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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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maddest how do you define an indigenous brits do they then if it isn't it's more about living with a difference and you in pieces and who do they contain people have the right to live anywhere in the world the right to leave their country. and get his head to head for the cold coming on al-jazeera. brazil's coronavirus death toll surges to become the 2nd highest in the world the un's health agency warns the country's hospitals are under huge strain. i'm about this and this is all it is either live from doha also coming up taking steps to end police brutality new york state introduces new laws to overhaul its police departments in the wake of the death of george lloyd. calls for soon to
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clarify its relationship with china after the video conferencing company admits it suspended accounts up to demands by beijing. plus we'll have more on what scientists think might be the key to creating a universal vaccine against mosquito borne virus and its. brazil's president once described coronavirus as a little flu it's now become a health crisis in the country has the 2nd highest number of deaths of covert 19 in the world on friday another 900 deaths were reported that it's the total number of fatalities in the $42000.00 alessandra ramp yet it reports. workers at the largest cemetery and or exhuming more than double the amount of bodies they usually do to make room for fresh. as the number of 1000 deaths in the country
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overwhelms capacity but even if the country is now the world's 2nd highest death toll after the us people are returning to the streets in mass the world health organization is again sounding the alarm. says so far the national health system is holding up to the pressure overall the health system is still coping in brazil though having said that with the sustained number of severe cases. it is that remains to be seen and clearly the whole system. across the country needs significant support in order to sustain its efforts in this regard president jacques he had both so narrow west threaten to leave the w.h.o. all together is this missing concerns about a lack of beds calling on his followers to go into hospitals to demonstrate that this is just a political ploy against them. is there a field hospital near you or a public hospital find a way to get in and film it
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a lot of people are already doing this more people have to do it to show if the beds are occupied or not. also narrows dismissive response to depend there mick has further entrenched and already deeply divided country with weekly protests in favor and against the president which at times have turned violent. adding to the torah moyle both scenarios sons are under investigation for corruption your position is calling for the presidency impeachment while its allies or saying a military intervention is necessary to keep him in power. with the current virus pandemic he had in fact an increase in political instability and a political crisis meaning more conflict between the powers the executive branch the supreme court the national congress. as the number of coronavirus cases rise the political divisions are widening testing the health and the stability of latin
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america's largest democracy i listened that m.p.'s and just. start a fund or an online magazine called the brazilian report says president bush is unwilling to back down over his handling of the outbreak. if 16 does not have thought there's anything is that bush another will always double down on his bad now also now who has a strategy to. put all the blame for the deaths and for the economic crisis on the governors and just say that the supreme court has ruled the state governors and mayors have the authority the author lockdowns everything we can depend their fault and not the federal government well so paul has just opened yesterday shopping malls it has started on monday to do will reopen process way before we reach the peak most experts say that this will cause
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a new spike in cases and deaths. in some polls we have seen crowded mall we have seen people taking in several minutes. outside of most just to walk around and see. stores. as a matter of fact in brazil the people just are fed up by staying home they want to go out they want to take their business as usual. so we your stuck in a place where the corona virus is still spreading but social as the nation measures are just not working anymore mexico has recorded its highest daily number of corona virus infections since the start of the pandemic more than $5200.00 new cases were reported on friday bringing the total to nearly 140000 at least
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$16000.00 people have died from covert 19 despite the rising infections mexico city plans to lift transport restrictions next week allow people to get back to work. new york has become the latest state to introduce reforms to its police department following the death of a black man as he was being arrested almost 3 weeks ago george floyd died how after an officer in minneapolis pinned him to the ground and knelt on his neck floyd's death sparked protests across the u.s. calling for racial justice and demanding a change in policing the governor of new york describes the new laws as the most aggressive in the nation aimed at ending police brutality against african-americans there is no quick fix to this there is no no well stop tear gas. change the uniforms that's not what this is about my friends and it would be a mistake if we went down that path this is systemic reform of police
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departments this is sitting down and taking a look at exactly what they do and have been doing and looking at it through a new lens of reform and reinvention because this has been 4050 years in the making. places seattle have been ordered to temporarily stop using tear gas and pepper spray to break up peaceful protests the 2 a court order comes as rallies against police brutality continue in the city on friday demonstrators have also taken over a 6 block area of the city which has been described as a police free zone president tom has threatened to send in the military to push the protesters out article hain as for. 4 weeks the streets of seattle were consumed by chaos day after day of protesters facing projectiles and heavily armed police the police said they were also attacked. the seattle mare
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ordered a temporary ban on tear gas the police used it anyway and then they seem to give up walking away from this police precinct the city's police chief said it wasn't her decision you fought for days to protect i ask you to stand on that line day and day out to help it with project to be screamed at threatened and in some cases hurt then to have a change of course nearly 2 weeks in it seems like an insult to you and our community after they left the protesters claim 6 city blocks as their own calling at the capitol hill autonomous zone or chavez is not of an aggressive or violent and it didn't like that we did we didn't come out here for any of that just with those black lives killed by the police we want people to see that those lives matter it reportedly has the feel of a festival the protestors have planted gardens given out free food hosted long conversations about race relations but the u.s.
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president donald trump sees this very differently tweeting to the local leaders in part take back your city now if you don't do it i will this is not a game these ugly anarchists must be stopped immediately move fast the democratic governor responded writing what we will not allow our threats of military violence against. washingtonians coming from the white house the u.s. military serves to protect americans not the fragility of an insecure president and the city's mayor also responded demanding we do better as a society and provide any true equity for communities of color is not terrorism it is patriotism it's unclear if the police will move in to take back their building as the 2 sides remain locked in a standoff a peaceful one for now paddy call hain al-jazeera canada's prime minister says police video of the violent arrest of a prominent indigenous chief is shocking and raises questions about the use of
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force with ashcan footage that shows federal officers tackling chief alan adam to the ground and punching him in the face then student in march began over the spotted license plate the video is being used in a bid legal bid to remove criminal charges filed against them the police known as the r.c.m.p. say they used reasonable force after he resisted arrest. i think everyone who's seen this video has serious questions about what exactly happened about how it happened this way and about that use of force that we saw that's why we're calling for an independent transparent investigation that will get the answers that so many question people are asking right now the events that have been brought to light over the past days highlight that without question there is systemic discrimination within our institutions including within the r.c.m.p. . libya's national oil company says it's lost more than $5000000000.00 since
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january because of ongoing fighting it was forced to put exports on hold of its largest field this week after it was shut down again by an armed group maybe as oil crescent is close to the latest battles between the un backed government and fighters loyal to walt kind of a hot dog reports from the stata. in a major setback for warlord khalifa haftar forces loyal to the internationally recognized government in tripoli are now advancing into the city of sirte on libya's central coast after a string of victories in the west. sirte is located near libya's most important as that its oil producing region in the east which is under hussars control. libya which has africa's richest proven crude reserves and relies on oil exports for nearly all its state revenue plunged into violence with the toppling and killing of longtime leader while mortgage death the in 2011. the country's oil fields
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pipelines and terminals have frequently been damaged in fighting putting libya on the path to economic government preserving libyan oil facilities and strong access to the national oil corporation have to or is backed by the u.a.e. egypt and russia among others more than a year after he launched his unsuccessful campaign to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government his backers are now seeking to keep after involved through diplomacy but now embolden with turkish support and gaining territory rapidly government forces and officials say they will not negotiate with have to nor accept the ceasefire. we will enter a shot this isn't the battle for cities like ship it is a fight for libya for freedom and democracy we will continue east until we liberate all of libya from the war criminal huffed our european leaders have called for a cease fire with the german ambassador visit in half there in eastern libya on
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wednesday and then tripoli the day after tomorrow. unfortunately the international community stood by while have to our soul to tripoli and killed civilians the feeling among libyans is they no longer trust the international community countries who recognize the g.n.a.t. but support have to like egypt can't be trusted. the u.n. support mission in libya has said that the g. and a and half there's military delegations are now fully engaged in the 3rd round of talks but with both sides very strict conditions it is unlikely we will see a ceasefire in libya any time soon now traina al jazeera misrata. hundreds are protesting in lebanon for a 2nd night over the government's handling of the deepening economic crisis crowds in beirut let fires and threw rocks at security forces who shot tear gas to disperse them the government said on friday it would inject dollars into the market to try to stop the local currency from slipping further the depreciation of the
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lebanese pound has put the country in its worst economic crisis in decades. still ahead on al-jazeera about india's top court makes a decision about who should lead the country after the president's sudden death. and other than he just settled across the desert southwest in the united states and the winds are very high as well so far warnings in place ready for the 4 corners region the high plains and then elsewhere it is fairly clear but we housefull want to show is working their way across the midwest and still trading down the eastern seaboard in 5 through saturday and sunday we could house a low class system just very stubborn to sitting there across the coastal areas of the carolinas that really the bulk of the rain is pushing in across the pacific northwest homages a little bit as well as the price in seattle sunday $18.00 degrees celsius by that
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he see the rains becoming rather more extensive across the northern plains and also pushing up into western areas of canada me walk out across into california temperatures a bit better 27 in los angeles and a very hot day in phoenix of 41 and still there is a system just sitting through the carolinas as to say we could have some localized flooding is also trading down into florida so the rains are being fairly persistent more of the same as we go through saturday wise but really throughout much of the caribbean and central america cuba seeing some very heavy rains will suffer day and yes again the rains back in the forecast to southern mexico and the yucatan peninsula very extensive again through central america all the way down into panama and then to sunday sin a story a wet couple of days and have on of there not cold of course with a high of 32. because many companies around the world rely on mica to make their products glow but who
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pays the price for making the b.c. business suit rich when i went east investigates. on al-jazeera. every generation has a higher purpose. ours is just stay out of. the way old the on. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour brazil has the 2nd highest number of cope with 19 deaths worldwide health minister reports of more than $900.00 fatalities on
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friday putting the total at any 42000 it also has the biggest number of infections after the us. the governor of the us state of new york has signed a package of speaking police reforms into law they include a ban on child calls the measures followed nationwide protests over the death of george floyd in minneapolis last month. protesters have rallied for a 2nd night in 11 on the 'd over the government's handling of a deepening economic crisis hundreds voiced anger over the spiralling cost of living despite a government pledge to bolster the local currency and. beijing's 1st new corona virus infections in nearly 2 months of prompted the closure of 6 major food markets 2 men working at a food research center visited the markets before they were confirmed to have covered 19 neither had been in contact with overseas visitors nor anyone from home province where the outbreak began officials are investigating how the man picked up the virus beijing is also delaying the reopening of some schools as
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a result. place in hong kong have arrested at least $35.00 people as hundreds of anti-government demonstrators gathered across the city they defied a ban on public gatherings to mark the one year anniversary of a major rally that kicked off months of protests demonstrators accuse the police of using excessive force when they tried to block a vote in the now withdrawn extradition law they're also angry over a new law that criminalizes mockery of the chinese national anthem. several members of the u.s. congress have asked video conferencing firms zoom to clarify its relationship with china as well as its data collection practices it comes a day after the company admitted suspending the accounts of rights activists at the request of the chinese government zuma initially said it was following local laws what it disrupted their meetings on the 31st anniversary of the chinaman square massacre from says at low longer allow requests from beijing but affect users
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outside mainland china and shell wang is china the human rights watch and she's joining me now on skype from new york thank you very much indeed for being with us now is not the only company that has fallen foul of china's requests why a tech companies particularly so scared of china. because they have a huge interest in china and they make huge money in china. that seem tough and in terms of the amount of money that they're making and in terms of the their involvement $1.00 would assume therefore that gives them the gives china tremendous leverage but when you're talking about social media companies one would have thought that that leverage is something they want to avoid why is that these companies still are determined to work in china even though they know they're probably going to get under pressure from the chinese government. that's a good question because companies like apple i mean they are their reputation is tarnished because said they have removed hundreds of b.p.
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and. when china requested it and they have removed. and other things that the chinese come to request to get and but i think the thing is that to just a profit to is huge and they just want to make the money even though you know they are being chips ties to for. him to take chinese government. my understanding is that soon as other tech companies have said that it was taking this action because it was complying with local laws are we clear about what these local laws are supposed to be i have no idea i think you know the letter you mention to the congress to senator so what are they asking and what laws are they are it's very interesting because i mean what chinese law didn't compare was who to censor people outside of china also the chinese constitution guaranteed the freedom of speech and there's no law in saying that to you know people can to commemorate to the
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tiananmen massacre so we don't know what that are and they're still needs to be you know clear and transparent about this how concerned are people in china about this decision that the fact that one would assume that chinese people expect to be in some way curtailed in the level of free speech that they have in china but when it comes to curtailing the free speech and closing accounts of people outside of china that's a different thing what is the concern in china there. i don't think chinese people are discussing that i don't at least not on my social media feet so this is not i mean they expect that and this is something that you know meeting of chinese people joining international games me up about something that to people i know that they can't talk about so i think the environment to the. environment where the internet trading is just so bad that i don't think the c.s.a. even something to be discussed right now determining the chinese. forgive me for interrupting you but it's an interesting point because the chinese government gives the impression of being able to have to have as we mentioned before tremendous
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leverage over social media companies and yet it's actually not that success for certainly not as successful as it would like to be in terms of suppressing comment on the web because of course when the coronavirus began in i would certainly want it to happened in a whole big that was all over social media and way boeing and we shot in china and it did take the government quite a long time to be able to clamp down on that so there is an element of at least slowness when it comes to the guy government the chinese government's way of dealing with this isnt it. yes i mean back to it you have to think that the current virus was affecting regular people several 1000000 people hundreds of people it's life affected because the governments cover up but i think the team maybe she's different it was that she did you know what's happened at 30 years ago it's not affecting people's life right now so i think the concerns for so such not deceive you know it's good to be journalists much less stand in coronavirus i spent some
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time in beijing last year doing some reporting and people there were telling me quietly that actually chinese people were quite adept to managing to get round a lot of the legislation and the rules that the chinese government put in place do you think that this is going to have a significant effect on the way that chinese people continue to discuss. subjects like tenements where for example i mean the chinese laws and cyber security last night sorry i didn't follow them i apologize i was just saying that people were telling me that the chinese people have had years of experience in managing to discuss difficult issues or issues that they thought would be suppressed by the beijing government and yet they've been able to do it for a great number of years is this latest move on zune going to have a significant impact on the way that subjects like gentleman square for example are
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discussed within china. i think you know what have impacted because you know where literally banned chinese people join international meetings you know the chinese government doesn't approve but to you know i think the situation has again become worse in a word is so i mean eventually you know the population they really wanted to jump over of the great firewall and to know the you know stance of censored by the chinese government they can do but i think the majority of people i think you know they are. it's not something that is there any concern that very much and the situation is getting worse and worse and probably it's getting harder for them to jump over the wall when we appreciate your time thank you very much to cheer one from a human rights watch thank you for having me. brazil's government is being accused of trying to cover up police violence after excluding complains from its annual human rights report it follows a wave of protests against police brutality and racism government critics say
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allegations of police violence were left out for political and ideological reasons president judge bolton otto has repeatedly backed police crackdowns saying criminals should die quote like cockroaches last year a record 1800 people were killed in security operations in rio de janeiro alone. venezuela's opposition has criticised the appointment of a team that will oversee forthcoming parliamentary elections the supreme court named new leaders for the national electoral council a body that critics have repeatedly accused of favoring the ruling socialist party opponents boycotted a vote in 2018 on the grounds that it was rigged nicolas maduro went on to be reelected the parliamentary election date still hasn't been sent. but on days constitutional court has ruled that the president elect. must be sworn in as soon as possible following the sudden death of period in accordance these are reports.
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a minute of silence in the room these constitutional court for the late president and currencies are. government announced his death on tuesday that left the question of who takes over. the constitution says the speaker of the national assembly should then become an interim leader of course of. course there is no need for an interim president as the newly elected president can start his term a day after being sworn in according to article one of the constitution for this reason the court has decided that it is right for president elect and they should be here to take the oath as soon as possible. every day was announced the winner of elections held last month which were marred by reports of violence in irregularities he was due to take over from currencies or in august when currencies a good rule burundi for 15 years his rule started peacefully but ended with
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widespread reports of political killings and torture. 5 years ago there were weeks of protests when he announced his decision to run for a 3rd term. political opposition said it was against the constitution many of them along with activists and journalists since fled into exile. now nobody openly criticizes the government on the street level but it doesn't know the president has worked hard and now we've got his replacement every. time we trust to work for brilliance and. the government said in currencies a died of a heart attack many suspect he died of covert 19. he had no policies to slow the spread of the virus. he told burundians that god would protect them from it
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thousands gathered it election rallies last month after recent death ministers met on thursday to discuss what happens next they said it was the constitutional court to decide. and it's the same court that 5 years ago was forced by own currencies are to rule that he could run for the 3rd term according to one of its judges and fled into exile rights groups say none of these institutions function independently after 15 years of an currencies rule he may be gone through in the future is still fragile malcolm webb al-jazeera a group of international scientists in cambodia are working on the 1st clinical trial of a universal vaccine against mosquito borne viruses saliva could be the key to stopping the next epidemic reports this small they suck your blood and their bites today's the saliva from these mosquitoes could help save lives
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scientists are dissecting them at this lab just outside cambodia's capital and they're extracting this through lines are made of protein in an attempt to create one vaccination against all mosquitoes borne diseases but. we have incubate the mosquito gland if we see a yellow color it means that the patient has developed antibodies against the protein in this alive very gland. only existing vaccines inject a small dose of the pathogen like malaria is an antidote but this type of vaccine is unique enough to uses the carrier in this case in the ski toe to train our immune system to recognize proteins in the mosquito saliva and then respond by weakening or even preventing the infection but mostly talk by each then only inject the divided states and other pathogens but also they inject certain level herbs and old routinely left the bacteria and viruses also on into the human body so this
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study has been working on. finding those proteins that are going to say you care about is a predator and using that one as a vaccine and it and this trial it appears that it induces strong immune response has been very little side effect which is certainly encouraging hundreds of thousands of people die every year from mosquito borne diseases and more than half the world's population lives in areas where one type of species transmits multiple diseases including the cat and meaning only one type of vaccination would be needed to protect us from mosquitoes one of the most dangerous insects in the world and scientists believe that they are getting closer to finding a way to prevent the next epidemic saddle height at al-jazeera. this is all just over these at the top stories brazil now has the 2nd highest number of coronavirus deaths worldwide the health minister reported more than
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$900.00 fatalities on friday putting the total at nearly 42000 it also has the highest number of infections after the u.s. the world health organization has voiced concern but says the health system is standing up to the pressure for now. the health system is still coping in brazil to having said that with the sustained number of severe cases. that remains to be seen and clearly the health system. prospered we need significant support in order to sustain its efforts in this regard mexico has recorded its highest daily number of infections since the start of the pandemic more than 5200 new cases were reported on friday bringing the total there to nearly 140000 at least 16000 people have died from covert 19 despite the rise in infections mexico city will live to transport restrictions from next week the governor of the us state of new york has signed
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a package of sweeping police reforms into law they include a ban on chokeholds and allowing the release of officers disciplinary records the measures followed nationwide protests over the death of george floyd in minneapolis last month. canada's prime minister says he's shocked by police video showing the violent arrest of a prominent indigenous chief the dash cam video from an incident in march is being used in a legal challenge to criminal charges filed against the chief alan adam protesters have rallied for a 2nd night in lebanon over the government's handling of the deepening economic crisis hundreds voiced tango over the spiralling cost of living. beijing's 1st new coronavirus infections in nearly 2 months prompted the closure of 6 major food markets 2 men working at a food research center visited the markets before they were confirmed to have covered 19 those are the headlines coming up next it's 101 east good buy.
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on counting the cost india's the labor reforms but is it reform when they cracked the job on fed and made millions with my redress what china is tightening grip on hong kong movies with financial hub status virtual jobs are they a stop gap the real deal. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's an essential ingredient in cosmetics used by millions of people around the world mockeries found in everything from now polish to mascara and lipstick. and where you have this earlier guest michael from. behind the glass the demand for these minerals is fuelling a dangerous and deadly try. in india men women and children brave toxic dust and the constant threat of landslides in a desperate search the shots of moscow. fun to mind that it coming up and then
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