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it is they just will be the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those magic. scientists a cooling full strong the climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without this the situation will finally get plus. overwhelmed with the number of dads hospitals and cemeteries in india struggle as the coronavirus caseload become the world's 4th largest. you're watching al-jazeera life from london i'm dead you navigate also ahead the fight for libya and for its oil be talking continues but there's no sign of a cease fire. cities across the u.s. have heard the call to defund the police so what happened in the city where they did just sounds and an urgent appeal for nearly 200000000 dollars to help people
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fleeing violence across the sahara. hello thanks for joining us a dire picture is emerging of how the world's 2nd most populous nation is coping with corona virus india has nearly 300000 cases but the number is climbing rapidly and a health system is struggling that comes after shops and factories were reopened across the country and there are now reports of people being denied treatment and of bodies not being disposed off properly elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. hundreds of doctors and hide the main hospital for coronavirus patients on strike just one of many protests by health care workers across india a doctor he was attacked by relatives of a patient he had just declared dead would rush towards us and they just throw the
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last lot of latitude at me and it jade was broken it was hard to made a left turn and i didn't i was failing to escape and it is still. going to try to doctors in hyderabad want the government to enlist more hospitals to treat patients nurses. india's leading public hospital protested for 8 days in delhi until the all india institute of medical sciences promised to improve working conditions everywhere there are nearly 300000 cases and more than 8000 deaths along with a public health system that has faced years of cutbacks in the public and yes just because you know an image is that i mean it's. the 1st limitations it's streets it's in and it was. real for the whole world to see.
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his father isn't receiving proper treatment in hospital but he was admitted here yesterday and a doctor came to check it out time since and no doctor has come to check on him my father is 60 years old and a heart patient he has a severe cough and a fever. his uncle died from the corona virus at the same hospital this week it was a good death but we could have started talk about it but kept on walking from the more to the hospital with great difficulty we got the body and did the funeral he too was admitted here there were no beds available in all of delhi we had to put in a huge effort to get him limited here the worst hit cities of delhi and mumbai is supposed to have some of the best health care infrastructure in the country but reports of people being turned away from hospitals continued and here in generally there are discrepancies in the number of deaths municipal council said they have buried twice the number of coronavirus patients and those being reported by the government this week. delhi's chief minister says they are expecting more than half
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a 1000000 cases by the end of next month. by the 31st of july really 80000 births this will be a huge challenge. year delhi try to restrict the territories beds to its residents but the central government has overruled that decision india's supreme court says the situation phase. impatience is deplorable and ask the worst affected states to explain why people aren't receiving proper care elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. as the u.k. government is coronavirus restrictions its watching the countries are rates a measure of how contagious the disease is it's hoping to keep that figure below one and that would mean each person is then affecting less than one other person on average a week ago that figure was below around 0.70.9 across the u.k.
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but the latest data for england are rates suggest it could be as high as one of the our rates is at its highest in the country's southwest where it could be hovering just over one most brits understand that we've sacrificed a lot we've stayed at home we've been fighting this virus getting the our number below one what we don't want to do is you know end up sort of essentially reporting it either by people coming here or brits going abroad and coming back so i think the idea of a coroner is the right thing to be doing and i know that it has broad public support meanwhile the u.k.'s economy shrank by nearly a quarter over march and april as the coronavirus locked down hammered businesses the office for national statistics say that says the economy is now the same size as it was in 2002 the u.k. has been warned it could be heading for its deepest recession in 300 years despite the easing of containment measures most shops in england will reopen next week and
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prime minister boris johnson insists the economy will bounce back florence lee is in london and says there are big questions over how the country will reopen. well they all rates the reproduction rates might not be going up in the u.k. but the real issue is that it's not going down the epidemic isn't slowing and it's not going away and that's not just a concern for public health it's also an enormous concern for the economy figures that came out on friday suggest in the 1st quarter of this year the u.k. g.d.p. the total amount of money created by the country fell by 20 percent that's the equivalent of 20 years of economic growth wiped house in the single go in the country whose economy now depends very greatly on the service industry things like restaurants and bars the idea that people are still going to have to stay too far away from each other that the r.h. isn't going down is going to prevent them from reopening and just as european countries are now preparing for the summer the u.k.
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cannot do that at the moment is in the same way at the same time very large companies there is a lot manufacturing the sorts of things that really underwrites the economy of the country then now starting to lay off thousands and thousands of people with all sorts of rumors of even greater job losses coming over the coming weeks and unions of warned us that the social effects of mass unemployment in this country could be every bit as great as those of the virus and so the problem with the our rate not going down is it affects the economy very greatly. libya's national oil company says it's lost more than $5000000000.00 since january because of the ongoing fighting it was forced to put experts on exports excuse me on hold at its largest field this week after it was shut down by an armed group
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once again battles between the un back averment and fighters loyal to warlords have ted are inching closer to the valuable oil matic traina reports from misrata. in a major setback for warlord khalifa haftar forces loyal to the internationally recognized government in tripoli are now advancing into the city of sirte on libya's central coast after a string of victories in the west. syria is located near libya's most important asset its oil producing region in the east which is under hussars control libya which has africa's richest proven crude reserves and relies on oil exports were nearly all its state revenue plunged into violence with the toppling of longtime leader while mortgage death the in 2011. the country's oil fields pipelines and terminals have frequently been damaged in fighting and putting libya on the path to economic recovery means preserving libyan oil facilities and strong access
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to the national oil corporation have to or is backed by the u.a.e. egypt and russia among others more than a year after he launched his unsuccessful campaign to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government his backers are now seeking to keep half their involved through diplomacy but now embolden with turkish support and gaining territory rapidly government forces and officials say they will not negotiate with have to nor accept the ceasefire. we will enter a shot this isn't the battle for cities like ship it is a fight for libya for freedom and democracy we will continue east until we liberate all of libya from the war criminal. european leaders have called for a cease fire with the german ambassador visit in half there in eastern libya on wednesday and then tripoli the day after tomorrow leave before. unfortunately the
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international community stood by while have to our soul to tripoli and killed civilians the feeling among libyans is they no longer trust the international community countries who recognize the g.n.a.t. but support have to like egypt can't be trusted. the u.n. support mission in libya has said that the d.n.a. and half there's military delegations are now fully engaged in the 3rd round of talks but with both sides very strict conditions it is unlikely we will see a ceasefire in libya any time soon now traina al-jazeera misrata demonstrators and some politicians across the united states have been calling for major changes in the way the police operates in some cities like minneapolis that's where george floyd was killed moves have been made to dismantle the police departments all together chris is a looming visited one city that did just that it's. a lot has changed in camden new jersey since muhammad 1st bought his business here 15 years ago 2012 the city had
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the highest murder rate in the country and a police department with a troubled reputation mohammad credits the creation of an entirely new county police force for making his street safer doing their share. is this. big criminal going down to what is that is was a very helpful the new camden county police department points to this incident with a knife wielding man caught on video as evidence doing away with the old department was a good move they say this kind of disciplined nonviolent response has led to a sharp reduction not only of crime but also in ality complaints officers including sergeant raphael thornton had to reapply for their jobs with the new department say the biggest thing that allow. people such as myself who are the minority to be the majority. and change the culture. chief actually joined
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demonstrators recently who are protesting the police killing of george floyd violent crime has gone down dramatically here in camden since the county took over the local police department but they've also nearly doubled the number of officers on the streets and some local activists think that is exactly the wrong approach i n d merrill believes there would be even less crime in camden if there were more opportunities he's with a local group that supports what's become a national movement to cut funding for police if you look at the communities that the police are occupying people's lives getting better are you improving the overall quality of these people's lives the people feel safer they don't and the relationship is just as sure as the previous administration more accountability and local control of camden police not disbanding them altogether is what he's calling for and he hopes the growing reform movement will get more people to listen christian salumi al-jazeera camden new jersey the governor of the us state of new
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york has signed a package of sweeping police reforms in response to the nationwide police brutality protests andrew cuomo says they will hold police more accountable there is no quick fix to this there is no well stop here gas. change the uniforms that's not with this is about my friends and it would be a mistake if we went down that path this is systemic reform a police departments. this is sitting down and taking a look at exactly what they do and have been doing and looking at it through a new lens of reform and reinvention because this has been 4050 years in the making let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly houghton will get on to the subjects of trump's plan for police reform in just a moment kimberly but 1st let me ask you about why the president to so particularly
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focused on protests taking place in seattle. well the u.s. president believes that even if the poll numbers don't suggest this that he has made an investment that is paying off in terms of being a law and order type president that he believes that his heavy handed action whether it was clearing the protesters in front of the white house or allowing the national guard to go into minneapolis that's what turned things around in fact he's not backing down or apologizing for that very strong defiant show of force dominating the streets in fact he says it was compassionate and he continues to reiterate that it was so but that is created a bit of a war of words with the governor of washington state the mayor of seattle because as there continue to be protests that have been mostly peaceful there there has been this creation of what's called in the tot of mist zone and within this zone residents are now being asked to try and get in showing id the police are no longer
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allowed in this area in fact they've abandoned their precinct and that is causing some residents to be unhappy particularly that there are armed civilians guarding this so-called autonomy zone this is something that the u.s. president has threatened to take care of if the city's mayor does not in fact he says one way or another will get it done if you don't take back your city i will the question becomes though the president didn't offer any specifics how he intends to do that he's threatened many times to use the insurrection act but i can tell you that that is something that is not shared in terms of its usage by the defense secretary so the u.s. president having a little bit of a problem there in terms of how he would go about doing this and also not offering any specifics while he is saying that he may introduce a new plan for police reform in the u.s. any specifics on. yes and we think a little bit more detail on that the u.s. president is latest interview saying that he does not believe that chokeholds are
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appropriate in other words that they need to get rid of them something he's considering in an executive order that is being drafted we know right now and this is important because it would be in addition to the legislation we know democrats are doing in the house of representatives republicans are doing their own version in the u.s. senate and now we have this executive order so it appears the u.s. president believes this is something that might be a good response to what he says is the legitimate concerns of protesters but once again the president is making a very clear delineation when it comes to the protests he says that while the majority of americans have been able to express their 1st amendment rights rights to freedom of assembly freedom of speech what he didn't like was the hijacking he says of outside interests and that is what he wants to crack down on but once again the u.s. president saying that when it comes to this executive order what it seeks to do is to reform policing it would ban the choke hold and also make sure that social workers and police officers can work together moving forward he still underscores
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that he believes the majority of police officers are good all right kimberly thank you very much for that update from just outside the white house still ahead on al-jazeera a bomb goes off during friday prayers in kabul with peace talks just weeks away. outbreak in the amazon how coronavirus is ripping through brazil's indigenous communities. and the silvery will of across eastern areas of europe it really through central regions and the tools the west it has been about that the rain this system across the west has just been sitting in the bay of biscay i'm producing some to rental of downpours look at this this is what he did across into the capital of course you can see this flood will to just. raging down the street these really were flash floods but of course it did subsided still leaving many many cars underwater nobody was injured but there has been
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a lot of damage but then across into eastern europe it's a very different stories but about the heat it's been dry temperatures in moscow a bit about 78 degrees above the average that people do what they can to actually stay cool it is going to cool off into western russia but look at that by saturday the rain comes in the clouds just 17 degrees in moscow but it's a very unsettled picture much of eastern europe some fairly severe thunderstorms and in particular eastern france yet again more very heavy rain it'll trails out across into we could have a civil flooding then by sunday and that system to scare away from still some showers it's a very shy pattern across the u.k. and ireland even old spain and portugal but the really heavy rain that will be across areas of germany and further to the south. 28 degrees celsius before the cloud in the rain arrives i'm beginning to improve in london and paris as you can see that time which is generally in the low twenty's.
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national debate on migration is a little wrong i still can't. control it and this is heartless and madness how do you define an indigenous person who they benefit isn't this more about living the difference and you and these are and who do they contain. the right to live anywhere in the world who have the right to leave their country. and get his head to head the coup coming on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera india has reported a record daily increase of coronavirus cases making it the world's 4th worst hit
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country with cases almost hitting 300000 the government is easing restrictions even though hospitals appear to be under strain libya's national oil company says it's lost more than $5000000000.00 since january because of the ongoing fighting libya's oil field is close to the latest battles between the u.s. backed government and fighters loyal to war north 24 have to. the governor of us data from your it has signed a package of sweeping police reform bills in response to the nationwide police brutality protests andrew cuomo says the reforms are the most aggressive in the nation and will hold police more accountable. a bomb has ripped through a crowd of worshipers at a mosque in couple of these 5 people are dead including the end mom who is leading friday prayers fill your country for he reports from the afghan capital. mosque was packed with worshippers for friday prayers when an explosion ripped
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through it killing several people according to the afghan ministry of interior the explosives were placed inside the mosque some witnesses say they tried to help the injured present at the base of knowledge and we're. going to hurt over them of when i entered the mosque i saw all the injured people the monk was killed on the spot we started to carry the dead bodies as well as the injured and then they didn't allow us to go inside the mosque. the taliban has denied responsibility for the attack explosion comes days after another mosque in kabul was targeted the mom was killed and i still. claimed responsibility the government and afghans alike have condemned the attacks on these places of worship. by the. general that this is how the terror is a polo ending in targeting holy places like mosques he condemned this attack and
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it's against any rule of fighting the attack happened at a critical moment for afghanistan peace talks between the taliban and the afghan government are closer than ever some saying they'll start within weeks and as attack some places of worship increase so is the concern that spoilers like myself could try to undermine the political process everyone in pulled in the negotiation says he must be prevented from doing so for the country free al-jazeera kabul. or thousands of people across hong kong have marched and sung protest on the news to mark one year since protests there hit a turning points. they've been commemorating a rally last year when tens of thousands of demonstrators were dispersed by police officers surrounding the city's legislative building the protesters delayed the debate of an extradition bill that sparked months of demonstrations and was
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ultimately shelved riot police had declared friday's gatherings unlawful and arrested several people as he made an urgent appeal for almost $200000000.00 the un's high commissioner for refugees told al jazeera a perfect storm of terrorism climate change and a host of other factors is creating a dire situation for displaced people in the south many are fleeing violence and malines where on burkina faso nicholas hock reports. hiding under the staircase of an abandoned school is a bully family shaken from an attack they've turned classroom benches into beds beneath is everything they save before dawn militia armed with machetes and guns tore through their village in central mali 66 year old bully has seen a lot of conflict between philosophies and doggone in his lifetime but the brutality of this week's attack has left him in shock i am afraid of the dog and militias not the jihadi groups or mali and forces they don't harm us like them but
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they don't protect us either the militias control our movements they kill us and burn our villages. the un investigation accuses duke on militias and the military's it is a hell of committing war acts of extrajudicial killings on the civilians they are meant to protect than the armed groups their fighting no individual has been a function and held responsible for nations so that has generated a general sense of impunity. and a repetition of. 2.3000000 people mostly children are on the move fleeing the violence and the 5000000 are facing hunger and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance the united nations refugee agency says they are overstretched it's a combination of factors all coming together. poverty lack of investments in development for years climate change the action of armed groups of
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terrorist insurgency weak governments all of this is coming together now what started off as an armed insurgency in northern mali in 2013 has now spread beyond the saheli into togo and ivory coast with attacks being carried out by groups linked to islamic state and al-qaeda last friday while tens of thousands of demonstrating against their government's inability to protect people from the violence french forces said they killed the leader of al qaeda and islamic magreb. in northern mali you know incident comes as the united nations wants to slash the $1000000000.00 budget of the un peacekeeping operation in mali for failing to deliver peace the mandate of the $14000.00 troop is up for renewal while the united nations security council debates the future of the mission bully and his family wondered not when but if it will be able to return home nicholas hawk al-jazeera. ar'n't is constitutional court has ruled the president elect must be sworn
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immediately as follows the sudden death appear in occurrences are the country's outgoing president just weeks after elections were held to choose his successor president elect every stand day she went out won the election in may but wasn't supposed to take office until august so. of course there is no need for an interim president as the newly elected president can start his term a day after being sworn in according to article one o 4 of the constitution for this reason the court has decided that it is right for president elect in the issue we are to take the oath as soon as possible. the corona virus pandemic has been particularly devastating for indigenous people across latin america hundreds of tribes across the continents are difficult to access or even test for the disease but some are fighting back communities living deep in brazil's amazon rain forest have blocked access to their villages despite
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this rights groups say they are still twice as likely to die from the virus than other brazilians in mexico the indigenous population of more than 12000000 often use community radio to share information in remote areas ecuador's k.m.a. population of 80000 are guarding the entrance to their town they have just one infection in colombia's cloud forests 10000 members of the tribe have also set up guard posts to risible reports on why doctors fear the virus will devastate indigenous communities in brazil. the social more than 900000 people from more than 300 tribes these are members of brazil's indigenous communities corona virus is spreading fast among them and now they're struggling to cope with disease so we probably didn't see that they had a specific word for indigenous people for salmons for us to perform our rituals under medicines but there's nothing like that here we have to go through other
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hospitals for a referral when you get there they don't put on the documents that we're indigenous . this hospital in my analysis has a designated area for treating indigenous patients but doctors say the biggest problem is not here. the disease is spreading into the interior and now it's going to hit the municipalities the river communities and the indigenous and the case of indigenous people they'll be brought here and why do we have an indigenous ward because we need to learn to treat people that are different differently and to value what sounds from the amazon with the state with the highest concentration of indigenous and brazil the highest concentrations of indigenous in the world and geo saying that death toll among indigenous people in brazil rose from 28 to nearly 200 in just one month and they expect the number to rice we spoke to sonya who is in the city of d.p.m. a zone she says many communities are fearing extermination. there is an increase in
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illegal miners and loggers and they bring in the risk of infection we don't have the privilege to care for the pandemic alone we have to do this and at the same time keep on fighting with historical problems we face that will never dissolve like deforestation and invaders in our territory deforestation has also increased in the past month compared to previous years illegal miners and loggers are pushing deeper into the jungle brazil's president has made it clear he wants to open up the rain forest for business and the discourse is an incentive to those who want to expand brazil's agriculture frontier a video released by the supreme court during an investigation against the president shows his environment minister expressing the government's plans. to susan we need to make an effort while we are in this car moment in terms of press coverage because they are only talking about corporate and push through and change all the
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rules and supply norms environmental groups say the government wants to move forward with a legislative. but will we concede guards against the incursion on indigenous lands . and for these communities it means their livelihood is seriously had risk threatened not only by epidemic that continues to spread but also by a government that is ignoring their calls for help. the headlines on al-jazeera this hour india has reported a record daily increase of corona virus cases making it the world's 4th worst fit country with cases almost hitting 300000 the government is easing restrictions even though hospitals appears to be under strain shops and factories have been reopened even as reports emerged of people being denied medical treatments and of bodies not
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being disposed off properly libya's national oil company says it's lost more than 5000000000 dollars since january because the ongoing fighting libya's oil field is close to the latest battles between the u.n. backed government and fighters loyal to warlords $24.00 have to the u.n. government backed forces are continuing their advance to nearby certs the governor of the u.s. state of new york has signed a package of sweeping police reform bills in response of the nationwide police brutality protests after como says the reforms are the most aggressive in the nation and will hold police more accountable there is no quick fix to this there is no well stop here guess where change the uniform that's not with this is about my fruits and it would be a mistake if we went down that path this is systemic reform a police departments. this is sitting there and taking
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a look at exactly what they do and have been doing and looking at it through a new lens of reform and reinvention because this has been 4050 years in the making thousands of people across hong kong have marched and sung protest and things to mark one year since protests there had a turning point. they've been commemorating a rally last year when tens of thousands of demonstrators words us 1st by police officers surrounding the city's legislative building the protesters delayed the debate of an extradition bill that sparked months of demonstrations and was alternately shelves. you have to dates with the headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news at the top of the hour that's and less than 30 minutes time for now it's al-jazeera selects but by.
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that it has led the way it. has in. michigan learned a mendaciously has let them kill a live.


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