the impact of today's headlines extraordinary times require extraordinary measures but these should not be at the expense of our privacy setting the agenda for tomorrow's discuss foods i know of the life that was in these walls and now there's no live in the global experts and discussion in this democracy why are people not voting international film make us and world class john unless it's. on now to sarah
1:59 pm
the british iraqi journalist who's visualizing complex statistics and a simple. i think you're off as a summary sites of all communities to break apart from the systems of power and to collect data in a way that paints a represents different community challenging mainstream misconceptions i hope the pie creates and 100 industry sions it doesn't alienate people it doesn't like people who are like i'm not small i was talking to scientists whose truth is that anyway. isolating times the listening post cuts through the noise lead to looking at another side of the story not so much the information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact its reality has a long exposing deal to. manipulate the rhetoric and claims but they cannot manipulate the virus to the listening post your it's like going to the media if you
2:00 pm
see a. revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the world health organization warns the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating in parts of africa and calls for more testing kits. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me. also ahead multiple mass grace found in a libyan city recently retaken by government troops from fighters loyal to warlord hopped on donald trump rejects demands to rename u.s. military bases.


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