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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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you're always thinking a lot of the fans bookmarked always on the love we are grappling the extra mile where are the media going to go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. renewed fears about a rise in corona virus cases in the u.s. send global markets tumbling. matheson and this is all just 0 live from doha also coming up it was a mistake. the top general in the u.s. regrets walking with president for a photo op at a church shortly after security forces violently disperse protesters outside the white house. north korea says it's pointless to maintain
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a personal relationship between kim jong un and donald trump 2 years after the singapore summit. more protests across lebanon as a cow and see tumbles to a new low against the dollar. as in asia have opened down following large losses on wall street on thursday but the falls are being fueled by concerns of a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections in the u.s. as well as fears of a slow recovery the dow jones fell by nearly 7 percent while 2 other major indices were down by at least 5 percent is the worst day for markets since mid march when coronavirus lock downs were announced according to data trying to buy the washington post since the start of june 14 states and puerto rico have experienced their worst week yet for new infections and surging cases in states like arizona
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new mexico and utah shows that covered 1000 is now sweeping across rural areas while retreating and large urban areas al-jazeera is gavel i was on has more from new york. it's about many things but it all boils down to corona virus there are still deep worries now that this is spreading in more than a dozen states we're seeing numbers positive cases that are on the increase particularly texas florida and arizona these are all states that with the last few weeks if lifted their stay at home orders and so the economy is really coming back but coronavirus is as well and i think that has really spooked the markets as we also saw this is not even the 2nd wave study at the university of washington came out saying that the that so-called 2nd wave of chronic viruses and expected to hit the u.s. in till probably september and then you also still have no signs of
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a vaccine anywhere on the horizon late this year or early next year probably at the earliest add all that up and what is one trader said the markets have been operating on irrational exuberance the last few weeks and all of that ended with this huge sell off on thursday with a number of americans filing for unemployment benefits continues to climb although at a slower rate as businesses start to reopen their 1500000 jobless claims last week down from nearly 1900000 the week before despite the fall in claims the u.s. unemployment rate remains at historic levels more than 44000000 workers have filed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic. the top u.s. general says he was wrong to join president donald trump for a photo opportunity outside a church near the white house after the area was cleared of anti racism protesters chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley seen here in army fatigues says
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he regrets making the walk with trump he says it created the perception of military involvement in domestic politics when he was with the president as he walked through lafayette square in washington after police used pepper spray and stun grenades to disperse protesters the president then posed with a bible outside a church as many of you saw the result of the photograph of me a lafayette square last week that sparked a national debate about the role of the military in civil society i should not have been there my presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics as a commission uniformed officer it was a mistake but i have learned from and i sincerely hope we all can learn from it calls for changes to u.s. policing practices have prompted a response from donald trump at a campaign style event in dallas texas trump said his administration wants police departments to adopt national standards this comes in the wake of nationwide
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protests against police brutality following the death of an african american man while he was being arrested. well we're going to finalize an executive order that will encourage police departments nationwide to meet the most current professional standards of force and that means force but force with compassion but if you're going to have to really do just this somebody is really being it you're going to have to do it with real strength real power and i said and people said oh i don't know if we like that expression i said we have to dominate the streets you can't let that happen what happened in new york city the damage they get germany. north korea says there's little point in maintaining a relationship between leader kim jong un and the u.s. president so long as washington remains hostile coming on his foreign minister made the comments on the 2nd anniversary of a landmark summit between the 2 leaders he said north korea will no longer allow
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donald trump to score political points by meeting him while giving nothing in return while rob account is a professor of international relations approves a national university he's joining us on skype from busan thank you very much indeed for being with us as always robert the timing of this is perhaps no coincidence given the fact that we're there in the run up to a u.s. presidential election is that. you know this is the anniversary as was mentioned this is the 2 year anniversary of the 1st time that a u.s. president met a north korean leader and i think the north koreans came into that really expecting that meeting with trump personally that was the 1st time ever got to meet a u.s. president would bring some kind of change right it would allow them to skirt around the national defense bureaucracy and foreign policy community in america which has been hostile to a deal with north korea for decades right and this would allow them to sort of leapfrog over that go straight to the president and finally pull out a deal and trump just didn't do that i mean he has pushed for a deal with north korea has been sort of erratic and kind of confused you know and
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talks about the love letters and any kind of drops north korea for 6 months you know i think the north koreans are just sort of gotten burned sort of like i think the way the rest of us about unburned right that that trump is a sort of very erratic and he loses the thread often and he drops things that don't interest him and everything else and i think that's what you heard today the north koreans have just they just had it and they're not going to let you know they don't want trumps for manipulate photographs and this and that you know it's a there's a big deal coming because the elections coming up in north korea so korea recently closed off the communication lines between itself and south korea and now we're seeing this response to u.s. involvement in south korea and north korea does sometimes use pressure in order to try to jumpstart diplomacy doesn't it is that what we're seeing here. yeah the north koreans have always played it tough right i mean this is one of the sort of the longstanding criticisms of efforts to engage north korea is that the north koreans always sort of offer and your demand sort of these enormous preconceptions in this case the south here recently it's been very very difficult because the north koreans want the south korean government to clamp down on anti north korean
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protesters but south korea's a liberal democracy and that's really difficult obviously in the south korean government is now being accused of sort of doing the dirty work of the north koreans it's all really sort of difficult and complicated and this is one of the reasons why trump didn't get much out of north korea because the north koreans sort of fight over every single end and the behavior that we're seeing now we've seen in the past and you know that's why in my writing i've always kind of suggested that we go for small deals of the north koreans because if you try to go through the whole show with them it gets bogged down in all these kind of fights that have popped up and that's what's happening again that was a key player in this particular incident kim jong the north korean leader his sister and her profile seems to be rising over the last couple of months what do you make of that i think is probably the primary issue is because north korea's base get a monarchy right it has sort of like the architecture sort of on the outside the culture architecture of a marxist dictatorship but that's not really what it is it's basically a monarchy right and can the current cam his children are not old enough to be successors and so if he were and we all know that his health is not very good right
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he had that health scare a couple weeks ago he's very he's morbidly obese and so i think there are real issues about what would happen if he if he died would there be like a power struggle with the generals turned on each other and so i think the elevation of the sister slowly is to signal to us on the outside that there is a succession line that the kim family will continue to retain the throne always good to get your thoughts on this rather than a moment kelly professor of international relations of prose and national university thanks a lot thanks for having me. indonesia is continuing on its past to the quote new normal with more restrictions being used in west java on friday now that's despite a significant increase in new cases in recent days and the death toll reaching 2000 on thursday ok let's go to live to jess into washington who's in jakarta for us so there again it seems to be this balancing out that they're doing they're trying to get back to life as normal and yet we're seeing cases on the rise.
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that's right it's a complex situation here the president's message is that it is time to embrace what he calls the new normal what that means is that he wants everyone to keep those health protocols in mind to bear in mind that the virus is definitely far from over here in indonesia but that it is essential that indonesia gets the economy rolling again many people have lost their jobs many daily wage as a struggling just to get by to purchase food and other essentials so that is the tricky situation here that of course it's important to slow the spread of the virus but many people are struggling but of course health experts are concerned they say it is soon to start easing restrictions if we take a look at some of those numbers that do have doctors concerned we have more than $32000.00 confirmed cases of the virus and of course potentially thousands more undetected cases but of course authorities here say it's important to also consider the number of recovered patients which currently stands at around 12000 people now
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we've been speaking to one of those recovered patients since march and he's been documenting his journey for al-jazeera the team travelled to cheer about him to meet with him. as he impact his suitcase ricky no idea how long he would stay in this isolation mood apart from regular health check ups options to pass time were limited. the 29 year old started speaking with al jazeera in march agreeing to document his treatment and recovery from cove at 19 we agreed to meet ricky when he left hospital to show his complete journey as a patient but it took nearly 3 months and 14 swab tests for the virus to leave his system at the time i am the longest patient to be treated for the coffee at 19 insurable i'm also the family 1st question so the attention is really focused on me after months of talking we were finally able to meet ricky in person this park is
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one of the cheery bones historic sites in indonesia's west java province and it's places like this that ricky longed for when he was in hospital i love to explore some places outside go outside and go to nature this is something i miss. but going back to normal life after living with the virus wasn't easy even when his doctors said he could go home he asked for more time in the ward because i don't know what people going about me. i do trust that i'm healthy enough or not saw it's kind of ironic when you get a garden ticket to go home but i refuse them i ask for one more. he says support from his family helped him reintegrate into society. my family.
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but then my family my aunts higher family are fighting for me he says he's speaking out about his experience to help millions like him who are fearful of being stigmatized you cannot be made you know how hard inside. but. for yourself and for your family soon ricky will return to jakarta where he works as an immigration officer at the airport but he says the experience of being one of indonesia's 1st and longest covered 900 patients who never leave him. so this is now the end of week one of these easter restrictions here in jakarta people are returning to the office restaurants are reopening everything is supposed to be done at hopkins past city and the reasoning for that is governor says that
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there is evidence that they have flattened the curve here in the capital city but health experts say there is no evidence that we have even completed the 1st wave of infections let alone thinking about the possibility of a 2nd or 3rd wave of coverage 19 here in indonesia as a washington bring us up to date from jakarta still ahead an all just. we cannot we will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court we'll tell you why washington is threatening the international criminal court with sanctions. and golf returns in the u.s. with a tribute to george floyd i promise to tackle the racial injustice. of . how it welcomes another look at the international forecast because science of
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things turning quieter at last across north america certainly for the u.s. you can see largely clear skies now the remnants of christabel now making their way into one teria grassy pushing up towards could back as we go on through friday still seeing some wet weather around the eastern seaboard just around the carolinas down towards the florida panhandle dry weather started to come back in behind a few showers there into new mexico looking a little disturbed up towards the pacific northwest so washington and oregon will see some wet weather see some rather wet weather to be making its way across british columbia into that western side of canada that all makes its way further race with the mountain states seeing some larvae down poles for a time but ahead of that this is generally bad latif on a dry well you could see wanted to show was that just creeping into colorado still a few showers just around the middle and to stay still a few showers to just around the florida panhandle further south what sunshine the showers across the caribbean some of those showers looking rather lively at times
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cuba he's saying some rather wet weather for a time most of the audience will see some shop showers from time to time a lot of sunshine as well and that wet weather affecting a good parts of central america. but. white supremacy is on the rise in the u.s. it's and. undercurrent that is bubbling up has mainstream extreme ideas this is the 1st task force taking america back. faultlines examines the doctoring feeding hay to eat and that one too often deadly consequences what are you telling your congregations people sick we have to be conspiracy to massacre anti semitism in america on al-jazeera.
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what you want to see in a reminder of our top stories this hour asian stocks have opened lower after markets in the united states recorded their steepest falls since mid march as follows rise in corona virus infections and a poor economic forecast from the federal reserve. a top u.s. general says he was wrong to join donald trump for a photo opportunity outside the church after the area was cleared of anti racism protesters mark milley seen here in on the teams says joining the president created the perception of military involved in domestic politics. north korea says there's little point in maintaining a relationship between leader kim jong un and the u.s. president so long as washington remains hostile he'll young's foreign minister made
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the comments on the 2nd anniversary of the landmark summit between the 2 leaders. fresh protests have broken out across lebanon as the nation's currency dipped to new lows against the dollar the government has been in talks with the international monetary fund for weeks but there are no signs of an imminent deal on a rescue package for tory gave me reports. antigovernment protesters they sell food security forces instead. they played the ruling alliance but the political turmoil and economic chaos engulfing let alone. this area of the capital has been a front line since october when the protest movement began against the sectarian political class which has ruled for decades but been able to stop the revolutionaries will topple the government and a new technocratic government will emerge which will save the country from the existing crisis the current government and political parties are not able to and
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they don't want to save the country from the ongoing crisis they want to steal it they don't care about the country. lebanon is facing its worst economic crisis in decades foreign currency has stopped flowing in and its reserves a dwindling the lebanese lera has lost 70 percent of its value since october and inflation is soaring the world food program says prices of basic goods have increased by at least 40 percent 'd. i came down here to protest to try to build a country and this is the 1st starts of the protests started on october 17th i get that feeling that we the people are all in the same boat. the government is seeking billions of dollars because so far talks with the international monetary fund have made little progress prime minister has and has promised positive change parties being criticized for a lack of action victoria gates and the al-jazeera. well the crisis in lebanon is
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having an effect in neighboring syria now president bashar al assad has sacked his prime minister just a month ahead of elections the water resources minister hussein are most will take over from him at congress until a parliamentary vote in july the president's decision comes amid a deepening economic crisis which has seen the currencies current currency plunge the crisis has led to rare protests in the acid controlled southern saeeda province demonstrators have chanted anti-government slogans authorities have blamed a wave of new u.s. sanctions which take effects later this month. hundreds have taken to the streets of the philippine capital to protest against a new antiterrorism law activists say the bill gives police expanded powers that could be open to abuse if you are president through to go to turkey could use it to go off to his opponents and critics the government says it's needed to stop attacks by groups shimano and organs live for us in manila just give us some idea of how
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much more power does this give the security forces. while this is basically seen as a joke calling in measure of far bigger grades from the 2007 human security act now right here at the university of the for the benefit of the top universities in the country is where thousands of protesters have been taking to this chief basically to commemorate not only to commemorate in defense they are also through all of this very controversial this very controversial anti terror bill which they say should not even be priority of the government and a time of a global pandemic now this this anti terror law would actually mean that state forces can actually put behind bars or jail a person suspected of terrorism or more for around 2 weeks without charge this is
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a big big difference from the human security act of $27.00 what protesters here would like to tell the government is that the priority at the time of a global pandemic by demick should be improving the country's health care system and not actually making this anti terror law which they have actually been described as as repressive it shouldn't even be a priority at this time in the 1st place especially they say when hundreds of filipinos remain stranded when there is still no mass testing when millions of filipinos remain jobless as you know unemployment rate just since the lock down was imposed since february obviously as well as john from c. . x. percent to 17 percent so basically protesters c.r.'s say that there are far bigger problems and that the anti-terrorism law shouldn't be for your team at this point jim is there any indication from the government why given everything that you just said why they feel it's important that this law should be brought in this time
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well basically what they're saying is this is a priority of the security sector the security cluster all of the government they say that there is a need to focus on the communist insurgency one of the longest insurgencies in the world but the worry here basically is that this may be used against ordinary citizens simply because this law has no implementing rules and regulations and there are not enough measures to stop this from being used and abused as you know one of the biggest outrage here basically is how during the lockdown period almost 200000 finnish minos have been arrested for minor quarantine violations that just missing the curfew for example or basically going out into the streets but then again you have government officials of course one of the popular least chief in manila having a party for his birthday and not even getting punished for it or for example a local mayor together was and to raj is actually broken quarantine protocol so what they're saying basically is before you actually implemented or passed
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a law like this which the government has to sign they need to make sure that there is justice and equality and that basically justice is not just i located for the privileged few or those allied with the government that's love for us in manila onondaga mother thanks very much for the u.s. says it will further reduce its troop presence in iraq over the coming months after talks in baghdad in a joint statement the 2 countries say progress has been made towards eliminating the threat from eisel washington has been under growing pressure from iraqi politicians to move more troops and civilian general hossam so the money was killed in the u.s. strike in iraq in january. the international criminal court has rejected the u.s. president's plans to impose sanctions and some of its officials donald trump is trying to stop an investigation into allegations of american war crimes in afghanistan but the i.c.c. says the move will undermine its efforts to ensure accountability for mass
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atrocities jordan has more from washington. the united states has never been a party to the international criminal court in the hague it says the court does not have the right to put u.s. citizens on trial for alleged crimes against humanity war crimes or genocide but the trumpet ministration has gone further calling the i.c.c. corrupt ineffective and biased we cannot we will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court. on thursday it imposed a new sanctions on all i.c.c. officials investigating the behavior of u.s. forces and cia operatives in afghanistan it gives us no joy to punish them but we cannot allow i.c.c. officials and their families to come the united states to shop travel and otherwise or joy american freedoms as these same officials seek to prosecute the defender of those very freedoms the united states maintains the sovereign right and obligation
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to properly investigate and address any of our personnel's allegedly violations of the laws of war the new sanctions follow washington's decision last year to revoke the travel visa of the i.c.c. chief prosecutor failed to bensouda she's been pushing for the investigation and possible trial of u.s. forces since 2017 bensouda is also trying to prosecute the former sudanese leader omar al bashir for atrocities committed in darfur and she's investigating alleged israeli war crimes in the occupied west bank and gaza something the u.s. opposes i think it's the culmination of. our evolution from a republic to an empire that believes that we live by our standards and are alone i don't think that we should look at this particular act of mr trump in isolation by targeting bensouda colleagues the new us sanctions raise questions about whether
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the court can actually do its job effectively we've taken note with concern reports of the executive order or the rising sanctions against certain individuals and the international criminal court will obviously continue to follow very closely any developments on this issue human rights groups say the trumpet ministrations decision could harm their ability to help the most vulnerable in war zones but for now the u.s. has declared a can't trust the i.c.c. to do the right thing which is to carry out justice on american terms rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington plays across funds have thrown down handcuffs and other tools in protest over a ban on controversial chokeholds the french government ended the strangling arrest techniques in response to protest sparked by the death of george floyd in the us the conditions of floyd's death were reminiscent of other men who died in similar circumstances in france demonstrators in the u.s.
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city of seattle have blocked streets and set up tents to protest against police brutality following the death of george floyd they've gathered in what's being called an autonomous zone it's free of police under an agreement between protesters and the city's police department president trump has criticized the arrangement threatening to quote take back the city unquote if local officials don't act both seattle's mayor and the governor of washington state have hit back at trump suggestion. kentucky's biggest cities banned arrest warrants which a lot of police to enter a home unannounced the city council unanimously passed the law after named after a healthcare worker prion the tailor she was shot dead by a louisville police in a bungled drug raid in march her death sparked weeks of protests no drugs were found in taylor's home. p.g.a. golf is a back in action in the united states after more than 2 months off the green because of coronavirus alley in the 1st round of 4 worth and texas players observed
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a moment's silence for george floyd as the p.g.a. tour commits to him by. the voices never to head systemic issues of social racial justice. the 860 time a colonial country club was left vacant as it reflects how long floyd was pinned to the ground by a police officer in minneapolis before he died last month before play well number one rory mcilroy called for greater diversity in the sport tiger you know doesn't look the same as me don't you know it's had a very different upbringing to the one that i have but he was my hero growing up and it didn't matter what color skin was you know what his beliefs were tiger was my hero a nice you know he's been a lot of kids heroes over the years that have grown up playing golf and you know we have had him you know we've been very lucky to have him in our game and
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you know i think. there should be more people like him and golf. nascar's only black driver bubble wallace says banning the confederate flag is quote a huge pivotal moment the flags been a common sight of races for more than 70 years but for many it's a symbol of white supremacy slavery and racism and nascar says it goes against its commitment to be more inclusive on wednesday wallace drove a car that displayed new paint work in tribute to the black lives matter movement. and this is all jazeera these are the top stories asian stocks have opened lower after markets in the united states recorded their steepest fall since mid march and follows rising coronavirus infections and a poor economic forecast from the federal reserve zone is in new york and he says
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the turbulence in wall street can be directly attributed to the pandemic there are still deep worries now that this is spreading as you mentioned in more than a dozen states we're seeing numbers positive cases that are on the increase particularly texas florida and arizona these are all states that with the last few weeks have lifted their stay at home orders and so the economy is really coming back but coronavirus is as well and i think that has really spooked the markets the top u.s. general says he was wrong to join donald trump for a photo opportunity outside a church after the area was cleared of mt of racism protesters mark milley seen here in army fatigues says joining the president created the perception of military involvement in domestic politics president donald trump's authorized sanctions against international criminal court officials investigating the u.s. conduct to conduct in afghanistan the i.c.c.
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has rejected the measures calling them on unacceptable attempt to interfere with the rule of law. north korea says there's a little point in maintaining a relationship between leader kim jong un and the us president so long as washington remains hostile john young's foreign minister made the comments on the 2nd anniversary of a landmark summit between the 2 leaders hundreds have taken to the streets of the philippines capital to protest against a new i am to terrorism law activists say the bill gives police expanded powers that could be open to abuse the government says is needed to stop attacks by armed groups. while protests have broken out across lebanon as the nation's currency dipped to new lows the government's been told so the international monetary fund for weeks and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after faultlines. we understand the differences and similarities of
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cultures across the land. so no matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. the n.t. simitis and may not be new to the united states it is here i see this story of the wrong war but in recent years the american consciousness has been pierced by anti semitic threats and violence. over. the red letter in 2017 the us saw an unprecedented surge and 80 semitic incidents. the same year hundreds of neo nazis converged in the streets of charlottesville virginia mining area. in our. morning.


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