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this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole roman you're watching al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. india's top court criticizes the deplorable state of corona virus as infection surgeon and medics threatened to resign. such. also fears for the future of indigenous tribes as the pandemic puts more stress on brazil's health system. and then the libyan government forces surge into the strategic city of search we look at the barriers to striking
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a ceasefire deal with ward cleaver hafter. i may well aims with the store's news including the heavy weight control seen in boxing the few joshua deal comes under scrutiny because of its possible links to organized crime details coming up later this hour. welcome to the news our india is struggling with a rapid rise in corona virus cases and its highest court wants an explanation for the state of care its clore calling deplorable nearly 11000 new infections were confirmed on friday at a city official in the capital says deaths there are almost twice as high as official figures now the supreme court says patients are being treated worse than animals in the worst affected areas with reports of people being turned away from hospitals and bodies not. being disposed of properly brazil is also ahead of india
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with 802000 cases and there's no sign of infection slowing down there either some intensive care units are more than 90 percent full the world health organization is warning that the pandemic is increasing in size and severity especially in the global south well we start our coverage with elizabeth problem in new delhi. hundreds of doctors in hyderabad smain hospital for corona virus patients on strike just one of many protests by health care workers across india a doctor here was attacked by relatives of a patient he had just declared dead who would rush towards us and they just throw the children. platitude at me and it was broken it was hard to my left and i didn't i was trying to escape and. i still was going to throw it at me doctors in hyderabad want the government and list more hospitals to treat
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covered 19 patients nurses in india's leading public hospital protested for 8 days in delhi until the all india institute of medical sciences promised to improve working conditions even for their nearly 300000 cases and more than 8000 deaths along with a public health system that has faced years of cutbacks india's public and. it was in a terrible shape i mean it's. the 1st limitation dreams it's not. for the whole world to see. says his father is interested in proper treatment in hospital but he was admitted here yesterday and a doctor came to check all the time since and no doctor has come to check on him my father is 60 years old and a heart patient he has a severe cough and a fever. his uncle died from the corona virus at the same hospital the so. we.
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kept on walking from the more to the hospital and with great difficulty we got the body and did the funeral he too was admitted here there were no beds available in all of delhi we had to put in a huge effort to get him admitted here the worst cities of delhi and mumbai most to have some of the best health care infrastructure in the country for people being turned away from hospitals continued and here there are discrepancies in the number of deaths municipal council said then buried twice the number of patients and those being reported by the government this week. delhi's chief minister says they are expecting more than half a 1000000 cases by the end of next month. by the bed he 1st of july really 80000 birds this will be a huge challenge. delhi try to restrict the territories beds to its residents but the central government has overruled that decision and the supreme
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court says the situation facing patients is deplorable and asked the worst affected states to explain why the people aren't receiving proper care elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi well he says the health system in brazil is for the moment still coping despite a surge in cases that has the 2nd highest number of cases in the world as we mentioned more than 40000 recorded deaths. the health system is still coping in brazil having said that with the sustained number of severe cases. it is that remains to be seen and clearly the system across the country needs significant support in order to sustain its efforts in this regard. well let's get more on this with our correspondent allison who's in the colombian capital tyler sundra good to have you with us i mean the w.h.o. says it's really concerned about the situation in brazil and especially in the largest cities i mean what is the current situation as we get it it's
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a changing situation by the minute. yes so what we're seeing is that the numbers continue to go up in brazil both the total number of cases and the number of deaths we're looking now more than $41000.00 people have been confirmed dead ambrosio but everybody knows that and even the government has confirmed that the real number might be much higher there hasn't been a lot of testing being done in brazilian cities a lot of people who die especially in areas like the amazon where the government hasn't been able to test these people confirmed that those days were also related to cope with 19 that explains a lot of the concerned by the w.h.o. also the fact that in these big cities like some paulo or rio de janeiro malls
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and commerce is reopening we have seen crowds in the past couple of days of brazilian shoppers going out to the streets not everybody there is that respecting this and seeing measures or using masks so this is very concerning about what will happen in the coming days and weeks now the silver lining as you said in your introduction as we heard from the w.h.o. is that so far the health system has been able to cope with the situation but the situation is critical in many intensive care units and of course we're going to have to see how all this will play out with president here both when i was been minimizing the effects of the pandemic in this country he has strengthened to get out of the w.h.o. just like the u.s. president donald trump done recently and he called on his followers even say supporters to call them followers yesterday asking them to go into
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a crowded hospital ospital is in actually find out if it's true that all these people are dying of 19 or if this is just an hour. they're ploy by the opposition who are trying to kick him out of office. as you mention you know there's a president who's trying to debunk the gravity of the situation his administration has criticized day in day out his family is under investigation for corruption and there are rumors now that the military is getting very uneasy about the way he is performing and that's a real concern for a democracy like brazil. absolutely. being on their military dictatorship until he is also now is very close to a part of the military he has brought a number of generals into his government and even is son recently was a congressman who is also under investigation for corruption has called for the
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military to intervene and actually speaking to a blogger in past days he said that at this point if the situation the political tension doesn't change in the country it's not even any more a case of if the military should into reading but the way in so what we're seeing is that there is a deepening political crisis in the country together with the pandemic these 2 crises are feeding on each other amplifying each other we've also heard from louis said. a. 4 star general ruckus was there secretary of the governor government both so narrow who in an interview to the for you they saw apollo one of the main. papers in the country he has denied the possibility of a military intervention but at the same time he told the opposition to stop stretching the rope which essentially means stop pushing the envelope so much if
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they don't want something to happen in the country so we see that tensions are rising also politically. there's also a number of calls for both scenarios to being impeached and the situation is very tense and we're going to have to see what happens in the coming weeks with these 2 crises feeding on each other and listen dr pinsky in bogota thank you. people message has a pandemics been devastating for indigenous people across latin america but some are fighting back hundreds of tribes living deep in the amazon rain forest are difficult to access to or test for the disease now the yellow here shows where the tribes live and the green protected land some of the most vulnerable are in brazil but many have blocked public access to their villages but rights groups say that they are still twice as likely to die from the virus than of the brazilians in mexico the indigenous population of 12700000 often use community radio to share information about covert 19 in remote areas ecuador's can be
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a population of 80000 or guarding the entrance to their town they have any one infection and in colombia's cloud forest 10000 members of the tribe have also set up guard posts in the 1st report in our series on covert nineteen's impact on indigenous people we begin in brazil the rights groups say deaths among the most vulnerable tribes have increased more than 5 fold in the past month to raise about reports. of more than 100000 people from more than 300 tribes these are members of brazil's indigenous communities corona virus is spreading fast among them and now they're struggling to cope with the seas. they have a specific word for indigenous people for salmons for us to perform our rituals and our medicines but there's nothing like that here we have to go to other hospitals for a referral when you get there they don't put on the documents that we're indigenous
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. this hospital in my analysis has a designated area for treating indigenous patients but doctors say the biggest problem is not here. the disease is spreading into the interior and now it's going to hit the municipalities the river communities and the indigenous in the case of indigenous people they'll be brought here and why do we have an indigenous ward because we need to learn to treat people that are different differently and to value what sounds from the amazon with the state with the highest concentration of indigenous and brazil the highest concentrations of indigenous in the world and geo saying that death toll among indigenous people in brazil rose from 28 to nearly 200 in just one month and they expect the number to rice we spoke to sonya who is in the city of d.p. now. she says many communities are fearing extermination. there is an increase in illegal miners and loggers and they bring in the risk of infection we
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don't have the privilege to care for the pandemic alone we have to do this and at the same time keep on fighting with historical problems we face that will never dissolve like deforestation and invaders in our territory deforestation has also increased in the past month compared to previous years illegal miners and loggers are pushing deeper into the jungle brazil's president has made it clear he wants to open up the rain forest for business and the discourse is an incentive to those who want to expand brazil's agriculture frontier a video released by the supreme court during an investigation against the president shows his environment minister expressing the government's plans. to susan we need to make an effort while we are in this car moment in terms of prasco overage because they are only talking about corporate and push through and change all the rules and support for norm's environmental groups say the government wants to move
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forward with a legislate. of agenda but when we can say guards against the incursion on indigenous lands. and for these communities it means their livelihood is seriously had risk threatened not only by epidemic that continues to spread but also by a government that is ignoring their calls for help. ameri it has also arms its national health policy but she says the pandemic does expose flaws in the health care but governments of long failed to address we are seeing exposure of long standing inequalities in access to services across the board and so if you like we need to see it to terror pro-choice we need to see governments responding by investing more in health care across the board redress in those inequalities removing user fees reversing privatization but we also need to push and work in partnership with communities to. enable and push governments to
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respond appropriately to design approaches in partnership with indigenous people so that they are tailored to their needs and are culturally appropriate and excepted we need to see service more health workers recruited from indigenous populations and trained to deliver services so again that they are accepted and as i say we crucially need to remove those financial barriers to access across the board but particularly for indigenous populations who struggle to afford those and if we don't we're going to see the very stark inequalities that that were already in place before the coronavirus pandemic become even starker and more entrenched in the days and the months ahead. well in part 2 of all series on covert lottie's entitled indigenous people will be in mexico where a community radio station is helping to get the message out about proto virus to indigenous people in the language that's on saturday attended g.n.a.t.
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. the situation for the day's other news and police in whole call have dispersed hundreds of pro-democracy protesters from sites around the city new legislation makes it a criminal offense to china's anthem which activists say violates their freedom of expression divya kampala reports. this place like this are set up in almost all districts of hong kong it charts the timeline of the protest movement starting from june 12th to 2019 until present day june 12th this is significant day because it is seen as when the protests reached a turning point going from mostly peaceful marches and demonstrations into neared daily violent confrontations between the police and protesters on this day
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a year ago protesters surrounded the government headquarters they were debating a controversial extradition law that law would have allowed hong kong suspects to be tried in the opaque courts of mainland china which are communist run the law was eventually withdrawn but on that day human rights activists and protesters say police used excessive force to break up the protest that changed the nature of protests and the police tactics both sides upped the ante in the coming months and just in memory of our movement of like one fish in a foreign place only one year anniversary so we're here to support our nation kankar march demonstrations to the rallies are planned for this day but canceled due to social distancing restrictions. currently only 8 people are allowed to gather in one place this gives the police the impetus to break up this protest that at any moment there's a very heavy police presence around those most people here are defying those orders
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to be able to express themselves and making it very worried about the power of the police that is because as we can see it is getting wider and wider and there is no effective mechanism to exercise checks and balances on them and they can just arrest anyone they want they can just stop and search because you are young and you're wearing black and over the past few months the protest movement seemed to have subsided it gave time for the police to review their tactics they now try to shut down protests as soon as they happen with large numbers of police coming in and breaking up gatherings and that's just what's happened here but the protesters are just as fluid they just move on to other areas and carry on chanting slogans and regroup again at another point. of the u.s. states of new york signed sweeping police reform bills in response to a nationwide protest against the death of george floyd country como says the
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package is the most aggressive in the nation will hold police more accountable. police reform is long overdue. and mr floyd's murder is just the most recent murder this is not just about mr floyd's murder it's about being here before many many turns before well gabriel is on to a correspondent joins me now from new york one does whether this will actually change the ground reality and whether those that want change will be warmly welcoming what the governor has to say. yes so far it seems like they are at least the protesters they have been calling for reforms and change and this is governor andrew cuomo reese response to that he's been saying for several days now that new york would be leading the way in police reforms and this is how
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he plans to deliver on it he signed a series of executive orders that among other things ban police from ever using chokeholds here in new york as well as another executive order that would release the names of any officers that have disciplinary actions against them up until now there is a better law in the books that shields officers from their names being released on any disciplinary issues that they have within the departments and then also he said he's going to be appointing the attorney general as an independent prosecutor to investigate any civilian deaths at the hands of police beyond that though what cuomo has done is he has offered a wide ranging police reform package but he's asking all 500 police departments in the state of new york to reform themselves and to come up with their own plans on how they want to reform get stakeholders to be involved in that and
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then present the plan a year from now in april and he said they have to do this in order to continue to get state funding if they don't do this they risk losing state funding these police departments this is a little more of what the governor had to say there is no quick fix to this there is no stop here gas. change the uniform that's not what this is about my friends and it would be a mistake if we went down that path this is stem mic reform a police department's. this is sitting there taking a look at exactly what they do and have been doing and looking at it through a new lens of reform and reinvention because this has been 4050 years in the making now weather while there are about 500 different municipalities in the state of new york that have their own police
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departments of course the biggest one is the n.y.p.d. the new york police department the biggest police department in all of the united states they have an annual budget of about $6000000000.00 many protesters have been demanding that $1000000000.00 of that be directed into social programs education and other things outside the police department while that wasn't directly addressed by the governor and all of these new rules put into place by the governor for new york will also of course affect the new york police department as well the biggest in the country and so while a lot of protesters have said they want reform they clearly are starting to get it from the governor and it's a sign here that at least in some degrees and some degree the protests are working . under way in new york thank you let's stay in the u.s.
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and move to the city of seattle where demonstrators that have blocked streets and set up tents to protest against police brutality following the death of george floyd they've gathered in what's being called an autonomous zone it's free of police under an agreement between protesters and the city's police department president trump has criticized the arrangement threatening to take back the city if local officials don't get a white house correspondent kimberly how it says trump is promising to be the law and order president but his words are often stronger than his actions. when it comes to the so-called autonomy zone the chads as it's called in seattle is about a 6 block radius area of capitol hill in seattle what the president says essentially to the mayor as well as the governor if you don't take back your streets i will and the question becomes how exactly is the u.s. president going to do that he does have it his disposal something called the insurrection act it's not been uses the early 1990 s.
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the president repeatedly intimated that he may take that course of action we should remind our viewers that the military is not to be turned on civilians in this country that that is a policing role so really they can act to support with the exception of the insurrection act where things could be stepped up but the problem for this president is that we've already seen that he has had his defense secretary his chair of the joint chiefs of the military sort of breaking ranks with the commander in chief the defense secretary being very clear that he does not believe now is the time to use the insurrection act so the u.s. president continues to threaten to take action as capitol hill and in seattle as well as the mayor and the governor say they will push back. to the u.k. now where the british prime minister boris johnson has accused extremists of hijacking the black clive's not to protest demonstrators prepare for another 3 days of rallies starting on saturday at a twit suppose the prime minister described the a time some please and violence during protests last weekend was intolerable but
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the parent also defended the protection of british monuments including a statue to instant churchill from vandalism he's urging people against attending this weekend's demonstrations what's happening with these these demonstrations is that a tiny minority or a growing minority. have hijacked. and they are using them as a pretext to attack the police to to cause violence and to cause damage to public property so my unforeseen my message to everybody is that for all sorts of reasons they should not go to these demonstrations well indeed barber is in central london he explains why the prime minister has felt compelled to speak about the statue protests he has said that it's absurd that the statues need defending this is in light of what's happened in the past week particularly last sunday in bristol in the south west of england where a statue of
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a slave or edward colson was pulled down and thrown into a river by black lives matter protests as it sets off a whole debate about how the country memorializes remembers its past who deserves to be elevated and what happens to controversial figures winston churchill of course notable for his role in the 2nd world war boris johnson saying this is a permanent memorial to his achievement in saving europe from a racist and fascist power but of course he has got his critics around the country for other episodes in history to. now the new zealand city of hamilton has removed a statue of the british naval officer it's named after captain john hamilton led a deadly attack on the settlement of indigenous maoris and then $860.00 s. the decision was made a day after tribes for it to be removed the tribe says the statue was a reminder of the colonial invasion. well still ahead on al-jazeera
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a bomb blast of kabul's largest most kills at least 5 people in just many others. brandy's told court rules that the president allowed to come be sworn into office after the sudden death of pierre including his easel and also install the n.f.l. announce plans on how they'll find racial injustice leave to have those details in sports so do stay with us here on the news out. of. hell are hot and dry would be good words to describe most of the rape incidents in the middle east and then but actually hot and humid has been more the case around the gulf states recently so this increase in the wind out of iraq is usually a dry one and sometimes a dusty one might make things feel a bit different bit better maybe we're still talking about 4543 in dar maybe only
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40 in dubai and is hotter generally speaking in the heart of saudi meccas how down to 43 that will be a fairly humid feel as well coastal parts of levant are much better temperature wise high twenty's or low thirty's but again not particularly dry and could be humid and is becoming increasingly here as yet how does not set in but is due to fairly soon obviously the same conditions stretch across the sahara the still some coastal weather for morocco there which he always is at the moment and that will bring some rains reback the biggest showers as you expect down from the gulf of guinea all there as a huge one a huge mass developed overnight period they tend to drift west through gonna head towards sierra leone and this is exactly what's happening in the orange center suggesting where the heaviest rain is likely to be eventually does move further inland but the moment the coastal.
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coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. cold and died for power defines our world we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas we live here we make the rule investigating exposing and questioning the use and abuse of power across the globe people in power returns to our jersey. water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit just because life doesn't mean it cannot be priced what about the guy that can afford it guys tell me is water in a new 2 part series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatized nation loads of water on al-jazeera.
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talk about your watching officer i'm reminded of these stories here in the new south india has recorded the largest single day jumping quote a virus cases with nearly 11000 new infections in just 24 hours the rise in infections comes on as the government eases its nationwide locked up the w.h.o. says the health system in brazil is for the moment still coping despite a surge in cases but it added that intensive care units are at a critical stage with some more than 90 percent full. cases has passed 800 in 2000
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almost 41000 people have dolly. the governor of the us state of new york has signed a package of sweeping police reform bills in response to the nationwide protests surrounding the george forward to minneapolis last 100 cobra says the reforms will hold police more code for. it's going to stop those been explosion at a mall sc in the capital kabul peoples at least 5 people were killed and many more injured in the blast police officers say he was leading friday prayers is amongst the. video called to furious in kabul the latest the minister of interior phrase the number of dead to 5 and says that at least 8 people have been injured however there are reports from other ministries that praise the number of injured to at least 17 and i can confirm that the emergency hospital here in kabul there have been at least 9 people have been transferred there 2 are in critical
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condition so there is others have been transferred to other hospitals so it appears that the number of injured right now is higher than the number of 8 that the minister of interior who gives there are some reports that the explode there the explosives were put underneath the podium where they mom was supposed to hold a sermon late in the day during today's our prayer and then as soon as he approached the podium that's when there was the explosion so if that turns out to be true it appears that the mom was the primary target of the attack but places all initial stages and we're still waiting for more information to come out from the ministry of interior. burundi's constitutional court has raul the president elect must be sworn in as soon as possible following the sudden death appear in court and these are the outgoing president died on monday weeks after elections to choose his
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successor the ruling party's candidate was announced the winner michael ware but as we've following developments from nairobi in neighboring kenya the constitution says it's the speaker of the national assembly that takes over in the case of the head of state dying currency that died while it was announced on tuesday we don't know when exactly he died the government said it was a heart attack growing number of people believed it was in fact coded 19 following his surprise death in normal circumstances it would have been the speaker of the national assembly his then mentor oversee an election to choose a new president because it already had an election last month which was marred by violence and irregularities that the ruling party's candidate every day schumi a he was announced the winner of the constitutional court has ruled today that that means he should take over as soon as possible without any kind of interim administration and now there are at least 2 factions vying for power within the generals and the ministers. who control the run d.
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and today's result is going to be good news for one of them. libya's national oil company says it's also more than $5000000000.00 since january because of ongoing fighting it was forced to put exports on hold at its largest field this week after it was shut down again by an armed group in libya's oil crescent as close to the nation's battles between the u.s. backed government and find as loyal to warlord clique the have to train. in a major setback for warlord khalifa haftar forces loyal to the internationally recognized government in tripoli are now attentive into the city of sirte on libya's central coast after a string of victories in the west. syria is located near libya's most important asset its oil producing region in the east which is under house arrest control. libya which has africa's richest proven crude reserves and relies on oil exports for nearly all its state revenue plunged into violence with the toppling and
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killing of longtime leader while mortgage death the in 2011. the country's oil fields pipelines and terminals have frequently been damaged in fighting putting libya on the path to economic government preserving libyan oil facilities and strong access to the national oil corporation how after is backed by the u.a.e. egypt and russia among others more than a year after he launched his unsuccessful campaign to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government his backers are now seeking to keep after involved through diplomacy but now embolden with turkish support and gaining territory rapidly government forces and officials say they will not negotiate with have to nor accept the ceasefire how do. we will enter a shot this isn't the battle for cities like shit it is a fight for libya for freedom and democracy we will continue east until we liberate
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all of libya from the war criminal have to ask. european leaders have called for a cease fire with the german ambassador visit in half there in eastern libya on wednesday and then tripoli the day after tomorrow. unfortunately the international community stood by while have to our sort of tripoli and killed civilians the feeling among libyans is they no longer trust the international community countries who recognize the g.n.a.t. but support have to like egypt can't be trusted the u.n. support mission in libya has said that the d.n.a. and half there's military delegations are now fully engaged in the 3rd round of talks but with both sides very strict conditions it is unlikely we will see a cease fire in libya any time soon now traina al-jazeera misrata. reports too in a report to the un security council has found that missiles used in attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities and last year were of iranian origin to hold hands
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previously denied any involvement or diplomatic editor james baker reports are from u.n. headquarters. this is a report by the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists to the security council it's not yet been published in algiers obtained a copy and it's following the work of the u.n. panel of experts who have been looking into a number of attacks on saudi arabia on oil facilities and on an airport and they conclude that some of the materials used in the attacks may have been transferred in a manner inconsistent with the security council resolution 2231 that's the resolution in shrine and the 2015 iran nuclear deal of course they can't make a definitive judgment on that because it's not clear to them when exactly these materials were transferred from iran whether it was
9:38 pm
a breach of the nuclear deal what i think is important about this is it gives fresh ammunition to the u.s. that what is a very politically sensitive time the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft is preparing a draft resolution which is very controversial she want to extend the arms embargo on iran and she's making threats she's saying if she doesn't get her way then she's going to trigger a provision of the iran nuclear deal called snapback bring all the sanctions international sanctions against iran back into force you may ask well how can the u.s. do that because it pulled out of the iran nuclear deal it is a very tricky legal position and certainly legally doesn't seem to be any right now . there's certainly going to be a big dispute if they go down that route and it's going to be a dispute that pits the u.s. is closest allies its european allies on the side of russia and china against the united states. the u.n.
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has issued a desperate plea for financial aid and support in yemen saying more than 30 of its 41 programs could close in weeks doctors in yemen her officially recorded more than 500. case of the cave at 19 but health care workers say that the number lags far behind actual infection rates the u.n. says the health system has collapsed with hospitals lacking beds and basic medicine and turning away sick people about $24000000.00 yemenis that's about 2 thirds the population rely on aid yemen is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis during ongoing 5 year civil war and with the threat of famine and the spread of diseases such as malaria humanitarian aid is becoming the only lifeline for millions across the country all indications for it to the rapid spread of the virus across and in case fatality rate observed the case is largely high 24 percent that's about 4 times higher that the number worldwide aid agencies in yemen continue to do all the
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scale of the response that endemic but the agencies do not have the funding required to deliver the skill needed nor to continue existing programs. sarah by saloni hunty is the country representative for yemen at unicef she says it's getting worse by the day for 90 percent of children in the country who need help. the crisis of cataclysmic proportions you have a preexisting situation where children were already in dire need and now children are confronted with multiple issues in just adds to their complex in very difficult lives that they that they leave the children in yemen are worse off than all children in the world and for us this is an emergency adequate testing in yemen we know that we don't have. all of the communities with access to testing and so definitely what we're hearing as all we're seeing as the numbers being officially declared do not tell the story that the children are facing children are facing
9:41 pm
multiple issues so for example i would give you children are for now out of school and you would say well all should now the world out of school for the most part but the children in yemen almost 6000000 of them who've been out of school since march schools are probably closed had no access to any distance learning no access to education online no form of education at all in addition to that they're facing a conflict we have active lines right now you can't talk about children playing you can't talk about today even having some sort of recreation so at the end of the day the children of yemen are stuck stranded. the u.n. refugee agency is appealing for nearly $200000000.00 to cope with a wave of displaced people who fled violence in the region of africa groups with bases in mali have spread there are times in tunisia and kenya at least $4000.00 people were killed in the 3 countries last year. hiding under the staircase of an abandoned school is a bully family shaken from an attack they've turned classroom benches into beds
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beneath is everything they save before dawn militia armed with machetes and guns tore through their village in central mali 66 year old bully has seen a lot of conflict between philosophies and doggone in his lifetime but the brutality of this week's attack has left him in shock i am afraid of the dogon militias not the jihadi groups or mali and forces they don't harm us like them but they don't protect us either the militias control our movements they kill us and burn our villages. the u.n. investigation accuses doggone militias and the militaries in this a hell of committing war acts of extrajudicial killings on the civilians they are meant to protect than the armed groups their fighting no individual has been a function and held responsible for nations so that has generated a general sense of impunity. and a repetition of. 2.3000000 people mostly children are on the move fleeing the
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violence in the south 5000000 are facing hunger and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance the united nations refugee agency says they are overstretched and are appealing for 200000000 dollars to help those displaced people have fled their homes have literally fled with the clothes on their back they don't have shelter they don't have food they don't have the most basic stuff things all focused in this came up will be to bring in that shelter. to be supporting governments which started off as an arm. insurgency in northern mali in 2013 has now spread beyond the saheli into togo and ivory coast with attacks being carried out by groups linked to islamic state and al-qaeda last friday while tens of thousands of demonstrated against their government's inability to protect people from the violence french forces said that killed the leader of al qaeda and islamic magreb. in northern mali you know incident comes as the united nations wants to
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slash the $1000000000.00 budget of the un peacekeeping operation in mali for failing to deliver peace the mandate of the $14000.00 troop is up for renewal while the united nations security council debates the future of the mission bully and his family wondered not when but if it will be able to return home nicholas hawk al-jazeera. protesters in lebanon have tried to occupy the central bank as the nation's currency dropped to new lows against the dollar the government has been in talks with the international monetary fund for weeks but there's still no sign of any imminent deal on the rescue package. be reports. antigovernment protesters face off with security forces instead. they played the ruling alliance but the political turmoil and economic chaos engulfing. this area of the capital has been
9:45 pm
a front line since october when the protest movement began against the sectarian political class which has ruled for decades but we won't be able to see the revolutionaries will topple the government and a new technocratic government will emerge which will save the country from the existing crisis the current government and political parties are not able to and they don't want to save the country from the ongoing crisis they want to steal it they don't care about the country. lebanon is facing its worst economic crisis in decades foreign currency has stopped flowing and its reserves are dwindling the lebanese layer has lost 70 percent of its value since october and inflation is soaring the world food program says prices of basic goods have increased by at least 40 percent 'd. i came down here to protest to try to build a country and this is the 1st starts of the protests started on october 17th i get that feeling that we the people are all in the same boat.
9:46 pm
the government is seeking billions of dollars because so far talks with the international monetary fund have made little progress prime minister has promised positive change parties being criticised for a lack of action victoria be al-jazeera a situation i want pakistan's government to present its budget in parliament as a grapples with. from the coronavirus pandemic now the health crisis is expected to push millions into unemployment and poverty the government says the economy will contract up to 1.5 percent this year more than $100000.00 cases have been reported in the country critics accuse the prime minister iran can of easing restrictions too soon causing an increase in deaths and infections. will further east a group of international scientists in cambodia who are working on the 1st clinical trial of a universal vaccine against mosquito borne viruses they believe that saliva could be the key to stopping the next epidemic sara as more. they're small they suck your
9:47 pm
blood and their bites it today's the saliva from these mosquitoes could help save lives scientists are dissecting them at this lab just outside cambodia's capital and they're extracting their 3 lines in the age of protein in an attempt to create one vaccination against all mosquito borne diseases but markedly. we have moderate and incubate the mosquito saliva gland but we see a yellow color it means that the patient has developed antibodies against the protein in this alive very gland. only existing vaccines inject a small dose of the pathogen like malaria is an antidote but this type of vaccine is unique enough to uses the carrier in this case in the ski type to train our immune system to recognize proteins in the mosquito saliva and then respond by weakening or even preventing the infection but mostly took by 'd then only inject the viruses and other packages but also they inject certain level herbs and those
9:48 pm
routinely left the bacteria and viruses also on into the human body so this study has been working on. finding those proteins that can facilitate the what is a predator and using that one as a vaccine and destroy it appeared that it induces strong immune response a very very little side effect which is certainly in the hundreds of thousands of people die every year from mosquito borne diseases and more than half the world's population lives in areas where one type of species transmits multiple diseases including the cat and meaning only one type of vaccination would be needed to protect us from mosquitoes one of the most dangerous insects in the world and scientists believe that they are getting closer to finding a way to prevent the next epidemic saddle height at al-jazeera. well still ahead in sports find culture of us see the fury joshua fight deal face the scrutiny over possible links to organized crime to stay with us here on the news on.
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
his sleeve. thank you very much well boxing fans may be excited by the joshua toss in view of the agreeing to fight next year but there's controversy surrounding one of the main deal brokers daniel kenna hand who's been named by a course in ireland as a senior figure in organized crime just how it was named checked by fury when he announced the day you. know they're just not to get off the phone with daniel and
9:51 pm
he just informed me that it's the biggest fight bridgie boxing history or just been agreed. and big shout out got a storm literally over the line to fight deal. well ken ham is one of the founders of and t.k. global a management company that represents fieri he's based in the united arab emirates and was recently hired as advisor so the prince of bahrain sports organization k h k there were calls in arden's parliament for the government intervene. perhaps it was rather taken aback to see. tyson fury video the other day and just dropping in. that name the you mentioned. as if this was not somebody who has quite a checkered history in the state and elsewhere and why i can't comment on any particular
9:52 pm
guard operation i can certainly assure you that there has been contact between the department of foreign affairs and the authorities in the united arab emirates. that matter we owe it. to the victims of such occur. our country needs to do this and needs to do it today we also need to communicate very strongly with certain sports broadcasters and certain sports companies and other companies involved in this earlier we spoke to a pais vol paris about the impact this could have on potential t.v. deals. we're hearing the cost of the fight the tension broadcast the point of being contacted being also not so back they spout while you've got a man than you and who some say is reinvented himself as a boxing promoter almost longer his reputation through sport and they do not want him to benefit from that certainly concerns the obvious politicians b.c.
9:53 pm
of one of the main sports rule costs in the u.k. they have saying twice and you're always fighting in parts of that so things will scrutinize with levels of responsibility before deciding whether it's end say into any deal so bt clearly have a corporate responsibility as a listed company in london and this will obviously spark deep questions around the company they do have to ensure they are appropriately scrutinizing just where their money is ultimately going and furious always been a fighter who's trying to control the seat you've been improved in cases in new york city governments have controversial opinions that inflamed a lot of anger around groups across britain and this is just the latest controversy that fuel has now attracts it boxing does often thrive on control to see to settle the fight it's a q. and a preview this might be a step too far given that you've got the intervention of the irish government want
9:54 pm
to make sure it's british council arts council it's not just what has emerged about china huns links to organized crime gangs even there has been convicted these are serious enough concerns for it's be right in the irish parliament. john singapore and japan have become the latest gone pretty racist to be counseled by formula one organizers because of the coronavirus pandemic virus restrictions present so many challenges for those countries to host races according to a statement from f one the start of the season had already been delayed to july when it will begin in austria with no spectators f one says it still hoping to run between $15.18 events with new races in low risk countries being considered. the n.f.l. has purchased a right to $150000000.00 over a 10 year period to combat systemic racism if follows the league commissioner roger goodell apologizing for not listening to players such as colin kaepernick who
9:55 pm
previously protested against racial injustice and police brutality say there are no wild broncho in texas as the p.g.a. talk continues its return from a pandemic stoppage but the virus isn't the only issue overshadowing golfers on that or lightly i guess oscar reports. it's been 3 months since professional golf was last played but in that time much has changed around the world and on the p.g.a. tour all week players have talked about the fight against racism and a moment of silence was held for george floyd ahead of that opening round. one of those who's been at the center of the conversation and pushing for change is harold fond of the 3rd the world number 124 let his golf do the talking on thursday as he grabbed a share of the lead alongside justin rose at the colonial country club in texas i woke up and i was like i'm not really about to play golf but i want to start you know worked out not trying to this morning i was like oh it's game on like you know just back in the saddle it's not just social justice it's forced golf to take
9:56 pm
a good look at how it needs to move forward the current virus pandemic which pulls the game for so long as led to a ban on spec tastes for the 1st 4 events as major champions just in thomas jordan speak and rory mcilroy rolled in the birdies it felt more like a practice round and in a way that's what it was with the p.g.a. tour the 1st major sport in north america to return it off as a glimpse into the future for other sports expected to come back soon it's a little strange you know not having anyone to run but at the same time you know. we are so concentrated on what we're doing and trying to shoot good scores and play golf and so once we you know me personally once i got into it i didn't feel like it was much different it's certainly awkward not having everybody out here but to i'm certainly proud of the steps the p.g.a. tour has taken to have everybody be safe feel safe in this environment and to hopefully entertain and have some people watching on t.v.
9:57 pm
even though they're not here. t.v. viewers was certainly entertained by south korea's sun kang on the 13th hole but the lack of an audience at the course meant the celebrations for his hole in one were decidedly meted joining us roster al-jazeera. professional rugby has been shut down around the world for months but is about to make a comeback in new zealand so provoke the season usually involves teams from 5 countries but that's not possible because of travel restrictions 5 teams from new zealand taking part there's been no new 19 cases reported for more than 3 weeks so fans will be allowed to attend games nozzles for for no more light. thanks very much jane of course you can follow all of the stories we're covering here on our website at al-jazeera dot com us all from a cell romanek in doha 100 over to the ringing of the gate in our london call cust center for more news on tell him from me on the news our team thanks for your time and your company.
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matter to you on counting the cost india's labor reforms but is it reform when they cracked the job fed and made millions with no redress also but china's tightening grip on hong kong with financial hub status. virtual jobs are they a stop gap the real deal. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures. the great. strain the eric 'd eric. and the tourism industry based as we used to instantly if we have another. of these. it's continued is just well the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those magic. scientists a calling for stronger climate policy from the government to reduce emissions
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without this the situation will find they get worse. overwhelmed with the number of dads hospitals and cemeteries in india struggle as the coronavirus caseload become the world's 4th largest. you're watching al jazeera live from london i'm also ahead the fight for libya and for its oil the talking continues but there's no sign of a cease fire. cities across the u.s. have heard the call to defund the police so what happened in the city where they did just that.


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